No.77 - Autumn 1991



TRANS PENNINE is produced by the Pennine Railway Society. The views expressed are not necessarily, and. probably wont be, those of the Society or Editor.

Pennine Slide Competition

This popular event
will be held this year on Tuesday 1 October at the Taps. Bring along 4 of your railway slides which you think will have the best chance of success. For those of you who in previous years have tried. to read the judges mind, sensing what his favourite type of shot might be, then this year you will be in for a surprise. The judge will be an unknown quantity, all the Committee know is that he is a friend of Gerry Collins (Lincoln). Will he prefer to see a 50 in action or in a scrapyard, Glyn?

This is always a popular event, well attended, and often frequented by some members we don't see regularly. Please support it again this year and if you are entering slides, please come a little earlier to give us time to place them in the reels etc.

Prizes and trophies galore.

Pennine Shield

Yet another year passes and we are already making arrangements for the Pennine Shield 1991. Details of the dates of the rounds as known at the time of going to press are shown in the meetings list at the end of the magazine.

In the 1990 competition PENNINE came with a storming late run to finish last of the 4 teams. However there were signs of a return to form and there is confidence this year that the PENNINE can give a credible challenge to the form horse. FAST (Felix and Sheffield Transport) Tours, and to the other challengers Dore Loco Group, and the SYRPC (Grapes Hotel, Brown Cow, Sheffield).

Horse's Tale

In reply to several queries following an item in the notes from the Committee in the last edition, we can confirm that the Clerk of the Course at Doncaster Racecourse is John Sanderson.

Sandtoft Gathering

We were delighted to see so many colleagues at the Sandtoft Transport Gathering on 28 July. Although PENNINE Real Ale Expert Neil Taylor (Doncaster) was not sighted, (although that does not mean to say he wasn't there, other PENNINE lads, and our friends from the Sheffield Transport Group ensured that the beer tent ran dry at 16.00, 2 hours before booked closure.

Earlier in the day our Treasurer, founder of OLDA (Overpriced Lager Drinkers' Association) was seen heading for the "Reindeer" public house to fill up with some of his favourite "reassuringly expensive" liquid.

Lincoln was represented by Robin Skinner, recently returned from his continental jaunt. Unfortunately PENNINE'S No 1 bus man, Gerry Collins (Lincoln) was unable to attend. We hope to see him there next year.

Crack Halts 1m Trains

Britain's first aluminium trains, built at a cost of 1m each are being recalled after cracks were discovered. Safety checks revealed splits around the doors and cracks in aluminium rafts underneath Class 158 units. The entire fleet will be recalled to replace the parts with steel.

The units have been dogged by problems, and repairs so far are said to have cost 20m, to be paid by builders BREL Derby. BREL chief executive Peter Holdstock resigned after failing to meet delivery dates (what an unfortunate name).

It is rumoured that scrap merchant (and PENNINE member) Barry "Harold" Marshall has tendered to recover the aluminium to weigh in to raise funds for preserved buses owned by FAST Tours.

This situation follows on the announcement that after agreement that the future Channel Trains  can serve the "Great British Breakfast", the trains will not be built with catering facilities to enable eggs to be fried.


I can't read, I can't write, but that don't really matter Cause I've a Royal Tiger Cub and want to buy a tractor

(From the Boys at the Back)


After the amazing success of the World Dossers' Games at Sheffield recently, paid for by the poor old tax payers of the said city, it can now be revealed that your illustrious Treasurer "Honest" John Sanderson was on standby to carry the torch on the final leg of the journey. It can be assured that there was no danger of Hi dropping the torch as he was told to just imagine it was a pint of lager. Maybe that's why he got scorched lips on the practice run.


The most entertaining slide show for many a month was held at the Taps on July 2nd courtesy of Messrs Collins and Payne (Lincoln). A mix up in arrangements led to a failure in the arrival of the slide drums (probably due to operating difficulties) which led to the slides being hand held and loaded into manual containers.

Reference was made to 5 inch something or other at Ecclefechan about which we drew our own conclusions, but the highlight of the evening was a shot of Steve Payne's training shoe. The next shot being of a Class 31 led to members debating which was which. Also shown was a GC trolleybus but Gerry had problems getting it all in.


The meeting of August 6th led to Mr Skinner showing his holiday snaps of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Swaziland, Shanghai and all points east, sounding just like Judith Chalmers. . We now all know where to go when the 50s have all gone.

Annual General Meeting

In order to arrange a coup, the Committee have instructed Chairman Skinner to make known the date of our next AGM as early as possible. This he has done so mark down in you diary Sunday 12 January 1992.

The AGM will start at 12.30pm and we hope to arrange a visit round Doncaster Works prior to the meeting. More details will appear in the next Issue of TRANS PENNINE.


Ace Tipster John Sanderson's prediction of November 7th 1991 as the date of the next General Election is still on course. Readers of this organ will remember that the prediction appeared in the June issue.

Interesting to note that only Neil Kinnock uses his proper name. His opponents John Major-Ball and Jeremy John Durham "Paddy" Ashdown for some reason choose not to.

For racing fans John predicts BALLA JIDAAL to win the 1992 2000 Guineas classic at Newmarket and he also says John Major-Ball will be returned an PM.


Welcome to the Autumn edition of "TRANS PENNINE". It is with great pleasure that we can announce the forthcoming wedding of our Religious Adviser, Reverend Andrew J Watts (I'm too sexy for my cassock) and the delightful Lady Helen (former nun). (I'm too sexy for my habit). The wedding is booked for May 9th 1992.

The wedding has the approval of the Archbishop of Canterbury and we extend best wishes, albeit a little early from all of us to Helen and to all of him.

Remember, Helen, it's not too late to alter the diagram.


