No.51 - Spring 1984

Welcome to the Spring Edition of Trans Pennine. At long last Linda and 1 have moved house! Our new address Is 25 Sandhill Rise, Auckley, Doncaster, S.Yorks, DN9 3PD. The telephone number remains the same - (03D2) 771457. Because of the move the Issue Is somewhat thin and a little late, but we hope to be back to normal next time.  -  David Bladen.

Following on from our extremely successful exhibition last year, we have been Invited by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council Public Library to stage another photographic exhibition from September 16th to 28th 1985.
Apparently It is the first time that the library has requested, by public demand, that a group/society be Invited to put on a show. As a Society we should be very proud of this honour which obviously reflects our standing in the strata of ' local society.
I know that September seems a long time into the future, but come the day we will no doubt be running about like idiots# In an effort to get the show on the road. With this in mind could I ask that anyone Interested In either helping or offering Items for exhibiting (photos, pictures, charts etc.,etc.) contact me at social evenings or phone me on Doncaster 67233 so that we can be prepared for the event. The theme of the exhibition will be 'Railways in the UM and will not be limited to the local area as was the case last time.

Following our request in the last issue of 'Trans Pennine' a total of 30 members completed the questionnaire and an analysis of their answers Is detailed below:
Q1. Did you participate in any 1984 trips 21 Yes 9 No

Q2. Did you enjoy your trip. All 21 said Yes

Q3. Could the trip have been better organised 28 No 2 Yes
The YES answers suggested use of mini-buses

Q4. Do you Intend to go on trips in 1985 29 Yes 1 No

 Q5. Trip preferences. 26 out of 30 replied.
Main suggestions were
2 said depots without permission (NO CHANCE)
Preserved lines
Mickleover (RTC). Plasser & Theurer Works
Non BR Works (English Electric etc.)
Most suggested more variety of works, sheds etc.

Q6.  Why did you not participate 6 replies
1 said Trips too expensive
1 said Trips not to liking
2 said Not enough variation
2 said Not enough Depots/Works
4 said Dates unsuitable 4 said
Other reasons, namely no provision to visit docks, stabling points, NCB etc.

 Q7. Are you basically satisfied with the Society 30 replies
11 said YES 
17 decided it did not apply to them
1 said No but could not suggest anything
1 said Don't know but suggested active participation with Class 25 Society (Guess Who!)

 Q8. What are your main interests (Tick one or more) 30 replies
General observation 23 
Train spotting 23
Visits to MPD/Works 16
Social meetings 11
Preservation 11
Loco Haulage etc. 12
Photography 25
Any other 6
The 6 any other Included - Coach trips, signal boxes, TOPS, travelling over all BR lines, stock bashing.

Q9.  What trips do you want (Tick one or more) 30 replies
Works/MPD's 27 
Weekend visits 10
Preserved Railways 14
Specialised locations 11
Rail/coach trips 19
Others 6
Coach Trips*** 20 *** where Impractical by rail
Others included - trips with other society specials (block booking). Coach trips everywhere, non BR works (Brush etc.). Trips with photographic emphasis, branch line visits etc. One member suggested weekend work on preserved railways (NOT a committee member I hasten to add).

Considering the national average for the return of questionnaires Is less than one per cent, we are delighted at the response from our membership and the committee will do all within their power to meet your requirements.
One of the main problems Is the times/dates available to visit BR/BREL locations. Now that BR is what can be essentially called decentralised, it gives power to local management to determine when and if visits can be made to the locations under jurisdiction. In an effort to show how complex this can be we have shown below a selection of rules and regulations for various popular areas.
Do not despair however, for the committee will do it's utmost to provide a varied bill of fare for your delectations. As the Prophet Skinner has been heard to say "We shall overcome...."

