No.69 - Autumn 1989


As predicted in these, notes in the last magazine, the unfortunate Paul Channon. has been shown the tall-lamp as Transport Secretary. The eccentric lodger at No.10 has-surprisingly demoted former golden boy Cecil. Parkinson to fill the vacancy. Sad to report that Mr. Parkinson's department already has had a disaster to investigate (the sinking of the 'Marchioness' on the Thames) following too closely on the tragedies suffered during Mr. Channon's term of office (Lockerbie, King's Cross, Clapham etc). It is hoped that the seemingly endless list of disasters suffered In recent years is now over. On a happier note, the appointment of Cecil Parkinson should, at least, ensure the continuation of the benefits offered by the Family Railcard.

We now predict the next head to role to be that of Bob Reid, the BR Chairman. His inept handling of the recent damaging rail dispute was the final nail. It Is likely he will be replaced by Lord King, currently the highly-paid Chairman of British Airways who has a completely different management style to the laid back Mr. Reid. If his handling of the recent dispute involving stewards at British Airways is anything to go by, we could have some lively exchanges with the rail unions, prior to privatisation.

Shows at our social evenings at the Corporation Brewery Taps continue to be of the highest order, as the list of recent entertainers illustrates - Rhys Jones, John P. Sanderson, Tony 'Capstick' Caddick,and the Reverend Andrew J. Watts. Uncle David Whitlam battled through unprecedented odds to present a show on the day of a rail strike .Oh - and Robin Skinner also volunteered himself to do a show - well, since he books the turns, we have to put up with It.
Future events to whet the appetite include the annual Slide Competition on 3rd October, to be judged this year by that respected photographer David Bladen (no aircraft shots allowed), Peter 'The Entertainer' Wesley's show on 21st November, and then, if the ozone-layer survives that long, the hugely popular Pennine Shield. The Pennine's team members will again have to pass- a 'dope test' before selection, but we confidently expect them to pass that. There is less confidence in them actually winning the trophy. Our friends of the Sheffield Transport Group are again expected to present a strong challenge arid are already on a mainly liquid--only diet to ensure. peak fitness on the night. Full details of all the events. are given at the rear of this magazine.

A successful evening tour took place on 4th. July with a visit to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, and a journey on the line in a hired railbus. Transport from Doncaster was provided by the Sheffield Transport Group with one of their vintage (well,1974 built) double-deck buses. Sad to report that Gerry Collins (Lincoln) was unable to make the visit since his love of motor buses is now legendry. The night ended- with a visit to an inn In Haworth, followed by a delightful scenic journey back to Doncaster via Sheffield. It Is reported that one unnamed Pennine member has now turned into a pumpkin due to arriving home after midnight.

Neil Taylor (Doncaster), when asked recently why he suddenly resembled a cucurbitaceous plant bearing a large egg shaped fruit, replied 'Salmonella Off'.

'The Lord Moves in a Mysterious Way' - Yes, our Religious Adviser, Reverend Andrew J. Watts recently returned from attending a Billy Graham evangelism in Doncaster to find. his car had been stolen It was found several days later dumped at the former Cortonwood pit, In a severely damaged state and, requiring an extensive Works job. However, the really bad news was that the Society's projector was in the car at the time of the theft, but was not in the car at the time of its recovery. We are however grateful to 'The Vic' for supplying the Society with. a new, replacement projector, the cost of which will be met from the insurance claim.

All leave is cancelled on Sunday 14 January 1990, Yes ,you've, guessed., It's the Pennine's Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster, starting at just after 12 noon. when we have all been served. It is hoped that a visit to Doncaster Works can be arranged for that morning, before the AGM. Further details will be given. in our next magazine; this is just to warn you to leave your diary free/cancel anything which is already booked. This is a 'Three Line Whip' event.

On the health front, our best wishes are. sent to Tony Needham (Mexbrough,) who has been signed off work for a considerable length of time, and also to our Treasurer John Sanderson (Sheffield) who it is believed. is suffering from equine flu, and also to the entire population of Lincoln who have Robin Skinner.


Welcome to the Autumn edition of Trans Pennine. It is hard to believe that while still having warm sunny weather (on the whole) we are approaching the last quarter of the year, having had the hottest and best summer for thirteen years at least, if not for one hundred and thirteen years. It has been undoubtedly an unbelievable summer marred by the rail strike ( as well as the dock strike, local government workers strike, air traffic controllers strike, England cricket team strike, etc, etc). The why's and the wherefore's of the strike have been widely explained and discussed by the media on the television, but at the end of the day, was there really any point in the NUR hanging out after ASLEF had settled?.
What did they achieve? As usual the travelling public, or is it the 'customer'? suffered most. Let us hope that someone, somewhere has learnt a lesson.


It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Ivo Peters, who passed away on June 7th. Ivo, who was Mr Somerset and Dorset, is best remembered to younger enthusiasts as the man who brought the S & D back to life with his excellent cine film being transferred onto video, as well as scenes from other parts of the country, and numerous superb publications. He had suffered a long and painful illness but had managed to stay cheerful to the very end. He will be surely missed by all enthusiasts, for even those who never met him knew him from possession of one of his books.


The dates for the 1989 PENNINE SHIELD quiz have now been agreed and are as follows ;

Thursday 16 November Hosted by the South York-shire Railway Photographic Society at the Brown Cow, The Wicker, Sheffield.
Thursday 23 November Hosted by the Dore Loco Group, at the Brown Cow, The Wicker, Sheffield
Tuesday 5 December Hosted by the Pennine Railway Society, at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster
Thursday 14 December Hosted by the Sheffield Transport- Group/Felix Preservation Group at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster.

First questions will be asked at 20,00 hrs.

NEW LINE -Noted on sale at York recently FERGIE-BURGERS, guaranteeing 100% fat.


