No.78 - Winter 1991

Government Health Warning

TRANS PENNINE is produced by the Pennine Railway Society. The views expressed are not necessarily and hopefully not the views of the Society or its "Illustrious" Editor.


All the Committee of the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY join together (a rarity) to wish all our members and their families a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year and we thank you all for your support and friendship during 1991.

Annual General Meeting

The Society's AGM will be held on Sunday 12 January 1992 in the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster. The AGM will start at 12 noon (or as soon as everybody has been served at the bar - we will start when Paul "Chief" Sutton has bought his drink). This is the annual opportunity for you, the members, to have your say in the running of the Society. All the Committee have had their leave cancelled and will be in attendance.
Unfortunately the previously hoped for visit to Doncaster Works cannot take place. Their are currently no visits allowed around Doncaster Works at present, allegedly due to a shortage of yellow "Protective" vests. This will however give an earlier start to the AGM and allow Chairman Skinner even more time to speak to the members. We all look forward to seeing you on the 12th.

Membership Fees

Attached to this magazine you will find a renewal of membership form. Unfortunately rising costs have even hit our cost conscious Treasurer who has recommended a slight increase in the fee to £3.50 for the year. This increase will mean that the Society will be able to carry out its ambitious social programme in 1992 and to continue with the current high quality of its magazines. David Whitlam will also be listening to members for ideas for visits in 1992. The Committee would like to thank you all for your support in 1991 and hope that you will rejoin with us for 1992.

Shock as Gossan is axed by Caddick

Readers will be horrified to learn that Magazine Editor Glyn Gossan was dropped from the Society's Pennine Shield Team by skipper Caddick. GG was replaced by fellow Class 50 aficionado Robin "Brezhnev" Havenhand. On receiving news of the axe, Glyn announced that he would have been unable to attend two rounds of the quiz anyway due to him attending adult education classes. It is rumoured that he is attending welding classes so that he will be able to get a job at Boothies scrapyard at Rotherham to cut up withdrawn 50s.

Send for Pickles

The inclusion of Robin Havenhand in the Society's quiz team for the Pennine Shield did nothing to change the depressing run of results. The team, also including Paul Sutton came a soundly beaten last of 4, beaten a distance.
The winners, again were the Sheffield Transport Group, Doncaster.
Congratulations to them. Mystery, however surrounds the whereabouts of the Shield. As previous year's winners they were expected to return the trophy for the 1991 awards. They didn't.
The official explanation from Group Chairman Ian Jones was that the Shield was in an engraving shop at Crich (Maxwell's) which had gone into receivership. Suspicions of this explanation became apparent - when their team members suddenly said "Send for Pickles". (Veteran members will remember Pickles as the dog who found the football World Cup in 1966 when it went missing).
Suspicions also surround Sheffield Transport Group's scrap officer Barry "Harold" Marshall. See next issue for further developments.

Saved by Ming Ming

A BR parcel depot has been saved from closure by regular deliveries of bamboo for London Zoo's newest giant panda, Ming Ming. The panda eats sixty 6ft long shoots a day, so the zoo had to step up bamboo deliveries. This was good news for three Red Star staff at Par station where the bamboo is grown. They had been told that a drop in trade could threaten their jobs.

A Hooker Retires

BR's oldest employee, 80 year-old Arthur Hooker has just retired from his part-time job at Staines, Surrey.


The top ten countries with the most length or railway track are:
USA (273,303 miles), USSR (153,106), Canada (43,090), India (37,847), China (31000), Germany (26,511), Australia (24,474), Argentina (23,188), France (21,351), Poland (14,822).

BR Public Relations Exercise Derailed

An astonishing 87% of trains into Charing Cross are running late. This was spotlighted by BR itself in a PR exercise which backfired. It came on a day when Chairman Sir Bob Reid (BR Mk II) was given a dressing down in front of commuters. Officials at Charing Cross had been monitoring evening arrivals in an attempt to convince travellers on the notorious Kent lines that things are improving. The results were displayed on posters the following morning showing the number of services which failed to arrive within 5 minutes of their scheduled time.
Initially the target of 10-15% late was met, but delayed trains increased horrifically as the seasonal ,leaves on the line" chaos grew. This became 87% late.
At the same time Sir Bob met veteran Tory MP Sir Bernard Braine and other Essex MPs on the much-criticised Shoeburyness-Fenchurch Street service. Sir Bernard's train from Benfleet to Basildon where he had arranged to meet the BR boss was cancelled, and he only just made the rendezvous. Then the Reid train was 8 minutes late into London. Sir Bob explained that the line needed an injection of £240m!

