No.70 - Winter 1989



The Committee of the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY would like to wish all our members and- their families a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, and to thank you all for your support in 1989.


The Society's Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 14 January 1990 in the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster,
commencing at 1215. This is the annual opportunity for you, the members to have your say on the running of the Society. All the
Committee are expected to attend. although no one can guarantee the time of arrival at the meeting of Geoffrey, our President. All
members of the Committee have, incidentally, expressed a willingness to serve on the Committee, in their current positions, in 1990.

A visit to Doncaster Works will take place prior to the AGM. Full details are given on the trips list at the rear of this magazine. Places are limited however so early booking is advisable. Demand is likely to exceed places available and we confidently expect a black market (or whatever such a thing is now called) with ace-tout Stan Flashman selling places at the Works entrance.


Attached to this magazine you will find a renewal of membership form for 1990. Regretfully inflation has even caught up with this Society, and we have been forced to Increase the fee by 50p to £3. This is-the first Increase since 1985 and will ensure the financial stability of the Society in 1990. Again., we would like to thank all members for their support in 1989 and hope that you all rejoin us for 1990, We like to think that our Society is value for money and holds a good name in railway circles.


As these notes are penned, well, typed) we are halfway through the PENNINE SHIELD quiz. Unfortunately things are not looking good with the PENNINE team trailing in last position with only 3 Points from 2 matches. The leaders are our friends from the Sheffield. Transport Group, Doncaster, the current holders, with 7 points followed by the Dore Loco Group and the Grapes Hotel, Brown Cow, each with 5 points. It will need a superhuman effort by the PENNINE lads over the last 2 rounds, both to be held at the Corporation Brewery Taps to achieve success, The PENNINE team comprising Tony Caddick, Glyn Gossan and Paul "Chief" Sutton. have asked me not to reveal the results or even make it known they appeared in the team. However, the power of the press rules.

The matches have been played in a good spirit with hardly any cries of ' NO NO - RULES; RULES ! .

In defence of the PENNINE team they did come up against a load of Irish Railway, LT, and prehistoric questions at the Grapes Hotel, Brown Cow's meeting. They will be ready next year.


The popular PENNINE slide competition was judged this year by ex. RAF veteran David. Bladen. Peering at the screen from long distance he awarded the following prizes ; 1st - Mick Stewart (not the England cricket team manager) with 37671/670 on 6B43 15.45 St. Blazey-Gloucester Speedlink at Cockwood Harbour taken on 2 August 198
2nd - Glyn Gossan (yes, Glyn, with 34092 approaching Oxenhope on the KWVR on a frosty morning in Autumn. 1988, just before he entered a pub.
3rd - Chris Nicholson (Master Mariner) with 841 passing Water Ark on the NYMR on 21 May 1989 with the 12.10 Grosmont-Pickering.

Thanks to all who entered and the standard of slides was of the highest quality. To a man we were all delighted to see our magazine editor finally, winning a prize after so many unsuccessful attempts. After 10 years he now has something to put in his trophy cabinet.


The last quarter has seen excellent entertainment at the Taps including Chris Tyas with his 'Railways Larger than Life' show. Dave Cawley, who baffled us all with his script, Tony Smith (the Retford. version, not Sheffield's "God') and Peter 'The Entertainer' Wesley. Graham Lee (Sheffield) was unable to-fulfil his-booking due to work commitments, but he will be offered a return in 1990.


Are you a shareholder in EUROTUNNEL? If so you should have sold at 1195P per share (they fetch less than half now). The project is in rather more of a mess than the bare figures put out by the company might suggest. The holes under the Channel are going according to plan, although the opening date has already been put back a month, but holes in. the accounts are beginning to gape. Eurotunnel claims costs are up from an original £5bn to £7bn with infrastructure costs soaring, particularly terminal buildings. In addition the high speed link from the coast to somewhere will not be ready until at least 1998 and much of the money to pay for this will come from the French.


BR managers have been offered rises of up to 17% at a time when poor services are attracting mounting criticism (West Yorkshire PTA have recently threatened to withhold £9m of grants due to the poor reliability of services). Up to 10,000 bosses will receive *performance related' increases averaging 11.8%', In a secret deal. Performance rises are almost entirely awarded for cost-saying efficiency schemes, not actually Improving services. The rail unions claim low pay is to blame for crew shortage - a record 60,000 trains were cancelled in 1988.These rises were backdated to April 1989 but details were not released at the time because of the Industrial action taking place over the 7% offer to 85,000 blue collar railmen.

Will Jimmy Knapp remember this in 1990?


The eccentric lodger of No.10's Transport Secretary, CEC 1L Parkinson has plans to sell BR off into 5 separate companies if the Tories survive in Government that long. The companies being Inter-City; Network Southeast; Provincial; Freight; and Parcels. Inter-City, Freight, and Parcels are already profitable but Network Southeast and Provincial are subsidised to the tune Of£549m. per annum, although Network Southeast may be subsidy free by 1993.The Provincial sector's rural services may never pay and will always need state support. .

. Plans to have 12 regional companies have been ditched.

CLASS 50's

Your magazine editor has been concerned. at comments levelled at him recently that the magazine contains very little information
concerning the Class 50 locomotives. Have you any views on-this subject? Do you think he is deliberately censoring information on this class of
Diesel? Send your views to him at his home address,


Following a suggestion from. Gerry Collins (Lincoln) the Committee is considering running some trips in the future using preserved vehicles owned by the Felix Preservation Group and Sheffield Transport Group (Doncaster) i.e.  F.A.S.T. vehicles. Further details will be issued in due course.


The Committee extends its best wishes to our religious adviser the Very Reverend Andrew J. Watts (parish of Bessacar) who has announced his engagement in the "Church Times" to Helen ,a former nun. The Reverend Watts has given notice to the Committee that he is seeking to move to a monastery in Cannock., Staffs to avoid paying the "Poll-Tax". We have already sounded out Peter Wesley (distantly related to THAT Wesley, i.e. Wesleyism) to ask if he would take over Andrew's role in the Society. Unfortunately I am not able to print his reply.


