No. 80 - Summer 1992


Front Picture

On the front cover is a Diesel Pullman train emerging from Twerton Tunnel, Bath, in July 1971. These sets, introduced by
BR in 1960 and latterly all on the Western Region were withdrawn in May 1973. Transparency - Ivo Peters

Jim and Pat Dolan

Jim and Pat Dolan, mine hosts at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster, the venue of our social evenings, retired during May. Jim and Pat had been at the pub a number of years and had become good friends and supporters of the Society. We wish Jim and Pat all the best in their retirement and thank them for their hospitality over the years - the buffet at the annual PENNINE SHIELD competition was always an indication of the high standards shown by them!
At our social evening held on 5 May a presentation of a gift and a card signed by many members was made to Jim and Pat by the Society as a token of our appreciation.
We now look forward to meeting the new "management" at the Taps and educating them (if need be) to the delights of railways.

The PENNINE Charter

TRANS PENNINE is produced by the Pennine Railway Society. The views expressed are not necessarily, and will unlikely be, those of the Society or the Head Hitter.

Class 153s Launched in Lincolnshire

Class 153 units were introduced in the Lincolnshire area on 11 May 1992. As part of the promotional campaign Lincoln station manager Robin Skinner was invited to travel on a demonstration run with all the members of his fan club.
The World's Press was on hand to record the historic event.
The picture below shows John Smith lookalike Robin with Margorie and Jean on the train.


A NEW train will soon be, speeding through the Lincolnshire countryside. The Class 153 diesel fleet is to be launched on May 11 and forms part of British Rail's strategy for retaining rural routes while reducing costs. It replaces the current 30-year-old fleet described by BR as "increasingly unreliable.
A special round trip was made by the train between Gainsborough, Lincoln and Peterborough for local councillors  and officers last week.
Mark Causebrook, BR director of regional railways central, said: "I'm  sure that all our customers in Lincolnshire will appreciate the improvements that these trains represent over their predecessors."
* Pictured during the demonstration  trip are, from left, Lincoln station manager Robin Skinner, North Kesteven District councillor Margorie Proctor from North Hykeham, and Coun. Jean Johnson of Lincolnshire County Council.
Photo: Gordon Brotherton.

Pennine Shield Returned

Members will be aware of the absence of the trophy at the presentation to the winners of the Pennine Shield 1991. Prime suspects were friends from FAST Tours (namely Sheffield Transport Group/Felix Preservation Group).
We have now been informed by Ian Jones (MFI to his friend), both a Pennine member and shareholder in FAST Tours, that his dog Pickles sniffed out the trophy from the Conductors locker of preserved bus Doncaster 33 (433 MDT), a Leyland Tiger Cub, based at Sandtoft Transport Centre.
It has not been made known how the trophy found its way into that rather unusual location, but what we do know is that fellow Pennine member and also shareholder FAST Tours, Barry "Harold" Marshall is heavily involved in scrap dealing.
Members can rest assured that the trophy is now in the safe hands of our Treasurer, John Sanderson, a renowned gambler.

Campaign for Real Ale

Well known socialiser and Pennine stalwart (and all) Chris Nicholson was recently seen in the Manchester Victoria area desperately seeking a decent real ale tavern. As luck would have it he met up with Pennine's Top Real Ale Man (TRAM), Neil Taylor who pointed him in the "right" direction. Unfortunately what pleases our TRAM does not please our Cap'n Nicholson. After visiting the tavern recommended by Neil, our Chris is now "on the wagon".

Veterans Win Slide Quiz
The recent slide quiz organised by David Bladen was won against all the odds by a team comprising Tony Caddick, "Honest" John Sanderson, and Chris Theaker - a combined age of 100+ and a combined IQ to match. (Why ever Chris wanted to be in THAT team only he knows!).
Gentlemen that the three are Tony and Chris immediately donated the cash prize back into club funds, and "Honest" John was instructed to do likewise.
The most inaccurate answer of the evening was in response to the question "How long is the Waterloo & City line?". The correct answer is 1.5 miles, not 90.5 miles as someone answered (no names, no pack drill, but David got a Savage look from our Bill).

Wedding of the Year

Congratulations to our Religious Adviser, Reverend Andrew J Watts on his recent marriage to the lovely Helen, a converted nun. The Pennine wish them both a long and happy marriage (certainly one that lasts longer than a royal marriage).
Rumours that Andrew has applied to become the next Bishop of Galway are unfounded.  Andrew has no children!

Bambrough's Raffles

A highlight of recent social evenings at the Taps has been the raffle organised by Pennine President and ace fund raiser Geoff Bambrough. Already a number of members have taken home goodies of a varied nature. This raffle has the double bonus of raising revenue for club funds and ensuring Geoff's presence at meetings.
Thanks to all who have taken part in these raffles.

Retail Passenger Manager

Congratulations to our Chairman and Entertainments Officer Robin M Skinner on being promoted to the glorious title of Retail Passenger Manager with BR. Wonder what it means?