BR Left with 1000 Homes

BR stands to lose up to £32m after buying homes along the Channel Tunnel route to London rejected by the Government. Since 1988 BR bought more than 1000 properties, paying an estimated £160m. Prices have now slumped and rail chiefs face the daunting task of disposal. It is estimated they will now fetch only £128m on the market. Some properties have been rented out. It is rumoured that the Maxwell family might be interested in some lodgings going cheap.

Chunnel Rail Link Route Chosen

A bitter row has broken out over the Government's choice of route for the Channel Tunnel rail link which will run east instead of south out of London. This has cheered many a Tory MP in this part of the country, but BR Chairman Sir Bob Reid has said this will take commuters where they don't want to go and add up to 20 minutes to their journey to work. The chosen route diverts from BR's near Boxley, heading up through the Medway, across the river at Dartford into east London at Stratford before continuing to Kings Cross.
The cost is £4.5billion, £750m more than the BR scheme but it will delight thousands of residents in South London and Kent, many in marginal Tory constituencies. Sir Bob made no attempt to disguise his disgust but when TRANS PENNINE asked whether he would resign he said "No, for heaven's sake. If you are in the middle of a pantomime you stay with it".

Privatisation Within 5 Years

Rival rail companies (e.g. Virgin Rail) could be competing for track time to run their services within 5 years. They would be allocated slots similar to the way airlines have to share landing and take-off time at airports with signalmen in the role of air traffic controllers. The idea is set to form part of Transport Secretary Malcolm Rifkin's blueprint for BR's privatisation and is virtually certain to see BR split up instead of being privatised as a whole. Labour sees this plan as "tragic".


 Welcome to this Christmas Edition of "Trans-Pennine" magazine. One minute it seems as though we are in the middle of a heat wave and the next its the middle of winter and Christmas is upon us. But has that not been the case over the last ten years since the last Deltic ran on BR metals, and the Woodhead route closed. How the system has changed in the last ten years is incredible. The Wessex electrics have arrived on the scene in place of the older EMUs (and Class 33s), the electrification of the East Coast Main Line and the resignalling of the West of England Main Line. Let us hope that the next ten years, with the channel tunnel leading to new gateways prove as prosperous to BR. Anyway Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year go to all of you.


 Thanks and congratulations to Dave Stacey from York who put on the show of the year on November 19th with an audio/visual show of a variety of slides and then his famous Deltic tribute. His choice of music to each section of slides suggests he missed his forte and should of been in show business choosing music to clips of film. Anyway the quality of slides was nothing short of magnificent and music very apt.
Thanks Dave.

Humour (Skinnerballs)

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway boasts the only passenger timetable with a "Y" symbol above its train times. The explanation means that Yorkshire Puddings are served on board.

 *  BR and BBC recently linked up ',to name a new InterCity 125 locomotive after the East Midlands Today programme,,. Nottingham Evening Post 7 January 1991. (Actually it was another 15 year-old power car).

 * "A BR spokesman said there was no conclusive proof that crowded carriages were dangerous. If a train were to crash, there would be a lot of injuries, but that would be an arithmetic result of there being too many people on the train". Northern Echo 9 January 1991.

 * "In the days of steam, it took around one hour 30 minutes to get from Liverpool Street to the village of Stansted. That has now been cut to 93 minutes". Saffron Walden Weekly News

 * "Network SouthEast's new line to Stansted has gone live. The 25,00OkV electricity supply has been switched on by BR engineers". Rail News. (Note: 25,00OkV = 25 million volts)

by Paul Slater

 When I last rode an the Dublin suburban trains, in 1984, the wires for the 1,500 volts d.c. electrification were already In place. between Bray and Howth and some of the new lime green electric multiple units were making trail runs but all passenger trains were still worked by diesel locomotives.

In June 1991 I took my fiancé to Ireland for a holiday and by then the electrification was complete and we spent a day riding on the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) before we set off by car to the West of Ireland,

We began our day on the DART at Dun Laoghaire station, close to the ferry terminal and not far from the guest house where we were staying. Our landlady thought the DART a mixed blessing for Dun Leoghaire, as it had made the town even more of a suburb of Dublin and weakened its separate identity.