During the second visit to Spain that I had made in my student years I had a few days to spare In Madrid, and went on excursions to historic cities nearby. The first trip was to Toledo which is situated an the River Tagus about fifty miles south of Madrid. First I checked at the Atoja station that I could get to Toledo and back in day - a sensible precaution, as I had already found that Spanish trains were mostly slow and infrequent, and on receiving an affirmative answer, was pleased to find that I could purchase a ticket on the spot; tickets for long distance Journeys could not be purchased at the station, strangely, and it was necessary to go to an office In a nearby street.
Spanish trains were classified an the departure boards in several categories; in descending order of speed and comfort, they were; Talgo (Pullman), TAF (fast diesel railcar), Rapido (express), Expresso (semi-fast), Correo (Mail), and Tranvia (tram). The Toledo train was a tram train, in other words a slow all stations stopper.
It was in the summer of 1963 when I made my excursion to Toledo. As in Britain at that time, steam was giving way to diesel and electric on the Spanish railways, but the Toledo train was steam hauled, by a big 4-8-2 probably displaced from the long distance work by the recent electrification of the main line southwards from Atoja.
The journey to Toledo was dilatory and tedious; the sun blazed with a fierce heat, and through the open carriage windows soot form the locomotive drifted in to soil the sweating passengers. At Toledo I was spared a long hot walk around the city when a taxi-driver recognising me as a visitor, offered to take me on a tour. His fee was high but I accepted, as it would save me a lot of trouble. I visited the cathedral, several museums, a view point and one of the sword factories for which Toledo was once famous; it now produced knives, and although the finished products, with their beautiful damascene work were cheap and attractive, I regretfully had to explain to my guide that I could not buy one, as they all had switch blades and so would count as illegal offensive weapons in Britain.
As promised the taxi-driver delivered me back to the station in time for the evening train to Madrid. I walked up to the front, and saw that the engine was another of the big 4~8-2's. Th return was a little less hot and crowded, but equally as slow. At one point I leaned from a window in the evening sunshine and watched the locomotive making heavy weather of its fairly light load an the gradients through the high bare countryside north of the Tagus valley. It was one of the last Journeys I ever did abroad behind steam.


At last there is some light at the end of the tunnel, or should one say the prospect of a seat on the currently overcrowded SouthEast commuter trains.
In one of the clearest announcements to have come out of the Department of Transport's Tannoy system since the 1950's there is the promise of massive. new investment. With luck it signals that the Government is committed to providing better public transport, especially around our congested. cities.
It may also signal the fact that the Government is trying to regain lost support following many unpopular events (inflation, mortgage rates, interest rates, water privatisation, poll-tax, Health Service etc.etc.).
Wait for the headline, SEWAGE - THATCHER STEPS IN.

8-7-89 - A Typical Summer Saturday - in Portugal
Andrew & Helen

The temperature was well into the 90's as Helen and I caught the 11.00 free mini-bus from Hotel Altura to our sister Hotel in Tavira. Nothing unusual about that you might think, except that we walked straight out of the Hotel in order to catch the local public bus (RN) to Tavira town. This cost 75 Escudos (30p) each. We then walked up the hill to a large white building, the CP railway station. Two cheap day returns for the 30 km journey to Faro were purchased for 340 Escudos (1.35) each.

The purpose of the trip was to sample English Electric haulage in Portugal. The main problem was we had no gen! Our train to Faro was due at 12.58 leaving us time to photograph the 10.15 train from Tunes at 12.39. A familiar horn was heard and the 'Beast' came round the bend. It was 1806, which looked and sounded like a class 50 but much taller and wa-9---still carrying it's polished 1968 Newton-le-Willows works plates. So far, so good. I took a few photographs, much to the amusement of the driver, who had never seen so much interest expressed in his loco. 1806 departed on time, and we awaited our train. As it approached-t-he-- station we discovered that it wasn't a class 18xx, it was 1208. We were bowled. We sampled this machine for the 45 minute run to Faro. There were 2 second class and 1 first class coach, and each one had it's own ticket collector. On arrival at Faro at 13.45, 1810 was awaiting departure on an inter-regional express (not valid) to Vila Real de Santo Antonio, so we managed a quick photograph.

We returned to the station an hour later to view the 14.45 departure but that was a class 12xx, so we decided to wait for the 17.25. At
17.09 1806 returned on it's way back to Tunes, but our train arrived behind--M5 so again we were unlucky. On the way back to Tavira we passed 1810 returning on the express. We had managed to photograph two of the-class although not having sampled any for haulage. We then got a fast Taxi back to Altura, which cost 1220 Escudos (4.82), the most expensive part of the day. A good day in all.

10.15 Tunes -                                                                                                  Vila Real de Santo Antonio 1806                      
Inter Regional Express -                                                                                   Vila Real de Santo Antonio 1810
15.03 Lagos -                                                                                                  Vila Real de Santo Antonio 1205
12.10 Vila Real de Santo Antonio -                                                                                                    Faro 1208
 Vila Real de Santo Antonio15.40 -                                                                                                  Tunes 1806
                                                                                                                            Inter Regional Express 1810

We decided to have another attempt at sampling an English Electric class 18xx. We waited for the bus at Altura only to find that they had gone on strike, so it was a fast taxi to Tavira which cost 1600 Escudos (6.50). As the 10.15 from Tunes had been 1806 on Saturday, we decided to travel East to the Spanish Border town of Vila Real de Santo Antonio on this train. We purchased two day return tickets for the 20 Km journey for 270 Escudos (1.10) each. At 12.39 1808 came round the bend much to our relief, so at last we had managed to achieve our aim. We returned to Tavira on the 13.45 from Vila Real which was hauled by 1220. We then had a taxi back to Altura. How many other Pennine members have had 51 Hoovers for haulage?.