Mind The Doors
The Health and Safety Executive has investigated a spate of falls - particularly from InterCity trains - involving 270 deaths and injuries between 1984-91 and reported that slam doors which fitted tightly into the frame can open accidentally and that only "very slight pressure" was needed to open some of the doors. The report added, however, that up to 75% of the accidents that were investigated were caused by alcohol, misbehaviour or were suicides.
BR is already testing an electronic lock for slam-doors on Mk III stock at Derby.

BR Valeting Department

BR cleaners are refusing to wear their new designer overalls as part of the spruced-up BR image. They don't mind the colours or the cut but as they are no longer "cleaners', but members of the "valeting department" they are not prepared to work with "VD" in big letters across their shoulders.

Court Briefs
A man who broke into the disused Tyne Yard signalbox looking for scrap (no-not Barry Marshall) found a bag of pornographic books instead. He was caught clutching the "hot" books by a BT policeman who saw him go into the box.
He pleaded guilty to burglary to the value of 300.

BR in False Name Con

BR is allowing staff to wear false name tags to stop angry passengers tracking them home. BR workers wear the badge to comply with PM Major-Ball's Citizens' Charter. Some BR managers have agreed that workers can use first names only or invent totally false ones.
Allegedly a ginger-haired member of BR management has been seen strutting on Lincoln station sporting the badge "Robin Hood".
We have yet to meet M.T.Train, N.O. Driver, A.Pology, N.Tercity, or even Walter Loo, or D.Laid, or the hundreds of Bob Reid's.

Caddick Slams Monarchy

Mild-mannered Membership Secretary Tony Caddick recently announced at a social evening that HRH Duchess of York walked around with a mattress on her back!

History Section

A recent "turn" at the Taps was Geoff Newall. An excellent evening's entertainment was provided by Geoff, and thanks to him. He did remark that it was the first show he had done for the PENNINE since we moved our venue for social evenings from the Masons Arms, Market Place, Doncaster.
How many of you remember those days?

Hello! - I'm John MacGregor

Ground Control to Major John - Commencing Countdown Tories Won!
As predicted in TRANS PENNINE the Conservative Government has been returned to office and previous Transport Secretary Malcolm Rifkind has been shunted from office.
He has been replaced by John MacGregor an amateur magician who is a member of the Magic Circle who faces the difficult task of deciding how quickly to push ahead with the break up of BR's 45 year-old monopoly. The Tories are committed to a gradual introduction of private enterprise into the railways. Freight services will be sold off completely as will some stations. Less clear is what will happen to InterCity and local passenger trains.
The plan is to allow entrepreneurs like "Virgin" Richard Branson to run their own long distance and commuter services under Government franchise while BR retains responsibility for other services and the upkeep of tracks and signalling.
Franchises will be reviewed periodically so that operators not up to scratch can be replaced. On profitable lines the operators will pay the Government a share of takings to help meet BR's maintenance costs. On hopelessly loss-making routes private firms will receive a subsidy.
This falls short of the outright privatisation once on the cards.

Sheffield = Crucible

In response to the World Snooker Championships held annually at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre, the Power Box at Sheffield is now known as the "Crucible" since you have to get a red before you can get a colour!

Wedded Bliss

As has been referred to in another part of this organ, our Religious Adviser and Peter Shilton lookalike Rev A. J. Watts recently married the lovely Helen. Unfortunately He above did not produce with the required weather and it rained all day. However this did not deter the World's Press, and an exclusive picture is shown below (the horse was intercepted on its way to Wolverhampton races, courtesy of John Sanderson, Clerk of the Course at Doncaster).


Darnall Services Decimated

The introduction of the new timetable has seen services calling at Darnall, on the Sheffield-Lincoln route, reduced to just 2 per day weekdays only. This reduction comes hard on the heels of the virtual abandonment by South Yorkshire PTE of Attercliffe Road and Brightside stations.
Local speculation is that Woodhouse will soon follow and that trains will be re-routed between Sheffield and Kiveton via the soon to be opened "white elephant" Tinsley Airport, and Swallownest.

Redundancies at RFS

Around 250 redundancies have been announced by the private company RFS which specialises in repairs to railway vehicles. The company which has sites at Doncaster Works and at Kilnhurst blames the recession which has reduced the number of vehicles in service.
Interestingly the company has won a contract from London Transport to refurbish tube stock, the first batch of which is already at Doncaster.

Doncaster - An Open and Closed Case

Where is an open station not an open station? Doncaster! Regional Railways wanted Doncaster to remain a closed (barrier) station, InterCity wanted an open station with no ticket barrier. The farcical situation that now exists is that it is a closed station for passengers leaving the station and an open station for passengers entering the station.
As a further disincentive from paying for a ticket the station entrance nearest the Travel Centre has been sealed off.
Such are the delights of "privatisation".