The DART is certainly fast and frequent, operating a 15 minute Interval service. We boarded a train for Howth and the Journey took us along the seashore north of Dun Laoghaire, with views of the Hill of Howth across the bay, before running Into Dublin itself. Between Pears station(formerly Westland Row) and Connolly station (formerly Amiens Street), the railway runs on an embankment and viaduct across the city centre and midway along this section is Tara Street station, where we alighted for a visit to O'Connell street and the shopping centre.

Later back on the DART, we continued to Connolly station, where we saw Northern Ireland Railways no. 113 'Belfast and County Down, as well as several CIE diesels. Then we went down the main line towards Howth Junction and finally down the Howth branch. The terminus at Howth stands close to the beach and fishing harbour and the Tramway Cafe across the road from the station is a reminder of the long defunct Hill of Howth tramway.

From Howth we rode the full length of the DART to Bray in County Wicklow. Beyond Dun Laoghaire the line climbs to a summit tunnel at Dalkey and from the south portal of the tunnel there was a fine view across Killeny Bay to Bray Head and the Sugar Loaf Peaks of the Wicklow Mountains. Nearer at hand though I enjoyed a different view of two women who were sunbathing naked on the secluded rocks at the base of the cliff, out of sight of everyone except quick eyed passengers on the railway!

Bray station is decorated with an interesting mural depicting the history of the railway from the early steam locomotives up to the diesel suburban trains and finally the DART. The lower quadrant semaphores which were still a feature of Bray in 1984 have gone, but the handsome signalbox still controls the busy level-cro6sing on the Dublin side of the station. As we walked down to the see front, a diesel train came through with a train of tankers for the chemical works at Arklow, a contrast to the intensive DART service.

Our last alighting point before returning to Dun Laoghaire was Killiney and Dally Island. Finally a green multiple unit took us smoothly and quietly up the steep gradient to Dalkey tunnel, where the diesel locomotive had laboured noisily in 1984, and our day an the DART was nearly over.


 A ride to Swansea behind preserved Great Western 4-6-0 6960 'Raveningham Hall' in 1985 reminded me of the time I travelled to Swansea by train when the South Wales railways were still fully operated by steam.

The year was 1958, and the occasion was a shed visiting excursion organised by my school Railway Club. We rode to Swansea on an overnight train from Paddington hauled by 5005 'Manorbier Castle'.

We visited eight engine sheds that day and the first four were in Swansea itself, Landore (87E) was the first on our itinerary, The name Landore Is now days synonymous with Swansea's diesel depot but in steam days Landore was the depot serving the main station In the town, and was in fact the largest of the four depots in Swansea. When we visited Landore we saw 31 engines there.

As Landore was the home of the express passenger engines working out of Swansea, I noted five 'Castles' and two 'Halls' from its own allocation and also a few Interlopers from foreign sheds, which included a 'Castle' and two 'Halls' from Old Oak Common in London, a 'Hell' from Reading and a 'County' from Swindon, two 'Castles' from Bristol Bath Road and a 'Hell' from Bristol St Phillips Marsh. Also an shed were a 'Castle' and a 'Hall' from Carmarthen shed In West Wales.

Smaller tender engines were a '43xx' 2-6-0 from Newport and two 12251' 0-6-05, one from Landore Itself and the other from Neyland in west Wales. The remainder of the locos we saw at Landore on that day were all tank engines: two '72xx' 2-8-2Ts, a '52xx' 2-8-OT, a 151xx' 2-6-2T, two '56xx' 0-6-2Ts and five '57xx' 0-6-OPTs.

From Landore we went to Swansea Victoria shed.. 87K. This shed served the Central Wales line from Craven Arms and had a largely ex-LMS allocation. Present on the shed during our visit was two Stanier 2-3-0s, two Fowler 2-6-4Ts and two 'linty' 0-6-OTs from 87K itself, and from Shrewsbury a 2-8-0 and a 'Black 5' 4-6-0. Ex Great Western motive power was represented by five of the ubiquitous 157xx' pannier tanks, all based at 87K. There was also a BR standard Class 5 4-6-0 from Cardiff Canton. Swansea Victoria was the smallest of all of the Swansea sheds and we saw 14 engines there.

Our next port of call was Danygraig (87C) in the Swansea dockland area. Apart from a 'Castle' and a '56xx', both from Landore, and a '45xx' 2-6-2T from Neyland, all the engines we saw here were small tank locos. These were ten 157xx', three of the Lightweight '16xx' 0~6OPT class, two '11xx' 0-4-OTs and one ex Swansea Harbour Trust 0-4-OST, no 1143. This latter was a great rarity for us spotters from Northamptonshire, but I remember our shed guide cursing It roundly as a useless engine. There were 19 engines at Danygraig at the time of our visit.