Answers to Lord Mexborough's quiz in the last magazine were as follows;

1) 1984 2) Keppel 3) 1893 4) ALISON 5) Britannia

6) 55003 Meld 7) 1979 8) The Liverpool Phil 9) 1966

10) Park Royal Vehicles Ltd 11) Vulcan Foundry 12) 1915

13) 3m 64yds 14) Kings Cross-Newcastle Tyne Commission Quay

15) Viscount Montgomery 16) Table 228 17) 1980 18)

19) The Enginemen's Fund 20) D1013/D1023 21) 1957

22) 50035 Ark Royal 23) 1956 24) Sir Brian Robertson

25) Ivernia 26) Feb 28th 1975 27) Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn

28) 1951 29) Sidmouth Junction 30) 1859 31) Sheaf House

32) Bachelor Button 33) 5th October 1981 34) Blackwell

35) Carlisle Upperby 36) 1925 37) Wolverton Works 38) IVGA

39) 1965 40) Sir Geoffrey Howe's favourite - MARGARET H THATCHER

entrants all obtained 35 correct answers, but the lucky first three out of the Editor's can of worms were Barry Harold Marshall, M Bell, and John Ross Dewing (Yorkshire CCC).

The Football Disease

The start of the new football season was only a few hours old when a group of Tottenham Hotspur "supporters"" decided to introduce an
unfortunate passenger's face to a bottle on Wessex Electric EMU 2401 on the 20.00 Weymouth-Waterloo. Police assistance was called for at Basingstoke but thankfully the train was only delayed 10 minutes much to the relief of the other suffering passengers.

Readers should ignore the blatant propaganda by both the football authorities (who are making a pretty good job of killing the game) and the relevant Government Ministers who insist that the problem of hooliganism is under control. It may be inside the grounds but what about outside?

The result Southampton 2 Tottenham 3, but who cares?


A number of Red Star parcels points throughout the railway network are to be closed as part of a major drive to cut costs by the express parcels set-up. Red Star lost 9.2m in 1990/91 and has been seriously hit by the recession. It is expected that the number of parcel points will be slimmed down to 430.


The restored St Botolphs station has been officially opened and re-named Colchester Town. The station is served by an hourly service to Clacton/Walton and half-hourly to Chelmsford for most of the day.


Regular Freightliner services have started running from Hull again for the first time in four years. The service is being run for International Ferry Freight which operates six sailings a week between Hull and Rotterdam. The Company has returned to Hull after using Immingham for several years. Trains carrying 30ft containers from ICI's Wilton Plant on Teesside will fun right into the King George Dock.


Crewe diesel depot is having an Open Day on Saturday October 12th.


The first of three new Class 321 electric trains built for the West Yorkshire PTE has been in Leeds for familiarisation by train crews and maintenance staff. Unit 321901 was handed over at BREL York Works. Based at Neville Hill. the 10Omph units will replace elderly former Network SouthEast Class 307s on the Leeds-Doncaster line this Autumn.

by Paul Slater

A trip to Glasgow with my school Railway Club in 1957 remains the only occasion on which I got more than a fleeting glimpse of steam on the former North British lines in Scotland. Eastfield, then coded 65A, was the first of three sheds we visited In Glasgow. Like the present Eastfield diesel depot, 65A was situated at the top of Cowlairs bank., it was the main depot for Queen Street (High, Level) station and the ex-North British lines In the Glasgow area.

By the entrance to the shed stood three derelict engines, and my brother took a photograph of them. All were of types which seemed very exotic to Northamptonshire "spotters". D11 4-4-0 no. 62688 "The Fiery Cross" and two ex-North British locos, D34 4-4-0 no.
6P477 "Glen Dochart" and J36 0-6-0 no. 65217 "French". There were another 63 engines In the shed, and a number of them were pre-Grouping North British types; there were two J37 0-6-0's, also a C16 4-4-2T, ten of the N15 0-6-2T's which were used as station pilots and shunters at Queen Street, three J83 0-6-0T's and three of the smaller shunting tanks. The D11's were an LNER development of a Great Central design, but with their strange-sounding Walter Scott names they belonged very much to former North British territory we saw two others at Eastfield that day, no. 62673 "Evan Dhu" and 62684 "Wizard of the Moor". There were four more J36s besides "French".. no. 65216 "Byng" from Carlisle (Canal) and one un-named one apiece from Eastfield, Balloch and Fort William.

I was particularly interested la the West Highland line and its locomotives. Of the classes typical of the West Highland, there were at Eastfield, four K4 2-6-0s, nos. 61993 "Loch Long", the now preserved
No. 61994 "The Great Marquess", 61996 "Lord of the Isles" 61998 '"MacLoud of MacLoud" as well as four K2s. no. 61788 "Loch Rannoch" from Fort William and from Eastfield itself nos. 61774 "Loch Garry", 61781 "Loch Morar" and 61784. Also from Fort William shed were two Black 5's, nos. 44972 and 44974.

There were three B1's on the shed: 61292 from Dundee, 61345 from Kittybrewster and 61064 from Carlisle (Canal). London Midland and BR
Standard types worked out of Eastfield as well as ex-LNER engines, and I noted two of
65A's Black 5's, three of the 73000 class and one 76000 class, as well as nos. 45125 and 73005 from Perth and no. A5119 from Stirling. Two ex-LNER Pacifics had worked. In from Edinburgh: A2
60535 "Hornet's Beauty" and A3 no. 60098 "Spion Kop", both from Haymarket shed.

Miscellaneous engines at Eastfield that day comprised three WD 2-8-0's, a J39 0-6-0, two V1 2-6-2's and one of the very similar V3 class. 4-4-0
no. 40649 from Corkerhill (67A), four J50 0-6-0Ts, and a diesel shunter from Parkhead (65C).

There were a few former North British engines at the other two Glasgow sheds we visited: an N15 0-6-2T from Eastfield at St. Rollox (65B), also one from Parkhead, and four J35 0-6-0's plus a J36 at Polmadie (66A). At  some lineside point on the way home - probably Carstairs - I noted my one and only D30 4-4-0, no. 62426 "Cuddie Headrigg".



