No.66 - Winter 1988


Welcome to the winter edition of "Trans Pennine". Festive time is here again and time for me to thank all of you who have contributed to this years editions of "Trans Pennine".

It has been another good year in terms of the quality of slides and film shows shown at the Brewery Taps in our Tuesday meetings, (Last show excepted, perhaps), with Graham Lee's archive cine films being one highlight. I understand that next year is on the way to being fully booked up so no doubt we will all look forward to those.

The main highlight of the year is a very recent one which involves the society's youngest member making his way onto the scene. Congratulations to Linda and Dave Bladen for their addition to the family and they will no doubt understand my disappointment that there was only one! Never the less, may I wish Alex, Linda, Dave and the rest of you the best of luck, and health, for this Christmas and the coming year.


Merry Moaning,

The Notes this issue have been. sub-divided into several self-explanatory sections to facilitate comprehension.

1- AGM
   The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 15 January 1989, commencing  at 12.15 in the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster. Full details are shown on the meetings list at the rear of this Magazine. Prior to the AGM the society is running a visit round the Works; again details on the Meetings List.

All the Committee have expressed a wish to serve the Society for a further year, and there is a proposal to nominate David Bladen as Vice-Chairperson. The Committee will also be asking he views of members of the date and time of the 1990 AGM.


  Attached to this magazine is a renewal of membership form for 1989.Unbelievably the fee again remains unchanged at 2-50.We would like to thank members for their valuable support during 1988,and hope you will all join with us for 1989.


  We all wish to congratulates Linda and David Bladen on the birth of their first child, Alex John, on Sunday 30 October.
Alex is qualified to play for Yorkshire and England.


  On behalf of all the Committee, a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all our members and their families.


  With only one round to go the PENNINE team is struggling in 4th (last) place. The Committee has asked the team of Tony Caddick, Glyn Gossan, and Paul (Chief) (Sutty) Sutton to undergo a 'dope' test. We are confident they will all pass.