Looking back to notes and sightings of years gone by, firstly back to 1981.
March 6th saw York MPD hosting four Class 55 Deltics in no's 55004/7/11/15 whilst 55018 worked the 05.50 KX-Aberdeen as far as Edinburgh. 55019 headed the 08.05 York-KX. Noted at Darlington was 03072 while noted at Gateshead were 08148, 55012/13. 08254 was seen shunting at Heaton. 55002/10 were stabled at Haymarket and 06005/6 and 08761 at Dundee. Ferryhill hosted three Class 40s, no's 40158/167/192 and 55002 headed the 16.30 Aberdeen-Leeds.
On March 10th 08809 was stabled at Oxford and sister loco 08850 at Didcot. Ex Scottish shunter 06003 was on Reading MPD nearing its long Journey to Reading signal works. Class 50 no 50048 unusually paired with an unidentified Class 47 worked the 08.50 Paddington-Birmingham whilst 47083 worked the following 11.50 Paddington-Birmingham. The 07.57 Paington-Paddington was worked by 50027 and 50029 headed the 09.50 Paignton. 50047 worked the 12.25 Paddington-Plymouth and 47324/540 the Manchester-Poole. 50026 worked the 13.55 Paddington-Liverpool, 50019 Carflats and 50039 the 14.25 Paddington-Plymouth.
April the 4th saw Doncaster MPD holding 03066, 40022 and 56077, 08116/562 were at Tyne Yard and 08671 at Newcastle in place of the Class 03. Heaton Pilots were 08254/512/888. 03059 and 40195 were at Berwick.
Peterborough on the 11th of April found 55019 at the head of the 08.05 York-KX and 47497 on the 08.05 KX-Hull. The Harwich-Manchester boat train was worked by 37266. A West Ham to Grimsby Football Special was unusually worked by 55014.
Noted on Gateshead an April 25th were 31230/37078/96/171/212, 45076/145, 47040/314/412, 55016. 08373 was stabled at Sunderland and 08085/608, 47303/368 at Hartlepool.
May 2nd saw Haymarket depot hosting the following locos-: 20156, 25072, 26013, 40002161/2, 46027, 47177/470/541/5721564/7021707/711 with 08881/893 at Craigentinny. 46031 headed the 22.10 Edinburgh-KX.
The following day found 08957, 31114, 37054/88 and 47581 at Liverpool Street, 03180, 08708/261/526, 37109 at Cambridge and 031791196/399, 08661, 37090/107/172 at Ipswich.
Return Rugby specials to Hull were worked by 47340, 47163, 47078 and 55009. 47521 worked the 14.05 KX-York.


August the 25th 1984 found Sheffield a mecca for the modern image enthusiast with 37246 working the 07.49 to Blackpool, 31115 the Chesterfield-Scarborough and 47199 the Manchester-Skegness usually a Class 40 working. However 40012 worked the Manchester-Skegness. 20084/188 worked the 11.59 Skegness-Leicester and 'sisters' 20141/169 the following 12.38 Skegness-Derby. 25034, 31102, 37256 were an the curve at Derby. 47098 was power for a Poole-York relief and unusually 37123 was at the head of the 09.10 Paignton-Newcastle, usually a type 4 working. 45147 worked the 08.53 Penzance-Newcastle. The 16.40 Nottingham-Barrow was worked by 47222 and the 10.04 Newquay-Newcastle by 46035.
Three days later found 47511 an the 09.20 Leeds-Penzance whilst 45128 worked the first leg of the Newcastle-Poole. 47564 was at the head of the Paddington-Hull. Several additionals ran or. the date with 45005 working the 10.30 York-Plymouth. 47291 the 11.00 Cardiff-York and 47249 the 09.30 Poole-York. Class 31 power in the shape of 31440 worked the 14.10 Leeds-Brighton to Whan where 47565 took over. The 10,24 Penzance-Liverpool worked in behind 50037 and further additionals in the shape of the 14.20 York-Plymouth with 45068 and 14.14 Exeter-York with 47324 where necessary.
September the 8th found the usual procession of holiday trains with no less than eighteen Class 50s in evidence, among other classes of course. 45033 worked the 23.25 Glasgow-Paignton and 45055 the 09.10 Paignton-Newcastle. Other 'Peak' workings were the 07.17 Derby-Penzance with 45130 and 45110 an the 08.53 Penzance-Newcastle whilst the 09.14 Brighton-Penzance was headed by 45015. The usual crop of no heat 47s worked, heat of course not being necessary, in the shape of 47068 on a westbound Motorail, 47199 on the 10.00 Paignton-Liverpool, 47157 on the 09.15 Paddington-Paignton, 47156 on the 10.04 Newquay-Newcastle, 47246 the 10.18 Paddington -Paignton, 47309 the 08.30 Liverpool-Paignton and 47350 the 10.35 Penzance-Leeds. The 07.00 Oxford-Paignton and 11.45 Paignton-Paddington was worked by 50047, the 08.00 Paddington-Paignton and 12.56 Paignton-Paddington by 50027, the 09.40 Paddington-Penzance by 50028, the 09.45 Paddington-Newquay by 50014, the 11.15 Paddington-Paignton by 50010, the 12.18 Paddington-Paignton by 50043 and 13.18 Paddington-Paignton by 50003. Those heading north or east from the West Country were 50009 on the 08.55 Paignton-Paddington, 50008 the 09.28 Paington-Birmingham, 50019 the 09.45 Paignton-Paddington, 50035 the 07.40 Penzance-Aberdeen, 50021 the 10.45 Paignton-Paddington, 50025 the 10.00 Penzance-Liverpool and 50017 the 11.05 Penzance-Paddington.
The following day saw the 09.20 Exeter-Penzance headed by 47597, Penzance played host to six Class 50s , no's 50009/16/17/27/36/49 and later in the day the tea time line up at Plymouth was 50044 on the 16. 20 to Waterloo, 50014 an the 16.30 to Paddington, 50035 on the 16.50 to Paddington. The 17.20 Paignton-Paddington was most unusually headed by 47343.
The 09. 35 Exeter-Paignton sees regular Class 33 power at the head and September the 10th saw 33024 work the train with 33030 the following day.
Finally from this period September 11th found 50050 on the 07.50 Exeter-Paignton, 50018 an the 06. 35 Bristol-Plymouth and the 11. 05 Paignton-Paddington double headed by 50040/48.


Well I had the questions and the answers and I couldn't make head nor tail of the whole thing, a bit like a cryptic crossword in fact! However some for you who are somewhat brighter than myself fathomed it all out and we have a joint winner-:
Joint 1st - N. Bell and P. Gardner all five correct.
Joint 2nd - P. Slater and N. Bolland three correct.

The answers were-: 
12.30 Retford 55002 Bertie Bawler On time.
12.45 York 55009 Willy Coppit On time.
13.00 Newcastle 55015 Fred Pennine Late.
13.15 Edinburgh 55021 Ray Spotter Early.
13.30 London 55016 Steve Snappit Early.


