No.62 - Winter 1967


The Committee would like to take this opportunity to wish members of the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

1987 has been another interesting year for the Society with the social evenings at ' The Corporation Brewery Taps keeping up their impeccably high standards - even I did a show.

We have an interesting and varied programme for you in the first quarter of'1988.1f you would like to do a slide show or film show for later in the year or know someone who is interested in doing one, please contact me.

On the Fixtures side, Dave Whitlam is looking for new ideas for trips and events. This must be the most difficult position on the Committee after that of Treasurer with the present difficulties in arranging trips that generate sufficient support to warrant running. If anyone has ideas for different events, David will be delighted to hear from you.

Anyway, we didn't win the PENNINE SHIELD this year, but a great time was had by all. Final placings were:-
lst Sheffield Transport Group  - 12 points
2nd South Yorkshire Railway Photographic Circle -  11 points
3rd Pennine Railway Society - 9 points
4th Dore Loco Group - 8 points

Pennine team members were Tony Caddick, Glyn Gossan, Robin Skinner and Chief Paul Sutton.

Looking forward to 1988 membership subscriptions are now due. The fee remains unchanged at 2.50 and should be forwarded to Tony Caddick.

Don't forget the Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday 17th Jan. at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland Street, Doncaster, starting at 12noon.

Robin Skinner - Chairperson


May I take this opportunity to thank all members for their support during 1987 without whose help The Pennine could not hope to survive. Attached to your copy of the December issue of Trans Pennine is a renewal of membership form. The fee remains unchanged at 2.50 and I hope members will consider that membership of the Pennine is still value for money.
Thank you again for your support in 1987 arid I hope to see you all again in 1988. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

John Sanderson - Treasurer


Welcome to the Winter edition of Trans Pennine. Do the months get shorter or what because it certainly doesn't seem like 12 months since Christmas came round.

Well, here we are again anyway and I'd like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who has contributed articles and news throughout the last twelve months and hope you will all continue to try and make the magazine even better.

And now the bad news. It is membership renewing time and honest, John will be looking forward to receiving your readies.

 Finally, I send my best wishes to you all and wish everyone a healthy and peaceful Yew Year.

Glyn Gossan.

by Chief Sutton

An interesting event which took place on Saturday October 3rd.An interesting selection of engines and stock was present, including steam engines Mallard and Evening Star. There was plenty of Network SouthEast stock to see including Western Region bubble-cars 55020 (in NSE colours) and 55028 (in blue and grey). Another thing to see was the well known 47522 which was duly named "Doncaster Enterprise", complete with it's fresh coat of apple green paint. Also present was the well known surviving cab of 55008.
I bumped into Bob Peach and had a chat with him and some of his well known DPS colleagues. In fact I bumped into quite a few people who I know, including Chris Palmer, Chris Keaton (Hounslow's top Routemaster basher), young ginger hair fitted Lee (who has produced at a few Pennine meetings and at Sandtoft, and knows Alison and Sue Nicholson. He recognised Sue because she is a teacher at his school, although she has not actually taught Lee yet).).
The number of infamous characters who produce at events like this, I suppose will be inevitable. The only ones who didn't appear were MFI and Rob Skinner and a few others. A few came who the Society may not know, namely my mate Alan Bird (ex. Reading), now living in Armthorpe, who worked on the Western Region P.Way from 1958 to 1970 and is a committed Western Steam man. He took a lot of slides and film of steam from around 1949 onwards, and I reckon he would be a very interesting bloke to bring to a future meeting. Alan took some shots of non-steam at the open day, including climbing into the cab of a 56 to lean out of the window to shoot 46010, the cabs of which, of course would be ned-fitted. Alan was saying about the possibilities of photting Mallard from inside one of the workshops, which he eventually did. Mr Bird is in my opinion a very interesting man, especially on account of his southern accent, with which I am quite fascinated.
Another character present was my mate Gary ,the 40 Man who was supposed to be nephew-fitted (they became separated from each other and their Uncle Gary, although Luke and Gary were later re-united). Unfortunately, no 40's present, although some exhibitor had set up a video show with 40's powering through such locations as Manchester Victoria and Peak Forest, plus Guide Bridge, to remind us that 40's worked both sides of Manchester.
The afternoon passed and chucking out time came upon us. End of yet another absorbing day.
Present:4468,92220,55020,55028,55008 cab,31105,47301,56xxx, 46010,47522,08272,31418 being lifted and various units.