by Paul Slater

On holiday In Whitby for the annual Folk week, I made my two trips on the Esk Valley line trains which are the town's only rail service, although once there were lines to Whitby along the coast from Saltburn in the north and Scarborough the South, as well as the original route from Pickering now used by steam trains of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.
My first visit to Whitby, nineteen years ago, was on the Esk Valley multiple-unit from Middlesborough. I was living in Leeds, and had no car, but my parents had said that I would like Whitby, so I decided to go by train from my local station, Cross Gates. Recently a colleague in Lincoln, wishing to go to Whitby, expressed incredulity on being told by the station staff that it was not possible to get from Lincoln to Whitby and back by train in a day, but I, remembering the slow and circuitous journey from Leeds via Middlesborough, could believe it all too easily.
I can remember that I was enchanted, not only by Whitby itself, with its cliffs and harbour and Abbey ruins, its quaint streets, and the ceaseless crying of the gulls, but also by the Esk Valley line, which seemed to me to be the epitome of a rural branch line surviving into the late 1960s. A week or two after my first visit to Whitby, I went there again, this time taking the Scarborough train as far as Malton and catching the connecting bus to Whitby. At Goathland. I glimpsed a collection of steam locomotives, the beginnings of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.
Now, in 1988, I was able to use the Esk Valley trains to see the thriving steam scene on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway at Grosmont and also retrace part of the first journey to Whitby. The Esk Valley line is marketed as a scenic railway, with maps and suggestions for walks displayed at each station, and indeed it runs through some very attractive countryside. Some of the stations have had their second platforms removed, and the only passing loop between Whitby and Battersby is at Glaisdale, although there are a few sidings outside Whitby station where trains can be sidetracked. Whitby and Sleights signal boxes remain in place, but only Glaisdale and Battersby are in use.
Whitby station keeps its four platforms and its portico, but only one track enters the station, so only one platform can be used. Battersby, where the Esk Valley trains have to reverse, has a full set of semaphores, and there, is a track on each side of Its island platform, so trains can pass there. I found it quite an atmospheric place on a summer evening, remote from any village and overlooked by the high ridge of the Cleveland hills. It was once the junction for the Rosedale mineral branch, and Whitby trains did not always have to reverse, as until 1954 they could
continue beyond Battersby to the Northallerton-Stockton line at Picton.
Whitby engine shed (50G) closed in 1959 when diesel multiple-units took over services on the Esk Valley, Pickering and Scarborough line. It was a picturesquely sited depot alongside the Esk estuary. A 1952 photograph shows an A8 4-6-2T, a G5 0-4-4T, a J25 0-6-0 and severaL,D49  4-4-0s, and in the latter years of steam Esk Valley trains were also worked by V1 and V3 2-6-2 tanks, L1 and LMR 2-6-4 tanks and B1 4-6-0s.
A mile from Whitby station, the Esk valley line underneath a disused but still impressive viaduct. With twelve red-brick and over a hundred feet high, it once carried the coastal route from Saltburn to Scarborough, Whitby's second station, West Cliff, was on this line, and there was a steeply-graded connection to the Esk Valley line below. The section northwards from Whitby was closed in 1958, the section southwards to Scarborough in 1965. West Cliff station still stands, as do Sandsend and Kettleness, the first two stations along the coast northwards, but, unlike 
the brick viaduct at Whitby, the five iron viaducts on the~ coastal 1Ine towards Saltburn
have all been demolished, There were two at Sandsend, but the most, imposing viaduct was at Staithes.
For a mile or two north of Sandsend, the course of the coastal railway has been converted into a footpath, and one day during, my stay in Whitby I walked along it. The line ran along the cliff and the path gives magnificent views: it must have been an exciting line to travel on, with steep gradients and splendid seascape's. It remained basically steam-worked to the end, and the last trains were. hauled by Standard 2-6-4T no. 80116 and L1 2-6-4T  No. 67754. B1 4-6--Os and LMR class 2-6-O's also worked over the line regularly 11, its final years, together with the older A5
and A8 4-6-2 tanks and J25 0-6-0s.
I walked as far as Sandsend tunnel and looked through the barred portal into the gloomy single-track bore, It is said to have been an uncomfortable tunnel to work through with steam. Walking back along the path  to admire the panorama's of hill and cliff and beach, I tried to imagine steam locomotives hard at work on the vanished rails to Whitby.


November 16th saw Warwick (Milverton) shed closed and it is believed that five of its engines, Class 2 2-6-2 tanks 41227/8/85 and 41321, have been transferred to Leamington (84D). This was a prelude to the arrival of DMU's on services between Birmingham New Street and Walsall, Rugeley,  Leamington, Coventry and Nuneaton, Wolverhampton High Level, Walsall, Lichfield and Burton.
An unusual combination of power for the Furness line was noted at Arnside on November 13th when the 1055 Workington-Euston passed double headed by "Royal Scot,' 46163 and "Jubilee" 45643.
The latest development of Midlandisation on the G.C. is the allocation of "Jubilee" 45649 to Nuneaton. There are now 6 "Black 5's" at Leicester GC shed,  Nos. 44664/44821/41/2/59 and 45186 and are regularly used on the  "South Yorkshireman".
It is reported that the Fell diesel mechanical locomotive No. 10100 was withdrawn on November 21st.
Most unusual motive power on Christmas Eve was the use of 'Clan' No. 72006 on a relief to the up "Thames Clyde Express" from Leeds. It. was seen later in the day working the 19.43 Birmingham-Sheffield relief. On 27th the Clan was noted on the 07.50 Sheffield-Bradford. Derby built class 2 D5000 failed at Bakewell on the 09.00 Nottingham-Manchester on December 29th and was taken forward to Millers Dale by 3F 0-6-0 43759.

On November 19th the 03.25 Ferme Park-New England freight headed by 9F No. 92187 ran into the rear of the 03.00 Ferme Park-New England freight south of Hitchin station.
Shortly afterwards the 10.55 p.m. Ardsley-Ferme Park freight headed by V2 No. 60885 collided with the wreckage and also derailed L1 2-6-4T No. 67785 on the adjacent up slow line. All working-, in and out of Kings Cross were inevitably disrupted.
On November 18th EE type 4 D205 was noted on the Liverpool Street-Hertford. local.
EE type 4 D205 was seen near Starbeck on November 16th a Sunday Edinburgh-Kings Cross diverted via Ripon due to engineering work at Thirsk.