A £1m Tang dynasty porcelain horse owned by the BR Pension Fund has been stolen in an armed raid on a Hong Kong warehouse just 4 weeks before it was due to come up for auction at Sotheby's. It is believed. that the 1200 year old horse which is (or was) recognised as an important Chinese art treasure throughout the world was snatched by 4 Chinese raiders brandishing 10X50 Prinz binoculars fitted with a lethal laser beam which threw the guards across the room. Our Treasurer denies knowledge of the theft but thinks he may have backed a similar looking stiff' at some time in the past at Market Rasen.

However, the funds central monitoring unit chairman, the remarkably named Maurice Stonefrost retained some sense of proportion when he stated  that the market for antique Chinese artworks is *peaking' at the moment and It was impossible to estimate the price the horse would fetch at auction.


The eccentric lodger of No.10's ex-Foreign Secretary (briefly) and now Chancellor, Major Major has boosted the Government spending plans in 1990 as a first step to increasing the Party's popularity in the run-up to the next election, which will be held in Autumn, 1991 or Spring 1992.The new (and yes, still) Transport Secretary CEC 1L Parkinson. has secured an extra £500m per year for BR and London Regional Transport to ease congestion, Improve safety, and for Channel Tunnel rail services (excluding any new high speed link from London/Swanley/Anywhere to the coast). BR is expected to invest in the introduction of automatic train protection, which would bring trains to a halt if a red signal was missed in-cab "black box" data recorders as recommended by the Clapham Junction crash inquiry (although the Race Relations Board are likely to request a change of name for the recorders) and re-designed rolling stock. Extra cash may also be directed towards Channel Tunnel rail services which should start operating when the tunnel opens, due to be in 1993.

It is reported that CEC 1L has ordered BR management not to involve Itself in any share-dealing initiatives to raise funds.


The use of Class 56s and Class 20s on scheduled services over the Settle & Carlisle route on Saturdays during November 1989 proved a huge success and is due to be repeated next February. The only problem to have occurred. appears to be that of overcrowding even of through trains were load 12. On one occasion- a train left Carlisle behind the 20s with over 900 passengers on board. Whatever must civilians have thought?


Tony Needham (Mexborough.) has become something of  a cult figure in recent weeks, being a key member of the Mexborough Concertina Band Club general knowledge quiz team which ha .reached the semi-final of a South Yorkshire competition. An added bonus is that matches are recorded and broadcast on BBC local radio. A pity he knows nothing about railways.


Following the appointment of CEC 1L Parkinson as Transport Secretary, the Metropolitan Line station, formerly known as Surrey Docks has been renamed SURREY QUAYS.

Now, what, or who does that name remind you of? By the way CEC 1L was not at the renaming.


The InterCity 225 (this is the metric version of 140mph) has topped 162mph during a special run. BR's latest electric train clocked the 260km/hr on Stoke Bank between Grantham and Peterborough, scene of Mallard's world steam record run of 126mph.

This was not a record breaking attempt since the locomotive was governed to 162mph. The driving van trailer was propelled by 91010. Later the test unit which included six Mark IV coaches and a DVT made history when It became the first IC 225 unit into York for pantograph tests.


The National Railway Museum closes next year for repairs which will take 12 months to complete. Exhibitions will continue at another site in York and in the former railway works at Swindon. The NRM plans to close the main hall exhibition on 28 February 1990,opening the Great Railway Show a day later in and around the former York goods station acquired by the museum in 1976.


Welcome to the winter edition of "Trans Pennine". I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the members who have taken the trouble of sending articles, sightings, competition entries and other news. It is all your efforts that make the magazine. Another good year has passed in terns of ever improving slide shows, even Robin's are Setting better I overheard someone say, The long hot summer seems but a memory now, still, always next year to look forward to, Merry Christmas.

Paul Slater

After a leisurely drive across country from my Mother's house, I was at Nuneaton in good time to catch the down "Welsh Dragon", the 11.50 Euston-Holyhead, on which I was to travel as far as Crewe. In the Railway Tavern a few yards from the station I admired photographs of the steam trains I could remember seeing on the quadruple track main line when I travelled to Crewe with my school Railway Club over thirty years ago. The Holyhead train was slightly delayed and while I was waiting on the platform at Nuneaton 47347 on a goods train ran through under clear signals on the down slow line, whilst scurrying through on the down fast line with not unmusical blasts on their chiming air horns came first 90012 on the 11.30 Euston-Blackpool followed by 90032 an the 12.00 Euston-Manchester.
I obtained a seat right at the front of the Holyhead train, which glided in behind 90026 and was soon accelerating away from Nuneaton. The four tracks, with the slow lines on the outside, continued for several miles. Beyond Polesworth the Holyhead train came to a stand at signals alongside 47347 which had also been stopped. I was able to get an unusual close-up view of the two locomotives side by side. The delay was probably caused by 90032 crossing to the down slow line for the Manchester train to make its booked stop at Tamworth as It was still standing in the platform at Tamworth when the Holyhead train passed through.
At the approach to Stafford, in the picturesque countryside on the edge of Cannock chase and Shrugborough Park, the arrangement of tracks changes, and from this point to Crewe the two slow lines are on the left hand side of the fast lines. The sight of 58004 hurrying around the curve on the Birmingham line with a northbound goods as the Holyhead train slowed for its Stafford stop suggested the possibility of a race, but well before 900026 caught up 58004 the 1303 Birmingham-Liverpool, headed by 87019 and not stopping at Stafford, began to overhaul the Holyhead train. Before long, however, 90026 was drawing ahead, and after a several more miles of high speed running 58004 was at last overtaken.
The Holyhead train arrived at Crewe just as 90012 was departing to Blackpool. I alighted from the Holyhead train and in a few minutes 87019 had arrived and 90032 was passing on the down through line with the Manchester train non-stop between Tamworth and Winslow.
I returned from Crewe as far as Stafford an the up "Sussex Scot", the 11,00 Glasgow-Brighton, hauled by 90005. 47347 was just arriving in Crewe Basford Hall yard, and on the way to Stafford 85028 on a southbound goods was overtaken. I alighted at Stafford just as 87031 sped past on the down through line with the 13.30 Euston-Lancaster. In a few minutes 85028 was running through an the up slow line closely followed by 87016 with the 14.18 Manchester-Birmingham. 90017 hurried through with the 13.05 Holyhead-Euston, and just before I had to go to catch an all stations DMU to Coventry via Nuneaton, two Northbound expresses arrived and departed almost simultaneously, with the possibility of another race on the four tracks to Crewe. The contestants this time were 86231 on the 13.50 Euston-Liverpool and 90008 on the 14.44 Birmingham-Liverpool.
At the end of the section where the two slow lines run parallel on the down side of the fast lines, among the autumn colours on the fringes of Cannock chase, the Coventry DMU had to wait for 90010 to dash past with the 15.00 Manchester-Euston, then the unit made its leisurely progress along the double track, switching to the up slow line for the Rugeley stop. Leaving Rugeley, we crossed on to the up fast line, but had to wait at the end of that stretch for 86239 to come up from behind on the slow line with the 11.50 Glasgow-Euston and overtake us. The Coventry DMU seemed very dilatory in contrast compared to the fast runs I'd had behind the 90s, and it stayed on the up slow line but was only overtaken once more before Nuneaton, by 85038 on an up mall train at Litchfield.

