No. 76 - Summer 1991



From Bishop's Stortford South box, the camera catches a Brush 1365hp diesel electric locomotive hauling a class E freight train under wintry conditions in 1959. Photographed by F Greygoose.


TRANS PENNINE is produced by the Pennine Railway Society. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Society or Editor.

Stubble and Strife

Network SouthEast's Kent Coast retail manager Nick Hebborn has tried to present a tidier face to customers by declaring that any employee sporting facial hair other than a neatly-clipped moustache would be sent home to shave. Women wearing earrings or miniskirts would also get short shrift as would anyone stuffing bulky timetables in their pockets and spoiling the line of their uniform. Designer stubble, long sideburns and whiskers were also doomed. Union leaders were incensed and bosses have backed down. After protestations from union leaders, particularly from Sikh representative Geruptah Singh (also an accomplished musician), the rules were hurriedly rewritten and all mention of beards omitted. Sikhs are forbidden by their faith to cut facial hair. But many restrictions remain among them a ban on multi-coloured hair (not ginger) and excessive make up. BR later said the plan was a draft "for discussion only".

GG Fails Sporting Test

Our popular Magazine Editor, GG, displayed his lack of football knowledge in our last edition by referring to last season's lst Division play-offs. There were no lst Division play-offs. He also supports Sheffield United although he lives within the boundaries of Rotherham.

Praise Mark 2

Following praise heaped on the high standard of TRANS PENNINE by our "Royal Mail", Graham Dawson (Sheffield), Ian Jones (Doncaster), also known as MFI to his friend, says that TRANS PENNINE is his second favourite organ of entertainment.

Caddick's Whiskers

At a recent social evening, whilst viewing a slide of the green liveried Derby Lightweight DMU now running within Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, Tony Caddick was heard to remark "It's the whiskers that set it off". Saves money on engines!

Charter for Rail Ruin

The PM, John Major-Ball is under pressure to ditch his "Citizens' Charter" idea which would offer passengers a free journey if their trains are 10 minutes late or more. On BR's present performance the scheme would cost the railways 270m per year. It would be possible that some travellers from the commuting black spots of Kent and East Anglia might, effectively, never have to buy a ticket again if the scheme is adopted.

Rifkind Joins the Train Set

Transport Secretary Malcolm Rifkind has unveiled one of the biggest travel shake up for decades. The initiative will see haulage firms being offered bigger cash incentives for switching freight from road to rail and will encourage firms to build sidings and feeder lines which connect with the main BR network, and buy their own rolling stock.

However he will also end BR's legal monopoly and allow companies to run trains, using their own staff and rolling stock. The Government retains a firm intention to privatise the whole network, although a date is not set.

This initiative will boost Conservative support, particularly in commuter belts, with a General Election no more than one year away. (Our political expert John Michael Sanderson-Cole confidently predicts a General Election on Thursday 7 November 1991, to be officially announced by PM Major-Ball at this Autumn's Conservative Party Conference).

John Sanderson

Congratulations to John Sanderson on his appointment as Clerk of the Course at Doncaster Racecourse.


The fame of our football expert Glyn Gossan is spreading rapidly. After hearing of his expertise Ratkinson resigned as Manager of Sheffield Wednesday FC in mysterious circumstances, and it is rumoured the club is headhunting our Magazine Editor. If he is approached the PENNINE will demand an appropriate transfer fee - the remains of a cut up Class 50 perhaps for "weighing in', at Boothies.

BR Checks on Death Doors

BR has ordered a major safety shake-up as the toll of passengers killed falling from InterCity carriage doors over the past 5 years reaches 112. Several have been killed this way on the notorious 10 mile stretch "Tamworth Triangle" including 4 in a five-week period in 1990.

BR have called in consultants Knight Wendling who have reported that whilst 40% of the accidents could be contributed to somebody interfering with the door, 60% could not be properly explained.

Chunnel Delays

A late start to the tourist shuttle service is inevitable since the Inter-government Commission (IGC) does not like the size of the doors in the fire barriers between the wagons of the tourist shuttles. Design modifications mean these will be delivered late, and while trains and freight should go through the tunnel from June 1993, cars coaches and caravans will be phased in gently with a full service from December 1993.

The IGC is also unhappy about some of the systems including a proposal for semi-open heavy goods vehicle shuttle wagons. Several problems over fire detection and controlling smoke remain, threatening extra costs and delays.