During the first week in November, 2000hp  Diesel Hydraulic D602 was observed an the 07.50 Taunton-Paddington and a down parcels as a return working, a diagram later worked by "Warship" D801.
Gas turbine loco No.18000 worked the -13.15 Paddington-Bristol and 1615 Bristol-Paddington return from November the 4th to the 19th, Saturdays excepted,
December 20th saw the 0930 Paddington-Penzance seen at Wellington behind green liveried Class 5 No. 73018 running 75 mins late after the failure of "King" No. 6022.
Five main line diesel hydraulics, nos D800/1 and D600-2 were officially allocated to Laira by the end of the year, One of them, "Warship" D801 headed the 05.30 Paddington-Bristol-Penzance on December 13th,

The latest English diesel arrival for trails in Scotland has been Birmingham Type 2 D5303. It appeared at Leith depot on October 28th and its workings include the 1200 from Edinburgh-Carlisle. It has also worked from Eastfield on the West Highland line and has also been noted on the Aberdeen-Inverness line.
The last train to run on the Fountainhall-Lauder branch was a two coach special on November 15th hauled by Class 2 No. 78049.
Birmingham, Type 2 D5303 is certainly seeing Scotland to the full as it was seen working Glasgow Buchanan Street- Aberdeen services on November 26th and it was, also seen on freight in Cadder Yard.
'Clans'  A2/3' Pacific No. 60521 worked the 22.25 Upperby fast freight on December 10th whilst 60511 headed the17.17 Aberdeen-Edinburgh and 'A3' 60091 the 17.50 fish from Aberdeen-Edinburgh.


Bescot open day on October 9th proved highly successful  with several- special exhibits. On show was 08446/759, 20132, 25194/205/206/211/235/259, 3729/892/903,45106,. 55019, 58001/50., 90007, 27000 Electra",  E5001, D4 'Great Gable', D1041
'Western Prince', D7018, 'Black 5' 44932, and S&D 7F 53809, 02003, 0.8603/672/901, 20141/181, 31112/135/143/178/417/430/8, 33008, 37139/353, 47147/213/235, 55016, 56018, 58003/14 and 97204, quite a line up,
October 24th saw 31416 and 47466 at Nuneaton on ballast. trains and 58017 on a coal train. 91004 worked an inspection train. 37686/8 were at Washwood Heath on a stone train. 47454/533/560/629, 58001/13 were at Saltley. 85034, 86228/248/409/412/420/422/3 and 87019 were all at Birmingham New Street on passenger services on this date.
October 22nd saw Buxton playing host to 47322/441, 37886. 47531 headed the. 11.47 Oakleigh-Tunstead stone empties and 37677/81 the 09.15 Tunstead-Hindlow.  A week later saw the Tunstead-Hindlow behind 37679/80 with 31293, 37174/688 and 47281 on shed at Buxton.
November 12th saw 37686/8 on the 09.15 Tunstead-Hindlow  and 47440 on the Peak Forest-Hindlow trip working. 20032/63 and 47281 were on shed.
November 19th saw a convoy of 31293 and 47447/456 head from Buxton to Manchester on the main line for engineering purposes. 37678 headed the trip working, a Class 47 turn.
November 26th again saw 47281 in the area, again with 47333/456 on Buxton shed.