Curiously, there were two engine sheds within a short distance of each other in the Swansea docks area, and the second one, Swansea East Dock (87D), was next on our list. There were 18 engines here, all but one of which were on their home shed, the interloper came from Cardiff Canton. Large tank locos predominated at 87D, there were three '72xx', four 152xxl, two '56xx' and six of the heavy '94xx' 0-6-OPTs. There was also two '57xx' and another ex Swansea Harbour Trust 0-4-OST no. 1144,

From Swansea our trip took us eastwards to Neath and Abercynon sheds, a lunch stop at Pontypridd, and finally to Radyr and Cardiff Canton sheds before the ride back t Paddington behind another 4-6-0 Castle. From a number collecting point of view, that trip was the most successful and interesting I ever did, and I am very glad to of had the chance to see the busy Railway network that existed In South Wales in the days of steam.

by ED

 It is almost impossible to believe that It is ten years since the Deltics finished on BR and the Woodhead line closed. Since then we have also seen the end of ' Peaks', 125s' & 140s'. All our yesterdays in this issue turns the clock back to 1981.

On November 28th several Pennine members boarded the 'Deltic Venturer' which ran from York-Paddington and back hauled by 55022. A cold winters morning greeted us at York, as well as 47401 on the 08. 05 York-Kings X, what a - relief therefore that we were on another train. During the Journey we noted 31111/175, 45050 and 47276 at Holbeck with 252491278 at Derby. Saltley always had a few locos viewable and 252511303 and 56055 were among those In evidence. At New St we saw 45148, 47486, 50005 and 862421256.

Passing Swindon works was always a sad sight and with the Westerns now long gone the queue for the cutters torch included 40010, 46010/22141154 with 45103 and 47509 In the station area. Class 50s were in abundance at Paddington which is ironic now when one thinks back to all the attention that was lavished on 55022 at Paddington whilst 500241005, and 50050 on the 15.00 to Hereford completely ignored, how times change.

50036 was in evidence on a Birmingham train whilst at Oxford on the return Journey 50049 was seen with a Worcester-Paddington working and 50011 and 47129 were on Oxford depot. 08778 and 31241 were see at Worcester before every window on the train was taken up by someone's head for the storm up the Lickey. Not much more was seen on the return Journey but it certainly was c day to remember.

December 12th saw we intrepid 'Deltic' bashers en route from Doncaster to Kings X behind 47431. Before you all fall about laughing It has to be added that this fine engine expired at Huntingdon and had to be rescued by 40068. Sister member 40033 was stabled at Peterborough, together with 47219/233 and 40068, so really there was only ever one candidate for a replacement to our train. 40084, 50013/19 were on 'the Park' and we had 55016 on the 14.03 Kings X-York for our return Journey.

By now the 08.05 York-Kings X and the 14.03 Kings X-York/16.03 Kings X-York was the regular 'move', chasing the Deltics to the full in their final days. The following week (19th) saw us again on the 08. 05 0A08) behind 'No. 16' this time. Peterborough held 31295, 37089, 46052 with 'No.13' and 'No.1.9', 47418 at Kings X. This time we had a trip out from Waterloo behind 33104 to Woking where 09003, 33005/17/59 and 73114 were stabled, with 33035/73125 at Clapham. 55016 again was had for haulage home.

Varying the move slightly led to the 05.50 Kings X-Aberdeen being covered from Retford-Doncaster on 29/12/81. This was not a sound idea as It produced 47491, but at Doncester 'No. 17' headed the 08.05 York-Kings X which was taken to Peterborough. 50041 and 55010 sat outside 'the Plant' with 56096/102 and 47134 on Doncester Depot.

25268, 37090, 46023 and 47162 were at Peterborough, where we had 47140 on the 09,40 Kings X-York to York. 47517 headed the 10.20 Kings X-Edinburgh ADEX. Activity at Doncaster came In the shape of 40126 running light engine and 47430 on an HST working. At York we waited for the 09. 10 Dundee-Kings X additional, blessed with 55021, back to Retford. One or two of you will remember New Years Eve and 55017 on the 16.03 Kings X-Grantham, no further comment will be made in this article.

