No. 56 - Summer 1986



Welcome to the Summer edition of TRANSPENNINE. Now that we are actually experiencing some summer weather (correct at the time of going to press) I expect you all to be out and about in order to be in a position to supply articles for future editions. Articles and notes and sightings are always welcome so let me have some from those of you who have not supplied any for a while.
Thanks. Glyn Gossan.


Holders of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive Saver Cards will wish to know that valid Saver Cards presented with the valid photocard will entitle the holder to purchase half price Cheap Day Returns throughout the BR network at weekends and Bank Holidays.
Saver Cards can also be used on Inter City 125 trains on the Sheffield - Doncaster and Barnsley - Sheffield routes.


A4 Pacific "MALLARD" returned to revenue earning service on 9 July, hauling the 'SCARBOROUGH SPA EXPRESS'. The locomotive will next work this train on August Bank Holiday Monday.


I left Banbury on board the 08.20 Liverpool-Paddington and was sitting in the first carriage. The noise of 50011 1Centurion' in front was loud and clear as the train accelerated down the Cherwell Valley. I shall never be a diesel fan as much as I am a steam fan but as I did not start to travel by rail much until steam had nearly disappeared from BR, it was the sound of the diesel which I came to associate particularly with the excitement of making a journey and something of the old thrill still lingers. The 50s are my favourite class of diesels and I like the routes to the West Country and the West Midlands over which they run. The line along the Cherwell Valley is a route I especially like, the railway criss-crossing with the river and the canal and several attractive stone built villages can be seen.
At Oxford I alighted from the express and had just enough time to photograph 50011 departing and then buy a ticket for Goring and Streatley and then board the 11.55 stopping DMU to Paddington. This stretch of line between Oxford and Didcot was one I had travelled on only once previously and the train missed the stops of Radley, Culham and Appleford. We passed a 47 on the 09.40 Poole-Newcastle and a 50 on the 11.15 Paddington-Oxford before arriving at Didcot where a 08850 was shunting in the yard. Didcot brought back memories of visiting the Great Western Railway's depot ten years ago and changing trains twenty years ago while en route to Bristol with a party of fellow students. The expresses were hauled by Hymeks then and there had been a melancholy dump of WR 4-6-Os in Didcot sidings.
Beyond Didcot I decided to try and note all locomotive workings on the quadruple track through the Thames Valley, ignoring the frequent HST's flying past on the fast lines. I saw only one locomotive before I alighted at Goring and Streatley; 47209 on the down slow with a freightliner; but after lunching in a pub by the station, I snapped 50040 'Leviathan' on the down fast with the 12.15 Paddington to Oxford.
I wanted to see something of the scenery of the Thames Valley on this trip, so I walked down through the main street of Goring to find the locks on the Thames. The river made a nice picture in the sunshine but rain was threatening so I adjourned to a waterside pub. When I had finished my drink the rain had stopped and back at Goring and Streatley station, the sun shone on wet platforms.
47200 headed a parcels train , 47317 a down passenger train, 47489 the 09.20 Manchester-Poole, then the 12.40 DMU from Oxford was at the up platform and I got in.
During the short ride to Pangbourne, I photographed some attractive views of the Thames and the Chiltern Hills. At Pangbourne I was in Berkshire and saw 45059 on a down passenger train and 47076 'City of Truro' on an up freight, then walked down to the river. An unidentified class 50 passed on the 13.07 Paddington-Liverpool.
I walked by the river and took some photos, then went back to the station to catch the next up DMU; the 13.40 from Oxford; which I took to Tilehurst which is a large four-platformed station. I finished my film with 47501 on the up fast with the 10.23 Manchester-Brighton, 50040 'Leviathan' returning with the 14.15 Oxford-Paddington on the up slow and 50011 1Centurion' again on the down fast with the 14.15 Paddington-Oxford. I reloaded my camera with film, snapped 33115 with a train of cars on the down slow then left the station.
I had to ask my way to the Thames and when I got there, rain was falling again. I looked across the river at Caversham and remembered a girl I had courted there thirteen years ago (wonder what happened to her) took a few photos, then returned to the station. 31260 passed with a down freight followed by 56037 1Richard Trevithick' with oil tanks. I sheltered from the rain, then pressed on and when I reached the station again the sun was shining again. It was time for the next pair of 50s and sure enough from the footbridge I snapped 50010 'Monarch' on the up slow with the 15.15 from Oxford and 50024 'Vanguard' on the down fast with the 15.15 from Paddington. Out of all the Warships after which the 50s are named, Vanguard is the only one I can remember - Britain's last Battleship which I visited with my parents (at a very tender age) in Portland Harbour in 1950.
I got talking to a lady schoolteacher who, like me, was waiting for the Oxford DMU. A class 47 on oils and a 31 on parcels ran through the station neck and neck before the DMU arrived. I got a front seat and had a good view of the up trains; a DMU near Goring, 50039 'Implacable' on freight, a class 47 on the 09.50 Newcastle-Poole, a class 31 light engine on the up slow, 50011 1Centurion' yet again, taking the Didcot avoider with the 16.25 Oxford-Paddington, 47354 on a coal train near Culham, 33115 returning light, presumably having dumped its car train at Cowley, and another DMU
I had more time at Oxford in this direction. I remembered when I used to come here for University entrance exams in the early 1960s travelling on the now extinct DMU service from Bletchley; there was a good variety of steam power to be seen then, 'Castles', 'Kings', 'Halls', WR tanks, BR standards, Bulleid's, B1s, K3s and many more. Now 08816 shunted the sidings, 08946 and 31158 were on shed, 47465 headed the 13.20 Manchester-Portsmouth Harbour, 47359 was on the centre road with a freight, 50024 'Vanguard' brought the 17.22 to Paddington and my train, the 14.40 Poole-Liverpool, arrived behind 47249. 1 got in and had a fast run back up the Cherwell Valley to Banbury. My day out on the rails was over but it had proved to be a most enjoyable one.