Try your hand at this one. Entries to Ed by November 15th please.

1) It took four years to build, reaching completion in 1874, it is 1/4 mile long, 105 feet high, what is it?

2) Which structure was opened on the 2nd May 1859?

3) Which was the last Class 50 to carry its 400 series number?

4) Class 40 D255 was different from the rest of its order batch No's D237 to D255. How?

5) West Country 34023 Blackmore Vale made history on the 03/05/64. How?

6) Where was Class 40 D210 'Empress of Britain' named?

7) When did the line from Barnstaple to Ilfracombe close?

8) In August 1973, which Western left Swindon Works, being the last Hydraulic to receive a general overhaul.

9) Hymek D7054 made history when withdrawn in December 1972. How?

10) Which Cornish branch opened on 1st June 1877?

11) Passenger services began to which London terminus an 18th march 1899?

12) What was the original name of Bath Green Park Station?

13) Which famous train ran for the last time on 8th September 1962 via a specific route?

14) The first railway line on the Isle of Wight opened on 16th June 1862 joining which two Stations?

15) Which train left Bradford Exchange at 10.00 for Marylebone and returned at 16.50?

16) On which date did electric services commence between Ryde and Shanklin?

17) On which date did through services from Marylebone to Sheffield and Manchester cease, to be replaced by the Marylebone-Nottingham semi-fast service?

18) Which tunnel was 3000 yards long on a gradient of 1 In 176 towards the north end and was near to a house of the same name, which was the meeting place of Guy Fawkes and his companions when planning to destroy the Houses of Parliament?

19) Warships D830 and D831 had a livery variation different from all other members of the Class. What was it?

20) Which famous named train first ran on 1st July 1904 but without its title at that time?


A press release dated 11th July detailed the proposed closure by B.R. of the Doncaster-Gainsborough Lea Road section of track. The 18 mile section between Black Carr Junction and Trent Junction Gainsborough was the section in question with no intermediate stations. However since this proposal was made, we have heard that a decision on closure has been delayed while further enquiries are made.


43169 National Trust at Paddington on July 11th.
56012 Maltby Colliery at Maltby Colliery on June 22nd.
56091 Castle Donnington Power Station at Castle Donnington PS on June 18th.
56099 Fiddlers Ferry Power Station at Fiddlers Ferry P.S. on July 12th.


Midland Region:
Class 85s are still seeing active service on passenger trains with 85015 employed on the 15.18 Manchester-Birmingham and 85007 on the 07.57 Liverpool-Birmingham on May 29th. 50026 worked the 13.41 Birmingham-Paddington on the same date.
Problems on the Pennine route on June 3rd occurred when 47597 failed at Leeds on the 08.52 Liverpool-Newcastle, 47418 took over 35 mins late.
Coalville Open day on June 11th proved a huge success with steam and diesel both sharing the honours. 'Jubilee' 45596 'Bahamas' and standard tank 80080 were both in steam whilst on display were 08788, 201081215. 31456, 3706512351504/511, 40012, 47380, 47522, 55015, 56019162, 58050, 9720415,61, D100, D7671 and D9000. The 'Coalville Cobbler' special was powered by 33058 with 20103/186 handling the stock after arrival.
July 25th found 85026 working ecs duties at Euston whilst Willesden hosted 81013/17, 85034/101, 86103. Noted at Euston were Class 90s no's 90007/12/20124/25/27 and 86414. Noted at Birmingham on July 15th were 85026/37 with 85034 at Wolverhampton. 81013 was also at New Street. Seen passing through Stafford on the same day were 2006511201173/190 and 31437. 37071/3 hauled a failed HST into New Street but the arrival and destination were unknown. July 29tb found 85004 employed on the 11.50 Glasgow-Euston and 81017 on the 12.10 Glasgow-Plymouth. Noted at Preston on August 4th was 85004 on the 07.02 Plymouth-Glasgow and 81013 on the 08.20 Paignton-Edinburgh.
On August 9th your membership secretary was kept amused for a good 20 minutes by the antics of Class 31s no's 312991319 on an oil train from Preston Docks. In pouring rain the two locos slipped continuously and finally ground to a halt near the top of the incline opposite the south end of the station. Sister loco 31464 was commandered from an engineers train to help but the three locos still struggled to restart the train. Finally after much struggling and slipping the convoy managed to Set to the top of the incline to ironic cheers from the assembled group of watching enthusiasts and GPO staff. The two original locos continued the journey alone. According to a local source even Class 56s struggle up the Incline in wet weather.
Vintage Class 31 no 31101 has seen active passenger service deputising for DMU's the North Vest and worked the 13.02 Manchester Victoria-Barrow on July 8th and August the 12th.

Southern Region:
Network Day on June 10th saw not surprisingly huge crowds enjoying Class 50 haulage In the shape of 50049 on the 06.45 Exeter-Waterloo, 50018 the 11.15 Wat-Ex, 50028 the 09.50 Sal-Wat, 50005 the 10.20 Ex-Wat, 50008 the 13.18 Sal-Wat and 50007 the 11.50 Ex-Wat. 331161102 the 11.18 Sal-Wat. 50009 sees regular use and Is clocking up the miles on Waterloo-Exeter services. On July 29th it worked the 14.22 Exeter-Waterloo, the 30th the 10.20 Exeter-Waterloo and August the 5th it was seen on the 12.29 Exeter-Waterloo. Likewise 50045 is also clocking up the miles seen on the 13. 15 Waterloo-Exeter on the 29/7189 and the 06.52 Waterloo-Exeter the next day.
50007 has had a repaint at Laira and is in pristine condition and it is a true credit to Laira and the Class. Congratulations must surely go to the powers that be for keeping this loco in its current livery.
August 19th saw the now usual Class 50 monopoly on the Waterloo-Salisbury-Exeter line but with two exceptions. The 10.15 Waterloo-Salisbury and return 13.18 service was in the hands of 33118, good old days all over again, whilst the 09.50 Salisbury-Waterloo and 15.15 Waterloo-Exeter was powered by 47401, well off its beaten track. 73110 headed an up Poole-Waterloo boat train and 73109 the return working later in the day.
Class 419 DMU's from RE are unusually appearing at Horsham as single cars from the Three Bridges direction at 1700 hours. No's 9001/8/9/10 have been seen during August.