by Paul Slater

Two of my favourite memories of rail journeys in the days of steam are both of night trains to Scotland. The first occasion was in 1957, when with other boys from my school railway club I went on a shed visiting trip in Glasgow. As the journey from our home in Northamptonshire and back was to long to do in a day, we started the previous evening and travelled overnight. It was my first visit to Scotland and my first night journey by train, so it was a memorable experience quite apart from the several hundred new engine numbers I acquired.
We changed trains at Northampton and Birmingham, and completed our journey on a night Birmingham-Glasgow express. The locomotive was rebuilt "Jubilee" class 4-6-0 no. 45735 "Comet" as far as Crewe and then a "Princess Royal" Pacific no. 46206 "Princess Marie Louise". There was a long delay in the darkness somewhere near Preston, then at last the train re-started. It must have been about three o'clock in the morning, the sky just beginning to show the first faint glimmers of the summer dawn, when the train sped through Tebay. I caught a glimpse of tank engines outside the shed, and was surprised that our train had not stopped to pick up a banker, as I knew that this was the normal practice on Shap.
Three quarters of the way up the bank, the train's speed fell sharply, the noise of the engine became more laboured, and then it was losing adhesion, smoke erupting incontinently from it's chimney as its wheels spun helplessly on the rails. The train came to a standstill, and the engine blew off steam.
We seemed to be stuck on Shap, in the early dawn among the lonely fells, for an eternity. Several fast night goods trains came coasting down the lines, and then a 2-6-4T on it's own, running backwards, and at last the tank was coming up the bank behind us, and was buffering up to the rear carriage ready to give a helping push. it was growing lighter, and I could see the length of the train; counting the carriages - we had seventeen on - I wondered that an attempt had been made an the notorious bank unassisted. The train was over an hour late arriving in Glasgow, but we still had time to visit the three engine sheds at Eastfield, St. Rollox and Polmadie as planned. I once saw a steam-hauled goods train slip to a standstill on a gradient, but that occasion remains the only time a passenger train in which I was travelling on failed to surmount an incline.
My second ride behind steam on a night train to Scotland was in 1965. I had Just started my first job, in Leeds, and was going on a working holiday in the Hebrides. Steam locomotives still worked the goods trains around Leeds but the expresses were all headed by diesels, and as I expected a 45 brought my train in from St. Pancras. Because of the station layout trains reversed to proceed further north, I did not bother to go up to the front to see the new engine which would take the train to Glasgow as I assumed it would be another 45. The train was well on it's way, and accelerating up the slight gradient towards Skipton, when I became aware that it was a steam engine in charge.
The gradient steepened as the line gradually climbed into the pennies, I stretched out on the seat, for the train was not full, and, half asleep, enjoyed the nostalgic and exciting sound of a steam engine pounding up mile long climb into the hills, hurrying me on my way towards what promised to be an unusual and enjoyable holiday.
I heard the steady noise of the steam engine suddenly hushed as steam was shut off, and the train came gradually to a halt. I got up, and opened the window. The train was standing at a signal in the middle of nowhere, high on the moors; I saw the first faint orange glow of dawn above the eastern' horizon, and heard the loud melancholy cries of curlews. A column of smoke rose from the engine, black against the suggestion of light in the sky, and fanned out high in the air.
As the train re-started, I read the name Selside on a lonely signal box. Later between Dumfries and Kilmarnock, I could again enjoy the sound of steam working against a gradient, and with the increasing daylight could see the engine as it snaked around the curves; but not until I had alighted at Glasgow could I identify the locomotive as "Britannia" Pacific no., 70010 "Owen Glendower", minus it's nameplates and with a deep LMS whistle in place of it's original, and much more melodious, chime whistle.
At Glasgow I met the other people with whom I would be working, and we travelled an another steam train to Gourock, where we caught a ferry; the engine this time was a BR Standard class 5 4-6-0. That was the last long distance ride I did behind steam for nearly a decade, and the very last one behind non-preserved steam; I have very much enjoyed travelling over the Settle and Carlisle by diesel train, and watching the "Cumbrian Mountain Expresses", but my night ride to Glasgow in 1965 had a magic all of it's own.


From January 1st 1968 all Manchester-St. Pancras trains were diverted to Piccadilly with the exception of the overnight 2359 Manchester-London which starts from Victoria, as a result of the closure of Manchester Central. From the same day Nottingham-Manchester trains have been diverted to run to and from Piccadilly, and with the exception of one train will be operated by diesel multiple units.