 by Paul Slater

Although I was tempted by the Derby Works Open Day and the Gloucester Rail Day, I in fact headed for North Wales on the weekend of September 16/17th, as I wished to see the 'Transport Extravaganza' advertised as taking place at Llangollen. Of particular Interest to me were the two "Manor" class Western Region 4-6-0s due to be operating an these two days.
The weekend proved to be very enjoyable. I saw something of the Welsh countryside by car, and had a ride on the narrow-gauge Bala Lake Railway, but it was the Llangollen Railway that was the main attraction. A frequent service of passenger trains operated over two miles between Llangollen and Berwyn, using the passing loop at Llangollen Goods Junction. What the Llangollen Railway lacks in length it makes up for by the beautiful scenery in which It passes; Llangollen and Berwyn are both situated close to the River Dee in a deep wooded valley through the mountains and must be two of the most attractively placed stations on any preserved Railway. A Class 25 diesel worked a demonstration goods train, but the passenger trains were worked alternatively by the two 4-6-0s, 7822 "Foxcote Manor" and 7828 "Odney Manor", with an 0-6-0 pannier tank, 7760 piloting a "Manor" on some workings. The "Manors", resplendent in green and with plenty of shining brass and copper, looked magnificent in the mountain setting, the Saturday was wet whilst the Sunday was brilliantly sunny, but the engines, working hard on the gradient to Berwyn and producing plenty of Steam, made a fine sight whatever the weather.
A display in Llangollen engine-shed gave a lot of information about the "Manors". They were elusive engines in my train-spotting days, as there were only thirty of then, and their principal sphere of operation was Wales, examples of the Class were shedded at Oswestry, Aberystwyth and Carmarthen. I was always very pleased on the few occasions when I managed to identify one. They were the smallest and lightest of the Western Region 4-6-0s, and were allowed over lines which because of weight restrictions an bridges etc were barred to the larger Western Region 4-6-0s such as "Halls" "Granges" and "Castles".. The former Cambrian main line to Aberystwyth was perhaps their best known route, and the "Cambrian Coast Express,' west of Shrewsbury was perhaps their most famous working.
It was on the "Cambrian Coast Express" that I made my only journey behind a "Manor" in BR days, this was from Shrewsbury to Welshpool in February 1965, when a ride on a steam-hauled express was already becoming an experience to be savoured.
Back to the present now and a photograph in Llangollen shed showed a line-up of five or six "Manors" outside Oswestry shed, Oswestry, which I visited during my weekend in North Wales, was once the Headquarters of the Cambrian Railways, although it lies just inside England; works and shed have now gone, so has the passenger service, and only a mineral branch and the efforts of the Cambrian Railway Society keep it from being defunct as a Railway town. Curiously all the "Manors" shown in the photograph have been preserved as they have proved to be a popular Class on private Railways.
The Llangollen Railway was once part of the former Great Western line from Ruabon to Barmouth, and this line was also frequented by "Manors". Photographs at Llangollen show engines of this Class working over the line, and during a family holiday at Barmouth in 1960 I noted 7817 "Garsington Manor" and 7824 "Iford Manor" on this route.
It was good to see two "Manors" at work so splendidly on the sane line in 1989.

