No.74 - Winter 1990



"Happy Days Are Here Again". The season of good cheer is with us yet again. This year is different however with the nation's celebrations beginning earlier than ever before - for many people they began on the morning (not mourning) of Thursday 22 November 1990.

All the Committee of the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY would like to join together to wish all. our members and their families a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 1991, and we would like to thank you all for your support and friendship during 1990.


The Society's AGM 
will be held on Sunday 6 January 1991 in the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster, commencing at 12.15. This is the annual opportunity for you, the members, to have your say in the running of the Society. All the Committee have received the "three line whip" to attend, and all have, incidentally, expressed a willingness to serve on the Committee in their current positions in 1991 if given a vote of confidence by the membership. The Committee are not aware of any stalking horses, Heselteenies, Majorettes, men in grey suits, or even white coats.

A visit to Doncaster Works will take place prior to the AGM and full details are given on the trips list at the rear of this magazine. Places are limited and early booking is advisable. Demand is likely to exceed supply and a sell-out is confidently predicted. Watch out for Stan Flashperson on the gate with black market permits.


Attached to this magazine you will find a renewal of membership form. We are pleased to announce that in line with a request from John Major-Ball the Society is not contributing towards inflation and the membership fee for 1991 will remain unchanged at 3. Again, we would like to thank you for your support in 1990 and hope you will rejoin with us for 1991.


Leaving Hitchin station in early 1958 is the DELTIC diesel-electric locomotive, the English Electric Company's experimental 3300hp, "mobile power house".


All weekend mail is to go by road and air, the Post Office has recently announced. Soon BR will be carrying 30% of letters compared with 70% a year ago. Earlier this year mail on journeys under 100 miles switched to road. Under the existing contract 90% of mail trains must arrive within 10 mins of scheduled time. In January 1990 BR paid out 600,000 in penalties for late arrivals.


In less than one year 5 people have been killed falling from moving trains in the Tamworth area. In no instance has there been found a defect on a door and BR can offer no explanation. The area has been dubbed the "Tamworth Triangle".


For some time now our Chairman (and ex-railway clerk) Robin Skinner has been ear-bending our Vice-Chairman (and ex-RAF wallah) on the greatness of the late Buddy Holly. David has stunned Robin by telling him that he is a great fan of Harry Champion, famous for his 78 disc "Cover It Over Quick Jemima"
("That young man there with his coat and stick 'e's coming to 'ang 'is 'at on your wart so cover it over quick").


Did you know that on the day the Leaderene gave up the good fight from No. 10, it was 27 years ago, to the day, that "Kennedy was assassinated? Did you also know that Cecil Parkinson, he of the Daughtergate scandal, tried for all his worth to get her to stay put?


Since page 1 of these notes was typed and printed there have been dramatic changes. Firstly the Eccentric Lodger has been "run-out" of No.10 to be replaced by trapeze artist's son,
John Major-Ball (to use his full name).

Secondly we have found out that DAVID BLADEN has changed address. David's address is now 9 FOXGLOVE CLOSE, BLAXTON, DN9 3PR His telephone number remains unchanged. His address shown on page 1 should now be disregarded.


BR is giving staff lavish breaks at four-star hotels to boost their morale, unwinding from complaints of commuters by wining and dining and enjoying Jacuzzis, saunas, and beauty therapy - all free. The week-long "customer care" courses at the Hilton chain include buffet receptions and lectures by behavioural psychologists on dealing with angry passengers.

Network SouthEast employees staying at the Watford Hilton National have had food thrown at them by other guests when they found out. BR Central Division
workers have been lodged at the Hilton Lodge, Basingstoke (full-board a la carte 770 per week). At the end of the course staff are given designer calculators and Filofaxes. BR insist the Hilton is an "ordinary" chain of hotels.


Developments continue at 
a pace which beats even this scribe. Since page 2 was printed on the WP, Transport Secretary Cecil Parkinson has resigned from the Government following the success of the Galloping Major. We await with interest the name of his successor. At this rate his (or her) name could well appear on page 4. Devotees of these notes will not be surprised by this development.


The popular PENNINE slide competition was held recently, judged by David Bladen. Congratulations to Ian Shenton who won 1st prize, and also to D Stewart (2nd) and Rhys Jones (3rd). Attractive trophies were awarded to the winners, but even more of a reward was a booking by Robin Skinner for Ian to do a show at the Taps on 19 March and Rhys to entertain on 5 Feb.

Thanks to all those who entered slides (a record number) and to David for a most difficult task judging an excellent entry. Commiserations to Magazine Editor, GG, who following his success in 1989 of a second prize, reverted to his customary place amongst the also-rans.