Our Chairman, Robin Skinner, has already joined the Euro jet-set. As these briefs are penned he is enjoying the sights of Rome, thanks mainly to the salary he now receives from his generous employer.

It is not known whether he will be seeking an audience with the Pope (a-la Jack Charlton). If he goes for a "confessional,, instead he may not be back in the UK this side of Christmas. He could, of course, have saved himself all that lira by telephoning our Religious Adviser, Reverend Andrew J Watts, or his "angel" Helen, who could have counselled (or consoled) him.


Welcome to the summer edition of Trans Pennine, Summertime again and that rare commodity of loco-hauled travel will be much sought after. A summer after which Class 50 haulage could be very rare indeed. Make the most of it!

Tuesday 21st May saw the rare spectacle of your honorary treasurer Mr J. P. Lemont-Sanderson parting with money when that fine man Mr Bladen, of Airoflot or Aeroflop or something fame, did his annual slide quiz "I show a slide and ask a question totally un-connected with the slide". Winner was Chief Sutton who won an undisclosed sum and promptly headed for the bar. 2nd prize went to the modest pairing of Chas and Dave and 3rd to Mr Caddick and Mr.... Lemont (fix, fix, I.hear you cry).

Well done Dave anyway for a good nights entertainment.


Well, you either know nothing about the Isle of Wight or your all too busy out photographing 50s, Out of the grand total of two entries, the winners in. reverse order are ~:
3rd ? , 2nd J. Dewing, 1st P. Slater

Answers were:

1) Newport-Cowes 1862,
2) 31/12/66,
3) 1886,
4) 20/3/67,
5) 1928.
6) 1312 yards,
7) 1887,
8) No4,
9) Medina Wharf,
10) 1969,
11) Waterloo Jct,
2) 1930,
13) Mill Hill,
14) WhIppingham,
15) Haven St,
16) Apse Bank,
17) Ventnor,
18) Brading Harbour branch,
19) 6/2/56,

by P. Slater

Having arrived at Vancouver on board the "Super Continental", I stayed. in the city for two days before returning to Calgary. During that time I saw some of the dark preen diesels of the British Columbia Railway around that company's terminus in North Vancouver, and also made a point of going. to see and photograph a splendid preserved steam locomotive, Canadian Pacific "Royal Hudson" 4-6-4 no. 2860, hauling an excursion train along the coastal line towards Squamish. I returned to Calgary on the "Canadian", Canadian Pacific's transcontinental train - now, I hear, taken out of service, thirteen years after I rode on it. This consisted of eleven silver-painted cars hauled by pair of scarlet Passenger diesels, and. included two dome cars which I found mode excellent viewing points for the beautiful scenery through. which the line passes, as did the observation lounge at the very rear end of the train.
Departure was at 17.45 from the CP station  - the station saw only that one departure per day - and the first part of the journey was past docks, grain wharves and freight yards where box cars from many railroads in the USA. could be identified, notably those of the Burlington Northern's constituents nearest to the Canadian border, the Great Northern and Northern Pacific. The express stopped at a few small towns in the Fraser Valley, then headed. into the high wooded hills of British Columbia, and just before nightfall we came to the spectacular stretch through the Fraser and Hell's Gate canyons, with the Canadian National main line on which I had travelled a few nights earlier on the other side of the narrow defile. The "Canadian" overtook an eastbound CN freight on the Parallel track just before the canyon, but I was not rewarded with the hoped for sight of two trains in the defile simultaneously.
I retired to my sleeping berth immediately after the stop for crew changing at North Bend, and in the morning the train was passing the snow capped mountains of the Glacier National Park. The crossing of the main chain of the Rockies involved a tortuous ascent of Kicking Horse Canyon, the fierce gradient of Field Hill and finally a spiral tunnel under the mountains. After the stop at the small mountain resort of Lake Louise the railway follows the Bow River downgrade all the way to Calgary, and it was on this stretch that I timed the "Canadian" at its highest speed - 72 mph.
The Canadian Pacific main line carries a heavy long distance freight traffic, and I was fascinated by the succession of westbound trains we passed during.. the journey to Calgary. They often loaded to over a hundred wagons, and always had four scarlet locomotives at the front and a yellow caboose at the rear, and sometimes two extra diesels in the middle of the train. Particularly striking was one which we passed at speed on a stretch of double track not far from Vancouver; the two trains were meeting at a combined speed of about 100 mph, and from the observation dome I could see the wagons of the freight rushing towards me round the reverse curves for what seemed an incredible distance ahead. That night, just before falling asleep, I heard. another train go slowly past while the "Canadian" was held in a loop: I listened to the clanking. of the wagons for what seemed a very long time and was thinking. that the end of the freight must be reached soon ,then the pair of extra locomotives roared past and I realised that less then half the train had gone by.