Class 50s making the news more and more these days with their rundown having started. Probably the working of the year, then was 50003 on the 13.08 Plymouth-York HST working and 20.13 York-Bristol return on October 3rd.
Saturday October 1st was the last of the 1988 Summer timetable, and probably the best of the whole summer for Class 50 enthusiasts, 50048 worked the 07.10 Totnes-Waterloo, 50003 the 07.07 Plymouth-Aberdeen and 08.44 Glasgow--Paignton to and from Birmingham, 50033 was an the 06.25 Paddington-Paignton and 10.25 return., 50005 the 09.05 Paignton-Paddington, 50002 the 08.17 Penzance-Glasgow, 50001 the 08.17 Paddington-Paignton, 50034 the 0902 Paddington-Penzance, 50030 the 08.35 Liverpool-Penzance, 50037 the 12.05 Paddington-Penzance, 50025 the 12.30 Penzance-Paddington, 50001 the 15.00 Paignton-Cardiff, 50008 the 19.55 Plymouth-OOC ecs and 50015 the 20.55 Exeter-Laira ecs. Quite a memorable day. Other sightings were 47186 and generator set on the Gloucester-Paignton and 11.19 Paignton-York HST service, 31441/426 on the 10.10 Manchester-Paignton and 47327 on the 11.05 Brighton-Plymouth west of Exeter.
The following day 50046 worked the 08.32 Paddington-Paignton, 50019 the 12.20 Exeter-Waterloo, 50027 the 09.10 Wat-Ex and 14.32 Exeter-Waterloo, 50050 on the 10.19 Penzance-Paddington, 50048 the 11.10 Wat-Ex, 1607 Ex-Wat and 50043 the 11.10 Wat-Ex. 5003/7 were on Exeter stabling point.
Class 50s are still solid performers on the Paddington-Oxford services. November 20th saw 50037/40/46/50 on such services. 50034 worked the 09.40 Paddington-Birmingham and 14.41 Birmingham-Paddington the following day.

Mark I BCK S21275 withdrawn back in July 1987 was unusually parked in Horsham Yard in November. The monopoly of Class 33s and 73s at Horsham has come to an end with Class 47s now to be seen at Three Bridges. The first examples have worked the Shell Depot Oil train with 47100 and 47229 on the Chipman Fertilizer train. De-icer units Nos. 003,009 and 010 are working leaf clearance trains on the Horsham-Dorking section.
Noted at Salisbury on November 20th were 50043 on the 14. Exeter-Waterloo. 50004 on the 1705 Eastleigh-Salisbury ecs and 18.03  Salisbury-Waterloo, 33115 on the 18.20Salisbury-Waterloo, 33108 on the 18.40 Salisbury-Waterloo relief and 50048 on the 17.00 Waterloo-Exeter.
The two Class 47 diagrams are regularly producing 47587 on the  18.22 Plymouth-Waterloo.
The following day saw 50018 on the 07.00 Waterloo-Exeter, 50019 on the 06.42 Exeter-Waterloo, 33017 the 08.10 Waterloo-Salisbury, 50029 on the 08.11 Exeter-Waterloo and 50003 on the 09.10 Waterloo-Exeter. 47587 worked the 06.00 Salisbury-Exeter and 09.40 Exeter-Waterloo and 47547 the 05.47 Exeter-Waterloo and 11.10 Waterloo-Exeter. 50048 headed the 11.59 Portsmouth -Plymouth and 50017 the 12.20 Exeter-Waterloo


Class 86s are now solid performers on the Liverpool Street-Norwich services with 86237 on the 1220 from the capital., 86227 on the 15.30 departure and 86221 the 17.30 service. 86230 headed the 1200 ex Norwich, and 86229 the 18.00 service.

Thanks go to Messrs Bolland, Slater, Gossan and Jones


Only four entries of the easy quiz in the last edition , answers were as follows-:
1) 50013 Agincourt, was withdrawn at this time.
2) Southall shed is on the left hand side.
3) Maidenhead is before Twyford.
4) This train stopped at Reading.
5) Hungerford loop was on left before station.
6) The Weymouth-Bristol line met the GWR at Castle Cary (not crossed it)
7) The canal is on the right approaching Taunton.
8) The schedule is 32 mins to Taunton.
9) 50040 is Centurion.
10) Starcross is before Dawlish Warren.
11) 50033 is not Network liveried,
12) This train doesn't stop at Newton Abbot.
13) Laira was 84A.
14) Brunel's bridge was built in 1859.
15) First semaphore is east of Liskeard at Bolitho.
16) Lostwithiel goods shed demolished.
17) The roundhouse is no longer used.
18) No loco hauled trains now on the Newquay branch.
19) The last milk train would not have been worked by a large logo loco..
20) There was no line to Marazion Quay.
21) 50047 was already withdrawn.

