No.84 - Summer 1993



Our black and white cover photograph shows ex-works Brush/Sulzer Type 4 No D1564 resplendent in two-tone green livery about to negotiate the flat crossing with the East Coast Main Line at Retford whilst heading a fish train from Grimsby bound for a destination on the London Midland Region.
The 40B (Immingham) shed plate (below the headcode panel) is worthy of note.
Photo courtesy of Jack Davis,


It is rumoured that Prime Minister John Major-Ball has not vetoed a suggestion that VAT be imposed on public transport charges in the Autumn 1993 Budget.
If this suggestion is implemented fares will rise 17.5% at a stroke and bring in much needed revenue to a bankrupt Government.


TRANS PENNINE is produced by the Pennine Railway Society. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Society or the Editor.


Station nameplates within the South Yorkshire PTE have recently been renewed. However the spelling has been somewhat inaccurate with signs fitted reading CONISBOROUGH and KIVERTON PARK.
However pride of place is given to Maidstone where the local artists have repainted the Maidstone Barracks signs to read Maidstone BOLLOCKS.


BR has started charging passengers extra to take more than 3 bags on trains (Romeos beware). Even handbags and briefcases as well as suitcases are included in the totting up.
Staff are supposed to use discretion before charging passengers half the adult fare for their luggage, but one woman has complained that she was forced to pay for a handbag and three carrier bags containing her supermarket shopping.
The new rule was quietly introduced on May 17th 1993.


In speaking to the World's Press following an collision on a level crossing in the Nottingham area, BR Regional Manager Robin Skinner was quoted that "you can't stop a train like you can stop a car".
This never to be forgotten statement was widely reported in the national press.

Members may have seen a familiar face during the last series of Mastermind on BBC. It was Pennine member Paul Slater from Gainsborough whose specialist subject was Railways of Yorkshire.
Unfortunately Paul did not progress to the next round but we do congratulate him on the tremendous achievement of reaching the televised stages of the competition.
Well done Paul (how about entering the Pennine Shield quiz?).


A 300m rail link for Heathrow Airport is set to go ahead. New. trains will use the 11mile main line from Paddington to Hayes, West London. From there a special underground line will take some 10 million passengers a year into Heathrow. The British. Airports Authority will pay 6m for use of the track.


BR is talking with builders Balfour Beatty over a privately-funded 900m upgrading of the west Coast Main Line between London and Glasgow. The plan is that a consortium will carry out the work and then lease the line back to BR.


Could these happen when BR is privatised?:-
*   the owner of the franchise for Thameslink renaming it Robinlink, or if he could raise the capital for InterCity Midland, renaming it the Great Robin Railway.
*  with the Government forcing owners to continue discount fares, put up all the other fares to cover what is lost on the discounts.
*  to fight stiff competition from road hauliers and coach companies, toll level crossings. Get them to pay 10 every time they go over one of your level crossings. Old age pensioners on pushbikes half price on production of a Level Crossing Card, price 20.
-*  wheel clamping unauthorised parked trains. A 500 spot cash to get them de-clamped. If a Robinlink train is trying to get out of St Pancras , say, but some other privatised train is blocking its way because of a signal box cock-up, call out the clamping squad and nail it.
And you think it can't happen!


The planned Jubilee Line extension into Docklands has suffered another setback. Government approval of the 2bn project is not now expected until Parliament returns after its summer recess in October.
The latest delay in building the extension from Westminster to Canary Wharf and Stratford via south-east London centres on demands by the banks providing 400m of private-sector cash.


We are sad to hear of the death of Mr Robert Adley, former Conservative MP for Christchurch. At Westminster his reputation rested upon him being a self-confessed "railway lunatic". He wrote nine "coffee-table books" about railways at home and abroad. In fact he sold more books than any other politician author save for the ubiquitous Lord Archer.
Adley spent the early 60s, before winning his first seat at Bristol North East in 1970 taking photos of BR's last steam locos with which he was later to illustrate his books.
He was particularly sceptical about the Government's proposed separation of the track, signalling and safety from the newly franchised railway operators. He went as far as to describe Transport Secretary John MacGregor's baby as a "poll-tax on wheels.
He strongly believed that BR had a major part to play in the transport infrastructure and regretted the parsimony with which successive Tory Government's had treated a great national asset.
The railways have lost an influential supporter.


