No.52 - Summer 1985


Well, Summer is upon us again and it's the Open Day season and so far this year we have arranged stalls at Coalville and Sandtoft, so come along and support us. We would like to remind members that any items they may have that are suitable for sale on these stalls, such as back issues of the popular railway magazines, old timetables, maps, photographs and slides, should be handed to any committee member. Agreement regarding more valuable items which can be sold on your behalf can be reached on application to either Linda Bladen (Promotions) or John Sanderson (The Treasurer).

Sadly we would like to thank Mike Bloomer for the valuable work he has done for the Pennine in recent years, by printing Trans Pennine, designing our stylish notepaper and booking forms. Mike decided in January to relinquish these duties and for the time being John Sanderson has become responsible for printing Trans Pennine. Mike Bloomer did an excellent job for the Pennine Railway Society, sometimes in difficult circumstances - illness etc., and the committee would like to place their thanks on record.

Robin Skinner - Chairman.


Welcome to the Summer edition of Trans Pennine. In the past I have been known to write about the lack of support for the magazine. However in this issue you will find five sides of Observer's Notes (a record?) and I would like to say thank you to all who have taken the trouble to write or phone with sightings. I imagine that during the coming summer months (or knowing our climate, summer days) many of you will be out and about and your reports will be most welcome - if you could come up with an article or even a quiz so much the better. Oh! And as you travel the rails between Penzance and Thurso don't forget your cameras - the great Pennine Slide Contest will be on the 1st October 1985 and there is always the chance to exhibit your talents (photographic or otherwise!) at one of our regular monthly meetings.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that the Society has been requested to stage another photographic exhibition in Doncaster Central Library in September and if anyone wishes to lend photographs or maps etc. will they please contact Tony Booth or myself.

Finally it just remains for me to add my thanks to Mike Bloomer for the work he has put into Trans Pennine. His professional skills will be sadly missed. Thanks Mike.

David Bladen


Eastern Region
08172 - BH; o8249/304 - LN; 08272, 20064/066/069/083/086/111/115/116/118/119/139/20146/150/153/155/162/164/165/16?/174, 37130, 47275/276/287, 56080 - TI; 08369 - YK; 08434 - SB; 08580 - CA; 08590/794 - NL; 08827/828 - TE; 31147, 37160 - SF; 3116o/185/216/321/466-468, 470-54/060/061/221 - IM; 301404-4,07 - MR; 47431/440 - CD;

Midland Region
08284 - SP; 08451/494 - WN; 08687 -DY;08702,  20004/005/008/010/013/019/020/022/20023/026/055/057/059/078/394/101/103/108/117/120 129/1y133 31125/270, 45006/45013/014/022/026/048/063 - TO;  08784/921, 47315/320/334/335/343/359/364/,369 - CD; 31116/222/299 - CW; 31317 - LO; 47465 - BS;

Scottish Region
08402, 20063/067/100/102/179/184/191/192/193/198/199/216/226/227, 37192/266/267/37269-273/276/277/288/289/291/296/297/299-302 - ED; 08433/443/515 - TJ; 08571,20211-213/217/219, 26008/024/036, 27023 - HA; 08727 - AY; 08791 - AB; 20122/145, 37148/290/279/281/287, 26031/037 - IS;

Western Region
37120/123/126/149/150/171/172/179/185/253 - CF; 37124/147/196/237 - LA; 47268 - OC; 56057 - BR;

08022/033/102/186/211/266/382/383/386, 13001/003, 25154/182/218/234/235 251/298, 25306/311/326/, 26013/019/030/033, 27007/022, 40012/013/044/060/079/086/104/118/135/143/150/152/155/181/192/194, 45054/057/064/065/075/147, 83009, TS1.

Stored Unserviceable
08408(CW); 08412(MR); 08465/623(DY); 08568(M1,); o8569/601(KD); 08575/721(ED); 08599(L0); 08610(T0); 08667(BY); 08701(CD); 08790/807(TS);

08408(CW); 08415(TS); 08454(WN); 08562(DR); 08692(AN); 08699(CD); 08711(MR); 20090/104/215(T0);

Dual Braked
08415/454/562/580/581/607/692/699/711/794, 20090/104/169/187/215, 25089/173, 26010/026/031, 31299, 37003/058/062.

Slow Speed Control Fitted

Delete Slow Speed Control

No Boiler

Boiler Fitted

Boiler Removed
26008/031/035, 31202/466-468.

Boiler Reinstated

Boiler Isolated
31106/126/127/168/175/176/186/229/255/259/261/263/268/327, 37036/050/052/081/086/ 37110/115/180/184, 470117159/223/404/410/415, 97403.