And so to the New Year. The last year of the Deltics had ended. The last farewell occurred on January 2nd as we know too well and new Ideas and manoeuvres had to be worked out. Was there life after Deltics we were asking ourselves. We were soon to find ourselves covering such workings as the 07.55 Newcastle-Poole, the 10.23 Liverpool-Newcastle, the 11.20 Liverpool-Paddington and the 11,34 Poole-Newcastle with Pecks and Fifties on, but then that was a different story. Ten Years on .......

Grand Xmas quiz time with 40 questions, answers to Ed by the 15th of February.

Section One - Between Stations
Between which two stations were, or are, the following stations-:

1) Old Leake
2) Southerndown Road
3) Cutlers Green Halt
4) Spetisbury
5) Plym Bridge Platform
6) Tilton

Section Two - functions
Name the nearest station to the following junctions
7) Kinknowe
8) East Sutton
9) Lochgreen
10) CurryRivel
11) Butts
12) Foxhall

Section Three - Tunnels
Between which two stations, open or closed are/were the following tunnels
13) Buckshead Tunnel
14) Bodorgan
15) Helm
16) Willersley
17) Shelley Woodhouse
18) Mossdale Head

Section Four - All Change
For which destination can/could you change at the following-:
19) Brent
20) Wareham
21) Chippenham
22) Garstang and Caterall
23) Kingswear
24) Radley

Section Five - Steam Loco Names
Give the name to the following locos
      (Class)             (Number)
25) H2                   32425
26) Star                    4035
27) King Arthur    30768
29) E1                            3
30) A1                   60122

Section Six - Sub Sheds
Give the parent shed to the following sub-shed
31) Seaton (MR)
32) Torrington
33) Warrington Central
34) Keighley
35) New Holland

Section Seven - Modern Image General
36) Which Class 40 was recently painted In large logo livery?
37) What are the numbers of the Green Liveried Class 108 DMU?
38) Which train carries the headcode 4D80?
39) How many Mk4 coaches were authorised when the ECM1, electrification scheme was given the go ahead in 1984?
40) What Is the full title of the Rail terminal chosen in Merseyside to handle the Channel Tunnel traffic?

Section Eight - And lust for fun
41) Which remaining Class 50 seems as if it has three power units under its roof?

PENNINE QUIZ No.68 - Answers

This one sorted the men from the boys. Not many entries but the lucky three winners were 1st - Mick Stewart (43), 2nd  I. Shenton (41), 3rd - M, Bell (39).

Answers were-:
1) 14/9/68,
2) 50031,
3) 50th anniversary of Elgar's Death,
4) 50010,
5) 2014/78,
6) 50023,
7) 50038,
8) 50027,
9) Haymarket,
10) 50025,
11) 50041 derailed at Paddington,
12) Beattock Bank,
13) Work a stone train out of Merehead,
14) 50016,
15) 50002,
16) Dec 1986,
17) 11/10/82,
18) 50032,
19) 50019 + 50037,
20) 50017 or 50023,
21) 50011 1st to be withdrawn,
22) 50033,
23 50003,
24) 26/5/78,
25) 0700 Wat-Ex,
26) 50034 + 50035,
27) Derailed entering Exeter Riverside Yard,
28) April,
29) 50010 + 50048,
30) 9/5/78,
31) 50018,
32) 1973,
33) Fire Damage and Main Generator Flashover,
34) 50015,
35) 4/7187 - 5/7/87 the night of,
36) 50021 + 50024,
37) 50032,
38) 0712 Newton Abbot-Exeter,
39) 6/12/82 reference life & times Class 505 book,
40) 50043,
41 Marylebone,
42) Laira,
43) 50045,
44) 4/10178,
45) D1146,
46) 14/12187,
47) 50012,
48) Thirsk,
49) 117 tonnes,
50) Dawlish-Dawlish Warren/On the Sea Wall.


Scottish Region

Diesel Loco-hauled trains are not yet extinct in Scotland with Edinburgh-Inverness services still providing Class 47 haulage. Noted at Perth on September 28th were 47532 on the 10. 10 Edinburgh-Inverness, 47671 on the 10. 15 Inverness-Edinburgh 'Clansman' and ~7528 on the 14. 10 Edinburgh-Inverness (ex London 'Clansman' ). 26001 and 37428 added to the variety seen stabled at Perth.
37409 headed the 'Royal Scotsman' Charter Into Inverness where sister loco 37171 worked the train out. 37407/416 were on Kyle services and 37232 headed the 17,14 Aberdeen-Inverness. 47674 worked the 19.05 Inverness-Euston and 47532 was seen again but this time at the head of the 20.30 Inverness-Aberdeen.
Seen on Inverness Depot on the 29th September were 08754/762, 47436/643, Ethels 2 and 3 and 37025. 37232 was at Nairn on ballast workings and 37407 and 37416 again worked Kyle services.
47532 again saw action on the 10,00 Aberdeen-Inverness and 15.26 return, with 47673 on the 13. 14 to Aberdeen and 47593 on the earlier 10. 00 service. The following day 47532 headed the 09. 16 Aberdeen-Inverness and 47528 worked a 10. 15 Inverness -Edinburgh Relief due to severe overcrowding on the 10.05 Inv-Edin two car Class 158!

