No. 54 - Winter 1985


There are several proposed changes to the committee which would be effective from the day of the AGM. These are as follows:
Robin Skinner to step down as Fixtures Secretary but to remain as Chairman.
David and Linda Bladen to step down as Magazine Editor and Sales Officer but remain as ordinary committee members.
Tony Booth to take over as Sales/promotions Officer.
Glyn Gossan to be invited onto the committee to become Magazine Editor.
The other committee positions to remain unchanged. It will be seen from the above changes that the post of fixtures secretary is vacant. The committee Is seeking a volunteer who would be willing to fill the post. At the moment the job entails applying to BR for-works permits, coordinating members applications for visits and liaising with the treasurer regarding payment of monies. However we would also like someone who feels that they could develop the programme of trips and meetings, bringing a fresh approach to the job. Anybody willing should contact Robin Skinner.
These changes are of course subject to the approval of the membership and members are reminded that they may stand for election to any of the committee posts at the AGM and again anyone wishing to do so should contact Robin Skinner.
The committee would also like to remind you that membership renewals are now due and are pleased to announce that the cost for 1986, for both family and single membership, remains the same at 2.50.
Finally, It just remains to thank you all for your help and support In 1985 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Welcome to the Winter edition of Trans Pennine which will be the last with your truly as Editor. As many of you will be aware I am leaving the RAF. (and possibly Doncaster) in July 1986. Spare time between now and then will be at a premium so I have decided reluctantly to hand-over the typewriter (but not the typist!) to somebody else. My successor has not yet been formally chosen but In the meantime contributions can still be sent to me and I will pass them on to the victim (oops sorry,!) new editor.
I'd like to say a big thank you to everybody who has contributed news, articles, etc., over the past two years, It has certainly made the job much easier. I hope you will give your continued support to me successor.
Finally, Linda and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

David Bladen

The Annual General Meeting of the Pennine Railway Society will be held at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland Street. Doncaster on Sunday 12th January 1986commencing at 12 noon. Anyone wishing to submit an item for Inclusion In the agenda should contact Robin Skinner. by 7th January at the latest. Remember the AGM is your chance to have your say about the running of the Society so please be there if you can.


During the month of October, the Pennine's infamous 'unit basher' ventured across to the Netherlands. The expedition leader was a certain Roger Milnes, and the main reason for going was of course to seek out and bash Nederlandse Spoorwegen's eevil fleet of EM2's (1502 Electra was had from Rotterdam to Den Haag).
One cool Monday afternoon saw myself and Mr Milnes travelling (by BR) from South Yorkshire to the famous Essex port of Harwich. An eevil class 114 (a Derby Heavyweight to those of you who are not familiar with the DMU class numbering system) was had from Sheffield to Retford, for a tram to Peterborough and a class 31 to Ipswich, for a class 309 Clacton unit (lettered Essex Express) (what! in Suffolk) to Manningtree, for a Met Cam unit ex. Heaton (it still contained advertising for Tyne & Wear season tickets) to Parkeston Quay.
The outward boat was the Dutch (Stoomvaart Maartshappij Zeeland line) "Prinses Beatrix". This vessel, according to Mr Milnes, is being replaced next year by a new one and this one "The Beatrix!' is to be transferred to France.
Tuesday morning, around 06.15 hours, saw us arrived on Dutch soil, at the Hock van Holland. We passed through formalities relatively speedily and trouble free, enabling us to board one of NS's eevil sprinter MU's, for an all stations journey to Rotterdam. What an eevil system the NS is and what eevil stock it owns! Yellow livery, power operated doors, vandal free seats, brightly lit coaches, fold up seats in vestibule ends, guards shouting station names through public addresses every few minutes, American style level crossings with ringing bells and flashing lights. two-thirds of the network electrified, design of electrification equipment same design and voltage as Woodhead........I could go on and on!
We arrived at Rotterdam Centraal. A "strippenkaart" (day-rover ticket) was obtained and then we entered the eevil Rotterdam metro system. Half the morning was spent either bashing the metro or walking around the streets. Mr Milnes was acting as guide as this was his umpteenth visit to the country. It seems to me that there is little which Roger does not know about the Netherlands! There sure is plenty to see over there.
In the afternoon we finally headed for Amsterdam, direct via Den Haag, after having 1502 and then a "dog-nose&" unit. We had a wander around this eevil city, including the infamous red-light areas (I can now say I have scored a Dutch prostitute for sight but for nothing, repeat nothing else. I don't think 1 could have afforded it anyway!!.
Yet another dog-nosed unit was taken for the journey back through Haarlem and Leiden to Rotterdam, for yet another sprinter for another all stations trip to Hock. We were "gripped" by a young man accompanied by a young woman. On arrival at Hock these two people were seen by both me and Mr Milnes to be holding hands and kissing! Love was blooming between two members of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen staff! I have yet to see BR staff kissing each other on duty.
Well It was bye, bye Holland and time to get on "St. Nicholas!' for the long journey back home to the land of Mrs Thatcher. The duty free shop was duly patronised, my purchase consisting of a big box of Dutch made chocolates for my dear Mum. We arrived safely back in Harwich, back In the land of BR (British Rail or Bloody Rubbish I would say after a dose of NS). Unfortunately due to having an appointment in Doncaster I had to travel the direct route from Harwich Instead of going via London. Roger travelled with me as far as Peterborough where I bailed One of Mr Skinner's machines got me to Doncaster with time in hand for my appointment.
On arrival in Doncaster a Pennine personality was sighted. This was Allison on her way towards North Wales with that eevil monstrosity of a motor bike of hers. A Calder Valley unit produced to transport Alison and bike as far as Leeds. It was time for me to proceed home, thus marking the end of yet another enjoyable trip.