High Phosphorus Brake Blocks Fitted

Fitted for Gatwick Workings

Twin Tanks Fitted3

Headlight Fitted

ETH Fitted

New Locos

27211 to 27065  31115 to 31466   31216 to 31467   31321 to 31468  37289 to 37408  37270 to 37409  37273 to 37410  37290 to 37411 37301 to 37412  37276 to 37413   37287 to 37414   37277 to 37415  86313 to 86413  86327 to 86427  86329 to 86429  86033 to 86433

ZF-08062/083/094/100/256, 40009 79/085/086/192/194/196, 46026,/037. ZL-08192/240/281, 25056/090/097//0152/250, 46004/015/050.
ZC-20017, 40065/131, 81016. 85027/033.

08064, 82001, 84004/005.

37191 'National Youth Year 1985'
47578 'The Royal Society of Edinburgh'
86226 'Royal Mail Midlands'
43105 'Hartlepool' 
43122 'South Yorkshire Metropolitan County'
43125 'Merchant Venturer'
43126 'City of Bristol'


Midland Region
51919, 54503 - CH; 52045 - LO; 54200 - NH; 59535 - TS;

Eastern Region
51279 - LN; 51435, 54362 - CA; 53188, 53256 - HT; 53257 - NL;

Southern Region 
1106/12 - EH; 

Western Region
59282 - RG; 59551 - LA; 59561 - CF; 

Scottish Region
59560 - AY; 

51093/258/448/850/929, 53154/232/424/426/434/485/663/734, 54140/450, 59186/247/ 59272/333/538/718/787/788.

Stored Serviceable

Stored Unserviceable

59256/58/81 - DY;

53272 to 78713 53289 to 78963


Eastern Region

302215/219/220, 308453-455 - CC; 302203/209/211/242/247/308/312 IL; 302208/223/235/237/278/288/309, 308152-165 - EM;

Midland Region
303036/041/048-050/053/057/060/066/067/082, 304031-036 - LG; 508005/006/025/026/028/029/037/038 - BD;

Scottish Region
3030M - GW;

Southern Region
5113. 5320 - SG;

304018/022/025/038 044, 308316, 28376-79/82/85/87/91/93, 29134/39/44/48/52/53, 29822-24/26/27/35Y39/44/46.

2868O(BD); 28690(BD)(S); 29Z79(BD); 29829(BD)(S); 2971O(BD); 29720(BD)(s); 311109(GW);

Class455 Trailers
Unit   Trailer     Unit   Trailer
5722  71533     5724 71561
5731  71555     5732 71552
5734  71531     5735 71563
5737  71544     5738 71529
5743 71538

The Crewe Remodelling - The Whistlers Strike Back!!
by 40129

Since news first leaked that B.R. was looking for additional power to assist with the Crewe Remodelling Project, rumour has abounded as to how many Class 40's would return from the grave, to play a part in reshaping what could be considered their homeland for virtually their entire 25 year history. Would it be 6 engines? Some said 10, even 15. How many of these beasts were still left with wheels on and what would be their duties.
So it was, that the week before the power went off, the last time that one could reach Crewe without the aid of a Crosville diesel!, I decided to find out for myself what was really happening; after all it had been said that a National Daily was on to the story and we didn't really want to read about the reinstatement of Baby Deltics, did we?
As one approaches from the Manchester line the first thing that becomes apparent is the mountains of ballast adjacent to the sidings on the left. Nearer to the station on waste ground, are track sections, projects offices and materials yards. This would appear to be the main base for the station area.
From the north end of platform 4 one is afforded a reasonable view of these sidings which have a diesel pilot ferrying materials down platform 8 to the gangs at the north end. The sight of a Class 40 on v this duty, idling for great lengths of time then propelling a couple of wagons is both entertaining and perplexing. However on to the stars of the show! It would appear that the final number of 40's returned to traffic is to be 4. These have been renumbered in the 974xx series as follows:
97405(40060) Unique on any stage, originally a disc 40, then rebuilt with central head,~-code, yet given the hand-rail and lamp brackets embellishments of her later sisters 40145-199 (all the other conversions had much plainer nose-ends). Still sports her old no.260 at one end, her paintwork sparkling.
97406(40135) One of only 4 split-box survivors, she escaped the torch at Doncaster by the thickness of her tyres.
97407(40012) Straight off Crewe shed where she has lain since February her red painted name still intact.
97408(40118) An RSH veteran, she too has had both nose-ends repainted, including the white discs, her axle-box covers are yellow.
Below are my observations of traffic movements during the week which may give members an insight into their proposed use. The duties were not overtaxing but then work was still to begin in earnest.
Tuesday 28th May
97405 - Arrived north end sidings small freight, departed small freight.
97407 - Headed down Chester line on freight, returned on further southbound freight.
97408 - North end sidings pilot.
Wednesday 29th May
97407 - Drain cleaning train 'Independent Lines'.
97408 - Light engine Crewe depot.
Thursday 30th May
97405 - Drain cleaning train.
97407 - L/D Northwich southbound ballast.
Friday 31st May
97407 - North end sidings pilot.
97408 - Freight to Chester, returned L/D.
Note 97406 remained on CD all week.
On the Saturday, I visited Crewe works in the hope that further examples ,,.,would be receiving final attention before ' the main work began. This was not to be. The engines that had whistled into oblivion in January and had been earmarked for salvation, still languished in a leafy glade at the south end of the works, victims of vandalism. All other Forties were congregated at Eagle Bridge with only one destination - the dismantling shop.
One inevitable looks beyond July. Will the fact that the survivors are now seemingly under CCE control improve their chances of avoiding a fate of flame? At £25,000 apiece they'd be a bargain for any railway and a good return for B.R. who have collected on them times over. After all enthusiasts are still paying two and three times that amount restoring Barry wrecks (Jinties excepted!).