BR Gloom Over Bright Idea

After the wrong type of snow caught out  British Rail last year, now this summer's meagre supply of sunshine is causing a problem.

The trouble is at Paddington where too much light is leaving passengers in the dark when they try to read the electronic departures board. It started when glass panels in the roof were cleaned for the first time in years.

BR executives gave themselves a pat on the back for brightening passengers' lives. But the station gets so bright on sunny  days that no-one can make out the figures on the board, once a beacon in the gloom.

BR wants to replace it but must first hold discussions with English Heritage and Westminster Council as Paddington is a Grade 1 Listed building

The new maintenance and service depot at Healey Mills was nearing completion in 1966. The shed contained two 70ft long pits and a fuelling point with the maintenance four 20 ton electrically operated Jacks for use of bogie cleaning. The fuelling Installation comprised two 25, 000 gallon oil tanks.
The LM completed the resignalling of the West Midlands area during the weekend of July 2nd/3rd, when the final stage of the new power box at Birmingham New St was brought Into use. July 16th and 17th saw the power box at Stoke commissioned.
On June 5th EE power was evident at Euston when Type 4s D3081330 were employed in multiple on the down 'Royal Highlander', which also saw four coaches of the Royal Train attached to the rear. On may 23rd a pigeon special ran from Weymouth-Crewe powered as far as Oxley by standard Class 5 73065, where it was replaced by a Brush Type 4.
Steam continues to run north of Wolverhampton on Summer Saturdays and on 11th June the 11.03 Paddington-Pwllheli, had BR Standard 76041 in charge. From the start of the Summer timetable however, the 08.20 Paddington-Pwllheli, was booked for Brush 4 haulage. On June 18th the down 'Cambrian Coast Express' had 76039 from Wolverhampton with 76041 on the 10.30 Pwllheli -Paddington. Steam still rules on freight services between Chester and Birkenhead with Black 5s, Class 4 4-6-0's,  Stanier 8Fs and 9Fs providing the staple diet. On June 12th a Leeds-Towyn Special was formed of a six car Trans Pennine DMU.
A collision between two freights at Dore West Signalbox, on the Hope Valley line on June 21st blocked the line for 36 hours. The locomotive of the colliding train, EE Type 3 D6963 suffered damage at Both ends but there were no serious Injuries to the crew.
From the beginning of the new timetable in April, Manchester Piccadilly saw its last regular steam working, the 08.45 ECS to Ardwick, turned to diesel haulage. Steam Haulage Is still to be seen however, between Leeds and Manchester, with Jubilees providing regular sightings.
During the Whitsun holidays the 10 extra trains between Manchester and Newcastle were all Stanier Class 5 hauled, between Manchester and Leeds.
A fill In turn provides commuters with Brush Type 4 haulage in and out of Kings Cross when the loco off an up overnight express works an 08.30 Kings Cross-Hertford and 09.30 return.
Neville Hill shed lost its remaining steam allocation in June when Q6's 63344/7, 63420/6 being transferred to Normanton and two of Its Class 4 2-6-4Ts 42184/96 going to Low Moor.
The days of steam supremacy at North and South Blyth seem numbered as Brush 2 D5632 (31B) underwent tests on June 11th.
On May 6th 'Warship' D832 failed at Salisbury on the 19.00 Waterloo-Exeter and was replaced by 'West Country' 34108 which worked as far as Gillingham where the 19.40 Exeter-Clapham Jct Perishables was held with 'Warship' D805 in charge, whereby the two trains exchanged engines.
An unusual visitor West of Taunton on June 5th was 'Peak' D26 which headed the 10.00 Bristol West Yard-Tavistock Jct Freight.
Another unusual visitor, this time at Didcot, occurred on June 24th when Brush Type 4 D1980 (52A) worked a Newcastle-Oxford excursion throughout.
The first ex London Underground electric commenced trails during the last week in June when four car set No. 043 ran between Wimbledon and Woking.
'Britannia' No.70002 was used by the SR on May 12th when it headed the 09.20 Waterloo-Southampton Docks Boat Train after it had worked a special from the MR. the previous day.