The weekend of July 20/21 was truly historic in the life of yours truly as, by the time these notes reach you, it is likely the last Class 50 has run between Waterloo and Exeter, and with it the end of an era covering the last six or seven years during which time I have bordered on being either dedicated to the cause of travelling thousands of miles photographing Class 50s, or plain daft and should have had better things to do. I like to think that during those years, those miles and miles through of driving through rain, mist, fog, snow, and sleet, I've had my share of rewards. I've lost count of the four o' clock starts, the scraping of frost covered windscreens and the first twenty minutes of the journey before the car has warmed up. And on many, many times during these senseless jaunts collecting a certain Mr Smith from Derby station, he too totally dedicated in getting as many 50s at as many locations on film as possible, first on the Padd-Ox's then the Wat-Ex's, taking in Devon and Cornwall in the process. We are well qualified to take over from Judith Chalmers, recommending B&Bs in England, especially in the South and South West.

We've stopped at the flats at Dawlish, Mrs B's at East Taphouse and The Stapleton Arms at Buckhorn Weston to name a few, the last visit to the Blenheim Flats at Dawlish being made all the more enjoyable by visiting Gays creamery which must be the best bakery in the West Country, and taking in Apple Pie and Clotted Cream, which after bacon and sausage butties, but before the lager and scrumpy, after which we were just about in a fit state to slag off the Eurovision Song Contest, although we both thought the winner, a Swedish girl, was definitely fit, the song, alas, bilge.

For those of you who spend your Saturdays rising in the middle of the day, at about 08.30, or at a civilised time as some would prefer to point out, and have a nice leisurely cooked breakfast, spare a thought for a new pastime taken in during our photographic exploits, more of a necessity than a preference. I talk of Sizzling. That practice, unknown to most of you, I fear, of getting the portable stove out and getting the bacon on the go to ease the hunger pains. Most bridges west of Salisbury have been scored.

But back to the B&Bs. Mrs Ferris at Blenheim Flats, Dawlish, made sure sizzling was never necessary because of her enormous breakfasts. The ECS and 22.10 were often viewed during stays there.

Mrs B's at East Taphouse (near Doublebois) also held a warm welcome, which was just as well as the first time we stayed there, a few years ago in the middle of winter, we had been out all day and got soaked, and both parties had forgotten to take spare footwear. After booking in during the evening and a hot bath, some zzzing took place in front of the coal fire before on the following morning a typical farmhouse breakfast made even better by the provision of a toaster and loaf of bread - help yourself!

The slightly more expensive, but most enjoyable, Stapleton Arms at Buckhorn Weston made for a good night with an excellent bar meal followed by bevvies before viewing the last down storming from the car park. being partaken once or twice.
As well as B&Bs, some fine locations have been found, both for their quality on being excellent spots, but also having excellent names. Frampton Mansell, Tisbury Two Gates, Queen Camel, Skew Bridge, East Coker, Coleman's Farm, Colheyne Farm, and Harmony Hill are all Class 50 locations which have been visited, but for me the one that takes the biscuit is Wyre Piddle. I can still see 50046 on the 13.45 Padd-Hereford absolutely storming.

Over the years my favourite scenic locations have become Tisbury allotments, Colheyne Farm (nr Seaton Jcn). Crewkerne Gates, and of course the infamous Langstone Rock, but in this list of favourites I have to add a non-Class 50 location in Claverton.

Great lengths have often had to be taken to get the required shot. I've scrambled up lamp posts, sat on walls. balanced on fences, climbed mountains, stumbled up embankments, and paddled in streams, all to get that important shot. I've cut fingers, sprained ankles, torn jeans, and lost lens caps all in the same vain.

And so to what looks like the last weekend trip of all, the 20/21 July where B&B was provided by The Gables at Hook. Company was provided by Mr Crocker of Paignton, and the afore-mentioned Mr Smith of Derby (still reeling from the shock departure of Deano), and bevvies by The White Hart at Hook. Entertainment between trains provided by Mr Crocker's football before lack of skill on his part (well what do you expect from a Plymouth Argyle supporter) brought about its premature loss down an embankment at Pirbright. Replacement provided by Shell/BP garage, Fleet Road, Farnborough.

I'd hate to have to try and tot up all the miles, the shots taken, the amount of ale supped, the cream teas eaten, and the derogatory adjectives hurled at a certain Mr Ketley, particularly this year, during my exploits. Messrs Stewart and Stewart will no doubt concur on the last comment. But during that time, some excellent days out, and weekends have been enjoyed, with the aid of my wife's understanding and lack of threats of divorce courts, and some marvellous performances by Class 50s.

The last few years, all things considered have been most enjoyable. I'm certainly pleased to have been photting with two FFs.

by Two FFS

As a change from the usual version of All Our Yesterdays, the clock has been turned back to the halcyon days of 1984 when a Summer Saturday meant sun, sand, and Mk 1 stock. Listed below are observations made on the sea wall at Dawlish between 05.48 and 18.30 on 18/9/84 during which time 105 trains were noted.
Times shown are booked passing times; trains stopped at Dawlish station.