Following on from the last magazine, as promised here is a selection of installations open to visits in Scottish and London Midland regions and also BREL:
Scottish Region:
The maximum number for parties on the Scottish region is 20.
Inverness - Every day during daylight hours, except 15.00 Sat. to 10.00 Sun.
Aberdeen Ferryhill -  Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00 Saturday 09.00-15.00 Sunday 10.00-16.00
Haymarket - Saturday and Sunday only. 09.00-15.00.
Craigentinny (HST)  - Saturday and Sunday only. 09.00-15.00.
Millerhill- Saturday and Sunday only. 09.00-15.00.
Shields - Monday-Friday 15.00-21.00, Saturday and Sunday 10.00-15.00.
Polmadie - Monday-Friday 15.00-21.00, Saturday and Sunday 10.00-15.00.
Motherwell - Monday-Friday 15.00-21.00, Saturday and Sunday 10.00-15.00.
Eastfield  - Saturday and Sunday only 09.00-15.00
Grangemouth  - Monday-Friday 10.00-15.00
Hyndland - Monday-Friday 10.00-15.00
Ayr - Monday-Saturday 09.00-15.30, Sunday 09.00-14.00.
Corkerhill -  Sunday 09.00-14.00.
Visits are not allowed to other depots, stabling points on Scottish Region.

London Midland Region
Wigan - 10.00-16.00 daily, 10-20 people.
Longsight -  10.00-16.00 Thursday, Saturday and Sunday excepted. 10-20 people.
Crewe -  Visits not generally accepted. Professional bodies on application to A.M.E.E. Crewe.
Chester - Visits not generally accepted. Professional bodies on application to A.M.E.E. Crewe.
Saltley - No visits
Cricklewood - No visits
Tyseley - No visits
Marylebone- No visits.
Derby - No visits
Willesden - No visits
Toton Saturdays only 10.00-13.00 on the hour only. 10-20 people

Doncaster - Sundays only 10.00-16.00. 5 groups with a max. 25 per party.
Crewe - Mon.Wed.Thurs. 14.00, Sat. 10.30, Sun. 12.30 and 14.30.
Derby Loco. - Works Saturday only 09.00-14.30. Minimum 10 people.
Derby Litchurch Lane - Mon.-Wed. 10.00-12.00, 13.30-15.30. Thursdays only 10.00-12.00
Eastleigh - Saturdays only10.00-15.00. Maximum of 40 people.
Swindon -  Mon. Tues. Wed. 10.45 and 14.15, Thurs. 14.15, Fri. 10.45. Max.20 people.
Wolverton - On application - not very keen!
Glasgow - Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.30 and 12.00 Max. 12, Saturday and Sunday 10.30 and 14.00 Max.10
York - Mondays to Fridays. only on application.
The Pennine Railway Society must stress that in providing this information it asks all members and readers to only visit depots by prior arrangements. VISITS ARE NOT ALLOWED UNLESS APPLICATIONS FOR THE NECESSARY PERMITS HAVE BEEN MADE AND THE PERMITS ISSUED. Further information can be obtained from Robin Skinner or the BR region concerned.