by "Mister Spoons" Gossan

A brief but affectionate look back at my photographic highlights of 1989 must start with my expressing my admiration of steam photographers, and one or two in our own Pennine Railway Society spring to mind, who go to take one or two shots, more if they are prepared to chase the train. I suppose there is no comparison between photographing steam and diesel, but because I cannot get up the enthusiasm to drive one or two hundred miles to get one or two shots, and because I am dedicated to capturing Class 50s, on film, most of the year has been spent chasing Class 50s.
January 2nd found me at Sonning amidst damp gloomy weather, but because I had hired a video camera, at least some result was guaranteed. Ten different Class 50s produced, a feat difficult to achieve even now, the highlight this particular day being 50030 + 50050 paired on the 08.15 Padd-Ox and 10.00 return.
Another lousy day around Winchfield and Potbridge followed at the end of January, but it was all worthwhile just to see and bear 'nnnineteen' which absolutely storms anyway and certainly didn't disappoint anyway.
During March the S&C diversions took pride of place and I managed three visits up to the line and got hailed on, sleeted on, rained on and about 3 hours sun. Everything was Class 47 hauled but at least I hadn't left it too late to Set some shots an this magnificent line, without waiting hours between trains or chasing a kettle!
So while we are away from 50s for a while I must point out that my favourite spot within 30 miles from Sheffield must be Staden. Where the hell is Staden I hear you yell. Well its on the climb out of Buxton on the freight only Hindlow branch. Not a particularly good spot for a still photograph but its something else for sound effects or video) film. There can be nowhere better to hear the slog of a pair of Class 37s (my second love to 50s) than this fine spot, found off the Ashbourne road out of Buxton. 37687/682 were duly covered an the 0915 Tunstead-Hindlow on January 14th and the location has been visited since.
At Easter a family visit to Dawlish ensued, during which a visit to the Paignton to Kingswear line was made. A footbridge just west of Goodrington Sands station was chosen to photograph the departure, with 4588 the loco, and 1 can't ever remember so much noise from a small steam loco.
Another place I remember with pleasure, not so much for its photographic splendour, but for its name is Wyre Piddle, which sounds like somewhere the Titfield Thunderbolt should have passed through.
More locally Great Rocks Junction is a fine spot with semaphores to add to the scene. The 15.40 Tunstead-Oakleigh has been covered once or twice, but the first time the disappointment of train loco 47605 was made up for by 37425 banking, you can decide which was making most noise.
Spot of the year was first visited in April when my two photographing colleagues ('Nick and Keith') introduced me to Colhayne Farm, just west of Seaton Junction station on the climb from Axminster to Honiton. A beautiful area, totally unspoilt and you can pick your spot in the farmers field and hear the train two or three minutes before it comes into view - a great spot. 50041 was captured on film on this day and a return visit made during the glorious summer, July 22nd to be exact, found 50009 an top form. Buckhorn Weston is another fine spot, approaching from the eastern end and climbing towards the tunnel. The Stapleton Arms in the village affords an excellent place to stay. Sit in the bar and hear the trains storming past. Baverstock Bridge, just west of Wilton off the A30 is an especially nice spot for trains leaving Salisbury on full power, 50049 not required at this spot.
For an overall panoramic shot, Watchcombe, on the opposite side of the line from Colhayne Farm, is the most dramatic spot, possibly an the whole line from Waterloo to Exeter. The train comes into view at Seaton Junction and climbs X mile round and past where you are standing, a superb video spot and a beautiful backcloth.
I was fortunate enough to set 50005 here an July 23rd after a weekend photting at Cornwood viaduct, Dinnaton and Ivybridge, starting off at Colhayne Farm and Seaton Junction!
Tisbury Gates just west of the station is my second favourite spot of the year where most unusually the view in both directions is magnificent. On the down direction the locos are working hard after their stop at the station, whilst on the up the whole valley provides a splendid view.
I have also spent some time photographing Pennines, in particular between Scar Lane, Paddock and Marsden, where some excellent panoramic shots can be taken.
Langstone Rock is somewhere we've all probably been to but there are few better places to be in the summer and another short visit was made at the end of my holidays in June to capture 50018 on the Sundays only 08.25 Basingstoke-Paignton and 50048 on the 11.25 Paignton-Waterloo, Sea, Sand and 50s, there's nothing better. There are one or two very nice spots on the Southern Region around Old Basing, Just east of Basingstoke and Hook. One of the finest sights of the year was on July 15th when 50007, freshly outshopped and repainted at Laira only two or three days earlier, worked the 0645 Exeter-Waterloo. Consultation of the diagrams revealed that it would then work the 1215 'Waterloo-Salisbury and 15.18 Salisbury-Waterloo, so it was duly covered three times with pleasing results.
Sonning Cutting is always worth a visit particularly to photo' on the up. The slow line provides the best angle and 50031 duly did its stuff on the 10.00 Oxford-Paddington an July 29th, no fewer than six Class 56 hauled freight trains, two Class 37 freight trains, and one Class 59 were evident so plenty of freights to photo in the afternoon.
A line not often seen covered in publications is the Bristol -Weymouth line. On the 23rd September a visit was made to try and get one or two shots of the Class 33 hauled service. 33106 duly worked out and back from Weymouth and another romantic sounding location, Queen Camel, was chosen to photo the northbound run whilst the southbound was photographed at Wyke Champflower.
Sundays in South Devon turned out more Class 50 hauled trains than Summer Saturdays this year, something quite unbelievable if suggested a few years ago. Aller Junction, although sadly missing its box and superb gantry, is still a pleasant enough spot and was visited again in late September for the 09,50 Plymouth to Paignton and 11.25 Paignton-Waterloo Class 50 hauled trains followed by the 10.35 Penzance-Paddington Class 50 diagrammed but in fact producing 47526. The Burngullow-Irvine train followed and then it was on to Cockwood Harbour which provides a superb end to any days photographing and this day proved no different with 50041 on the 17.35 Paignton-Waterloo.
A couple of days off in October provided me with the opportunity of a rest from driving and a 'Coasts and Peaks' was invested in to enable me to get out for a few shots of the finest semaphore gantry left anywhere, that at Rhyl. One or two welcome freights supplemented the Holyhead-Euston trains.
Late October provided a return to Tisbury Two Gates and the weather could not have been better, superb Autumnal light. A Waterloo-Exeter in each direction did not disappoint and provided most pleasure of any shots taken all year.
Now that late Autumn is now here, almost gone in fact, one more jaunt on the Waterloo-Exeter's will be made, before probably seeing sense and having a lie in or two at weekends. But Tisbury, Colhayne Farm and Bruton will be long remembered as the best of 89 and hopefully will provide equally pleasing results for 1990. Not to be overshadowed, and to be revisited when a local trip out is the order of the day, is Great Rocks Junction and Ashwood Dale, after all to us diesel photographers two Class 37s are almost as good as one Class 50.


The Department of Trade and Industry has announced the approval of a grant from the European Regional Development Fund for a new passenger transport interchange at Meadowhall. The grant is for 50% of the £7.5m project for the rail station to provide access to the new Meadowhall Shopping and Leisure centre, and is due to open in July 1990. It will consist of a low platform station with a 200 space Park and Ride Car Park, a new 16 stand bus station and provision for a Supertram Interchange. Planned rail services include 5 trains per hour off peak to Sheffield with a journey time of 7 minutes and 3 to Rotherham(5 minutes). Trains will also run to and from Barnsley, Swinton, Doncaster, Thorne, Huddersfield and Leeds.


Listed below is a survey of the 07.12 Newton Abbot to Exeter St Davids service throughout September and October. It should be noted that this service does not run as a passenger train on Saturdays but runs empty stock from Laira instead. The service also does not run on Sundays.

N/A = Not Applicable, N/K = Loco Not known an this day.

