The Magazine of the Pennine Railway Society

                                           No.58 - Winter 1986


With the Festive Season upon us again, the Committee would like to thank all our members for their support in 1986, and wish you and your families a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Looking forward to 1987, we are pleased to announce that the membership fee will remain unchanged at 2.50 per member or family and enclosed with this magazine is a renewal of membership form, which we hope you will all complete and send to Tony Caddick.

Our Annual General Meeting is to be held on Sunday 11th January 1987 at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland Street, Doncaster, from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m. and all members are invited to attend to contribute towards plans for the year with the committee, all of whom will be standing for re-election.

Plans are already in hand to book performers for our twice monthly social evenings held at the "Taps" on the first and third Tuesday of each month, and we hope to have in use shortly a new screen and projector (specially requested by Robin Skinner who is convinced that new equipment will improve the quality of his slides). (Some chance! Ed.)
Our thanks to all who have taken time out to do us a show in 1986, and if 1987's entertainment is as high in standard as 1986's, we shall be in for a good year.

We are also putting a programme together for visits for 1987, and we hope to get some fresh ideas from members at our AGM.

Finally, don't forget to renew your membership; (a free diary will again be given to all members), and look forward to seeing you all in 1987.

John Sanderson.


Welcome to the Winter edition of Trans Pennine. 

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed news and articles over the past year and hope that you will all continue to help make next year's editions even better.

As is custom at this time of year I would also like to pester you into renewing your membership, and as John has said, the fee is to remain the same, making it cheap at half the price!!

Finally, I send my Best Wishes to you all at this festive time and hope for a successful New Year.

Glyn Gossan.


With the closure of the DMU Repair Shop all DMU's are now dealt with in the Loco Repair Shop and surrounding area. As a result of this the celebrated works collection of withdrawn 25s and 45s etc. has been consigned to storage at Goole awaiting its fate.

by B. Moss

 Certain areas of British Rail still offer special bargain fares so that we can all afford to travel by train sometimes; providing you own a car to get to the places offering the bargain. Such offers are available from Derby and Nottingham where there are usually three destinations per month on offer at discount rates. The destinations to choose from in October were Southampton at 12, Blackpool at 8 or Chester at 7. I decided that Southampton was the most attractive proposition of the three, in terms of haulage possibilities, so on 20th October I drove down to Derby to take advantage of the offer. It was en route to Derby that I had the brainwave of 'baling' at Southampton, purchasing another ticket, and going forward to Poole, thus getting some class 33 haulage in the process.

I eagerly awaited the very early starting Grantham - Birmingham 'tap-tap' which unfortunately had to be taken to Birmingham for the 06.15 Liverpool - Portsmouth forward, which changed engines at Coventry. 86418 hummed its way into New Street and then crawled to Coventry, timed very well to run directly behind an all stations commuter train. At Coventry it was replaced by 47489 which was taken to Banbury.

I decided to leap at Banbury to await the 07.10 Liverpool - Poole and get some more class 47 haulage in (desperate). It duly arrived on time, behind 47453, departed on time, crawled at walking pace as far as Aynho Jcn., then failed. Having seen 45052 on freight at Banbury I was rather hopeful of some decent replacement haulage, after all where else will there be a replacement loco?

After half an hour the 22 minute connection between trains at Southampton was looking decidedly dodgy, and assistance arrived in the shape of ...... 47618!!! Where the hell had they dug this up from? Well, that was that, a failed wreck, a replacement wreck and a trip to Poole now well and truly out of the window. Could things get any worse? Yes. On arrival at Reading, there were two replacement locomotives to choose from to take the train forward - 47594 and 47636. No more problems you think to take one loco and the driver told the shunter he was taking the other. Control didn't ' t know which the driver was to take so the points were set for one to take over, then the other, then neither. Toss a bloody coin I thought. Draw straws, fight for it, but get an engine on this train for God's sake!

After much swearing and arguing by the shunter, the driver and not forgetting the guard who joined in half way through, 47594 was attached and left 50 minutes late. Funny how the station announcer was conspicuous by his absence during all this.