 Your official observers boarded the extended DMU at Hykeham. only a few minutes late,(53706,59059,53648 & 54013,53002), and had a speedy journey into Lincoln Marks.
The train was very well patronised and carried a headboard from the "Lincoln Railway" Society. Departure to the depot was delayed until the crowd could be cleared from in front of the train.
At the line diversion site, work soon started on slewing the line over.
Just after 23.00 Central crossing opened and eventually 47158 "Henry Ford" came into Central with the terminating G.M.R.S. Charter 12 coach train.
SUNDAY 12 May.
GEC visited the line diversion site at 09.00 and observed that the down line was through, but there was still a gap in the up line. Three p.w. trains stood ready31464 on the Midland down line, opposite31275 on the up, whilst 31134 was on the up line on the new section.
The 12.15 Lincoln- Newark Northgate - FIVE(!) coaches left on time, but came to a stand before West Holmes. We were informed that we were to be "Conductored" through the new section, as it would appear that the line was still in possession. At 12.30 we re-started, grinding a bit on the now lowered Boultham Curve, noticing the single line going off to Pyewipe Junction from Boultham Junction, onto the completely new line, stopping on the Midland line to drop off the conductors. We had a red signal at both Boultham Ballast and Holmes level crossings and a green flag to wave us on our way. Arrival at Northgate was 19 minutes late, but the HST for London was waiting.
Noted at Newark were 47186 stabled and 31206 passing with a p.w. train.
The first over the new line, and last on the old timetable Sunday up HST Cleethorpes to KX. was due out of Lincoln at 14.08. Your observers decided to see this travelling over the new circuit, and on the way noticed a red flay stretched across the midland up line with a track machine on the same line by the new section time 14.00. This machine had failed and was immobile, so single line working had to be put into operation. 28 minutes late 43157 "Y.E.Post" appeared trailed by 43100 "Craigentinny" wrong line.
In the new timetable, this train is routed via Scunthorpe.
Other News: Steel coil trains appear to be the duty of Class 20s now, and on 14 May 20136/159 were observed on the Boultham Curve.
On 22 May 47361 Wilton Endeavour headed empty oil tanks through Lincoln, and on 23 May 37072 hauled a train of concrete culvert sections through Lincoln towards Sleaford.
The citizens of Lincoln are pleased to be rid of St. Marks Level Crossing, but are now getting used to the increased use of Central Crossing!!
In the early hours of 28 May, a freight train derailed at Saxilby Sykes Junction due to a landslip. Rail traffic- between Lincoln and Gainsborough was halted until about 18.00hours that evening. 31173 and 31327 were observed in attendance at the junction.

R.D. & G.E.C.