SEPTEMBER                                                                                                OCTOBER

Date                        Loco                                                                                    Date                              Loco

Friday 1st              50049                                                                                  Sunday 1st                     N/A
Saturday 2nd         50021 + 50005                                                                  Monday 2nd                   50030 + 50043
Sunday 3rd            N/A                                                                                      Tuesday 3rd                   50041 + 50050
Monday 4th           50044                                                                                  Wednesday 4th              50002
Tuesday 5th           50048                                                                                  Thursday 5th                  50028
Wednesday 6th     50029 + 50009                                                                   Friday 6th                      50043 + 50027
Thursday 7th         50045 + 50050                                                                   Saturday 7th                   N/K
Saturday 9th          50016                                                                                   Monday 9th                   50005
Sunday 10th           N/A                                                                                       Tuesday 10th                 50028+ 50003
Monday 11th         50018 + 50043                                                                   Wednesday 11th           50003 + 50045
Tuesday 12th         50016                                                                                   Thursday 12th               50017
Wednesday 13th   50018 + 50043                                                                    Friday 13th                    50002
Thursday 14th       50003 + 50027                                                                    Saturday 14th                50017
Friday 15th           50018 + 50027                                                                    Sunday 15th                    N/A
Saturday 16th       50049 + 50027                                                                    Monday 16th                  50003 + 50050
Sunday 17th         N/A                                                                                         Tuesday 17th                 50041
Monday 18th        50045                                                                                    Wednesday 18th            50044 + 50043
Tuesday 19th        50001                                                                                     Thursday 25th               50029 + 50041
Wednesday 20th  50050                                                                                     Friday 20th                    50028 + 50044
Thursday 21st      50044                                                                                     Saturday 21st                 50030
Friday 22nd         50018                                                                                     Sunday 22nd                   N/A
Saturday 23rd      50044                                                                                     Monday 23rd                  50044
Sunday 24th         N/A                                                                                         Tuesday 24th                  50027 + 50045
Monday 25th       50007 + 50028                                                                      Wednesday 25th            50016
Tuesday 26th       50041                                                                                      Thursday 26th                50001
Wednesday 27th 50018 + 50029                                                                       Friday 27th                    50043 + 50045
Thursday 28th     50041                                                                                       Saturday 28th                50016
Friday 29th         50018 + 50050                                                                       Sunday 29th                   N/A
Saturday 30th.    50005 + 50043                                                                       Monday 30th                 50016
Tuesday 31st      50050

There were a possible 52 (excluding Sundays) sightings of this service and on all but one day in two months was the train observed. A total of 21 different locos worked the train with 50043 being noted on the service on seven different occasions. On a staggering 24 different occasions the service was double-headed. The only non ISSA sector loco to work the train was 50021 'Rodders' when it was paired with 'dead' 50005 on the 2/9/89.

We would like to thank the Class 50 Society for allowing us to reprint the above article.


In addition to the well documented waterproofing of Ribblehead viaduct further improvements including strengthening of two bridges at Garsdale and Kirby Stephen and the replacement of a bridge at Langwathby will take place.
From next May the 06.00 Skipton-Carlisle service will start from Leeds and existing Sunday services will be increased by one train in each direction.


Robin Skinner - A one way ticket to Wick from everybody in Lincoln.
John Sanderson - A pair of Binoculars - those special ones as advertised on TV.
Tony Caddick - A membership card for the Tony Agana supporters club.
Abdul Watts - Free visit to a psychiatrist, after his recent announcement.
Helen - All the luck in the world for putting up with Abdul.
Pete Wesley - A packet of chewing gum - Its supposed to help you stop smoking.