North Yorks Moors Railway (55009/19)
5th July, 6/7th September, 27/28th September
Midland Railway Trust (55015)
28/29th June, 9/10th August, 11/12th October
Nene Valley Railway (55016)
13/14th September, 4/5th October

21st June - Eastfield
27th July - Sandtoft


London Midland Region
The Schoolboys' Football International on April 30th brought the usual crop of special trains, 18 in total, to the three Wembley stations, including Hymeks, Westerns and Brush 4 haulage, from places including Birkenhead, Walsall, Southport, Bury, Shrewsbury, Accrington and Wolverhampton. Two of the trains arrived from Barnsley and Nottingham respectively, hauled by Brush type 4s Nos. D1862 and 1773 and a further two from Clay Cross and Chesterfield by Peaks D74 and 32.
Despite electrification, EE Type 4 diesels still make forays up the Western lines and on May 12th D225 headed the 22.15 Glasgow-Euston sleeper between Crewe and Euston and on the previous day a return excursion, the 17.50 Coventry-Canterbury had super power in the shape of EE Type 4 No. D305 and AL6 Electric E3114 as far as Willesden.
On March 31st the 17.10 Chester-Paddington was unusually hauled as far as Shrewsbury by B1 No. 61250.
From the beginning of June Leicester Midland shed lost its steam allocation with its closure to steam power; its locomotives being re-allocated to Derby, Toton, Westhouses and Burton.
The latest SR Electro-diesel to be delivered from Vulcan Foundry, No. E6032, was noted at Manchester Victoria on the first stage of its journey to the SR on May 19th.
The Fridays Only 17.37 Manchester Exchange-York provided work for a Britannia Pacific on at least two occasions in May with 70011 in charge on the 6th and 70018 on the 27th.
Another Britannia working recently, this time deputising for a failed diesel, was 70012 on the 7th on the 17.05 Liverpool-Newcastle, from Patricroft to Leeds.
Special Trains on May 28th provided Black 5 No. 45343 on a Manchester Victoria-Wemyss Bay school special; Standard class 5 No. 73006 on the 08.05 Manchester Exchange-Carnarvon, Black 5 No. 45205 on a Blackpool train, Jubilee No. 45654 on a Manchester Victoria-Southport excursion and Britannia No. 70012 on a Manchester Exchange-Holyhead relief.
Eastern and North Eastern Region
Haymarket based E-E Type 4 No. D262 was an unusual visitor to the London area of the GE with a Temple Mills-March freight on April 28th but even more notable was Hymek No. D7025 which powered a car-carrying train from Oxford to Harwich throughout on May 3rd.
An unusual sight on May 26th on the up 'Day Continental' Harwich-Liverpool Street boat train, were BTH Type 1 No. D8214 and EE Type 4 No. D204 double headed.

Western Region
An unusual visitor to the South Wales main line on June 2nd was EE Type 4 No. D309 which was heading west through Gloucester with oil tanks.
A notable sight on the GW main line from Birmingham on April 12th was Western No. D1010 piloting Brush 4 No. D1589 on the 16.25 Birkenhead-Paddington.
An unusual visitor to Didcot on June 24th was Brush Type 4 No. D1980 (52M which headed a Newcastle-Oxford excursion throughout. A B1 made a rare visit to Gloucester on June 14th when No. 61199 worked in from the north on a steel train. After a quick turn round, it took out a freight from Barnwood to Worcester and the Midlands. On May 25th Brush 4 No. D1723 headed a northbound freight loaded with over 60 wagons up Lickey but not without the assistance of no fewer than three Lickey bankers.
Southern Region
For the first time, it is believed, the 'Bournemouth Belle' was diesel hauled by a Brush Type 4 on Sunday May lst, as part of the fill-in turn of the locomotive off the 'Pines Express' No. D1686 worked the train via Woking over the Portsmouth direct line and via Fareham.
On the following Sunday the train was hauled by Birmingham Type 3s Nos. D6522/7 this time via Alton and Winchester.
The Kensington Olympia-Clapham Jcn. service was hauled by a Birmingham Type 3s on no fewer than three occasions during week ending May 21st with No. D6524 being used on each occasion.
Britannia class No. 70002 was busy on the Southern during the middle of May when it worked an Elgin-Portsmouth troop train forward from Crewe, via Birmingham, Reading, Basingstoke and Eastleigh. After working the empty stock as far as Willesden, it returned to Nine Elms for servicing and on the following day, May 12th, it worked the Waterloo-Southampton Docks boat train and back before languishing on Nine Elms shed from May 13th to 18th. On May 19th, it worked light engine back to Basingstoke and the following day, back to Banbury and the LMR.
Scottish Region
A shortage of Type 4 power at Haymarket in May has resulted in NER Locos arriving at Aberdeen and on one occasion Brush 4 No. D1543 of Finsbury Park was employed on the 17.00 Edinburgh-Aberdeen.
A Deltic now appears to have a regular working north of Edinburgh with the 16.33 Edinburgh-Perth, returning with the car-sleeper.
On May 5th six Football Specials ran from Liverpool to Hampden Park for the match against Borussia. They were all, with the exception of one, hauled by Stanier Black 5s, the exception being Jubilee No. 45627. On May 24th EE Type 4 No. D272 headed a Newcastle-Ardrossan special throughout.
The three A4s still in service; Nos. 60019/24/34 are still active and one, usually 60019, is employed on the three-hour Aberdeen-Glasgow. Also, the Fridays Only 19.45 Aberdeen-York as far as Edinburgh and the Saturdays 10.30 Edinburgh-Aberdeen are allocated for an A4. The batch of Clayton Type ls at Staveley, Nos. D8604-15 have been transferred to Scotland and allocated to St. Margarets and Millerhill.


The last quiz seemed to be too easy so try your luck at this latest offering. Entries to reach Ed by 15th August 1986. Bon Chance. Prizes 5, 3 and 2.

Section 1 Cryptic (Answer is a loco number)
1. Is this Hall in the far north of Scotland?
2. Is this Castle where chocolate is made?
3. This School is in Shropshire, amongst other counties.
4. Did this Isle of Wight resident overlook the water?
5. A Clan stationed at Glasgow.
6. Is this Britannia connected to St. Paul's Cathedral?
7. Was this D30 from Penzance?
8. Did this Monarch spoil a run of cities?
9. This A2 really does deserve a badge!
10. This A3 was a 60s Pop Star.
11. Would you find this A3 at Anfield, for example?
12. Was this Western connected to the Fosters?
13. This Brush was sold to the Soviets.
14. Would you have found this electric loco in 'Disneytime'?
15. This Jubilee has a Deltic connection.

Section 2 Junctions In which town or city would you find or have found
the following junctions?
1. East Sutton J=.
2. Throstle Nest Jcn.
3. Penarth Curve Jen.
4. Camperdown East Jcn.
5. Hilton Jen.
6. Cemetery West Jcn.
7. Castle Jcn.
8. Coke Ovens Jcn.
9. Fletton Jcn.
10. Woodburn Jcn.

Section 3 Teasers
1. Which Hymek recently found its end in a Sheffield scrapyard?
2. What were the former numbers of 25901?
3. After much expensive restoration work, which bridge was re-opened to loco hauled traffic on April 13th 1986?4. Which station lies between St. Albans City and Luton?
5. What timetable number covers the Exeter-Waterloo service?
6. Name western class loco No. D1020.
7. Name the first station out of Bath on the Somerset & Dorset?
8. On the Isle of Wight, where did the Bembridge Branch join, or leave, the 'main line'?9. Name the tunnel just north of Charwelton on the GC     main line.
10. Name class 47 No. 47361.

Pennine Quiz No. 45
There were 8 entries to the last quiz with two members tying for lst place with 41 points and two for 2nd place with 40 points.
Answers were:
1. 60029, 2. 70038, 3. 92220, 4. 45519, 5. 45022, 6. 47402
1. 6B, 2. 8D, 3. 30B, 4. 40E, 5. 60A, 6. 64C, 7. 70H, 8. 83A
1. Plymouth, 2. Exeter, 3. Ryde, 4. Leicester, 5. Lancaster, 6. Derby, 7. Nottingham, 8. Pontefract, 9. Barnsley, 10. Glasgow.
1. Cardiff, 2. Huddersfield, 3. Chesterfield, 4. Edinburgh, 5. Ayr, 6. Exeter, 7. Winchester, 8. Bristol, 9. York, 10. Newton Abbot.
1. 17th Sept. 1966, 2. Bath Queen Sq., 3. Richard Trevithick, 4. Smallbrook, 5. Cossack, 6. 204, 7. Onslaught 8. D9.

The prize winners were:
lst Mr. S. Earl and Mr. I. Shenton 3 each. 2nd Mr. M. Bell and Mr. E..J. Wright 2 each


Western Region
Noted at Bristol on 28th March were:- 45146 on 09.10 Bristol-York relief., 33017 on 09.08 to Portsmouth, 50049 on 09.04 Plymouth relief, 50030 on 09.15 to Taunton and 33210, 45026, 45121, 47088, 08951, 50010 and 56040 on Bath Road depot.
Passing through Taunton on same day were:- 50030won 10.40 to Bristol, 50001 on 07.30 Penzance-Aberdeen, 47508 on 09.08 Birmingham-Paignton relief., 50005 on 09.40 Paddington-Penzance, 50037 on 11.05 Paignton-Paddington, 50045 on 10.18 Paddington-Paignton, 50033 on 10.25 Paddington-Penzance, 47532 on 08.55 Penzance-Newcastle, 50004 on 09.32 Penzance-Paddington, 50046 on 11.47 Paddington-Penzance relief, 47477 on 09.36 Liverpool-Penzance, 47356 on 14.15 Plymouth-Leeds vans.
On April 5th, the 16.45 Paddington-Plymouth HST suffered partial failure and was assisted west of Exeter by 33060.
Super power for the Laira-Exeter ECS on 4th April when it passed through Totnes behind 50032/27/41, all working!

Eastern Region
Possibly the first visit of a class 25/9 to the Eastern occurred on 3rd April with 25902 visiting Doncaster on ballast, before returning light engine to Holbeck.
On 3rd March, 31428 ran into trouble at Mexborough at the head of the 05.42 Hull-Manchester and was pushed at least as far as Sheffield by 47434, heading the 06.45 York-Portsmouth Hbr.
On lst March, the 23.52 Sheffield-St. Pancras left Sheffield behind 45022 and worked as far as Derby where 45150 took over.
Another class 31 in trouble on the 3rd March was 31436 which is in even more trouble now, when it failed at the head of the 07.37 Cleethorpes-Manchester at Scunthorpe where 47110 was attached and left 35 mins. late. Yet more class 31 problems on the same day when 31430 failed at Rotherham on the 08.41 Manchester-Cleethorpes, where 20011/116 were attached and worked as far as Doncaster where 47527 took over.
Possibly new ground was broken for a run-in turn when ex-works 56077 ran light engine from Hull-Scarborough and back on March 3rd. Royalty visited Humberside on March 5th when the Price and Princess of Wales visited Hull and the Royal Train was hauled from Kings Cross to Hull by 47581 'Great Eastern'.
Other class 47s visiting Hull in March were 47616 'Red Dragon' which worked the 10.54 to Cardiff on the 9th, whilst on the 14th, 47595 'Confederation of British Industry' visited Hull on a charter from Arbroath - cost 7!
On March 18th, 20165 and 20209 hauled trailed 31452 into Hull on the 14.33 from York running about 60 minutes late; March was definitely a bad month for class 31s.
Noted at York on March 8th were 47531 on the 13.55 Scarborough-Liverpool and 47191 on ECS while 03089, 08210/337/583/617/707/31416, 45101, 47289 and 56092 were on shed.
Super power on the ECML on March 14th, when the 19.08 KX-Newcastle additional arrived at Doncaster behind 31178 and 47402.
The following day, the 21.05 SO Bradford-KX HST working was worked by 47543 hauling 17056, 1882, 13449, 13487, 19457, 13468/91/39. The class 31 saga for March is never ending with 31450 failing at Sheffield on the 14.13 Portsmouth-York on the 17th, with 31261 working forward, departing 40 mins. late.
There was good haulage to be had on March 21st when a Fareham-York troop train was worked into Birmingham by a class33, where it was detached. However, there was no suitable loco to work the train forward and after considering putting the class 33 back on, it was decided to work the train forward behind 56041. On the same day, the 08.55 Penzance-Newcastle was hauled by 47612.
A visit to Shirebrook on March 23rd found the following locos on shed:08729, 20020/28/30/111, 37249/283, 56004/11/14/73/75/79/117/124/26, 58012/22/26/31/35 and 58039.
A visit to the North-East on 22nd March provided the following:
Thornaby 08200/95/383/502/506/75/82/88/722/70/4/802/28, D5500, 31215/52/72/83/322, 37065/7/9/76/9  47009/13/302/13/32/41 /60/74/429/520/536, 56095 37064/66 passed through the station.
Sunderland South Deck 08170/441/37015, 56121/5/30/1
Blyth 08485/544/37068/119/56076/92/119/133
Gateshead 03078/94/371, 08085/442/577/8/87/872, 31117/323 37003/9/125/179/94, 45111/148, 47236/8/70/403/5/12/16/17151
47551/612/701, 56081/127/8/32/5
Tyne Yard 08618/741, 37107, 56060
'Mallard' made the seaside on 25th March when she made a test run from York-Scarborough-Bridlington-Beverley-Doncaster, making several stops en route for routine cheeks.
The following day, 47120 'RAF Kinross' visited Hull Botanic Gardens on a test run from Doncaster Works.
47581 'Great Eastern' paid another visit to Hull on April 2nd when it worked a charter train from Kings Cross for British Gas to visit the Humber Bridge and the Gas terminal at Easington. Pullman stock was provided.
York was the starting point for 50026 making its way back to the Western Region from Doncaster Works at the head of the 09.22 Newcastle-Penzance on April 4th.
April started in much the same way as March as far as Class 31/4 reliability with an unidentified member of the class failing at Rotherham on the 15.41 Manchester-Hull on April 4th to be taken over by 31237.
The following day, British Gas chartered another special from Kings Cross to Hull; Pullman stock again, with 47621 'Royal County of Berkshire' at the head.
Noted at Immingham on April 1Ah were the following:08031/405/665/751, 31124/175/232/283/440/4/5/7/62, 47215/296/9, 47336 and 47379.
Oh Dear this time 31460, at the head of the Hull-Brighton on 15th April, assisted to Sheffield by 20031/88.
The following locos were noted at Healey Mills on 26th April:08308/579/701/6, 31117/181/5/222/277/317/462, 37029, 47015/219/374, 56025 /99 1102 /113.
On 3rd May, Hull K.R. played Castleford in the Rugby League Cup Final at Wembley and several special trains ran from Hull into Kings Cross, producing 47559 'Joshua Renolds' on the lst, 47559 again and 47424 on the 2nd and 47450/62/47527/31/95 on the 3rd.
The start of the new timetable still produced failures with 45150 expiring on the Birmingham-Leeds on 20th May and being assisted by 20097/128 at least from Sheffield to Doncaster.

Midland Region
A trip around the Lancashire area on 2nd March found the following locos at various locations:
Wigan Springs Branch 08284/293/759/922/4, 20053/5/106/131/42/78, 25032/44/254/300/2, 47002/417/553, 97407
Wigan North Western 08477
Longsight 20015/150, 25042, 25903/4/8/12, 86031/434, 85011/2/4/5/20, 87006/23/31, 08283/524/624/66/721/820/91/915, 47055/349.
Warrington Arpley 08916, 20060/78/93/101/5/10/36/56012, 81013
Ditton 08415
Halewood 20058/87
Allerton- 08475/534/669/838/84/918/31, 25213/78, 45068, 473121529
Speke 08887/939, 25902/9, 31425, 81011, 85003
Lime Street 08532, 45146, 47402/38, 81005, 86206/16/34/43/58
Ellesmere Port 08906, 25269
Chester 08220, 20006/128, 25224, 56081/2, 97405, 142028/9/31. KO.132
Chester Station 08635
Crewe Diesel Depot 08456, 20182, 25034, 45108, 47190/7/463, 638/9, 97406, 56133, 86037/429.
Crewe Station 08784, 47465, 86251/8, 87020/8, 150101/5
Crewe Works - 08703, 37007(506)/005(501)/026/7/8/33/6(507)/37042/61(599)/90(508)/93(509)/98/103/139/112(510)/
150(901)/157(695)/185/192/225/8(696)/243(697)/265/272/425/9/502/3/4/699, 47019/61/74(646)/5(645)/91 (647)/150/151(648)/186/99/206/246(644)/306/33/7/65/6/79/404/25/39/41/9/66/89/92/515/9/26/473/545/89/97/8/.610/41/2/3/701, 56057,81017, 85008/16/3719, 86003/5/35/101/3/220/55/319/24.
Scrap 40004/20/44/91/104/43/50/55/60/8/81/3/95
Dismantling Shop 40177
Noted at Toton on March 23rd were:- 08597/702/823, 20121/48/25151/2099, 37170, 45020/59/64/5/76/108/28, 47294/339/592, 56042/70/88, 58005/10/11/24/9/30/7/8 and ADB 968024 and on April 19th were:
08623/894. 20004/129/160, 31237,  45005/112, 47106/217/285/95/380, 56086, 58003/7/13/8/22/6/9/32/6.
Passing Diggle on April 26th were:- 45145 on 12.55 Scarborough-Berger, 47632 on 14.05 Liverpool-Scarborough, 47211 on oils, 4771 'Green Arrow' on 'West Riding' Steam Special, 47538 on 13.55 Scarborough-Liverpool and 47524 on 13.00 Berger-York.
On the Bank Holiday Weekend of 3/4/5 May the West Coast Main Line was closed for major bridge repairs north of Preston, resulting in all trains to and from Carlisle and the North being diverted over the Settle and Carlisle line. On the Saturday, between 10.00 and 17.00 hours, the following sightings were made:
47612 on 07.50 Manchester-Glasgow/Edinburgh
47529 on 07.38 Hull-Carlisle
47555 on 07.05 Glasgow-Euston
47478 on 04.25 Glasgow-Preston parcels
47631 on 07.45 Glasgow-Birmingham
47465 on 03.37 Stranraer-Euston parcels
47435 on 07.45 Ayr-Euston
40122 on 10.40 Carlisle-Euston
47417 on 09.45 Glasgow-Poole
47354 on 08.01 Perth-Red Bank empty newspapers
47201 on 10.45 Glasgow-Penzance
47409 on 11.15 Glasgow-Harwich P.O.
47551 on 12.45 Glasgow-Cardiff
47003 on 13.05 Glasgow-Euston
47425 on 11.00 Stranraer-Euston
47584 on 07.26 Coventry-Glasgow/Edinburgh
47551 on 07.~5 Euston-Glasgow
47480 on 07.25 Nottingham-Glasgow/Edinburgh
25266/278 on 04.05 Euston-Stranraer parcels
47431 on 08.45 Euston-Glasgow
47480 on 07.47 Cardiff-Glasgow/Edinburgh
47465 on 09.45 Euston-Glasgow
47519 on 13.45 Euston-Ayr
Standing locos at Settle Jcn. were 31142/283
Noted at Chester on 10th May were:
08220, 25903/9, 97405, 47350/583, 56127, 142046, 150120/35/43/6/8, 51175/9/80/9/96, 51200, 51562, 51903/6/7/16, 53222/303/6/7/17/23/4/5/36/ 7/658/75/99/716/29/931, 54343/350/8/9/486/9/90/9, 55005/6, 59306, 55973/83, 395344/77/754/67, 975162, 024514/531.
Station Yard. 08746, 59131/523/30, 977191, track machines - 73260/2, 77306.
Class 20s found their way to Skegness over the Bank Holiday Weekend with 20125/48 arriving from Leicester on the 5th May and 20001/81 arriving from Derby on the same day.
Also on the 5th May, 31117/168 headed the 14.25 York-Plymouth and 47564 the 08.20 Sheffield-Bridlington.



03112-NC, 08411-NI, 08633-WN, 08786-TE, 08919-TI, 20059-TO, 20132-BS, 37127-SF, 37143-CF, 37148-CF, 37171-MR, 37189-BR, 47220-BR, 47254/7-GD, 56081-TI.

08021/85/164/70/200/20/54/438/70/87/602/828, 25206/269/85/311, 27033/7/206, 45026, 97407.

20023 to 20301, 20059 to 20302, 20134 to 20303, 20168 to 20304, 20172 to 20305, 20176 to 20306, 20194 to 20307, 20196 to 20308, 37007 to 37506, 37265 to 37403, 47074 to 47646, 47075 to 47645, 47246 to 47644, 86005 to 86405, 86301 to 86431, 86319 to 86419.

27020/36, 33062, 97252.

26038, 31102 /26


27010/20/3/36/47/8, 31222, 37022/1.83/191/264, 47003/6/7/9, 47010/13/6/7/ 53/96/101/6/7/8/16/21/3/4/30/46/56/207/10/13, 47217/9

58040/1 TO


03112-NC, 08411-NL, 08633-WN, 08786-TE, 08919-TI, 20059-TO, 20132-BS, 37127-SF, 37143-CF, 37148-CF, 37171-MR, 37189-BR, 47220-BR, 47254/7-GD, 56081-TI.

08021/85/164/70/200/20/54/438/70/87/602/828, 25206/269/85/311, 27033/7/206, 45026, 97407.

20023 to 20301, 20059 to 20302, 20134 to 20303,, 20168 to 20304, 20172 to 20305, 20176 to 20306, 20194 to 20307, 20196 to 20308, 37007 to 37506, 37265 to 37403, 47074 to 47646, 47075 to 47645, 47246 to 47644, 86005 to 86405, 86301 to 86431, 86319 to 86419.

27020/36, 33062, 97252.

26038, 31102 /26


27010/20/3/36/47/8, 31222, 37022/183/191/264, 47003/6/7/9, 47010/13/6/7/ 53/96/101/6/7/8/16/21/3/4/30/46/56/207/10/13, 47217/9

58040/1 TO