No.63 - Spring 1988



Welcome to the Spring edition of Trans -Pennine., Having had a comparatively mild Winter we can all look forward to the Spring and Summer months of ardent "bashing" and photographing. But could this be the beginning of the end of ardent haulage bashing? The new Summer Timetable in May promises loco hauled services the network over being handed over to the cleaner, faster and better 'Sprinter', 'Pacer' and the like 'hauled' services. The powers that be reckon that these services will be better for the ordinary passenger but many enthusiasts feel that it is a race against time to photograph and sample haulage on 'proper' trains.


In a letter to Robin Skinner, Tony Booth Promotions Officer has tendered his resignation from that position and from the committee. In accepting his resignation which was made because of increasing personnel commitments and pressure of work, the committee would like to thank Tony for the very valuable work he has done on behalf of The Pennine Railway Society and it's members over the years , and to wish him well for the future although we hope to still see him at Pennine meetings and trips In the future.

For those members who took part in the 'Visit that didn't take place' to the Crimpsall Shops at Doncaster Plant on Sunday 21st February 1988 we are pleased to say that after Robin Skinner approached the BRML management by telephone and letter on behalf of the society, BRML have apologised for the fact that the visit didn't take place and explained that this was due to a problem of consultation with the Supervisors on duty in the workshops at the time, whom are now responsible for conducting visiting parties around. This has been put right for the benefit of future visits. Additional to this the society Is to receive a full refund of the cost of the permit,. 50, and a free rearranged visit for the party of 25 members at a date In the future to be decided.

The committee are satisfied with the compensation that has been agreed. members who turned up on the 21st February 1988 will therefore have a choice between taking part In the rearranged visit or receiving a refund an the cost of entry, additionally the committee will consider claims for compensation that were made by members who wrote their travel expenses on the rear of the permit an the day. Any places left unfilled on the rearranged visit will then be offered to the rest of the membership In the form of a waiting list. Further details will be advised when received. Meanwhile members who wish to take part In the rearranged visit or wish a refund should first of all contact Dave Whitlam fixtures secretary.

Robin Skinner - CHAIRMAN


Those members who took part In the debate on the Members slide competition at the AGM  will remember it was agreed that as an experiment an additional slide competition should be held this year quite separate from the competition held in October organised by Dave Bladen and Judged by Jack Davis., The meeting agreed that the slides should be Judged by those attending the meting and not by one, man. The Committee have therefore drawn up the following rules to apply on the night. Tuesday 7th June 1988,

1. -  Start 2015 hrs prompt.

2. -  Anyone who arrives after 2015 hrs cannot enter or take part in Judging.

3. -  Maximum of four slides can be entered.

4. -  Each member of audience will receive a form numbered 1 - 120 the maximum number a magazine will take.

5. -  Members give individual marks for each slide shown from 0-5.

6. -  After each slide has been shown the Treasurer and President, or Chairman in the absence of one or the other, will collect the form and retire to another part of the ' TAPS to add up the individual marks for each slide.
Therefore quite simply the slide which accumulates the highest total will be the winner, then the 2nd Highest and 3rd highest.

7. -  1st./2nd/3rd placing to receive cash prizes.

The Committee would like to stress that this meeting is an experiment but, if a success could become part of the Pennine Calendar for future years, however this will not affect the status of the Slide Competition organised in October by Dave.

So It's up to you to turn up and bring your four best slides along.


The AGM was held on Sunday 17th January 1988 at the Corporation Brewery Taps, attended by approximately 30 members with apologies from Tony Booth and Geoff Bambrough (who went to Barnsley).  The main items discussed were trips , Meetings, the slide competition and finance. John Sanderson as usual presented a reasonably healthy balance sheet explaining every penny he miserly hands out and lustfully receives on behalf of the society - Our thanks to John.
The committee was given a vote of confidence to carry an unchanged into 1988, although we now have a vacancy for the position of Promotions Officer . However the feeling of the committee and the meeting was that should that position become a vacancy the present low level of activity in that area could reasonably and ably be carried out by other committee members - that position still stands.


Many thanks to all those members who have shown their support in our Society by rejoining their membership for 1988. If you have still not rejoined for 1988,Tony Caddick is still taking subscriptions, Great value for only 2.50.