The Christmas period saw a number of steam hauled reliefs in the Manchester area, including the 1747 Manchester Exchange-York which ran additionally on December 21st and 26th extended to Newcastle; no's 45034 and 73000 respectively, were used as far as Leeds.
On December 26th "Britannia" Pacific No. 70013,cleaned specially for the occasion, was turned out an the 0945 Carlisle-Blackpool Football special. On the return journey and although a stop at Tebay was made for a banker, none was available, and 70013 had to tackle the climb to Shap unaided with a 13 coach, 451 ton train from a dead stand.
On December lst "Warship" D848 was unusually employed on the. Southampton-Birmingham New St train north of Banbury, presumably following the failure of a Brush type 4. Another Brush failure resulted in "Warship" D828 arriving at Birmingham New St on December 5th with a train from Paddington.
Through services from Oxford to Cambridge via Bletchley were withdrawn from lst January although services from Bedford to Bletchley survive.


Hastings six car no. 1001 was employed on riding trials between Finsbury Park and Grantham on January 6th in an attempt to assess riding qualities on track capable of 100 mph. running. The move was probably a result of the Hither Green derailment in December.
On January 2nd Brush Type 4 D1683 was unusual power on the 0830 Liverpool St-Norwich service.
Leeds Holbeck contained a number of withdrawn steam locomotives during December and no fewer than 25, including 22 Stanier 8F's were at Royston.


The original five NBL 'Warships' were withdrawn and. put into store at Laira from January 1st.
On December 28th Sulzer Type 2 D5076 was an unusual visitor to Cardiff an a parcels from Shrewsbury. During November and December "Warship".D855 was used on crew training between Bristol and Gloucester and in the Worcester area and by the end of December a number of Worcester-Paddington trains were in the hands of *Warships".


Scottish Region NBL Type 2 D6122 was used in re-railing experiments at Hither Green a few days before the derailment there and at the end of December was stored at the back of Hither Green depot.
On December 17th EE type D333 worked into Feltham from the Staines direction, presumably working from the Birmingham direction via Reading. Three days later "Western" D1021 worked out of Feltham on a freight.


On December 14th,a parcels from Southport to Glasgow was worked by "Britannia" 70024 from Carlisle providing a rare steam hauled train. Possibly the only steam hauled working in Scotland in 1968 occurred in the early hours of January 1st when a special ,from Manchester to Glasgow worked as far as Carlisle by D401, and taken forward by "Britannia" 70045.


The last scheduled loco-hauled train into Newquay provided a colourful spectacle an October 4th when a special 08.25 Paddington-Newquay was headed throughout by Class 50 no's 5003415 which of course are both in Network South-East livery. Several Pennine members enjoyed a day out with several reports of the loco's "performing". On the same day Class 50's and 33's alike were working Cardiff -Portsmouth services with 33050 heading the 1110 Cardiff -Portsmouth into Bristol, 33026 the 1310 Cardiff-Portsmouth into Brlstol,50017 the 1012 Brighton-Cardiff from Bristol, 50005 the 1453 Cardiff-Portsmouth into Bristol,33206 the 1315 Parts mouth-Cardiff from Bristol,50017 the 1600 Cardiff-Portsmouth into Bristol, and 50005 returning on the 1705 Bristol-Cardiff.
This turned out to be a more important visit to the area than originally thought as from the start of the winter timetable there are no scheduled Class 50 workings between Bristol and, Cardiff in daylight hours.
On the 17th October the following loco's were seen during the excellent Pennine trip to London. Noted at Old Oak Common were-:08523/944/634/948/606/811/904.31463/465/223/402.47628/500/597/220/515/558/583/560/ 606/508/618.50033/34/40/15/24/42.56054.
On the same day 50003 worked a Paignton-Paddington service, 50031 the 14.17 Padd-Oxford, 50021 the 13.10 B'ham-Padd, 50012 the 16.17 Padd-Oxford and 50028 the 14.40 B'ham-Pd, 50013 failed on the 10.55 Oxford-Padd and was assisted to Paddington by an unidentified Class 56.

Noted in the London area on October 31st were 50042 on the 06.42 ExeterWaterloo,73135 the 10.44 Waterloos-Bournemouth, 50050 the 08.17 Exeter-Waterloo, 50047 the 11.10 Waterloo-Exeter, 50035 the 09.36 Exeter- Waterloo, 33106 the 12.10 Waterloo-Salisbury, 50042 the 13.10 Waterloo-Exeter, 50019 the 12.18 Exeter-Waterloo, 50050 the 15.10 Waterloo-Exeter and 50038 the 1A.17 Exeter-Waterloo.