So with this farce finally over, not only was Poole out of the question, but now Southampton was also a lead loss so Basingstoke was decided on, thus still getting class 33 haulage in. So here I "baled" and had 33111 to Andover on the 12.10 Waterloo - Salisbury and 33115 back on the 13.15 Salisbury - Waterloo, and to cap the lot neither of them were required So a few 'photos were taken at Basingstoke, notably of 50048 on the 13.10 Waterloo - Exeter, 33114 (which I do require) and departmental unit 004, 50012 on the 12.20 Exeter - Waterloo,. and 37091/134 light engine.

The homeward journey was made by taking the 14.38 Poole - Manchester with 47594 making its way back, and 47468 forward from Reading. Thankfully a repeat of the escapade experienced earlier did not take place.

An unexpected bonus was loco hauled travel from Birmingham to Derby where I fortunately fell on the late running 18.20 Birmingham - Leeds return motor show excursion with 47606. Apparently vandalism in the Wolverhampton area had caused chaos and everything was running late. So what's new?

Well, I will look out for future offers from the Derby and Nottingham area as they do still give value for money, but if there is ever a reduced fare anywhere else via Reading, then forget it!!!

by Paul Slater

Berney Arms, the first station out of Yarmouth on the line to Norwich via Reedham, must be one of the smallest and most isolated stations on the British Rail network. It is on no road and serves no village: it is named after the Berney Arms Inn, which stands on the bank of the River Yare just above the head of the Breydon Water Estuary. Also at Berney Arms is a splendid restored windmill, and this was my reason for using the station during a weekend in Yarmouth; I am something of an enthusiast for visiting windmills, the one at Berney Arms is a fine example of the many drainage mills there once were in Norfolk, and, as my guide-book to windmills puts it, access to Berney Arms Mill is by rail or water only.

Consulting the timetables at Yarmouth, I saw that the 17.50 train to Norwich stopped at Berney Arms, and barely a quarter of an hour later a train in the other direction also called there, which would just give me enough time for a quick look at the windmill.

Yarmouth station seemed rather a melancholy place on that Autumnal Sunday evening. It had obviously seen better days; the goods yard, the engine shed, the carriage sidings and the branch-line to the harbour were all derelict. The signalbox and the platform signs still carried the old Name Yarmouth Vauxhall, from the time when it was one of three termini in the town.

Leaving Yarmouth, the train ran close by the shore of Breydon Water. Berney Arms windmill was easily visible in the distance across the estuary, and when the railway left the shore and ran a little inland across the uninhabited expanse of Halvergate Marshes, I kept my eye on the windmill, which was growing much nearer. The two carriages of the train were quite full, and the guard had only just reached me and sold me my ticket before the train was pulling up at Berney Arms station. I got down on to the platform, feeling the curious stares of the other passengers on me, and then the train was pulling away down the long stretch of straight and level single track towards Reedham.

Berney Arms station looked even more primitive than I had expected: just a tiny platform in the middle of nowhere, with an old blue nameboard and a single oil lamp. I stepped over the. rails and followed the remains of a path of sleepers beside the track to the "way out" sign by a gate some distance down the line. Just beyond the gate, an official Ancient Monument sign pointed the path across the fields to Berney Arms windmill and I set off walking.

I had two gates to climb and another to open before I reached the mill. Cattle lowed from the marshland pastures all around. The mill was indeed a beautiful one, 70 feet tall, black with blue fantail and white cap, gallery and doors; it's four white sails turned slowly in the evening sunshine. The remains of other windmills dotted the surrounding landscape; Yarmouth could just be made out in the distance, but close at hand there were no buildings to be seen apart from the mill, a few riverside cottages, and some way downstream, the Berney Arms Inn. It was a peaceful, remote spot where I would have liked to linger, but I had no time to do more than briefly admire the mill before I had to start on my walk back to Berney Arms station.

I had nearly left it too late, I saw the train for Yarmouth approaching when I still had some way to go. I broke into a run, and hurriedly negotiated the two remaining gates.

The train had already pulled up at the station when I reached the railway line, it was a four-car train, and its rear two carriages stood clear of the platform, blocking the approach via the path of sleepers. Out of breath, I staggered across the track, supporting myself on the train buffers, and ran the last few yards close against the line, at any other station, I reflected, boarding a train in 'this manner would be regarded as dangerous trespassing. The driver and the guard were leaning out of their windows, watching my approach, and another passenger had alighted from the train, carrying two suitcases, a very incongruous sight at this remote halt; I can only assume that he was going to stay at the Berney Arms Inn.