For those who do not rejoin, this magazine will be the last you will be sent, but may we take this opportunity of thanking you for your support in the past and hope that we will meet un in the future.

Paul Slater

The East Devon branch lines were an interesting part of the Southern Region's network, and during the summer of 1959 I was able to see something of them when they were still all worked by steam.
The most Important of the East Devon branch lines ran from Exeter to Exmouth. This was the one I could observe the most in 1959, as my parents, my brother and I were spending a week's holiday at Exmouth. This is the only one of the East Devon branches which remains open today.
The Exmouth branch diverged from the southern main line at Exmouth Junction, In the eastern suburbs of Exeter, where was situated the Southern's principal West Country engine shed. The line ran for much of its length close by the eastern shore of the Exe estuary. There was an intermediate station at Topsham as well as several halts.
Trains on the Exmouth branch In the summer of 1959 normally consisted of quite lengthy rakes of non-corridor stock, and several times during that week at Exmouth I saw them moving slowly along the estuary shore. Also, I was in the habit on that holiday of getting up early in the morning, the weather that week being warm and dry, and slipping along to Exmouth station for a pre-breakfast train-spotting session. At 15 years old, I was making my first attempts at railway photography. With a rather ancient bellows camera, helped by bright morning sunshine, I got a reasonable shot of class X7 0-4-4T 30323 waiting to depart with a train for Exeter and another of BR Standard class 3 2-6-2T 82013 on a Plymouth train. These two photos represented the typical motive power on the branch at that tine, and London Midland class 2 2-6-2T's were also used. There was a small engine-shed at Exmouth, a sub-depot of Exmouth Junction, and one evening I noted that the two locomotives there were 30323 and 41307.
There was a second branch to Exmouth, from Tipton St. John's on the Sidmouth branch, and I would see trains on this line passing a golf course, where we sometimes enjoyed a game, as well at the station during my early morning sessions. Trains on this line were shorter than an the Exeter line, after consisting of only two carriages, and were normally hauled by one of the elderly X7 tanks. There were stations at Littleham, Budleigh Salterton, Otterton and Newton Poppleford. One morning the four of us set off to walk from Exmouth to Budleigh Salterton along the coastal path. My mother turned back half-way and returned to Exmouth on foot, but the rest of us walked on to Budleigh Salterton and caught a train back to Exmouth. I remember that the engine was an X7 and that we passed another M7 on a train for Tipton St. John's in the loop at Littleham.
The Sidmouth branch diverged from the main line at Sidmouth Junction; this station is still. open, but is now named Feniton after a large village nearby. There were stations at Ottery St. Mary and Tipton St. John's. I never saw a train on this line, but once during our week at Exmouth we drove past Sidmouth station and saw a BR Standard class 3 2-6-2T in steam there.
From Seaton Junction, a station not close to any village, another branch line ran down to the small coastal resort of Seaton. There were stations at Colyton and Colyford, and at Seaton there was another sub-shed of Exmouth Junction. At its southern end the Seaton branch ran alongside the west bank of the Axe estuary, and here, from the road on the east bank during a drive from Exmouth, we saw an N7 hauling the typical two coach Seaton branch train.
The most easterly of the East Devon branches ran from Axminster across the Dorset border to Lyme Regis, where there was another of Exmouth Junction's numerous sub sheds.  There was one intermediate station, at Combpyne. This branch was the preserve of the class 0415 4-4-2T's although I never saw one working to Lyme Regis.
I saw one of this class, 30584, at Exmouth Junction shed in 1960, and 30583 is preserved an the Bluebell Railway.
A narrow-gauge electric tramway has been built along the trackbed of the Seaton branch at Its southern end, and I rode on it in 1978. The X7's of which there is now a preserved example at Swanage, were to be found elsewhere on the Southern Region, and were for many years used on empty stock workings at Waterloo, but to me they will always be associated with memories of the East Devon branch lines.

