No.65 - Autumn 1988


Welcome to the Autumn edition of "Trans Pennine". At a time when there. is so much happening at present in the network with new electric units, the class 89's and 91's in the spotlight and Sprinter units, the new generation DMU's making headlines in more ways than one, there has certainly been much change in BR since the end of steam more than twenty years ago. Steam played it's part for almost a hundred and fifty years and it has been said could still play it's part, albeit in a smaller way an the current system.

There are several lines currently operated by DMU's and Sprinters that could still be served by steam. Tourism is a major part of Britain's industry these days and BR plays It is part whether it, or David Mitchell, likes it or not. The number of steam hauled specials currently running on BR metals and the numbers of enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts that turn out to see them speak for themselves.

Was therefore, BR's desire to see steam's demise a little premature? The debate still continues.


Six brave members attempted the last quiz with resolute determination and all got within two correct of each other, would you believe.

Answers were :- 1) City of Truro, 2) 45675 Hardy, 3) 6B Mold Jcn, 4) Moreton (Dorset), 5) The Lakes (Table 71), 6) 43095 Heaton, 7) 50040 Centurion, 8) Glasgow Shields, 9) Turkey Street, 10) Par, 11) Brontes of Haworth, 12) Kenilworth, 13) 27B Aintree, 14) J36 65217 'French', 15) Formby, 16) Glorious Devon, 17) Bittern(e), 18) Selhurst, 19) D600 Active, 10) 30930 Radley.

1st John Dewing, 2nd P. Slater, 3rd M. Bell.


Good Moaning,
As I compose these briefs from my office desk, the sun is beaming through the window, the larks are singing sweetly, my girls are smiling merrily, Leeds are losing heavily, the pubs are open all day, the Indian Summer is welcome here, but our cricketers aren't welcome there. The Postmen have removed their sacks from over their heads, that's why you can read these good words.
On a personal note I welcome David. Bladen back to Yorkshire, his truly adopted home after having spent too long in Luton (plastic pitch) plastic glasses, plastic beer, plastic place). Sad to report the entry into Works of Mexborough Mafia Member, Tony Needham - best wishes for a speedy recovery - poor lad can only drink Wards.
Slide competition approaching - 4th October. Bring along your four best railway slides if you do not want to win - if you want to win, bring some rubbish - see Tony Caddick or Andrew Watts for advice. Cash prizes and plaques available.
See the social calendar at the rear of the magazine for dates of our sensational PENNINE SHIELD quiz - better than watching girders rust (apologies to German Frauleins) Pennine never win.
Robin Skinner now based at Lincoln. Sheffield breathes again;  Doncaster celebrates; Lincoln evacuates. Apologies to ER Staff Society for the projector tor blow up at the recent Social evening. Uncle Dave Whitlam took responsibly. John Sanderson took his hook.
Must sign off - phone rings (new delivery of canes).


Twenty years ago last month saw the end of steam services on British Rail. Sightings and workings over that period have been put together to mark this anniversary.

August 3rd, 1968 saw Preston station unusually thronged with railway enthusiasts to witness the end of steam as they saw it. The following day's tours were artificial steam for this was the real end. The 20.48 to Blackpool South and the 21.35 to Liverpool Exchange were to be the last scheduled steam hauled services. Black 5 45212 arrived light from Lostock Hall, to work forward to Blackpool on the rear portion of the train from London Euston. The Carlisle portion had departed behind a diesel and with it's every move, every hiss, every clank recorded, on film and tape, the Black 5 backed onto it's train.

The seconds ticked by, a whistle, a hoot, some wheel slip, much flashing of night photography and the train was gone. Now it was really it. The Blackpool train having gone meant the Glasgow-Liverpool train really was the last.

Another Black 5 45318 awaited it's arrival. The Type 4 diesel arrived, and duly departed to Manchester leaving the Liverpool portion to be headed by the steam loco, for the last time. The train was packed, and more, and with much smoke roaring out of the chimney, cheering of the flocks left on the platform, the history making train headed into the night.