As these notes are WP'd 3 of the 4 rounds of the PENNINE SHIELD have been held. Of the 4 teams in the competition, the PENNINE came last in the 1st round. In the 2nd round, Chief Sutton failed to produce and John Sanderson was drafted into the team which produced an amazing improvement and the team came 4th. In the 3rd round Chief Sutton produced and John was dropped (and has subsequently asked for a transfer which was immediately granted) and somehow the PENNINE came equal 1st. A dope test was, called for from each of the other teams and each PENNINE member, Chief Sutton, GG, and Tony Caddick, passed with flying colours.

Scores after 3 rounds ; Sheffield Transport Group 9.5pts South Yorkshire Railway Photographic Circle 8pts Dore Loco Group 7pts Pennine Railway Society 5.5pts.

The PENNINE cannot win with only 1 round to go.

The matches have been played in an excellent spirit, without cries of "NO NO - ROOLES ROOLES"! Friendliness even extended to Jon Davis of SYRPC shouting a correct answer to the PENNINE on our question. Thanks Jon.


A former paratrooper who pushed a woman off a footbridge at Lincoln Central station was jailed for 15 months at Lincoln Crown Court. He had admitted causing grievous bodily harm.

The court was told that he became frustrated that a threat by a 23 year old woman to jump from the footbridge had delayed his train by 40 minutes. He told her "Either jump or get down" before pushing her 20ft on to the tracks below. She sustained fractured ankles. a fracture of the knee and
a- broken neck. The defendant said he thought the woman was a man.


The Galloping Major has wasted no time in replacing rubicund Cecil Parkinson as Transport Secretary with Malcolm Rifkind, the former Scottish Secretary. It is understood that a major qualification 
for the post is to understand union leader Jimmy Knapp. Hopefully the new environmental pressures will lead to a substantial increase in investment in rail. Thankfully rumours that Lynda Chalker would be offered the post were unfounded


Top BR managers have admitted that provincial services "are a disaster area" and the answer is to have fewer but better trains. Derby based BR passenger manager Stan Reed says the provincial sector, which includes the Nottingham-Lincoln service relies on old and rickety trains.

Bracebridge Heath businessman Jim Layton described a recent journey on the Lincoln-Nottingham line as a "nightmare". "I was travelling to Birmingham and I have never been so frightened than I was on that train. It was lurching and creaking so much that I honestly thought we were going to die before we got to Derby" he said. But Lincoln station manager Robin Skinner told a meeting of Rail Users that all coaches and trains using the line met Dept of Transport safety regulations. He also warned motorists not to jump red lights or weave past automatic barriers if a fault developed. "A certain number of motorists are putting people's lives at risk. The law says that once a barrier is down then the road is closed and BR has the right of way"


The Galloping Major may wish to read of PENNINE'S idea of the ideal Cabinet: Deputy Prime Minister - Glenda Jackson (ASLEF sponsored) Foreign Minister - Allan Lamb; Chancellor - Ken Dodd; Defence - Geoffrey Boycott; Education - Frank Bruno; Transport - Willie Carson; Health - Graham Gooch; Energy - Ralph Halpern; Environment - Nigel Mansell; Agriculture - Giant Haystacks; Trade and Industry - Fiona Wright; Arts - Paul Gascoigne; Sport - Terry Marsh; Chief Whip - Harvey Procter; Assistant Chief Whip- Lindi St.Clair; Minister for Europe - Margaret Hilda Thatcher.


TRANS PENNINE is produced by the Pennine Railway Society. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Society or the Editor.


At a time when a dead parrot has twitched, Stratford Level Five depot which deals with major locomotive overhauls and components exchange will close in April 1991. The depot, famous for its Cockney sparrow symbol was upgraded to Level Five in 1987,
and is based on the former diesel repair shop which used to be an erecting shop for the old main works. The remaining part of the depot dealt with lighter maintenance work is unaffected.


The 1.4bn London CrossRail project has received Government backing, a Paddington-Liverpool Street link under the streets of London. This express freeway
will carry 48,000 passengers an hour each way across the city in 100mph Networker style trains. Journey time will be 11 minutes with 3 intermediate stops. The 7 mile twin tunnel link will open in 1999.


Welcome to the winter edition of "Trans Pennine". Christmas Is almost upon us once again. It has been a memorable year and a worrying one, what with Saddam In the Gulf and her in Number 10, the burning question on everyone's lips is has our Treasurer got a safe seat? With all the cutbacks being made by the Republic of Sheffield's dear old council, will honest John's (even more honest than Arthur
Scargill) seat be safe or will Clive stab him in the back after tearing up his no redundancy agreement in front of his eyes?