The 18 latest BR franchises are:
From Carlisle in the north to Stoke-on-Trent in the south and Llandudno and Wrexham in Wales.

Divorced from North West Region.

Covers nearly 300 stations from Wales to Lowestoft in the east and from Manchester in the north to Stansted Airport in the south.

Cardiff to Barry Island, Penarth, Radyr, Merthyr Tydfil.

Giant area covering 251 stations from Penzance to Brighton to Shrewsbury.

Euston to Inverness.

Marylebone and Paddington to Aylesbury and Birmingham Snow Hill.

Far-flung service from Aberdeen to Penzance.

Paddington to Gatwick, Stratford, and Bedwyn. Including Windsor&Eton

Victoria, Charing Cross and London Bridge to eastern Surrey and Sussex, including Eastbourne, Brighton, Portsmouth and Southampton

Liverpool Street to Ipswich, Harwich and Clacton. Stations include Chelmsford, Colchester and Southend Victoria.

From Berwick to Sheffield and Manchester. Major stations Include Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

Liverpool Street to Norwich through Colchester and Ipswich.

St Pancras through Luton and Leicester to Sheffield.

Links SW/SE London with Northampton and Bedford.

Joins south of London destinations with Bedford.

Links London stations with Kent , including Dover and Ramsgate.

Links London with E. Anglia, including Peterborough, Cambridge and Kings Lynn


Welcome - to the summer edition of ' Trans Pennine' . Well here we are again in the season of sun, sea, sand and standing up on an overcrowded sprinter. If you don' t fancy the idea of chasing the few remaining Loco-hauled services then there is an impressive line up of preserved railway Gala weekends with the East Lancs Railway, Midland Railway Centre, Paignton and Dartmouth Railway, Mid Hants and Nene Valley Railways all holding special event weekends during the summer months.
If the Severn Valley Diesel Gala of a few weekends ago is anything to go by, then any of the above events will be welt worth visiting. Messrs Tyas and Bladen were seen on the said event winging their way to the Lion Inn at Hampton Loade for liquid refreshments, probably to get over the shock of the Class 31 reaching Hampton Loade.


 A major contract to transport Greater Manchester's refuse has been secured by Trainload Freight, ensuring that 500,000 tonnes of waste per year from Dean Lane, Brindle Heath, Northenden and Bredbury are carried to a new site being built near Warrington. The deal will keep an additional 10,000 Lorry journeys a year of Manchester's roads.


Steam hauled services will run on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from the end of May to the end of September from Fort William to Mallaig, providing thousands of steam buffs and scenery lovers alike with the perfect way to travel.


Another major new contract has been won by BR's Trainload Freight carrying Limestone from Swinden Quarry in North Yorkshire to Tilcon Ltd at Hull and Leeds. More than 500,000 tonnes per year will be carried. Two trains per day of up to 27 wagons and hauled by Class 60's will keep the equivalent of 100 Lorries off the road. Great news indeed.


Paradise Catering Ltd, are chartering a train from Regional Railways to run to Weymouth Quay on Thursday 3rd June and Wednesdays from 12 Ju1y to 3rd September and will provide a cold buffet to each seat on the train. The Class 37 service will provide a welcome return for people used to seeing services the streets.


Winners: 1st P.Gardner, Joint 2nd M. Bell and K. King
Answers were as follows-: 1) 70013 Oliver Cromwell  2) BR's first female driver, 3) Our Eli, 4) Ixion, 5) Last of the Class to be withdrawn from capital stock, 6) Yorkgate, 7) Hither Green, 8) 62277, 9) Victory, 10) Manchester Vic, 11) 92079, 12) Between Melton Mowbray and Oakham, 13) On the old Covent Garden Flower market site, 14) Peak, Rail, 15) 84B and 2B, 16) 46521, 17) Night Malt, 18) 09202, 19) Little Eaton Jctn Denby, 20) Princes Margaret Rose.

by Ian Shenton

Answers to Ed by 15th August please.