At Liverpool, Exchange station sounded like a cathedral with "Auld Lang Syne" and "God Save Steam" booming out and echoing off the splendid roof. People jostled to inspect the cab, talk to the crew, even get their autograph's, and soon, all too soon, it was all over, Steam as we knew it had finished.

August 11th saw the very last steam hauled service of all run on BR. It was the famous Fifteen Guinea Special run from Liverpool and Manchester. to Carlisle and back. The train left Liverpool behind Black 5 45110 which worked as far as Manchester where "Britannia" 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" took over to Carlisle. On the return leg Black 5's 44871 and 44781 worked throughout. Every platform, every bridge and every field was full and bursting to witness the very last steam hauled train. The scenes back at Liverpool likened those witnessing the local football team retuning from a Wembley victory. But soon it was all over and steam left Lime Street for the very last tine.

But even now steam was not yet finished, for "Britannia" 70013, after running light engine from Carlisle to Lostock Hall, after hauling the previously mentioned special, then ran light engine overnight to Norwich en-route to Bressingham for preservation.

As if steam would never die July 29th saw the 09.15 Prest on-Windermere fail when Brush 4 D1855 succumbed and was replaced by Black 5 45110 which worked the return  working the 11.00 Windermere-Euston back to Preston. On July 30th the 09.00 Windermere-Morecombe DMU failed and was rescued by Black 5 44896.

Steam was like a human being it laughed and it cried for over a hundred years but steam now, has sadly died.

The working by a 12 car Swindon Intercity DMU on a summer Saturday Paddington-Weston Super Mare service now appears to be a regular turn, A second DMU turn seems to be the 08.50 Paddington-Minehead and return 13.00 Minehead-Paddington. Previously a 'Hymek' turn the DMU replacement obliviates the need for run round facilities at Minehead.

On July 28 -two excursions from Weston Super Mare and. Bristol to Hastings were worked by Brush 4's D1611 and D1649. The trains travelled by Old Oak, Kensington Olympia, Clapham, East Croydon and Lewes.

August ?4th saw Black 5 45428 seen at Belper heading for Tyseley. A week later 44888 was exhibited at Derby Works Open Day and September 13th saw 48773 towed from Rose Grove to Bridgnorth for the Severn Valley Railway.

The prototype Brush "Kestrel was employed on tests trains between Derby and Crewe, then to Nuneaton and back to Derby via Leicester. Remaining Metrovick 'Co-Bo's no's D5701/2/5-8/11/12/14/16/17/9 were withdrawn on September 7th. During August former WR 0-6-0 diesels D9506/13/22 and 31 were noted at Arnott Young's scrapyard at Parkgate and cutting up had already started.