Noted in Euston on October 26th were 08890/905. 81013. 85015/28. 86230/86245/256/261/4011404/417/428.87001/24. At Willesden were 084081825, 31198/424.47334.81020.82003/5.86210/220/420/434.85003.87013.
Working Trans-Pennine services an October 25th were 47422 on the 08.50 LiverpoolNewcastle,47421 on the 1050 Liverpool -Newcastle, 45128 the 12.00 Newcastle-Liverpool and 47402 the 13.42 Liverpool-Newcastle.

Noted at Peterborough on September 12th were-: 08258/418/889.31175/178/185/188/199/207/210/232/233/238/243/308/317/413/460. 47094/219.31417 and 449 worked the 1045 Liverpool-Yarmouth.
Noted at Tinsley an the 'Family Open Day" on September 20th were:-  08210/141/308/335/244/500/691/509/870/871/749/678,/857.20030/064.26025.31165/158/415,3 7068/185/241/009/682/685.45107`/134/144/049.47145/290/279/148/122/287/372.56135.58034.
Class 45's are still making appearances on passenger services.45107 worked the 10.38 Poole-Newcastle through Sheffield an October 9th.45141 worked the 07.22 Sheffield-Liverpool on October 15th and 45107 the 1600 Sheffield-London HST service.
Other HST substitute workings have been worked by 47619 on the 13.25 Newcastle-Plymouth through Sheffield on October 9th,47469 on the 0753 Plymouth-Newcastle on October the 10th and 47618 the 15.25 Newcastle-Plymouth the same day. October the 11th saw 47628 work the 11'.45 Plymouth-Newcastle, while on October 15th the 06.57 Newcastle-Plymouth was headed by 47629,the 0925 Newcastle-Bristol by 47542 and the 07.53 Plymouth-Newcastle by 47621. On the same day 47534 headed the 1525 Newcastle-Plymouth and 47648 the 15.04 Bristol-Newcastle, altogether not a very good day for HST's.
On October the 10th Sheffield United ran a Footex to Manchester City and was headed by 47490(not a class 08 and brake van as diagrammed. The same day 47413 worked the 12.22 Sheffield-Liverpool. Sunday October 11th saw the 1110 KX-Leeds worked by 31432.
Noted at Doncaster on October 13th was 31134 hauling a failed DMU on the 2114 Cleethorpes-Sheffield.
October 15th saw the HST working the 1710 York-Cardiff (Power Cars- 43128,43028) fail outside Sheffield station, and being rescued by 45007.The train was terminated at Sheffield somewhat short of it's destination..
Another DMU failure occurred on October the 20th when the 1514 Cleethorpes-Sheffield failed in the Scunthorpe area and was rescued by 20083,arriving at Sheffield an hour late, and yet another on October 26th when the 1707 York-Doncaster via Selby failed and arrived in Doncaster 63 mins late behind 37303.On the same day 31250 headed the 16.02 Ipswich-Sheffield. The following day 47357 headed a Sheffield Wednesday Footex to Barnsley.
November the 8th saw 47588 on the 11.10 RX-Leeds, 47569 the 12.10 KX-Leeds, and 47447 and Green/Cream West Highland stock on the 1335 KX-York. 47277/366. 56099 were On Peterborough stabling point on this date.
Also at Doncaster 47157 was, seen at the head of the 1050 Penzance-Edinbrough  after 47442 caught fire at Sheffield.
On November 11th 47318 replaced failed 31403 an the 15.45 Liverpool-Cleethorpes.
A string of charter trains headed from the North East to Kings Cross on November 14. 47633 worked from Dunston, 47458 from Scarborough.47466 from Darlington,47477 from Newcastle, 47549 from Halifax, 47657 from Redcar,47654 from Morpeth. Return workings were as follows-: 47655 to Scarbarough, 47426 to Dunston, 47633 to Darlington,47549 to Newcastle,47466 to Halifax,47542 to Redcar and 47457 to Morpeth. Just like the old days at the blocks!
Chartered to West Yorkshire from Birmingham was a special headed by 50020 'Revenge' carrying several Pennine members. A certain person and his two Herbert Offspring can vouch that the loco was omitting plenty of noise ascending Sheepbridge bank towards Dronfield!.
Also on November the 14th a Derby to Newcastle Footex was headed by 47536.On the same day 45115 headed a Rotherham-Doncaster Footex.
The following day 47401 worked the 1335 KX-York and on November the 17th 47116 hauled a failed DMU on the 16.42 Sheffield-Leeds. The day after saw 37098 and another failed DMU on the 10.18 Sheffield-Leeds. On the same day 20104/113 and DMU worked the 16.42 Sheffield-Leeds.