Glasgow Area Buses and Trains
by Chief Sutton

The Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive was renamed in 1981 from Greater Glasgow PTE, which was set up from June 1973 to take over the bus fleet and underground railway of Glasgow Corporation. The PTE also began to get itself involved with British Rail's local services. Many things have happened since 1973; the old underground railway was closed In 1977; the new one opened in early 1980; British Rail Trans-Clyde's 'Argyle Line" was electrified and re-opened in November 1979. Quite a few things happened long before 1973; most of Trans-Clyde, was electrified, In the 1959-1962 period, except for the Ayr line, which went electric as recently as 1986!  Trains still run quite frequently on each line, with the exception of Lanark-Carstairs, running in peak-hours only. Motherwell-Coatbridge (central) is an experimental service, Edinburgh-Glasgow Central via Shotts service should go over to Sprinters in late 1988/89.
What future for East Kilbride line? Electrification? Sprinterisation? What future for Springburn to Cumbernauld?
In 1985, the SMA (Strathclyde Manning Agreement) was first proposed. Under this agreement, the trains would not have to be cancelled due to no guard being on duty. The, driver would have to control the sliding doors of the 303,311,314, and 318 class electric stock used on the Trans-Clyde network. Some of the Trans-Clyde guards thought that these measures might lead to them being made redundant, so in the summer of 1985, they called a strike, which brought Trans-Clyde to a halt for two weeks. the SMA was thrashed out, the strike was ended, and trains began to run normally again. To apologise to the travelling public, the NUR arranged for everyone to travel free for two weeks.
British Rail, in associations with the PTE, has experimented with ticket machines and station entry/exit turnstiles. At Glasgow Central, banks of foreign-made "Crouzet" self-service ticket vending machines have been installed, but generally speaking, people tend to ignore then, and obtain their tickets from the human beings (?, in Glasgow?) on duty at Central Station's ticket office. There is nothing to fear from these ticket machines. I have used them myself with no difficulties at all,, but then again I am interested In such things, and bother to take time and trouble to find out. Whenever I have been there, a high percentage of people asked me how to use then. No doubt they would have been surprised to find that they were talking to a Sassenach who appeared to know more about the Strathclyde conurbation's railways than what they did!


January 2nd 1982 was a historic and extremely sad day to all Deltic fans with the final Railtour running to be hauled by a Deltic locomotive. It was impossible to comprehend that from here an in there would be life without Deltics. Six years on and It is still hard to believe that they are no longer around. On this date then 55015 worked the Kings X-Edinburgh leg and 55022 the return run of the last Deltic hauled train an BR.
Also noted on this awful morbid day were 47418 on the 0550 KX-Edinburgh additional, 47402 the 0805 York-KX and 47523 the KX-Edinburgh additional , 47513 worked. the 1550 York-KX and 46056 the 0900 Aberdeen-KX additional whilst 47086 headed the 1400  Edinburgh-KX additional.
On January 23rd 47556 headed the 0730 Birmingham-Newcastle, 47115 the 0755 Newcastle-Poole, whilst noted at Birmingham were 50012 on the 1023 Liverpool-Plymouth and 50033 on the 1120 Liverpool -Paddington. The 1134 Poole-Newcastle arrived at Birmingham behind 47543 and the 1538 Birmingham-Paddington was unusually headed by 31416. The Poole-Newcastle went forward behind 45002.
The following Saturday saw 47552 head the 0720 Sheffield--St Pancras, 47546 the 0715 Nottingham-Glasgow and 47555 the Leeds-Penzance. More class 47 haulage was to be had with 47463 on the 0730 Birmingham-Newcastle and 47559 the 0917 Leeds-Sheffield portion of the Poole train. The Newcastle-Poole arrived. at Sheffield behind 45012. Noted on Derby curve were 47360, 20182, 25250/270, Saltley hosted 46026, 47198/338 and 31313. The Newcastle-Poole was taken forward from Birmingham, to Reading with 47500 whilst the 1120Liverpool-Penzance was headed by 50015. The 1135 Poole-Newcastle had 47568 as power from Reading to Birmingham to be taken over by 47423 for the trip north.
February 6th saw a football special from Sheffield-Colchester headed by 31246/318 whilst., 'Peak' haulage was available in the shape of 45110 on the 1012 Sheffield-St. Pancras, 45134 the 0643 St. Pancras-Sheffield, and 45060 the 0755 Newcastle-Poole. The Leeds-Sheffield portion attached at Sheffield to the Newcastle-Poole was headed by, 47528. On this date the 1027 Liverpool-Penzance was forwarded from Birmingham behind 50047. Noted at Bristol were 33014 an the 1514 Bristol -Portsmouth, 33029 on the 1310 Portsmouth-Bristol, 33012 on the 1410 Portsmouth Cardiff and 46051 an the 1425 Paignton-Leeds, powered from Gloucester northwards by 46038. 45114 headed the 1744 Cardiff-Sheffield.
Noted at Saltley on February 9th were 20165, 25090/294, 31216/314, 45016/70, 470501120/157/479/521/500, 56049.
The following day saw 50028 head the 1438 Birmingham-Paddington and 50014 the 1350 Paddington-Liverpool. February 17th saw the same two trains headed by 50003 and 50027 respectively.
February 27th saw 47050 head the 0638 Leeds-Paignton, 45105 the 0758 Leeds-St. Pancras. Cricklewood played host to 25104/15411571257/284, 56057,whilst St. Pancras hold 451121122/127/134/138. Loco hauled trains at Paddington were In the shape of 47540 on the 1250 Paddington-Worcester, 50024 the 1350 Paddington-Liverpool, and 50031 the 1500 Paddington-Hereford. The 1438 Birmingham-Paddington was headed by 47502.
Across on the West Coast on the 13th March 83012 headed the 1120 Liverpool-Paddington as far as Birmingham. Edge Hill saw 08887, 40009, 40162 and 45150. Crewe saw 47475 head the 1230 Holyhead service with 33016 powering the 1229 Crewe-Cardiff. A rare triple-headed light engine movement saw 25213 and 47364/366 work onto the shed, 47534 worked the 1505 Liverpool-York.
Two days later saw the 0758 Leeds-St. Pancras headed by 31406 and the 0730 Birmingham-Newcastle by 46023. More class 46 activity saw 46051 head the 0755 Newcastle-Poole. On the same day Gloucester played host to 45003154 and 47509.