The local transport in Rotterdam is run by RET (Rotterdam Electric Tram) that of Den Haag by HTM (Haag Tram Municipaal) and that of Amsterdam by GVB (Gemeentevervoerbedrijf Amsterdam).

(This article confirms a suspicion long held by your Editor that Dutch is like Welsh - not so much a language more a disease of the throat! DB.

H'O MR PORTER and other funny stories
by Chris Tyas

My first story concerns myself and two other local bashers, Geoff Jacket, or is it Jack Geofet and Steve Maw. It happened at Retford a couple of months ago when we had just arrived on a DMU from Sheffield on the down main platform on the high level platforms. Having about forty minutes to wait for our train we decided to go through the subway to the buffet. There was a young lady struggling through the subway with a very heavy suitcase and Steve was very quick to offer a helping hand, like the true gent that he Is. His offer was accepted and he carried the case through the subway and up the steps to the ticket barrier. He then asked where she wanted to be and her reply was "I want to be on the platform for the Doncaster train" - the platform she had just come from!!
Another member of the local bashing fraternity who never ceases to amaze me, or anyone else come to that, is a YOUNG chap called Paul Micklethwaite. My first ever terrifying experience with Paul came one Sunday when Paul, Chris Nicholson and myself had gone for a few jars in the Trafalgar Bay at York. We had got through about four or five bints when Paul announced at the top of his voice that he liked to go to York on a Sunday night for his dose. We understood what he meant but did the regulars? The bar takings were down for a few weeks following this!!
Now for a few stories from a good friend of mine, Vic, who used to be a fireman at Kings Cross top shed in steam days. He was firing a heavy goods train one day and was slugging away through heavy traffic on the slow road. The driver shouted to take over for a while so he jumped up at the controls thinking the driver wanted to relieve himself. After a while he heard an almighty bang and when he looked behind the driver was stood in the doorway with a shotgun taking pot shots at the rabbits and then jumping down off the loco to collect his game. One of the favourite jobs on a Saturday was the Highbury Vale pilot. They could get all the work done early and then sit on the bunker of the engine and watch the football at Arsenal.
He also fired occasionally for the legendary Bill Hoole and on the first occasion Bill was at the Cross waiting for the tip from the guard, when he turned and said "How many shirts have you got son?" to which Vic replied "Two". Bill just said "You've heard about me then son".
One of the favourite tricks played on young firemen was carried out on Vic one day on a train out of King Cross. He had built up a good head of steam before leaving and on the stiff climb up to Finsbury Park the driver asked what he had got for his breakfast, knowing full well that he had got bacon and eggs. He told him to be ready with the shovel as he was going to shut off after Finsbury Park. He shouted "Right lad!' and Vic shoved his shovel full of bacon and eggs in the fire box. The driver opened the regulator full and Vic's snap took a trip up the blast pipe!
A funny thing happened to me one night when I was working on the permanent way. The supervisor had sent us out to unchain some rail on a wagon when someone noticed a young lady in a bedroom window starting to undress. She had removed her blouse and was just about to remove her bra when some fool switched the floodlight on. End of show!
One of the regular morning rituals carried out on a Friday in many industries is the weekly raffle. One of the lads who used to run the raffle in the shop in the plant where I work, drew the ticket one day and his brother had won the first prize. His prize was a set of cut glass so the lads decided to have a bit of fun. They replaced the cut glass with empty milk bottles and as he was giving his brother the box he stumbled and dropped it and the glass shattered. I am sorry but I cannot print what his brother's comments were!
My next story should be entitled "The ruination of a train spotter". It concerns one certain engine which has eluded me for years and continues to do so. The engine in question is 37191 and at the time this article was written, 7th October, I have been to Scotland five times and travelled on the West Highland line every time and I have not seen the engine once. It is now starting to get very frustrating so I am planning another trip later this month. I get people coming to me all over Britain telling me of the whereabouts of the locomotive. For instance on the 2nd of June someone came to me and said 37191 was on the Scarborough-Glasgow the day before - I was at Reading at the time. Then on the 17th August it decided to work a Millwall to Huddersfield football excursion and I found out on the following afternoon. I would now like to thank all the top gen men who keep giving me information a day late.
If you have enjoyed these stories they were written by me - If you haven't then they were written by Tony Caddick!!


