MAGAZINE No.10 September 1976

President: Geoffrey Bambrough
Membership Sec: Terry Spriggs
Chairman & Fixtures Sec: Robin Skinner
Treasurer: John Sanderson
Bookings Secretary: Tom Helliwell
Magazine Editor: Jon Davis



As our name suggests we are a subsidiary of the main Society. Ours is the responsibility for organising trips and visits for our own members and any other interested persons.
The main committee has overall responsibility, but we try to look after the southern end of the
We have had our problems of course (any excuse you might say) but mainly it revolves around communication – or lack of it.
We intend to take a more active part as far as trips and visits are concerned, but for the time being we content ourselves with slide shows and talks when they can be arranged.
You will be informed about our progress (or closure) at the AGM, of that I've no doubt. Before I end this resume a plea to my fellow London members. Some have never attended a meeting for reasons of their own but I would like to hear from them, to hear their ideas etc if nothing else.



You will no doubt have noticed the re-shuffle of our front page. This is to give prime position to an important message from our London branch secretary Steve Barnes. We hope to include a London branch newsletter in future magazines to keep all members up to date with their activities. Any enquiries concerning the branch should be sent to Steve  Barnes, Keepers Lodge, Brook Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, tel. 01-505-2813.
We are sorry to inform you of the resignation of our membership secretary Terry Spriggs for personal reasons. Terry did a great job in his spell as membership secretary and we would like to thank him for his invaluable help.
Terry's resignation creates a vacancy on our committee and anyone who thinks they could do the job of membership secretary should apply to Geoff Bambrough. Until a replacement is named all membership
correspondence should be sent to John Sanderson.
Please note Robin Skinner's new address. As he is now living in Bromley this will not allow him to be in such close contact with the rest of the committee. As a result the role of bookings for visits has been passed to Tom Helliwell.
Finally we would like to wish our President Geoff Bambrough and Lynne all the best for their wedding on 30th October and wish them both a long and happy marriage.


Sat 16th October – NORTH PENNINE RAILTOUR- by special train from Doncaster (approx 08.45), via Settle & Carlisle line to Carlisle with 3 hour stop including visit to Kingmoor MPD, then to Newcastle and Doncaster (arr. 19.00). Fare £3.20 (by connecting service train from Sheffield to members of our party only £3.70). Bookings must be placed by 11th October.

Sat 23rd October – London depots by tube and rail. Meet Kings Cross Travel Centre 10.20, return by 19.00. Members £1.55, Non-members £1.80. To include Stratford, Hither Green, Old Oak Common, Willesden.

Wed 3rd November – Winter Triangular Quiz, 1st leg at Masons Arms, Doncaster 19.30. Pennine vs Doncaster Railway Circle vs Sheffield Grapes..

Sun 7th November – Doncaster MPD (13.30) and Works (14.30). Meet at depot at 13.15. Members 40p, Non-members 60p.

Sat 20th November – Derby Locomotive Works 11.00. Meet entrance 10.45. Members 35p, Non-members 55p.

Wed 1st December – Social evening at Masons Arms 19.30 – Mr B W Mennie “A Mixed Bag”.

Sun 12th December – Crewe Works 14.30. Meet Goddard Street entrance 14.15. Members 25p, Non-members 45p.


London Midland Region

08466-BS,08703-AN,25049-CD,25169-SP,40136-KD,40175-LO,45060-TO, 47074/9/249-CF,47095-BS,47369-CD,08474-BS,08828-ScR,25046/7-SP,25107/280-TO,25169-CD,25182/3-CW,40020-LO,47074/249-BS.

Scottish Region
25029-TO,25030-CW,25031-SP,25064-IS,25068/239-ED,25062/83-IS,08145-DT,20017/46/78/9TI,20200/1/2/3-ED,25092/3-IS,08828-ED,20046-ED,20098-TI, 47317-BR,25092/3-ED,47274/318-WR,25094/8,47268-ED.

Western Region
08218-BR,08238-LA,08816-TI,08824-SB,47056-BR,03128/34-BR,08111-WS, 25169-SP,47020/4/6-LA,47060-LE,47061-BR,47074-CF,47249-CF,47317-BR.