The train pulled away as soon as I was on board; according to my watch, it was three minutes early. During the ride to Yarmouth, I gradually got my breath back, and as the evening sun reflected golden-orange off Breydon Water, Berney Arms windmill diminished into the distance behind me.


Well, here's the Grand Christmas Quiz for you to try between watching Billy Smart's Circus and Disney Time. Prizes are 5, 3 and 2. Answers should reach the Editor by 15th February 1987.

1. What was the first British Railways locomotive to appear in rail blue livery, in may 1964?

2. To which country was HS4000 sold in 1971?

3. Which was the first preserved steam loco to break the BRB ban on steam operations over BR tracks in 1971?

4. Where on the Somerset and Dorset were assisting engines attached for the northbound climb to Masbury Summit

5. To which MPD. were all the Western Region Hymek locos delivered prior to February 1962 allocated?

6. In which town was there an engine shed named Edgeley?

7. What was the date of the opening of the Stockton & Darlington Railway?

8. On what date did the Great Western Railway open throughout from London to Bristol?

9. When did the Brighton Belle make its last run between Victoria and Brighton?

 10. In which year did the 10:00 a.m. Scotch Express from Kings Cross acquire the name Flying Scotsman?

 11. When did the Golden Arrow make its last run from Victoria to Dover?

 12. What was the horsepower of the Paxman engined class 14s?

 13. What was the prototype locomotive on which the design of the Brush class 47 was largely based?

14. On 20th September 1981 Old Oak Common celebrated its 75th Anniversary when a push pull steam service ran from Paddington.
      Which were the two steam locos used?

15. Where was class 47 D1663 Sir Daniel Gooch, named?

16. Which two Westerns worked the last Western hauled special out of Paddington?

17. What is the former number of the class 08 08781?

18. On what date were passenger services withdrawn between Sheffield and Manchester via the Woodhead route?

19. What was the name of Hall class no. 7912?

20. What is the current number of class 47 no. D1550?

21. Where did the depot code D10 cover?

22. What was the number of the electric loco damaged beyond repair at Hixon in January 1968?

23. When did the APT list commence track trials on BR?

24. Stratford allocated N7 0-6-2T No 69614 was kept specially clear between 1956 and 1960 for what reason?

25. Which was the 7000th loco built at Crewe?

26. Which depot used to be coded 55F?

27. Where was the other station at Chesterfield, apart from Midland and Central?

28. What is the former number of 86211?

29. What was the name of Jubilee No. 45686?

30. What was the shed code given to Ryde Isle of Wight?

31. Which preserved railway re-opened on 21st May 1969?

32. Which preserved steam loco was used in a wallpaper paste advertisement?

33. Glazebrook was a sub-shed of which depot?

34. Name Western Class No. 1032

35. Which A4 was destroyed at York during an air-raid in 1942?

36. What was the children's story written by E. Nesbit?

37. B.R. Standard Class 5 Nos. 73125-54 different from the rest of the class in what way?

38. What is the current no. of D6586?

39. What is the current no. of D8128

40. Monkton Combe station was re-named and used in which film?

41. In which city would the Lee Moor Tramway have been found?

42. In what year did the last steam hauled "Pines Express" run?

43. What was the former number of the class 05 allocated to Ryde Isle of White?

44. In which town would you find Townhill Depot?

45. Only one WD 2.10.0 'Austerity' carried a name, which one?

46. Which Britannia Pacific was exhibited on the South Bank of London in 1951?

47. What was the former number of class 46 no. 46001?

48. What was 'Peak' 44005 called?

49. What class of loco was 63340?

50. Which class of steam loco did Father Christmas like?


John Sanderson - An overnight case for next year's Railrover, (and a new calculator for his position as treasurer).

Robin Skinner - A fleet of class 40s - to get the trains from Kings Cross to Leeds on time.

Tony Caddick - A ticket for a Black Lace concert.

Abdul Watts - A Communards L.P. They're almost as bad as Black Lace.

Linda Bladen - Nothing - she's already got everything a man could ask for - well, almost!

Dave Bladen - A dozen cricket lessons - well, Botham can fly planes can't he?

Pete Wesley - An evening out with Joan Collins - he likes old fags.

Tony Needham - A two pint pot - a normal one isn't big enough (there's no answer to that!)

Mrs. Thatcher A ticket to see Star Wars.

Ronald Reagan A video of 'Only Fools and Horses' - then there'll be two plonkers in one room.


There were nine entries to the last quiz with two members joint first with 22 correct answers. Answers were:1) Barry, 2) Albert Hall, 3) Bricklayers Arms, 4) Merlin, 5) Conqueror, 6) Aldaniti, 7) Bugle, 8) St. Margaret's, 9) Atlas, 10) The Craven, 11) Battle, 12) Wye, 13) Aviemore Centre, 14) Prince of Wales, 15) Formby, 16) Wool, 17) Neville Hill, 18) Tranquil, 19) Airborne, 20) Sherwood, 21) Merehead, 22) Eagle, 23) Charlton, 24) Holmes Chapel, 25) Raleigh.

Prize Winners:

Joint First J. R. Dewing and I. Shenton
Joint Second S. Earle, R. Bateman.


Disappointing news for followers of 50049 hoping to see it on its usual territory on 29th August because it worked into Liverpool on the 10.30 ex Penzance.The following day Skegness was visited by class 20s in the shape of 20004/169 on the 07.10 ex Sheffield and 20157/082 on the 09.26 ex Derby.Week commencing September 22nd saw the last scheduled class 33 hauled passenger services into North Wales to Holyhead. The services involved were the 11.16 Crewe - Holyhead, 14.08 Holyhead - Cardiff (a), the 0.750 Swansea-Manchester and 13.45 Manchester - Cardiff (b), and the 12.00 Cardiff-Llandudno 17.40 Llandudno - Cardiff (c), worked as follows:
2219 33049 on (a), 33035 on (b), 33050 on (c),
2319 33009 on (a), 33031 on (b), 33015 on (c),
2419 33044 on (a), 33018 on (b), 33019 on (c)
2519 33046 on (a), 33010 on (b). 33211 on (c;,
26/9 33031 on (a), 33015 on (b), 33019 on (c),
27/9 33207 worked service (a). Services (b) and (c) not known.
Noted at Rhyl on October 12th were 45133 on the 17.00 Holyhead - York and 47472 on 14.35 Scarborough - Holyhead. On the following day 08858, 311121462, 45118/133, 474591557, 86245/419/432 were at Liverpool Lime Street. 08415/5321917 and 31206 at Edge Hill, 084311898 and 47013 at Allerton. 08939, 25109 and 47317 at Speke, 08669 at Halewood, 85009 and 81019 double heading a car train at Runcorn.
Noted at Chester on October 13th were 451031110, 47476 and 47508 on passenger workings, 47350/360, 25058 on freight workings,
08468 was station pilot and 08220, 47143 and 47381 were on shed.
Noted at Leicester on September 27th were 08021/462/68717071474, 56066 and 58008 with 31421 on the 07.39 Norwich - Birmingham.
On the same day 20135/169, 31205, 86215/245 and 87017 were noted at Nuneaton, with 08628, 20042, 25057, 31121/287/308, 47119, 81003, 85005, 86223/234, 87013/20 at Rugby and 08458 and 86258 at Northampton.
Working passenger services through Wolverton on this date were 86208/222/227/2481244/260/426, 87001/24/31. Works shunters were 08484/6291789. On passenger duties through Milton Keynes were 85002/21/29, 86102/231/33/202/255/229, 87017/20131, whilst at Willesden were 08454/494/5331614, 31254/2-12/441, 83009, 86246/256, 87005.
At Euston were 85029/8610112/229/251/406/410/414, 87018/24.

A total of 21 different class 33s were noted between Bristol and Portsmouth during the four days 22nd-25th October. Those sighted were 33001/2/3/6/10/12/15/16/17116/20/23/25/28/33/35/42/48/50/61/201.

The following sightings were all made on 24th October when a member had an outing to Portsmouth. At Waterloo were 33059/110, 50012/46, whilst noted at. Woking between 10.40 and 11.50 were 09019, 33045/103, 47380, 50026, 730021102/114 and 73123.
At Portsmouth were 47542 and 73140 whilst locos at Portsmouth Harbour were 33001110161 and 47595 which worked in on the 06.15 ex Liverpool Lime Street, being attached at Birmingham. 47542 worked the return 13.02 departure.
Noted' at Salisbury between 15.30 and 16.30 were 33010/026/48/59/61 with 33030/51/116 stabled. 4.498 Sir Nigel Gresley and 6998 Burton Agnes Hall were in steam.

Noted at Norwich on September 15th were 08869 station pilot, 03197, 08250, 31119, 47449 Crown Point, 03084/189, 08775/868, 31152 goods yard, 47539 worked the 10.37 Norwich - Liverpool St., 47579 the 08.25 Liverpool St. - Norwich and 11.42 Norwich - Liverpool St., 47634 the 09.30 Liverpool St. Norwich and 12.37 Norwich - Liverpool St., 47576 on the 10.30 Liverpool St. Norwich, 31427 the 08.19 Birmingham - Norwich and 31432 the 11.30 Norwich - Birmingham. Stabled at Healey Mills on September 28th were 31312, 45007/12, 56101/2/10/34.
Ailing class 31 time once again October 4th saw 31252 relieve 31424 at Peterborough on the 08.19 Birmingham - Norwich whilst later in the day 31424 has to take over from 31401 at the same location on the 14.20 Birmingham - Ipswich. On October 12th Railfreight liveried 31155 worked the 16.09 Hull - Liverpool. Two days later 47584, "County of Suffolk", was noted apparently 'storming' through Mexborough (that's what it said) on the 16.52 Birmingham - Leeds.
On October 21st 47410 worked the 20.12 Kings Cross - Aberdeen whilst 47583 "County of Hertfordshire" in Network South East Livery worked the Bradford - Kings Cross vans.
A Pennine trip round Doncaster works on October 12th revealed the following list of inmates:
Pilots - 08562/816. Paint Shop 51335/4050/9032. Yard - 58046, 5333/3101, 03112, 56085, 31409,58047,53198/3244/ 1901/ 2059/ 1218 /9065/1920/1914/4279/ 1391/1086/4498/3732/3686/2072/1834/3116/9611/3055/5025/3525/4402/9487/3118/428, 08723/930, 58013, 08631, 31436, 56042, 58005/14, 51208/3520, 31118/201/3/402, 50007, 58014, 08889/771/516, 58031.
4 Bay - 03399, 08905 31221/233/2481311/408/11, 50044. 3 Bay - 31185/234/73
2 Bay - 59656/5975/3231/3247/167.9/1153/1140/4399/2053, 50037 Dismantling Shop - 31277 to become 31469, 51074/9430
Noted at Barnetby on 23rd October were 25034, 37123/132/153/211/223, 47060. whilst at Frodingham on the same date were 08397/401/445/724/817, 200111 B8/176, 31281/449, 56071.
Another Pennine trip, this time to installations around Sheffield on 8th November yielded the following:
Tinsley - 08244/389/492/434/500/507/510/870/878/783, 20064/88/96/107/112/ 111/115/139/150/2/164/5/75, 31437, 37128/241/194, 45034/41/46, 47372/3/018, 56094/5/7/101/5/6/1131098/107.
Barrow Hill 08436/509/871/141, 20002/22/31146/76/98/167, 56011/7/23/47/63, 58006/20/36.
Shirebrook 20025/69/122/144/6/8, 56003/7/20/18/60/68/89/117/119/114/, 58008/27/38/40/41/16/29
Worksop - 20068/86/92/153, 56013/62/84/7/8/110
The following. locos have been seen recently on the Hull - Bridlington line travelling through Cottingham on ballast workings for work on level crossings: 2nd November - 37230/24, 9th November - 31446, 37024/32/60/113
Also on 9th November the swing bridge at Goole became lodged open allowing sea traffic only. Delays of over an hour and a half ensued and trains were diverted via Selby.
On 11th November stray cattle on the Hull - Bridlington line caused severe delays at Snuff Mill Crossing, Cottingham, between 07.45 and 09.00 hours. Fortunately, the offending animals were removed without casualties.

Thanks go to Messrs. Dewing, Slater, Caddick, Whitlam.



08337-DR, 08385-DR, 08413-SF, 08448-DY, 08514-DR, 08655-SF, 08732-ML, 08750SF, 08761-HA, 08813-SF, 08827-DY, 08834-SF 08873-SF, 08887-CW, 20021-BS, 20026-TO, 20028-TE, 20048-ED, 20063-ED, 20070-TE, 20095-TI, 20097-BS, 20100TI, 20102/10/122TI, 20126/145/175-TI, 20179/181/4/9-ML, 20197-BS, 20126/ 145/156/175-TI, 21079/181/4/9-ML, 20197-BS, 20203/4/5/6/8-ED, 20210-BS, 20211.~ED, 20213-HA, 20214BS, 20216~HA, 20226/7-ML, 20228-ML, 20305-TE (20172), 20306-TE (20173), 26032/5/6/8HA, 27048/5011/2/3/4/5-ED, 31209BS, 31237-CW, 31257-BS, 31277-IM (31469), 31423/4/5CW, 37004-ED, 37008ED, 37045-TI, 37080-MR, 37128-TI, 37139-MR, 37142-MR, 37176-TI, 37258-CF, 37963-TE, 45007/12/13/22/29/33/4/7/40/1/4/6/9/51/2/8/62/6/70/6-TI, 47005/
7/9-SF,  47017-HA, 47032-GD, 47053-HA, 47066-GD (47661), 47108-SF, 47155 GD (47660), 47232-GD, 47242-GD (47659) 47295/310/1-IM, 47324-CD, 47563 ED, 56002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8-TO, 56123/4-ED, 85028-CE.


 20039/3.25, 25321/905/7/9/11, 47403/464, 86211/429.

Dual Brake fitted



37006 to 37798, 37056 to 37513, 37081 to 37797, 37122 to 37692, 37163 to 37802, 37208 to 37803, 47066 to 47661, 47128 to 47656, 47239 to 47657, 86039 to 86439.

Steam Generator Isolated

37014/321/3, 47105.

Steam Generator Reinstated


New Locomotives


HST. Re-Allocations

40715-NL, 40734-BN, 40740-HT, 41065-NL, 41107/8-NL, 41151/2-HT, 41171/3-BN, 42062-NL, 42127-BN, 42128-BN, 42182/6-HT, 42190-HT, 42217/8/9-NL, 42338-BN, 42341-NL, 44045-BN, 44070-NL, 44080-HT.

DMU. Re-Allocations

51181-HT, 51187/89/91/2-NC, 51246-HT, 51428-NC, 51495/1500/5/9/10/11/12/3-CF, 51575-NL, 51912/6-TS, 53195-NL, 53235/40-NL, 53253-BG, 53261-NL, 53293-NC, 53295-NL, 53296-CA, 53612/3-NL, 53625-TS, 53739/50-NL, 54064/70-CA,54090/2-BG, 54133-NC, 54143-LN, 54182-OM, 54191/4205-NL, 54213-TS, 54218-CH, 54224/74-TS, 54332-NC, 54340/3-NC, 54345-NH, 54354-NC, 54379-NC, 54420-NC, 54499/4500-TS, 59050/6-CF, 59078-NL, 59082/93-CF, 59097-NL.

DMU. Withdrawn

51199, 51260*, 51263/71/98, 51472, 51514, 51836, 52070, 53016, 53142/51, 53218/21/30/3/55, 53361/6, 54033/4/41/57, 54079/87, 54125, 54334J53/74/8/84/6/9/92/7, 54407/16,29/36/39/40*/42/54/8/68, 59076/83/94, 78720, 78970.

To Dept. stock as TDB 977453/4.



Locomotives Cut Up

08004/8/186/7/268/188/322/52/425/69/574-ZL, 08574, 13003, 25144/256/298-ZF, 31111-ZL, 33024-EH, 40015-ZL, 40143/181-ZL, 40154-Manchester Ashton Rd,  46029/44-ZL, 25306-ZL.

37069 Thornaby TMD
37148 An Communn Gaidhealach
37800 Glo Cymru
37801 Aberddawn/Aberthawn
56063 Bardon Mill
43124 BBC Points West
43013 University of Bristol