1) When was the 'Railway Magazine' first published?
2) Which two services were the first to use the Selby diversion?
3) Name LNER. Loco 60153.
4) What was the weight of Crosti boilered 9F Locomotives?
5) When was Gas Turbine Loco 18100 withdrawn?
6) What was the original hp rating of Class 47 locomotives?
7) Where was D0260 'Lion' cut up?
8) Where did the stone come from for the old Doric Arch columns at the old Euston Station?
9) Between which stations is Gauxholme viaduct?
10) What did Potts & Sons, Leeds make?
11) Who named Class 47 no. 47479 'Track 29'?
12) Which Loco carried the name 'Ashey'?
13) Which Loco worked the 14.43 Leeds-Plymouth service on January 20th 1977?
14) Which Loco was used on high speed runs between Manchester and London on April 30th 1992?
15) Name Class 73 no.73136
16) On what date was John McGregor appointed Secretary of State for transport?
17) Which locos worked the 'Eden Serpent' railtour on November 8th 1986?
18) In which year did mail ceased to be dropped and picked up by a moving train?
19) Where is Shenton station?
20) Which company is building the new Class 323 units?
21) What are the platform numbers used by the Waterloo and City Line at Waterloo station?
22) On what date did the fire take place at Vic Berry's Scrap yard in Leicester?
23) What was the last Locomotive allocated to Holbeck?
24) For what purpose is Totnes signal box now used?
25) Which locos were used on the 'Minster Marauder' railtour on November 7th 1992?


Diagram 0 (off D4, on D1)
5J45 03.42 Edge Hill-Man Vic ecs
2C45 06.01 Man Vic-Barrow
2N44 09.30 Barrow-Preston
2C39 11.38 Preston-Barrow
2J90 13.35 Barrow-Man Vic
5J90 15.51 Man Vic-NH ecs

Diagram 1 (Off DO, on D2)
SC43 16.24 NH-Man Vic ecs
2C43 16.48 Man Vic-Barrow
2N46 19.45 Barrow-Blackpool North

Diagram 2 (off D1, on D3)
IF99 06.40 Blackpool-Liverpool Lime St.,

Diagram 3 (off D2, on D4)
2NSO 10.37 Liverpool L.St-Blackpool
2F51 13.20 Blackpool-Liverpool L.St
2NSO 15.37 Liverpool L.St-Preston
2F53 17.18 Preston-Liverpool L.St

Diagram 4 (off D3, on DO)
1N02 17.12 Liverpool L.St-Blackpoo1
5F02 20.35 Blackpool-Edge Hill ecs

Diagram 5 (off D4, on D1)
5J45 03.42 Edge Hill-Man Vic ecs
2C45 06.01 Man Vic-Barrow
2N44 09.30 Barrow-Preston
2C39 11.38 Preston-Barrow
2J90 13.35 Barrow-Man Vic
5J90 15.51 Man Vic-NH ecs

Diagram 6 Off DO, on D2)

SC43 16.24 NH-Man Vic ecs
2C43 16.48 Man Vic-Barrow
2N46 19.45 Barrow-Blackpool North

Diagram 7-(off D1, on D3)
1F99 06.40 Blackpool-Liverpool Lime St

Diagram 8 (off D2, on DO)
2N50 10.37 Liverpool L.St-Blackpool
2F51 13.20 Blackpool-Liverpool L.St
1N02 17.12 Liverpool L.St-Blackpool
L.E. Blackpool North-Man Vic

Diagram 9 (off D3, on D4)
5D34 07.00 Edge Hill-Warrington B.Q.
1D34 08,14 Warrington B.Q.-Bangor
1J39 10.30 Bangor-Man Vic:
1D43 13.51 Man Vic-Llandudno
2F77 16.35 Llandudno Liverpool L.St

SATURDAYS Bescot 2 x 31/1 RDDJ

Diagram 10
1J02 09.57 Birmingham New St-Pwllheli
1G06 17.49 Pwllheli-Birmingham New St


Diagram 11 * (off D5, on D1)
SM45 06,13 Crewe-Man Pic ecs
1M45 08.35 Man Pic-Carlisle
1M75 18.10 Carlisle-Man Pic
5M75 21.57 Man Pic-Crewe ecs