The following is a list of installations open to visits by prior arrangement with BR on a region by region basis (a selection only is 1ncluded here
Eastern Region.
Barrow Hill - 0900-1600 weekdays and 0900-1200 Saturday. Party of 12-20 only.
Blyth Cambois - 0900-1600 weekdays. No weekend visits. Party of 12-20 only.
Gateshead - No weekday visits. 0900-1600 weekends. Party of 12-20 only.
Colchester -1000-1600 weekdays. No weekend visits. Party of 12-20 only.
Neville Hill - No Visits.
Norwich Crown Point - 0900-1600 weekdays and 0900-1200 weekends. 12-15 people.
Hull Botanic Gardens - 1030-1400 weekdays. No visits Saturdays.  Sundays 1030-1400. Party of 12-20 only.
Ilford - No visits.
Heaton - No visits.
York - No visits.
Hornsey - No visits

Western Region
Cardiff Canton - No weekday visits. Sunday 1100 or 1400 only.10-25 people.
Swansea Landore - 0900-1300 weekdays. No weekend visits. 10-20 people.
Laira - No weekday visits. 1st Saturday of month 1200 only. 20 people.
Bristol Bath Road - No visits.
Gloucester - No visits.
Old Oak Common - 0900-1800 weekdays except Thursday. 0900-1800 weekends except June-August. 25 people.

Southern Region
Bournemouth - Weekday visits for parties with technical or engineering interest only.
Brighton - As above except Saturdays 0830-1630 for 12-20 people.
Eastleigh - No weekday visits. Saturdays one large party of 20 people 1000-1400 or 1530-1630 only.
Hither Green - No visits.
3elhurst - No visits.
Slade Green - 0830-1630 weekdays. No weekend visits. 10-20 people.
Waterloo & City - 0900-1700 weekdays except Thursdays. No weekend visits. 10-20 people.

A selection of Scottish, London Midland Regions and BREL will be Included In the next edition of Trans Pennine.


Locomotive Re-allocations

Eastern Region: 08441/442 - GD; 08522/558/714 - CA; 08682 - DR; 08741, 37013/028/077/259 - TE; 20002/009/011/015, 37121/123/131. 0291/297/362/374/379 - TI; 31201/213/325/450/452/453/454/456/459/461/463. 47224 - IM; 31408-411 - MR;

London Midland Region:08382/921 - WN; 08416/428 - DY 08456 - LO;  08451/613, 25244, 47061/129/187/200/326/330/381 - CD; 08535 - TS; 08598, 20006/080,  31240, 45007/009/012/019/038/062 - TO; 08688/909 - AN; 08908 - LR; 25048 - BS; 25176/311 - KD; 31110/120/132 - CW;

Scottish Region: 08402/424/452/~490/586/712/722/732/753/761/762/764/827 - TJ; 08564, 26024/042, 27004, 0502/507/715/714 - HA; 08727/728, 37150 - ML; 26026/040, 27029, 37264, 47461/464/"?/541/546 - IS; 
37017/2~4/282/286/295/305/307. 47469/550 - ED;

Western Region: 08203/895 - LE; 08461 - MG; 08576/584 - LA; 08634, 47621-627 - OC;  08799 - GL; 37154/163/165/167/196/197/228 - CF  47144 - BR;

08064/150/-208/-222/237/255/274/324/330/339/372/392/437/563. 25076/161/185/195/207/236/239/258. 40009/015/028/047/082/099/160/168, 46010/011/02~/026/0270
810151 83009,

08259 (LE.); 08430/561, 20078/101 (ML); 08451 (CD); 08500 (TI); 08605/691 (YC); 08571/727, 27030 (ED); 08590/723 (DR); 08624 NH 08633 (CH)

Stored Unserviceable
08408 (SF); 08425/476 (TJ); 08431 (AN);  08588/711 (HA)  08614/681/685 (DY); 45147 (TO);

New Locomotives
56135 - TI; 58017 - 023 TO;


Alterations to Locomotives

Dual Braked

08451/481/500/561/571/590/605/624/633/634/637/664/682/691/702/714/723/724/727/734/?84/821,  20013/059/078/099/101/108/120/129/161/168/172/173/177/188/210/214, 26043, 31459/461-464, 37023/196.

Cut-down Cab

Boiler Isolated
31108/174/184/206/207/218/242/270/402/408, 3?044/084. 45019/038, 47029/215, 97404.