Now that the long dark nights have descended on us, a last look at the end of Summer sightings allows a final fond reminder.
Friday August 18th saw 31124 on the DMU diagrammed 06.44 Doncaster-Leeds. The 19.14 Kings Cross-Newcastle was powered by 91003 to Doncaster with 47622 forward. The Bradford-Kings Cross vans headed south behind 47625, whilst the Newcastle-Kings Cross vans had 47538 at the head. 'The Orcadion' left Sheffield for Kyle of Lochalsh behind 47805 whilst 47406 and stock worked the 20.02 Sheffield-Leeds. The 16.44 Fridays Only Reading-York was worked by 47517.
The following day saw the holiday service trains powered as follows-: 06.23 Leeds-Skegness - 31463, 08.34 Leeds-Skegness - 31441, 07.39 Newcastle-Weymouth - 47814, 08.37 Yarmouth-Liverpool - 47535, 10.42 Skegness-Sheffield - 47622, 09.20 Yarmouth-Leeds - 47538, 08.20 Tenby-York - 47577, 08.15 Weymouth-Newcastle - 47582 and 16.00 Liverpool-Yarmouth - 31427 + 428. Also on the same day at Dore 56019 worked light engine, 37683/680 headed a Roadstone and 37682 worked light with 37038 on cements. The 20.02 Sheffield-Leeds was headed by 47289 hauling a DMU. August 22nd found 20186/103 heading the 17.57 Skegness-Nuneaton.
August 29th saw the 06.50 Kings Cross-Leeds powered by 91005/43084 with 43123/91003 on the 11.10 Leeds-Kings Cross. The 10.45 Leeds-Carlisle headed northwards behind 47443, with 47417 working the 10.25 Leeds-Scarboro.
On September 9th 31439 and 31438 worked the 08.37 Yarmouth-Liverpool and the 09.20 Yarmouth-Leeds by 47625. On both 12th and 13th the 08.45 Sheffield-Leeds was worked by 31456 and DMU. The 14.42 York-Bristol failed near Wakefield when 47833 developed problems, to be assisted to Sheffield by 56037.
More variation on the EM could be seen an September 15th when the 19. 14 Kings Cross-Newcastle was powered by 89001 to Doncaster with 47503 taking over. The next day found 91004 and 43068 on the 18.30 Kings Cross-Leeds and 91002 and 43013 on the 19.20 Kings Cross-Leeds.
The 18th September saw 31465 an the 08.45 Sheffield-Leeds with 47536 on the Newcastle-Kings Gross and 47539 the Bradford-Kings Cross vans. Four days later 47417 and stock found itself employed on the 08.52 Sheffield-Lincoln. September 26th saw the sane service with 47413 at the head and 31444 an the 27th.
Class 37 enthusiasts can do worse than cover the Immingham-Scunthorpe iron ore trains which run approximately every two hours. On September 20th 37377 and 37106 headed west past Melton Ross at the same tine as 37355/381 headed east, both pairs sounding rather spectacular.
Locomotives and DMU pairings continued into October when on the 2nd the 08.52 Sheffield-Lincoln had 31444, the following day the same loco worked the 08.38 Sheffield-Leeds, the same on the 4th and on the 6th 08.39 Sheffield-Nottingham was powered by 31412. Also an the 2nd the 17.10 Kings Cross-Leeds was 55 minutes late, behind 91008/43084 due to loco failure. The two following Kings Cross-Leeds services had 91003/43123 and 91005/43067.. The 07.15 Leeds-Kings Cross Yorkshire Pullman was worked by 91001. October 6th saw the 18.30 Kings Cross-Newcastle HST working electrically hauled by 91004 but the whole ensemble was terminated at York. The 19.25 Kings Cross-Newcastle had 47508 to Doncaster, and 47413 forward, the good old days? The 05.40 Wolverhampton-York service has proved a solid Class 47 hauled train over recent months. Seen on the train have been-.. 47471 13/9, 47500 14/9, 47613 2/10, 47647 3/10, 47471 4110, 47647 5/10, 47833 6/10, 47537 9/10, 47483 11/10, 47443 24/10, 47436 25/10 and 47471 31/10. Similarly the 19.17 York-Wolverhampton has produced 47509, 47500, 47508, 47803, 47623, 47471, 47519 and 47622 over the same period.
Worksop played host to 20084/196, 56015, 58027/36/43 on October 10th while 56020 and 58035 were seen on MGR's between Kiveton Park and Darnall. 37422 was at Sheffield on an Earles Cement train.
On September 26th 56091 visited Hull King George Dock with a test train of 35 HAA's from Doncaster, prior to arrival of a shipment of imported coal during the second week of October. The coal, transported to Ferrybridge, in two trains most days and one on other days, as follows-: 5/10 56069, 6/10 47211, 9/10 56092, 10/10 56047/81, 11/10 56067, 12/10 56073, 13/10 56047/80, 16/10 56089/84, 17/10 56091/101. A second shipment arrived on October 23rd and was transported to Drax and West Burton Power stations.
The ill fated Goole swing bridge re-opened an October 2nd, only to be disrupted during the day due to a fire in the wiring, resulting in services again being diverted via Selby. Normal working was evident again by late evening.
Due to a shortage of DMUs and Sprinters, loco haulage has been introduced from October 31st until further notice on the Sheffield-Leeds via Dearne Valley services. The diagrams, Class 31/4 hauled, are as follows-: 05.25 Leeds-Chesterfield, terminating at Sheffield, 07.10 Chesterfield-Leeds starting at Sheffield at 07.27, 09.20 Leeds-Sheffield, 10.46 Sheffield-Leeds, 12.22 Leeds-Sheffield, 13.51 Sheffield-Leeds, 15.22 Leeds-Sheffield, 16.37 Sheffield-Leeds, 18.20 Leeds-Sheffield, 20.02 Sheffield-Leeds, 21.20 Leeds-Sheffield and 23.00 Leeds-Sheffield. Quite remarkably, however, on October 28th the 20.02 Sheffield-Leeds was powered by no less than - 43045/9!!

The 08.15 Nottingham-Blackpool and 18.28 return has been well covered in recent months, especially since the start of the winter timetable when a Class 37/4 has been diagrammed. Workings as follows-: 47476 28/8, 31420 15/9, 47418 11/9, 37426 4/10, 37431 5/10, 37431 9/10, 37431 11/10, 37431 12/10, 37408 20/10 (extended to Peterborough), 37408 23/10 and 25/10.
September 2nd saw the 09,01 Liverpool-Scarborough. hauled by 31465. Class 47S on these services have been extremely numerous, including 47424/7/434/44314/465/6, 47468/475/7, 533/564/603.
August 23rd found 31123 an the 06.30 Man Vic-Barrow and return 09.27. September 2nd saw the Class 37/4 Cambrian Coast services like this, 05.05 Shrewsbury-Pwllheli 37431, 06.02  Birmingham-Aberystwyth 37429 with 3740-fromShrewsbury, 07.40 Euston-Pwllheli 37427, 09.40 Euston-Aberystwyth 374291408, 07.13 Aberystwyth-Euston 37426, 09.40 Pwllheli-Euston 37431, 10.13 Aberystwyth-Euston 374291408, 15.05 Pwllheli-Euston 37427, 15.06 Aberystwyth-Euston 374081425.
Sunday the 8th October saw the 14.50 Wolverhampton-York behind 31407. The following Saturday found a charter 07.15 Euston-Aberystwyth HST powered by 43193/6. Steam locos nos 7 and 8 worked services to Devils Bridge and back. Stafford sees a variety of electric classes during anyone time and October 23rd was of no exception. 85028 worked an up freight, 85038 a down mail, 86231 the 13.50 Euston-Liverpool, 86239 the 11.50 Glasgow-Euston, 86261 the 13.00 Blackpool-Euston, 87016 the 14.18 Manchester-Birmingham, 87019 the 13.03 Birmingham-Liverpool, 90005 the 11.00 Glasgow-Brighton, 90008 the 14.44 Birmingham-Liverpool, 90010 the 15.00 Manchester-Euston, 90012 the 11.30 Euston-Blackpool, 90017 the 13.05 Holyhead-Euston, 90023 the 12.00 Euston-Manchester. In addition, 47096 and 47347 worked freights and 58004 an MGR. - quite a selection.
On October 4th the 10.28 Birmingham International-Liverpool was powered by 85004 whilst the following day it worked the 09.33 Birmingham-Manchester. There can be few places these days that sees diesel loco-hauled trains, albeit freight, under semaphore signals. However this is still the case at Rhyl where on October the 4th, during a three quarters of an hour spell, 47659 worked through on the 13.05 Holyhead-Euston, 31272 light, 47102 on ballast, 202271188 on freight, 47615 on the 11.50 Euston-Holyhead and 47329 an freight. "Old Favourite" 47520 worked the 09.50 Euston-Holyhead and 16.18 return to and from Crewe.
The following day saw 90008 in difficulty whilst working the 17.06 Birmingham International-Glasgow. It was replaced at Crewe by 87017. On October 14th 37431 found new work an Crewe-Derby services deputising for a sprinter unit.
Problems on October 26th when 86222 failed at Preston on the 09.45 Euston-Carlisle. It was dragged off its train by 47500 and the train was taken over by 90017.
November 4th saw 56104 piloting train loco 47503 on the 08.25 Leeds-Carlisle and 12.42 return. The 11th saw 56030 the pilot loco to Provincial liveried 47475.