"Back A Winner By Train"

John Sanderson, Clerk of the Course at Doncaster Racecourse has succeeded in gaining race sponsorship by Regional Railways North East. On 19 March 1992 the "Back A Winner By Train" Handicap was run, the winner being Whitechapel owned by The Queen. That result would have been welcomed by Pennine's royalty expert Tony Caddick.
Incidentally the best turned out horse in the race was Grey Power owned by JPS Racing.

Linda Bladen To Visit Royal Ascot

Another Pennine member to be bitten by the racing bug is ex-committee member Linda Bladen who is travelling to Royal Ascot in June in style. She will be travelling on a special train from Doncaster using the Manchester Pullman stock.
We wish Linda all the luck and expect a full report of the trip from her for publication in our next edition.

Passenger's Charter

The Passenger's Charter has been unveiled by chairman Sir Bob Reid and was keenly hailed as "exciting" by the then Transport Secretary Malcolm Rifkind. The key points of the Charter are:
90% of all trains have to arrive within 10 minutes of schedule ; 99% of all InterCity and long-distance regional services must actually run ; Network SouthEast has to meet peak time punctuality and reliability targets on all its lines ; vouchers worth at least 20% of ticket prices will go to non-season holders whose trains are delayed by more than one hour ; annual and quarterly season holders get a 5% discount on renewing their tickets if on average over the previous 12 months punctuality fell more than 3% below target ; a further 5% discount will apply if reliability falls more than 1% below target.
BUT the poorer the service on any line, the lower the "targets" discounts will not be made for delays caused by vandals or terrorists ; the charter does NOT apply to the West Midlands, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Strathclyde, Tyne and Wear, Greater Manchester, and Merseyside and there will be NO CASH REFUNDS anywhere.

Remember Elizabeth Shields

Some veteran Pennine members may recall some years ago spending a day campaigning for Mrs Shields, a Liberal Candidate at a bye-election in Ryedale Constituency, which takes in Pickering and part of the NYMR - a campaign led by the slogan "Fight Against Ryedale Tory Snobbery" (F.A.R.T.S.). She was successful on that occasion.
Our Treasurer recently received an eevility through the post containing campaign leaflets for her for the recent General Election. The eevility came from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) and Cap'n Nicholson from Scarboroughish is suspected. I'll be back!

Money-Making Charter

BR chief BR MkII will be one of the main beneficiaries of his Passenger's Charter. While new performance targets mean travellers have less chance of compensation, he could earn an extra 53,000 a year and his 5 fellow full-time directors could each receive between 15,000 and 25,000 in performance related bonuses. If services fail to meet new guidelines no-one will suffer pay cuts.
The bonuses are directly linked to the charter and accrue during the year according to the number of "punctual" trains, reliability or how many trains run at all instead of being cancelled.
Bonuses will be up to 25% of pay.

Catch the Stagecoach

The Stagecoach bus company is now chartering 2 coaches on the overnight Aberdeen-Euston following the withdrawal by BR of seated accommodation on the sleeper service. The orange, red and blue liveried vehicles gives notice that the age of rail nationalisation is over.
However, since it is a condition of travel that alcohol is not consumed it is unlikely that the Pennine Committee will agree to organise a trip on the new service.


Welcome to the summer edition of "Trans-Pennine" Magazine. Getting our priorities right has long been the committees aim (since when 1 hear your cry! ) and so it is with that in mind that we pass through these notes, our warmest congratulations to our very own Archbishop Watts, and sincere commiserations to Lady Helen, or Mrs Archbishop as she is now known. We now look forward to seeing them on BBC Televisions "Bob's Your Uncle" hurtling around carrying balloons between their teeth, and other mature sensible things that newly married couple get up to on this highly intelligent show. Serious best wishes though do go to Helen and Andrew for the future.
Now that the election is over we can look forward to a better service on BR now that the "Safe in our hands" Government are rightly back in power and that nice man Mr Mellor giving BR its own Heritage Unit Minister.


An article which made its way to TP's Newsdesk by an unknown source, but he lives not far from Lincoln, was a copy of an article that appeared in the local Lincoln Echo, Echo. The article states that Station Master Robin Skinner says that county services are on the right lines, so there.
A shake up will provide improved standards to compete with competitors and BR needs to be robust enough to compete with these competitors.
But the new structure is not quite such an increase in work load as it seems (???) to the man in charge of almost all the county's stations. A self confessed "Jack of All Trades" the said Mr Skinner was responsible for safety on the line, signal boxes, level crossings, and ticket offices, but can specialise in aiming at raising standards in particular areas.
As well as cleaner trains and stations, well turned out staff and new signs will be evident with staff going on customer relations courses. Un-staffed stations will be cleaned at least once a week by environmental teams.


The Fifty 50's by Hugh Ballantyne Platform 5 Soft backed 48 pages 5.95
The latest all colour photo publication, this time soft backed. Features every member of the Class in a variety of locations many which will be familiar to most of us. The quality of the photo's is excellent and reproduction superb showing the Class at its best and in the various guises carried. This book will no doubt prove popular with Class 50 enthusiasts as everyone's different favourite loco is featured.