Despite the fact that 'Sergeant Major' says what recession? hard up Sheffield council could be forced to ask JPS to be their very own Baghdad correspondent and wing his way for talks-with Tony Benn. Failing that he might get a post down at Bramall Lane. By the time this edition reaches you SUFC may Just be one point better then a compass, but alas the needle is still pointing southwards! (sorry TC)

Merry Xmas all - especially Dave Bassett


Eds favourite Class 50 Is not 'Remmle-ese' smartarse!


October 2nd saw the Infamous Slide Competition and an all time record number of entries - 104. Well earned 1st place belonged to Ian Shenton with his light and shadow portrait of 87004 at Carlisle taken on 28th December 1989. All Pennine members now wait for a frosty morning and head for Carlisle. 2nd place went to D. Stewart with a Class 37 taken at Par and 3rd place went to Rhys Jones with a fine sunset shot of an EMU at Poole.

Editors entrants came 101st, 102nd, 103rd and 104th proving great consistency, and before you all start splitting your sides, Robins highest entry came in at 115th.


Apologies for a typing error in question 12 which should have read Class 33. As various answers were given, depending on the translation of the printed Class 3, all answers to this question were given correct. Allowing for that winners were as follows-:
1st) J. Dewing, 19 correct, Joint 2nd) Ian Shenton and Malcolm Bell 18 correct.

Answers -: 1) 1958, 2) 1846, 3) 1967, 4) 1970, 5) D211, 6) 1958, 7) 1831, 8) 1974, 9) 1859, 10) First of Class to be withdrawn, 11) 1903, 12) 1962, 13) 1952, 14) 1962, 15) 1985, 16) 1950, 17) D7076, 18) 1977, 19) 1967, 20) 1967.

by Paul Slater

A recent television programme about the Canadian Railways reminded me of a long rail Journey I made in Canada In the summer of 1977, when I was staying with my Brother and his family in Calgary. The tour was a triangular one, involving three stages: Calgary-Edmonton (Canadian Pacific), Edmonton-Vancouver (Canadian National) and Vancouver-Calgary (Canadian Pacific). I was able to book up the two Canadian Pacific stages at the station In Calgary but the Canadian National station in the City has been long closed to passengers. I also found that their modern looking enquiry office in the city centre was also closed, although Its advertising sign with distinctive CN monogram was still busily revolving on top of the building, so I had to book the Edmonton-Vancouver stage at a travel agent In a suburban shopping centre.

I began my tour on a Sunday, leaving Calgary on the evening 'Dayliner, to Edmonton. I had already spent some time beside the main line at Calgary, watching the Canadian Pacific goods trains and the 'Canadian' long-distance passenger trains en-route between Montreal and Vancouver. I had also seen three preserved Canadian Pacific steam locomotives in the City. Two of them were 0-6-0s, which worked passenger trains around a short circular line in the Heritage Park, and the other, on static display, was a 'Selkirk' type 2-10-4 no 5934. This type of engine was used on the Canadian Pacific main line through the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary, and was the largest steam locomotive in the British Commonwealth. It was painted in the old Canadian Pacific livery of black, maroon and grey, I saw this livery on a diesel loco and thought it less pleasing than the CP Rail Scarlet which replaced it, but on a steam engine the black, maroon and grey livery looked just right.

The 'Dayliner' was a single Railcar, which was by no means full. The Journey of about two hundred miles took four hours, with about a dozen stops at small towns on the way. The longest stop was at Didsbury, the first halt after leaving Calgary, but as at many of the small prairie settlements where the railcar called, no-one boarded or alighted there, and only at the large town of Red Deer were there passengers In any numbers, although a few people boarded the car at Wetaskiwin, the last stop before Edmonton.

The Calgary-Edmonton line is In effect a long branch off the Canadian Pacific transcontinental main line, and Is single track throughout. At Red Deer we passed the evening 'Dayliner' from Edmonton, and several times during the Journey we passed the long multi-engined freight train, which along with the grain elevators at most country stations remain my most vivid memories of the Canadian railway scene. the 'Dayliner' was painted in an ugly silver-and-red livery, It gave a smooth ride at speeds of up to 80 m.p.h., with much less engine noise than I would expect from a BR DMU. I can still clearly remember the regular continual blasts on its mournful sounding air horns as It crossed the innumerable unguarded roads and tracks on the prairie.

The 'Dayliner' arrived before nightfall at South Edmonton, terminus of the Canadian Pacific passenger service, and adjacent to an engine shed full of CP freight diesels, however the station was some way from the city centre and main Canadian National station in Edmonton.

From a taxi en-route to the city centre, I glimpsed a preserved steam locomotive, an elderly 4-6-0, painted black and rather decrepit in appearance. It was stored on a siding with some old carriages but I was unable to view it closely. I continued my Journey the following morning, on board the Canadian National 'Super Continental', which I shall describe In a future article.