Boiler Removed
26043, 31460/461/464/465, 37038/075/092/097. 47627

Boiler Reinstated
31413, 47105

Boiler Fitted
ETH Fitted
31461-465, 37402-407, 47626-628.

Slow Speed Control Fitted

Radio Fitted

Push-Pull Fitted

Twin-Tanks Fitted

Flexicoil Suspension/Resilient Wheels Fitted

Locomotives Cut-up
ZL - 08030 /045/181/262/368, 25132/143/242/289/308, 40022, 46020/033/055. 
ZE - 40006/023/D73/101/107.
ZF - 08101/136/147/18~/261/264, 40029/074/090/158/169/170/174.

08525 - Percy the Pilot
47407 - Aycliffe
47574 - Lloyds List
58020 - Doncaster Works BREL
43152 - St. Peter's School York AD627

Sold for Scrap 
(To-V. Berry - Leicester) 82002/004/006/007, 83001/002/005-008/010/011/013/014.

Sold for Preservation (
To North Staffordshire Railway) 

31169 to 31457    37274 to 37402    47082 to 47626
31303 to 31458    37307 to 37403    47273 to 47627
31256 to 31459    37286 to 37404    47078 to 47628
31266 to 31460    37282 to 37405    31129 to  31461 
37295 to 37406    31315 to 31462    37305 to 37407
31297 to 31463    31325 to 31464    31213 to 31465
47511 to 47714    86002 to 86402    46035 to 97403
47502 to 47715    86320 to 86420    46045 to 97404
47507 to 47716    86326 to 86426


Eastern Region  54229 - LN; 
Western Region: 55500/001 - LA; 
Midland Region: 53317/324, 59131 - CH; 53679, 53727. 59063 - DY; 55500/002/011- TS;
Southern Region: 1106/12 - EH.,
Scottish Region: 51251, . 53148  53239/245, 59053, 59567 - HA; 53090, 53132/159/185/
53194, 53748, 53822/823/825/829/839/841/846/859/973/876/879/881/892/899' 590490
59329-331/337/344/345/349/354/374 - AY; 59572 - ED;

51255/273/297, 51448, 51929, 53484/485. 53593, 53663. 53707, 54187/189, 54446/453. 59186, 59212, 59346.

53278 to 78712 53283 to 78962   51555 to 78722   51545 to 78972

55200/300/400 - RTC;

Stored Unserviceable
55505/525 (NL).


Eastern Region: 30220612071211/219/2301231/243/258/266/288/291/309 - IL; 302212/2131218/220/2227233/236/238/267/278. 308151-163 - EM; 302221/226/233/236/ 238/267/293 - CC; 
Southern Region; 5216/41/51/53/58 - SU; 7410/11 - BI;
Scottish Region: 303019/055 - G W; 303073/075 - HY;
Midland Region& 508004/036 - BD; 508006/025 - WD..

305543, 501143/144/146/149/153/154/163/174/177/181. Class 503 - 28375/81/83/84/88, 28678/80/88/90, 29133/38/W/50/51/55, 29279/87/89. 29710/18/20, 29821/28/20/31/37/ 29840, 75137, 77169, 59401-05/07/08 (59408 originally 59406), 59501-05/07/08, 59601-059 59967/08, 5102, 6170. 6173.

5365 (SG)


5241 to 5456   5653 to 6316   5251 to 5457    5672 to 6317
5216 to 5458   5660 to 6318   5253 to 5459    5662 to 6319
5258 to 5460   5650 to 6324   5661 to 6325

New 5708 - 5721 - WD;
All Class 508 units remaining on Southern Region have been reduced to 3 cars only by removal of TSO (B) and reclassified  508/0.  Class 508  units on Midland Region have nearly all been renumbered by changing the 4th digit of the number from 0 to