A visit to the Hull and Barnsley Railway centenary exhibition in Hull Town Docks Museum on a rainy day in July 1985 reminded me of the time, a few years ago now, when I set out to track down the remains of this interesting local railway.
The rise and fall of the Hull and Barnsley is described in several railway histories. It had distinctive domeless engines painted dark green, and unlike the rival North Eastern route to Hull, the line had recourse to massive earthworks through the southern end of the Yorkshire Wolds. At the Grouping the Hull and Barnsley became part of the LNER. The major part of the system closed in 1959, but some of It at the western end lasted until 1967, and a short section in Hull is still in use to serve the docks. The Hull and Barnsley was primarily a freight system, but most of it at some time had a passenger service.
The main line of the -Hull and Barnsley ran from Hull to Cudworth, just outside Barnsley. From Wrangbrook, near South Elmsall, two branches went southwards into the coalfield, one terminating at Wath-on-Dearne and the other at Denaby near Mexborough.
I never went to see the remains of the tunnel and the huge chalk cuttings near Hull, but I did spend a fair amount of time exploring the western end of the system. I did not find a great deal apart from stretches of empty trackbed and the remains of some bridges. Some parts of the line had completely disappeared and I found visible remains of the Wath branch particularly scanty.
At Wrangbrook a row of railway houses stood beside the mass of crumbling embankments and cuttings where the Wath and Denaby branches once joined the main line, and from a train on the Midland main line the course of the western extremity of the Hull and Barnsley was still obvious, coming in behind Cudworth North Junction signalbox. The large and handsome station houses were occupied at places such as Carlton and Kirk Smeaton. A collection of signals, mileposts etc., probably from Wrangbrook, used to stand in a field beside the Doncaster to Wakefield main road near North Elmsall, and I photographed them in 1978, but after a few years they were no longer to be seen.
The Hull and Barnsley crossed the River Ouse at Long Drax by means of a large swing bridge. When the line was closed in 1959, this bridge was left in place, permanently open to river traffic, in case the line should ever be reinstated to Drax power station. In fact the line to Drax was put in from the other direction, from a junction with the ex-Lancashire and Yorkshire Wakefield-Goole line, and a well used double track at present runs past Carlton station. In January 1977 I saw the swing bridge being demolished.
In 1977 the southern end of the Denaby branch was still In place connecting with the Doncaster-Sheffield line at Lowfield Junction; Denaby signalbox and its semaphores remained, and a distant signal stood by the rusty overgrown track behind Cadeby colliery. Since then, however, the lines have all been removed and the junction severed. By contrast, the author of a book on South Yorkshire Railways describes the busy scene at a station on the Denaby branch one day In the 1950's: an "8P' from Royston shed (20C) and a "WD' from Springhead (53C) stood with freight trains, representing the typical motive power of the Hull and Barnsley's final years, and a named "B1" from Hull was also in the station with an inspection train. The remains of Sprotborough station on the former Denaby branch, painted In the white and pale blue of the North Eastern Region, were visible a few years ago, and perhaps still are.
The part of the Hull and Barnsley nearest to my home at Gainsborough is the line built jointly with the Great Central, opened in 1916, which ran from a junction near Carlton southwards through Doncaster to Braithwell Junction east of Rotherham, where it met the Midland/Great Central Joint line coming up from Shireoaks in Nottinghamshire. The part of the joint line south of Doncaster was never heavily used, and became derelict in the 1940s although It was not removed until 1970;it is now an official waste disposal site. A single track from Hexthorpe to York Road goods station in Doncaster was still in place in 1977, but has since been removed; the big bridge which once carried the joint line over the River Don still stands, and can be fleetingly glimpsed from the A1(M) Doncaster by-pass.
North of Doncaster, the course of the Hull and Barnsley/Great Central Joint line crosses flat fenland countryside, Its presence revealed by substantial over bridges carrying local roads, a contrast with the level-crossings to be found on the older railways of the area. This part of the Hull and Barnsley never had a passenger service, although three stations were planned and partially built. The station houses, in a distinctive style more modern than most railway architecture, stand In remote locations at Thorpe-in-Balne, Sykehouse and Pollington; the occupier of one of them was distinctly suspicious when he saw my camera, and I had some explaining to do to convince him that I was not a potential burglar!
The hub of the Hull and Barnsley/Great Central Joint line was Bullcroft Junction, near Bentley, where two colliery branches came in and there was a marshalling-yard and an engine shed. On a winter day in 1977
I took a photograph of the expanse of empty trackbed under the large and now quite pointless bridge, and that seemed as good a place as any at which to leave the Hull and Barnsley, described by historians as "a wholly unnecessary railway" because it served no new area but was built to compete with existing lines for the coal traffic between South Yorkshire and the port of Hull; until, that is, I went to see the exhibition in Hull. This shed new light on the Hull and Barnsley, and gave some indication of how the railway satisfied a widely felt need in Hull; the collection of documents, photographs and railwayana complemented my exploration of the derelict system, and brought my interest In the Hull and Barnsley to a suitable conclusion.


Locomotive Reallocations

To Eastern Region
08058/159/485/608, 37098/101. 47270, 56077-079/128/129/135-GD. 08436- BH. 08499BG. 08516- Ky. 08558, 37138- MR.
08582/586- TE. 08662- YC. 08665, 31117/135/180/231, 37007/020/083/106/119, 4.7212/215- IM. 20043/044/054, 37029/032/252, 47096/217, 56065/067/081/090- TI. 37052/054, 47275-278/287/291- SF.