Haulage bashers should have been aboard the 21.35 Edinburgh-Poole/Plymouth, diverted via Stockport on August 27th. The train had 47526 to Carstairs, 87013 Carstairs to Preston. 47624 Preston-Stockport, 87002 Stockport-Birmingham and 47807 from Birmingham-Southampton. August 29 saw the 21.35 Aberdeen-Euston hauled by 47562, the 20.30 Aberdeen-Edinburgh by 47709 and the 23.25 Edinburgh- Inverness by 47467. The following day had 47640 at the head of the 07.00 Inverness-Glasgow, 37416 on the 10.46 Dingwall-Kyle, 37417 on the 15.28 Kyle-Dingwall, 47463 on the 18.20 Inverness-Edinburgh, whilst the 23.55 Inverness-Edinburgh had 4752f) as far as Perth and then 47461 to Edinburgh.
August 31st saw the 07.12 Edinburgh- Inverness in the hands of 47467, the 07.05 Aberdeen-Glasgow 47717, the 07.00 Inverness-Glasgow 47617, the 09.33 Glasgow-Inverness 47526, the 10.15 Inverness-Glasgow 47593, the 10.03 Edinburgh-Inverness 47470 and the 14.42 Edinburgh-Inverness by 47562.

The overnight 23.55 Paddington-Penzance and return 22.45 is now solid Class 47 hauled. The up train an August the 26th had 47816 at its head. The Fridays only 16.44 Reading-Leeds also raises much interest. On September 15th 31405 worked the train, a week later it was 47621. October 6th found 47431 on the train and October 20th 47483.
September 23rd saw 47828 head the 08,28 Bristol-Weymouth and 13.00 return. 47432 worked the 08.17 Paddington-Paignton and 47573 the 08.45 Paddington-Penzance. 47472 powered the 09.05 Paignton-Paddington and 50034 the 06.25 Paddington-Paignton and 10.20 return. 33106 did the 10.30 Weymouth-Bristol and 13.30 return. 'Green' 47500 headed the 12.25 Penzance-Paddington whilst 50031 worked the 13.02 Paddington-Paignton and 17.45 return. Exeter Depot played host to 50005/15/17/21, 470161369/705. The following day saw 50048 work the 09.50 Plymouth-Paignton and 11.25 Paignton-Waterloo, 47598 the 08.45 Paddington-Paignton and 47603 the 09.35 Paddington-Plymouth, 37672/414 worked the Burngullow-Irvine China Clay train, and 50041 the 17.35 Paignton-Waterloo, showing signs of the water shortage in the southwest, with the numbers barely legible.
October 26th must have been a particularly bad day for Class 50s on the Paddington-Oxford services with "Duffs" 47462/481/512/528/583 and 598 all seen on services. Due to a derailment at Maidenhead, there were severe delays to services in and out of Paddington. 47427 worked into the terminus an empty stock train. 47345 and 37430 were on ballast and breakdown duties at Maidenhead. 47801 worked the "Night Riviera", leaving 70 minutes late from Paddington due to delays at Maidenhead. Noted at Bristol were 47489/834/528/813 and 50019121.
The following day saw the 07.12 Newton Abbot-Exeter 'paired' by 50043 and 50045. 50043 worked the 08.11 Exeter-Waterloo whilst 'No.45' worked back light. to Laira. Class 50s nos 15120/27 were on Laira, 50024 unusually worked the 04.15 departure from Birmingham-Plymouth. On Exeter shed that evening were 50008/21/44145/46. Saturday 28th saw the 09.05 Brighton-Plymouth unusually worked by 47188. Sunday 29th saw 50046 on ballast duties at Taunton and 50015 between Exeter and Dawlish. Trains were subject to delays due to single line working near Dawlish.

August 28th saw 33106 work the 07.55 Eastleigh-Lymington Pier, 08.53 Lymington Pier-Southampton, 09,21 Southampton-Portsmouth Hbr and 10.30 Portsmouth Hbr-Southampton. Weed killing locos 20901/4 have deposited the train in Horsham Yard and have gone off to shelter for the winter as their is no covered accommodation at Horsham. Rail cleaning units nos 00819 have been working into Horsham since October 2nd an Sandite duties. The Dorking-Horsham line is particularly wooded and so causes obvious problems during Autumn. Instead of the usual Class 73's the Cory Oil train was worked on October by 47473 (is there no escaping this loco?), Departmental trains into Horsham recently have been double-headed and 73109/129 have been paired for two weeks. Our Horsham correspondent asks, Are they in Love (!). The Foster Yeoman stone train was noted at Crawley on November 11th with 33023164 instead of the usual Class 59. Also on this date 50003/7/28 were stabled at Clapham Jct.
Class 50 hauled Waterloo-Exeter services attract possibly more Interest than any other services these days. October 24th saw 50045 head the 08.11 Exeter-Waterloo, 50043 the 09.15 Waterloo-Exeter, 50027 the 10.20 Exeter-Waterloo, 50050 worked the 15.15 Waterloo-Exeter and 50007 the 16.18 Exeter-Waterloo. The following day saw 50009 work the 06.45 Exeter-Waterloo, 50016 the 08.11 Exeter-Waterloo, 50045 the 09.15 Waterloo-Exeter, 50003 the 13.18 Salisbury-Waterloo, and 50044 the 12.15 Waterloo-Salisbury.
November 10th had 50003/7/9/16/18/28/30/48 on Waterloo-Exeter services while 7320213/6/7/9111 worked Gatwick-Victoria services. 73114/129 were noted at Three Bridges on freight.