by Rodders

It happens about as often as the appearance of Halley's comet, or about as often as an England Test Victory, or as often as Chief buying a round.
It is the sighting of 50149 working a train, as opposed to playing dead at Laira, which is apparently it's most popular pastime. Well this never to be forgotten event was one of the highlights of a fortnight's holiday recently taken on the Isle of Wight (sorry, habit) in Cornwall.
Having been fortunate enough to a) afford a holiday and b) be blessed with -what apparently is going to be the best weather since February, a couple of aims that I'd set myself for this holiday were actually achieved. One was to obtain, a photograph of the. elusive Class 50/1 working, another was to try and find the shot off the mountain at Golant on the Fowey branch, and possibly the third most difficult: was to photograph any class 50 working a passenger train in Cornwall!
Having not yet been able to obtain any Class 50 diagrams at, the time of going an holiday, it was a case of cover the train and see what produced but this, I was soon to learn was most frustrating when trying to set a particular photograph and only a handful of loco hauled trains to get them from.
The first shot which I was after was Penadlake viaduct north of Bodmin Parkway station, which involves a bike up a mountainside, but it is most worthwhile for its views of the surrounding area, and for both photographing a Class- 50 and hearing it work flat out. So I duly covered the 10.17 Penzance-Manchester (remembering I had no diagrams so knew not what to expect) and lo and behold I was Justly rewarded with 47645.. Ah ha, so that's the game is it, I thought. Find the spot, wait for the sun, and along cows a duff. Well off  I went f or the Bodmin Parkway from the field shot. Sure enough, plenty of time, chase the spot, the sun disappears and..... One thing I have. become accustomed to and can quite categorically, guarantee,  If you're waiting to photograph a train that could be a duff, or could be a 50, and the sun disappears one and a half minutes before the train comes, then it's a 50!!.
And that's exactly what happened. Thick cloud abounds and 50020 making an almighty row as it leaves Bodmin. Parkway. So having decided that things were looking up, well,  apart from the weather, I headed for Lostwithiel. On arrival there, the sun came out and that's when. I started to worry.  Sod's law mentioned above works In reverse and having flagged off the Penzance-Liverpool, eagerly awaited, , well certainly expected further great multi-coloured strumming dust carts on the following Penzance-Paddington and Paddington-Penzance services.
At that point the sun vanished again and I knew English Electric power would show its face again. 50031 and 50010 respectively. So I was to photograph Class 50's in Cornwall after all, and with semaphores, but in the sun-well that's asking too much!
Off down, to Par for the shot of a down train coming into the station with semaphores. The Liverpool-Penzance was due, the peg was pulled off, the sun came out. (would it be 520? 587? 624?). As I pressed the shutter I rediscovered my belief in the almighty and decided I wasn't an atheist after all. I never knew I could do handstands, cartwheels and somersaults but. the sight of 50039 in the sun made up for all prior disappointments.
At that point I decided that I'd better not push my luck too far (and that I'd better get the family to the hotel) so I headed for the tropical climes of St. Ives.
With next to no loco hauled services on the main line in the week nowadays, the rest of the week was spent holiday making. The following Saturday however, I headed out to chase some more 50's. First stop was Penwither's Jcn, Truro for the 11.17 Penzance-Newcastle and was rewarded for 50012. Burngullow provides a good shot in both directions particularly on the up direction as you are also rewarded with hearing the loco's flat out on the climb from Truro to St. Austell. Today might have been my lucky day as the expected wreck on the 1202 Penzance-Liverpool didn't produce and the more than welcome sight of 50031 made an impressive sight and sound storming round the curve and through. the remains of Burngullow station. The following Penzance--Paddington produced 50016 and when 50003 appeared an the 09.02 Paddington-Penzance, all in the sun, then I knew my luck was in.
A quick storm down to Chasewater followed to try and make the Penzance-Old Oak vans and just having time to bail out of the car was rewarded with 50021 and the customary two vans. All this and it wasn't even my birthday!
Now tin mine pumping houses are a relic of a bygone age which are scattered all over  Cornwall., particularly around St. Austell, Redruth and Camborne. Unfortunately, very few are situated near enough to the railway line to include them in a photograph. The best example, though is that of the old Hallenbeagle mine, Great Wheal Busy Siding, Scorrier between Truro and Redruth. A fine shot can be had of something heading west and I was rewarded with 50015 on the 08.35 Liverpool-Penzance this provided a fine end to a definitely better than average day.
During the following week I decided that if there were no 50's to be had I would go out 'photting' the china clays. Heading for Lostwithiel I managed to get the required shot at Golant on the Fowey branch, albeit a 37 rather than a 50. Heading back to Lostwithiel I was amazed to find 50046 on a ballast train which it promptly ran round. A quick Nigel Mansell impression up to Cutmadoc a couple of miles north assured me of another shot - a real bonus. By the time I returned to Lostwithiel that Scarlet Pimpernel of locos 50149 was in the process of shunting China Clay wagons into the down sidings. Unfortunately it promptly ran light engine In the opposite direction, and  I was, told it would not return until  at  least tea tine. Maybe I thought I might catch it later on at Par or St. Blazey so my hopes were not dashed altogether yet. Next stop was Treesmill, between Trevarran tunnel and Par', to phot  the Penzance-Glasgow vans and the Penzance-Old Oak Common vans. Here again The class 50's appeared in the disguise of 47544 and 47438. My immediate reaction, having, missed 50149, and the vans not even producing class 50's was to head straight back to St. Ives. But whether it was the thought of missing 50149 on film or the horrific thought of two three year old Herberts leaping all over me shouting and bawling, urged me to continue in search for the shot that would be Jack's number one in November. A short drive to Par and what's running round a train of china clays ready to storm westwards , but 50149.
Now being one of the lucky few who drives a company car and just paying for petrol on holidays enables me to stop inside 3 feet mounting a 6 foot kerb without, considering tyre burn or sudden bumps that may unexpectedly appear. So the car was duly dumped on the spot, camera grabbed and shot secured, a lousy one I must admit, but a shot none the less of the elusive beast. As it was probably the last time I'd see it in action, I was a well pleased with such a fitting end to the day.
The day before returning home was the final fling of the holiday to try and get a few more 50's on film. I'd decided to stay In West Cornwall and obtain a few shots around Penzance and  Marazion. Canons Town between St. Erth and Marazion, was chosen for the first attempt and so I duly covered the 11.17 Penzance-Newcastle, which had produced a 50 on the previous two Saturday's. The sun's disappearance persuaded  me the camera would be used on this train for a third successive week and sure enough 50007 was -seen for the first time during the holiday. Marazion station, or the remains it was the next stop to cover the 12.30 Penzance-Paddington and I was rewarded with 50040. Back to Canons Town, (different bridge) for the Penzance-Old Oak vans and the hat-trick was on. After flagging off the Milton Keynes a short wait resulted in 50042 on the vans. I returned to Marazion for the nice sweeping. curve westbound and the 09.02 Paddington-Penzance, clouds galore so a 100 per-cent certainty for a '.Hoover' and I was not to be disappointed as 50025 appeared running very early.
After picking up other parties at St. Erth, who had decided that Hoover bashing was not quite what a, holiday in Cornwall was all about, we headed northwards as we were staying, near Liskeard that night before the Journey home on the Sunday. Redruth was chosen as the spot to cover the 08.35 Liverpool-Penzance, the last train of the day, and right on cue the perfect ending to a superb holiday appeared In the shape of 'Rodders' storming westwards.
The Journey home seemed a long long depressing end to a most enjoyable fortnight, three days chasing 50's from Bodmin right down to Penzance with some memorable sound effects as well as photographic spots. Cornwall is a marvellous place for a holiday, and while. there is still the chance for photting 50's a must for keen enthusiasts. The long tiring drive is forgotten at the site of a Hoover storming. out of Bodmin Parkway, or up the gradient into Liskeard. But to those of you who prefer chasing the sun and some foreign holiday, well give my regards to the Air Traffic Controllers!