Eastern Region
"'We're getting there"??!! A pair of Pennine punters had good reason to rue the above well known slogan on Thursday 30/5/85, when the 20.35 Sheffield-Doncaster DMU took 3 hours to cover the 111 miles from Sheffield to Mexborough. Due to problems at the now infamous Aldwarke Junction, the DMU stood for 2.1/2 hours at Signal S211 - directly opposite Blackburn Meadows Sewage Works. Problems were also encountered on the following Friday and Monday afternoon when trains were diverted via the ex G.C. Rotherham Central line.
On the 6th March 47521 was seen hauling the 8.30am train from Hull to York in place of the usual Class 31. 45052 was a rare visitor to Hull Paragon on 24th March. It hauled empty stock from Leeds to form a Rugby League Special to Leeds from Hull for the semi-final Hull K.R. v Wigan. The Special was then hauled by an unknown Class 31.
Yet another crash on an unmarked crossing - this time at Beverley Parks crossing on 27th March. The 8.16am from Beverley to Hull hit a
car causing no damage to the DMU but the car driver suffered slight injuries.There were delays for about an hour and 20009+2008,5 hauled the breakdown crane to clear the track - the first Class 20 locos on this line for some time.
There was some more disruption on 27th March when 08248 was derailed at Botanic Gardens.
On 30th March 31445+31417 hauled the 7.38am train to Carlisle returning on the 16.35. to Hull. Class 3l's are apparently double-headed on Saturdays as more coaches are added to the train. On 1st April 45103 hauled the 13.22 Hull to Brighton which is usually hauled by a Class 31 and similarly 47123 was an unusual loco on the 19.07 Hull to Doncaster on 2nd April. 46229 "Duchess of Hamilton" made a first visit to Beverley on 9th April taking a water stop whilst hauling the Yorkshire Coast Express from York to York via Selby, Beverley and Scarborough. On the same day 37102 was the unusual power on an additional from Newcastle to London KX., and also noted were the following: York 08605/707/657/337/771/369/064/224, 0307 089, 20007/009/083/053, 31467/458/449/326, 37113/105 184/024/173,  45107/146/119/149/049, 47474/416/523/445, 56121/130. Darlington 08354/502, 37004/008. Newcastle 03066/078, 37004/028,
47304/308/363f3T575-03. Gateshead Depot 03063, 08370/214/255/274, 31460/462/173/223, 37069/005, 47363/339/415/405/231/014/404/593 ED "Galloway Princess".
On Botanic Gardens on the same day were noted _ 47221/252/367. On 10th April 47096 hauled a Rugby League Special from Hull to Leeds for the semi-final replay. 47615 "Caerphilly Castle" was the star attraction on the Rugby League Cup excursions to Wembley on 2nd-4th May. 7 specials left on the Saturday morning but the locos were unknown. 47103 hauled a football excursion from York to Hull on 6th May and on the 7th May 47602 was noted on the 13.22 Hull-Brighton.
On 23rd. May the 09.23 Newcastle-Penzance was hauled to Doncaster by 47555 "The Commonwealth Spirit and on from Doncaster by 50026 "Indomitable".
On the 24th March was the Milk Cup Final at Wembley between Norwich and Sunderland and specials returning to Sunderland were hauled by ~ 45110,47016, 45142,47227,47438,40122,47113,47626 and 47350. On the 9th April Sheffield Wed. v Manchester Utd. - Special from Manchester Victoria to Wadsley Bridge was hauled by 47210.
On 31st March the following were noted at Bounds Green - 08222/237/750, 31468 and 47550.
On May 3rd an observer in the Lincoln area noted 31434, 37013/020, 47275 In Holmes Yard, 31445 light engine at Fast Holmes and 31435/54 stabled in Lincoln Central Station. On May 7th 31134/173/428 were spotted in Holmes Yard, 47362 light engine at East Holmes and 31448 stabled in Lincoln Central Station.
At Barrow Hill on May 11th were! 20201/214 and 47278/375. At Shirebrook on the same day were - 08434, 56011/021/022/025/027/028/030/096/100/119/125/127/128/135. On May 13th 37093 and 37109 were noted on ballast trains in Holmes Yard and 31453 and 31463 were stabled in Lincoln Central Station.
On the first day of the new timetable, 13th May, the following workings were noted:-
47401 14.10 Cambridge-Blackpool
31421 16.08 Lincoln-Sheffield
47408 13.55 Cardiff-Hull
47593 18.0l Sheffield-Leeds portion
31430 18.20 Leeds-Cambridge.
At Doncaster on the same day 37036 was seen towing 40148/187/094/087 to the works from Healey Mills. On the 24th May 47224 was noted hauling 50040 "Leviathan" thro' Mexborough on a Severn Tunnel Junc.~ Doncaster freight. The 18.01 York-Birmingham relief was hauled by the following- 37103 on 24/5, 47275 on 27/5, 45066 on 28/5, 47091 on 29/5, 47110 on 30/5 and 20009/167 on 31/5/85.
On Friday/Saturday 17/18th May a member noted the following:- Doncaster 08734, 31134/146/423 47245/419, 40135, 50039/043.
Peterborough 08258/412/427, 31i86/418/405/459,47287/356.
Norwich 03158/197, 08228/257/775, 31162/185/410, 47542.
Ipswich 03179 399, 08708, 31127/152 (New Livery)31305, 37089/094/141, 47116/458/568/596 , 86244//246.
Colchester 08659/661/956, 31199 (N.L.)/411, 37001/097/105, 47199, 86222.
Ilford 08689, 47115.
Liverpool St. 08527, 47569/576/581/587, 86227 (N.L.).
On May 20th in the Lincoln area 47292 was noted on a westbound freight at Sykes Junction, 08249 in Holmes Yard and 37047 on a ballast train in Holmes Yard.
Noted at York on 27th May were -47522 on York-Portsmouth and on the depot -
08691/064/605/5410/210/244/657/707, 03089/073, 20009/004/103/1670 31465/464/468, 45115, 47622/275, 43096 "The Queens Own Hussars". Additionals from York were - 45017 to Plymouth, 47275 to Derby and 37079 to Birmingham.
During March and April shunters at Holmes Yard, Lincoln were 08102/242/304. 08060 was stored in Holmes Yard during March. On March 15th 31168 passed through Lincoln Central towing 08272, 03399 and 08767. At Knottingley on April 28th 56077 was noted on a coal train, 08056/243/309, 56003/078/117/120/12t~'Blue Circle Cement were on shed. On April 29th 37013 was seen on a ballast train, 31164/196/232/433 were in Holmes Yard. 31186 and 31444 were stabled in Lincoln Central Station and 47301 was noted passing Gainsborough Lea Road with a southbound freight. On March 9th 37083 passed Edale with freight and 31257/444/447 were seen on passenger trains. On March 10th 47449 was seen at Hatton with a down express.