Eastern Region

Locomotive renumbered

Locomotives reinstated

Locomotives stored

Locomotives withdrawn

DMU Reallocations

50629/6501-LO,51901/6484-AN,56058-TS,56482-BY,51453/807-ED,51456-HN, 51537-DE,50249/382/6465/79-GF,51122/4/6462/7-NR,56091-DN.

DMU's withdrawn

New EMU's

EMU's reinstated
70143 75143 61143 70146 75146 61146


Vehicles Withdrawn

3037 3038 4077 24359 24601 24635 24871 24904 24996 25043 31042 34147 34842 35084 35111 70661 87205 87223 87529 87838 88033 31009 31064 31070 31107 31135 31146 31147 31155 31933 34896 312 322 332 333 334 336 338 345 1048(RUO) 1831 2011 2024 94118 3966 35354 15733 24037 24038 25268 30978 31189 37915 15319 1846 15609 34899 15848 35090 331 15051 15188 15563 15809 21088 25212 80035 35135 26087 25045 25053 25056 25078 25082 25083 25088 25099 25103 25109 25112 25156 3800 31255 1041 1047 1051(RUO) 3039 3863 4116 4242 5320 5334 5469 9330 9345 13162 14006 24200 24318 24322 24483 24600 24947 24962 24979 24981 24987 25142 25207 25208 25316 34866 35099 35107 35139 35213 35258 15(BG) 162(BG) 70445 70481 70591 70762 15260 15266 15330 15451 15830 34148 15010 15803 15805 15807 4486 21223 25084 35205 35224 35235 21107 24914 25177 5443 660 683 705 754 765 941 948 1060 1143 1299 1754 1837 2093 2120 4587(GUV) 1248 1298(CCT) 1372(CCT) 70671 70679 70686 70699 4037 4039 4040 4047 4445 4560 4903 4906 4909 4912 4914 15580 15873 15904 16202 16221 34618 34626 34835 34934 34938 34939 35013 70707 70652 70365 611(SLSTP) 32976 32980 32985 33005 33017 37075 37918


To Eastern Region

5957 13457 13463 14053 15768 26037 25171 25697 26047 26050 9392 6109 3016

To Western Region
5263 14067 31926 14048

To London Midland Region
13476 25853 86798 86805 86813 5131

To Scottish Region
14900/1 5145 13384 35246 5076/129/117 16095/267 21224 4103/82 15833 4052/171/2 4145 13272 9401/2/7 5097 5207 4140 4108 4133

Will any members who have rail information which may be of use for further issues please contact Jon Davis (address on front page).
We also offer free advertising facilities to members wishing to sell or exchange Railway relics/magazines etc provided the items have been acquired legally.

The first of the Romanian batch of class 56 diesel-electric locos are arriving at Tinsley Depot weekly. The locos are dragged from
Harwich, where they enter the country.
As the engines are not going straight into service, and storage space at Tinsley is limited, some members of the class are being
kept at Barrow Hill.
The first three of the Doncaster batch are now taking shape but it is unlikely that they will be ready in the near future.

More oil-carrying trains are running in West Wales following Esso Petroleum's £500,000 investment at its Milford Haven refinery.
Since May there has been a regular programme of two to three trains daily to destinations in South & North Wales and the Midlands.
Each train is made up of 11 eight-wheel tank cars, each carrying 70 tons of oil and weighing 100 tons fully loaded. Average capacity of each train is up to 770 tons of oil, or 186,000 gallons, enough to fill 37 road tankers.

A line has been re-opened in Lincolnshire to carry iron ore, it is the branch which runs southwards from Belvoir Jcn about 5 miles west of Grantham, on the Nottingham line. The branch was closed in April 1974. Eastern region has re-opened the line as a private siding over the
4 miles to Woolsthorpe Jcn.
The ore is carried in trains of up to 720 tonnes each. The first trains are running to Shelton (Stoke on Trent) & Bilston (Wolverhampton).