Scottish Region
March 26th found 37401 work a Euston-Fort William service forward from Carstairs whilst 26026 worked a freight and 26027 a ballast train. 37232 worked into Glasgow Central with an observation car carrying top BR Officials. Also seen at Glasgow Central were 862061244, 87037, 90008/90022, whilst Polmadie played host to 08567, 37154, 90025 and 91025.
Noted at Millerhill on May 11th were 08793, 26005/24/27,37170/2401408, 47063/210/314/813, 56030/67173/99. Motherwell on the same day had 08738/9381952, 20203, 26025/37, 37055163/68/74199/108/145/1561293/503/5181519/520/667, 60020/9137/50.
 Thornaby the following day saw on shed-:
08506/595/786/867/906, 31305, 37004/13/48/51/70/104/190/202/241/250 37358/373/416/506/7/8/11/2/6/7/906, 47010/851991142/20712121276129013071363/374' 60005/712112/3130/118.

Midland Region
The period March 30th to April Ist saw delays at Stafford due to a freight train derailment at Litchfield on March 30th. Services were diverted via Birmingham, on this date 37430 headed the 18.55 Shrewsbury-Aberystwyth 'Cambrian Coast Express'.
The following day saw Vale Of Rheidol No.8 'Llewellyn' work Aberystwyth-Devils Bridge Service.
Noted at Crewe Depot on April 1st were 90025146/8/9. 47362 and 86241 brought a charter from Euston to Crewe and Holyhead into the station where A4 60009 'Osprey' worked forward.
08747 was Holyhead Station pilot. 47432/456/509/555 worked Crewe-Holyhead services also on April 1st.
May 6th saw 20058187 on 09.34 Derby-Skegness relief, while 20007/32 worked an additional Hereford-Derby via Bescot after the Rail Day. Locos hauling special services there were 371971239/2201248/275/698/899, 31405, 47401, 56053, 50015, 20007/32 and 33047153.
March 26th saw 90040 work the 13.36 Carlisle-Birmingham and 47478 on Preston-Blackpool services. 37408 was at Carlisle on freight. Noted at Carlisle on May 12th were 46229 'Duchess of Hamilton' on a St. Johns Peak Express to Derby. 47636 arrived on the 12. 10 Glasgow-Brighton taken forward by 86231, 86209 on the 10.00 Euston-Glasgow and 87022182135 on the 14.00 Carlisle-Euston. Stabled were 26038, 31200, 37111 , 47004 , 47477/567/595/627, 85109. 862281424/622.
Toton Is still the place to be in search of Class 20s. April 28th found the following 20001/6/7/16/20/30/32/34/44/47/51/52/54/56/64/73/75/81/104/105/110/121/132/133/134/136/171/177/189/192/196/197/202/208/227, a quite remarkable tally. Also noted were 25209, 45015, 47016, 47459, 56004/5/6/7/9/16/42/61/125,58044 and 60032. Stabled at Stanton Gate were 20026/45/53/97/129/130/147.

Eastern Region
Still stabled at Woodhouse Jct since April are 20178, 45106, 47009112/14/97 and 97411. Noted on MGR's at Retford on March 18th were 58018/29/33 with 56008174, 58016/50 at Welham the following day.
Two days later after that Shirebrook played host to 56017, 58025/33 and 58019 was seen at Pinxton. March 23rd had 90011182207 on the 13.10 Kings Cross-Leeds, 91028/82211 on the 14.35 Leeds-Kings Cross and 91029/82224 on the 14.10 Kings Cross Leeds.
During March 97560, former PWM 650, was moved from Reading to Lincoln and was seen stabled outside the former steam shed at East Holmes.
April 12th found 37219/244 on the Skipton-Hull Tilcon service and on the 22nd 37422/5 worked the train Instead of the usual Class 31s. On April the 20th 47804 hauled a charter, run by the East Yorkshire Motor Service from Hull to Edinburgh via the S&C, but got off to a bad start with a 90 minute delay at Hull. A week later 47808 hauled a 'Rugex' from Hull-London for the Rugby League Cup Final.
May 6th saw 47972 heed an additional Sheffield-Scar borough and 47974 on the Sheffield-Skegness. 47458 worked a Charter to Scarborough. Class 37s still do the lions share of the work on the Iron Ore trains from Immingham-Stanton and return. April 15th saw 37381/275 and 37351/375 work such trains. Crowle sees a variety of power on various freight workings and during a 20 minute stint on April 15th 37100 headed east, followed by a pair of 31s on empty oils, 60025 on another oil train and 47222 westbound also on an oil train.
April 22nd saw Thornaby housing 08817/906, 31285, 37029/705/014/7, 47256.