Western Region:
June 9th saw Royalty visiting Lostwithiel with the Royal train being hauled from Plymouth by an immaculate 47818 which was noted stabled at St Blazey together with 3725214141670/11314. 47606 worked the 11.18 FO Penz-Padd. Class 37s nos 37,67011 worked the 15.45 Blazey-Gloucester Speedlink. June 14th saw 47569 head the 19.22 Penzance-Derby TPO with 47500 powering the train two days later. Saturday June 4th saw the now depressingly Inevitable procession of Class 47s on the loco-hauled services in Cornwall. 47478 worked the 08. 17 Pz-Glas/Ed, 47459 the 10. 17 Pz-Manchester, 47822 the 10.50 Pz-York, 47639 the 06.38 Milton Keynes-Pz and 47587 the 08.45 Pad-Pz. The monopoly was refreshingly broken by 50040 heading the 14.10 Pz-Bristol Vans and 50035 on the 12.10 Padd-Pz, 50035 is a favourite on the 12.10 Padd-Pz (returning the next day with the 10.35 Pz-Pd) and also worked these services on June 17th, July 8th/22nd and August 12th.
Network day on June 10th found 47435 on the 12.30 Plymouth-Padd, 47524 on the 13.41 B'ham-Pd, 47582 the 14.40 Pd-Newbury, 50024 the 15.15 Paddington-Oxford, 50033 the 16.15 Paddington-Oxford, 47556 the 17.02 Paddington-Hereford and 47?14 the 17.00 Oxford-Paddington.
An intrepid member has detailed services seen passing Dawlish an July 8th, in great depth, observations as follows-SATURDAY, JULY 8th. 1989:

TRAIN TIME     JOURNEY                                                                     LOCOS               DEPART          LATE
                                                                                                                                     EXETER          MINS
1V34 06.04      DERBY/PAIGNTON                                                        47 653                09.18
1C14 07.35      PADDINGTON/PENZANCE                                            43130/125           10.11               30
1C15 07.52      CARDIFF/PAIGNTON 43010/036 09.55 4
6V24 01.50      DOVER/BURNGULLOW 47 249 09.48
?                     WATERLOO/EXETER 50 009 A10.34
1V36 06.38      MILTON KEYNES/PENZANCE 47 611 10.55
1C17 08.17      PADDINGTON/PAIGNTON 47 665 11.03
1V37 07.00      MANCHESTER PICC./NEWQUAY 43138/180 11.11
1C19 08.45      PADDINGTON/PENZANCE 47 587 11.41 8
1C24 09.35      PADDINGTON/PAIGNTON 43088/122 11.58 18
1V38 06.25      BRADFORD/PAIGNTON 43024/008 11.48
1V39 06.56      ROSE GROVE/PAIGNTON 47 618 12.08 7
1V40 07.30      LEEDS/PENZANCE 43140/030 12.07
1C28 10.25      PADDINGTON/PENZANCE 43145/150 12.31 5
 ?                    WATERLOO/EXETER 50 048 A12.34
1V41 08.22      NOTTINGHAM/PAIGNTON 43042/197 12.35
1C32 10.45      PADDINGTON/PENZANCE 43191/027 12.46
1C33 10.48      PADDINGTON/PAIGNTON 43133/188 12.53
1V43 08.35      LIVERPOOL/PENZANCE ~.47 523 13.02
1V44 07.20      NEWCASTLE/PAIGNTON 43192/178 13.13 5
1C35 11.05      PADDINGTON/PENZANCE 47 573 13.34
1V45 09.18      MANCHESTER PICC./PAIGNTON 31 460/416 13.56 12
1V46 09.33      STOCKPORT/PAIGNTON 31 405/411 13.50
1C38 12-05      PADDINGTON/NEWQUAY 43178/192 14.07
1V47 08.10      NEWCASTLE/PENZANCE 43164/019 14.28 12
1V10 09.01      BRIGHTON/PLYMOUTH 50 007 14.18
?                     WATERLOO/EXETER 50 033 A14.36
1C39 12.10      PADDINGTON/PENZANCE 50 035 14.41
1V48 10.25      LIVERPOOL/PAIGNTON 47 831/82101 15.08
1V49 06.55      GLASGOW QUEEN ST./NEWQUAY 43032/135 15.34 12
1C45 13.02      PADDINGTON/PAIGNTON 50 025 15.37
1C48 13.50      PADDINGTON/PENZANCE 43181/161 15.54
1V50 07.50      GLASGOW CENTRAL/PENZANCE 47 825 16.03
1C60 15.45      PADDINGTON/PENZANCE 43147/165 17.56
1V53 13.05      YORK/PLYMOUTH 47 657 18.20
1V55 13.09      NEWCASTLE/PAIGNTON 43146/151 19.00
1C62 16.50      PADDINGTON/PLYMOUTH 43182/009 19.14
1V62 16.18      MANCHESTER PICC./PLYMOUTH 43011/173 20.45

1A35 06.15      PENZANCE/PADDINGTON 43181/161 09.20
1M37 08.40      PAIGNTON/MANCHESTER PICC. 31 4551415 09.28
1M09 08.37      PLYMOUTH/LIVERPOOL 47 447 09.41
1A42 09.05      PAIGNTON/PADDINGTON 47 484 09.58
        10.20       EXETER/WATERLOO 50 017 10.20
1A44 07.35      PENZANCE/PADDINGTON 43128/033 10.24
1E32 09.50      PAIGNTON/NEWCASTLE 43103/158 10.39
1086 09.33      PLYMOUTH/BRIGHTON- 47 432 10.51 5
1E31 08.10      PENZANCE/NEWCASTLE 43037/003 10.46
1M62 08.20      NEWQUAY/MANCHESTER PICC. 43011/173 10.58
1A50 10.20      PAIGNTON/PADDINGTON 50 023 11.17
1S71 08.17      PENZANCE/GLASGOW CENTRAL 47 473 11.23
1E42 10.50      PAIGNTON/YORK 43023/175 11.42
        11.48       EXETER/WATERLOO 50 009 11.48
1A51 08.58      PENZANCE/PADDINGTON 43165/147 11.49
1M41 11.20      PAIGNTON/LIVERPOOL 47 653 1206