Scottish Region
One of our members noted the following on a trip to Scotland on 9/10th April Edinburgh 08570/881, 27054 47018/713. Haymarket 08710/718, 2022~ 26019/002, 27023, 47040/017/711/413/588/703, 4o162. Eastfield 20228, 27207/059: 37267/051/300/017, 47470/578. 97250. Glasgow Queen St.08938, 37192, 47305/469/708. Ayr 08735/591, 20191/125/216/179, 25231, 26o14, 2?oo4, 37009. Motherwell 08575, 20192, 25181, 27026/001, 37107/042, 47361/470.
Another member on a Scottish trip noted the following - 7/10th May 47018/120/209/213/269 on Inverness-Aberdeen services. 26040+26032, 37035/183/260/262/264 on Kyle and Far North services. Inverness Depot and station - 08621/717/754, 26021/024/032/038/039, 27021/041/045/ 049/050/0521053, 37111/279/281. 47336/442/461/586/604/614.
Dundee - 26021/027/036/046. Haymarket - 20206/20222, 26019/023, 27010/023/033, 37245, 47014.
On 11th May a severe lack of Type 2's was experienced by two Pennine members
47418 07.26 Coventry-Edinburgh portion
47714 13.00 Edinburgh-Glasgow 15.00 Edinburgh-Glasgow
47117 11.28 Dundee-Edinburgh
47040 13.18 Edinburgh-Dundee
37018 Hibs v Rangers Footex
47009 12.28 Dundee-Edinburgh
47406 14.18 Edinburgh-Dundee
47016 13.28 Dundee-Edinburgh
47715 15.10 Edinburgh-Carstairs portion
Noted at Carstairs - 20124/144/145, 27003, 37137.
Another member was in the same area on 17th/18th May and noted Carstairs 20044, 27040, 37173, 47117/539, 85o16. Haymarket 08718, 20218, 25303, 26o03/019, 27023, 37191/245. Eastfield37037/106, 47108. Glasgow Queen St. 47595/714, 37192. Glasgow Central 20187, 37004, 47442/520/607, 85001/015, 86001/252(N.L.)/260/417, 7028. Motherwell 08312/430, 20039/102/122/171, 26038, 3X37/156, 47420. 86433 passing In new livery. Polmadie 08952, 20148/156, 25046, 26045, 37226, 47137/503, 86001/312/324/417.

Southern Region
The following locos were noted on 9/10th April -
Ashford 08811/847, 09023/008. Dover 09011/022, 33058/044, 73128. Faversham. 73119/134. Gillingh73116/125/130/140. Stewarts Lane 33049, 73111/122/135. Clapham 09004, 33112/002/201,50020, 73139/121/107/105/102/133.
On 17/18th April the same member noted Stewarts Lane 73006/114/123/139. Clapham 09012 ' 33107/111, 73102"Airtours Suisse" 73112/113/116/118/130/133/142.

Western Region
Noted on 31st March were Old Oak Common 08634/821/936/946/947, 50014/022/025/032/036. Noted on 17/18th May Paddington 31404, 33008/208, 47418/549/567/603/619/621, 50001/025/032/049. Southall 0b486, 47115/141/627 "City of Oxford&', 56ool, 56o65. Reading 08850/. 816, 47594. Didcot 08640/ 03. Swindon 080,60/121/123/410/4~87/523/665, 25182, 46039. 47625, 56038. Bristol 08756/942/950, 31298, 33003/010, 25205, 37127, 45046/069/131, 47372/430/459. Bromsgrove 37219/241, 47195.