Western Region
Noted at Paddington on March 21st on Oxford-Newbury services were 47521/547/576/5871598/702/518. The 23.55 Paddington-Penzance Sleeper had 47823 in charge. The following day saw 37254/264, 47475, 56039 at Bath Road.
The withdrawn Class 50s at Ocean Sidings Laira were still there in early April, those being 500201/6/40/3/5.
The commuter train of the timetable ~ the 07.12 Newton Abbot-Exeter - had 33102/50007 in charge on March 22nd, a rare combination Indeed. The next best train , the 17.07 Plymouth-Honiton, had the usual 'pair' - 55003/6 on the same day.
50019/23 were at Exeter Riverside on March 23rd.
May 3rd saw 47323 head the St. Blazey-Gloucester Speedlink and 47277 the Fawley-Tavistock tanks. That evening saw the memorable spectacle of successive 'pairs' leave Exeter for the west. 50027/29 worked the 2050 Exeter-Laira ecs, 50048/17 the 22.10 Exeter-Newton Abbot and 50037/18 the 23.10 Exeter-Laira ecs.
37010 was on Exeter depot and 37141 worked light. A once rare sight is now very common in the area.
The weekend of 4/5 May saw 37141 and 37258 occupy both lines at Dawlish on engineers trains on the Sunday morning.
May 14th saw 50007 arrive at Exeter on the 1515 from Waterloo and then proceed to Laira on the Fawley-Tavistock tanks, for attention to the overload relay switch. Laira's well known maintenance policy on the 50s was upheld when the next day 50007 stalled on Exeter bank with the 09.45 to Waterloo - the cause, a faulty overload relay switch!
Owing to the spectacular derailment and fire of the Waterston-Heathfield Oil train at Bradford Crossing near Wellington, Somerset absolute chaos was the order for four days at Exeter. All Waterloo-Exeter services were terminated and started from Yeovil Jct whilst Paddington-West Country trains were diverted via Honiton/Yeovil/Westbury. This left 50018 and 50027 plus two rakes of NSE stock west of Yeovil and these were duly employed on shuttle services between Exeter and Plymouth during Thursday and Friday. One such working was the 15.44- Plymouth-Exeter on Friday the 17th which ran NON-STOP between Plymouth and Exeter, Happy Days were here again!
Saturday the 18th of May, 'the first Summer Saturday' provided another chance to see how not to run a railway by being on Exeter St Davids at 09. 00 hours. The 07. 35 Plymouth-Paddington (08.35 off Exeter) arrived on time with Loss of Power in the rear engine. With the necessary diversion via Yeovil this power car then found itself leading up the bank to Exeter Central. After receiving fitters attention In Platform One at St Davids until 09.37 It was decided to terminate the train. 50027 and stock were brought into Platform 3 to form an additional 09.57 service to Paddington (via Yeovil) and needless to say the first coach was immediately filled with people who had not got off the failed HST!
Sunday the 19th of May saw BR preparing us for life after 50s with the 50018 on the 16.06 Exeter-Plymouth and 50029 on the 21.00 Plymouth-Exeter being the only Class 50 activity in Devon.