A nostalgic look back on years gone by to sights and sightings from yesteryear. In this edition we look back 25 years to the end of 1965.

The last few months of 1965 were quite eventful, November 22nd saw electric traction hauling trains out of Euston for the first time with EMUs providing services to Bletchley and Rugby.

The end of October saw Tinsley yard opened by Lord Beeching, special features In the yard included Dowty retarder boosters. About 4000 wagons were expected through the yard daily, with a new maintenance and service depot also at Tinsley.

Freightliner trains ran for the first time between Maiden Lane In London and Glasgow on November the 15th. Other liners were planned between London and Liverpool and Manchester.

December 31st saw the planned end of steam on the Western Region although some GW types were still scheduled to work on the LMR,

December the 6th saw the end of services between Glasgow St. Enoch and Dumfries and Glasgow.

London Midland Region

SR Class Q1 0-6-0 No 33027 reached Willesden yard with a cross London freight from Feltham on October the 15th, whilst on November the 27th 'Merchant Navy' 35022 powered a Warwickshire Railway Society special from Waterloo to Crewe.

Annesley had no power for the 08.15 Nottingham-Marylebone on November 8th, so Colwick produced B1 61188 which was In rather poor condition and lost 45 minutes from Marylebone on the return 14.38 working. 'Britannia' 70052 failed at Marylebone on the 08. 15 ex Nottingham on November the 25th. The return working was covered by a 4-car DMU and the 14.38 stock coupled to the 16.38 to make a nine car formation.

The extra parcels traffic for Christmas was almost entirely steam hauled In the midlands, Including some unusual workings. The 22.08 MX Leicester London Road-Crewe, diverted via Wellington and Chester and extended to Rhyl was powered by a Stanier Black 5, as was the 07.00 MX Wellington-Crewe. In contrast a Brush Type 4 hauled a Scours Lane-Southport which ran daily from December 11th. On December 18th EE type 3 D6893 worked a Cardiff -Shrewsbury train whilst Brush Type 4 D1692 worked a Penzance-Crewe train.

On December 4th, the FA Cup 2nd round produced a Peterborough East-Shrewsbury Special train hauled by Finsbury Park Brush Type 2 D5624, the first of the Type noted at Shrewsbury. Another special from Dartford to Longport was powered by D300 of 5A depot, and the return Crewe-South Shields special was powered by EE Type 4 D286 of Gateshead.

B1's worked the GC regularly in December with 61302 on the 17.15 Nottingham-Marylebone on December 2nd, 61322 had charge of the 10.57 Nottingham-Neasden Parcels and the 16.38 Marylebone to Nottingham on December the 9th and 61348 on the same turn on the 14th. 61361 worked the diagram on the 17th.

SuIzer Type 4 D125 was involved in a buffer stop collision at Manchester Central on arrival from London on December the 6th but little damage was sustained.

Eastern and North Eastern

A most unusual working on October the 3rd was EE Type 2 D5906 working the 21. 25 Royston-Thames Haven Oil Tanks. November 27th saw the last day of York-Hull services via Market Weighton. Class B1 61306 worked the 08. 14 York-Hull, 12. 11 return, the 17.40 York-Hull and finally the 19.35 Hull-York. The last train, the 21.25 York-Hull was powered by a DMU. November 25th saw 'Britannia' 70025 In charge of the 09.00 Liverpool-Newcastle and the 09.05 Liverpool-Newcastle Sunday service three days later.

The end of steam power on the East Coast Main Line passenger trains in the NER was marked by a special run on December 31st with A1 no 60145 on the 18.30 York-Newcastle relief and 20.30 return.

Haymarket Brush Type 4 D1970 was unusual power for the 09. 10 Whitemoor-Yarmouth freight and 13.50 return on December 14th.

Western Region

Llanelli MPD closed on October 3rd and its locos condemned except for two 0-6-0PT's, no's 3654 and 9609 which were used as station pilots at Swansea High Street.

Sulzer Type 4 D34 was employed on the 1645 Swansea-Cheltenham instead of a DMU on October 31st.

EE Type 3 D6938, the first diesel Lickey banker was despatched to Crewe for overhaul in November, and D6977 was sent from Cardiff as replacement.

Oxford shed saw no fewer than 50 locos in steam on December 22nd with Classes 'Grange', 'Hall', 'WD's' and a 'B1'.  Stanier Black 5's and 8F's were also in evidence.

On November 27 Swindon built 0-6-0 No D9521 was employed on a passenger turn when it replaced a failed steam loco on the 17.00 Gloucester-Cheltenham. On December 6th, the last active 'Castle' in BR stock, no 7029 worked the train.