Thanks go to Messrs Caddick, Slater, Gossan, Wesley, Barclay.












ANSWERS WERE 1) Bath Green Park,2) Tulyar,3) Evening Star,4) Portsmouth Harbour,5) Goole,(5) Dibatag,7) Exeter St Davids,8) Starcross,9) Snowdon,10) Temeraire,11) Fort Willian,12) Britannia,13) City Of Wells,14) Royal Scots Grey,15) Lincoln Central,16) Scarborough,17) Zulu,18) Active,19) Bristol Temple Xeads,20) Penzance.

1st Prize - P. Slater, 2nd Prize I. Shenton, 3rd Prize - K. King.


Try your luck at the Grand Christmas Quiz. Entries to Ed by beginning of March please.

1) Who is the Sector Director of Network South East?
2) Name Class 50 no. 50040.
3) What was the standby loco on the Deltic Scotsman Farewell Railtour 2/11/82?
4) Which is the new station on the Bradford Forster Square-Shipley Line opened September 1987?
5) What is the class no. of the new "Thameslink" EMU's?
6) Which Preserved railway is the new owner of Class,25 no. 25059?
7) Name A4 Pacific no. 60027.
8) Which MP, a self confessed railway fanatic has recently published a book entitled 'Wheels'?
9) The Class 155 Sprinter DMU's are built by who?
10) Which new station in Blackpool opened this year?
11) In which year did the last London tram run?
12) Name class 47654.
13) How long is Blea Moor Tunnel?
14) In the current B.R. all system timetable which table details services on the-Exeter-Waterloo link?
15) Name class EM2 27003.
16) Name the Birmingham station for services to Stratford on Avon and Leamington Spa?
17) Who is the present Minister of Transport?
18 Which Pullman service serves the Fylde coast?
19) Which class 86 electric loco was recently repainted in '1966 Electric Blue Livery?
20) Name class 33112.
21) How many power signal boxes control the line from Kings X to Doncaster?
22) What is the present fine for malicious use of the communication cord?
23) In the current B.R. all system timetable what service does table 26 cover?
24) At which event was class 3714 no. 37420 "The Scottish Hosteller' named?
25) What is the new Railfreight depot symbol for Tinsley Depot
26) Name 'Jubilee' class loco no. 45663.
27) Which TV personality presents the British programme in the BBC series "Great Railway Journeys Of The World"?
28) Name Class 203 "Hastings" motor coach no. 60014.
29) On which preserved railway would you find Rolvenden Station?
30) What is the BR 'TOPS' number for S.R. Loco 34092 'City Of Wells'?
31) Name I.C.125 power car no.43142.
32) Which is the 150th B.R. station to open or re-open since the Beeching cuts of the 1960's?
33) Which Class 40 now carries the name 'Atlantic Conveyor'?
34) On which line is Uphall Station?
35) Which world famous bridge celebrated it's centenary this year culminating in a gigantic firework display?
36) In which county is Berwick?
37) Name 'Western' class no. D1066?
38) What is the former no. of departmental loco no. 97201 "Dreadnought"?
39) On which preserved railway does 'Deltic' no. 55019 now reside?
40) Between which two stations does "The Hebridean" run?

MEETINGS LIST No.1 January-March 1988

Pennine Railway Society meetings are held on the lst and 3rd Tuesday of each month at The Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland Street, Doncaster, commencing at 19.45.

Tuesday 5th.January -   1988 Jack Davis
Tuesday I9th.January 1988 - Andrew Watts
Tuesday 2nd.February 1988  - Rhys Jones
Tuesday 16th.February 1988  - Keith Marshall
Tuesday lst. March 1988  - Keith Brown
Tuesday 15th.March 1988  - Trevor Dean


Sunday 17th.January 1988 Corporation Brewery Taps,12.00-14.00.

This is your chance to have your say in the running of the Society.


Saturday 23rd January 1988  - Crewe Works 10.30 PR4-88/1 Meet West Street Entrance 10.20 Price to be confirmed.
Sunday 21st.February 1988  - Doncaster Works 14.00 Meet Plant Hotel Entrance 13.50 Members 2.75 ; Non-Members 3.00

All bookings to me enclosing a stamped addressed envelope.
Cheques/Postal Orders to be made payable to the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY

Dave Whitlam-Fixtures Secretary