London Midland Region
In recognition of their fans good behaviour over the past season, Sheffield Wednesday Football Club were granted the use of an HST. set for their 'Bootex' to Finsbury Park for the game against Arsenal on 27th April - 43196/44085/42230/ 42225/42215/40349/41155/41156/43113.
On 31st March the following were noted -
Willesden 86007/207/223 and in new livery 86242/226/87009/018, 08494/825.
Bletchley 08011/160.
Coalville 08293, 20001/016, 56025/060/070/058010/016/022.
Marylebone  51899/655/861/657 656/900/67 886/857/888/663/885/668, 59763/657/661/664/730/678/665/671/660/656Y746/745/73?Y654, 08422.
Aylesbury 51879/870/897/866/863/866/863/680/670/880/871/652/676/896/653 664 890/ 875/665/889/869/883~865/867/874/673, 59758/727/761/663/749/655/756/737Y734~676/ 673/651/652/7L~8/723/750/744/753/658/672/677/726/659/754. and on the 9/10th April Preston 08744, 25191, 47228/453/535/079/453/131/447/189, 81011, 86007/242. Carlisle 08447/844, 25194/284, 27014/029, 47434/016/563/012/150/200, 81019, 86003/321.Willesdon 08683/904/926, 25190/034, 31162, 73114/104, 83012, 85040, 86007/227. Euston 08573/609, 81014/022, 85001, 86413/232/252/241, 87010/013/015. Leicester 08677, 20020/085. Derby 08625, 20058/087, 47508, 56043.
One of our members noted on the 1st May at 18.59 at Chesterfield, 45026+QB657+ guards van travelling south on the goods line (ex-old road). On the 4th May two 'Footex' specials ran from Liverpool-Wadsley Bridge via Diggle for the Sheffield Wednesday v Everton game - 47604 and 9 vehicles arrived at Sheffield Victoria at 13.34 and 45121 plus 10 vehicles at 14.01. On 6th May 25201+25245 with 7 vehicles were spotted at Chesterfield on the Nottingham-Barrow. On the 3rd May an enthusiasts special to Wick was seen at Chesterfield being hauled by D200 (40122) at 23.45 and it passed again on the return journey at 18.25 on 6th May. Also at Chesterfield on the 6th May 47414 hauled a Chesterfield-Peterborough Footex via Dronfield, Chesterfield, Sheffield Nunnery to Retford.
On Saturday 4th May a member noted the following Settle-Carlisle diversions -
0720 Glasgow-Birmingham 47420
0946 Carlisle-Euston 47444 "University of Nottingham'
0910 Glasgow-Euston Royal Scot) 47305
0950 Glasgow-Birmingham 47308
1040(?) Carlisle-Leeds 37095
Parcels 47064
0730 Aberdeen-Birmingham 47535 "University of Leicester"
1110 Glasgow-Euston 47200
1120 Glasgow-Parkeston Quay( European) 47060.
The European took the Leeds line at Hellifield. 51901/52059/54501/53944 DMUs formed a connecting service to Manchester. 25313 and 25316 were noted at Blea Moor. later 25316 ran light to Hellifield to assist 47503 with a northbound parcels.
0805 Birmingham-Edinburgh/Glasgow 47060
0745 Euston-Glasgow 47561
0727 Nottingham-Glasgow/Edinburgh 47555 "The Commonwealth Spirit
0855 Euston-Glasgow 47492
0945 Euston-Glasgow (Royal Scot) 47532
1200 Birmingham-Glasgow 47479.
The above list is not a complete one as a few were missed travelling between locations.
On Sunday 5th May a member had a rather busy time taking note of all the following!!
Longsight 08456/673/676/820/915, 31278/464, 47013/145/150/492/535/564/922/860/567/856/855/421/419/662/934/892/905/927, 52049, 53496/431/514/430/491/942/594/985/926/975/634/556/487/421, 54493/225/268/485/258/279/276/488, 59137/723/187/721/724/387/390/228/148. 55980(51633), 55970(51635), 55981(51612), 55971(51597) - converted to single-car. 303041/057.
Newton Heath 25231, 56060. 51590/576/948/577/586/565/583/575/917, 52055/064, 53454/355/~312/535/668/471/523/739/503/721/485 524/925/466/976/517/472/447/523, 54180/496/257/186/224/502/178, 59582/256/100/532/284/168.
Red Bank 08624. 51190, 53470/499/691/728/506/422. 54353/333, 59583.
Buxton 20077/094/134/141/163, 37046/073/104, 45049. 51938/569/936, 52039/051, 53509/932/457/504, 59386/155/207/149/794. Derby08681/842, 20099/115, 371o6/169/259, 45129, 97404/801. 51658, 53654/742/705747/696/669/330/315, 59268/102/121/116.
Toton 08666/702/697/757/829/858/894/899, 20026/065/070/085/136/158/190, 25185, 31123/324, 45042/046/072/075/110, 47439/281, 37032, 56064, 58001/005/006/008/009/010/017/019/023/024/026/027.
Shirebrook 08434Y4,8Y5824, 20053/o69/130/146, 37122/249, 56025/027/028/030/096/100/112/119/ 127/128/135.
Worksop 20052/083, 56077/094.
On shed at Buxton on 6th May were 20077/094/133/141/153/163, 37046/073/092/104/ 238, 45049 "The Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's)" and 47367.
On 11th May the last Barrow-Nottingham was hauled by 47501 and the last Nottingham-Barrow by 47444 "University of Nottingham'. On 13th May the first Blackpool-Cambridge was hauled by 47530 and the first Cambridge-Blackpool by 47401 "North Eastern" with-stock from Barrow. On the 15th May an unknown Class 47 and 9 tanks was brought to an emergency stop at Dore at approx. 0700 when a tank was found to be leaping. The following sightings. were on 17/18th May:
 Birmingham New Street 08919, 31304, 85020. 86255.
Carlisle 08447/759/80 . 8/911/912, 25095, 26036, 37119/193/077, 47351/520. 
Preston 473(56/447/486, 81003, 85005, 86318.
Wigan 20140/160, 25194, 37088, 40122, 47236. 
Crewe 25048/192, 47427,/443/L~8l~571, 81012, 85017, 86215/253/325, 87016. 
Wolverhampton 08740/765, 47533/620, 86226/413. 
Bletchley 08684, 25206/266/268/324, 31108/212/217/282, 85026. 
Leicester 20006, 25196, 31198, 47290/298. 
Derby 08399/625/687/814/842, 20032/143/005, 31463, 47376, 48101/601, 97404.
At Diggle on May 18th the following sightings were made: 40122 (D200) on an eastbound express, 45116 and 47456 on westbound expresses, 47363 on an eastbound chemicals train and 47364 on a westbound tanker train.
On 27th May 31405 failed at Water Orton on a Norwich-Birmingham service and was rescued by 45120. On 28th May 25211 worked the 14.25 York-Plymouth additional to Bristol. On 31st May 31444 failed on the 16.38 Manchester-York at Chinley and was dragged into Sheffield by 20133/134 and then taken forward by 31287.
Some workings on the 1st June were noted at Sheffield:-
0645 York-Portsmouth 47193 to Sheffield
47297 from Sheffield
0713 Leeds-Poole 47197
0906 Bristol-Leeds (add) 47295
0715 Sheffield-Blackpool 37215
1205 Skegness-Leicester 20144/002
1240 Skegness-Derby 20165/007
1025 Portsmouth-Leeds 47213
2015 Manchester-Cleethorpes 31119.
A member noted the following on Crewe Works on 1st June -
Pilots 08472/703. 20061/168/184. 37003/009/098/099/145/155/232/268/269/270/273/276/277/282/286/287/288/290/295,/301/302/305/307/402. 
85006/13/2l 85039, 862o7/256/321, 87023.
Scrap: 40004/008/020/024/028/035,/044/049/057/058/082/088/091/104/143/150/155/160168/177/181/18j/195, 45053, 81001/015, 84008.