Winners were 1st) Norman Bolland, 2nd) Ian Shenton, 3rd) M.  Bell


Robin Skinner - A can of paint then he can himself Lincoln Green.
John Sanderson - A broken zoom lens,, for more blurred shots.
Tony Caddick - A 3rd round cup ticket - the Blades are getting dangerously close to reaching it.
Abdul Watts - A season ticket to O1d Trafford, he likes Jim Slips
Dave and Linda Bladen - Those same nappies he suggested for me some time ago - (But they will have been -washed)
Pete Wesley - A ticket to the next Michael Jackson concert.


Here is the Grand Christmas Quiz. Entries to Ed by the end of February please

1) Which Class 40 was the first of the to the class to be allocated to the East Coast  Main line in March 1958?
2) What was the original name of St. Erth station?
3) Where was the signal box, now at Ryde St. Johns originally situated.
4) What was the weight of Co-Co No. 10203?
5) Where was Class 40 D210 named?
6) What was the name of the signal box immediately to the west of Parsons Tunnel?
7) What does the plaque under the nameplate of Evening Star state (In full) ?
8)Which two Class 33s have carried the name "Sultan"?
9) At which unusual location was the recent repaint in new Railfreight livery of 31275 carried out?
10) What do the initials 'APTIS.' stand for?
11) Which was the first Class 50 to be withdrawn?
12) In which year was the Hixon level crossing accident?
13) Which Deltic was named after the 1949 Derby winner?
14) Name 'Patriot' class 45519.
15) Which depot has the code RY?
16) What was the first named Class 90 locomotive?
17) What is the name of the Class 86 No.86502?
18) Where is the passing loop situated on the Waterloo-Exeter line between Honiton and Yeovil Jct?
19) Which loco hauled the funeral train of King George VI from Paddington to Windsor on 15th Feb 1952?
20) In the current BR passenger timetable what service does table 150 cover?
21) What Is the highest point on the Kyle of Lochalsh line?
22) In which year did Glasgow's official last tram run?
23) Name Class 43 HST power car 43142.
24) In which year was the infamous Beeching plan on the reshaping of Railways produced?
25) On which preserved railway would you find Somerseat viaduct?
26) Which pop music personality owns preserved Class 25 No. 25909?
27) Name Class 40 No. 40010.
28) Which was the first Class 45 to be withdrawn?
29) What name Is carried by the Blackpool-Harwich Sprinter express?
30) Which two Class 52 'Westerns' worked the farewell tour "The Western Tribute" on 26th Feb 1977?
31) In which year did the Liverpool Overhead Railway close?
32 ) The first Class 50 named was 50035 'Ark Royal'. In which year?
33) What is the maximum speed of Class 73/0 locos?
34) Which new station between Leeds and Wakefield opened this year?
35) What name is carried by the 0C09
36) Which was the first Class 31 to be named?
37) Which BR steam shed closed and was then taken over as a factory owned by the Plessey group employing many ex-railway staff?
38) What was the length of Ventnor tunnel on the Isle of Wight?
39) In which colour did D1001 'Western Pathfinder' originally enter traffic?
40) Name Ed's favourite Class 50!!


All meetings are held at the Corporation Brewery  Taps, Cleveland Street, Doncaster and commence at 20-00 hrs prompt. All welcome - bring a friend. Free admission (but Treasurer takes a collection for club funds).

Tuesday 3 January  - Paul Wesley. Slide Show.

Tuesday 17 January  - Dave Marriott/Dave Wishaw. Slide Show(s).

Tuesday 7 February  - Inspector Terry Spriggs. Slide Show.

Tuesday 21 February  - Eric Slater. Slide Show.

Tuesday 7 March  - Members slide competition. Re-run of last year's successful event. Bring 4 railway (BR) slides.
To be judged by the audience.

Tuesday 21 March -  Glyn Gossan. Slide Show

Tuesday 4 April Steve Earl and Ian Shenton. Slide Show(s).




YES - We are going round the Works at 11-00 on Sunday 15th January.
Meet Plant Hotel entrance 10.50
Members 2.75. Non-members 3.00

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Cheques payable to the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY.