Mag. 55 - Spring 1986



As the Pennine Railway Society enters Its 12th year, events at the Annual General Meeting~, have resulted in several changes on the committee. Our thanks go to Robin Skinner for his work as Fixtures Secretary from the formation of the Society (2obin will remain as Chairman); to David Bladen as Magazine Editor, and to Linda Bladen as Sales Officer, who will both remain on the Committee.
Glyn Gossan has taken over as Magazine ~!,Editor and it will be up to all members to supply him with information and articles to help him keep the magazine up to the high standards we have come to expect.
Dave Whitlam has taken over as Fixtures Secretary and is determined to provide an attractive programme for 1986.In fact, the first two trips organised this year, to Doncaster works and Derby works, have both been sell-outs", so early booking on future trips is advised to avoid disappointment.
Tony Booth is welcomed back as Sales Officer, and we already have a sales stand booked at Coalville Open Day on 1st June 1986 so come along and support the Society.
'We wish to take this opportunity of thanking all those who have shown
faith in the Society by renewing their membership In 1986,and hope that you
will be able to take part in, and enjoy the events which we organise this
year. Again, there will be a full programme of slide shows, quizzes, etc. ,at the
-iron the .1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each
Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster month - these meetings are open to all members and their friends.
Finally, congratulations to the Pennine Railway Society quiz team, comprising Tony Caddick, Glyn Gossan and Paul "Chief".3utton who won the Pennine Shield for the very first time.

John P Sanderson


Welcome to the Spring edition of Trans Pennine. As I have taken over the position of Magazine Editor I would like to thank on behalf of everyone in the Society, Dave and Linda for their work in producing an excellent magazine over the last couple of years or so, and I only hope that I can come somewhere near the high standard which they have set.


Our cover photograph shows Class 4F 44252 passing Worksop East with a Worksop - Nottingham service.
Thanks to Jack Davis for the photograph.


The Society will be running a sales stall at Coalville MPD at their Open Day to be held on lst. June. If any member has any unwanted magazines, photos, relies etc. please pass them to any Committee member for vie can put them on sale to raise funds for the club.

by Paul Slater

A continuous noise from the traffic on the motorway a few miles to the north carried clearly to the bridle path bridge over the West Coast Main Line where I was standing. It was a calm, chilly October morning and I was out for a day of railway photography and railway reminiscence. The motorway had not been built when I used to frequent this line as a boy train spotting; that was one obvious change, another being the wires and overhead ironmongery where back in the mid 1950's there had been nothing spanning the, tracks except for a gantry of semaphores down the line at Ashton signal box. The grass verge a little way from this bridge, where the four tracks emerge from the cutting on to the embankment which takes the line high above the village of Ashton, was once a favourite Saturday afternoon train-watching spot. The signal lights in both directions were all green, and I did not have long to wait before I had seen several trains .I remember once seeing the Ashton home signals all raised at once, showing that four trains were due; this was always something to note on a quadruple track line, but nowadays, with the automatic lights, four greens are not unusual. There used to be a fifth track beyond Ashton signalbox, forming a loop in addition to the up slow line.
Before I left Ashton I remembered a curious incident from the 1950's. It was a time when the up "Royal Scot, which passed Ashton in the late afternoon was regularly double headed by the original main line diesels.10000 and 10001.The signal at Ashton box was up at the usual time, and my brother and I heard the throbbing of the diesels as the train approached; but when the "Royal "Scot" burst into sight from under the bridge on which I was standing, it was hauled by a "Princess Coronation" Pacific making a distinctly un-steam like noise!
Roade, only two miles from Ashton, was where I first watched trains on the West Coast Main Line, 31 years ago. The main road bridge near the site of the now vanished station was busy with traffic, but from another bridge nearby I could look down in peace on the four tracks in their cutting, and could photograph the electric trains dashing past the spot where I spent that first afternoon here in the autumn of 1954. The cutting was deeper and more sheer sided than I remembered, and on the other side of the bridge it stretched away into the misty distance, a massive piece of early railway engineering.
My first sight of the express locomotive classes of the West Coast Main Line made such an impression on me that I can still remember the first "Royal Scot". I noted down on that Saturday in 1954; 46160 ",Queen Victoria's Riflemen"-and my first "Princess Coronation". This was 46237 "City of Bristol", my first 4-6-2, a thrilling sight to my ten year old self; and, if my memory of that long ago afternoon is correct, it was the only locomotive I ever saw in the immediate post-Nationalisation express engine livery, as when 46237 roared past in the dusk I can remember noticing, with surprise, that it was painted blue, not green.
I always liked the West Coast, Vain Line, as it was, if anything, even busier than the four-track Midland main line through Northamptonshire with which I was very familiar, and it had more variety of motive power. lots of the classes which could be seen on the Midland could also be seen at Roade, and in addition there were "Royal Scots", "Patriots", original and rebuilt, "Princess Coronations"," Princess Royals" and "Britannias" ,not to mention 71000 "Duke of Gloucester" as well as new freight types;7F 0-8-0s,WD 2-8-0s,and a class of Stanier 2-6-0s which I called "Taper crabs" and which, as they approached I always thought they were Jubilees hauling goods train as they had a very similar appearance to the Midland line's main class of express 4-6-0's
The electric trains sped through Roade every few minutes; I followed the main line Northwards, and later that day I saw them running alongside the Grand Union Canal at Muscott, north of Weedon, and beside the Oxford canal at Brinklow, between Rugby and Nuneaton. Muscott and Brinklow were not places were I used to go train-spotting, and their associations for me are more recent, they belong to the years when I became interested in photographing railways and canals. One of my few recurrent dreams also dates from my enthusiasm for railway photography; in it I keep trying- to snap trains which are gone before I can press the shutter, and the speed and quietness of the West Coast electrics can easily make the dream a reality unless I choose a location that gives me a view of a long stretch of track on which to see the train approaching!
Many of the old steam-hauled expresses on the Euston line were named, and all of them had carriage roof boards identifying their places of origin and destination; I miss these destination boards nowadays, and find that the frequent electrically-hauled expresses are saved from monotony only by the variety of rolling stock and by the choice of a named or un-named locomotive. The names of the 86s and 87s are in many cases a reminder of ",The steam locomotives I knew in boyhood. "Sir Winston Churchill", which I snapped on an up express at Brinklow was a Southern Region "Battle of Britain" (34051), while "Hal o' th Wind", which I photographed on a down express at Roade cutting was an A1 No..60116,which I used to see at Peterborough ,and "William Shakespeare" which I saw on a down express at Brinklow, was once a Britannia No..70004 allocated at first to Stewarts Lane, and then onto the Midland ."Fury", which sped past the pub at Brinklow as I was having lunch was the .name of an experimental 4-6-0,rebuilt into a Royal Scot",No.46170) "British Legion", which I used to see on the West Coast Main Line, while" City of Carlisle", also noted at Brinklow, actually was a regular express locomotive on this route, a "Princess" no.46238.And,just as I went for a final walk in the fading light along the canal towpath at Brinklow, and called it a day, "Britannia"  hurried past, bringing my memories full circle to the present and the world of railway preservation, as a locomotive of that name is now working on the Nene Valley Railway.


A Railbus especially adapted for operation in harsh climates has been shipped from Liverpool to Halifax NS. in Atlantic Container Line's 36000 tonnes combination Ro-Ro container vessel "Atlantic Concert" according to International Freighting Weekly Feb.6th 1986 edition. Designed and developed by British Rail Engineering Ltd., Derby the railbus is to be evaluated by Canadian rail operators in various parts of the country. The highly economic unit is capable of one-man operation and is cheap and easy to maintain. Based on the Leyland National single decker bus body with driving cab at each end and powered by a  Leyland TL11 engine, BRE'L believe the railbus can help keep open suburban and rural line that would otherwise face closure.


Try your luck at the latest quiz. Entries to reach the Ed by 15th May1986. Good luck. Prizes - 5, 3 and 2

Section 1 Cryptic (Answer is a loco number)
1. Did this Arsenal footballer regularly Streak down the East Coast Main Line?
2. Was the inhabitant of the Major Oak a true Brit?
3. This true star always comes out after tea.
4. The nude lady of Coventry was really very Patriotic
5. This town is really the peak of Lancashire.
6. Duff information will lead you to this North Eastern loco shed.

Section 2 - Shed codes What were the numerical codes of the following sheds?
1. Mold junction
2. Widnes
3. Hertford last
4. Colwick
5. Inverness
6. Dalry Road
7. Ryde
8. Newton Abbott

Section 3 - Stations - In which town or city could you find or have found the following stations;
1. Millbay
2. St Thomas
3. St John's Road
4. Belgrave load
5. Green Ayre
6. Friargate
7. Arkwright Street
8. Monkhill
9. Court House
10. Buchanan Street

Section 4 Junctions - In which town or city would find or have found the following Junctions?
1. Splott junction
2. Springwood Junction
3. Tapton Junction
4. Lochend Junction
5. Falkland Junction
6. Cowley Bridge Junction
7. Shawford Junction
8. St. Annes Park Junction
9. Holgate Bridge Junction
10. Aller Junction

Section 5 Teasers
1. On which date did the last regular steam hauled passengers service run to Ryde Pier Head?
2. What was the original name of Bath Green Park Station?
3. Name class 56 no. 56037
4. Name the junction on the Isle of Wight, where the Ryde-Cowes line and the Ryde-Ventnor line separated
5. Name North British Warship no D604
6. What is the horse power of a class 03
7. What was the name of the last Warship in numerical sequence built at Swindon?
8. What was the former no. of class 44 no..44009?


Southern Region
There were no problems spotting a class 50 at Waterloo on l8th January as 50011 worked the 11.10 Waterloo-Exeter,50025 the 13.l0 Exeter,50030 the 15.10 service and 50002 the 17.10 departure.50004 worked in on the 12.20 ex. Exeter.
A visit to Eastleigh on 1st March found 0884, 33032,47100 and 59003 in the station, with 09015,33004/5/11/12/53/60/105/205/058/025,73006/116/106 in the works and. the depot playing host to 08650/831/830/929,33017/007/ 014/17/24/35/21/43/54/106/7/9/111/4/7,47194/330/193/537,50r)35,73120. Noted at Fratton on the same day were 08642/892,09001 and at Southampton station were 33056/8/7/3/16/39/117 and 47455.
Noted at Salisbury the following day were 08845,33010/20/33/8,47285/330 and 50029 whilst on 3rd March at Salisbury were 33043,47370 and failed 50014.Also on that date the following were noted at Idestbur31285,-J1~020/35,47056/128,56C56 and 59001 on crew training.

Eastern Region
One of Ed's now rare trips out took him to the far reaches of Sheffield on 27th December when class 31/4s seemed to rule the roost, especially on the relief workings with the following- locos sighted: 31460 Leeds-Cardiff relief, 31415 York-Plymouth relief, 31449 York-Cardiff relief, 31433 Leeds-Brighton, 31459 Portsmouth-Leeds Fridays only. Other workings that day were 47559 on the Blackpool-Cambridge, 47591 on the Harwich-Glasgow "European" 47575 on a Bristol-York relief, 45101 on a Bristol-Leeds rellef,45121 on a Reading-York relief, 45130 on a Cardiff-York relief and 47537 on a Plymouth-York relief.
A New Year's Day visit to Shirebrook found the following locos stabled:56094/100/6/9/112/3/120/3/27-, 58012/17/23/4 and 58034.
Class 58 no.58034 was named "Bassetlaw" at Worksop station on 12th December.
"Duff" 47626 "Atlas" provided the power for a football special from Brighton to Hull on Saturday 25th January whilst on February 5th ScotRail liveried class 37 no.37021 was a rare visitor to Hull Botanic Gardens.
The recent icy spell had its effects on local DMU services out of Hull during February and on Wednesday 5th Feb, passengers faced long delays at Hull due to frozen points and some Hull-Bridlington services were cancelled altogether. On Tuesday 11th Feb, the 07.25 Goole-Hull, the 17.44 Hull-Bridlington were cancelled, together with the 07.59 Bridlington-Hull the following day. On February 9th a failed 1UT set with power cars 43060/3 was seen being hauled through Doncaster by 56030,possibly en route to Neville Hill as the class 56 returned light engine later the same afternoon.
Also in th(; Hull area, Thwaite crossing signalbox was demolished during December last year, at Cottingham, on the Hull-Scarborough line.
Noted at Dringhouses, York during a fifteen minute spell on 6th January were:- 47003 ballast, 47201 oils, 45102 Liverpool-Scarborough,03089, 45149 09.55 Scarborough-Liverpool and 47551  09.22 Newcastle-Penzance.
Noted on York MPD on 19th February were:- 03089,08605,20125,31438,37095, 37198,45171,47-404/532.
Noted in Doncaster works on 9th February were:-
Paint shop, D9000,56070,50005,56005.
Repair shop31126/132,37072,50008/50,31464/102/317/160/275/164/229/146, 58037, 56062/77/71/41/48/40, 58039,03179,47120, 31184,31405.  03112,o8161/225/211/373/520/593/682/786/876/930,13003, 25060/189/214. 31130/203/207/284/296/423, 7004/041/133/203,56111.
Scrap- 03175(cab),08522,25054/210/229/237/256/298,46010/52.
DMU shop- 51340/72/81,51442,51506/8,53047,53200/56, 53327,54018/71/73/919 54214,59055,59490.

London Midland Region
The arrival of the Foster Yeoman class 59s will no doubt create much interest in the forthcoming months, and one member reports seeing 59003 at Toton on 6th February.
Noted at Roade cutting, Northampton on 8th February were:- 86253 and 86422 on up expresses,86260 and 86412 on down expresses, and 25201 and 85006 light engines.
Noted in Derby Works on Saturday 8th March were:- 20009/21/2/77/82/130/2/141, 163/170,45110/118/107/120, HST Power Cars. 43054/110/161/187-/195/198/147/8.
For scrap - 25200,40075/132/163,45003/13/23/43/5/50/7,45109. 45133/44,08297. On Derby MPD were:- 20052/96/178,45103/111/127/140/5/50. Workings through Derby on the same day included 47481 on 06.45 York-Portsmouth, 47559 on 08.20 Leeds-Cardiff, 45131 on 07.40 Leicester-Leeds and 47433 on 08.55 Penzance-Newcastle.
On 5th March 1986 45116 headed a Derby-Wadsley Bridge Football Special while sister loco 45149 powered a Burton-Wadsley Bridge Footex, both for the Sheffield Wednesday v Derby County FA Cup tie.
The following day 45101 was in charge of the 07.27 Nottingham-Glasgow, taking over from a failed 47 at Nottingham.


London Midland Region

During January the third round of the FA Cup produced the usual crop of Football specials; EE Type 4 D267 had charge of a West Bromwich supporters special to Bolton but AL6 electric E3121 was employed on a West Ham supporters train from Willesden to Stockport where Black 5 45046 and Crab 42715 took over for the remainder of the run to Oldham. An unusual visitor to Crewe on January 22nd was Hymek D7088 which arrived on 08.45 Cardiff-Manchester and returned south later in the day on the 12.55 Manchester-Plymouth.

Western Region

On January 3rd Oxford marked the end of steam working by turning out "Hall" 6998 for the northbound Poole-York train as far as Banbury.
On January 22nd Black 5 No.44760 piloted Brush D1923 on the up "Cambrian Coast Express" to Paddington and 45436 and D1688 were in tandem on the 11.40 from Birkenhead.
Before the end of steam on the Western Region B1 61121 (36A) visited Reading before making its way back home on 15.00 Scouts Lane special parcels.

Eastern and North Eastern Regions

On January 5th V2 No.60824 was unusual power for the down "Thames Clyde Express" north of Leeds.
On January 21st Black 5 No.44910 headed the 08.52 Hull-Kings Cross during a period when steam reappeared on a regular basis on the southern end of the NER
An unusual visitor to Hull on the same date was Birmingham Type 2 D6546 which arrived with a freight from York, as part of a fill in turn whilst working the Cliffe-Uddingston cement trains.
Norwich saw the arrival of three football excursions for the fourth round FA Cup tie against Walsall. Two were loco-hauled by Type 4's D2255 and D329 and the third was formed by one of the Blue Pullman sets, the first time one of these sets had visited East Anglia.
On the same date, February 12th,EE Type 3 D671( failed on the 09.30 Liverpool St.-Norwich at Colchester, and was replaced by Brush 2 D5573 and reached Norwich 42 mins. late.
On February 2nd B1 61173 headed a special freight from York to Severn Tunnel Junction.

Southern Region

As expected, the "Pines Express" went over to diesel traction from the start of the year; the loco working from Crewe to Poole, returning north the following day on Mondays to Fridays. However, on Saturdays, the loco off the southbound service is stabled and then used on the Sundays 08.53 Bournemouth-Waterloo and 13.30 Waterloo-Bournemouth return, before heading back north on the Monday.
Black 5 No.45462 headed the 03.40 Waterloo-Portsmouth newspapers on February 10th,heading back north on the 19.30 via Eastleigh to Reading.
Hymeks were unusually employed on isolated SW division workings during recent weeks, with D7032 heading the 07.30 Woking-Basingstoke on January 21st and D7085 the 18.23 32outhamptonBounemouth on February 19th.

Scottish Region

The re-engined NBL Type 2 diesels returned to service during February  after being stopped for attention during January. D6101 was in charge of the 08.25 Glasgow-Aberdeen and 17.15 return on February 7th. While these locos were out of service Ferryhill A4 Pacifies were used on the three hour Aberdeen workings. On two occasions, however, Black 5s were used with 44698 on the 07.10 ex Aberdeen on February 16th and 44672 on the same train on February 23rd. Also during February, no fewer than eight "Britannia" Pacifies were seen in the Aberdeen area on freight and parcels duties, with two;Nos.70010/41 finding their way on to passenger workings with the 13.30 Aberdeen-Glasgow and 17.10 Aberdeen-Perth respectively, deputising for A4s. 

THANKS to Messrs. Corroy, Whitlam, Sanderson, Slater and editions of Railway World March/April 1966.

Pennine quiz no.44.

There were thirteen entries to the last quiz with two members tying for 1st place with maximum points and two for 2nd place with 39 points .Answers as follows:
1. Bristol Parkway 2. 1m 1452yds. 3. 4,0135 4. Paddington station 5. Sandown Park 6. 50013 Agincourt  7. 55009 Alycidon 8.47050
9. Metro-Cammel 10. Atlantic Conveyor 11. Penzance 12. Doncaster Rovers 13. 50041 Bulwark 14.Bonnie.Dundee 15. Marylebone
16. South. Yorks PTE livery 17. 47708 18.class 59 19. Fleetwood 20. 85mph 21. The Orcadion 22. BBC Look North 23. NC
24. Sevenoaks  25.1903  26. 1958  27.Tees Tyne Pullman  28. Gateacre Hall  29. Class Z  30.Festival of Britain on the south bank of London
31. D5300 32. Addiscombe  33.1977  34.Fleet line 35. Special Scotch Express  36. Ivatt class 2MT 2-6-2T 41272 of 1950  37. 1956
38. Paved concrete track  39. D322  40. Western Advocate.

The prize winners were: 1st Mr. N. Bolland and Mr. J. R. Dewing - 6 each

2nd Mr. M. D. Turner and Mr. M. Bell - 3 each



Midland Region
08243-WN;08586/602,25902-7/10-12, 31123/125-KD
08623,20001/004/016/041/051/052/148/149,31101/154,56o65/67/81/86/90 - TO
20006/009/029/035/037/125/131, 31299/3111,47011/019/055/424/427-9/435/439 - BS
08606/684,31298/317 - CW
03073/162/170/189- CH
08856 47122/423/426/431/438/450/468/485/489/531/533 - CD
ABD 96800-ME.

Eastern Region
08885-DR  08295/588/728, 37064-TE   08514-KY, 08719-YC, ;08658-NC; 08776-BG; 08618,47432-4/436/437/441-3/445/446/476 - GD,
20089/152,37120/123/124/126/179-TI; 08709BN; 08834,31147/173,37216-MR; 31233 235,47297-IM,. 37150-SF

Scottish Region
20042/093/145,27063-ED; 08882-AB;  27047/648,37263-IS,  37049/o99/190-ML; 08726,26024/34/37/44/41,27002/10/20/37-HA.

Western Region
370071036/139 - CF;  08523/798,31210-OC., 31304-BR.

Southern Region

Locomotives Withdrawn
08159-161/176/225/226/257/293/412/422/430/446/490/491/497/524/549/564/614 08681.25060/064/072/1451175/209/257/287/300/324/325;27002;45003/04/16/20/56/60 85001 07096 97804

Locomotives Reinstated
03119/120/144-LE; 08569-KD; 08599-CD; 0860l-TS; 08610/677-TO; 08616 - SP;  08675-AY; 25311-CD; 97408-CD:  08684-CW.

Locomotives Stored Unserviceable

New Locomotives

Dual Braked
08569/599/6011610/614/616/623/675/677;20141/163/170/185;26037/38/40; 31102/12611321160/164/183/275/317/319/324;37013/225/507.

Slow Speed Control Fitte

Slow Speed Control Removed 

Boiler Removed
26037/38/40;31102/126/160/164/183/198/304/317/319; 37430, 47290/411/415/426/457/461/632-5/637/641-3/645. 

Boiler Isolated 
37049/099/186-190, 45022, 47219.

High Phosphorous Brake Blocks Removed

Twin Tanks Fitted 

Modified-for Gatwick Service 

Radio Telephone Removed

Headlight Removed

Headlight Fitted

Flexicoil Suspension Fitted 8

MW Flexicoil Suspension, Resilient Wheels Fitted

827204-27058 25262-25901 37007-37056 37241-37428 47068-47632  25268-25902 37036-37507 37300-37429 47083-4763
25276-25903 37265-37430 47158-47634 25283-25904 37272-37431 47029-47635 25286-25905 47243-47636 25296-25906
47274-47637 25297-25907 47069-47638 25307-25908 47064-47639 25309-25909 86006-86406 47244-47640   25315-25910
86034-86434 47086-47641 25316-25911 86004-86404 47040-47642 25322-25912 86325-86425 47269-47643 

6omph Max Speed
86328-86428 47246-47644  47075 - 47645 

Locomotives Cut Up
ZL-03142 08121/325,25101/105/253/277,27034 40083/112/154/176, 46038/49/56, D818. 

Locomotives Named

Locomotives Sold
National Railway Museum-08064.
ECC Ports Fowey-08398.
Patersons Glasgow-27043.
Marple & Gillott,Sheffield-D7096
C.F.Booth, Rotherham-03151.
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway-08266.


Midland Region
51912/14/16/22/42,53971/74, 54052,54484/91/93/99 54500/03/04-NH. 53712-DY; 53976,54224-KD; 59054TS; 53686, 53732 59526-CH.

Western Region
51176/82/93/98, 54337/41/56/60 - CF.

Scottish Region 
53242/68,59080-HA; 51174/86, 51789/91-3, 53666/74.53723/27,54357,54403-AY.

Eastern Region

59380-2-NL; 55642/67-HT.


1037;51262;51861;52027, 53422/28/75, 53506/27, 53668/91;53701/19/21, 53827/29, 54419, 59064; 59100/29;5928 ;59337;59550/88,.59679/83-5;7860l; 78851.

New Units
52101,57101-RTC,  52102-9/11-24-DY; 55550/2/3/5,55600/2/3/5-NH; 55557-62, 55607-12-LA; 55648-57/73-82 HT; 57102-24-DY.

Converted to Parcels Units 
53051/72, 51783-7

Stored Serviceable 
53424/34 (GS),

Stored Unserviceable
53510/65,59210 (AY); 53800/34/37,53900.59326/42.59440/41.59623 (TS); 5550222 (NL)



Scottish Region
303016/25/61 - GW; 311102/04/05/7/9/10 - HY.

Southern Region
5456-9,5464-6,6267-9-SG; 7777-83,7874-9-BI, 7873-RE; 5826-9-SU ;930009- BM

Eastern Region 


302273, 308453, 501135/7/41/2/7/8/50-2/5-60/4/871/6/86/8. 5025/34, 5108/9, 7383. 6289 (to Departmental 050).

317349/50 (HE)

Class 487 Cars 81/86 (WC)

7153-1500;5026-5483, 5031-5484, 5053-5485, 5036-5486;6233-6405, 6206-6406, 6216-6407,6228-6408,6210-6409,6220-6410.
6219-6411:7328-1709,7303-1710, 7033-1711, 7044-7300; 61178-977345, 75178-977346, 61180-977347, 75180-977348, 61183-977349, 75183-977350.