The withdrawal from service of 53019 in March saw the end of the Class 114 units in passenger service. Traditionally known on their Eastern Region home territory as "The Heavyweights" these 50 2-car sets with power cars originally numbered 50000-49 and trailers 56000-49 were the mainstay of local services around Sheffield and throughout Lincolnshire for 30 years from their introduction to traffic in 1956.
It was November 1956 when the first Heavyweight appeared, 2 months after the first blue square Cravens (50359) and concurrently with the first blue square Metro Cammel (50138). The last Cravens has long departed the scene (do you remember those rattling windows?), leaving the Met-Camms to carry the mantle of BR's oldest diesel vehicles.
The Heavyweights were indeed heavy, being built to the 641 length of the contemporary Mk1 coach rather than the 571 of the Met-Camms and Cravens. Unfortunately the Derby product was fitted with 150hp Leyland 680/1 engines like many of its lighter colleagues and this led to a major problem, a Heavyweight couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding, even on the levels of Lincolnshire. A 2 car set turned the scales at 66 tons compared with around 55 tons for a typical 57' set. It wasn't long before 230hp Albion 901 engines along with SE4 gearboxes were provided, and performance improved dramatically, although the engines were soon de-rated to 200hp. Right to the end of their days evidence of these changes remained in that the original R14 gearbox mounting bracket locations could be clearly seen.
One problem that arose after re-engining was the reduction in fuel range and because larger tanks were not fitted, the range of the Heavyweights was reduced to 350 miles.
In the early days the fleet was split between Darnall and Lincoln for maintenance but by the mid 1960s they were all at Lincoln, and remained so, except for isolated condemnations, until 1986. Reliability was above average for a DMU fleet and availability, although planned at 78% was often better than 90% on summer Saturdays when there were days when the only units stopped were those in Doncaster Works.
The Class was used for several major development exercises in the early days. 50000 was fitted with Rolls Royce eight cylinder engines and torque convertors, as subsequently fitted to the Bed-Pan (Class 127) cars; 50048/49 had automatic gear change; whilst 50025/32 were torque convenor-fitted whilst retaining 6 cylinder engines. The 901 engines on these latter 2 vehicles were located further apart longitudinally on the underframes and when SE4 gearboxes were subsequently fitted, the engine position remained non-standard, necessitating the use of shorter than standard cardan shafts. When in 1988 53032 (as it then was after the renumberings of the early 198.0s) was fitted with TL II engines for Parcels use, it was found that the underframe bore little resemblance to the carefully prepared drawings!
The Class didn't wander far from its home ground in the 1960s, although for a short time there was a diagram for an Immingham-Kings Cross boat train for which 50014 was specially groomed. On one occasion a set worked a Leeds-Paignton service after the failure of the booked locomotive, returning the compliment of Class 52 No 1023 which not long before worked through-from the WR to Leeds on a service train. In the early 1980s there was a Leeds-Carlisle via Settle diagram in the company of a Botanic Gardens 4 Car Class 108, whilst as late as 1991 one of the last remaining sets reached Aberystwyth. There aren't many parts of England which haven't seen a Heavyweight at some time.
In the 1970s the Class was one that was selected for refurbishing, and 50018/56018 emerged from Doncaster with new lighting, new decor, new toilets, and new exhaust systems, and repainted from the drab plain blue (which had replaced the original green some years before) into overall white with a unique blue stripe in 1977. Unfortunately nothing was done to improve cab heating, and as a result of strong complaints received in the 1977/78 winter, Lincoln Depot designed and installed the first cab water heater in 50018 early in 1978. From this came the concept of saloon water heating, and early in 1979 50038 became the first BR DMU to be fitted. Eventually came the development that no one away from Lincoln Depot believed would work; trailer car water heating via coolant jumpers. But it did work, and continued to do so whilst the fleet remained at Lincoln.
One major concern as the fleet neared the end of its life was flawed axles, and many cars were fitted with Class 127 bogies at overhaul in the early 1980s, as Class 317 replaced Class 127. The bogies were a direct swap. Spares for Albion engines have also become increasingly expensive in recent years, and meant the Class could not be considered for further life extension without re-engining. Change of policy has meant the small number of cars re-engined for Parcels use have already been withdrawn, and so 30 years after the first withdrawal (50028 in 1962 after a fire), 53019 became the last in passenger service. Possibly, with 54006 it will be retained for preservation, otherwise only the unit retained for ATP demonstration purposes at Derby will see this year out.
Currently based at Derby Research Centre, in livery as withdrawn is 53036/54006 (ex-TS 23) along with a 2-car set ex-Parcels 54904/55929, (former 54015/53015) now used for Auto Train Protection purposes.