Southern Region

On October 31st the 08.45 Waterloo-Southampton Boat Train was powered by 'Warship' D827, diverted via Netley due to electrification on the Bournemouth line.

November 18th saw Brush Type 4 D1648 on the 10.30 Waterloo-Bournemouth. The next day saw Maunsell 31866 on the 10 coach 07.27 Basingstoke-Waterloo. Sister 31873 headed the 18.45 Bournemouth-Woking. Class 'N' 31408 was the only available loco at Woking when the 'Warship' train loco failed on the 11.00 Waterloo-Salisbury.

On November 21st EE Type 1 D8005 and Sulzer 2 D5028 made an unusual combination on an oil train seen at Chiselhurst.

On October 28th 'Merchant Navy' 35004 suffered a broken con rod between Basingstoke and Hook and fouled the up local line. The following 06.20 and 07.20 Exeter-Waterloo were diverted via Reading.

The Brighton-Plymouth through service saw steam power again during November Instead of the rostered SR co-co electric locomotive.

Scottish Region

NBL Type 2 loco D6106 has Joined D6103/23 on Glasgow-Dundee/Aberdeen services. During December D6106 worked the 08. 25 Glasgow-Aberdeen and 17. 15 return 3 hour trains. On December 12th A4 60528 worked the 10. 00 Aberdeen-Kings Cross meat train and on December 18th worked the 06. 10 Aberdeen-Edinburgh passenger working. 60530 made the Granite City on December 5th with the 18. 45 to Edinburgh and on the 18th with the 17.57 fish train to Edinburgh. A4 60007 worked the 12.07 Aberdeen-Edinburgh on December 22nd following a diesel failure.

December 3rd saw 'Britannia' 700 42 work the 16.07 Aberdeen-Perth parcels, and 70033 on the same working four days later. 70039 worked the 21.20 Aberdeen- Kilmarnock freight on the same day.


Southern Region

September saw Waterloo-Exeter services diverted via Southampton due to weekend engineering work between Worting Jcn and Andover. Photographers were out in force around the Eastleigh area In particular and as well as the scheduled Class 50 hauled service two interesting Class 50 workings were the 12.50 and 13.30 Salisbury-Eastleigh ecs' on the 9/9/90. The 12.50 Southampton-Salisbury service had 'thumper' 205030 as power. Stabled at Eastleigh were 47095/291/425/457.

The 14.28 Exeter-Waterloo service was worked by 47284, Exeter instituting a swap for 50026 which had worked the corresponding down service. Tee time saw 33057 In 'Dutch' livery work light engine onto the stabling point at Eastleigh, followed by 47113.

September 28th saw 50044 work the 06. 45 Exeter-Waterloo with 50002 on the 08. 11 Exeter-Waterloo. 50043 worked the 07.52 Waterloo-Exeter followed by 50009 on the 09.15 Waterloo-Exeter. Old favourite 47473 (!?) was turned out on the 09.05 Brighton-Plymouth.

October the 21st saw Waterloo-Exeter services terminated at Andover with Buses forward to Salisbury, again due to engineering work. 50002 thus powered the odd sounding 09.00 Waterloo-Andover. Stabled at Woking were 08933, 33114, 73205 and 83301. 50028 hauled the 08.30 Andover-Waterloo, 50017 the 10.41 Salisbury-Exeter and 14.28 return, 50005 the 09.28 Exeter-Salisbury, 50029 the 12.28 Exeter-Salisbury and 50048 the 17.10 Andover-Waterloo.

Noted at Horsham on September 26th were 09005, 33030 and 73108 worked light engine whilst 73204 worked the VSOE Wednesdays only to Arundel. 'Weedkillers, 20901/4 were in Chipmans' Yard. October 5th saw 47119 work an oil train into Cory depot. 20901/904 despatched light engine, 33108 passed through on loaded seacows towards Three Bridges while five days later found 977391, 999602 and 977392 on a mobile track assessment train, providing the first DMU noted by our Horsham correspondent for some nine years. 731291139 worked seacows towards Three Bridges, whilst 73138 worked departmental wagons to the yard.

Ex-works 73133 provided a colourful sight working light to the yard on October 19th. Three days later 09010 relieved 09005 as yard pilot and 731331141 powered loaded grampus wagons towards Three Bridges. More Class 73 activity on 24th saw 73114 work light and 73139 a rail train from a Three Bridges. 73114 again worked through on the 29th with departmental wagons to the yard followed 73129 with empty rail wagons to the yard, later departing with loaded grampus for Three Bridges.

November 1st saw another oil train service Cory depot behind 47010. 73114 worked light engine with 33057 also light engine on the 5th.

From October 1st the Clapham Jcn-Horsham via Dorking line has a daily Sandite working to clear leaves off this heavily wooded line. Class 930's no's 319/10 have been seen so far.