With the introduction of the October passenger timetable amendment a number of trains on the London Bridge to London Bridge EMU
service are to be axed.

by David M Suffolk

The idea of a transport museum for Southport originated around 1970 when a group of railway enthusiasts thought of using the former L & Y electric car works at Meols Cop. The cost of this site proved to be prohibitive and so the alternative of the erstwhile L & Y locomotive shed off Derby Road was considered. As a result the Southport Locomotive & Transport Museum Society was formed in June 1972 and commenced work at Derby Road in October of the same year. Around the same time the name Steamport was conceived.
In 1971 the whole site was in a sorry state; the shed had been closed in 1966 and all track lifted. The building, whilst structurally sound, needed extensive renovation; in particular much roof glass was either missing or broken and part of the roof had been damaged by fire. There was also no security as there were no doors on the end of the shed and the „office block. entrances had been vandalised.
As is usual in preservation schemes the initial enthusiasm shown by a large number of people faded until a hard core of active members was left to get on with the real work. There is still much to do but in just under five years extensive repairs have been made to the roof, which lets in much less water than it used to; three railway trucks have been laid, together with a connection to BR lines near St Luke's, the doors formerly on Meols Cop car works (now demolished) have been re-erected at Derby Road, unwanted pits have been filled in and the office block has been repaired and made suitable for a variety of museum purposes. All this work has been done by Steamport members on a voluntary basis.
The first exhibits arrived at Steamport at the beginning of 1972; these were "Persil", a Fowler diesel shunter donated by Crosfields of Warrington, the body of Birkdale & Southport horse tram no.7 and the body of Liverpool Overhead Railway coach no.7, both of which were urgent rescue jobs – they were about to be destroyed when member's efforts managed to save them. The first steam locomotives arrived in August 1973,when the Liverpool Locomotive Preservation Group's two saddle-tanks" Efficient" and" Lucy" were forced to find a new home, their old one at Birkenhead having ceased to be available.
The public were first admitted to the Museum on an informal basis in the summer of 1973, when a display of small exhibits and several buses, together with the above mentioned items were on show. Meanwhile a company limited by guarantee, Steamport Southport Limited, was formed to negotiate a lease of the site with British Rail and enable the museum to be opened officially. This took place in 1974, by which time much more progress had been made on the railway side of the shed and new exhibits could reach the museum by rail. New arrivals included Black Five 44806, late of Lakeside & Haverthwaite, Standard 4MT 2-6-0 76079 from Barry, Jinty 47298 from Barry, Peckett 0-4-0 saddle tank 1999, originally used at Southport Gas Works and now on loan to Steamport from the Keighley & Worth Valley line, a larger Peckett saddle tank and a couple of other industrials. Most of the locomotives are privately owned but the Society
has a share in the company formed to acquire 76079.
The present rolling stock of the museum includes nine steam locomotives, „Persil. a diesel rail-crane, two brake vans, a steam road-roller, eight motor buses, two trolley buses and a fire engine and in a non-rolling condition there are two tram bodies, the L.O.R. coach body and the body of half a Cheshire Lines Committee coach. The museum is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 14.00 to 17.00 (opening
times are more limited in winter but bona-fide visitors will be welcome whenever members are on site). Admission is 25p for adults and 10p for
children at the time of writing. There is an engine in steam each Sunday during the summer and on certain Sundays during the winter, when brake van rides are available. (None of the ex-BR engines are steam able at present but good progress is being made with the restoration of the Jinty).
An illustrated guide to Steamport is available from the museum, price 30p, including postage; the address of the museum is Steamport Transport Museum, Derby Road, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 0TY.


Eastern Region
Brush Class 47, no 47083 „Orion., was noted working the 11.38 Penzance-Leeds on 25th July whilst 47086 „Colossus. produced a most
unusual sight on the ECML on 28th August working the 10.45 Kings Cross-Edinburgh.
A visit to Doncaster Works on 26th September revealed the following Deltic's: 55006/008/002/013/010/017/020/021, along with 13001 and
the following withdrawn locomotives: 03058,31011,24015,24016,5901,2173, 03091,25015,31016(cut up), 24086,24071,24117, whilst on the depot were 31010,31009,31001,24010,24017,24097,24127,24099,24125 and 24126.
Super power appeared on the ECML on 31st August when 31109 was in charge of the 05.55 Kings Cross-York.
Class 56, 56001 has commenced crew training excursions from Tinsley Depot. The machine was noted at West Burton power station on 23rd
September and was seen passing Rotherham the following day. The second of the class 56002 was seen passing Wath Road Jcn with a train of MGR's on 4th October.
Noted on Healey Mills on 18th September were the following members of Class 40, the latest breed to be persecuted by the accountant,
40038/100/56/83/95/99, whilst on the same day 40138 was noted on Tinsley.
The following shunters were seen in the Newcastle area on 18th September: 08054(Tyne),08562(Low Fell),03061/6/78/170(Newcastle
Central) and 03079(Berwick). Noted at Worksop on 2nd October were 20079/119. 47601 was noted hauling an oil train at Brightside on 6th