Eastern Region

Old ECML. stalwart 47519 'blazed the trail' once more on September 16th when it headed a Rail UK charter from Hull to Edinburgh,' returning the following evening. The ECML around Newark surprisingly still provides a variety of motive power and on September 18th 37888 hauled an oil train, 47421 a parcels, 47574 light engine, 60002/56045 freight and 91003/4/8/9122126 passenger trains. The 26th found 37888 again on oils, 37031/79 on a freightliner and 91012/14/21 on passenger services.
Worksop open day on September 1st proved a very successful event with 20142/215, 37896/9, 56007, 58040 and 60069 on special trains. 7F 53809 and 7P 71000 were in steam and 08824, 20169/210, 26003, 31233/276, 33027, 370311235/2751688/708, 45133, 47145/375, 50008115, 55015, 56003/82, 58013/34, 60021/55/70, 90137, D8, D5583 and D9000 providing a spectacular variety of Modern image power.
Melton Ross is another place where variety is still the spice of life and on September 4th 31255, 37707/890, 47212/380, 56091 and 60053 worked oils, 60067/8 iron ores, 37507 steel and 37048, 47094/276 light engine. 

Somewhere not often mentioned In these columns is Ipswich but on September 15th 3118517/263, 37031/56/216/252, 56078, 47818, 08689/767, 90021/4/127/34143 were all seen there. 08685 and 31190 were at Norwich while 37065/131262 were at Stowmarket with 37144 on ballast and 08539, 37029/79 at Bury St Edmunds. 86208/217/223/232 were on Norwich-Liverpool St workings.
Coal shipments have returned to Hull Docks with Class 37s and 56s working to West Burton Power Station, via Doncaster. On most week days 3 trains work with 5 at weekends. 37244/376, 56081/113, 37229/244 have been seen working these services.
Noted at Worksop on October the 12th were 56018/22/24/15/19, 58019123124149. Also on this date 47635 worked the 10.21 Skegness-Newcastle, 47615 the 10.28 Skegness-Sheffield and 31461 the 09.57 Sheffield-Skegness. 47628 headed the Newcastle-Skegness and 47500 worked the Rail UK Charter from Hull-Edinburgh on October 19th.
On November 2nd unsuspecting Charter passengers on a similar trip from Hull-Kings X had an eventful return Journey when the train was delayed at Peterborough due to engineering works, arriving 30 mins late at Doncaster, where the train was terminated after the midnight signal crews had signed off for the night on the Goole-Hull line. Four hundred Irate people arrived home 90 mins late in Hull - by bus! They, were, however, refunded £5 each and the event was duly noted in the Hull Daily Mail. Class 158s have been causing problems on the Hull-Scarborough line and some services have been taken over by 'Pacer'.
What may have been the last 'Pennine' trip around Doncaster Works took place on October 6th. 31201/56076 were in the yard together with 47342 (damaged), 31512, 47196/489, 56100, 37688, 08514, 47286, 56065, 08885/601, 3146416, 37422, 56002 (damaged), 58011, 08857, 47427, 08842, 47189, 08466/416/741/638/721/700/747/805' 20080, 47801, 31408, 37677, 31406, 20137, 47645, 25206. In the dismantling shop were 37013, 58047 whilst the Crimpsall held 86637, 56021, 37892, 37235, 47033/363, 37696/074, 47852, 56067, 43033, 47803 and 90020 which was In new Parcels livery photos banned!
The last summer dated 10. 21 Skegness-Newcastle on the 26th October was headed by 'Red' 47479 'Track 29'. Additional services on the ECML for Scotland v England Rugby Match were formed of HST sets 43013183 on a Haymarket-Hull service and 43113/051 an Edinburgh-Kings X.
November 2nd also saw 91004 arrive at Doncaster on a 10.00 Kings X-Edinburgh with collision damage after hitting a horse en-route, the train was terminated and passengers transferred to the following 'Aberdonian'.
Melton Ross, mentioned earlier, was the place to see Class 37s on November 20th when no less than six were seen in half an hour. 37202/128 headed east on oils, shortly followed by an unidentified member on another oils, followed by 37707, again on oils. 372551351 then headed west on an Iron ore train,