Midland Region

With the imminent end of loco-hauled services on the 'Trans-Pennine' Liverpool-Newcastle route now very close, much Interest has been shown recently In these services.

September 22nd found 47424 working the 07.19 Liverpool-Newcastle, 47453 the following 09.25 and 47422 the 11.25 service with 47488 the 13.25 Eastbound. Heading westwards were 47475 on the 06. 16 from Newcastle, 47488 on the 07. 19 and 47450 on the 08. 19. 47477 worked the 10.20 Newcastle-Liverpool.

October 3rd found 47423 head the 07.19 Liverpool-Newcastle, 47597 the 11.25 and 47558 the 10. 16 Newcastle-Liverpool. The next day saw 47512 power the 09.25 Liverpool-Newcastle, 47422 on the 11. 25 and 47434 on the 08. 43 Newcastle-Liverpool and 47423 the 10.23.

Noted In the Midlands on October 12th were 08603, 200721176 and 47279 at Washwood Heath with Birmingham New Street seeing 47634, 47804/8/21/33, 86236/47/9/261, 90002/23 on passenger services. 08543 and 37503 were in Wolverhampton steel terminal with 87016 at the head of the up 'Sussex Scat'. 37274 and 37901 were at Shrewsbury on freights with 47421 on Parcels. 47417 headed the 14.29 up Euston.

Tamworth sees diesel power as well as much electric power it seems as October 8th found 47357 on ballast and 37680 on a stone train. 87011 headed a down passenger whilst 87022 and 90013 worked up expresses. 08893 was pilot at New Street while 86259 worked the up 'Sussex Scat' and 86430 the 'Wessex Scat'. 90011 headed the 'Cornish Scat'. 37893 was at Langley Green, a location which has now lost Its semaphore signals.

Allerton is not a location often mentioned In these columns but on October 19th 60018 and 58046 worked an MGR, 37408 headed the 17.15 Liverpool-Cardiff and 47436 the 17.07 Liverpool-Preston.

47586, 47520 and 47565 all worked Crewe-Holyhead services on the 19th October. The weekend of the 20th and 21st saw WCML expresses between Crewe and Preston diverted via Manchester and Bolton due to engineering works at Warrington. Locos used for these services were -:47465/482/3/594/558/519/522/7/565/615/6/83117/848/841/31972/4.

On the 20th 31132 headed the 17.07 Liverpool-Preston and the following day found 37425 on the 14,00 Manchester-Brighton.

Barrow Hill still hosts locos at weekends and noted on October 14th were 56002/9/12/26, 58016130134. The reason there were no Class 20s on shed was because all three pairs were out on engineers duties.

Eastern Region

September 29th saw 47972 work the London-Sheffield 'Footex' for the Sheffield Wednesday-West Ham match. 330421207 headed the Eastleigh-Sheffield special for the Tinsley Open Day, which played host to the following locos06003, 08509/749185718781880, 09008113, 20029/43, 314571970, 37013/9/29/59/70/107/178/185/198/203/414/688, 45135,

47107/120/1/144/5/200/9/225/9/270/285/293/308/332/370/5/6/8/354/360439/485/600, 56007, 58050, 59001, 60013, 90050, D2199, D7672, D9000/16 and Black 5 44932.

October 6th saw 31215 work the 06.20 Sheffield-Skegness and return and 47418 the 09.19 Sheffield-Skegness and return. 47564 powered the 10.37 Leeds-Skegness and return whilst- 31403 worked the 06.27 Leeds-Skegness.

September 2nd saw 31414 work the 12.43 Newcastle-Liverpool. The 15th saw 31142 work the 09.19 Sheffield-Skegness and 47362 the 06.27 Leeds-Skegness and return to Newcastle. On the return working a broken window In the cab incurred near Lincoln resulted In the Class 47 being replaced by 47284 at Doncaster. 47096 headed the 15.17 Wakefield-Bangor. 31207 failed whilst working the 09.35 Leeds-Carlisle and was rescued by 31199/156 arriving In Leeds 95 minutes late. 47290 headed the Swansea-York and 16.22 York-Birmingham.

September 17th saw 37029/241 on ballast from Hull on the coast line towards Bridlington. A major fire on October 7th destroyed the 'Royal Hotel' formerly the 'Royal Station Hotel' caused by an electrical fault. However It Is hoped the station will be re-built.

October 13th saw the 09.19 Sheffield-Skegness in the hands of 31123. Class 475 no's 47975 and 549 visited Hull King George Dock and Saltend on the 'Humber Navigator' and should have worked forward to Bridlington, but due to delay, the coast run was cancelled. The train worked to Goole where 56077 took over to Ferrybridge.