Noted on various depots and stabling points an November 15th were the following locos:
Millerhill - 08881, 20220, 26003/7/35, 37065/102/235/251/285, 47422/462/636/654/660, 37235 was in new Railfreight livery and named 'Coal Merchants Association of Scotland'
Grangemouth -  08620/725, 26029/040, 37113/8/155/188/191 
Stirling - 08630.
Eastfield - 20114/171/199/203/211, 26024/8/31/3216, 27024, 37035/405/407/411/412, 47006/460/562/577/637/642/59/62/7031704/714.
Shawfield - 20204, 37023/33/51/97/325/6.
Polmadie - 08735/8/93/952, 20225, 37004170/107, 47137/461/525/651. 
Motherwell- 08565/8/81/732/853/938, 20189, 31109, 47375, 37003/12/40/50/95/310/2/3/4/20/1/2/3/4.
Also noted on the same day were 47701/2/6/8/1011 at Edinburgh Waverley and 47709/13 at Glasgow Queen St.

Intrepid Pennine members travelled to the far depths of the Western Region in early December and noted the following:
Hereford 2nd December 08932, 37252, 47436/623.
Cardiff 2nd December 08787, 47106/204/237/334, 37200217/696, 50042, 56041/53. Class 47's are making more inroads into loco hauled diagrams on the Portsmouth-Bristol-Cardiff services prior to the service being taken over by 'Sprinters'. Noted on 2nd December were 47459 on the 0550 Cardiff -Bristol, 47634 on the 0720 Bristol-Swansea, 47489 on the 0703 Bristol-Portsmouth and 47616 on the 0630 Cardiff-Bristol. Also noted at Bristol on this date were 08949, 33004/13/25, 31405, 37232, 47017. 47612 worked the 0645 Swindon-Penzance Class 50 diagram, 08839, 31130 and 37207 were stabled at Taunton and 50045 headed the 1027 Penzance-Glasgow as far as Plymouth.
Noted at Plymouth the following day were 50041 on the 0545 Barnstaple-Penzance, 50042 the 0911 ex Penzance and 47447 the 0645 Swindon-Penzance. On the same. day at Exeter were 08941, 33114, 50030/7 and 47360. 47625 arrived on the 1236 ex Derby and 33030 worked the 1417 Exeter-Waterloo service. 50028 worked the 1027 Penzance-Glasgow arriving at Exeter 75 mins, late due to engine failure at Liskeard and the service was taken over at Bristol by 47575 which left 80 mins late making up 5 mins by Birmingham.
With the start of more regular class 50 withdrawals not being far away according to reports the Paddington-Oxford and Waterloo-Exeter services are the ones still seeing regular use of the class. On December 28th 50040 worked the 0817 Paddington-Oxford and the 0955 Oxford-Paddington,50021 worked the 1117 Paddington-Birmingham and 1441 return, 50001 the 1417 Paddington-Oxford and 1600 return. However class 47's already make inroads to the class 50 diagrams and on this date 47608 worked the 0917 Paddington-Birmingham, 47647 the 1300 Oxford-Paddington and 47612 a 0852 Bristol-Paddington Relief. On the same day 50017/43 were on Oxford MPD.
New Years Eve saw 47618 work the 0707 Banbury-Paddington, 47565 the 0651 Leamington-Paddington, 47589 the 0604 Hereford-Paddington and 47607 the 0647 Westbury-Paddington