1S42 09.50      NEWQUAY/GLASGOW CENTRAL 43012/186 12t19
         12.28      EXETER/WATERLOO 50 002 12.28
1A54 11.50      PAIGNTON/PADDINGTON 43036/010 12.37
1A56 09.58      PENZANCE/PADDINGTON 43009/182-12.48
1M56 10.17      PENZANCE/MANCHESTER PICC. 47 481 13.10
1A60 12.30      PLYMOUTH/PADDINGTON 47 819 13.34
1E36 10.50      PENZANCE/YORK 47 426/803 13.49
1A61 11.25      NEWQUAY/PADDINGTON 43018/007 14.01
         14.22      EXETER/WATERLOO 50 048 14.22
1A68 13.50      PAIGNTON/PADDINGTON 43008/024 14.42
1E43 14.05      PAIGNTON/BRADFORD 43122/088 14.57
1M45 12.05      PENZANCE/LIVERPOOL 47 567 15.03
1M83 14.25      PAIGNTON/ROSE GROVE 47 618 15.15
1A73 12.25      PENZANCE/PADDINGTON 47583 15.21
1M61 14.40      PAIGNTON/NOTTINGHAM 43197/042 15.31
1E06 14.10      PLYMOUTH/NEWCASTLE (PARCELS) 47 626 15.35
1B39 14.55      PAIGNTON/SWANSEA 47 665 15.48
1E37 15.10      PAIGNTON/NEWCASTLE 43006/005 15.57
1A79 15.23      PAIGNTON/PADDINGTON 43188/133 16.13
1M65 15.37     PAIGNTON/LIVERPOOL 31 411/405 16.24
1M82 15.48     PENZANCE/MILTON KEYNES 47 522 17.54
1M10 17.15     PAIGNTON/MANCHESTER PICC. 47 831/82101 18.06
1E45 15.45     PENZANCE/NEWCASTLE 43030/140 18.21
1A94 17.45     PAIGNTON/PADDINGTON 50 025 18.39
1A92 16.20     PENZANCE/PADDINGTON 43150/145 19.08
1M63 18.25     PAIGNTON/WOLVERHAMPTON 31 460/416 19.21


July 15th saw 'log' Class 50s no's 50036 on he 17.42 Padd-Ox, 19.00 Ox-Pd and 50033 hauling dead 50031 on the 20.00 Ox-Pd. 50033 worked light from Reading to Oxford. July 23rd found 50050 on the 09.50 Plymouth-Paignton and 1.1.25 Paignton-Waterloo, 47808 on the 11.50 Plymouth-York, 37669/673 the Burngullow-Irvine China Clay, 47537 the 09.35 Padd-Plym and 47582 the 12.50 Pz-Pd.
During the holiday period of July 29th to August 12th thirty six different Class 50s were viewed along the sea wall at Dawlish on different services. Also of interest the 6B43 15.45 Blazey-Gloucester Speedlink saw different pairs of Class 37s power the train. 3767012 worked on 118189, 37671/0 an the 2nd and 3rd, 376731188 the 4th, 37674/2 the 7th, 376691188 the 8th and 10th, 376721669 the 11th.
July 30th found 47808 in trouble at Dawlish heading the 11.50 Plymouth-York, assisted by 47536 running 2 hours late. 37671/670 worked the 11.48 Burngullow-Irvine China Clay Slurry train. 50008 worked an up ballast empties and unusually 47417 worked the 17.50 Plymouth-Paddington. The next day saw 50021 work the 14.15 Tavistock-Exeter Riverside and return freight. August 1st found 50015 an up ballast empties whilst 37098 headed the 15.00 Coatbridge- Tavistock Jcn Speedlink and 12.10 Tavistock-Gloucester Speedlink. After E exam and repaint 50028 paired with 50004 headed an up test train and 50049/18 followed up light engines. The next day 50042 headed 14.15 Tavistock-Exeter Riverside returning light engine.
On August 3rd 50020 was noted assisting 47618 on the 09.50 Glasgow-Plymouth. 50021 headed the 13.32 Pz-Leeds Vans on August 4th. Noted on the 5th were 50032 on the 06.25 Pad-Pgtn and 10.20 Pgtn-Pd, 31458 an the 06.04 Derby-Pgtn and 11.20 Pgtn-Liverpool, 47338 an the 01.50 Dover-Burngullow Polybulk empties, 31403/455 the 09.18 Manchester-Paignton and 15.37 Paignton-Liverpool, 314261425 an the 09.33 Stockport-Paignton and 18.25 Paignton-Wolverhampton. 50024 worked the 12.10 Padd-Pz and 50025 the 13.02 Pd-Pgtn and 17.45 Pgtn-Pd.
The following day 50007 headed the 08.15 Basingstoke-Paignton and 17.35 Paignton-Waterloo, 50031 the 08.45 Pd-Pgtn and 18.15 Pgtn-Waterloo, 50030 the 09.50 Plymouth-Paignton and 11.25 Paignton-Waterloo, 50009 the 14.42 Plymouth-Waterloo and 37673/670 the 11.48 Burngullow-Irvine China Clay train.
The 07.12 Newton Abbot-Exeter train was paired two days running with 50001 + 50050 on the 7th and 50029/3 on the 8th.
The Meldon Quarry branch still sees regular freight traffic in the hands of Class 50s and Class 33s. 50015 headed the 05.15 Exeter-Meldon and 07.49 return while 50008 worked the 07.15 Exeter-Meldon and 09.05 return, 11.42 Exeter-Meldon and 13.35 return. 33101/065 worked the 08.40 Eastleigh-Meldon.
The following day on the branch saw 330081207 head the Woking-Meldon and 11.20 Meldon-Tonbridge with 331011065 on the 16.30 Meldon-Eastleigh. 33117/211 headed the 09.50 Tonbridge-Meldon. 500171003 headed the 20.50 Exeter-Laira ecs with 50044/40 heading another down ecs. 50001 worked into Exeter an the 18.15 from Waterloo and then the 22.15 Exeter-Laira ecs, 50050 arrived with the 19.15 from Waterloo and then paired with 50049 on the 22.50 Exeter-Laira ecs. The following day saw the 20.50 Exeter-Laira paired again this tine with 50003/5.
The elusive 50019 worked the 08.27 Bristol-Tavistock Jet Freight on August 11th whilst 50040 paired with 47816 headed the 13.32 Pz-Leeds Vans. Summer Saturday variety like the good old days on August the 12th with 47316 headed the 08.40 Pgtn-Liverpool, 50034 the 06.25 Pd-Pgtn and 10,20 Pgtn-Pd, 31434141.56 the 09.18 Man-Pgtn and 15.37 Pgtn-Liverpool, 50013.9 the 11.05 Pd-Pz, 50035 the 12.10 Pd-Pz, 47079 the 13.02 Pd-Pgtn from Exeter and 37672 the 14.06 Pz-Bristol vans as far as Exeter
Friday August the 4th saw perhaps a sign of things to come if rumours are true of all Pd-Ox services being Class 47 hauled after September. Departures during the evening rush hours read as follows-; 47714 on the 17.30 Pd-Ox, 47705 the 17.45 Pd-Wby, 47582 the 17.48 Pd-Ox, 47598 the 17.51 Pd-Y'hd, 47547 the 18.04 Pd-2x and 47573 the 18.26 Pd-Newbury. Class 50s were in evidence however with 50024/5/3112/5 on Padd-Oxford-Newbury services.
After the derailment at West EaIng on Sunday August 6th when the 2115 Oxford-Paddington was derailed by mindless morons and 50025 and several coaches derailed disruption of services ensued. A special service from Padd-Ox the following day at 10.45 hours was worked by 47829 with 47483 working a similar 10.45 service from Oxford both running via South Greenford.