Time              Motive Power     H/code    Train

0548 *   45012       1V47   2320 Manchester-Paignton
0551     DMU         5F01   0450 Laira-Exeter ecs
0602 *   50019       1V56   2237 Bradford-Paignton
0609     HST         IM49   0525 Plymouth-Liverpool
0636 * 
 DMU         2C31   0605 Paignton-Exeter
0639 *  
45013 + 45022  1V57   2235 Newcastle-Paignton
0646     HST          1A17  0600 Plymouth-Paddington
*   50042        2C32  0646 Newton Abbot-Exeter
 DMU          2C05  0545 Barnstaple-Plymouth
0721     47309        3A27  0615 Plymouth-Paddington Pcls
0728 *   47152        1V58  2220 Glasgow-Paignton
0751 *   HST          1E30  0700 Plymouth-Newcastle
0814     HST          1A29  0725 Plymouth-Paddington
0824     45127        3C18  0635 Bristol-Plymouth Pcls
0849 *   DMU          2C37  0816 Paignton-Exeter
 45014        1V60  2325 Glasgow-Paignton
0906     HST          1A33  0628 Penzance-Paddington
0912     HST          1C11  0630 Worcester SH.-Penzance
0916     HST          1E23  0842 Paignton-York
0932 *   50043        1A37  0855 Paignton-Paddington
0937 *   DMU          2C11  0915 Exeter-Newton Abbot
 HST          1V61  0650 Birmingham-Paignton
0948     45022        1E33  0910 Paignton-Newcastle
0959     50019        IM08  0924 Paignton-Birmingham
*   50026        1C12  0700 Oxford-Paignton
1009     HST          1A39  0725 Penzance-Paddington
1015     47150        1C14  0730 Paddington-St Austell Motorail
1025 *   50040        1A42  0945 Paignton-Paddington
1032     HST          1C16  0745 Paddington-Penzance
1035 *   45012        IM86  1000 Paignton-Liverpool
1042     50017        IS71  0740 Penzance-Glasgow
1059 *   47152        IS84  1020 Paignton-Glasgow
 50016        1C18  0836 Cardiff-Paignton
1106     HST          1A43  0835 Penzance-Paddington
1112     HST          1C22  0845 Paddington-Penzance
1117 *   47448        1C17  0800 Paddington-Paignton
1124     47414        1A46  1045 Paignton-Paddington
1129     47589        1C19  0750 Swansea-Penzance
1136     HST          IM85  1110 Paignton-Newcastle
1139     47600        1V64  0717 Derby-Penzance
1142     50045        IM76  0855 Newquay-Manchester
1149     45139        1E91  0853 Penzance-Newcastle
1152 *   HST          1V66  0628 Bradford-Paignton
 45014        IM22  1128 Paignton-Manchester
1208     47497        1E25  0910 Penzance-Leeds
1216 *   47508        1C24  0915 Paddington-Paignton
1224 *   50026        1A52  1145 Paignton-Paddington
1228     50027        1C27  0940 Paddington-Penzance
1238     50035        1C28  0945 Paddington-Newquay
1241     47531        1A53  0932 Penzance-Paddington
1253 *   45130        1V67  0759 Nottingham-Paignton
1254     45026        1E22  1004 Newquay-Newcastle
1301 *   HST          1V70  0655 Newcastle-Plymouth
1306     HST          1A54  1020 Penzance-Paddington
1314     HST          1C33  1045 Paddington-Penzance
1319     50007        IM83  1000 Penzance-Liverpool
*   50037        1C31  1018 Paddington-Paignton
*   50016        1A59  1256 Paignton-Paddington
1334 *   45077        1V71  0820 Liverpool-Paignton
1341     47456        1E64  1035 Penzance-Leeds
1342 *   50001        1V10  0914 Brighton-Penzance
1348     50012        1086  1050 Penzance-Brighton
1358     50047        1A61  1105 Penzance-Paddington
    HST          1C37  1145 Paddington-Penzance
1410 *   H
ST          1E37  1336 Paignton-Newcastle
1415     50008        1A63  1135 Newquay-Paddington
1418 *   50046        1C35  1115 Paddington-Paignton
1422     50002        1M44  1125 Penzance-Manchester
1426     45126        1V73  0911 Manchester-Newquay
1435     50030        1V76  0936 Liverpool-Penzance
1437 *   47497        1A65  1355 Paignton-Paddington
1449 *   47362        1V80  0821 Bradford-Paignton
1449 *   47448        1B36  1410 Paignton-Swansea
1500     45105        1V81  0921 Leeds-Penzance
1500     47240        1E18  1220 Newquay-Leeds
1506     HST          1A66  1235 Penzance-Paddington
1511     HST          1C41  1245 Paddington-Penzance
1519 *   H
ST          1V83  1039 Manchester-Paignton
1529 *   50037        1A70  1450 Paignton-Paddington
1532 *   50009        1C39  1218 Paddington-Paignton
1539 *   45127        IM28  1504 Paignton-Nottingham
1546     45006        1E21  1445 Plymouth-Leeds Pcls
1556     HST          1E70  1525 Paignton-Newcastle
1612     47477              1307 Padding tort-Paignton Relief
1613     50046        1A78  1535 Paignton-Oxford
1614     50049        1C43  1318 Paddington-Paignton
1620     47463              1330 Paddington-Penzance
    HST          1A73  1340 Penzance-Paddington
1634     47437        1V85  0922 Newcastle-Penzance
1645     45077        1M65  1608 Paignton-Liverpool
1648     HST          1V87  1210 Liverpool-Penzance
1651     47513        1A77  1455 St Austell-Paddington Motorail
1653     50043        1C44  1345 Paddington-Penzance
1705     50019        1V86  1344 Birmingham-Paignton
1705     DMU          2B81  1630 Paignton-Axminster
1724 *   45013              1645 Paignton-Leeds
1724     47616        1C47  1415 Paddington-Paignton
1732     HST          1A79  1448 Penzance-Paddington
1742     47086        3A25  1350 Penzance-Old Oak Pcls
1745     50048        1C49  1445 Paddington-Penzance,
1750     50049        5C43  1712 Paignton-Exeter ecs
1800 *   HST          1E40  1730 Paignton-York
1814     HST          1C53  1545 Paddington-Penzance
1821 *   50009        1A82  1745 Paignton-Paddington
1827 *   50017        1V88  1311 Manchester-Paignton


This quiz, being of a topical nature, should sort the boys out from the men, and the neds from the enthusiasts.
Answers to the Editor by November 15th please.

Class 50 Quiz

1) On which date was D439 released into traffic?