by Paul Slater

 Exmouth Junction shed, coded 72A, was at one time the principal Southern Region depot in the West Country. It was situated in the eastern suburbs of Exeter, and was the fourth shed visited during the excursion to Devon with my school Railway Club (as described in my previous article "Southern Steam at Plymouth").
In July 1960, when we made our trip to Devon, Exmouth Junction was entirely a steam shed. It was the home depot of the locomotives which hauled the expresses to Waterloo over the Southern Region main line, and of the 46 engines on the shed at the time of our visit the most impressive were three "Merchant Navy" Pacific's. These were 35018 "British India Line" and 35020 "Bibby Line" from Nine Elms and one of Exmouth Junctions own locomotives 35010 "Blue Star". There were also eight of the smaller "Battle of Britain" Pacific's as well as two of the very similar "West Country" class. An earlier type of Southern express steam power was represented by "King Arthur" 4-6-0 30799 "Sir Ironside" from Salisbury shed.
The Southern Region had no real heavy goods engines, but there were several mixed traffic classes, and representatives of these types at Exmouth Junction on the day of my visit included four "S15" 4-6-0s, three "N" 2-6-Os and one of the rather similar class 'V' engines. The big Class "Z" 0-8-0 tanks were used for banking trains up the steep gradient between St Davids and Central stations at Exeter, and there were four of these to be seen at Exmouth Junction, they were very much a curiosity to me and I photographed one of them - 30951.
There were several older locomotives of London &South Western vintage at Exmouth Junction: four "T9" 4-4-0s, two "700" 0-6-0s, six "M7" 0-4-4 tanks and one of the similar "02" class, and (two real gems) an Adams 4-4-2T from the Lyme Regis branch no 30584, along with an ancient Beattie 2-4-0 well tank from Wadebridge shed no 30587. More modern tank engines were also to be seen, three BR standard class 3 2-6-2 tanks, London Midland Region 2-6-2T 41318 and a Western Region pannier tank from Yeovi1 Junction Shed.
Exmouth Junction was the last shed we visited on that trip and from Exeter we returned to Waterloo on an express service hauled by 35018 "British India Line", which only a short time earlier I had photographed at Exmouth Junction shed in the company of 4-4-0 30338 and 2-6-0 31805.
The train called at Yeovil Junction, Templecombe, Salisbury, Andover and Basingstoke. It was a splendid ride, probably the fastest journey that I ever made behind steam.

by Paul Slater

 The numerous articles and reports in "Trans-Pennine" in recent years concerning the workings of Class 33s and 50s on trains from Waterloo to Salisbury and Exeter have reminded me of an interesting journey I made from Waterloo in the days of steam.
It was at the end of the school holidays in September 1961. A French schoolboy had been staying with me on an exchange visit and I accompanied him on his way home as far as Victoria. Once he was safety on the boat train bound for Dover I had the day to myself and decided to do a round trip to the west of London to see something of the Southern Region and Western Region main lines.
I started my journey at Waterloo. A stopping train for Salisbury departed at a few minutes before eleven o'clock and I travelled on it as far as Basingstoke. The locomotive of this Salisbury train was a Southern "Lord Nelson" 4-6-0 no.30857 "Lord Howe" whilst in an adjacent platform stood a big "Merchant Navy" Pacific no.35029 "Ellerman Lines" with the down "Atlantic Coast Express due to leave at eleven for Exeter and all points west.
The Salisbury train made its first stop at Woking. It travelled on the down fast line as far as Esher, then was switched to the stow line. I kept an eye on the gantries of semaphore signals, which were once such a characteristic feature of the Waterloo main line, spanning the four tracks and soon saw that another train was signalled on the down fast main line. A "King Arthur" class heading towards Waterloo on the up stow caught my attention, and then "Ellerman Lines" on the down ACE was rapidly approaching from behind and quickly overhauling my Salisbury train.
At Woking the station pilot, an "S151' 4-6-0, attached a goods van to the rear of the Salisbury train. Once past the junction with the Portsmouth line third rail electrification was lost and all trains were steam hauled. My train stayed on the down stow line stopping at all stations. We were overtaken twice more before Basingstoke, first by a BR Standard class 4 4-6-0 travelling light engine and then by a "West Country" Pacific, 34025 "Whimple" on a Waterloo-Bournemouth express.
I alighted at Basingstoke. The van which had been attached at Woking was now removed and shunted onto another line by the Basingstoke pilot, a Class "U" 2-6-0. I stayed for some time on the down island platform of Basingstoke station, seeing several Bullied Pacific's on trains to and from Bournemouth, Weymouth and Exeter as well as a BR Standard Class 5 4-6-0, bearing a former "King Arthur" name, on a stopping train to Waterloo.
Eventually I caught a Diesel Multiple Unit all stations to Reading, from where I would complete my round trip by riding up to Paddington on a Western Region Express.


Well then you lot, what are you playing at? The quizzes are getting easier and you' re not even entering. A measly turn out for Mr Shenton' s effort earned the following prizes.