Diagram 12 + (Off D6, on D2)
2H90 08.24 Blackpool North-Manchester Oxford Rd.
1D33 09.55 Manchester Oxford Rd-Llandudno
1H56 17,27 Llandudno-Manchester Oxford Rd
2N97 20.29 Manchester Oxford Rd-Blackpool North

* runs May 30th, June 27th, Juty 18th, Aug 8th/15th/29th and Sep 19th
+ runs from July 18th


 Having used a Boots free rail ticket to travel to London the previous winter, my wife and I decided that we would use the first of the several tickets we'd acquired this season to ride as far as we could in a day down the main line northwards. Having consulted the timetables I booked our seats, and on the fourth Saturday in October, on a bright, cold morning, we boarded the packed 09.00 Kings Cross-Glasgow at Doncaster, departing at half past ten behind 91029 "Queen Elizabeth II".
My wife had never travelled on the main Line beyond Darlington, but as far as Newcastle it was a familiar ride to me, and the journey along the Northumberland coast and on into Scotland held memories of when I used to take the train to Edinburgh to stay with friends or to board a ship for a 'National Trust for Scotland' cruising holiday.
Beyond Edinburgh the train was half empty. We glimpsed Princes Street, the Scott monument and the North British Hotel, then we were passing through the western suburbs out into a rather bleak, nondescript countryside. In the middle distance slag heaps of strange shapes and colours dotted the landscape, and away to the north rose the Ochil hills. I had only travelled this stretch of line once before, early in the morning when the overnight train I had caught at Retford was diverted via Carlisle and Carstairs. The Line climbed to a summit among moors and windswept up-lands, the Pentland Hills were prominent to the south and snow could be seen on the mountains ahead.
At Carstairs we joined the main Line from London via Crewe and Carlisle. From here into Glasgow I had not travelled by train since an outing with my School railway club thirty five years ago, and the ride was totally unfamiliar. The closed steelworks at Ravenscraig were a landmark on the right just before the Motherwell stop, and soon the tower blocks of Glasgow were visibly ahead, making quite an impressive sight against the backdrop of the hills to the north of the city. Polmadie depot was passed and before Long we were slowly crossing the big bridge over the Clyde into Glasgow Central station.
I had a sudden sense of familiarity as I remembered my arrival in Glasgow on that boyhood trip, the engine of the train in which the school party had travelled from Birmingham was 'Princess Royal' Pacific 46206 "Princes Marie Louise", and a British Railways standard Class 6 'Clan' Pacific was just departing with a southbound express and the station pilot was an old Caledonian 0-4-4T, 55220, which my brother photographed.
We scarcely had time to do any sightseeing in Glasgow, but we were content to stay on the station, looking at the expresses going in and out, and survey the comings and goings of the local trains from the veranda of Ghillie Browns Bar, ideally placed for thirsty Rail enthusiasts. Our train back was at half past four: 91029 which had hauled us to Glasgow had remained in the station and now propelled us back to Doncaster. In 1957, a 'Black 5' 4-6-0 had pulled us as far as Carstairs on our return journey after our school visit to Glasgow, at Carstairs our train had been joined to one from Perth, and the combined express was headed by a 'Britannia' Pacific, changed at Carlisle for a 'Princes Coronation'.
The Kings Cross express did not fill up until Edinburgh, and from Glasgow my wife and I had a carriage almost to ourselves. On a siding outside the station were five electric locomotives - 86249 "County of Merseyside", 86426, 87006 "City of Glasgow", 87017 "Iron Duke" and 90025  and at Polmadie were 08568, 8,423? "L. S. Lowry" and 87004. "Britannia". Back in 1957, Polmadie - the third largest of the sheds which we toured in Glasgow - the others being Eastfield and St. Rollox had held no fewer than 83 locomotives.
Polmadie shed, then coded 66A, had been the main shed for Glasgow Central, and pride of place amongst its allocation was held by Pacific's which were used on Anglo-Scottish expresses. On that day in 1957 we saw three 'Princes Coronations' - 46220 "Coronation", 46221 "Queen Elizabeth" and 46231 "Duchess Of Athol' - as well as a 'Britannia' and two 'Clans' - 70053 "Moray Firth", 72001 "Clan Cameron" and 72002 "Clan Campbell". From south of the border came a 'Royal Scot' - 46164 "The Artists Rifleman" - and a 'Patriot' 45541 "Duke of Sutherland".
The suburban service from Glasgow Central, which In 1992 - as my wife and I had observed from Ghillie Brown's Bar was operated by Sprinter and EMUs in orange Strathclyde Livery - had in 1957 been steam worked and at Polmadie shed I had noted twenty 2-6-4 tanks of both London Midland and BR Standard designs, including the now preserved 80003. A curios feature of these suburban tank engines was the coloured smokebox number plate which many of them carried, the number would be on a blue, red or yellow background instead of the usual black.
Of particular interest to me In 1957 was the large number of old pre-grouping Scottish Locomotives to be seen at Polmadie shed. Most were from the former Caledonian Railway, but there were some ex-North British engines too: 0-6-0s, 4~ 4-0s, 0-6-0 tanks, 0-4-4 tanks and - a real rarity - a "Pug" 0-4-OST, 56035.
In 1957 we had travelled most of the way back from Glasgow in daylight, changing trains at Crewe and again at the now vanished junction of Blisworth for the branch train to Northampton, a service Long since withdrawn. In 1992 my wife and I rode as far as Edinburgh In daylight, but then a fiery orange sunset blazed behind us as the train headed for Berwick-On-Tweed, and we did most of the journey back to Doncaster - with no changes - in darkness. When we finally reached our home in Gainsborough, we drank wine and nostalgically played records of Scottish folk-songs by Robin Halt and Jimmy McGregor and thought back over our day trip to Glasgow, whilst I remembered Polmadie Shed.