2) Which Class 50 hauled the Wessexman Railtour to Weymouth on 22110/83?

3) For what reason was 50007 renamed as "Sir Edward Elgar" on 25/2/84?

4) Which Class 50 carried a blue roof after a repaint at Landore?

5) On what date was 50022 named "Anson"?

6) Which was the first Class 50 to carry "Large Logo," livery?

7) Due to a shortage of DMUs at Cardiff Canton depot on 9/1/87 which Class 50 was employed on DMU turns on the Merthyr Tydfil line?

8) Which was the first Class 50 ever to work a train to Penzance?

9) At which depot was 50030 twinned with HMS Repulse during 1985?

10) Which Class 50 worked the Vulcan Van train railtour along the electrified Hastings line?

11) What happened on 23rd November 1983?

12) On 1815/69 the 21.00 Euston-Inverness service being hauled by D400 was involved in a collision during part of its journey. Where did this collision take place?

13) 50008 and 50020 "Revenge" made history on 19/5/79 by becoming the first two Class 50s to do what?

14) After a long absence 50031 "Hood", became the first member of the class to work into Liverpool Lime Street on 7 December 1985 with the 06.03 service from Paddington. Six days later on 13112/85 another Class 50 worked into Liverpool with the same train. Which one?

15) What was the penultimate Class 50 to be released from Doncaster Works on 20/10183 during the refurbishment programme undertaken at "The Plant"?

16) When was 50044 "Exeter" first re-painted into Network SouthEast livery?

17) on which date did 50046 0AjaxO arrive at Doncaster Works for refurbishment?

18) During the Winter timetable of 1985/86 the 1M82 20.00 Cardiff-Crewe and 1V01 02.00 Crewe-Cardiff were diagrammed for Class 50 haulage. What was the first Class 50 to work this train on 4th November 1985?

19) Which two DCWA Sector Class 50s were repainted into a unique livery?

20) On 10/6186 Network SouthEast was launched at Waterloo station. Which Class 50 was at the launch?

21) The 23rd February 1987 was a black day for the class. Why?

22) Which Class 50 worked the last weekday 18.07 Paddington Hereford Cathedrals express on 8/5/87?

23) The beginning of the Summer timetable on 1115/87 saw the start of Class 50s working into Portsmouth Harbour on a daily basis. Which was the first loco to arrive on the 09.22 from Waterloo?

24) On what date was 50047 named "Swiftsure"?

25) What was the last timetabled working of 50006 "Neptune" before it was withdrawn?

26) Which two Class 50s worked the "Last Loco Hauled Train to Newquay" railtour?

27) 50149 "Defiance" entered service on 2219/87. However "Defiance" was soon In trouble when on 24/9/87 It worked the 14.25 Blazey-Severn Tunnel Jct freight double headed with 47019. What happened to "Defiance,, when it worked this train?

28) During which month of 1976 was 50001 re-allocated from Old oak to Laira?

29) The RPPR Derbyshire Double railtour of 18 March 1978 employed which two Class 50s?

30) On which date was 50004 named "St. Vincent"?

31) Which Class 50 is currently (as of 116/91) the only member of the class to be fitted with Snowploughs?

32) In what year was D409 re-numbered to 500097

33) For what technical reason was 50013 withdrawn from service?

34) What was the first Class 50 to operate on the Southern on 5/11/84 when it arrived at Clapham Jcn with a milk train from St Erth?

35) On which date was 50040 renamed from Leviathan to Centurion?

36) On 3/3/90 a 3000
tonne Foster Yeoman special stone train ran from Merehead Quarry to Acton Yard. Which two Class 50s were in charge of the train?

37) Which Class 50 became the first member of the class to carry blue nameplates?

38) After release from Laira this year, what was D400's first timetabled working?

39) On what date was 50026 released from Doncaster Works after refurbishment?

40) The Talbot Motors Railway Society ran a railtour from Coventry to Scarboro on 12/5184. Which Class 50 worked the train?

41) Due to the much publicised derailment of 50041 "Bulwark" at Paddington, 50029 "Renown" hauled the first of many diverted services when it arrived at another London terminus with a service from Wolverhampton. Which London terminus station?

42) To which depot was 50036 re-allocated to during May 1976?

43) An Open Day was held at Wolverton Works on 22/8/81. Which Class 50 was present?

44) What date was 50042 named "Triumph"?

45) Whilst under construction what was the works number of D405?

46) 50014's engine was "transplanted" to 50149 and consequently "Warspite" was withdrawn. On which date was "Warspite" officially withdrawn?

47) Which Class 50 worked the "Derbyshire Dingle" Railtour to Buxton?

48) Where was prototype Class 50, DP2, involved in its fatal collision?

49) How heavy is a Class 50?

50) Where is Langstone Rock?

At the special request of PENNINE's  No.1 postman. Graham Dawson of Sheffield, an avid reader of this organ, we are delighted to print the following piece on the Night Mail.

If any other member has a similar piece of prose they think would interest readers, please send it to the Editor.

Night Mail

'Where's that - Holyhead' shouts the GPO inspector. The cameraman pans slowly down to the gentle "clonk" meeting buffers as a "Baby Scot" drops onto the down Postal, the TPO crew sink their last cups of tea in the refreshment room and bid a cheery farewell to the girls behind the bar, black dressed for respectability behind their glass cases of buns and sandwiches. An unusually clean Horwich "Crab" 2-6-0 clanks into the adjoining platform - the late running Holyhead Postal has arrived. Amid hustle and bustle the mails are transferred, doors lam shut and the guard in his LMS soft cap holds up the green light. Gently the "Baby Scot" moves off six beats to revolution and on into the night. This is Crewe one summer evening in 1936 and they are making the Crown  Film Unit's epic documentary Night Mail.  Although the film was GPO sponsored it is also a  classic record of the LMS in the 1930s just on Stanier's  coming. A Royal Scot on the down Postal out of Euston,  a Webb 5ft 6in 2-42 tank on the auto train shunted at  'the junction' to clear the road, the thrill of picking up  and putting down mails, W. H. Auden's poetry and  above all the wonderful atmosphere of Crewe near mid night. Only Brief Encounter could come within a sight of  this and that as second best.