Loco diagrams were torn up on this date apparently as nothing that worked into Paddington worked to diagram. 50035 worked the ecs ex the Leamington train and 50036 the ecs off the Hereford train. 47476 headed the ecs off the Westbury train and 47589 the Banbury train ecs, Class 50's did actually work passenger trains with 50031 heading the 0917 Paddington-Birmingham, 50005 the 0921 Didcot-Paddington, 50020 the 0955 Oxford-Paddington and 50043 the 1117 Paddington-Birmingham. Amazingly 47602/515 (both working) worked the 1101 Paddington-Oxford ecs, and the 1300 Oxford-Paddington. The 0655 Plymouth-Old Oak Vans was double headed by 50017 and an unidentified class 50. 47624 worked the 1055 Oxford-Paddington and 50035 the 1200 Oxford-Paddington. The 1217 Paddington-Oxford was headed by 47637 while 47476 headed the 1317 Paddington-Oxford. 50005 worked out of Paddington on the 1417 Paddington-Oxford with 47515 (without 47602 by this time) an the 1517 Paddington-Oxford.
During the period over Christmas and New Year the 1025 Paignton-Exeter was extended to Paddington and was surely worth covering for haulage on New Years Eve with.50026 and load 4! The ecs was then worked out of Padd by 47582.
Sunday. January 10th saw 50010 head the 0845 Oxford-Paddington, 50035 the 0900 Oxford-OOC Vans, 50044 the 0955 Oxford-Paddington and 50024 the 1115 Oxford-Paddington proving that a good day could be had chasing 50's. Also 50025 was on an engineering train at Didcot, 50013 worked the 1200 Oxford-Paddington 9 50037 the 1030 Exeter-Paddington and 50024 the 1400 Paddington-Hereford. A near perfect day was spoiled by 47489 on the 1325 Oxford-Paddington and 47589 on the 1720 Oxford-Paddington, 47524 worked the 0903 Paddington--Wolverhampton.
February 7th saw Waterloo-Exeter services diverted via Westbury and Bristol-Portsmouth trains starting and terminating at Westbury. 33050 worked the 1046 Westbury-Portsmouth, 33205 the 1025 Salisbury-Westbury and return to Portsmouth Harbour, 5003C the 0910 Waterloo-Exeter, and 50050 the 0925 Exeter-Waterloo.
Noted at Fenny Compton on the 10th February were 47446 on the 1117 Padd-B'ham, 47664 on the 1038 Poole-Newcastle, 47652 the 0745 Newcastle-Poole and 50046 the 1310 B'ham-Padd.
A remarkable train for haulage on the 13th February must have been the 2359 Paddington-Penzance which was headed from Padd to Exeter by 50003 + 50021, 50003 on its own to Newton Abbot, 50003 + 50018 to Plymouth and 50040 forward to Penzance.
Sunday 21st February saw 50045 haul the 1042 Penzance-Edinburgh out of Plymouth and 50019 the 1420 Plymouth-Glasgow.
Sunday the 21st also proved to be a near disastrous day for Class 50 fans on the Paddington-Oxford services. The 0845 Oxford-Padd was worked by 47503 being followed by 47607 on the 0955 Oxford-Padd service. In the other direction 47582 worked the 0903 Padd-Wolverhampton, 47637 the 1017 Padd-Oxford, 47626 the 1100 Padd-Oxford and 47535 the 1200 Padd-Oxford. Enough to put even the most ardent class 50 fan off for life. Things were not. that bad as it turned out with 50015 working the 0845 Exeter-Padd, 50024 the 1115 Oxford-Padd returning on the diagrammed 1400 Padd-Hereford service and 50036 on the 1610 Padd-Oxford. Would you believe it though 50018 worked the 134.5 Padd-Plymouth Relief and 50033 the 1130 Plymouth-Padd Relief service both seen within 5 mins of 50024 on the 1400 Padd-Hereford in Pangbourne