Western Region
Sightings of locos in the south west are becoming rarer and rarer but noted at Penzance on March 22nd were 47471/6/605 with 47312 seen on a freight at Truro). Seen at Laira on the same date were 08645/821/839/819, 37625, 47569, 50007/33, D400. 47850 worked the 12.08 Plymouth-Manchester and 37520/668 were noted working a freight through Newton Abbot.
3310318, 08953, 37098/146 were at Exeter and 47701/2/5/7/8/9/10/11 were all seen on Exeter-Waterloo services between March 21st and 25th.
Noted at Didcot on May 1st were 37019/218 towing Class 50's 50007/33/31, 47019/188/285/292 were stabled there with 'Castle' class no. 5029 "Nunney Castle" seen working Light engine to Worcester to work a steam special.
The following day found 08905 as yard pi lot, 37073 on a train o Underground stock and 47520 on p.way duties. 47832 worked through on passenger, and 6990 "Witherslack Halt" worked a steam shuttle service to and from May 3rd saw 08024, 37035/109, 47309/313/326/8/972 and 60096 stabled there.
The 13.25 Bristol-York service saw 47482 visa the usual HST on April 25th, whilst on May 1 4t h t he 17. 13 Bristol-Newcastle was cancelled with a 19. 00 Birmingham-York replacement service seeing 478'26 in unscheduled action.

Southern Region
Class 33's can still be seen at Salisbury with 33019/109 noted there on March 25th. Sister loco 33202, together with 73006 and 08847 were at Woking on the same date.
Sad news for locomotive enthusiasts occurred on March 22nd when 159004 worked for the first time on the 14.22 Exeter-Waterloo with 159005 forward from Salisbury. Good news however also occurred when 37146 working the 16.22 Exeter-Waterloo as far as Salisbury, returning piloting 47714 on the 19.53 Salisbury-Exeter. The 15,15 Waterloo-Exeter had 'double-trouble' with 47710/716 at the head.
Two days later the Orient Express run from Waterloo-Exeter behind 47833.
On the 29th, Waterloo had nothing more than 207001/205032 to work the 11.15 Waterloo-Exeter with 47709 heading the 15.15 and 47716 the 17.05 Yeovil departures. The preceding 16.35 Waterloo-Yeovil . Jcn was powered by 33109 and the 15,15 Salisbury-Waterloo had the rare treat of 33101/108. On the same date Class 73s no.s 73201/3/4/8/9/10/12 worked Victoria-Gatwick services with 33103 seen on a freight at Gatwick together with 73104/119. 59001 was on a stone train and 47845 on the Manchester-Brighton working.
March 27th found a welcome(?) respite from the monotony of 47/7s on the Wat-Ex services when 47521 headed the 11.15. Green liveried 205029 was at Salisbury.
An interesting working, and a cast off from the much Lamented 'Merrymaker' trains occurred on May 15th when a 05.00 Carnforth-Windsor and Eton Riverside charter ran providing 31302/4 with employment as far as Willesden where 33023 was used to Addiscombe, where 56031 hauled the train to its Royal destination. The Class 31's headed the return service giving a very Late arrival back in Carnforth (allegedly).