The West Coast Postal or, to give it its official title, the Down Special Travelling Post Office and the up equivalent, has been one of the principal express trains on the main line between Euston and Glasgow with a history going back for 140 years. It is one of the numerous services operated for the Post Office and does not carry passengers although Post Office staff travel on the train sorting mail during the
journey. A feature of many
of the travelling Post Office trains was the exchange of mail bags between lineside apparatus and the trains passing at speed. As the trains progressed fresh mailbags were picked up to be dealt with by the sorters. At intermediate towns mail sorted earlier on the journey was placed in special pouches and set down on the ends of the traductor arms on the coach side to be caught in the lineside net where the local postmen were waiting to take the mail pouches to the nearby sorting office.


Night Mail

This is the Night Mail crossing the border,
Bringing the cheque and the postal order,
Letters for the rich, letters for the poor,
The shop at the corner and the girl next door.
Pulling up Beattock, a steady climb:
The gradient's against her, but she's on time.
Past cotton-grass and moorland boulder
Shovelling white steam over her shoulder,
Snorting noisily as she passes
Silent miles of wind-bent grasses.

Birds turn their heads as she approaches,
Stare from the bushes at her blank-faced coaches.
Sheep-dogs cannot turn her course;
They slumber on with paws across.
In the farm she passes no one wakes,
But a jug in the bedroom gently shakes.

Dawn freshens, the climb is done.
Down towards Glasgow she descends
Towards the steam tugs yelping down the glade of cranes,
Towards the fields of apparatus, the furnaces
Set on the dark plain like gigantic chessmen.
All Scotland waits for her:
In the dark glens, beside the pale-green sea lochs
Men long for news.

Letters of thanks, letters from banks,
Letters of joy from the girl and the boy,
Receipted bills and invitations
To inspect new stock or visit relations,
And applications for situations
And timid lovers' declarations
And gossip, gossip from all the nations,
News circumstantial, news financial,
Letters with holiday snaps to enlarge in,
Letters with faces scrawled in the margin,
Letters from uncles, cousins, and aunts,
Letters to Scotland from the South of France,
Letters of condolence to Highlands and Lowlands
Notes from overseas to Hebrides
Written on paper of every hue,
The pink, the violet, the white and the blue,
The chatty, the catty, the boring, adoring,
The cold and official and the heart's outpouring,
Clever, stupid, short and long,
The typed and the printed and the spelt all wrong.

Thousands are still asleep
Dreaming of terrifying monsters,
Or of friendly tea beside the band at Cranston's or Crawford's:
Asleep in working Glasgow, asleep in well-set Edinburgh,
Asleep in granite Aberdeen,
They continue their dreams,
And shall wake soon and long for letters,
And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart,
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?

(W H Auden)


Irish Railways

Very rarely mentioned in these columns are events taking place on Irish railways but most welcome are these observations made during June. On 3rd No 129 worked the 18.00 Rosslare-Dublin, noted at Dun Laoghaire, whilst on the following day Dublin Connolly hosted 030 in sidings, 056 on chemicals and 082 was on shed. 124/131 were station pilots. At Tralee on the 11th, 167 worked the 09.55 to Dublin.

Seen at Greystones two days later were 005 on a Dublin-Rosslare passenger, 011 on freight, 039 on an Arklow chemical train and 144 on a Dublin-Arklow passenger. Northern Ireland Railways 113 "Belfast and County Down" was at Dublin Connolly on the 4th with a Belfast passenger train.

Southern Region

The cult following of Class 50s continues with no sign of waning as the ever decreasing number of remaining examples still ply their trade between Waterloo and Exeter. Since the last edition of TRANS PENNINE, and rather surprisingly, celebrity member 50007 "Ted" has joined the ranks of withdrawn, amongst others. Although originally thought to be guaranteed to run until the end of the class it was not to be and it is hard to believe that the "Green Machine" will not storm Tisbury or Seaton Jcn again.

However recent observations have found four or five of the class out most days with 47s and 33s still sharing the balance of workings. Fortunes of the photographer however can change. For example on June 16th (Sunday) 50033 worked the 09.28 Ex-Wat, 50031 the 08.15 Bas-Ex, 50027 the 08.55 Wat-Ex. 50031 the 11.05 Ply-Wat, 50002 the 10.55 Wat-Ex, and 50027 the 14.22 Ex-Wat. Not so fortunate on July 21st when only the 08.28 Sal-Wat and 12.55 Wat-Ex provided Class 50 power for bashers and photters alike east of Salisbury. Nos 47705/9/10/17 proved unpopular power on services with 33002/114 working the 10.28 Sal-Wat and 14.55 Wat-Ex. Interesting was'33'002,s change of partner, as on the previous day it was paired with 33019 on the 07.46 Sal-Wat and 11.15 Wat-Ex, returning on the 16.22 Ex-Wat, while 50046 worked the 06.10 Yeovil-Waterloo, 10.15 Wat-Sal and 17.24 return. 50033 powered the 09.15 Wat-Ex and 14.22 Ex-Wat whilst 50002 headed the 08.10 Ex-Wat and 15.15 Wat-Ex. D400 worked the 10.20 Ex-Wat and interestingly its diagram is now ECS EH more or less immediately after arrival at Waterloo. 37705 headed through Basingstoke on southbound oils and 60051 in the opposite direction, also on July 20th.

The most remarkable working, possibly, of the period was after 33114 worked west on the 07.52 Wat-Ex, and 33026 on the 11.15 Wat-Ex with 33030 on an earlier working, all three were returned (although 33026 was not working) on the 16.22 Ex-Wat as far as Salisbury, where much shunting was necessary to get 33114 as train loco for the remainder of the journey, as it was in the centre of the formation on arrival. All this happened on July 6th, and with 33102 working the 20.40 Wat-Yeovil it meant that no less than four Class 33s had worked that day.