Several Pennine members travelled on the 'Pathfinder Tours' 'Fellsman' Charter train on the 30th January from Birmingham to Carlisle hauled by 50008/34. The train started at Taunton hauled by 47527 to Bristol where 50008/36 took over but 50036 developed problems at Gloucester where it was replaced by 50034. The train travelled via Bescot, Stafford, Crewe, Preston, and over Shap to Carlisle returning via the Settle & Carlisle to Leeds then via Doncaster, Beighton Jet, Chesterfield, Leicester to Birmingham. Spirited running meant a minus 47 mins departure form Birmingham ending up In a minus 15 minutes arrival at Carlisle and a minus 11 mins departure ended in, a plus 7 mina arrival at Birmingham. Some going for a class soon to become surplus to requirements. 31180/431, 58003/4/21/45, 47218/334 were at Bescot and Crewe played host to 47011/15/131/481/530/632.47309/366/453/646, 85014, 86418 and 87013 were at Preston with 37058, 47198/339/488/566, 86401, 81012 at Carlisle. 47564 worked the 1237 Carlisle-Leeds.
A charter train run by the Nottingham Area Manager from Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Chesterfield to Carlisle via the Settle and Carlisle on 13th February was' headed out and back by 45106 and well patronised with Pennine members taking advantage of the offer. One member of the party made a special friend of a ticket Inspector. No further explanation given!