Midland Region
March 13th found the following locos at Carlisle-: 31159/201/163, 37144/211/359   47332/478/584, 60049, 86207/87020, 90143/5.
Buxton stilt sees Class 37 activity, although all long haul workings are in the hands of Class 60s. Seen on April 3rd were 317358/688, 60015/80/4/5.
May 9th found 7P 71000 "Duke Of Gloucester'' in trouble at Tyseley whilst working a Stratford On Avon-London steam special and had to be rescued by 47539, which powered the train forward.
Settle and Carlisle -saw regular loco hauled services over the weekend of 24/25th April with the following Locomotives being spotted at Preston-:
06.00 Paddington-Edinburgh - 47825 in, 47524 out,
07.05 Glasgow-Euston - 47973 in, 57010 out
07.10 Edinburgh-Birm-Intnt - 60094 in, 86251 out
10,09 Birm Intnt-Glasgow - 86405 in, 47809 out
10.15 Euston-Glasgow - 87031 in, 60094/47973 out
09.40 Edinburgh-Brighton - 47707 in, 86259 out
12.15 Euston-Glasgow - 87016 in, 47551 out
Also noted at Preston were 86428 on the 05.40 Poole-Lancaster, 31438 on the 10.37 Liverpool-Btackpool, 31421 on the 12. 18 Man Vic-Blackpool, 31418 on the 13.25 Blackpool-Liverpool.
Seen on May 1st were 31427 on the 10. 37 Liverpool-Blackpool, 31455 on the 13. 25 return, 31418 on the 12.18 Man Vic-Blackpool and 31432 on the 14.57 Liverpool-Man Vic. The 15th saw the 12. 30 Man Vic-Liverpool powered(?) by 31410 with the 12. 18 Man Vic-Blackpool entrusted to 31421, the 10.37 Liverpool-Blackpool 31455 and the 13.25 Blackpool-Liverpool with 31429.
March 12th saw the 10.55 Kirby Stephen-Carlisle additional in the hands of 80080 with stock 21241/4984/4960/99040.
A Bolton-Carlisle charter on April 3rd saw 47503 in charge with return 'Footex, trains Wembley-Sheffield seeing 47851/830/809 and 803 in charge. April 28th saw 31408 work the 07.48 Liverpool-Stansted vice a 'Sprinter' unit.
Another charter service on May 8th saw 37408 in charge of a Birmingham-Grosmont working.
The Royal Train arrived at Sheffield on May 18th with 47835 in charge of stock 2921/2903/2904/2918/2914/291712915 and 2920. 47834 was reserve engine. Two days later saw Sheffield Wednesday's ill fated return to Wembley, together with 47525, 47820 and 47819 on 'Footex' workings.