Class 50's, 'although becoming increasingly unpopular with Laira depot, are still being turned out on West of England services, as well as still monopolising the Paddington-Oxford services and the Waterloo-Exeter services. Departures from Paddington an July 2nd were powered as follows :- 06.00 Manchester, 50034, 06.25 Paignton 50026, 08.17..Paignton 50044, 08.20 Oxford 50032, 08.42 Newbury 50031, 0902 Penzance 50037, 1017 Oxford 50030, 12.15 Oxford 50019, 13.07 Newbury 47627, 13.15 Oxford 50032, 14.15 Oxford 50017, 15.15 Oxford 50030, 17.02. Hereford. 50026, 17.50 Oxford, 50032, 19.05 Oxford 50031, 23.20 Oxford 50030. Also an the same day 50021 headed the 0905 Paignton-Paddington, 50026 the 1025 Paignton-Padd, and 50044 the, 1500 Paignton-Cardiff. "Hoovers" out of Penzance were 50041 on the 08.17 Glasgow, 50007 the 12.30 Padd, 50045 worked the 07.07 Plymouth-Glasgow as far as Birmingham.
The following day-saw 50021 on the 09.45 Oxford7-Paddington, 50020 the 16.05 Oxford-Padd,, 50009 the last 15.40 Gloucester-Padd 'vans, 50031 the 16.10 Oxford-Padd, 50032 the 17.35,Word-Padd, and 50021~the 17.10 Padd-Oxford.
July the 9th resulted in a mixed bag of 50's and 47's on the West of England trains. 50037 headed the 08.17 Padd-Paignton,47661 the 08.42 Padd-Newbury, 50017 the Padd-Penzance, 47534 the 09.05 Paignton-Padd 50024the 12.05 Padd-Penz.
The Berks and Hants line sees surprisingly plentiful stone traffic on -Summer Saturdays with ~56056/59/63/74 heading such trains on July 9th, 50032/4/5 are seeing almost unbroken service on the Padd-Oxford workings as they were all seen. again an this date.
July 30th saw the rare event of a Class 50 failure' when 50025 failed on the 10.25 Paignton-Padd, prior to departure and was assisted throughout by 50016. 50030 worked the 08.17 Padd-Paignton and 50037 the 09.02 Padd-Penzance. Sunday the 21st August saw till Padd-Oxford's class 50 hauled, such is Old Oak's determination not to share Laira's desire not to use the popular loco's. 50026/29/30/32/34 shared the services ,with 50033 heading the 10.05 Padd-Bristol and 14.20 Bristol-Paddington return and 50022 the 10.19 Penzance-Paddington.
August Bank Holiday Monday proved to be a Class 47 day it, the" West of England. `4.7613 headed the 07.07 P1ymout h- Aberdeen, 47468 the 07.40 Padd-Plymouth and return 15.10 Plymouth-Paddington, 47622 the 05.55 Penzance-Liverpool, 47575 the 07.20 Penzance-Glasgow, 47557 the 15.55 Paignton-Paddington additional and 47519 the 14.10 Penzance-Padd additional, The only break In the class 47 takeover bid was 50003 which worked the 08.45 Paignton-Glasgow.
A bomb scare at Newport station an 22 July delayed services for 1.1/2 hours, presumably nothing was found. 47484 headed the 15.18 York-Plymouth and 37430 headed a Crewe-Cardiff service on this date. The following day saw 47445 head the 07.41 Leeds-Tenby, taken from Cardiff by 47639. 50004 was at Cardiff an 23rd July on an unidentified service 
at about 18.30. Canton hosted the following loco's on July 23rd/24th: 08354/481/618/91, 37094/133/146/174/710/896/802/904/5/430  47063/120/186/280/310/426/575/629, 56037.
37207 was seen at Carmarthen and 08422, 37263/694 at Radyr.