Joint 1st - J. Dewing & M. B ell - 25 points each. 3rd - P. Slater with 19 points

 Answers were as follows-:
1) 22/3/65, 2) Mallard, 3) 1966, 4) 1972, 5) 1960, 6) 11/10165, 7) Waterloo Quay, 8) Charles Trubshaw, 9) Gatwick Racecourse, 10) 1964, 11) Truro and Hayle, 12) Nat West Bank, 13) Richmond Hill - Leeds & Selby 1ine, 14) Adolphus St, 15) The Zetland, 16) 15/6/60, 17) Royal Mail House, 18) Goole, 19) D5328, 20) D9020, 21) Itchingfield, 22) 31618, 23) D255, 24) 47452, 25) 72006, 26) Gateshead, 27) Robbie Coltrane, 28) Middleton Railway, Leeds, 29) 86259, 30) 20112/84, 31) 1817181. 32) 5/6/72, 33) SR 850 Lord Nelson, 34) Rotherham, 35) Sir Harold Mitchell, 36) 1/1/1844, 37) Mumps, Gladwick Road, Clegg St, Central, Werneth, 38) 211/67, 39) Princess Elizabeth, 40) D229.

Have a go at the latest quiz and send your answers to Ed by Aug 15th please.


1) Which steam engine carried the name "Glen Falloch'?

2) On which closed branch line was Cambusavie Platform situated?

3) The last steam hauled iron ore train from Tyne Dock to Consett ran on the 19th of November 1966. Which engine hauled the train.

4) What was the original number of Class 73 no, 73201 'Broadlands'?

5) Which ex-B.R. Class 02 Diesel Shunter is currently in Industrial Service at the Butterley Engineering Company in Derbyshire?

6) Where and by whom was S.R. Class 76 no. E26017 cut up?

7) Between which two stations were Fox Wood water troughs located?

8) Where was Hendford Halt signal Box?

9) During 1980 which booked Deltic hauled train carried the 1N12 headcode?

10) How heavy is a Class 60?

11) Which two Class 20's worked at this years North York Moors diesel gala?

12) Stagecoach Rail has recently taken over the running of the seating accommodation on overnight Aberdeen-London trains, how much is their Saver return ticket from Aberdeen-London?

13) Which preserved railway is based at Bronwydd in Carmarthen?

14) Which Class 50 was cut up by MC Metals Processing Ltd on the 29/4/92?

15) On which pre-nationalised railway was Knockando station?

16) Name A2/3 Pacific 60521.

17) In 1960 on the Western Region of BR what did the Signal bell code 2-8 mean?

18) BR Class 20's no. 20132 + 20090 made history for 1992, how?

19) Which steam shed was 50C?

20) What did LBSCR stand for?

21) In what year were passenger trains withdrawn from running between Liverpool Central and Gateacre?

22) At the end of the steam era on the Southern which named train left Waterloo at 12.30pm and arrived at its destination at 4.37pm?

23) Which Battle of Britain class steam engine carried the name "Fighter Command"?

24) On which table of the current BR timetable can you find Bloxwich North station?


Southern Region
During the last weeks of Class 50 haulage on Waterloo-Exeter services 50033 was regularly the sole performer, as was the case on March 23rd when it worked the 12.13 Salisbury-Waterloo and 16.15 Waterloo-Yeovil Jct.
4770113/7/9/10/14117/801 were the other locos working Waterloo-Exeter services on this day. Things just aren't the same.
On the same day 7320113/7/9/12/35 all worked Victoria-Gatwick services.
On March 30th 7320113/7/9/10/11 were seen on Gatwick trains with 33046 and 47710 observed at Clapham Jcn on an ECS working. 56057 passed through Clapham on a stone train whilst 33063/102, 60018, 73133/208 &It worked light engine manoeuvres. Stewarts Lane hosted 33113, 73140/103 and at Selhurst 73136.
April 19th saw the old guard soldiering on with 33057/002 at the head of the 08.55 Waterloo-Exeter and 47716 on the 09.28 from Exeter.

Midland Region
Saturdays on the WCML still sees a fair assortment of freight and postal services as well as the normal passenger services. Noted in the Warrington area within a two hour period were the following-:
37903 - 6V57 Mossend Yard Llanwern,
60046 - 6H63 Appeley Bridge-North Hendon,
86425 - 5M84 Edinburgh-Crewe Pcls,
31554 - Light Engine,
47365 - northbound freight,
47363 - Light engine,
86613/637 - southbound freightliner,
37070/261 - northbound freight,
as well as 87's and 90's on passenger workings, 50007 and D400 worked the Waterloo-Carlisle Railtour providing most admirers with their first glance of "Ted" for about twelve months. Doubts arise though about the authenticity of its livery.
Longsight depot held a very successful open day on April 26th with 1054, 5305 Alderman Draper, 5596 Bahamas, 6201 Princess Elizabeth, 71000 Duke of Gloucester and 76069 all in steam. Diesels present were 20227, 25309, 26041, 37070/684, 45133, 47053, 60085, 87101, 90015/19, 212 'Auriol', D120, D1842, D5054, D5583, D6508, D7523 and In the depot 08624/6731790, 31407, 47340135314581830, 86222/252, 87013 and 90132 providing an impressive and varied display of power.
March 23rd saw 56049/65 at St. Pancras although the reason is not known, whilst on May 4th 20090/132 powered the 09.20 Derby-Skegness. Also on this date 31466, 56021, 60078/88/93 could be seen at Stoke-On Trent.
May 8/9/10 saw the Severn Valley Spring Gala which was enjoyed by many despite only 56012 + 59101 being provided by BR. Diabolical weather on the Saturday and a bomb scare at Kidderminster on the Saturday afternoon resulted In the timetable becoming absolute chaos. Preserved locos present were D900019016/55015, D1062, 4.5133, 75069, 46521 which all put in sterling service throughout the three day event with both 'photters' and 'bashers' alike enjoying once more the si9hts,sounds and symphonies of "Terrific Tulyar".
At the Keighley and Worth Valley between April 17th and the 19th preserved diesels 20031 and D5209 sharing the workings with 34027 Taw Valley and 8F 48773.
Seen at Toton on 23rd March were 37222, 58032, 60093/5 (60093 as yet not fitted with nameplates). 58046/7, 60030/48157/78/87/92 were also in evidence whilst on May 4-: 08449/492/6231/700, 20007110/13/19/28132/55/58/66/71/72/75/781821991106/1191128/140/143/148/151/1 631170/172/177/178/182/187/195/196/197/202/210. 37079. 45015. 560041718112115/42/61/1161122. 58039/40/42/43146. 60075187 and 97411.
Reports on Preserved line activity are not all that common In these columns but on March 7th steam locos 48*31, 34042, 51218, 68077, 43924, 45596, 75078, 5775 and 47279 along with diesels 20031, D336, D2511, D5209 and rail-busses 7996214 were in evidence at the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. The following Saturday saw 2850, 5538, 45000, 5407, 46441, 4498, 48151 with 03196, D2381, 08220 and D5500 at Steamtown, Carnforth. 03196, D2381 and D5500 all worked passenger trains.
The 06.46 Derby-York Is one of the rapidly dwindling loco-hauled services which sees solid 47/8 motive power. Evidence of this was to be seen with 47809 used on March 21st, 47814 April 25th, 47826 on the 27th, 47819 on the 29th, 47833 on May 7th, 47812 on May 11th and 47831 on May 12th. Oh to be a commuter!
March 25th saw the popular Pacific 60532 "Blue Peter" together with maroon stock 34557, 129, 190, 1680, 192, 122, 123, 124, 132, 193, 195, 194 on a Carlisle-Bradford steam charter.
The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway have taken delivery of DMU set 53928151565 which arrived on March 20th.
May 4th saw the 02. 44 Derby-Bedford in the hands of 31421 and the 05. 49 Bedford-Derby return. 200901132 work the 09.20 Derby-Skegness on the same day.