Southern Region
The Waterloo-Exeter services are rightly receiving much coverage and subsequent correspondence with Class 33s putting in appearances to add to the magnificent 50s. March 22nd saw 33102 work the 08. 11 Exeter-Waterloo, 33114 the 12. 13 Salisbury-Waterloo and the highlight of all 33002/65 on the 15.05 Exeter-Southampton the following day. 33102 worked the 09. 15 Plymouth-Waterloo via Southampton on the same day and 33114 on the 11. 14 Southampton-Plymouth. A sight for sore eyes, turning back the years was 50046 AND 5003l on the 12.25 Exeter-Waterloo on March 23rd.
May the 3rd saw 12 Class 50s, In service with 50007 on the 06.11 Ex-Wat and 11.00 Wat-Ex, 50002/27 on the 06. 15 Sal-Ex, 50031 on the 07. 50 Yeovil-Waterloo and 13. 15 Wat-Ex, 50037 the 08.11 Exeter-Waterloo, 50033 the 07.44 Bas-Ex and 14.22 Ex-Wat, 50049 the 09.45 Ex-Wat, 50017 the 08.40 Wat-Ex, 50027 the 12.00 Ex-Wat, 50030 the 13.40 Plymouth-Southampton, 50018 on Plymouth-Newcastle vans as far as Exeter. 50029/48 also worked the previously mentioned 20.50 Exeter-Laira ecs.
May 2nd saw 50027/007 on the 12, 00 Ex-Wat while 50018/27 worked the 09. 45 Plymouth-Waterloo on the 4th providing 6 pairs over the four day period 2nd-5th May, and then 50008/15 on the railtour re-run.
Class 50 availability slumped to an all time low In Mid May when on the 17th 50003 failed at Basingstoke with a Main generator flashover whilst working a Waterloo-Salisbury train, On the 20th 50002 and 4.3063 were given test runs from Laira to Exeter and back but 50002 did not pass and is again awaiting attention. 50048 was overdue an exam at Laira and after working the 07. 45 Bas-Ex on the 20th may was held at Exeter until a path could be found for It back to Laira. The first available path was double-headed with 47714 on the 22.10 Exeter-Newton Abbot and then empty stock to Laira. However owing to the 18.35 Paddington-Plymouth HST failing completely at Castle Cary '48 took over from a Class 37 at Exeter and dragged the 'tram' to its destination.
On the 21st May 50029 failed and after receiving attention at Eastleigh It was double headed back to Exeter with 50037 on the 15.15 from Waterloo. However another failure occurred when D400 suffered a ETH Generator flashover at Crewkerne whilst working the 16,55 Waterloo-Exeter. 50037 + 50029 were sent light engine from Exeter at 20.10 hours to rescue D400 and the train eventually arrived at Exeter 70 late behind 50037/29/D400! (This is only the second time our 'Exeter correspondent' has seen three Class 50s on a passenger train, although the first time all three engine were working!). 50037 + 29 then worked the 22,10 Exeter-Newton Abbot service with D400 being dumped at Exeter.
The 22nd May dawned with five Class 50s available, the 07. 12 Newton Abbot-Exeter was a DMU due to vacuum pipe coupling problems with 50030 at Laira. 47849 was called upon to assist and was shunted between the Class 50 and the stock. The ensemble left Laira at 07. 20 and arrived at Exeter at 08. 25 with the simultaneous arrival at Exeter of the 06.15 from Salisbury with 50033 + 50046, The stack from Laira should have formed the 08. 11 Exeter-Waterloo service and this train eventually left at 08. 40. Despite the fact that Exeter had 50030/33146 all available to work the late running 08. 11 service they chose to put 47849 (Ugh!) on the front and rumour has it that Intercity Sector were not too Impressed! Later In the morning 50033 dragged D400 and 50003 from Exeter-Laira.
On Friday 24th May D400 was quickly back into service making a light engine test run from Laira-Penzance and back. D400 has now received the Laira 'jinx' status in that every time they paint a Class 50 in a special livery It promptly keeps failing. This was D400s fourth unscheduled repair after failures in two weeks and one can only assume It would have been withdrawn by now if it had stayed as 50050. In the afternoon of the 24th May Waterloo Signal Box suffered a fire with many cancellations on the Waterloo line. The 13.15 departure was the last through train with all services after that starting and terminating at Basingstoke or Salisbury. 50046 worked the 14.22 Exeter-Waterloo as far as Basingstoke where It was terminated to form the 16.55 Waterloo-Exeter service. 50003 on the 13.55 Plymouth-Southampton service was terminated at Salisbury and formed the 15.15 Waterloo-Exeter service back again. On arrival at Exeter '46 was due to work the 20.50 Exeter-Laira ecs but due to a broken windscreen was dragged by a dutch liveried Class 37. Also on this day 50008 and 50015 worked through Exeter at 17.10 hours en-route to Coalville open day.
Class 50 availability improved drastically on Saturday 25th with the Waterloo services all producing Class 50s with the exception of a Class 33 on the 07.52 Waterloo-Exeter and 12.25 return. The 0811 Ex-Wat was worked by 5004.9 and 50046, 50031 was released on the Plymouth-Waterloo after a large logo repaint although it still retains its unsightly grey roof and Is allocated to having Its crests rededicated on the 28th May.
On Sunday 26th 47707 worked the 09.28 Exeter-Waterloo service which completely ruined what had been an excellent past 24 hours! 50037 worked the 11,05 Plymouth-Waterloo whilst 50049 did the 08.15 Basingstoke-Exeter and the 12,20 Exeter-Paignton.


