Mag. 57 - Autumn 1986

Editor's Notes

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Trans Pennine. Although the Pennine stall was conspicuous with its absence, several members made the annual pilgrimage to the Sandtoft Transport Gathering on July 27th, where the weather, thankfully, was a vast improvement on last year's washout. Dave and Linda played their usual part in helping the proceedings along by being in charge of the beer tent, and both managed to stay sober, unlike some other members! A good time was had by all, roll  on next year!

Great Pennine Slide Contest

Time goes by quicker each year and yes, Its the time of year again when the David Baileys and Patrick Lichfield's of our own do battle for the much coveted awards. As usual, this event will take place at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland Street, Doncaster on October 7thcommencing at 8pm.Jack Davis has again agreed to be judge and jury so bring four slides, black and white or colour, mounted in 2" x 2" plastic, card or glass mounts, on the subject of Railways. Anyone wishing to enter who cannot attend on-the night may send their slides to reach EL31aden in time for the event and I will enter them on their behalf. If Mr. Sanderson puts his hand in his pocket, there will be BIG MONEY prizes, AND trophies (or is it Stones?) for the winners. So come on down for the night of the year. It must be pointed out that the Society cannot be held responsible for any damage which may occur to slides during the contest, although, of course, every care will be taken. Also, the judge's decision is final.

Glyn Gossan

by Chris Tyas

Friday the 13th of June, and the penultimate day for the EM2s.Phill Baker and myself set out on the 11.05 train to Peterborough whilst the third member of the party, Christopher Captain Nicholson, was. travelling down to Harwich by car later in the day. Chris took our photo departing on the HST to P6terborough,On arrival we had about half an hour to wait for our connection to Norwich, so we set out looking for a favourite watering hole for enthusiasts In Peterborough. On the way back to the station, we called off at a cake shop so Phil could have an apple puff strange boy). on arrival back at the station our train to Norwich was just rolling down the platform with one of those big, powerful class 31S on the front (HA HA HA).31404 was the engine. I was not laughing for long as Phil had scored it for haulage. On a very spirited run to Norwich, we even managed to arrive a few minutes early.
We crossed over to the other platform where our train forward to Ipswich was waiting with 47591 on the front. Guess what? Phil wanted it. So we suffered it all the way to Ipswich where we both decided to take 86250 forward to Colchester, (I wonder why)-where we we turned round and came back to Ipswich with 86 233.With two new lines In the book in one day, I'll be catching Nicholson up soon. We had a walk round looking for a hostelry that served early afternoon meals, but did not find anywhere suitable, so we decided to do the EMU to Harwich town where we found an excellent 'trough'. You can't beat a good steak and the Ale was good as well. We then decided to find a pub and watch the football on the telly. I didn't think they had telly's in Harwich. Still, Phil managed to take me to a 'fiz' pub, mind you, it did say cask conditioned ale outside. So I gave him a quick drubbing at darts and went in search of another pub. This time we struck gold as it was real ale but still no telly so Phil got another good hiding, unlucky!
We eventually turned up at Harwich at about twenty past nine where we found Chris very frustrated, and what's more, unwatered. We eventually embarked on the ferry "KONIGIN BEATRIX" stowed our baggage and went out on deck for a running commentary on how to sail a ship out of port. After passing Felixstowe lighthouse we decided to retire gracefully to the bar where the beer was overpriced and overrated. So we retired early to our deckchairs, Oops! Sorry, rest chairs.
I awoke early the next day to find our captain missing so I had a thorough search of the boat and found at the back, or is it the aft, Chris ship spotting. We went and collected our bags and Phil and I went back out on deck to watch the ferry dock. When we looked down to the railway station, there in the first platform were 1503 and 1501, and the big day was upon us at last. We eventually disembarked and hurried along for a few photos before departure. Departure was spot on time from the Hook of Holland where we given our souvenir tickets and tour badges for identification from ordinary passengers at all stations and photo stops. Our first port of call was Rotterdam where a photo stop and engine change was arranged. Our new engines were 65018,a German steam engine, and 1505.At this time I must point out that only one engine was working at any time during the tour, the second one being 'dead'.
Our next stop was Utrecht where 65018 was removed and 1505 worked the train forward to Boxtel yard where the other three EM2s were lined up waiting for the big photo stop. The whole four were lined up side by side and cameras were clicking like mad and even the Dutch television had turned up for the occasion. What a splendid sight.
The tour next moved on to Arnham with 1501 and 1503 where we able to grab a quick drink and a bite to eat. Next 1503 worked alone from Arnham to Amersfoort where another photo stop was arranged with a good assortment of Dutch and Belgium stock on hand. We moved on to Uitgest via Amsterdam, wIth 1502 and 1503on the front. On arrival at Uitgest the pair ran round and with 1503 on the front we moved on to Harlem goods yard for yet another photo stop.65018 and 1502 were placed at the front of the train for the run to Den Haag where the Dutch railway authorities had played their trump card where they got a Scots piper dressed in .full uniform to pipe the train into the station, what next?
When vie got back onto the train after a few more photos we were told that on arrival at Rotterdam the train would go additionally to Rotterdam South Yard for a final photo stop with all four locos together for the final time. We set off for Rotterdam with 1501 in charge and as we slowed down to run into Rotterdam station the only mistake of the tour occurred when the signal cleared in front of the driver and he opened the regulator and stormed through the station without stopping.
On arrival at the yard 1501/2/3 and 1505 were lined up together for the last time. As passengers rejoined the train 150
3 was taken down and put on the front of the train, then 1505, then 1502 for the final run to the Hook of Holland. 
On arrival at the Hook there on the platform was the piper to pipe the train In for the last time. There were a lot of sad faces around that night but it was a tour that would be remembered for a long time to come, and in my opinion, an excellent tour, that will never be beaten by a tour on British Rail.
So we embarked on the "Saint Nicholson", sorry, "Saint Nicholas" for the trip back to Harwich and many beers were taken on the trip across the North Sea. We sent Chris off in the car in the Birmingham direction for a new class 58 while Phil and myself went to join the Manchester train to Peterborough with 47213 which neither of us needed. Our final train home was 43068 and 43197;,,What a way to finish a tour! HA HA!!

Chris Tyas
(Note, not one fifty all weekend)


Well, I'd never been before like, but it's a canny little town is Whitley Bay. Rolling waves and rocky cliffs why-eye. A bonnie little trip to the coast was just what the doctor ordered. No sign of Oz or Moxy but our own equivalents; Cadds, Wes, Needers, Whitters, Blades and Mrs. Blades were adequate substitutes.
The day started by boarding one of those plastic creations at Doncaster on 7th June, en route to Newcastle for a Pennine trip (and a very good one as well, it must be added) around Gateshead. It was the first such trip to this depot for some time and the first time I'd been round for ten years so there was plenty to look forward to. So we sped quickly northwards, leaving the road to "the Cross" behind and before long we approached York, that wonderful curving station which will only lose its gracefulness when progress in the form of overhead wires and masts forges its way ever onward. Here we viewed the York-Pembroke Dock train with 47295 at the head, closely followed by 47407 on the Newcastle-Weymouth. Here lies a spot of irony. In those long lost far away days of Deltics, this loco would have been branded anything from 'heap' to 'Wreck', but now, with its own fate soon to be in the balance, it is itself a sought after loco for haulage men.
Onward we pressed past the stabling point and an array of 08s,31s and a sprinkling of 47s for good measure-still expect to see a Deltic awaiting to do battle with the miles to Kings Cross or Edinburgh. Further still we passed what was left of Darlington MPD, the elegant outline of Durham Cathedral and the rapidly diminishing Tyne Yard, before arriving at Newcastle station and a view of 47135 on an excursion passing through the back road heading north.
After a desperate leap to the nearest 'Pub' which made the Rovers Return look like the Ritz, a brisk walk to the entrance to Gateshead shed found the rest of the party eagerly awaiting. Here we found such celebrities as 47401, 47420,47521,47426,47524,47408,47513 and 47415; all warmly welcomed by dozens when they arrived at Retford, Newark and Doncaster on Deltic diagrammed trains only a few years ago, Photos were taken of these fine beasts before we left the depot for a dose of Tyne and Weir Metro travel when we eventually found the station and then sussed out the damned stupid ticket machines.
Once these small problems were overcome a fast and most enjoyable journey out to Whitley Bay was experienced. Despite much prompting Linda would not go topless (hands up that man who shouted Thank God) and Whitters would not go for a paddle. Of course Wes and Needers were only interested in one thing-and it was nothing to do with females of the opposite sex. So off we set for a stroll along the prom and an enjoyable session in a most respectable hostelry, before making 
 our way back to the station and a fast train to Newcastle.
Another plastic heap took us southwards where we passed 45101 at Thirsk on the 16.13. Newcastle-Liverpool. York was a baling point for the "Morris med' where Doncaster was eventually reached during the early evening. And so the end of another most enjoyable Pennine trip where thanks and congrats must go to Whitters for the arrangements and to all who went for making it successful.

 Ah way man!


The annual ritual of the trek down the M1 and the A43 heading for the Isle of Wight was cancelled this year in favour of what could possibly of been the final sortie after the lower quadrant semaphores of the West of England main line. Numerous excursions had already been made to Dawlish, Teignmouth and Newton Abbot, but no matter how many shots have been obtained at these places, I cannot resist taking more. So a week's holiday at Teignmouth was this year's escape from going totally nuts after working the rest of the year earning an honest crust.
So on Saturday 5th July the car was loaded up and the final check to make sure nothing had been forgotten; money ,cheque book, camera, spare films ,timetable and haulage book ,oh, and yes, wife and kids. A quick 'storm' down the M1, the Fosse Way and the M5 made Starcross in plenty of time for the 09.35 Paddington-Penzance and a photo of 50047. Well one has got to get one's priorities right hasn't one? ' Don't go all the way down there without photting the first 50 you see.
Well even though Starcross has not got any semaphores, it's a required spot so for good measure 47627 was put on film on a unidentified six coach train and 47607 on the 09.33 Penzance-Newcastle. Spouse and offspring safely deposited for walkies and rear changing Exminster was found where there are semaphores but really only one photographic possibility in each direction. So, with the policy of when in a new spot for only a few minutes, phot 'owt' that' comes, so totally against tradition and better judgement, the 10.50 Paddington-Penzance was committed to film. Unfortunately, this means 43xxx and 43xxx as opposed to a proper train. However, Sir was looking down on me kindly, and within minutes 50042 headed north (or is it east?) with the 12.48 Paignton-Paddington.
Spouse and offspring safely collected again, it was time to head off to find our 'home'for the next week. That done, purely by coincidence, it was time for offspring's to go sleepies, wifies to recover from journey, and me to go for a stroll on the sea front.50030 headed the 11.35 Paddington-Faignton,45146 the 15.15 Paignton-Nott'm,47608 the 12.45 PaddingtonPaignton,47059 the Plymouth-Leeds vans and 50030 again, on the 16.10 Paignton-Paddington. Offspring would now no doubt be awake, bawling would be ensuing so a tactical decision to call that' it for the day was made.
The following day was glorious so the sea wall was base for the day and even though it was Sunday, there was plenty to see .both on the rails and the beach. I have never seen a 37 on the sea wall so a pair was really a fine sight! Well, back to the trains, and first to come along was 50013 on 08.50 Cardiff-Paignton, quickly followed by 47612 on a ballast and 50018 on the 11.10 Paignton-Waterloo. An hour then passed before 50049 passed on the 09,.00 Basingstoke-Paignton, followed by 50047 on the 09.45 Paddington-Plymouth. Meanderings along the sea wall to various vantage points enabled photos to be taken of 50030 on the 11.00 Paddington-Paignton,50036 on the 12.00 Paddington-Penzance, and 47597 on the 12.25 Penzance-Liverpool .In between all this action, lunch was taken at a nearby restaurant and a brief sortie through the town afterwards meant another day was rapidly drawing to a close.
With Monday being spent on the steam only Dart Valley Railway, which had not been visited for some ten years, getting some 'kettle haulage' in the shape of 4588, Totnes station was visited by the old Western Region method, and it is somehow quite strange to see the steam loco run round using the present main line. However, it ,is a most welcome sight to see the loco running past main line semaphore signals.
Tuesday was the day when I was really let loose for the day, so a Cornish-Day Rover ticket was obtained as I had no photographs at all of any of the Cornish intermediate stations. Careful scrutiny of the timetable was made beforehand 'for two reasons, firstly to try and fit in as many stations as possible, and secondly, to cover as many of the class 50 diagrammed services as possible, hopefully, to get my last one for haulage. I have strongly believed for some months that 50004 has long been withdrawn and cut up (shut up, Nicholson) but apparently this is not so as everyone else keeps seeing it. So, yet another
attempt to get the beast was the second reason for the ticket. The day started by taking the 07.52 Exeter-Paigntox;50001 and load 3, from Teignmouth-Newton Abbot for a short wait for the 06.35 Bristol-Plymouth with 47600 as far as Totnes. Here, there is an excellent privately run buffet where a full breakfast is obtainable for a very average fee. I decided to cheat. I could not stand the possibility of missing the wretched 50,or the thought of going home still needing the damned thing, so a contact was phoned and it was revealed that it was en route from Penzance to Plymouth on 07.30 to Aberdeen and was diagrammed to work 2C74,whatever that was. Now with typical brain power and using one's initiative, it was worked out that 2C74 must be a Plymouth-Penzance local turn, and the first one being the 15.00 departure meant this train was the one to cover, giving the illusive loco 5.1/2 hours in Plymouth to be serviced.
So after watching 47009 pass through Totnes light engine, I awaited the arrival of the 06.45 Swindon-Penzance and was rewarded with 50033 and load 5.The engine change which I hoped might take place at Plymouth didn't, and 50033 worked through to Penzance, but I had planned to 'Bail out 'at Bodmin Parkway for phots, so the end of the line was not reached. It was a superb day by now so I awaited the 10.00 Penzance-Paddington which arrived with hideous liveried 50023 far from its 'Network SouthEast' stamping ground. A climb into the nearby field for the next photo to try and impersonate John Vaughn was next on the agenda. Anyone having seen the front cover of Mr. Vaughn's book 'Diesels in the Duchy' will know exactly what I mean.50003 duly obliged at the head of the 10.30 Penzance-Liverpool, but photting this train meant a brisk 400 metres in 15 seconds to make the station and the 07.25 Paddington-Penzance 'train' which was taken as far as Truro, passing 47238 on freight at Par en route.

Truro has a few nice semaphores, but the old shed is long gone and the site now a factory. A brief wait enabled me to photograph the 12.00 Penzance-Plymouth local with 50007,before boarding bus, no.142027 for a run down to Falmouth. This wasthe only branch line that I could fit in whilst covering all the class 50 diagrammed trains. Official, vandalism isn't in it when Falmouth is reached, and it is a quite depressing site to see the once, quite large busy station reduced to its half length platform, weed-infested termini status now. Still, at least the line is still open for all to enjoy. Back at Truro, the 13.53 Penzance-Paddington had to be taken to Lostwithiel, arguably, the nicest of the Cornish stations, and would you believe the same tram as the 07.25 to Penzance, previously caught. A bonus was had here, for 37207 worked a clay train and then 37235 on
one In the other direction and sandwiched in between was 50033 returning on the 14.12 Penzance-Bristol .The weather had really done me proud and my day was soon to be made by the arrival of 50004 on the 15.00 Plymouth-Penzance, which I would take to Truro .I took my position to photograph the train arriving, and with heart pounding with excitement, awaited the first' line in the book of the day.
The signalman pulled levers fast and furiously to announce the arrival, and with headlamp blazing the 15.00 arrived with 50003.Ahhhhhh !!!!! Disaster. Bowled. Where the bleeping hell was 50004? Well,the train was taken to St. Austell to cover the following 11.45 Paddington-Penzance in case it had changed diagrams. I almost ignored totally 50041 entering the station on the 15.08 Penzance-Plymouth, as in sheer desperation I asked the driver of 50003 what. 2C74 was. After much rummaging through some book or other he had in the cab, the fine man Informed me it was the following 16.35 Plymouth-Penzance train. But, still disaster as I was diagrammed to be back In Teignmouth by 19.30.
Ah well, where was that phone box? A quick phone call explained everything so that yet another attempt could be made to get the 'Scarlet Hoover'. So the afore mentioned following Paddington-Penzance train was taken to Truro behind 50006. Back at Truro. Photos were obtained of the 09.20 Liverpool-Penzance with 47594 (purely for the semaphore at the east end of the station)
and the 16.35 Plymouth-Penzance with 50004! At last. Yippee!! I was overwhelmed, nay, flabbergasted, my flaber has never been so gasted. I almost couldn't get on the train with excitement, but I managed it, and bellowed all the way to Redruth where the 18.10 Penzance-Bristol was the train to get me back to Teignmouth. To be honest, I could not have cared less what had been on the front (providing it was a 50), but 50003 was a welcome sight all the same and a glorious evening made a fitting end to the day. The 17.50 Plymouth-Penzance was passed at Truro behind 50041 and a photo was obtained of the magnificent cathedral as we passed by.
The journey through Cornwall and Devon is really one of the most enjoyable to be had anywhere in the country and the continuous switchbacks of  Cornwall, followed by the banks of Devon, and the run alongside the estuary from Newton Abbot to Teignmouth was enjoyed to the full, with the magnificent engine at the front having to work flat out for most of the way with its 11 coach load.
Teignmouth was reached all too soon and a superb day semaphore and 50 bashing had come to an end.
Wednesday was spent more locally, photting 47131 at Dawlish Warren on a freight, followed by 47591 on the 09.35 Exeter-Paignton, and 50012 on the 07.30 Penzance-Aberdeen. Aller Junction was next stop for 47107 on freight,50021 on the 10.00 Penzance-Paddington, 50011 on the 10.30 Penzance-Liverpool,50013 on the 11.10 Paddington-Paignton and 50027 on the 11.45 Paddington-Penzance.
The following day was spent train-free and Friday too up until tea-time where Dawlish Warren was chosen for the mini rush hour. Here,47523 passed on the Plymouth-Leeds vans,47148 unusually headed the 14.12 Penzance-Bristol,47481 the 09.43 Newcastle-Penzance,50047 the
16.40 Paignton-Exeter,47404 the 14.35 FO Paddington-Plymouth and 50021 the 17.25 Exeter-Paignton.
Round we came again to Saturday. Was it really a week since we arrived? I am certain there are only 8 hours a day when you're on holiday. A new spot was found in a footpath just 'north' of Torre station, and a fine spot it is too. Unfortunately, the superb weather which was experienced earlier had deserted me but I still managed to phot 50011 on the 10.30 Paignton-Paddinton,50030 on the 08.15 Cardiff-Paignton,50007 on the 11.20 Paignton-Paddington and 50042 on the 08.50 Paddington-Paignton. Semaphores still stand sentry at yet another station which has seen better days, but alas their days are numbered.
We decided to stop over the Saturday night enabling
us to get another day in and on that second Sunday, the 09.00 Basingstoke-Paignton was headed by 47217 and the 11.10 Paignton-Waterloo by D~0049.A most enjoyable week saying farewell to the Western Region semaphores had come to a premature end, as indeed they themselves are doing, and making the most of my opportunities, called in at Morton-in-Marsh en route home just in time to see the 16.10 Paddington-Hereford and 50031.
So a few more semaphore guarded stations have been added to the 'photted' list. Although time is running out, Cornwall may be reached again before the final signal clanks down for the very last time.

by Ed

As you lot don't seem to think the quizzes are getting any harder, try this all cryptic teaser for size. Entries to reach Ed by 15th November 1986,winning prizes 5, 3 and 2.

1. Did Mr.McGuigan come from this Welsh town with an old steam shed, and not Ireland after all?
2. Would you find this Hall in the middle of London?
3. Was this former Southern Region shed named after a pub?
4. Did this A4 conjour up any tricks?
5. Was this class 50 named after William?
6. Was this class 86 first past the post?
7. Does this Cornish station blow its own trumpet?
8. Did this table 147 station give its name to an old Scottish steam shed?
9. Is this class 47 known world wide?
10.Did this class D49 give its name to a make of DMU?
11.This Sussex station really did see how It got its name.
12.Did this station in Kent give its name to a river?
13.This class 47 may take you to a ski slope.
14.Should this steam engine which is still around be called Charles?
15.Would this North Western station leave you leaning on a lamppost?
16.Would you leave this Southern Region station wearing a sheep skin coat?
17.Is this HST power car named after a man from Leeds?
18.Did this A3 always find peace and quiet?
19.This class A2/3 never took off despite its name.
20.Did Robin Hood live at this former Nottinghamshire station?
21.Would you have to dig deep to find the name of this class 56?
22.50007 is green, but should this classmate be painted gold?
23.Would you have to be very athletic to call at this table 201 station?
24.A station where perhaps a famous detective used to go to church.
25.Did this Jubilee used to make a smokey exit from every station?

Pennine quiz no.46
There were nine entries to the last quiz with one member getting all the answers correct, one getting all bar one correct, and three getting all bar two correct. Answers were:
1. 5995, 2. 7028, 3. 30902. 4.17, 5. 72000, 6. 70039, 7. 62418, 8. 46244, 9. 60532, 10. 60047, 11. 60098, 12. 1035 13. HS4000, 14. 26054, 15. 45646.
1. Ipswich, 2.Manchester, 3. Cardiff, 4. Dundee, 5. Perth, 6. Hartlepool 7. Newcastle 8. Lowestoft, 9. Peterborough, 10. Sheffield.
1. 7096, 2. 25262 and D7612,
3. Barmouth, 4. Harpenden, 5. 145, 6. Western Hero, 7. Midford, 8. Brading, 9. Catesby, 10. Wilton Endeavour.

The prize winners were 1st.  Rhys Jones  2nd. Jon Davis 3rd Ian Shenton, Stuart Earle and J. R. Dewing

Scottish Region
An observer's holiday in Scotland in June resulted in the following observations:
Grangemouth June 23rd - 08725,26021,27058/64.
Aviemore June 24th - 47492 worked the 11.00 Euston train from  Inverness whilst 47640 "University of Strathclyde" worked. the 12 0 Inverness-
Glasgow and 47519 the 14.30 Edinburgh-Inverness.
At Inverness on Sunday June 29th were 47459 on the 09.23 ex Edinburgh 47430 on the
15.35 to Aberdeen, 47550 "University of Dundee' on the 13.10 ex Aberdeen,37419 on the 08.05 to Lairgs and 11.10 return, 37415 on the 10.05 to Wick and 14.40 return,37419 and 37262 "Dournray" on the 16.05 to Wick, 37420 "The Scottish Hosteller" on a p.way train,08717 on station pilot duties. Stabled in the goods yard were 08754,26034/6,47363.
On Inverness MPD were 26038,37154,47483/517/534. Noted on the Far North line on June 30th were 37114 "Dunrobin Castle" on a special,37414 on the 17.35 Inverness-Wick,37415 on the 12.00 Wick to Inverness,37418 on 11.35 Inverness-Wick and 18.00 return, 37419 working from Georgemas Jcn.
Noted at Slochd summit on July 3rd were 47635 on the 16.25 Glasgow-Inverness and 47640 "University of Strathclyde" on the 19.30 Inverness-Euston, whilst at Perth on the following day were 47467 on the 09.23 Edinburgh-Inverness, 47569 on the 11.23 Edinburgh-Perth, 47593 "Galloway Princess" on the 12.33 Glasgow-Inverness.