Eastern Region
April 11th saw a special working from Sheffield to Cleethorpes hauled by 58026139 with 56080/95 working the return trip. Class 20 locos have made a welcome return to Hull King George Dock during April with 20046/185 and 20096192 among those seen. 56087 also worked a coal train from King George Dock on 26th April.
Freight services at various locations on the Eastern Region have been reported on during the period of this magazine. April 25th at Swinton saw 37059/019 on a liner, 37883 on steel with 37271/218 and 58044 & 60044 light engines.
March 12th saw 37202, 47277/319, 60039 on oils at Ulceby with 37277/275 hard at work on iron ore trains. Noted at Immingham on this day were 08388, 31221/3, 37058/221/278, 473731401, 60026/81.
Seen outside Kilnhurst RFS Engineering works on April 25th were 08416/466/805/824/833/875, 20051/105/208.
Peterborough still sees locos stabled with 08540/705, 31296, 47217/226 and 56057 seen on March 9th.
The section of line between Scunthorpe and Immingham is still to be reckoned with for loco activity with 37381/250, 56112 and 4.7344 all seen on freight services within an half hour spell on April 15th.
Class 60's are now more than regular performers through Lincoln these days with 003/26/39/53/54/67/81/82 all seen early in the year. Class 153's are now appearing in the area on crew training.
Seen at Frodingham depot on May 3rd were 08508/632, 20025/42/43/61/92/94/96/121/176, 37714/5, 47233 and 60035.
Although Class 153's are infiltrating Lincolnshire (even as two car sets) heritage units still make rare appearances. Oil trains are now by-passing Lincoln using the new Trent Bridge, but on May 13th a rake of cargo wagons were noted heading up the Market Rasen Line.
April 18th saw 91021 working the 06.05 York-Kings X suffer pantograph damage at Loversall resulting in the train being dragged back into Doncaster by 47331 and terminated. The same weekend saw bridge repairs north of Wakefield resulting in the Leeds 1ine being closed. Diversions via Normanton were in force and on Saturday 474811597 dragged Class 91 hauled services. Work on the project over ran into Easter Monday and 31403 was pressed into service to assist and made a fine sight (?) on Mk 4 stock.
May 2nd proved an eventful day for the 07.52 Swansea-York service with four different engines used. 47808 failed at Bristol Parkway where 47205 forwarded to Gloucester. On arrival at Gloucester 37197 took over and was used as far as Birmingham New St where 47462 took over for the remainder of the journey to York where arrival time was one hour late.
The first summer Saturday saw 47222 work the 09.40 Sheffield-Yarmouth and 47360 the 09.46 return. The same day saw plenty of Class 90 activity on ECML workings including 90023 on the 08.00 Kings X-Edinburgh, red RES 90016 on the 13.30 Kings X-Newcastle and red RES 90020 on the 15.00 Kings X-Glasgow. April 25th saw a 11.05 Kings X-York & 14.10 York-Kings X additional services run with 90025 in charge.
The following day saw a mishap at Dunbar when a bridge collapsed resulting in the 11.50 Edinburgh-Penzance and 13.40 Edinburgh-Poole being cancelled. Two additional were run as far as Birmingham in the shape of 47500 with stock 1715, 5042, 4916, 4869, 5025, 4998, 1813, 5040, 4858 and 4909. The second additional was worked by 31422 with stock 6226, 6827, 6810, 6814, 6828, 4503, 3273,.
On Monday April 27th a new station was opened at Bentley between Doncaster & Leeds. The first units to stop were 321902 on the 06.38 Doncaster-Leeds and 321903 on the 06.21 Leeds-Doncaster.
The following day saw the 15.05 Newcastle-Plymouth HST substituted by 47972 and stock 9438, 5379, 5414, 5279. Also on the 28th April 90016 worked the 15.10 Kings X-Leeds and 18.25 return on the same day.
May 2nd saw the Gainsborough-Lincoln, Sleaford-Skegness, Spalding-Peterborough sections of the Eastern Regions in the hands solely of Heritage units. The 07.30 Gainsborough-Peterborough and 16.18 Spalding-Peterborough had 51427154380 as power, the 12.10 Skegness-Grantham additional had 53634/51947, the 12.42 Lincoln-Peterborough 54.065153293, the 15.25 Spalding-Peterborough 54050/53202 and the 17.30 Spalding-Peterborough 51442/54061. Other units in evidence were 52060/59757/51142/54061. As from May 11th most services using the joint line will be in the hands of Class 153's.
As a result of the Spalding Flower Festival, special services were to be seen in the shape of L423 units 51399/59513/51361, L401 units 51375/59485/51333 on the 17.40 to Oxford, 47972 on the 18.10 to Worcester and 47528 with Manchester Pullman stock on the 18.30 to Liverpool. 31422 worked the 18.45 to Crewe.
Class 90' s on the ECML are becoming popular and 90022 is clocking up the mileage as on May 7th it worked the 06.00 Kings X-Edinburgh, followed two days later by working the same service and then the 12.00 Edinburgh-Kings X and the 19,00 Kings X-Edinburgh. On May 10th it worked the 15.10 Kings X-Leeds and on the 12th the 06.00 Kings X-Edinburgh again. It worked the same service yet again three days later.
On may 9th a Sunderland-Kings X Footex had HST power cars 43182/97 in charge whilst a Hull-St Pancras charter was hauled by 47803. A similar charter arrived at Newcastle from Oxford powered by 47483.
May 11th saw the 06.36 Sheffield-Cleethorpes Class 158 turn powered by 51442154061. The following 08.12 service was in the hands of 54065/53293. The 18.12 Sheffield-Cleethorpes was in the hands of 144005 and the 19.24 service 150118 also vice Class 158 units and to end the day 144011 worked the 20.24 Sheffield-Cleethorpes.
May 15th saw 47826 head the 15.23 Sheffield-St Pancras service instead of the usual HST.
Two days later saw 90018 work an Edinburgh-Kings X return charter and 90016 on the 20.00 Kings X-Newcastle. May 20th found the 18.54 Sheffield-St Pancras HST again substituted, this time by 47853.

Western Region
Rarely reported these days are Paddington-Oxford services but on May 4th the 11.00 Oxford-Paddington had 47636 at the head, the 12.20 Paddington-Oxford was 2 x 165 turbos, the 12.38 Paddington-Newbury 47423, the 13.20 Paddington-Oxford 47547 and 13.00 Oxford-Paddington 47526.
March 28/29 saw the West Somerset Railways Diesel Weekend with Hymek D7017, Class 14s D9526/D9551, Western 01035 and Craven DMU 51485156121 all used on services. April 25th saw the 13.04 Plymouth-Newcastle service in trouble when 43195149 failed with 47314 assisting.

CONTRIBUTORS- Thanks go to Messrs Dewing, Slater, Gossan, Caddick, Barclay, Payne, Collins.


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