July 2nd proved to be probably the best summer Saturday this year with 'Peak',-haulage being plentiful. 45103 headed the 08. 05 Newcastle-Weymouth, 45110 the 09. 19 Bristol-York, 45107 the 09.17 Padd-York, and 45046 the 14.33 York-Taunton.  Also 31309 "Cricklewood" was unusual power on the 11. 18 York-Cardiff f. 20056/90 worked the 10.15 Skegness-Sheffield and 20189/17(3 the 12.54 Skegness-Derby. The following Saturday 45126 worked the 08.05 Newcastle-Weymouth, the last recorded Peak to work this train. 20054/183 worked the Skegness-Derby. and 47112 the 11. 10 Poole-York. M0st unusual on July 16th was 37689 which headed a 10.00 Yarmouth-Leeds Additional. 20029/34 headed the Skegness-Sheffield service. July 23rd also saw a Class 31 failure with 31463 succumbing on the 16.20 York-Birmingham service near Sheffield, to be rescued by 31459. The following Saturday saw 31450/446 work the 06.16 Bristol-York and 41584 the 09. 17 Padd-York. On August 20th 47204 worked the 10. 42 Skegness-Leeds and 47226 the 09.17 Padd-York, whilst 47207 worked the 09.10 Weymouth-Newcastle and 47311 the 15.52 Yarmouth-Leeds. Once the plague of Deltic fans 47411 worked the Tinsley Yard-Aldwarke Siding 'Trip Freight' in place of the usual pair of 20's on August 24th but five days later was on main line duty when it headed the 09. 19 Bristol-York and 16.20 York- Birmingham. A shortage of Class 150/2 Sprinters at Newton Heath has led to loco hauled trains on Manchester-Blackpool services. August 9th saw 31223 on the 13.32 Blackpool-Manchester and 47339 an the 13.50 Manchester-Blackpool on the 12th. The 18th saw 47317 head the 12.58 Blackpool-Manchester and 47051 the 13.32 B 1 Blackpool-Manchester.
July 3rd. saw 08632, 37888 and 56085 at Appleby Frodingham steelworks. July 10th found Frodingham playing host to 20096/145/146/185/203/225, 31328, 37153, 47379 and 56047. 'Peaks' worked right to the end with 97413 seen at Harbury on July 25th. Noted working the Liverpool-Newcastle services on the sane day, 47424/443/4. The 30th saw 47448 and 47561 on "Trans Pennines". A4 Pacific 'Mallard' worked a Manchester-York steam special an this date. The same day saw 08879, 20098/126/228, 37352, 47204, 97410/12/13 at Tinsley. On August 5th 08441, 56113/126/127 were at Sunderland South Dock, whilst three days later Blyth Depot hosted 08421, 56113/7/8/26/8/33/5.
Class 89 No. 89001 is seeing regular use on the 08.20 Kings Cross-Leeds and Leeds-Kings Cross, although it, is restricted to 100 mph working, due to having a barrier vehicle in its formation.
Class 47's are being repainted in 'Railfreight Grey' livery at the old Dairycoates Depot, Hull. Approximately  2 per week are being outshopped , and 47085/113/119/185/193/5/6/324 have recently undergone the change. Class 56's are not commonplace at Hull but 56064 worked onto King George Dock and Saltend at Hull on August 17th and an unknown 56 worked a Speedlink service to Priory Sidings at Hull, on August 23rd.