Eastern Region
The unreliability of the class 31s reported in recent issues seems to have continued with 31429 requiring the attention of the local fire brigade on April 4th whilst heading the 15.41 Manchester-Hull, the train going forward behind 31237.
Anyone waiting on the Western region on April 19th for 50008 for haulage would be well and truly disappointed as it worked an excursion from Worcester to York.
Noted at Doncaster works on April 20th were:
Pilot -08734
Yard -08519/593/786/159/902 31203/405/448/436/240
No.4 bay - 08747/956,31131/171/184/207/231,37072, 50018/36,56015
No.3 bay - 31290/6, 37004,No.2 bay-37133,56002/7 13/16,58042
Dismantling Shop - 56083
Scrap-25189/237 257/078/195/287/054/229/298/226/245/119044/300/302, 45016/19 38/ /56/72/75,46010
Yard - 08176/226/948804,13003,31121/217/221/270/409, 25060, 50021,56042,58004.
The first Summer Saturday at Sheffield, May 17th,produced the following workings:
45150 on the 09.12 York-Foole,31428 on the 10.22 Sheffield-Liverpool, 31439 on the 08.45 Liverpool-Sheffield,45051 on the 09.26 Bradford-Penzance,45136 on the 08.12 Newcastle-7.1eymouth,47556 on the 10.05 York-Pembroke Dock, 31286 on the 08.15 Yarmouth-Liverpool,47619 on the 09.40 Poole Bradford, 45144 on the 10.15 Paignton-Neweastle,45124 on the 09.35 Tenby-York,47435 on the 09.55 Weymouth-Newcastle,47419 on the 09.18 Newquay-Newcastle,31238 on the 12.13 Yarmouth-Sheffield, 31135 on the 15.45 Liverpool-Hull,47458 on the 09.33 Penzance-Newcastle, and 45134 on the 19.40 Sheffield-St. Pancras as there was no HST set available.
On the 29th May 47303 worked the 09.45 Liverpool-Hull whist 50036 was at the head of the 09.50 Newcastle-Penzance forward from Leeds.
On the 31st May.31154/141 worked the 08.15 Yarmouth-Liverpool whilst 37030 was at the . head of the 10.43 Skegness-Sheffield.
Noted outside Doncaster works on 3rd June was 47901, a rare venture away from Westbury?
An unusual excursion ran on June 23rd when 47421 worked a Penistone-Bridlington special, running via Doncaster and Beverley. On June 17th 31200 hauled the 16.56 Hull-Bridlington service because of a shortage
of DMUs.
On July 14th the 19.45 Liverpool-Hull arrived at Sheffield 2 hours late because of track circuit failure in Disley tunnel.
On 11th July the 07.00 Hull-Scarborough DMU failed at Bridlington.31165 which was following with empty stock for the Scarborough-Newcastle, made an enforced stop at Bridlington to pick up passengers for Scarborough and intermediate stations.
Noted on July 24th was 31173 on the 19.22 Sheffield-Liverpool whilst on the same clay 47434 hauled dead 31429 on the 18.45 Liverpool-Hull.
On 26th July a fatal rail crash occurred on an unmanned crossing at
Lockington ,near Beverley.9 people lost their lives and the DMU's were a 2 car Cravens set and a 2 car Derby heavyweight set.
An unusual visitor to Hull Paragon on July 27th was 25109 which worked out on the 19.23 to Liverpool.
On August 3rd 47337 made a most colourful sight when the Railfreight liveried loco headed Mk1 "Sealink" stock on an Edinburgh-Kings Cross through Doncaster. The same loco worked the 10.10 Penzance-Leeds on August 16th.
On August 9th 45044 worked a 12.03 York-Cardiff relief. Noted on the "Scarborough Spa Express" on August 3rd was 4771 "Green Arrow", with 34092 "City of Wells" working a fortnight later. Great Western loco "City of Truro" worked the train on August 12th.
Another unusual loco noted at Hull Botanic Gardens on August 8th was Scottish region 37117 which worked a Speedlink service.37264 worked a similar service on August 14th.
A variety of motive power has been used on the 07.10 (SO) Sheffield-Skegness with the following locos being noted:
May 31st-37030,June 14th-20032/9, July 5th-47476,July 19th-20197/151, July 26th-20092/22,August 9th-45111,August 16th-20108/135.
Midland Region
50025 came to the rescue of 47162 when it failed hauling the 09.40 Poole-Bradford. The pair were replaced at Birmingham New Street by 45146f the event taking place on May 24th. Coalville depot held an open day on June 1st and the following locos were present:5593 "Kolhapur",53809,"Cadley Hill No.1", 58012, 20077, 25912 "Tamworth Castle",31123,37146,40122,45040,45121,47409,47628,50007,55015,56060, 5804,0,97201, 97403, D4 "Great Gable".20065/142,58014/28/32. Noted at Church Stretton on June 14th were 33007 on the 17.25 Cardiff-Crewe,33059 on the 14.08 Holyhead-Cardiff and 37170 on a parcels.
Noted at Crewe Works on Aug 1st were the following:- 37006 (798), 37021 (7010), 37030 (702), 37081 (797), 37310 (796), 37125 /133, 37136 (905), 37148 (902), 37150 (901), 37155 (897), 37161 (899), 37163 (802), 34184,  37186 (898), 37206 (906), 37208 (803), 37231, 37249 (903), 37509, 37799,  47014/128/129/194/213/5/239/247/275/285/321/334/348/356/407/427/431/446/452/457/475/485/518/550/1/617/62~/654/703/6/11. 56038/57/65. 81019,85018/39,86009/10/39/2-14/259/424,87009/14,89001.
Scrap-40004/8/20/8/44/57/8/88/91710L~/115/139/143/150/5/160/181/195, 47405/414/6,81015,84008.
20002/15 (TI) were noted at Dee Marsh Jcn. .Shotton on July 17th.The following day 85040 was noted dragging 81019 through Stafford on a Halewood-Dagenham Dock car train. Also on July 18th,40046, which has spent the last few months with the Ministry of Defence at Morton on Lugg, was noted outside Crewe Diesel Depot.
On July 22nd 20029/147 headed the 17.37 Crewe-Derby in place of the usual DI4U.Stock was 4 Mk1's. Also on this date 47207 headed the 18.45 Liverpool-Hull. Noted on July 26th were 37506/050 on the 07.30 Euston-Pwllheli, 37426 on the 11.10 Aberystwyth-Euston, 37430 on the 09.35 Euston-Aberystwyth, 85035 on the 11.10.Newquay-Manchester, 81002 on the 10.03 Penzance-Liverpool, 85037 on the 18.00 Birmingham-Glasgow.