Having already made two day-trips to Northern Ireland to see preserved steam locomotives while staying in the Irish Republic, I decided that I would like to have a holiday actually In Northern Ireland and travel on the existing Northern Ireland Railways (NIR) network. I achieved this at the end of September 1984. The NIR system is is not extensive, and In three days I travelled over all the lines still open to regular passenger traffic, except for the main line south to the Eire border, with which I was already familiar.
The most Interesting of my three days riding the Northern Irish rails was the day I went to Londonderry., this was the longest of my excursions and took me to the end of the rails In Northern Ireland.
I was staying at Larne, and I began my excursion that day, as on the other two days. on the 09.40 from Larne Harbour to Belfast York Road. It was pouring rain. The 09.40, like many off-peak Belfast suburban trains, carried passengers for only half the normal fare, so I rode into Belfast for just 85p.
From York Road I took the inter-station bus to the modern Belfast Central station, where I caught the 11.30 to Londonderry. This, like the 09.40 from Larne, was a 3-car diesel-electric multiple-unit in maroon livery, with white warning diamonds In place of BR's yellow ends. Unlike the 09.40, the 11.30 to Londonderry did not appear to carry a security guard.
As far as Lisburn the train followed the Dublin main line of the former Great Northern (Ireland) Railway. In Adelaide yards I saw a CIE diesel locomotive from the Republic, and another one was heading a southbound freight at Lisburn. From Lisburn the Londonderry train took the single-track Antrim branch, another part of the former Great Northern network. The 11.15 from Ballymena was waiting to pass us In the loop at Clenavy. All trains on the Londonderry line were formed of multiple-units.
At Antrim the rain stopped and the clouds began to break. The original Londonderry main line from Belfast York Road, not used by the normal passenger trains, came in on the right. Colour-light signals gave way to lower quadrant semaphores - Larne Harbour station Is the only place In Ireland where I have seen u er-quadrant arms - and I was now on former Midland Railway pp (Northern Counties Committee) territory. The line was double-track as far as Ballymena, Antrim's county town and the terminus of some Belfast Suburban services, but here we had to wait for the 11.05 from Londonderry to come off the single-track section ahead. Ballymena had a full set of the attractive Northern Counties somersault signals as well as the remains of an engine-shed.
Next stop was Ballymoney, where I again admired the somersault signals. I saw that lineside notices were variously headed BNCR (Belfast Northern Counties Railway, the original builders of the line), Midland Railway NCC, LMSNCC and Northern Ireland Railways.
Coleraine, where the Portrush branch DMU was waiting, was signalled by colour lights. I had travelled to Portrush the previous day and had spent a sunny, breezy afternoon by the sea, but today I was staying on the Londonderry train. The scenery since Belfast had been fairly uninteresting, but now came the crossing of the wide River Bann, a glimpse of the sea and hills at Castlerock, more somersault signals, high cliffs pierced by tunnels, the magnificent ocean beach of Magilligan Strand right beside the railway, and, to the south, the sheer-sided mountain of Binevenagh.
The sun shone at Londonderry, and the city looked beautiful as,'..the train ran in beside the River Foyle; but on closer Inspection It was a depressing and ominous place. with graffiti, dereliction and armed patrols all too evident. I walked the circuit of the 17th century city walls, or as much of them as are open to the public, and looked down at the various districts -  Waterside to the Easy, Bogside and Creggan to the West - that feature so often
on the news. I had three hours In Londonderry before I had to catch the back to Belfast, and it was enough to give me an impression of a unique city, historically interesting and in a beautiful setting, but blighted by its present circumstances. Back across the Craigaven Bridge, in the Waterside district, on the east side of the River Foyle, I had a meal and reflected on Londonderry's railway history. The city once had four stations. On the east bank of the Foyle were the broad-gauge Waterside station of the NCO and the narrow-gauge County Donegal terminus, while across on the west bank were the Great Northern's Foyle Road terminus and the station of the narrow-gauge Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway. There was also a network of lines belonging to the Londonderry Port & Harbour Commissioners linking the wharves with the various broad-gauge and narrow-gauge systems. The present Londonderry station Is a modern NIR building, signalled with colour lights. on the site of the NCO Waterside terminus. The County Donegal terminus still stands near the eastern end of the Craigavon Bridge, but is no longer used for railway purposes; the nameboard of the abortive Foyle Valley Railway preservation project was on display when I passed by, but I understand that the stock has been moved to the Shane's Castle narrow gauge railway near Antrim. Nothing remains of the Great Northern in Londonderry - their broad-gauge line entered the city from the south-west, and connected with Dublin and Belfast via Omagh and Enniskillen - but the Lough Swilly Railway is still In existence as a bus company. and I saw their sign up at the city's bus station. A few locomotives of types that once would have worked into Londonderry have been preserved; the Belfast Transport Museum has a most attractive crimson-liveried 4-4-0 from the Northern Counties system, 'Dunluce Castle', as well as a scarlet County Donegal 2-6-4T, while the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland at Whitehead has two Great Northern 4-4-Os in sky-blue livery as well as a Northern Counties 2-6-4T and a Londonderry Port & Harbour Commissioners 0-6-OST.
As the 17.05 took me back eastwards, I looked for the last time at Londonderry, It's attractive skyline topped by the spire of St. Columb's Cathedral, and the early evening sun shining on the Foyle. We met a thunderstorm near Bellarena, but it had stopped by the time we ran beside Magilligan Strand; beyond the crashing waves, under a heavy overhang of black cloud, the hills of Donegal, the Irish Republic's most northerly county, stood out clearly. At Coleraine we connected with the 17.30 from Portrush# on which I had returned from my afternoon at the seaside the previous day, and also passed the 16.30 Belfast-Londonderry. The daylight faded as we returned to Belfast. passing two more outward-bound DMUs, the 17.30 to Londonderry at Ballymena and the 18.10 In the loop at Crumlin. I wonder if I shall ever ride the rails to Londonderry again?

