No.61 - Autumn 1987

by Paul Slater

A five-day break in Cornwall in June 1974 was the first of several railway based holidays which over the years I have taken in various parts of the British Isles. I had three aims in particular on my Cornish trip: to see something of Cornwall itself, its towns and countryside and coastal scenery; to visit some of the prehistoric sites in the county; and to photograph some of the class 52 diesel hydraulic locomotives at work on the railways of the West Country.

I travelled as far as Exeter on the Tuesday behind a 47 on the 12.30 Paddington-Paignton, accompanying my sister-in-law who was going to visit relatives in Devon. We parted at Exeter, and I travelled on alone, at first behind another 47 on the 13.30 Paddington-Penzance, and then - my first 52 haulage on this trip - behind D1036 'Western Emperor" on the 17.35 Plymouth-Penzance stopping train. The train was full, and I had to stand; but it was a warm, sunny evening, and I enjoyed standing by an open window and watching "Western Emperor" winding it's way out of Plymouth and over the Saltash Bridge and on into Cornwall, through attractive scenery and past masses of rhododendrons in flower. It was my first visit to Cornwall since a family holiday there in 1959, and the first time that I had ever entered the county by train.

I alighted at Liskeard, where I had arranged to stay two nights. Next morning, the warm sun shining again, 1 photographed D1006 'Western Stalwart" arriving at Liskeard with the 8:42 Plymouth-Penzance as I waited for the Looe branch train. I rode down to Looe and had a brief swim in a very chilly sea, then returned to Liskeard, getting several photographs of the branch train. That afternoon, as the fine weather broke, I walked up on to the fringes of Bodmin Moor to see the notable pre-historic dolmen known as Trethevy Quoit.

On the Thursday I rode westwards from Looe on the 8:42 from Plymouth, which this time was headed by a 45. 1 enjoyed the ride down the length of Cornwall, arriving in Penzance in time for lunch. Here I Was booked for two nights in a hotel only a few yards from the station. That afternoon, by a combination of buses and walking, I visited Newlyn, Mousehole, Lamorna Cove and the Merry Maidens stone circle. Next morning I was pleased to be able to photograph three 52s together in Penzance station. D1058 'Western Nobleman" was on the Fridays only 10:00 to Paddington, D1051 'Western Ambassador" headed the 10:25 "Cornishman" to Bradford, and a third 52 was ready with the 11,00 "Cornish Riviera" to Paddington.

I remembered my previous holiday in Cornwall., and my trainspotting sessions before breakfast on Penzance station. Fifteen years old then, I was making my first attempts at railway photography. Two of them, in bright early morning sunshine, came out well. The first of the Western Region's diesel- hydraulics, numbered in the D600 and D6300 series, were starting to appear on the Cornish lines in 1959, but my two best pictures were both of steam locomotives: 6826 "Nannerth Grange" on the 7.55 to Swansea and 5058 "Earl of Clancarty" backing out with the empty stock of an overnight train from Paddington.

~ Fifteen years later, in 1974, 1 walked out along the shore eastwards from Penzance, photographing first the "Cornishman" passing Penzance engine-shed, them the famous island of St. Michael's Mount just offshore, and them the 'Cornish Riviera" passing the site of Marazion station. Also at Marazion I snapped the 8.42 from Plymouth, hauled by a 50. 1 returned to Penzance for lunch and that afternoon on the moors north-west of the town, saw the old Ding Dong tin mine and three ancient sites: Lanyon Quoit, the Men-an-Tol holed stone and the Men Scryfa Early Christian inscribed stone.

Next morning it was time to leave after my brief visit to Cornwall. I had succeeded in my three aims, and had enjoyed my holiday. As a final bonus, I had 52 haulage all the way back from Penzance to Paddington!

by Jack Davis

Mention in the March edition of 'Trans Pennine' of a forthcoming visit to Frodingham and Immingham Depots, prompted me to dig out an old note book and look up such a visit undertaken almost a quarter of a century ago.

The date was August 4th 1963 (Bank Holiday Monday) and as I remember took place in the standard Bank Holiday weather; dull, cold and wet for most of the day. In fact, it wasn't until we were well on the way home, at Thrumpton G.C., that any attempt was made to take photos.

It is interesting to look back and see just how much steam was still in operation in Lincolnshire and how it was still relied upon for the heavy freight.

Immingham had present that day 27 Consolidated's, (2 x 81's, 2 Robinson O4s and 23 Austerities), no fewer than 9 standard 9F's and 8 Britannia's from a total of 66 locos, the remainder being mostly B1s. There were just 10 diesels, No's 12126/33, D2022, D2207, D361214, D3154/7, D4088 and D6749. The standard 9's were 92034/5/7/8/146/193/5/6/202.

The most remarkable item was the Britannias, for after 12 years service all over the system, there were 8 of the class assembled that day, in consecutive order from 70035 to 70042! Just how this had been managed I can't imagine although I must admit that all 8 had spent a good deal of their time in East Anglia.

It also underlines the importance which was still attached to the fish traffic from Grimsby for such a large number of Pacifics to be maintained here, for the amount of passenger work generated in the area could be easily handled by the B1s.

Frodingham presented much the same picture except that the 2-8-0's almost completely dominated the scene. Apart from 5 diesels, No's D3611/38/47, D1532 and D5849 and 4 K1 2-6-0's No's 62013/6/33/5, there was a motley collection of Austerity's, O2's and the venerable O4's, still answering the call of duty although by this time held together by a combination of grease and sludge, wire, string and sacking and looking as though it might wheeze through another 50 years if need be.

Lincoln held a wider selection, in fact even though there was only two dozen locos on shed, it was almost an Aladdin's cave after what we had met up with up to now and all worth listing, as follows:- D4014, D5633, D5811, D5860, D8067, B1s Nos. 61006/58/89/107/162/223/384, O1's Nos. 63589/96, Austerity's Nos. 90149/501, IVATT 4MT 2-6-0 Nos. 43086/149, 4F No. 44244, 8F No. 48151, BR Standard 4 No. 75064 and Star of the Show, B.R. Standard 5 No. 73134, Caprotti Fitted.

By the time we reached Retford, it was early evening and the weather had improved enough to bring out the old magic box and make up for lost time photographing the assembled army of K1s, O1's, O2s, O4s and Austerity's which were being prepared for the following days work.

The process of fire-raising was being accompanied by clouds of thick, sulphur laden, yellow smoke which drifted away towards the terrace of houses overlooking the east end of the shed yard; life must have been almost intolerable for their tenants, with the process being repeated all round the clock.

One interesting fact, that evening was the absence of any J11 "Pom Poms". Thrumpton J11s were well enough performers on excursion traffic to the East Coast, in fact at one time they earned themselves the nickname of 'Thrumpton Pacifics' so presumably they were all out doing their pacifying with the Bank Holiday traffic.

Over the way, the GNR. shed was also preparing for the following days work with about a score of steam locos, equally divided between B1s and O4s with one or two 250 diesels thrown in for good measure.

The main line was also busy and a short stay by the lineside produced no steam, but DP2, D190, D365, D1503/6, D5683, D5824/39/61 and D6743. Not one Deltic, still, we had logged about two hundred locos in the day and Deltic mania was a long way in the future, so we were quite happy with the day's haul as we headed off into the sunset.



.Warship" diesel No. D840 worked through Bescot on August 15th with a train, of Oil Tankers, possibly deputising for a '.'Hymek" type 3 loco. It is possible it was employed on crew training duties from Tyseley depot which had received Nos. D833 and D336 at least for this purpose at the beginning of August. The LMR and WR plan to replace Brush Type 4 Locos on Paddington - Birmingham New Street services with "Warships" before the end of the year.
The prototype LMR 25KV Electric Loco No. E2001, has been reported to have been removed from Rugby Testing Station for scrap.
An unusual visitor to the Midland Main Line on August 10th was" Black 5 4-6-0 No. 44851 which powered the 08 35 Manchester - St. Pancras as far as Derby, following a diesel failure at Manchester. The loco worked back to Manchester light.
At Crewe works at the end of August were SR Electro-Diesels Nos. E6101 in the paint shop, and E6102-9 in various stages of rebuilding in the old erecting shop.
The first of the new EE 2750 hp. Type 4s, D400, was noted on the West Coast Main Line on an empty oil train near Lancaster on September 13th, on crew training.
The Settle and Carlisle line still sees considerable freight traffic, particularly overnight. On the night of September 12/13th, a total of 33 trains were noted at Garsdale Junction with only 11 of these diesel-hauled. Among the steam locos spotted were "Jubilee" No. 45593 and six "Britannia" Pacifics, Nos. 70011/22/4/32/45/9.
Further south on the Midland, "Britannia" Pacific No. 70013 was at Derby works Open Day on August 25th, and on August 31st the 14.00 Manchester - Nottingham was hauled throughout by Stanier Black 5 No. 45284, returning with the 16.45 from Nottingham.
Nottingham Victoria Station was closed on September 2nd and the Rugby-Nottingham diesel service now uses Nottingham Arkwright Street.


A most unusual working on the Great Eastern Main Line on July 19th was "Hymek" Type 3 D7035 which worked a car train from Hinksey through Ipswich, destined for Felixstowe Dock.
On August 6th SR Birmingham Type 3 No. D6547 worked an Army Special throughout from the Southern to Lowestoft.
During September there were four B1s at Low Moor, Nos. 61030, 61306/37/88. At least two were active for No. 61306 worked the 15.17 Bradford-Heysham parcels on September 23rd.


On August 19th the 09.05 Paignton-Leeds worked throughout by BR/SuIzer Type 4 No. D174.
One of the original "Warship" diesels, No. D602 "Bulldog", was noted at Cardiff on August 4th, an unusual occurrence as this class is normally confined to working between Plymouth and Penzance.
At the beginning of August there were no fewer than 170 Steam Locos awaiting cutting up at Woodham Bros. Scrapyard at Barry Docks, with 70 former GWR. locos and about 29 Ex LMS locos amongst them.
"Hymek" diesels are planned to take over banking duties on Lickey incline and Bromsgrove has been automated D7011, noted at the end of August.
On September 6th, NBL "Warship" type 4 No. D833 worked the 07.20 Birmingham-Paddington, replacing a failed "Brush" Type 4. This is the first reported "Warship" hauled train on the London-Birmingham service since 1965. The 07.20 failed the following day, this time at Olton, and EE4 Type 4 D329 was summoned to work the train through to Paddington.


The August Bank Holiday Weekend brought four excursions to Eastbourne, including three mystery tours from the WR on August 27th, originating from Bristol, Weston Super Mare and Filton Junction, worked throughout by brush type 4s No's D1599, D1732 and D1929. On Bank Holiday Monday an excursion from Rugby travelled via Brighton to Eastbourne, arriving behind electro diesel No E6034.


On August 3rd, the Waverley Route 09.20 Carlisle-Edinburgh train was worked throughout by "Britannia" Pacific No 70032, only the second to be reported instance of a steam hauled Waverley route passenger train this year. On August 11th, the 17.23 Carlisle-Perth originating from Euston at 12.10, was worked from Carlisle by Britannia" Pacific No. 70051.


Class 33s are still the mainstay of the Cardiff-Portsmouth services, for the time being anyway. Noted working between Bath and Bradford on Avon on July 4th were the following:- 33029 on the 08.10 Portsmouth-Bristol, 33022 on the 10.13 Cardiff-Bournemouth 33045 on the 08.58 Weymouth-Bristol, 33013 on the 08.30 Brighton-Cardiff, 33203 on the 12.05 Bristol-Portsmouth 33040 on the 11.10 PortsmouthCardiff,33031 on the 12.10 Portsmouth-Cardiff, 33044 on the 13.10 Portsmouth-Cardiff, and 47600 on the 15.05 Weymouth-Cardiff spoiling the run.
With the first class 50 withdrawals having recently taken place how long before the axe is really put in? Noted working around oxford on August 2nd were 50003 on the 09.55 Paddington-Worcester, 500022 on the 11.15 Oxford-Paddington, 50036 on the 11.00 Paddington-Oxford, 50007 ECS Old Oak-Oxford, 50035 12.00 Paddington-Oxford, 50036 13.25 Oxford-Paddington. The Sunday afternoon Gloucester-Paddington vans is booked a pair and on the same date 50015/49 duly worked the train noted at Frampton Mansell.
The following day around Cholsey and Goring 47525 worked the 06.25 Poole-Manchester '50026 the 08.20 Padd-Oxford, 47556 the 06.45 Wolverhampton-Poole, 50036 the 09.21 Didcot-Padd., 50002 the 08.52 Padd-Oxford ECS, 50003 the 09.17 Padd-B'ham, 50026 the 09.55 Oxford-Padd, 37699 on freight, 37299 light engine,47566 Pool -Newcastle, 473117 light engine, 50002 10.06 Old Oak-Oxford ECS, 50022 10.55 Oxford-Padd., 50017 the 11.01 Old Oak-Oxford ECS, 50021 11.17 Padd.-B'ham 47484 08.08 Manchester-Poole 50002 12.00 Oxford-Padd., 50013 12.17 Padd-Oxford, 47431 10.38 Poole-Newcastle, 50017 13.00 Oxford-Padd., 50005 up vans, 47620 Newcastle-Poole, 50035 Padd.-Oxford, 47465 Poole-Manchester, 50002 14.17 Padd.-Oxford, 50003 13.10 B'ham-Padd., 50035 14.46 Oxford-Old Oak ECS,50002 16.00 Oxford-Paddington., 50007 down vans, 47587 17.02 Pad-Hereford, 50026 17.05 Padd.-Didcot, and finally 47639 on the 16.12 Padd.-Oxford.
On the 16th August the following Loco's were seen around Reading:- 50033 on the o8.45 Oxford-Padd., 56060 on a waste train, 31468 on the 11.00 Padd-Oxford, 50015 on the 11.15 Oxford-Padd., 50031 light engine, 50039 on the 14.20 Padd.-Bristol, 47558 on the 10.30 Penzance-Padd., and 50017/27 on the Gloucester-Paddington vans.
Class 50s ruled the roost on the West of England main line on Saturday August 21st when 50033 worked the 06.25 Plymouth-Padd vans. 50019 on the 08.46 Padd.-Paignton, 50005 the 08.38 Padd.-Penzance, 50018 the 09.30 Paignton-Padd., 50032 the 11.00 Padd.-N " ay, 50031 the 12.10 Padd-Penzance, 50033 14.05 Padd.-Paignton, 50021 the 10.40 Newquay - Padd. and 50024 on the 11.02 Penzance - Padd. Noted at Radley on the same day were 50007 on the 16.17 Padd. - Oxford, 50015 on the 16.55 Oxford Padd., 47473 on the 14.57 Poole-Liverpool, 47628 the 12.55 Llandudno - Padd., and 50027 on the 17.05 Padd. - Oxford.

Rumours are still rife that all the class 45s will be withdrawn at the end of the Summer timetable; that remains to be seen but meanwhile members of the class are still seeing active service during their Indian Summer.
The 8.05 Newcastle-Weymouth, which is a class 47 diagram has seen several class 45 working the train over recent weeks. 45121 worked on 23/5, 45124 on 13/6, 45113 on 20/6, 45113 on 18/7, 45110 on 25/7, 45113 on 8/8, 45145 on 15/8 and 45144 on 29/8. Other "Peak workings have been 45150 on the 10.10 Scarborough Paignton on 23/5, 45107 on the 07.07 Sheffield - Skegness and 45124 on the 09.40 Poole - Bradford on the same day. 45142 worked the 11.00 Paignton - Newcastle, 45150 the 09.58 Penzance - Leeds and 45103 the 13.02 Portsmouth - York, all on 6th June. Meanwhile on the 13th June 45134 worked the 10.10 Scarborough Paignton and 45150 the 14.25 Newcastle - Liverpool, the Saturday 45107 worked the 07.07 Sheffield - Skegness and 45128 the 09.40 Poole - Bradford on the same day. 45142 worked the 11.00 Paignton - Newcastle, 45150 the 09.58 Penzance - Leeds and 45103 the 13.02 Portsmouth - York, all on 6th June.
Meanwhile on the 13th June 45134 worked the 10.10 Scarborough-Paignton and 45150 the 14.25 Newcastle-Liverpool, the following Saturday 45107 worked the 07.07 Sheffield-Skegness and 45128 the 09.40 Poole-Bradford. On 11th July 45108 headed the 08.15 Paignton-Manchester, 45121 the 80.18 Penzance-Glasgow and 45106 the 11.00 Paignton-Newcastle. On 25th July 45113 worked the 19.40 Poole-Bradford and 45106 the 09.25 Newquay-Newcastle whilst August lst brought 45046 on the Sheffield-Skegness and 45134 on the Poole-Bradford. The following week the 11.00 Paignton-Newcastle was hauled by 45150 and the 09.25 Newquay-Newcastle by 45145.
The new Nottingham-Blackpool "sprinter" diagrams have seen a decided absence of the new units since the first few days of the new timetable, locos and Mark 1 stock being a distinct improvement. The following are a few of the locos seen on these workings:
The 11.20 Blackpool-Nottingham. 47460 on 23rd May, 47010 on 20th June, 47004 on 1st Aug, 47316 on 8th Aug, 47281 on 15th Aug, 47354 on 29th Aug, and 47356 on 31st August. The return 15.44 Nottingham-Blackpool 47609 on 23rd May, 47537 20th June, 47206 on 1st Aug,47277 on 8thAug, 31294 on 15th Aug, which failed at Sheffield to be taken forward by 31124.
Noted at Scunthorpe on July 3rd were 08445/632, 20086/95,20066/67, 47377, 56007/27/77 20064 was shunting at Wrawby Junction. Noted at Doncaster on July 5th was 47355 on a return charter from Bridlington.
On July 12th 47406 headed the 13.50 Liverpool-Newcastle and 47402 the 14.50 Newcastle-Liverpool whilst 45115 headed the Newcastle-Poole and 45134 the 16.50 Newcastle-Liverpool on the same day. July 17th saw 47312 arrive at Sheffield on the 07.20 Harwich-Manchester, to be replaced by 47441. The following day the 07.07 Sheffield- Skegness was hauled by 47313, whilst the 10.22 Sheffield-Liverpool left behind 31217. 47322 headed the 10.45 Liverpool-Yarmouth on the same day and 45012 the 12.22 Sheffield-Liverpool. The 10.52 Skegness-Sheffield and 11.20 Blackpool-Nottingham were headed by 47313 and 47310 respectively. Also the 09.55 Tenby-York was hauled by 47229 whilst..47283 headed the 15.27 Manchester-Harwich.
Sunday July 19th saw the 13.50 Liverpool-Newcastle by 47298 and 3248 on the 18.58 Sheffield-Liverpool. The following day 47418 arrived at Sheffield on the 15.45 Liverpool-Cleethorpes to be replaced by 3111. July 22nd saw 31163 and 150134 arrive at Sheffield 80 minutes late on the 10.25 Lincoln-Leeds due to the sprinters failure at Dronfield. The train was terminated at Sheffield. The 10.38 Poole-Newcastle was headed by 45058. July 23rd and 31275 headed the 10.45 Liverpool-Yarmouth whilst the 15.27 Manchester-Harwich was hauled by 47287. The one remaining loco hauled service from St. Pancras, which on Fridays runs through to Leeds, was headed by 45107 on July 24th. Saturday 25th July saw 31189/296 on the 07.22 Sheffield-Liverpool, 47492 in and 47378 out of Sheffield on the 07.48 Leeds-Yarmouth, 47287 in and 31460 out of Sheffield on the 07.20 Blackpool-Harwich, 47311 in and 47337 out of Sheffield on the 07.50 Yarmouth-Liverpool, 31309 on the 11.20 Blackpool-Nottingham and 47369 on the 13.27 Leeds-Cardiff.
The following Friday, the 31st July, found 47004 at the head of the 15.44 Nottingham-Blackpool and 45104 on a York-Birmingham additional. Sunday August 2nd saw the 18.50 Sheffield-Hull DMU hauled by 37013 and failed 53220/53196. A Bristol-Leeds additional was headed by 47329 on 9th August 15th 47049 headed the 07.20 Harwich-Manchester, 47144 the 09.55 Tenby-York and 47281 the 11.20 Blackpool-Nottingham.
More DMU failures saw the 21.12 Sheffield-Leeds hauled by 37062 and 51215/54349 on 16th August and 31430 hauling 53630/59383/53320 on the 18.10 Sheffield-Hull on 21st August. The following day the 06.10 Cleethorpes-Liverpool was hauled by 31312 and 47322 worked the 09.25 Newquay-Newcastle, 24th August saw 31317 hauling failed 31429 on the 18.45 Liverpool-Sheffield.
On 21st June 45141 through Cottingham on a Derby and Leicester-Bridlington excursion.
A rare "Crickex" working occurred on 11th July when 47454 headed a Leeds-KX excursion for the Benson and Hedges cricket final at lords between Yorkshire and Northants. 26th July found 37209 hauling a failed HST on the 08.20 Hull-XX, seen through Doncaster. Due to DMU failures, several services have been loco hauled into Hull recently with 47316 seen on one such working on 6th August, 47303 on 27th August and 31459 on 3rd September. Noted at Botanic Gardens on 23rd August were 37117 and 37225 whilst on 15th September 47644 was noted at Hull paragon.

33209 worked the 16.18 Exeter-Waterloo into Salisbury to be replaced by 50018 on 4th July. The 33 retired to the stabling point with sisters 205/203, the later loco being greeted with much enthusiasm by a certain membership secretary as it had managed to avoid him for more years than he cares to remember! Salisbury is something of a Mecca for enthusiasts at the moment with frequent services provided by two popular classes of loco which sadly are under threat. During a week of brilliant sunshine the following were noted:33001/4/8/13/15/16/17/19/110/1/12-14/ 16/18/19, 33201/3/5/9/12, 50004/7/8/12/15/16/18/20/27/33-5/36/42/48. 59001 on 11th July and 59002 the following day were noted on stone trains passing at approx. 19.30 Eastbound.
Members wishing to sample loco hauled travel on the normally EMU only Waterloo-Portsmouth line are advised to sample the delights of a class 50 on the 09.25 Waterloo-Portsmouth (weekday) or the 15.30 Portsmouth-Waterloo.
The former was hauled by 50027 on May 21st, 50015 on 6th July, 50033 on 8th July, 50034 the following day. The latter service was worked by 50004 on 6th July. But hurry, offer only while stocks last, for it seems the class has fallen out of favour with BR, and already down to 48 members the future does not look good.
Noted at Tonbridge on 17th July was 47609 on the 17.54 Dover-Manchester. The next day 33202/053 headed a freight whilst 47439 worked the 07.40 Manchester-Dover, seen at Ashford. Noted at Dover Western Docks on 18th July were 09019/21, 47014/351 and 73122.
The following day between 10.50 a.m. and Noon Victoria-Gatwick services were headed by 73117/2729132137/42 whilst 33030 worked ballast and 47447 was on the 07.00 Wolverhampton-Brighton.
Noted at Brighton on 20th July were 09007, 33002/64, 73118/24/40. 47447 headed the 18.25 to Manchester.

Noted on Crewe depot on July 4th were 20026/108/117/1871196, 31247, 470111144/7/438/620 85032, 86261/438, 87009/23/27/33. Noted on the works were 37011/245, 47001/275/405/ 429/437/524, 81022, 85039, 86206/226 "Cornwall", 6201 "Princess Elizabeth",48151, 71000, 40122, D1041, D5054, D9000, 86225, 47468, 56049,37032141/60/73/149/168/199/ 204/233/670, 47089, 56067/8/95, 87019, 37002/68/519, 47433/486, 50011, 56090,40008/ 28/57/88/91/104/115/195, 45053, 47230, 47282/409/414/464/810151 840081 85001.
Noted at Buxton on July 26th were 20020/53,37676/7/83/4/6/7.

Thanks to Messrs, Slater, Barclay, Caddick, Gossan and Dewing.


Compiled by BBC 1 Giddy up Pole.

1. DMU and a dog called Boo Lobo
2. Who's that Goyle Madonna
3. Didn't we almost have it All- Whitney Euston
4. Bellow Goodbye - Beatles
5. A Winters Bail - David Essex
6. Paint your Wagon - Lee Marvin
7. Purple Train - Prince
8. A Guard Day's Night - Beatles
9. Breaking up is hard to do - Crewe Works Dismantling
10. A kind of Brush - Herman's Hermits


Here's the Autumn Quiz to get your teeth into. Entries by 15th December please.

ANAGRAMS Sort the letters out for station name or name of loco.

1. T E A H K P A N R E G R B
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4. P H R T R U 0 S M 0 A H R B U T 0
5. E 0 G L 0
6. G A A T B D I
7. T R T S E X S T E E A I D V
8. S S T R A S C R 0
9. N W S D N 0 0
10. T R E E E E R M
11. W M F 1 L L 0 T I R A
12. N A B R I A T I N
13. W Y C F I T S 1 L E 0
14. Y Y R 0 S S E R A 0 L T G C
15. L N L C I N N T L 0 A R L E
16. R H S C G R A B U 0 0
17. U U L Z
18. E A C U T I
19. S B R M 1 S D^M T 0 T L E E P L E A
20. P E E N C A N Z

Winners of quiz No. 50 were:

Joint 1st I. Shenton and J. R. Dewing, 3rd P. Slater


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