As previously mentioned Class 50's still do the lion's share of work on the Waterloo-Exeter services. July 3rd saw 50002 work the 08.35 Basingstoke-Paignton, 50038 the 08.20 Salisbury-Waterloo and 14.10 Waterloo-Exeter, 50045 the 09.40 . Exeter-Waterloo and the12.20.Exeter-Waterloo, 33112 worked the-10.20 Salisbury-Basingstoke and 33114 the 12.20 ex Salisbury.
July 30th saw 47660 head the 1105 Brighton-Plymouth while 50002 worked the 13.10 Waterloo-Exeter, 50029 the 1417 Exeter-Waterloo and 50007 the 15.10 Waterloo-Exeter.
August 29th.saw 50009 head the 1220 Exeter- Water loo, 50002, the 1310 Waterloo-Exeter, 50043 the 14.20 Exeter-Waterloo and 33021 the 11.10 Waterloo-Exeter.

Plenty of `Roarers' were in evidence at Preston in Early August with 85014 working the 08.45 Paignton-Glasgow on August 9th and 85025 working a northbound Motorail. The next day saw 85010 an the 11.14 Manchester-Edinburgh, 85023 the 08.45 Paignton-Glasgow and. 85036 on a southbound Motorail. The 11th found 85003 on the 10.35 Euston-Stranraer, 85011 an the 07.07 Plymouth-Glasgow and 85035 on a northbound Motorail. The 12th saw 85011.on the Stranraer service and 85026 ex Paignton service.

 Thanks go to Eskers Dewing, Tyas, Caddick, Slater, Gossan and Barclay.


Try your hand at this latest quiz which has a slightly different format. An imaginary Journey has taken place, including 20 deliberate mistakes. These are the answers to the quiz, pick them out and good luck!