Eastern Region
Heritage diesel multiple units still see regular use on various services with 51855/51662 on the rarely reported Barking-Gospel Oak service with 51851/51878 and 51350151391 on similar duties on March 13th.
The 08.41 Sheffield-Peterborough saw 53216/53193 on March 16th and 51411/59521/51369 on April 21st. The 18th found 51185/51511 working the 07.45 Sheffield-Retford. April 7th saw 51435/53177 head the 17.49 Sheffield-Lincoln and the 09.31 Derby-Skegness additional saw 51368/59520151410. April 19th had 51435/53177 working the 08.03 Cleethorpes-Sheffield via Retford service.
April 9th saw the 12.20 Bristol-York HST service with 47853 in charge instead. On March 17th 47628 and 91015 headed the 16.00 Kings Cross-Leeds forward from Doncaster. The following day saw 47839 head the 07.14 York-Bristol additional.
Two old workings close to several members hearts are the 1A40 Newcastle-Kings Cross vans and the 1A41 Bradford-Kings Cross vans, sadly rarely reported on these days. April 26th saw 47574 and 47543 respectively on these workings.
Four days Later saw blue Liveried 56004 head light engine northwards through Doncaster and on May 1st a charter from Doncaster-Carlisle saw 47587 in charge. The 17.10 Sunderland-Newcastle saw 47634 and a seven coach rake in operation because of the local football match.
The 12. 35 charter departure out of York for Scarborough which originated at Edinburgh saw 60532 "Blue Peter" make. a welcome sight along the scenic branch. 90022 had worked the train from Edinburgh. An ECS working of charter stock saw 47488 in charge.
May 21 st saw two HST substitutes with 47847 work; ng the 08. 34 Leeds-St Pancras and the 07. 48 Swansea-York being 43103/43054 instead of the booked Class 47. The following day saw a Cleethorpes-Llandudno charter powered by 47237 and the 06. 20 Leeds-Kings Cross with 47673 hauling dead 91029 after it had failed at South Elmsall. The train was terminated at Doncaster.
'Get your 37's here' seems to be the message from of all places - Lincoln. Several members of the class were seen between January and March including 37104/1881431/502/503/685/707/714/715 and 891. Class 60's seen during the same period have been 60005/13/14/27/53/54/64. 47277 together with 'D1979' on the bodyside and 56004 were seen on light engine movements, the 37's and 60's were on oil trains.
The two preserved locos D3167 and 97650 are reported to be going to the Grimsby and Louth Railway.
Making a colourful spectacle was ex-Reading Class 119 51060/51088 in NSE Livery but with the red band painted blue and Tyseley 'bear' motif applied, and two sets of a Strathclyde Class 101 nos 51431/51501 and 51435/53177.
Noted at Immingham on February 25th were 08445/31556/37083/431/502/3, 47054/276/281/324/374 and 671.
Iron ore trains are now solid Class 60 hauled with no. s 8 and 28 seen at Melton Ross with 37713 on a steel train. 37202, 47371 and 56005 worked light engine.
Seen at Lincoln on February 23rd were 60002/3/13 on oils and 60026/7 the following day and 47276 and 60054 on March 3rd. Also on March 3rd 31541 worked a ballast train.
Frodingham depot is now closed but still hosts several withdrawn locomotives including 08508, 20025/42161/176 and 47233. Among the last locos serviced at the depot were 08665, 37241/512/685, 47331, 56043/61.
February 27th found 6008618 and 90140 on freight trains through Newcastle with 37100/225, 47377, 47537/572/642 light engines. March 13th saw 37083 and 56009 in Tyne Yard and 37420 at Ferryhill.
Locomotives are still to be seen at Peterborough with 08528, 31547, 472017/328, 56105/110 noted there on March 17th. On the same day 08750/958, 47194, 56065, 90016/212, 91004/29/30 were seen at Kings Cross.
Three days later Tinsley played host to -: 05879/880/919, 37032/209/248/373, 47063/95/6/102/146/190/5/293/301/325/335/349/361.
Hull Paragon found various Locomotives on ballast duties in March, April and May, when on March 4th 37501 found such employment, followed by 31552 on the 11th, 47321 on April 29th, 31556 on May 5th and 31271 on the 15th. On March 11th the 09.04 Hull-York was delayed by 2.1/4 hours at Melton due to a failed freight train. Also on this date 47848 headed the 12.05 York-Poole and sister 47847 the 17.05 York-Bristol. The 16.50 York-Derby was cancelled due to a shortage of stock.
The 13t h March saw the "Cumbrian Tynesider" ex.  Manchester Victoria worked 3.7680 and 37684 for part of the journey and 26003/5.
March 20th saw the 'Farewell to Eastgate Branch' Black Cat Tours Railtour worked by 37708/7 and 37509.
April 17th saw the Felixstowe Phoenix Railtour run by the Class 37 group from Derby and worked by 37414/370/154/271.
A visit to East Anglia on April 17th found 86237/8/246/9 on Norwich-Liverpool St services with .08928, 31135 and 47481 at Norwich. 08767/775, 86620/1/2, 47193/250, 9014112/5/8, 371311219/29811541271/216 were at Ipswich.
April 20th saw 37104 used on a ballast at Hexham, whilst elsewhere in the North East 90023 headed the 13.00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh running 25 mins Late at Dartington after the scheduled Class 91 failed. Also 90024 powered the 16.00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross. Seen at Thornaby were 37511, 56081 and 60038. The 15.30 Kings Cross-Newcastle was terminated at St. Neots after the failure of the Class 91 train loco.
Also reported at Lincoln on April 20th were 37504 and 60002/24 on oils with 60025/8 on similar workings on the 23rd.
Swinton was a hive of activity on April 24th with 37055/378 on freightliner, 37688 on stone, 37890 on oils, 47344 on chemicals and 56050 an steel services. 47823, 56078 and 60084 worked light engine.
On 11th May 158758 was taken out of service at Leeds whilst working a Manchester-Hull service due to a damaged Drivers window after a stone was thrown through the window at Mirfield. 159909 replaced the defunct. unit and left Leeds 25 mins late.
Noted at Cottingham an ballast duties on May 16th was 37285 whilst on the next day 56094 passed through light engine.