Midland Region

Noted at Shrewsbury on September 22nd were 37430 on empty stock and 47555 on the 'Cambrian Limited' special from Euston, taken forward to Aberystwyth by 4-6-0 75069 and hauled back to Shrewsbury by 7819 'Hinton Manor'. 31146 was seen In the loop at Westbury, between Shrewsbury and Welshpool, with a P.Way train.
Carlisle on October 14th saw 08534/910 as station pilots, 37505/518 light engine, 37278 on oils, 26041 stabled and 86102/3/204, 87007/31, 90001/11 on expresses.
On November 23rd Manchester City supporters enjoyed (?) 47840 for haulage at the head of the special service for the match at Luton. Warrington is obviously still a place to be reckoned with for freight and a variety of power, even on Saturdays. On Saturday November 23rd 60055 headed a MGR, 20072/197 on a similar working, 47236 light engine, 37504/040 also light engine, and 90130 on tanks. Seen at Springs Branch were 08498/694, 20055/106/154/213, 3i045, 47016 and 60026/68. 37244 + 077 + another identified member of the Class triple headed a steel train through Preston and 47520 was on Blackpool duties. Seen at Carlisle were 26041, 37235, 60008 all stabled. 31514, 56004/7113 were also stabled at Stoke-On-Trent.
A trip to the East Lancs Railway for their Diesel Gala Weekend on October 5th found 1 War ' ship* D832 performing admirably, albeit with rather silly 'Co-Bo' nameplates attached, on the 11.45 Bury-Rawtenstall and 12.40 return. Class 24 D5054 headed the 12.35 Bury-Rawtenstall and return with Class 40 D335 on the 14.20 ex Bury. The Railway took a rather unusual step in running Class 25 25262 sandwiched between two ex Bury EMUs, operating as a push pull set. Western D1041 was also in evidence.
A fortnight later the Severn Valley Railway held its diesel gala weekend where Warship D821, Western D1062, Deltics D9000/16, Duff D1842, Peak D120 and Class 25s D7623/33 all worked trains, together with K2 Great Marquis and 8F 8233. Memories were brought back as Maybach music was played into the night as the Warship worked an 20.20 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster and 22.00 return on the Saturday night.

Western Region

The locos may be from the same Class but the liveries vary and on September 5th the following Class 47s were on Paddington-Oxford--- 47449/4571488/522/465/716. 47834 headed the 23.55 Paddington-Penzance Night Riviera.
Noted at Exeter depot between September 6th and 9th were
33008/2/47/26150/51/208/202/065/108, 37191/419/902/09213721419, 473381312, 50008/17
A Westbury on the 6th were 56001/33/41/52/54, 59103, 6001317 with 47197 working the 16.58 Weymouth-Cardiff. Also on this date 37092/101 headed through Dawlish with a sleeping car and a HST Power Car, heading for Laira.
Class 37 and 33 infiltrations onto the Exeter-Waterloo services continue with on September 6th, 37419 on the 17.38 Exeter-Yeovil Jct and on the following day, 33050/51 on the 17.15 Waterloo-Exeter. The same pair worked the 12.20 Exeter-Paignton and return on the 8th and 33114 headed the 15.15 Waterloo-Exeter on the 9th. 33065 headed the 19.40 Exeter-Basingstoke, also on the 9th.
On the 10th 37191 worked from Exeter-Plymouth dragging the failed HST on the 07.45 Paddington-Penzance, the train being terminated at Plymouth, with the Class 37 working back light engine to Exeter. During the same period the following Class 47s worked Waterloo-Exeter services -: 47701/2/3/5/7/9/10/12/15/16, but 701/710 also managed to fail during this period.
The precession of 15s' and Big '8s' along the see wall on holiday trains on September 7th Included 47806 on the Plymouth-Liverpool, 47846 on the Derby-Paignton, 47521 on the 08.02 Paddington-Paignton, 47482 on a Paignton-Glasgow, 47847 on the Rose Grove-Paignton, 47849 on a Liverpool-Paignton, 47517 on a Penzance-Manchester. 47581 headed the Paddington-Penzance, 47438 a Penzance-Paddington and 47837 a York-Plymouth working.
47481 on the Manchester-Paignton expired at Taunton and was rescued by sister engine 47338, where on arrival at Exeter 47481 was deposited and the train went forward with 47338 in charge. The stock was taken back to Exeter by 47338 where a by now repaired 47481 worked the train back northwards.
The following day saw 47640 on the 09. 20 Paddington-Plymouth and 47543 on the 14. 15 Plymouth-Liverpool, 47636 worked the Penzance-Paddington. On the 10th 47976 hauling an observation car, eased the monopoly slightly, heading along the sea wall to Plymouth.
Some Class 50s were seen working during this period with 33/46 on the 07, 12 Newton Abbot-Exeter on the 6th, ' 46 going forward on the 08. 11 Exeter-Waterloo with 33 working the later 13. 55 Plymouth-Southampton train. 50030 did the 18, 15 Waterloo-Exeter and 50029 the 17. 38 Exeter-Waterloo. 50046 returned on the 19, 15 Waterloo-Exeter.
The following day saw 50030 head the first Exeter-Waterloo service and 50033 the Southampton-Plymouth. On Sunday the 8th 50030 did the Basingstoke-Exeter, 50030 and 50033 then paired the 16. 22 Exeter-Waterloo and 50029 did the 14. 55 Waterloo-Exeter. On the 9th 50008 left Exeter for Swindon to haul preserved locos Hymek and Western to Laira for the open day.

Southern Region

Certain Pennine members embarked on their annual ' Christmas Cracker, day out on November 9th, Heading for the capital were the intrepid five, eager to find 47710 on the 09. 15 Waterloo-Exeter and 47701 on the 07. 46 Salisbury-Waterloo and being completely bowled out by D400 working the 07.52 Waterloo-Salisbury.
73131 war. at Clapham Jct on engineers and 33114 In smart condition pushed two repainted TC sets to Waterloo where after they went to Clapham ECS, 50029 worked the 06. 45 Exeter-Waterloo and 13, 15 return, 50030 the 08, 10 Exeter-Waterloo and 15. 15 return and 50046 the 11,05 Exeter-Waterloo, just like the good old days!
Many congratulations are In order to Mr P. Slater who has recently got married, and moreover to a fellow enthusiast! Mr and Mrs Slater embarked on their honeymoon to Northumberland and the two lovebirds went bashing to Blyth (08442, 56121/7/131/4), Winning Junction (56118), Bedlington (56135), Haltwhistle (56135) and Gilsland (47321), and who said romance was dead??

 Thanks go to Messrs Slater, Dewing, Gossan, Caddick.

And Finally the annual Pennine Slide Competition was won by Eric Wright with a beautifully lit shot of a HST crossing the Tay Bridge, 2nd Prize went to someone or other with an average shot of some Class 50 at Somewhere or other, and 3rd to Rhys Jones with 'Clan Line' storming Heeley Bank

Robin Skinner

Social evenings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland Street, Doncaster. Meetings start at 20.00hrsish prompt and all are welcome to attend. The exciting programme of events for early 1992 is given below. If any member or friend wishes to volunteer to "do a show" for later in the year, please get in touch with me. I buy all guest speakers at least one drink.

Tuesday 7 January - Members slides. Bring along a selection of slides - any subject (preferably railway or other transport)

 Sunday 12 January - Annual General Meeting. This year the AGM will start at 12 noon as there will be no visit to Doncaster Works earlier.

Tuesday 21 January - Rhys Jones "The decline of Welsh Rugby Union by rail"

Tuesday 4 February - Glyn Gossan. A look at his prize winning shots, followed for the next 2 hours by a selection of other railway slides taken over many years.

Tuesday 18 February The Davis and Brown Brothers. Yes, stars of stage, screen, and quizzes Jack Davis and Keith Brown (only half a pint each from Robin)

Tuesday 3 March, Members slide competition. Bring 4 railway slides to be judged by all the audience.
A slide show with a difference-not to be missed. Prizes galore.

Tuesday 17 March - Geoff Newall - star of the Dore Loco Group quiz team. A debut at the Taps (I think).

Tuesday 7 April - Gary Stewart - illustrated show. Many a competition winner will be shown here

That's it folks a star studded line up. See you at the Taps, and
bring a friend, or even the wife.

No fixtures have been arranged for early 1992 due mainly to the withdrawal of visits to Doncaster Works. Members will however have the opportunity to discuss 1992 visits, and raise suggestions at the AGM.
Dave Whitlam.