On an August Saturday this year I decided to traverse the West of England main line from Paddington to Penzance. I arrived at the London terminus in plenty of time to board the 09.02 departure and was delighted to walk up the platform, to find Class 50 number 50013 'Agincourt' at. the head of the train, which consisted of ten 'Network' liveried Mark I coaches. Right on time we departed and after crossing over the maze of points we were soon heading westwards. We soon passed Southall, With the old. steam shed, later diesel multiple unit shed standing deserted on the right hand side. We passed a 3 car DMU on a local service heading towards London, before the windows vibrated to an HST also heading towards London. We sped through the stations of West Drayton, Ivor, Langley and Slough and within a short time we passed Twyford and then Maidenhead, before storming non-stop through Reading.
After leaving the Oxford and Bristol/South Wales lines behind we headed west and soon slowed for the stop at Newbury. To the west of Newbury, the Kennet and Avon canal runs adjacent to the line for a time, and as we passed through Hungerford, the old loop to the east of the station on the right hand side now up lifted.
Passing the aptly named Froxfield. Bottom lock, the canal provides pleasing company to the line for some time, but soon, the two part company and we speed via the Westbury avoiding line, through Castle Cary, where the Weymouth-Bristol line Crosses over the old Great Western Main line. Cogload Junction has now disappeared with the old four tracks into Taunton now reduced to two, but, again for a short distance the canal is picked up an the left. A short stop was made at Taunton before we headed onwards towards the 'Cornish Riviera Coast' the tight schedule allowing 31 minutes Taunton to Exeter. Past Cowley Bridge Junction and into Exeter St. Davids' where there was a Class 33 standing in for a Class 50 on a Exeter-Waterloo service.
On the stabling paint was 50040 'Leviathan' and a Railfreight Class 31. As we approached my favourite stretch of line, the sea wall section from Dawlish to Teignmouth, we passed a northbound HST, then the famous camping coaches at Dawlish Warren, before passing Starcross, Dawlish, with it's sandstone cliffs and Teignmouth. At Newton Abbot, we passed 'Network liveried 50033 "Glorious" which was running light engine  towards Exeter. The old shed and works stood idle before we made the scheduled two minute stop. After passing Totnes and climbing Rattery we dropped down towards Plymouth passing Laira depot the old 83A where several 47's, 50's and DMU's were present. With Plymouth behind us, we crossed over Brunel's' magnificent rail bridge dating back to 1850 and crossed into Cornwall. Passing through the stations of St. Germans and Menheniot we stopped at Liskeard before catching a glimpse of our first lower quadrant signal since leaving the Capital.
Dropping down through Bodmin Parkway and Lostwithiel with the Fowey branch on the left and we are in deepest Cornwall.
Lostwithiel station still holds much of the old GWR character with the old goods shed on the right and semaphores abound. China Clay traffic is heavy an weekdays with several trains going down the branch to Fowey for discharging into boats for shipment. Par. is soon reached with the old roundhouse an the right playing host to an 08and a 47. As we passed through Par, a loco hauled passenger train was slowly moving its way off the Newquay branch and we soon passed through St. Austell on our way to Truro, junction for the Falmouth branch. The old steam shed has been long gone and its site now holds industrial buildings. Penwithers Junction is where the Falmouth branch, leaves the main line. Redruth and Camborne are soon reached with ruined tin mines dotting the area. A brief stop at Hayle before crossing the short viaduct and the almost as short journey to  St. Erth  Junction for the beautiful St. Ives branch. The creamery on the right saw regular milk trains to Kensington right through steam days, Westerns and 50's. A regular train was the 1915 to Kensington last worked by a 50 with large logo 50043.
The Journey was now almost over, we were on the last lap and Penzance was next stop, we passed St. Michaels mount on the left and Ponsandine HST depot on the right, on the site of the former stem shed, after passing the Junction for Marazion Quay a few minutes earlier. Penzance was reached, right on time at 14.41 and we were at the end of the. line. Two Class 50's nos 50012/47 stood an the stabling paint and I said farewell to 50013 before leaving the station.


Heading a four car Hull-Manchester Piccadilly express through Chinley on 3rd.August 1982 is Albion engined BR Swindon built Class 124 TRANS-PENNINE Motor Composite No.E51965.
(Photo-Jon Davis)


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