Eastern Region:
Doncaster station still provides a variety of motive power and June 29th found 91007 head the 13.10 KX-Leeds whilst 56109 worked an MGR train. 37029/244 worked light engine, 08397, 33115, 47332/370 sat outside the works and 08418, 311131144/304, 47121/342/377 on shed.
Barnetby is as good a place as any for freight especially double headed trains. July 4th saw 311851255, 3041210, 31106/456, 47221 and 47319 all working freight and oil services. 37351/377 and 37255/381 worked Iron ore trains and 47223 headed a fertiliser train. 47402 also worked a freight and 31178 ran light engine.
July 1st saw probably the highlight of the season so far when the 0820 Tenby-York was powered by 37203/111.
Dedicated Bo Bo Barclay gives unparalleled details of services an the eastern during July. The Skegness loco-hauled trains were amongst those mentioned and on the 1st 31448 worked the 06.23 Leeds-Skeg and 10.20 Skeg-Newcastle, 47417 the 06.32 Sheff-Skeg and 10.42 Skeg-Sheff, 31431 the 08.34 Leeds-Skeg & 12.52 Skeg-Leeds and 47603 the 09,19 Sheff-Skeg and 13.13 Skeg-Sheff. The 09.20 Yarmouth-Leeds was powered by 31420 whilst 47611 hauled failed HST 43107 and 43078 on the 09.50 Pgtn-Newcastle. The 1140 Poole-York was worked by 47525. 31410/436 headed the 16.00 Liverpool-Norwich.
Class 91s are now a common sight on the EM and an July 1st 91008 and 43067 worked the 14.10 KX-Leeds, 43013 and 91005 the 16.10 Leeds-KX, and 91001 and 43084 the 19.20 KX-Leeds. The following day 43065 and 91003 worked the 10.30 Leeds-KX, 91005 and 43013 the 11.15 KX-Leeds.
July 3rd saw 47407 head the 09.15 Nottingham-Blackpool and 47621 the 07.31 Wolverhampton-York. A return charter from the West Highland line to St Pancras worked through Sheffield behind 47616. The following day 47344 hauled failed 91007 and 43065 on the 16.25 RX-Leeds running 58 mins late. July 6th saw 89001 work the Thursdays only 19.14 KX-Doncaster. Saturday July 8th found 47831 work the 07.48 York-Poole and 47534 the 08.28 Leeds-Yarmouth. The 16.00 Liverpool-Norwich was powered by 31400/418.
The following Fridays only 16.41 Reading-York was worked by 31405 whilst the 19.14 FO M-Newcastle had 91006 at Its head to Doncaster with 47406 forward.
July 16th had the 14.40 Leeds-Cardiff powered by 47520 47613 on the 13.45 Birmingham-Leeds. The 15.23 Sheffield-Leeds via Dearne Valley DMU service had 31205 at the head. The 15.30 Hull-KX had 47405 as far as Doncaster and 91006 to the
capital. July 20th saw the 12.38 Sheffield-Leeds via Dearne Valley again loco hauled with 47406. Generator sister 47407 worked the 18.28 Blackpool-Nottingham the next day, whilst on July 22nd 47417 headed the 13.05 York-Penzance and 47407 again in action the 10.50 Pz-York.
The next day found 47306 head the 15.30 Hull-KX into Doncaster with 91005 working forward. The 16.00 Leeds-KX had 43065 and 91007 at either end. The 14.40 Leeds-Cardiff had 47321 In charge.
July 24th saw another DMU failure on the Dearne Valley and 47577 working the 08.38 Sheffield-Leeds. Only the very next day 31132 worked the 17.54 Sheffield-Leeds and 47577, again, on the 20.02 Sheffield-Leeds.
Maroon liveried 47973 (ex 97561) worked the 18.28 Blackpool-Nottingham on July 27th while another DMU turn the 20.02 Sheffield-Leeds was worked by 31126 the following day. 47406 was again In action an the ECML working the 19.14 KX-Newcastle forward from Doncaster taking over from 47817.
Saturday July 29th 47229 work the 10.42 Skegness-Sheffield, 47439 the 08.20 Liverpool-Yarmouth and 31410 the 08.37 Yarmouth-Liverpool. The 13.13 Skegness-Sheffield headed by 47631 was terminated at Boston working ecs to Sheffield, reason unknown.
The 16.00 Liverpool -Norwich had the usual pair of Class 31s this tine 31428/404 at the head. The 06.23 Leeds-Skegness was powered by 31282, the 08.34 Leeds-Skegness by 31163, the 06.00 Leeds-Carlisle by 31171, the 16.00 Huddersfield-Leeds by 31230 and DMU, the 18.57 Peterborough-Sheffield by 47348 and DMU, then the 20.00 Sheffield-Leeds.
Class 31s have worked DMU turns on the Manchester-Rochdale/Southport services in recent weeks, with 31132 working the 09.14 Man Vic-Southport, 11.23 Southport-Rochdale, 13.01 Rochdale-Man Vic. Similarly 31417 worked the 06.30 Man Vic-Barrow, 09.27 Barrow-Man Vic, 13.02 Man Vic-Barrow and 15.35 Barrow-Man Vic.
47406 again worked a DMU turn an August 1st when It powered the 08.45 Sheffield-Leeds via Dearne Valley service whilst on the following day 47413 worked the same train. On the 3rd the same train had 47413 again, with the 20.02 service hauled by 31171 and the 20.48 47413 yet again! Friday the 4th and 31170 on the 08.45 and 17.50 Sheff-Leeds and 31305 on the 16.41 Reading-Leeds.
Noted an Frodingham depot on July 9th were 20025/30146161/93/98, 37042/61202/240/2581503, whilst on July 15th Doncaster depot held 312301285, 37411, 47342/417 and 56108. On the same day 91008 worked the12.10 KX-Leeds, 91002 the 13.10 and 91004 the 14.10 service. The next day saw 08583/773 and 37240 stabled at Goole.
Sunday July 2nd saw a pair of Class 31s an a service to XX, unfortunately (?) they only worked as far as Doncaster on the 15.23 Hull-Kings Cross where 91007 took over. More loco hauled DMU turns took place on August 5th when 31463 worked the 11.48 Sheffield-Leeds Via Dearne Valley and 31170 with a 2 car DMU in tow on the 13.51 Sheffield-Leeds.
The good old days returned on the ECML on July 30th when the 15.23 Hull-KX was worked throughout by 47406. The normal engine change at Doncaster did not take place.
The shortage of DMU's at Neville Hill was highlighted once again when Sheffield-Leeds services were powered by 31223 and 47313 on July 15th, 31205 on the 16th, 47306 and 31178 on 22nd and 31171 on August the 8th.
Derby station on July 31st found 47826 on the 09.00 Poole-Newcastle, 47448 on the 15.04 Wolverhampton-York, 20210/151 on the 14.22 to Crewe and 31124 on the 16.11 to Crewe. 56010/13/16118 all worked through on MGR's whilst 20034/42 and 37241 worked freight. 084281788 were station pilots. 08899, 20092/102, 31400, 37271, 45121, 47567 were in Etches park depot.
A visit to Thornaby on August 4th yielded 08506, 20009/1371171/8, 37378/514/9, 45041, 47301/41363 and 56119. 56132 was seen working at Seaham. 47466 worked through Durham on ecs whilst 37109 worked light engine.
31260/4/320 and 47665 were on Gateshead and 08771 was Newcastle station pilot. August 7th saw 08421/521, 56118/130/315 at Blyth.