Thanks go to Messrs. Davis, Caddick, Slater, Dewing and 40129.

08468-CH,08648-WN,08712/732/753/761/2- PH  08811-SF, 08902-AN, 08942-CF, 20102/110-ML, 20123/4/37-T0,20154-TO, 20171/5-ML, 31101-CW, 31107/12-IM,  31117-CW, 31119/49/63/65/70-IM, 31178-TE, 31234-KD, 31238-IM, 31257-KD,  31270-KD, 31296/9-CW, 31301-TE, 37020/30-CF, 37050-IS, 37098/101-TE, 37125-TI, 37134-SF, 37161/206/8-CF, 37225-IM, 47001-BS, 47056-GD, 47098-BS, 47105-SF, 47108-HA, 47128-CD, 47213-BR, 47292-SF, 56083-GD.
08616,20141,20154,26025,31240, 31270,31290,37093,37228,
37093 to 37509,37102 to 37511,37112 to 37510,37157 to 37695, 37192 to 37694,37228 to 37696,37243 to 37697,47055 to 47652,47061 to 47649, 47254 to 47651,47257 to 47650,86003 to 86403, 86037 to 86437, 86315 to 86415, 86324 to 86434.
26025, 31184/217, 31270
37406 "The Saltire Society"
37420 "The Scottish Hosteller"
43084 "County of Derbyshire"
47526 "Northumbria"
59001 "Yeoman Endeavour"
59002 "Yeoman Enterprise"
59003 "Yeoman Highlander"
59004 "Yeoman Challenger"
73113 "County of West Sussex"

51179/83/51200-NC,51222/6-NL,.51268/9/94-AY,51302//5/17/20-LA, 51514-BG,53140/2-BG,53162/71/88/96-NL,53195-BG,53202/6-NC,53210-AY, 53211/25-NL,53235/40/51/61-BG,53262-NL,53293-CA,53334-NH,53367-NC,  53369-NC.

5168-SG, 5452,6412-SU, 6330-SG

5015 to 5491, 5112 to 5492, 5262 to 5490, 6254 to 6414, 7035 to 1719, 7306 to 1718, 7433 to 1806, 7434 to 1807.


410 to 8010,411 to 8011,412 to 8012,413 to 8013,414 to 8014,415 to 8015, 416 to 8016,417 to 8017, 418 to 8018,419 to 8019,420 to 8020,421 to 8021, 422 to 8022, 423 to 8023,424 to 8024, 425 to 8025.426 to 8026.427 to 8027, 428 to 8028,429 to 8029,430 to 8030,431 to 8031,432 to 8032,433 to 8033, 434 to 8034,1011 to 203001,1130 to 205030,1131 to 205031,1132 to 205032, 1133 to 205033,1301 to 207001,1302 to 207002,1303 to 207003,1304 to 207004,1305 to 207005,1306 to 207006,1307 to 207007,1308 to 207008, 1309 to 207009,1310 to 207010,1311 to 207011,1312 to 207012,1313 to 207013,1314 to 207014,1315 to 207015,1316 to 207016,1317 to 207017. 1318 to 207018,1319 to 207019,1401 to 204,001,14,02 to 204002,14,03 to 204,003,1404 to 204.004,3001 to 2001,3002 to 2002,3003 to 2003,3004 to 2004,3005 to 2005,3006 to 2006,3007 to 2007,3008 to 2008,3009 to 2009, 3010 to 2010,3011 to 2011,3012 to 2012.3013 to2013,3014 to 2014,3015 to 2015,401 to 8001,402 to 8002,403 to 8003,444 to 8004,406 to 8006,407 to 8007,408 to 8008,409 to 8009.

ZL- 08019/79/193/457/550/25069/86/248/270/317,40149/193,46017.
ZF- 08176/226,25044/119/189/300/2.
EH- 33024
MH- 40162
ZC- 40177/83
McW= J.McWilliams, Shettleston.