To Midland Region
08243, 20001/004/016/028/0321041/051/052/053/056/057/059/084/099/108 117/136/166/183/209/215/133. 311431144/159/163/171, 47051/060/066/068/069/075/631-  BS  08415- AN.  0692/805- TS. 08721- LO.  20007/021/040/105/106/128/130/210/214- TO. 25034/048/058/095/209/211/276/282/313/322/325, 47011/019/055/111/12-2/188/204/229/281/341/344/543- CD. 25145/205/259/262/269, 31124/54/209, 47098/100/104/110/115/119/129/135 137/150/151/200-203/205/471/4?4/475/
478-481/483/503/538/545/553/571- KD. 31121/240- CW

To Western Region
08361/367, 37222- LE. 08479/486, 37005/017/082/181/246, 56061-CF  08778- GL  08780/897/898- MG.

To Scottish Region
08446/827- TJ. 08581, 37018/030/034/041/125/155/272/300- ML. 20125/126/1271137/148/149/213/217, 27002/010/014/029, 37036/279/288/292/421, 47120- ED.

Locos withdrawn
03119/120/141/144/145/151, 08172/268/338/391/398/403/424/425/431/443/452/455/457/ 464/465/469/471/476/501/522/546. 25044/051/0?8/080/189/231, 45017/019/0?4, 97408. 97801.

Stored Unserviceable
08533- WN  81018- GW

08202- SU. 08556- BY. 08568- ML. 08575/722-GD.  08614/623- DY. 08631- MR.  08685- SF. 25297- CD. 83009- WN

To departmental stock
45017- TO, as training locomotive.

Modified for Gatwick Working

Radio Telephone removed
08481, 26032.

Headlight removed

Twin tanks fitted
27059/063-066/204/206-208, 37421/422/426/427.

Dual Braked
08523/568/631/798, 20077, 26008/032, 31108/125/134/161/306/308, 37501/505/699.

Slow Speed control fitted

Slow Speed control removed

Boiler Isolated
25034/035/042/051/057/058/060/080/224, 26037, 37176/177, 45014/026/046/059/060/063, 47014/140/145/148/186/4,03/4,05/406/411-414/416-418/421-42~/426/428/429/431/435/457/518-521/523/524/526-528/542/544.

Boiler removed
26032, 27042. 31108/113/161/174/199/210/422, 37503/504, 47192/227/228/298/422/517/630/631.

Boiler Reinstated

Fitted with Flexicoil suspension

High phosphorous brake blocks fitted
26008/021/027/028/031/032/034/036/038/039/041/042, 37018/030/034/041/265/272/300.

27103 to 27047, 37297 to 37420, 37267 to 37421, 37266 to 37422, 37296 to 37493, 37279 to 37424, 37292 to 37425, 37299 to 37426, 37005 to 37501, 37082 to 37502, 37017 to 37503, 37039 to 37504, 37028 to 37505, 37246 to 37698, 37253 to 37699. 45017 to ADB968024, 47266 to 47629, 47041 to 47630, 47059 to 47631, 86008 to 86408, 86311 to 86411, 86312 to 86412, 86322 to 86422.

ZL - 03121, 08018, 25049/062/150/182/275/304/312/320, 27019/028, 46006/039.
ZF - 08137/248/274/330/392, 40094/148, 46032.
ZC - 40024.

Dart Valley Railway - 25185
Mid Hants Railway - 27007

37062  British Steel Corby
37066  British Steel Workington
37071  British Steel Skinningrove
37077  British Steel Shelton
37095  British Steel Teesside
37114  Dunrobin Castle
37196  Tre Pol and Pen
47421  The Brontes of Haworth
47508  SS Great Britain
47517  Andrew Carnegie
47567  Red Star
47600  Dewi Sant/Saint David
47602  Glorious Devon
47616  Y Ddraig Goch/The Red Dragon
47603  County of Somerset
47607  Royal Worcester
47609  Fire Fly
47615  Castell Caerfilli/Caerphilly Castle
47620  Windsor Castle
47715  Haymarket
47716  Duke of Edinburgh's Award
73122  County of East Sussex
73125  Stewarts Lane 1860-1985
86417  The Kingsman
86427  The Industrial Society
97403  Ixion
43038  The National Railway Museum. The first ten years 1975-1985.
43091  Edinburgh Military Tattoo
43098  Tyne & Wear Metropolitan County
43131  Sir Felix Pole

New Locos

58031-033- TO.


To Eastern Region:
51247, 54062- CA. 51299, 53364, 54423/29-NC. 53237, 53320. 53599, 53617/33/35-BG.

To Scottish Region:
51249, 51528, 53146, 59542- AY.

To Western Region:
51307/08/22/23, 59474/75/82-CF. 51315130, 55032/33- LA. 51319, 55026, 59550- RG. 55020- BR.

To Midland Region:
51851- ME.  53310/11/22/26, 59117/28- CH. 53674/86, 53700/23/32, 55542, 59564/89, 59107, 59526-NH.55201-203, 55301-303, 55401-403- DY.  55993-95- TS.