Sheffield Transport Group
At a meeting held at the British Rail Staff Association Club, Sheffield, on 9th January 1985, the Sheffield Transport Group was formed with the Initial aim of preserving Park Royal bodied Daimler Fleetline No. 754 (WWJ 754M), the last vehicle delivered to the Sheffield Transport Department.
Sufficient funds were raised to make an immediate purchase of the vehicle, currently stored at Greenland Road. It is expected that It will move to Sandtoft Transport Centre, before the end of the month, where it will be permanently based.
Any member who Is Interested In receiving further Information about the group and the vehicle Is asked to contact John Sanderson who will be delighted to hear from them.

Aims of the Society
At our recent AGM there was some discussion regarding a fundamental aim of this Society, the support of British Rail. There appeared to be growing support for considerable use of road transport, which is totally contrary to this Society's beliefs.
I am cheered by a letter which appeared In a recent edition of the 'Railway Magazine' from a member of the Railway Development Society.
This gentleman commented on an article which appeared in a previous edition on the Buxton area where the author acknowledged the help of BR staff, some of whom must have given either voluntary help or have stopped for a period their essential duties. He wonders whether they would have been so helpful if he knew In advance that the author was an Inveterate car user and only went to Buxton by rail because of adverse weather and as soon as it improved was back at the wheel again.
He continues that there are so-called railway societies which send groups in long-distance coaches to visit rail installations and suggests they be refused admission unless they have used rail for a substantial part of the journey.
Since there is little loyalty from outside the railway fraternity one ought at least to expect It from 'within it. There are too many armchair and fireside railway supporters and experts. If supporters fail to use the railways and persuade others to do likewise, more lines will close. British Rail Is engaged In an economic war with it's road competitors. The resolution from the last war of 'Is your car journey really necessary?' should be revived.
Perhaps the Pennine Railway Society should join with the Railway Development Society In the fight to keep railway enthusiasts on the trains and off the coaches and cars.   -  John Sanderson (Treasurer).

The scheduled running days of the Deltic Preservation Society's locos, 55009 and 55019, are as follows:-
May 18th/19th; June 8th/9th; July 13th/14th; August 10th/11th; September 7th/8th. Members Day Is on September 28th 1985. (Although scheduled these dates could change through unforeseen circumstances, so If possible please cheek before setting out on a long journey).
Following a poll amongst DPS. members, 55019 will be repainted next year in the two-tone green livery complete with the usual embellishments!!

PENNINE QUIZ NO. 41 by Tony Booth
A quiz with a difference from Tony - the usual prizes 1st 5, 2nd 3 and 3rd 2. Answers should reach the Editor by 31st May 1985.
Named Trains Worldwide
The following trains ran or are still running throughout the world. Between where and where did they run?
1. Shenandoah
2. Flechia del Sur
3. Palatino
4. Libertador
5. Trolltog
6. South Wester
7. Tatran 
8. Coast Starlight
9. Anatolia Express 
10. Frontier Mall
11. Le Catalan
12. Canadian
13. Rheingold
14. Red Arrow Express

15. Prinz Eugen
16. Le mistral
17. Sunset Limited
18 Parsifal
19: Kuan Kuang

20. Cisalpin

The Christmas Quiz was once again hit by gremlins! First of all, question 15 should have read 'Jubilee' and not 'Black 51; question 20 should have read 'Mottingham' and not 'Nottingham*; question 19 appears to have different answers depending on which book you read!! Therefore when marking the entries we have taken the 'boobs' into account (Christmas Quizzes have more boobs than The Sun!). Here are the answers:
1. Fort William or Stirling
2. Scafell Pike
3. Rail Riders
4. Thames
5. D1669
6. Raynham Hall
7. Metropolitan Cammell
8. Borderer
9. Hercules/Sir Edward Elgar
10. 0-4-0 Diesel Mechanical In 1930 by Hudswell Clark
11. 55004 Queens Own Highlander
1~ North British Loco Works, Glasgow, 1949
13 City of Winchester
14 33008 Eastleigh in April 1980
15 Silver Jubilee
16: Silver Link
17. Doncaster
18. 68W
19 - -----
20. (For Interest - 33036 rolled down an embankment Into their back gardens)
21. Curlew
22. Kestrel
23. Sir Nigel Gresley
24. Appleford
25. Duchess of Montrose
26. Western Yeoman
27. 55002
28. 37142
29. Doncaster Works
30. Carlisle Canal
31. 2251bs per sq inch
32. Media
33. Paxman Valenta
34. Nene Valley Railway
35. 45029
36. Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway
37. Oban
38. D1734 Withdrawn March 1965 cut-up at Crewe April 1965
39. Between Horsforth and Weeton on the Leeds-Harrogate line
40. Craigentinny and Portobello
41. Sir Peter White
42. Britannia
43. William Whitelaw MP
44. Humorist
45. Priestman Bros., Hull in 1894 worked by Kerosene
46. 76114
47. D4189/D4190
48. MacCailin Mor
49. Royal Sovereign
50. Wells

There were 12 entries in all and the following are the lucky winners
1st. A tie between Stuart Earl of Leeds and M. Bell of Ossett
2nd (see above)
3rd Ian Shenton of Leeds.

Hull and Barnsley Railway "100" Celebrations..
This year sees the centenary of the Hull and Barnsley Railway and to commemorate the event, several exhibitions are being organised.
1. Hull & Barnsley Railway in South Yorkshire Exhibition.
This is to be held at Cusworth Hall, Doncaster from 2nd - 27th April, 11am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and Saturday, 1pm. to 5pm on Sundays. The theme Is the significant part the railway played in the development of the South Yorkshire coalfield through the transport of coal to Hull for export. An extra event is to be hold on 21st April at 2.30pm. This will take the form of an illustrated talk "Hull & Barnsley Railway in South Yorkshire" by Martin Barker of the Hull & Barnsley Railway Stock Fund.
2. Coach 40 Exhibition and Rolling Stock Display
This is to be held at Goathland Station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway between early June and late August. The rolling stock can be viewed daily and the Coach 40 Exhibition will be open 11am to 5pm,weekdays and bank holiday Mondays. 2 coaches, an 1885 breakdown train tool van and 2 open wagons have been preserved by the Hull & Barnsley Railway Stock Fund and will be on display together with a small exhibition in coach 40. 
3. Hull and Barnsley Railway 100 Exhibition
This Is to held at the Town Docks Museum, Queen Victoria Square, Hull from 9th July to 28th August, Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 1.30pa4.30pm. The railway was strongly supported In Hull as a-means of breaking the unwelcome monopoly In land transport to the city held by the North Eastern Railway In the 1860s and lg?0a - the railway and It's Alexandra Dock being opened In July 1885.