Noted at Eastleigh on July 6/7 were 33009/30135/65, 47145/196/327/ 361/392/459/567/569/258, 73108/114/130/132. 60051/62 were also in evidence.
Almost the end - Class 50s

Friday 16 August 1991

13.15 Waterloo/Exeter 50046 09.45 Exeter-Waterloo 50017
12.13 Salisbury/Waterloo 50033 11.55 Exeter/Waterloo 47709
15.13 Salisbury/Waterloo 47702 15.15 Waterloo/Exeter 47715
13.55 Plymouth/Waterloo 50002 (33201 from Plymouth-Exeter)
16.22 Exeter/Waterloo 50030 18.15 Waterloo/Exeter 47702
20.40 Waterloo/Yeovil 50029 19.40 Exeter-Basingstoke 50046

Saturday 17 August 1991

07.52 Waterloo/Exeter 47712 09.15 Waterloo/Exeter 50017
08.11 Exeter/Waterloo 47702 10.15 Waterloo-Salisbury 50033
11.15 Waterloo/Exeter 50046 11.14 Soton/Plymouth 50030
11.00 Exeter/Waterloo 47715
11.50 Exeter/Waterloo 33201/208 (splendid sight in Dutch livery)
15.15 Waterloo/Exeter 47702 14.22 Exeter/Waterloo 50017
17.15 Waterloo/Exeter 47711 16.22 Exeter/Waterloo 50046
20.40 Waterloo/Yeovil 50033

Scottish Region

August 8th found 37413 on the Euston-Fort William overnight and 47328 on the 06.05 Edinburgh circular. 47672/3/5 were all at Edinburgh while at Aberdeen were 08882 and 37232. 37240 worked the 09.10 Aberdeen-Inverness, 47677 the 10.50 Inverness-Aberdeen and 37156 the following 12.12 service. 47673 was at Elgin on freight and 37407/8 worked Inverness-Kyle services. 087171754/762, 37170/668/409. 47643 and 97251 were all on Inverness shed. 47677 headed the ~0.10 Inverness-Euston and 47672 the 14.10 service.

August 9th saw 37240 on the 06.17 Aberdeen-Inverness, 47672 on the 09.16 Inverness-Aberdeen, 37431 on the 10.48 Inverness-Aberdeen and 15.24 Aberdeen-Inverness, 37156 on the 18.00 Inverness-Aberdeen and 372.40.on the 17.14 Aberdeen-Inverness. 37423 was seen at Strathcarron on the "Royal Highlander" to Kyle, and 47672 worked the 20.10 Inverness-Edinburgh-Euston.

On 10th August 37156 was again seen on Inverness-Aberdeen services.

Eastern Region

Seen at Retford on June 22nd were 91031 and 91014 on KX-Leeds services while on the 29th nos 12/13/17/26 of the class were noted. 37888/705 passed on an oil train.

On July 13th no fewer than 10 Class 91s were noted at Retford on various services from KX, Nos 1/10/11/14/15/17/24/27/28/31. A fortnight later Nos 2/7/10/11/15/16/19/21/22/30 were seen.

A variety of motive power can still be seen on the Doncaster-Scunthorpe line with one or two pleasant vantage points to view them from. Noted at Keadby Canal Jcn between 16.10 and 16.40 on July 11th were 47305 WE westbound, 31233/205 on eastbound oil empties, 37516 eastbound steel flats, 56094 westbound light, and 37682 westbound light.
Another busy place for loco sighting (very rare these days) is England Lane, Knottingley, with a procession of MGR and light engine manoeuvres all day long. Noted inside 10 minutes on 24 July were 56095 light, 56073 light, 56096 full MGR, 56083 empties. On July 30th Class 37 hauled Scunthorpe - Immingham Dock Iron Ore services were still in evidence with 37275/377 heading west at 13.00 and 373811351 eastbound on empties on empties at 13.24 passing Melton Ross.

On August 8th gleaming green Class 47 D1500 headed towards Immingham on empty oil tanks, sporting its "Star of the East" nameplates. A variety of Class 20s have seen service on Skegness-Sheffield services with 20058/87 on June 8th, 20142/215 on 15th and 20071/135 on the 29th. On June 22nd 47973 headed the 10.37 Leeds-Skegness. Monday July 9th found 20903 at Hull Paragon on the weedkilling train, which also visited the dock area.

Numerous delays and cancellations have taken place on the Hull/Bridlington/Scarborough line recently because of the poor performance of Pacers and poor condition of the trads. The latest problem occurred when a hand grenade (1) was found on the line resulting in the last train of the day being cancelled on Aug 14

The last 10.21 Skegness-Leeds on Saturday 6 July was hauled by 31301/149 with the last 10.37 Leeds-Skegness entrusted to 31235. From the commencement of the summer timetable these trains were amended to leave Newcastle and booked for Parcels 47s.

The first 09.57 Sheffield-Skegness of this new timetable on Sat 13 July was hauled by 20135/071 which also did the honours on the following Saturday. 3 August saw 20032/007 and 10th August 20016/81.

On 20 July a Peterborough-Hull Docks Branch Line Society Charter was noted at Doncaster formed of a Class 101 NPE liveried set, 53207/59115/53296; also observed a couple of moments later was new EMU 312901 on test resplendent in West Yorkshire red livery.

Midland Region

Coalville hosted its last Open Day on May 26th where A3 "Flying Scotsman" and 7P 46203 "Princess Margaret Rose" were star attractions. 60032/57 (not the A4 and A3 variants) arrived on a charter train whilst other exhibits included 09008, 26025, 33051, 37350, 37904, 45133/5, 47634, 50008/15, 55015t 60035, 73104, D4, D8, D1013, D5410, D5583, D5705, D9000, D9016, 600060 20087, 31174, 37019, 47401, 56035, and 58048.