A number of freight workings not usually reported on, mainly because of their nocturnal outward runs, work from Immingham and surrounding oil refineries. October 16th found the outward workings powered as follows-:

01.35 to Preston - 311681156, 02.30 to Kingsbury - 312551205,
02.40 to Ashton M/F - 312191207, 02.55 to Colwick - 47379/374,
03.20 to Kingsbury - 31154/203, 04.15 to Langley - 47054,
04.49 to Leeds - 31288/108, 06.32 to Gainsborough - 47402,
08.48 to Langley - 47319, 09.05 to Leeds - 31233/304,
09.48 to Kingsbury - 31261/105, 11,10 to Leeds - 47379/374,
11.30 to Leith South - 37378, 12.50 to Welton - 47402,

The 15.40 Immingham-Doncaster Speedlink was worked by 37079 whilst infamous 47401 was sent light engine to Colwick for the 11.00 empties back to Immingham. Remarkably almost all the outward working locos work back to Immingham light engine to work another outward train whilst other locos work out light to bring back the empties!

October 12th found the following-:
01.35 to Preston - 31210/168 02.30 to Kingsbury - 31156/168
02.55 to Colwick - 47299/222, 04,15 to Langley - 47115
04.49 to Leeds ORT - 31288 05.22 to Bedworth - 31233/304
08.19 to Welton - 31203 11.30 to Leith South - 37417.

The 16th saw 37095 arrive at Immingham on 6G16 Tees Yard-Scunthorpe steel extended to Immingham on this date.

Western Region

Paddington just doesn't seem the same without 50's. However, we are, unfortunately having to Set used to it. September 20th saw 4757619/8213 on Newbury and Oxford services with 47805 working the down overnight 23.55 to Penzance. 47976 was also seen at the terminus. Noted at Bath Road depot, Bristol were -.
47118/466/536/7/802/10/12/20/27, 50015/31, 56037/8/9 all seen on September 31st.

Exeter depot saw 08945, 50008/9/18124126132142 between 21st and 23rd, with no fewer than 13 members of the Class on Waterloo services during the same period. No's 50002/3/5/71/7/18/27/28/29/33/44/48/49 were those noted. 50037 was out of service at Laira.

September 21st saw 37072 employed on the 08.03 Cardiff -Weymouth and return. Also on this date 50023 found unusual work on the 17.07 Plymouth-Honiton Network Express and 19.05 Honiton-Exeter 'Bubble car' work. The following day saw 50024/44 work the 09.05 Plymouth-Brighton as far as Exeter.

The following procession was noted in the South West on September 22nd-: 47605 on the 08.40 Paignton-Manchester, 47517 on the 05.06 Manchester-Paignton and Paignton-Liverpool, 47976 on the 08.55 Paignton-Paddington. 47582 on the 08.02 Paddington-Paignton, 47588 on the 06.54 Rose Grove-Paignton, 47583 on the 09.35 Paddington-Paignton, 47438 an the 10.30 Penzance-Liverpool, 47707 on the 11.02 Paddington-Penzance, 47520 on the 09,18 Manchester-Paignton, 47445 on the 10.25 Liverpool-Paignton, 47523 on the 16.05 Exeter-Leeds, 47564 on the 13.15 Birmingham-Paignton.

The following were stabled at Westbury 47013/39/118, 56031/38139140/63,59005.
47616 worked the 16.58 Weymouth-Cardiff. The following day saw 3703111621207, 47051,
60002 at Gloucester, whilst 50009 worked the 09.40 Plymouth-Paignton and 11.05
Paignton-Waterloo. 50018 headed the 07.50 Basingstoke-Paignton whilst the Plymouth
Waterloo had 500171005 as far as Exeter. Another pair In the shape of 47808/707, the
latter having failed, headed the 12.35 Penzance-Paddington.

The Western Region authorities let Class 50 enthusiasts down on September 30th, the last day of the Summer timetable when 47473 was rostered for the 09.40 Plymouth-Portsmouth and the 11.05 Paignton-Waterloo, what made things far worse was that the weather was awful. 50023 worked the 07.50 Basingstoke-Paignton whilst 47576 headed the 09.10 Paddington-Plymouth, 50043 headed the 14.45 Plymouth-Waterloo.


Our thanks go to Messrs. Dewing, Slater, Bolland and Gossan.


As Is customary at this time of year, a list of suitable Christmas presents has been drawn up for committee members and club members, and sent to Santa Claus.