Answers to Ed by August the 15th please,

1) In which year was 50007 controversially re-named 'Sir Edward Elgar'?
2) Name of Jubilee Class No.45673?
3) In which year did the Liverpool overhead railway open?
4) Name of Class 20/9 no. 20903?
5) What is the name of the 06.20 Nottingham-Harwich Parkeston Quay service?
6) Deltics 55001 & 55020 became the first members of the Class to be withdrawn on 5/1/80, but which was the 3rd Deltic to be Withdrawn?
7) In which year did the Doncaster Power Box take over control of the station area closing North and South Boxes?
8) Name of Class 90 loco---90014?
9) In which year did Lancaster Green Ayre station close?
10) Which firm built the now withdrawn Class 103 DMUs?
11) Where in 1968 was DP2 finally cut up?
12) In which year was the horrific Quintinshill accident?
13) How long (In miles/yards) Is Stanedge Tunnel?
14) Between which two stations did the 'Norseman' run?
15) Which famous war-time hero named Jubilee Class No.45506 'The Royal Pioneer Corps'?
16) In the current all system BR timetable, in what table can the Edinburgh-Glasgow Queen St direct service be found?
17) In which year was the first section of the Tyne and Wear Metro opened?
18) At Which station was Deltic 55004 named?
19) Name of Class 31/5 - 31568?
20) Which two Class 52s worked the BR 'Western Tribute' Railtour on 26th Feb 1977 - The Westerns last working?
21) In which year did the last Leeds tram run?
22) Which was the first Class 50 loco to be named?
23) In which year was third class accommodation re-designated 2nd Class?
24) Who did Dr Beeching succeed as the Chairman of the BTC.?
25) Name of Class 40 - 40021?
26) On which date did the Moorgate accident on the London Underground occur?
27) Who built EE Type 4s (or Class 40s for you younger readers) D305-D324?
28) In which year was the Boothferry Park station opened (for Hull City FC)?
29) What is the former name of Feniton station?
30) In which year was the Royal Albert Bridge completed?
31) Which building now stands on the site of Pond St Goods Depot in Sheffield?
32) Name Class A2 loco 60537?
33) On which date were the HST sets officially Inaugurated on the NE/SW route through Sheffield?
34) Which now closed station was situated at the summit of the Lickey Incline
35) Which depot had the code CL?
36) In which year was the U1 Garratt 69999 built?
37) Where were the Class 504 Manchester-Bury line EMUs built?
38) Which sector code applies to the Class 73 locos allocated to the Victoria-Gatwick services?
39) In which year did the Scarborough-Whitby line via Robin Hoods Bay closed?
40) And a nice easy one to finish! Which beloved politician (God Bless Her) named Class 89 'Avocet'?


Meetings List No.3 July 1991-September 1991 - Robin Skinner

We are pleased to announce our new exciting fixtures at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster, during the Summer. Excellent fare is guaranteed. Turn up and bring a friend. Meet at 19.45 for* a prompt 20.00hrs-ish start. Landlord James Dolan has an excellent dispensary. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

Tuesday 18 June - Illustrated show by Mr Robert Whittingtonfrom Sheffield.
                               He will be accompanied by some of our friends from the FAST Tours
                              (Felix and Sheffield Transport Groups).   "Transport on wheels."

Tuesday 2 July - Steve Payne (Lincoln City)-a long awaited debut.

Tuesday 16 July - Illustrated show. Guest to be confirmed.

Tuesday 6 August - Illustrated show. Recruit to be confirmed.

Tuesday 20 August - Illustrated show. Conscript to be announced.

Tuesday 3 Sept - Illustrated show. Volunteer to be confirmed.

Tuesday 17 Sept - Illustrated show. Turn to be confirmed.


Fixtures List No.3-  David Whitlam

Sunday 28 July - Sandtoft Gathering. An annual, enjoyable event. Trolleybus/motor bur rides and beer tent (no lager).
See Pennine Real Ale expert Neil Taylor (Doncaster) and our friends from FAST Tours. Ride on their buses.
Recommended by Gerry Collins (Lincoln City).

Sunday 6 October - Doncaster Works 11.00am. Meet Plant Hotel entrance 10.50. Members 3 Non-members 3.25.