The previous day Warrington Arpley saw 08402/686, 47341/440/630, whilst noted at Runcorn Docks was 08532.
Seen at Crewe on August 2nd were 31285 on a parcels and 86233/ 82166 on 14.55 Euston-Preston. 86240 hauled the 15.25 Birmingham-Manchester whilst 87005182106 worked the 13.22 Glasgow-Euston. 86609/634t 9003411391150 were in the station sidings.

The following day 86401 arrived on the "Welsh Marches Express" from Euston, taken forward by "Duchess" 46229 to Hereford, with "Jubilee" 45596 "Bahamas" returning to Crewe. Noted on Crewe Diesel Depot on this date were 087561841, 31120/144/970, 37073, 47053/279/333/350/421/2/4/541/581, 60003, 86241/426. 08702 and 31308 were at Chester with 37904 and 47288 at Hereford. 47403 was at the exquisitely named Moreton on Lugg.

Stoke-on-Trent still sees visits from Class20s with 20078/163 held In the station sidings on July 18th.

Leicester appears to be the place to get your Class 60s. On July 20th 6000112/5/6/40/1/8/9/60 were to be seen.

Noted in the West Midlands on July 27th were 47335 on the Birmingham-Yarmouth and 47187 on the return.

47211 worked the 13.54 Holyhead-Manchester Victoria on July 27th.

During the Gloucester Rail Day event on August 4th 60063, 20169/210 worked to Kemble, 33064/102, 200751170 to Sharpness, and 56038, 37891/520/040 to Westerleigh Yard on specials, then all four Class 20s worked the Pathfinder Tour back to Nuneaton where 47508 took over to Manchester. On view at Gloucester were 50008/15 (what a surprise), D120, D7523, D7017/18, D1035, D1842, D5410, D821, D9000/16, 55015, 87101, 56051, 37350, 60032, D8568, D1500, "Manor" 7819 "Rev
Hinton Manor",, 56034,, 37902, 31275 (super power), 47218. 580021 47569r 47186, 371981 37141, 087951781/836, and 09001.

August 10th had 37430 at work on the 17.14 Manchester Victoria-Blackpool with 474,56/483 on Preston-Blackpool services. 60001 headed a MGR service on August 7th. It is good news to see the re-introduction of loco-hauled "club trains" on the Manchester Victoria-Blackpool/Southport service. This Regional Railways service is likely to be the last fully timetabled loco-hauled service that they operate.

On 10 August 1991 the 08.10 Glasgow Central-Euston was declared a failure at Warrington Bank Quay due to problems with 87023 which was propelling the train. After a short delay Railfreight liveried 90145 took the train forward first stop Euston (much to the annoyance of the assembled Gricers on North West Day Rovers. On this day the 13.36 Man Vic-Llandudno was work d by veteran 31101 with the 13.54 Holyhead-Man Vic in the hands of 47237, the latter's Regional Railways liveried stock then taken forward on the 17.15 Man Vic-Blackpool North by 37430.

Finally, it is only proper to say farewell to the Bury electrics, which have done excellent service through the years. The service, currently operated by motor buses will be replaced by trams before Christmas. Farewell to a unique service.

For the above Information we are indebted to Messrs Sanderson, Springett, Smith, Megson. Young, Ellis, Eustace, Pugh, Fantham, Ford, McCalliog, Quinn, Caddick, Boycott. and Gossan. and any other we have omitted in error (because Ed did not give typist a list).

Robin Skinner

Social evenings are held on the let and 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Corporation Brewery Taps. Cleveland Street. Doncaster. Meetings start at 20.00pm prompt and our Autumn "Harvest Festival" programme is given below. All members and friends are welcome entertainment is provided free of charge (other than a silver collection for the Treasurer's fund).

Tuesday 1 October - Pennine Slide Competition. Bring along 4 railway slides for judging by Peter Adams (a friend of Gerry Collins-Lincoln).
Prizes and trophies galore for winners.

Tuesday 15 October -Illustrated Show - "Rancid" John Law-Stevenage

Tuesday 5 November- Illustrated Show - Reverend Andrew J Watts "50 Cathedrals of England & their Railways"

Tuesday 19 November - Illustrated Show - Dave Stacey (York)

Tuesday 3 December -Pennine Shield Quiz + free buffet for all

Tuesday 17 December-Eeevility Night - bring along any slides you wish to show to entertain the crowd, from the
sublime (slides of Robin Skinner) to the ridiculous (slides of Class 50s at speed).


This will be held on Sunday 12 January 1992 at 12.30pm at the Taps, hopefully to be preceded by a Works visit. For further information contact Uncle David Whitlam.,


Dates for the 1991 rounds of the quiz are given below. Meetings will start at 20.00, all are welcome to attend any meeting, and free supper will be provided.

Thursday 21 November - Brown Cow, Wicker, Sheffield (host South Yorkshire Railway Photographic Society)

Tuesday 26 November - The Railway, Doncaster (next to Station) Host FAST Tours

Thursday 28 November - Brown Cow, Wicker, Sheffield (Dore Loco)

Tuesday 3 December - Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster (host PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY)

Our friends from FAST Tours will be
running a preserved bus from Sheffield and Doncaster to the East Lancs Railway Diesel Day at Bury on Sunday 6 October 1991, and to the Severn Valley Diesel Day on Sunday 20 October 1991.
All PENNINE members are welcome to travel. Those wishing to do so should contact our Treasurer "Honest" John Sanderson on 0742 372809 for further details.

David Whitlam,

Sunday 6 October Doncaster Works. Meet Plant Hotel entrance at 11.00am. Members 3. Non-members 3.25.

Thursday 14 November (Provisional) Sheffield Power Box. Contact David Whitlam if you wish to go. Number of places limited.