51289, 51304, 53360. 53436/45/57/88, 53503/08/09/94, 53661/62, 53710, 541349 54449, 54502, 59256, 59546.

55975/76/85/86 ~ LO.

55203/303/403, 55642/67 (RTC).
55543-49/51/69-71/92-99, 55601/19-21 (NH).
55556, 55606 (LA).
55643-47/68-72 (HT).


53277 to 78714,   53284 to 78964.

Class 127 cars in parcel use

Old No.   New No.    Old No.    New No.

51610     55968        51612       55981
51591     55969        51596       55982
51635     55970        51624       55983
51597     55971        51639       55984
51611     55972        51619       55985
51642     55974        51649       55987
51615     55975        51637       55988
51625     55976        51606       55989
51603     55977        51608       55978
51600     55979        51633       55980


To Eastern Region
302202/206J209/211/216/226/229/233/256/277/284/308 - EM.  302205F210 - CC. 302244/2641267/270/273/274/282/295/309, 308993-995 IL.  317347 - HE.

To Scottish Region
303065/070 - GW.
303087/090 - HY.

To Midland Region
501178/180/183- BD.

To Southern Region
5331/34/49, 5460-63, 6270-79 - SG.  5467. 5801-25. 930001 -SU.
7425, 7761/62 - FR. 7426 - BI. 7763-76,7813/14, 93006, 936021 - WD.  7838-52 -RE. 930002/09 - BM. 930004 - EH. 930008 - GI.

Old No.  New No.  Old No.  New No.
5106      5468        6232      6401
5004      5469        6248      6402
5158      5470        6242      6403
5128      5471        6215      6404
5254      5472
5029      5473        5664     6329
5033      5474        5682
5010      5475
5008      5476        7031      2111
5007      5477        7045      2112
5030      5478
5161      5479        7312      1701
5132      5480        7326      1702
5165      5481        7322      1703
5009      5482        7317      1704
7301      1705

305546 305446    7319      1706
305548 305448    7309      1707
305549 305449    7335      1708
305550 305450

All Class 430s are now class 432s.


5127/88, 302253/26o, 308313/315, 308455.

5901-20 (WD)

6022/23 (WD).

Pennine Quiz No.44 By T Caddick, R. Skinner & D.  Bladen

Once again our annual Christmas Quiz, designed to keep you busy whilst the pubs are shut and the ITV strike hits the box.
The prizes are 1st 10, 2nd 5 and 3rd 3 and entries should reach The Ed. by 15th February 1986. Best of Luck!

1. The village of Stoke Gifford has it's own railway station. What Is it better known as? 
2. How long is Box Tunnel?
3. Give the former number of 97406.
4. Where was the re-naming ceremony of 50007 "Sir Edward Elgar" performed?
5. Which well known racecourse does Esher Station serve?
6. Which was the last Class 50 to operate in conventional all blue livery?
7. Which Deltic loco acted as standby for the "Deltic Scotsman Farewell" railtour on 2nd January 1982? 
8. Which was the first Class 47 to receive the new railfreight livery?
9. Which firm built the prototype Class 151 "Sprinter" DMUs?
10. What name has been bestowed on preserved Class 40, 40106?
11. Where is Ponsandine CS & HST depot?
12. Name B17 Class no.61657.
13. Which Class 50 tried to enter Paddington Station on It's side in 1983?
14. Name A1 Class no. 60159.
15. What is the London terminal of the "Chiltern Line"?
16. What Is unusual about Class 114 DMUs E53045/54004?
17. Which was the first Class 47/7 locomotive to appear in ScotRail livery?
18. What Class no. has been allocated to the 4 "Foster Yeoman" General Motors locomotives? 
19. Name Patriot Class no. 45546.
20. What is the maximum speed of Class 33 locomotives9
21. What Is the name of the 06.35 Inverness/Wick-Thurso service.
22. Name IC125 power car 43155.
23. What is the depot code for Norwich Crown Point?
24. What Is the longest tunnel on the Southern Region?
25. In which year did the Midland Railway acquire the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway? 
26. In which year did Bawtry Station close?
27. Which Pullman was re-introduced by BR on 30th September 1985 as an IC125?
28. Name GWR "Hall" no.4928.
29. What classification was given to Maunsell's heavy 0-8-OTs built for the Southern Railway In 1929? 
30. Where was BR Standard 7MT 70004 exhibited during 1951?
31. What was the former no. of Class 26, 26007?
32. Name the terminus station in Croydon.
33. In which year were Ladies Only compartments abolished on BR?
34. What was the name originally chosen for London Transport's Jubilee Line?
35. The train now known as the Flying Scotsman was Introduced in 1862 under another name. What was this name? 
36. Which was the 7000th locomotive to be built at Crewe?
37. In which year did London Transport acquire It's first ex-BR 57xx class Pannier tank? 
38. What is PACT?
39. Which English Electric type 4 (Class 40) was never given a TOPS number?
40. Name Western Class 52, D1055.


Southern Region
Winter always starts early on the Southern, and from the 7th October 1985 Selhurst de-icer 003 has worked Into Horsham daily from the Dorking line on crew training runs. London Transport weed-killing ballast motors L150/151 (Metro Cammel 1938) were hauled into the Chipman Yard at Horsham on the 14th October by 73120 and are still there. These units were painted yellow In 1984.
In magazine no.53 it was stated that 08202 had been withdrawn however this loco was the Horsham pilot from 23rd September to the 4th October 1985 (this loco has been reinstated at Selhurst see Motive Power Changes, Ed.).
Noted at the Stuarts Lane Open Day m the 22nd September were the following&08837, 09003, 33027, 45143, 47500, 5007/008/010, 58021, 73005/006/102/107/125/ 133/142, 35028 "Clan Line".
Locos noted on the Gatwick-Victoria services on the 12th October Included 73102/114/116/118/121/125/127 whilst on the 21st October the following were noted - 73105/112/114/117/121/125/127. 
A member out and about In the Southern Region on the 22nd November sighted the following:- , Tonbridge 09022, 332iO 2 11, 73140. Hastings 33211. Brighton 09007, 73001/103/117/123. Clapham 09021, 331-0-171-05, 73005/105/110/129. Victoria 33054, 73105/127. 

Western Region
A member on holiday In south and west Wales in late September sighted the following:- Sept. 22nd - 5051 '"Drysllwyn Castle" and 6960 "Raveningham Hall" working steam specials between Swansea and Carmarthen. 47620 on ECS at Swansea, 50008 on the 12.50 SuO Swansea-Fishguard, 08649 Swansea pilot; 03119/120. 08338, 20163/165, 37176 at Landore; 08991/993, 37229, 47293 at Llanelli; 37285 on ballast train and 47102 on up fertilizer train at Ferryside; 37123/2.56 and 47306/369 at Carmarthen. Sept. 23rd - 47501 on the 08.33 Milford Haven-Swansea; 33014 to Carmarthen on the 07.45 Cardiff-Milford Haven, replaced at Carmarthen by 47536; 47612 on the 13.40 Milford Haven-Swansea. Sept. 24th 47549 on the 08.33 Milford Haven-Swansea; 33004 to Carmarthen on the 07.45 Cardiff-Milford Haven replaced at Carmarthen by 33060; 47612 (again!) on the 13.40 Milford Haven-Swansea. Sept. 25th - 37162+37197 on coal train at Caerphilly. Sept. 26th - 33020 at Haverfordwest on 11.43 Milford Haven-Swansea; 37186 and 47233 on oil trains at Haverfordwest. Sept. 27th  47560 on the 10.20 Swansea-Fishguard the 13.05 Fishguard-Paddington; 47597 on the 12,54 Swansea-Fishguard, and 15.10 Fishguard-Swansea.
A member travelling between London and Penzance, and Penzance and Birmingham on the 23rd/24th October sighted the following:- Paddington 08821/936. 31206, 47236/547/515;/599/613/620/622~1627/628, 50005/017/039. Reading - 08944 47565/623, 50029, 56031/048. Westbury 33039/051. Taunton 08840, 97652. Exeter 08954, 31260. 33009/011/039/040/44/054, 4712271317355, 50006/007/017. Plymouth 08839, 47258/361, 50011/015/015/020/027. Penzance 08945  50005/017/020/024/027/033/041/044/046. St. Erth DMU 55033. Par 08801 37196/222 47/512/609, 50011/041  Gloucester 03145, 08778/799/836, 37205/208, 45076/139. 47237.
Swindon Works has been visited several times recently by our members and the following was the situation as at 21st November 1985 -
Inside: 08523//568/588/569/599/610/614/623/662/798/834 /375/850/888/912/934/949/616
Pilots and outside 08410/411/498/523/767/873. 25167/258/326, 27017, 46047. D1015.
DMU's  51512/1500/1084/9415/1416/ 1344/9317/931111942/9093/4496/4494/3501/4245/1380/9507/3322/1338/4472
EMUs 1101/1109/1130/5305/5354/5358/5708/5840
Scrapyard 03382, 08067/068/083/153/303/328/574, 25139/186/319, 27034, 31111, 46017/029/044
North Yard 03152, 08004/008/019/023/026/033/051/078 079/095/103134/142/150/186/187/188/193/195/249304/ 322/329/333/349/351 /352/360/377/403/425/455/457/46/469/471/476/550/387, 25027/069/075/076/084/086/093/104/105/123/ 171 /124/126/130/131/133/134 135/136/138/140/141/144/153/158/161/177/179/180/187/188/193/207/208/219/221/228/234/236/239/248/251/260/270/284/317/327, 40092, 46011/014/047.
08266 left Swindon on a transporter lorry on 21st November. This loco which was formerly shedded at Darnall/Kings Cross/Grimesthorpe /Tinsley/Shirebrook was en-route to the Worth Valley Railway. Would any member having a photo or slide of said loco please contact Tony Caddick.

London Midland Region
Noted on the 5th October were the following:
Derby Works 08463. 20049/022/090/104/108/197/059/077, 25261, 27203, 40075/132/163, 45012/037/045/57/050/034/051/115/133/ 129/122/023/055/106, 43189/183/044/184/055/037/069/036/111/100/040/047/ADB975813.
Derby Station and Stabling Point 08625/880, 20034/073/103/140/156. 31188/309/407/417/414/441/468, 45009 136, 47064/075/447, 97201/403/404.
Toton 0858/858/856/894/705/597/666, 20170/056/159/134/019/188/136/177, 25287 /257/080/185/151/195. 31128/296/286/298, 3706/8128/079, 45074/006/016/064/048/042/010/075/072/038/077/125/063/058/120/116/108//002/112/019. 46023. 47002/317/ 198/098/231. 56083/064/058, 58001/025/003/032/010/027/028/011/0167608/021, ADB96W24 
Loughborough Central Diesel Day -  Running 40106, D9516+D9523, 14021+14045.
On the 22nd October the following locos were sighted at Saltley 20007, 31180,47064/150, 58012.
Birmingham 08805, 31308/424, 45145, 47477 50033, 85035, Rugby 08628/807,-3124,0, 8101-8, 86218/228/245/250, 87029.
Northampton 08704, 31294, 86257. Wolverton 56048, 86261, 87016. Bletchley D3318, 08458/789/806, 25190/303, 31130/138/182, 85003, 86228/249/417. Bedford 45105. Kettering 56083. Leicester 08465/908, 45063. 47119. 56065.
On the 27th of November a member made an overnight trip to Holyhead in search of 08746. This loco surprisingly however, was to be found at Chester. But the long journey was not wasted as the 'Star' sighting en route was 40012 working a ballast train at Llandudno junction on the 28th of November.
Also on the 28th the following were noted - Chester 08746, 25042, 45120/125/141, 47119/321/333/414/468. Llandudno Jcn. 25048/316,47019/198/629. Holyhead 08788/ 843/906, 25034, 47190/454/515.