Blackpool Tramway Centenary Celebrations
As well as being the centenary year of the Hull and Barnsley Railway, 1985 also sees the centenary of another bastion of British Transport - the Blackpool Tramway. More than eight million passengers year travel on the 11.1/2 miles of track from Fleetwood to Starr Gate. The system, In operation constantly since 1885, Is Britain's only surviving electric street-tramway and several events have been lined up to celebrate 100 years of the trams In the resort. An 'Open Day' is being held at the Transport Department In Blundell Street on Sunday June 16th. It will feature displays, sales of centenary souvenirs and the chance to drive a bus' or 'wire a tramcar'. Guided tours of the tram depot will be available on May 18th, June 1.5th, July 13th, August 17th and September the 29th. The highlight will be Centenary Day on September 29th. A public ceremony in Talbot Square will be followed by a tram cavalcade to the Pleasure Beach and back.


Class 40's
Now that the Class 40's have almost disappeared It is opportune to list the latest withdrawals.
No.        Withdrawal  Withdrawn at
40013   11.1.85      Crewe TMD.
40444   22.1.85      Crewe TMD
40060   23.1.85      Kingmoor
40079   21.1.85      Bescot
40086   23.1.85      Doncaster Works
4,0104  21.1.85      Allerton
40135   22.1.85      Newton Heath
40143   22.1.85      Crewe TMD.
40150   22.1.85      Crewe TMD.
40152   21.1.85      Newton Heath
40155   22.1.85      Crewe TMD.
40181   21.1.85      Kingmoor
40192   21.1.85      Bescot
40194   23.1.85      Doncaster Works
4001/118/122 were to be kept for railtour duty but it is now left to '122 to carry the flag as '012 and '118 were both withdrawn during February. It is believed that '012 was withdrawn after suffering collision damage whilst '118 was withdrawn at Tyseley after being 'stored serviceable' awaiting tyre turning.
Passenger workings during 1985 have obviously been rare, but the Sunday's 1E08 1616 Birmingham-York produced 40044 on 20th January and 40012 on the 27th - possibly the last normal passenger working for the class.

Eastern Region
Humberside did not have a very good start to the year. On the 28th of January, two trains (the 0825 Hull-Beverley and the 0659 Scarborough-Hull) were in collision outside Hull's Paragon station. The accident happened as the last carriage of the Beverley bound train jumped the points and slewed across the path of the Scarborough train. which was waiting to enter the station. Luckily the 200 passengers escaped serious injury, although the driver and the guard of the Beverley train were taken to hospital suffering from shock. On the 2nd of February a major power failure at Hull Paragon caused serious delays. No trains could enter or leave the station between 09-30 and 10-30 and points had to be operated by hand until 13-30 when full power was restored.
On February 6th a tractor was in collision with the 0955 Scarborough Hull DMU at Buckton Lane crossing on the Scarborough-Bridlington line. The tractor driver escaped injury but 5 passengers were taken to hospital suffering from shock.
Finally, on February 11th the last coach of the 0854 Hull-Lancaster train was derailed as the stock was being shunted Into Paragon station by an overenthusiastic 08777. The rearmost coach crashed into the buffers on Platform 4, delaying the train for about 20 minutes.
Class 50 workings in the area have been quite numerous during the first part of the year. The following have been noted:
26.1.85 50029 1400 Leeds-Brighton
3.2.85 50045 Birmingham-York relief
3.2.85 50011 Bristol-York relief
19.2.85 50023 1400 Leeds-Brighton
22.2.85 50034 0853 Penzance-Newcastle (to Doncaster)
Steam heat was In action at York on February 23rd when 45013 was seen on the 11-15 Bangor-Newcastle.
An Anston Travel excursion from Sheffield to Portsmouth on March 2nd produced the following locos 45136 Sheffield-Leicester 45140 Leicester-Brent Yard 33037 Brent Yard-Portsmouth Hbr and return 45140 Brent Yard-Sheffield.
Also on the 2nd March 31435 and 08242 were stabled at Lincoln Central, whilst 31235/260/431/460 were stabled at East Holmes. A Rail Society charter (ex St. Pancras 07-35 via Toton) arrived at Lincoln St. Marks on time at 13-00 hauled by D200. The train was due out at 13-15 after a photo stop. At 13-50, a class 31 (probably 31435) hauled D200 over the High St. crossing, whilst your observer waited and waited at Monks Abbey to see the train on it's way to Cleethorpes! Finally, at about 14-00, a class 31 with transferred headboard roared round the power station curve with the charter train.