A 'Rugex' from Barnsley to Kings Cross for Hull Rugby League Club supporters, on the 7th November was hauled by 47490. The return train was hauled by 47477. On the 13th November the 1033 Kings Cross-Hull failed when 4748C# expired. The train was hauled into Hull by 31159 and due to it's late arrival the return service was cancelled.
On the 4th December the 1638 Scarborough-Manchester Vic was formed of WMPTE 2 car Class 116 53819/53108. On the 16th December 47433 headed the Newcastle-Poole as far as Birmingham whilst an 21st December 45150 worked the same train. 30th December saw 45145 on a Leeds-Nottingham service, 47520 the 0830 Bristol-York relief and 47411 on Liverpool-Newcastle Cross Pennine services. 45150 worked the 1348 York-Newton Abbot relief, returning the next day with the 1130 Exeter-York which it worked from Bristol.
Also on the 30th December the 1000 KX-Edinburgh HST left York on one power car after, the rear one had been detached from the rest of the train.
February 3rd saw 56083 visit Hessle sidings on freight Class 31, 37 and 47 can often be seen there on freight workings. On February 6th 31147/125/242 were at Paragon station ready for the next days ballast train workings. The same day saw Worksop playing host to 20001/104/132,.56003/7/21/78/111/127.
Our Intrepid reporter sent In the usual crop of sightings with some most interesting workings. Noted at Sheffield on December 14th, 45124 working the 1627 Leeds-Nottingham. December 16th produced 47596 an the 1544 Nottingham-Blackpool, 47614 an the 1627 Leeds-Nottingham and 31408 on the 1545 Liverpool -Cleethorpes. The following day saw the 1038 Poole-Newcastle headed by 45150, the 1445 Liverpool-Sheffield by 47639 and the 1642 Sheffield-Leeds (via Barnsley) by 47401 hauling DMU 51211/53205.
Peterborough Stabling point played host to 08258/418/496/526, 31248/406/409/418/444, 47182/215/283/379/572, 56098 on December
19th while the 1038 KX-Edinburgh relief was seen at Doncaster behind 47530. Stabled at Newark for electrification trains were 31134/185/199/233/8. The 1338 Kings Cross-Edinburgh relief was headed by 47651. The 1142 Edinburgh-Kings Cross arrived at Doncaster-behind 476461215. The following day saw the 1038 KX-Edinburgh relief hauled by 47524, the 1110 KX-Leeds by 47660 and the 1322 Ipswich-Birmingham by 31424. The 1030 Aberdeen-Plymouth was headed by 47537. The 1920 Sheffield-Nottingham was powered by 47569 and the 1655 Bristol-Leeds by 47647.
December 21st saw 47572 at the head of the 1438 KX-Edinburgh.  Class 31 fans had a field day on December 23rd. with the following being noted at Peterborough -: 31412 on the 0820 Birmingham-Norwich, 31460 the 0928 Ipswich-Birmingham,. 31463 the 1044 Hull, 31408 the 1038KX-Edinbrough, 31402 the 0720 Blackpool-Harwich, 31413 the 1039 Birmingham-Norwich and 31415 the 1127 Norwich-Birmingham. Class 47's in evidence on this date were 47446 on the 0750 Yarmouth-Birmingham, 47458 on the 0938 KX- Edinburgh relief, 47590 on the 1038 KX-Newcastle relief and 47530 on the 1438 KX-Edinburgh relief.
An HST failure at Sheffield whilst working the 1545 Plymouth-Leeds an December 27th resulted in 31458 being attached for the remainder of the journey.
The following day saw the 0720 Harwich-Manchester arrive at Sheffield behind 47600 to be replaced by 47421.The 1130 Exeter-Leeds relief was powered by 47442.
December 29th saw 47432 head the 0610-Cleethorpes-Sheffield whilst a DMU failure meant 31132 powering the 0917 Sheffield-Leeds, 47446 worked the 1627 Leeds-Nottingham.
Peak power was in evidence on December 30th with 45145 working the 0727 Sheffield-Nottingham and 45103 the 0737 Liverpool-Sheffield. Motive power changes at Sheffield on the sane day seemed to be the norm with 47614 heading the 0720 Blackpool - Harwich In and 31432 out. 47533 worked the 0720 Harwich-Manchester in with 47614 out. The 1120 Blackpool -Nottingham arrived with 47656 and left with 47533 and the. 1544 Nottingham-Blackpool with 47533 In and 47656 out.
The 1027 Leeds-Nottingham was headed by 45145 and ~the 1038 Poole-Newcastle by 45113. The 2108 Doncaster-Lincoln was headed by the green Cravens unit 54122153359.
The new year was not very old when engine failures took their toll. On January 2nd 31432 failed at Doncaster on the 0610 Cleethorpes-Liverpool to be taken over by 31309. The 1210 York-Bristol relief ran into trouble at Sheffield behind 47663 to be replaced by 47600. January the 9th saw 47276 haul a failed DMU 768709/78959 an the 1355 Cleethorpes-Sheffield. A Footex from where? Midst ' one of all places had one to Sheffield , also an January the 9th, arriving behind 47446. The 1038 Poole-Newcastle was again headed by 45113.
The following day had the 1355 Liverpool-Newcastle headed by 47401, the 1715 York-KX by 47650 and the 1030 Aberdeen-Plymouth by 47457. January 16th saw 47439 work ecs to Barnsley to from a Barnsley-Leeds Footex. Another failure on January 21st saw 20010/090 haul failed 73718/78968 on the 1742 Lincoln-Sheffield. The 22nd saw an HST substitution on the 0753 Plymouth-Newcastle, 47457 replacing it. 47515 worked the return 1525 Newcastle-Plymouth, The 1715 Edinburgh-M HST was terminated at Doncaster. 43195 failed and 56081 towed the ecs to Neville Hill.
'Generator' power on January 24th came In the shape of 47407 on the 1450 Newcastle-Liverpool, 47406 on the 1650 Newcastle-Liverpool and 47411 on the 1550 Liverpool-Newcastle. February 13th saw 47581 on the 1035 Liverpool St-Kings Lynn, 1300 Kings Lynn-Liverpool St, and 47573 on the 1235 Liverpool St-Kings Lynn. Steam returned to Sheffield on February 16th when A4 Sir Nigel Gresley worked a special form Marylebone, taken forward by 45140. Barnetby saw 37042/83 and 37154/202 work through on BSC Iron Ore trains on Feb 11th, also working in the area were 20098/100/112.