Eastern Region
Noted at Shirebrook on the 21st September were:08507, 2000/096/111/155, 37130, 56010/019/022/026/030/075/093/096/106/108/112/ 117/123/124/126 and on the 30th September 58oo4/oo6/021/022/029 were stabled there.
Class 86s noted on Liverpool Street-Ipswich workings on the 21st October were:86212/229/239/248 whilst on the 1st November 865 were 212/216/229/233/246 sighted.
A member visiting the north-east on 30th November noted the following:
Darlington 08588 770, 31268/320, 47211. Dinsdale 083346 Thornaby 08161/200/211/225/383/502/504/575/582/777/1828, 31131/196/276//217/281/283/322/323, 37003/006/009/042/065/066/068/0961134/198/241, 47050/105/120/421/423/435, 56076/088/1 61130. Tees Yard 08817/867. Sunderland 08159/802, 37076/121/195. 56030/094/128/131. Blyth Cambois 08170/886,370871102/200, 56078/987/132/133/135. Heaton 08587/671. Gateshead 03063/066YO94 112, 0816k/384/441/578/741, 37040/049/071/101/128/182/190/ 194/206/205. 45003 076/13/141,. 47010/212/306/404/408/410/41/419/425/43/441/472/ 492/527/528/552, 56021/63. Park Lane Freightliner Depot 08618. Low Fell PWD 08254. Tyne Yard 08085/176/544, 31122, 37070//144/199, 47234/247/27/2.
A member around and about In East Anglia on the 1st of November sighted the following:-.
March 08406/412/418/438/493/549/865/889, 25276, 31109/203/231/234/250/410/411, 37086/089/097, 45046/063/106, 47188/325/332. Whitemoor Yard 08713. Chesterton PW Yd. 08638. Cambridge 08528/580/594/705/714/?,16, 31117/158/21 3/268/406 412/427. 7002/568/585/577.  Norwich Crown Point 03084/197/397, 08257/658/775, 31184/405, 47570. Ipswich 08460/869 31146/312/425,  47130/5661581.  Colchester 08498/7081767. Parkeston 08772/865, 31142/278/426, 47310/577. Manningtree 31212.
York is a busy place these days with a lot of MGR trains bringing coal from Co. Durham pits to Yorkshire power stations. Approx. 20 per day run; Gateshead 56s bring them down to York where Tinsley locos take over a loaded set, after depositing an empty one. The change-over's take place in Skelton sidings, where both locos may be seen. Equally busy at nighttimes, the following is a list of sightings seen on an all-night session at Holgate Junction on the evening of 31st October-1st November, between 22.00 and 06.00 by one of our members:
22.10 37014 Down Speedlink
22.13 45150 Up TPO
22.13 56067 Up MGR (loaded)
22.15 47051 Down freightliner
22.22 -56109 Up MGR (loaded)
22.23 47013 Down Speedlink
22.23 HST Down
22.27 37063 Down Speedlink
22.35 DMU Down
22 35 47593 Up TPO
22:37 4741b Up TPO
22.38 DB975007/8 Test train
22.40 47412 Up freightliner
22.40 56090 Down MGR (empty)
22.41 45015 Up Engineers train
22.48 47228 Up Speedlink
22.52 DMU Down
22.55 45106 Down freightliner
22.58 DMU UP
23.04 37130 Up Speedlink
23.10 47491 Down parcels
23.13 47483 Down inter-cit
23.16 56ogo Up MGR (loaded~
23.20 37073 Up ICI tanks (6P85 Tees-Duxford
23.23 47325 Down Speedlink
23.27 DMU Down
23.35 47449 Down sleeper/Nightrider
23.37 HST Down terminating)
23.49 31255 Down parcels
23.51 HST up ECS
00.00 47289 Up freightliner (4E15 Edinb.KX)
00.00 47314/20086 Down light engines
00.05 DMU Down (Class 141)
00.16 31134 (Railfreight livery) Down steel bogies
00.33 47456 Up parcels. set back Into station?
00.38 47274 Down freightliner (4S85 KX-Dundee)
00.43 47445 Up sleeper
00.46 47033 Up light engine
00.53 47349 Down Speedlink
00.56 37045/37135 UP steel (6M29 Lackenby-Corby)
01.01 31196 Up light engine
01.14 37009 Down company car train (Ford)
01.15 M53902/M59000/M59593 Down DMU (Staff train)
01.18 47600 Up light engine (set back into station)
01.22 47007 Down freightliner (4S80 Felixstowe-Coatbridge)
01.26 47361 Up Speedlink (6ES0 Paisley-Whitemoor)
01.31 47575 Down sleeper/Nightrider
01.3647600 Up parcels
02.00 31117 Up light engine
02 04 45104 Down parcels/passenger
02:07 37103 Down Speedlink
02.10 DMU Up (Staff train) see 01.15
02.12 20082/200?? Up light engines
02.14 47236 Up bogie tanks (6b134 Tees-Folly Lane)
02.23 47423 Down parcels
02 25 47091 Down parcels
02:28 45144 Down TPO
02.32 31117 Down steel
02.35 DMU Up 11 car ECS (set back into station)
02.40 20172/20058 Down steel (6N57 Scunthorpe-Tees)
02,42 56020 Down MGR (empty)
02.45 37008 Up Speedlink
02 50 56121 Down MGR (empty)
02:52 47561 Down TPO
02.54 47100 Down parcels
03.04 31462/31255 UP ECS
03.08 47415 Down sleeper
03.17 HST Down
03 21 45134 Up freightliner(4M65 Coatbridge-Nottingham)
03:22 56020 Up MGR loaded)
03.28 37066/37062 Up steel bogies
03.30 47294 Up freightliner (4E95 Coatbridge-Felixstowe)
03.31 47002. Down light engine
03.33 37058 Down light engine
03.38 37122 Up ICI tanks
03.38 HST UP
03 43 56121 Up MGR
03:52 37058 Up light engine
03.55 47378 (Railfreight livery) Up bogie tanks
03.57 47413 Up sleeper
04.00 47002 Up light engine
04.02 31227/31454 Up parcels
04.10 37058 Down light engine
04.17 47429 Down sleeper
04.18 20086/56072 Up light engines
04.20 47137 Down company car train (BL)
04.23 37012 Up light engine
04.24 56023 Down MGR (empty)
04.26 47009 Down freightliner (4E71 Trafford Park-Newcastle)
04.36 47002 Down Speedlink (6N90 Parkeston Quay-Tyne Yard)
04.38 47129 Down light engine
04.47 20044/20054 Down light engines
04.57 31134 Up light engine
05.07 56023 Up MGR (loaded)
05.10 47102 Down Speedlink
05.14 31134 Down coke 38xHTY (empty)
05.18 31238 Down steel 1OxSPA
05.19 31271 Down light engine
05.25 47483 Up sleeper ,
05.28 56090 Down MGR empty
05.31 56111 Down MGR {empty~
05.33 47051 Up freightliner
05.4.0 20082/200?? Up light engine 
05.43 31227 Up ECS
05.45 DMU UP
05.50 47561 Up sleeper
05.53 20044/20054 Up coke 3OxHTY
05.58 HST Down ECS
06.00 56090 Up MGR (loaded)

The following unusual sightings have recently been made by a member In Hull:
3rd December 45076
6th December 45036
7th December 37211/209, 31453/454, 37043 "Loch Lomond (ED).

THANKS to Messrs. Bolland, Wesley, Dewing, Shenton, Needham, Caddick, Brackenbury, Slater, Bateman, Corroy, Sanderson, Gosling, Wright, Collins, 40129.

Pennine Quiz No.43

There were nine entries to the last quiz competition and two members tied for first place with 25 points, two members tied for 2nd place with 24 points. The prize money will therefore be shared. The answers were as follows:

1. Gateshead 2. Bushbury  3. Tebay 4. Birmingham 5. Retford 6. Stratford 7. Wrexham 8. Kings Cross 9. Bromsgrove 10. Thornaby 11. St. Rollox 12. Bradford 13. Wolverhampton Stafford Road 14. Bricklayers Arms 15. Kilmarnock 16. Bath Green Park or Templecombe or Stewarts Lane or Ashford or Brighton or Tunbridge Wells West 17. Nine Elms 18. Portsmouth 19. Canklow 20. Millhouses 21. Radyr 22. Between Leeds and Wakefield 23. Port Talbot 24. Copley Hill 2 5. Danygraig g.

The prize winners are -  1st. Mr E J Wright and Mr K R Shipley   2nd. Mr N Bolland and Mr J R Dewing