John Sanderson
- A scouse accent so he can authentically say "Gee us a job".
Robin Skinner - A few passes so that he can attend a few meetings.
Tony Caddick- - 3.50, then he can buy one of his beloved Class 31's
Abdul Watts - A phrase book so that he can translate all the foreign languages In his area.
Linda Bladen - A babysitter - We would love to see you again Linda.
Dave Bladen - A good book for when he's babysitting, letting Linda come and see us.
Pete Wesley - Best Wishes for continued good health.
Dave Basset - A bit more dare - after all he who dares wins Rodney.
SUFC Forward Line - A spot on Blind Date - There they cannot fall to score.
Glyn Gossan - An address label for his camera bag, so then when he
leaves it on bridges, the finder can return it.

This years Grand Xmas Quiz is in two halves. The first 25 questions are all London Underground station names, the second 25 are a mixed bag. Entries to Ed by Feb 15th.

1) Chess pieces card game.
2) Ramble around curvature.
3) Filling out with heavyweight.
4) College's not happy.
5) Linings to re-arrange.
6) Breadseller's entertainment.
7) Financial Institutions.
8) Dutch recreational area.
9) Fowl Lager.
10) Brewery Mansion.
11) Regal Tree.
12) Bovine motor travelling band of performers.
13) Applause bad actor, low class.
14) Reformed Rabbi In front of Container.
15) Coil re-shaped with this little demon.
16) Long distance circle and river.
17) Girls name and French article before part of body.
18) Hold up watercourse.
19) Sounds really big.
20) Marshals shrub
21) Burnt chip pans.
22) Remake of 'The Pleasant Candle'
23) Several daughters.
24) Lodgers recouped with part of Golf course.
25) Nobleman's Judicial arena.
26) Name the five tunnels that run between Dawlish and Teignmouth.
27) How did the first three of these tunnels Set their name?
28) What was the title of the ECML, England-Scotland express, prior to being named 'The Flying Scotsman'?
29) On what date did passenger services commence between Exeter and Crediton?
30) On what date did the last train run powered by the Atmospheric system?
31) What was the former Highland Railways' longest branch?
32) In which year did the Lynton & Barnstaple narrow gauge railway close?
33) On what date did Exminster see Its last stopping train?
34) In which year did 'The Devonian' receive its name?
35) How many A4 pacifics were allocated for working 'The Coronation' which was inaugurated in 1937
36) What was the original name of Exeter Central station?
37) Which 'Western' hauled the Ian Allen special from Paddington-Penzance, non-stop, in 1966?
38) What was the former number of Class 33 no 33210?
39) Which loco cost 100,000 when new and was introduced in 1958?
40) Where would you have once found Ocker Hill station?
41) When did the 'Brighton Belle' make Its last run between Victoria and Brighton?
42) On which date did the trial run of the steam hauled 'Silver Jubilee' express run?
43) History was made on 26th October 1977, How?
44) Monkton Combe station was re-named and used in which film?
45) Where was Brush 4 D1663 named?
46) What is the mileage from Cowley Bridge Jcn to Barnstaple?
47) On which preserved line is Summerseat Viaduct?
48) Which former line, now a footpath, is called the Tarka trail?
49) In which month and year did D6300 enter service?
50) In which year did the Cliffe-Uddingston powdered cement train run?


Meetings List No.1 December 1990-March 1991 Robin Skinner
1 Rosemary Lane
Tel: 0522 520478

All meetings are held at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland Street, Doncaster. We meet at 19.45 for a 20.00 promptish start every first Tuesday and every third Tuesday. Everyone is welcome, members and non-members (even bus cranks like Gerry Collins from Lincoln).

Tuesday 18 December - Eeevility night. Bring along any slides you wish to show - the more embarrassing to certain individuals the better. A pre Christmas fun night out - not to be missed.

Tuesday 1 January - THERE WILL BE NO MEETING
We have cancelled this meeting since many will have public transport difficulties.

Tuesday 15 January - Illustrated show - selection of slides taken by your Committee.

Tuesday 5 February -,Rhys Jones "The favourite railways of Neil and Glenys Kinnock".

Tuesday 19 February - Glyn Gossan (returning by popular demand) "50s (and others) galorius!!.

Tuesday 5 March - Members Slide Competition - bring 4 railway (BR) slides. To be judged by the audience.
Re-run of the last 3 years successful event.
PRIZES for top 3 slides.

Tuesday 19 March - Ian Shenton - supreme champion from the recent PENNINE slide competition.
Travelling long distance from Leeds - see how slides should be taken (Robin)


The PENNINE'S AGM will be held on Sunday 6 January 1991 at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster, from 12.15pm onwards. All members are welcome to attend to discuss the Society 1991.

Fixtures List No.1 1991 David Whitlam
128 Cantley Manor Ave
Doncaster DN4 6TN
Tel 0302 537289

Sunday 6 January - Doncaster Works 11.00am. Meet Plant Hotel entrance 10.50. Members 3; Non-members 3.25 This visit will be followed by the AGM.