Thanks go to Messrs Booth/Slater/Dewing/Gossan/Havenhand/Nicholson and Barclay.


All Change At York
Work will start next month on the re-modelling of York station, the biggest modernisation programme to be undertaken since similar work at Crewe in 1985. Unlike that programme work will have to be carried out as trains run as there will be no Station shut down. Over the next 15 months, the number of junctions, points and crossings will be greatly reduced and through roads removed.

Scotland Receives Super Sprinter
Scotland received it's first glimpse of the new Super Sprinter In February with a Norwich based unit venturing North to work Glasgow-Oban and Inverness-Vick services prior to taking over the services completely in May.


March 26  - Bournemouth Vest Open Day
April 1-4  - Matlock Easter Rail Show
April 10  - Stewarts Lane Open Day
April 10 -  Keighley and Worth Valley Rly Diesel Day.
April,16  - D200 Farewell Intercity, Liverpool St-Norwich-Peterborough-York handover to NRM - Kings X (47/4 York-KX).
April 23  - North Yorks Moors Rly Diesel Day
April 23  - Fellsman 11 2 x 50's Taunton-Carlisle-S&C-Leeds-B'ham-Taunton.
May 2  -  Colchester Open Day
May 7-8  - Severn Valley Diesel Weekend
May 14  - Hoover Dambuster 2 x 50's B'ham-Glasgow
May 14  - Farewell Class 33 Severn Solent, Waterloo-Portsmouth-Salisbury, Carmarthen-Swansea-Salisbury-Woking-Waterloo, 3318 provisionally.
May 28 29  - Woking LSWR 150
June 5  - Coalville Open Day
June 25 -  Yorks Dales Rly Diesel Day
July-9 -  Mallard Yorkshire coast
July 16 - Mallard Settle and Carlisle
July 30  - Mallard Trans Pennine
August 27 -  London Bridge Station Rail event
Sept 18  - Eastleigh Works Open Day
Sept 24/25  - Winchfield 150
Oct 1  - East Lance Rly Diesel Day
Oct 1/2 -  Wolverton Works Open Day
Oct 15/16  -  Severn Valley Hydraulic Weekend
Oct 22/23-  Llangollen Rly Diesel Weekend


Three members scored 39 out of 40 so were 'put Into the hat' : 1st M. Bell, 2nd I. Shenton, 3rd N. Bolland.

Answers were as follows -: 1) Chris Green, 2) Centurion, 3) 55009, 4) Frizinghall, 5) Class 319, 6) Keighley + Worth Valley, 7) Merlin, 8) Robert Adley, 9) British Leyland, 10) Blackpool Pleasure Beach, 11) July 1952, 12) Finsbury Park, 13) 1m 869 yds, 14) Table 145, 15) Diana, 16) Snow Hill, 17) Paul Channon, 18) Lancashire Pullman, 19) 86426, 20) Templecombe, 21) 3, 22) 50, 23) Newark/Mansfield bus service (London-Humberside /Scotland via East Coast accepted due to misprint), 24) Inverness Open Day, 25) The White Rose, 26) Jervis, 27) Michael Palin, 28) St. Leonards, 29) Kent and East Sussex Railway, 30) 98792, 31) St Mary's Hospital Paddington, 32) Haddenham and Thame Parkway, 33) 40106, 34) Edinburgh-Bathgate, 35) Tay Bridge, 36) Sussex. (Lewes- Eastbourne line) not Berwick upon Tweed! 37) Western Prefect, 38) 24061,,39) Midland Railway Centre, Butterley, 40) Inverness-Kyle of Lochalsh.

MEETINGS LIST No.2. 1988 April/May/June

All meetings are held at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland Street, Doncaster, commencing at 20-00 hours prompt.

Tuesday 19 April - Illus. Dave Stacey A show not to be missed; superb railway slides set to music.
Tuesday 3  May -  Slide quiz. Organised by Dave Bladen.
Tuesday 17 May -  illus. Chris Nicholson. The man from the Ministry shows his slides are up to size.
Tuesday 7 June  - Members slide competition bring along your 4 best slides.
Tuesday 21 June -  illus, John Sanderson. Midsummer Nights Madness.