Pennine Quiz No.41

There were just 3 entries for the Worldwide Trains Quiz. The winners (and entrants) are as follows:
1st E. J. Wright Rotherham
2nd J. R. Dewing Cottingham
3rd P. Slater Gainsborough

Congratulations to the winners!!
The answers are as follows:
1. Washington D.C./Cincinnati.
2. Santiago/Puerto Monte
3. Paris/Rome
4. Buenos Aires/Mendoza
5. Oslo/Bergen
6. Cape Town/Windhoek
7. Prague/Kosice
8. Seattle/Los Angeles
9. Istanbul/Ankara
10. Bombay~ Amritsar
11. Geneva/Barcelona
12. Montréal, Toronto/Vancouver
13. Amsterdam/Basle
14. Moscow/Leningrad
15. Vienna/Bremen
16. Paris/Nice
17. New Orleans/Los Angeles
 18. Paris/Hamburg
19. Taipei/Kaohsiung
20. Paris/Milan, Venice.


Pennine Quiz No.42
by Linda Bladen

There are 20 preserved steam loco names hidden in the word Square. As usual the answers can be across, down or diagonally. The prizes are 1st £5, 2nd £3 and 3rd £2.

E D A P M E 0 U E T D Q I

Answers.-s should reach The Ed. by the 31st August 1985.

Late News
Two members were quick to telephone with the following sighting -
.On Friday 7th June the 12.46 Portsmouth-Leeds was headed by 33052 into Birmingham. and 33046 into Sheffield. It worked the return 21.36 Leeds-Weymouth.
Also noted. were 33106+33054 on a freightliner working through Rotherham.

Thank you to Messrs. Slater, Wesley, Caddick, Butcher, Barclay, Dewing, Sanderson, Corroy, 40129, Nicholson, Gossan, Whitlam, Needham plus all the other people whose names were not on the scraps of paper which they gave us.