Keighley and Worth ValleyApril 17th found 'Black 5' 5305, K1 2005 and Class 25 D5209 working services whilst on April 24th the railway held their steam gala weekend with 2005, 5775, 45596, 47279, 78022 and 1054 all in steam.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway
The NYMR held a diesel day on April 24th where D2207, D5032, 45133, D7628 and 55015 were used.

Severn Valley Railway
The SVR's annual diesel gala of May 7th/8th/9th was attended by several Pennine members who were rewarded with D3022, D1062, D7633, D1842, 50031, D821, D120. BR provided 37031 and 37878 along with 31233.

 Thanks go to Messrs. Dewing, Slater, Payne, Barclay, Caddick.


Social evenings are held at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland Street, Doncaster, on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. Come along and join the excitement. Meetings start at 20.00hrs-ish prompt.

The programme for the Summer is being finalised as we go to print. However, dates for meetings are as follows:

Tuesday 6 July - Illustrated - Chris Nicholson

Tuesday 20 July - John Sanderson -  Illustrated. Is it the Clerk of the Course at Doncaster Racecourse, the sponsor of Sheffield Wednesday, or if we are very lucky the Treasurer of the Pennine Railway Society. All will be revealed on the night. Cover the budgie's cage. Lock up your Granny!

Tuesday 3 August - Illustrated - TBA

Tuesday 17 August - Reverend Andrew J Watts

Tuesday 7 September - Illustrated - Geoff Warnes

Tuesday 21 September- Illustrated -Neil Taylor (T.R.A.M)

Tuesday'5 October - Pennine Slide Competition. A highlight of the year and not to be missed. Bring along 4 of your railway slides which you think will catch the judge's eye. Cash prizes and trophies to be won. There is always an "upsrt" in the result. Ask Tony Caddick or "GG".

Tuesday 19 October - Illustrated - TBA


Your Committee will again be in attendance at the transport rally at Sandtoft, which will be held on Sunday 25 July 1993.
This is an event not to be missed and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. Come and ride on one of Tony Caddick's buses FREE OF CHARGE. (We won't let him drive of course).

Our friends from FAST Tours (Felix & Sheffield Transport Groups) are running a trip to Blackpool on Sunday 15 August 1993 to coincide with the annual Southport-Blackpool transport rally. Vehicle Felix 41, a 1960 AEC Reliance (a reasonably fast and reasonably comfortable vehicle) will be providing the transport.
if any member fancies a day at the seaside, contact John Sanderson for further details. Pick-ups will be in Doncaster and Sheffield. The vehicle is a no-smoking bus (apart from the exhaust).