Thanks for notes and sightings go to Messrs Booth, Caddick, Slater, Wesley Jnr, Gossan, Barclay, Whitlam, Bolland and Dewing.


A full list of Class 47/8 locos converted from 47/4s has been made available. Those marked were still to be re-numbered by August 8th,

47801 (47551) *      47819 - (47664)
47802 (47552)        47820 - (47665)
47803 (47553)        47821 - (47607)
47804 (47591) *      47822 - (47571)
47805 (47650) *      47823 - (47610)
47806 (47651)        47824 - (47602)
47807 (47652)        47825 - (47590)
47808 (47653) *     47826 - (47637)
47809 (47654)        47827 - (47589)
47810 - (47655)      47828 - (47629)
47811 - (47656) *    47829 ~ (47619)
47812 - (47657) *    47830 - (47649)
47813 - (47658) *    47831 - (47563)
47814 - (47659)      47832 - (47560)
47815 - (47660) *    47833 (47C08)
47816 - (47661)      47834 (47609)
47817 ~ (476C2)     47835 (47620)
47818-- (47663)


Class 321s nos 321411/12 were an test August 8th and 10th respectively and 37029 was an test in grey livery also on August 10th.


Meetings List No .5 September-December 1989 -
 Robin Skinner
1 Rosemary Lane
Tel 0522 20478

All meetings are held at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland St. Doncaster at 1945 for a 2000 prompt start.

Tuesday 19 September - Illus Dave Cawley, Slide Show

Tuesday 3 October - Pennine Slide Competition. Bring along your 4 best railway slides, to be judged by Mr. David Bladen.

Tuesday 17 October - Illus Tony Smith. (Retford), Slide Show

Tuesday 7 November - Guest Entertainer - Graham Lee (Sheffield)

Tuesday 21 November - Illus Peter 'The Entertainer' Wesley, Slide Show

Tuesday 5 December - PENNINE SHIELD quiz

Tuesday 19 December - Members 'Eevilities' night. Bring your slides along - any subject-- any standard. Xmas fun night.

Other dates for the PENNINE SHIELD quiz are :

Thursday 16 November - Brown Cow, The Wicker, Sheffield

Thursday 23 November - Brown Cow, The Wicker Sheffield

Thursday 14 December - Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster-r

Fixtures List No.4 1989 PR4
David Whitlam
128 Cantley Manor
Tel 0302 537289

Sunday 22 October - Doncaster Works 11.00. Meet Plant Hotel entrance
PR4-89/4 10.50.Members 3 ; Non-members 3.25

All bookings to Dave Whitlam. enclosing SAE.

If there is sufficient demand we will run a trip to TINSLEY and TOTON on a Saturday in November. Approximate cost will be 4 and make your own way between depots.. Those interested should contact David by16 October to enable arrangements to be made.


Saturday 16 September - Derby Works Open- Day
Sunday 17 September - Gloucester Rail Day
Sat/Sun 30 Sept/l Oct, - East Lanes Railway Diesel Weekend
Sat/Sun 14/15 Oct - Severn Valley Railway Diesel Weekend
Sat/Sun 4/5 11/12 Nov - Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Modern Traction Weekends.