 Class 91 no 91004 was named "The Red Arrows" at Kings Cross by Her Majesty the Queen Mother on November 7th.


15.00 hours November the 8th saw the withdrawal from Service of Class 50 no 50040. 'Centurion' had suffered no major defect but had been severely stripped for spares and the decision was taken to withdraw the engine from service. However by 10.00 hours the following day it had been re-instated to a stored un-serviceable status.


The Government has found great difficulty in finding a successor to Bob Reid as Chairman of British Rail with a number of contenders turning down the job. In an amazing move it was reported that to provide continuity the Government had asked for anyone called Bob Reid to apply for the post. Having sifted through over 100 applications from Bob Reid's it looks as though Bob Reid the Shell UK Chairman has been chosen to replace Bob Reid and the announcement is expected shortly.


Congratulations for 1st prize go to B. Marshall, 2nd prize to P, Gardner and J R Dewing jointly, Answers as follows-:

1) Ribblehead, 2) Royal Albert Bridge, 3) 50005, 4) Only one of the batch to be allocated to the LMR, 5) Hauled last steam hauled train out of Penzance, 6) Euston, 7) October 1970, 8) 1023, 9) Last Hymek to remain in green, 10) St Erth-St Ives, 11) Marylebone, 12) Queen Square, 13) Pines Express, 14) Cowes and Newport, 15) South Yorkshireman, 16) 2013167, 17) 211160, 18) Catesby, 19) Only these two received blue livery with small yellow warning panels, 20) Cornish Riviera Express,


The grand Christmas quiz of 1999 comes courtesy of Tony Caddick, Answers to the Editor by February
the 15th please,

1) Who was the presenter of the week long BBC TV programme Railwatch screened earlier this year?
2) To which sector do the Class 50s locos on the Waterloo-Exeter route belong?
3) Name of Class 90009 is?
4) What name is carried by the 06.53 Sprinter service from Edinburgh to Fort William?
5) In which year was Dr, Beeching's report into the reshaping of British Railways released?
6) Name 81 Class engine no, 61248?
7) Which Class 86 loco is named after a Channel 4 soap opera,
8) Name Class 47 no, 47803,
9) Which tunnel is situated between Perth and Hilton Junction?
10) On which line is Burnside station situated on?
11) In which year did direct services from Preston to Southport via Crossens cease to operate?
12) West Country Class no, 34107 carried two names during its lifetime what are they?
13) In which year was the Hixon level crossing accident?
14) Class 37 no, 37415 is at present allocated depot code MO, where is this?
15) Table 150 in the current BR timetable covers which service?
16) Which Deltic is named after the racehorse which won the 1,000 guineas, the Oaks and the St. Leger races in 1955?
17) In which year did Fleetwood station close?
18) On which preserved line is Dunster situated?
19) Name Warship Class 0869,
20) At which station was Class 47 'Northamptonshire' named?
21) Where was Warship 0601 scrapped?
22) Parkgate and Rawmarsh station closed on January 1st in which year?
23) Name Class 76 no, 76052,
24) Which BR station was formally known as Staddlethorpe?
25) Between which two stations does the St Davids Pullman run?
26) How long, in miles and yards, is Standedge tunnel?
27) In 1957, a train called the 'Fair Maid' was advertised, between which stations did it run?
28) In which year did the Grimsby and Immingham tramway close?
29) Name B17 no, 61648,
30) Who performed the naming ceremony of Class 86 no, 86426 'Royal Anglian Regiment'?
31) Which was the first Class 50 allocated to the Western Region?
32) In which year was the Scarboro-Whitby via Robins Hood bay service withdrawn?
33) How many platforms did the now closed Blackpool Central station have?
34) Between which two stations does the 'Royal Wessex' run?
35) In which year did Leeds Central close?
36) Which two Class 31s were involved in the Cricklewood/North Circular Road runaway on October 28th 1988?
37) Which was the first Class 37 to be painted in Inter-City livery?
38) Class 45 'Peak' class 'Lytham St Annes' carried three numbers during its life, what were they?
39) At which preserved railway is Class 55 Deltic 09019 now residing?
40) Which Class 47/7 loco was involved in the Polmont disaster in July 1984?


Meetings List No.1 December 1989-March 1990
Robin Skinner

All meetings are held at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland Street Doncaster at 1945 for a 2000 prompt start, All are welcome members and non members, and why not introduce a friend to us. The entertainment is usually first class,

Tuesday 5 December - PENNINE SHIELD quiz

Tuesday 19 December - 'Eevilities' Night. Bring your slides along any subject any standard; a real fun night

Tuesday 2 January - Members slide night - bring your own slides

Tuesday 16 January - Mike and Gary Stewart. Slide Show

Tuesday 6 February - Dave Stacey, Slide Show

Tuesday 20 February - Ned Scunthorpe (alias Ian McCracken). Slide Show

Tuesday 6 March - Members slide competition. Re-run of the last 2 years successful event. Bring 4 railway (BR) slides. To be judged by the audience. PRIZES

Tuesday 20 March - Members slide night. Bring your own slides. The subject is the East Coast Main Line (ECML)

In addition the final round of the PENNINE SHIELD quiz will be held at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster on Thursday 14 December. All are welcome to attend this round hasted by the Sheffield Transport Group, Doncaster. Start time 2000 and refreshments will be provided.


The Pennine's AGM will be held on Sunday 14 January 1990 at the Corporation Brewery Taps from 1215 to 1400.All are invited to attend to discuss the Society 1990.

Fixtures List No.1 1990 PR4
David Whitlam

Sunday 14 January - Doncaster Works 1100. Meet Plant Hotel entrance 10.50
PR4 - 90/1.  Members £3 ; Non-members £3.25 his visit will be followed by the AGM (see above)

Saturday 31st March - London Depots
PR4 - 90/2 We meet at Kings Cross and travel by tube and train (Travelcard available)
If you are interested please let me know as soon as possible so that final details can be made.
Times and prices will be issued when available.