London Midland Region
The 09.20 Derby-Skegness has again been the centre of attraction this summer providing a variety of motive power. On 14th August motive power was 20141/167, whilst 20162/196 took charge on 28th August.
Two withdrawn SK coaches, 25225/31 have been purchased by the Foxfield Light Railway Co. Of Stoke-on-Trent and are at present being
stored at Etches Park, Derby.
On 5th August an unusual visitor to Blackpool was 47003 which worked a special train from Lincoln. On 10th August an unusual
visitor to the Derby area was 47273(HA). Noted at the Research Centre recently have been 313008, and Trans Pennine units 51960/74 have been in the carriage works.
On 14th August a visit to Derby Works revealed that 44003 had been cut up. On the same day the carriage works resembled a battleground with the DMU's recently involved in the Luton crash in view.
These seriously damaged included M51602/29/32,M59618/24/30. In addition M55999 and Sc79166 were in view.
Unusual motive power noted passing Chesterfield on 4th September included 31234/306(10.45 Weymouth-Sheffield), 25184(12.08) Sheffield-Cardiff), 46022(16.00 Sheffield-Cardiff).
Noted working an engineer's train in Crewe station on 19th September was 24080, whilst 87101 was stabled in the station. Noted in the Works were 47077 „North Star., 40039(cut-up),76037,253015,76036 and 50027/18/41/22/27. Noted at Derby on the afternoon Edinburgh-Plymouth on
19th September was 47083 "Orion".

Western Region
Once again this section is dominated by Class 52 sightings.
On 27th August the following were seen: 1014(Penzance),1048(OOC), 1053(Plymouth),1065(Paignton),1071(Paddington). On 28th: 1028(Redruth), 1041(Paddington),1051(on Cornish Riviera),1058(Plymouth),1072(Par). On 29th: 1033(Newton Abbot),1053(Paignton),1054(Paignton),1065(Paddington), 1072(Cornish Riviera). On 30th: 1001(Laira),1015(Gloucester),
1051(Penzance),1054(Paignton),1065(Penzance),1071(Paddington), 1072(Exeter St Davids).

Scottish Region
On 19th August 40051 worked the 23.45 Inverness-Edinburgh-Glasgow and on the following day 37152 was noted hauling 47469 dead and 13
coaches on the up Clansman running 105 minutes late. 37153 was noted hauling MK1 stock on the Edinburgh-Glasgow line on 22nd August replacing a failed push-pull set. The Class 27s are shortly to be replaced on this service by single 47's.

For the above information we are indebted to Messrs Hill, Pett, Skinner, Barnes, Plenty, Sanderson, Davis, Glossop, Monks, Mellors, Sterry.


To add interest to the magazine we are introducing a quiz with the added incentive of: 1st correct entry drawn £2 and a second and third prize of £1 each. Entries must be sent to J Davis, 81 Bowden Wood Crescent, Sheffield to arrive before 25th October. Don't forget – if there
are no all correct answers the entry with the most correct answers will win – so enter even of you don't know every one.

Solve the following anagrams of former motive power depots:

Lines recently lifted by TW Wards Ltd have included Bridport-Maiden Newton, Haltwhistle-Lambley, whilst on the Main Line Steam
Trusts line, the Loughborough-Quorn section has been singled and the Rothley-Belgrave section has been lifted.

From October 4th the Matlock-Derby service was extended to Sinfin Central, 2½ miles from Derby with intermediate stations at Peartree
and Sinfin North. Sinfin is adjacent to the large Rolls-Royce works.

The "Orient Express" probably the most famous train in the world and which runs from Paris-Istanbul is to be withdrawn from May 1977.

Muir of Ord station situated 14 miles north of Inverness on the main line to Dingwall and the north reopened on 4th October after being
closed for 16 years. All trains on the Inverness-Kyle of Lochalsh and Wick/Thurso services will call.

On Sundays from 31st October trains on the Sheffield-Manchester service will be diverted over the Woodhead route owing to engineering work on the Hope Valley line. The Hope Valley line will be closed until 16.00 each Sunday.