London Midland Region
In spite of the freezing temperatures on Saturday, January 5th, Longsight Depot could find nothing more powerful (or warmer!) than 25058 for the 11-41 Manchester Piccadilly-Hull. After being replaced at Sheffield by 314,07, the 'Rat' worked back to Manchester on the 15.48 departure.
Noted on the 20th January were the following: Longsight 08456/477/629/915, 25W/196, 47258/565, 56118.
Crewe 08220/390/450/453/739/823/907/913. 25194/254, 860201025/036/039/205/242, 87026  Derby 08289,25057/080/198/211. 31270, 97201/402, 508024. Etches Park 25033/105/326 27203, 150002. 
Toton    08293/597/666/662/691/697/727, 20016/034/070/077/113/141/143/158/159/162/163/167/194/213/216/219/226, 25034/193/237. 37013/032/070, 450002/010/054/057/59/070/104, 47079 128 229/590, 56042/064/066/067/070 171/080/082/086/087/088, 58001/003/008/010 011 015/016/017/019/022. Bescot 08672/700/832/901, 20006/211, 25182, 31101/128/145/147, 40122, 47198/223/328/360 56017, 58012/014. Saltley 25027/303, 31238/293, 37269, 47558/567. Also on the 20th 40044 hauled the 0825 Manchester-Birmingham and 1616 Birmingham-York, and on the 27th of January 40012 hauled the 1616 Birmingham-York.
On the 16th.of February the following workings were noted on the WCML Preston 08744 station pilot, 86009 parcels, 86318 0727 Nottingham-Glasgow, 81002/007, 47403/490 stabled. Lancaster 25198 mineral train. Carlisle 47009 on 1240 Carlisle-Glasgow, 86204 1120 Glasgow-Harwich P.Q. 87025 0915 Euston-Glasgow, 86035 southbound freight. 86246 0930 Euston-Inverness. 85005 northbound vans, 86311 1320 Glasgow-Swansea, 86217 0734 Poole-Glasgow, 31432+31409 1635 Carlisle-Hull, 08759 station pilot.
At Bedford on the 3rd of March 25202 was observed shunting a 'Bedpan' unit; 45101 passed at the head of the 1230 Derby-St. Pancras train; 47100 was noted on a P.W. train and single unit TDB975227 was stabled In the yard.

Western Region
The following locos were noted at Paddington on February 25th:
31160 on parcels; 47500 on 1708 to Oxford; 47561 on 1705 to Hereford; 
47563 on ECS of 1711 to Twyford; 47607 on ECS of 1705 to Hereford; 47609 on 17.11 to Twyford; 47628 on ECS of 17.30 to Oxford; 50001 on 1657 to Newbury; 50007 on ECS of 1652 to Newbury, 50014 on ECS of 1740 to Wolverhampton; 50027 on ECS of 1727 to Banbury; 50040 on ECS of 1708 to Oxford.

Southern Region
On the 26th of January 33104 ran into the rear of an EMU at Micheldever. The unit, which was on a staff-train working, had failed and 33104 had been despatched to assist. Noted at Dover on the 1st of February were 09008/021, whilst on the 16th of the month "Gatwick Express6s" were being worked by 73113/130/133 and a resplendent 73142 'Broadlands' in ex-works condition. Passing Wimbledon on 7ebruary 25th were 33017 on ECS, 50017 on 09-38 Exeter-Waterloo, 50028 on 1110  Waterloo-Exeter, 73139 on a parcels train, while at Waterloo 33002/035 and 50013/24 were noted. On the 2nd of March departmental shunter 03079 was observed at Sandown, Isle of Wight.

Scottish Region
Noted at Edinburgh on the 19th of January were the following:
47701 on the 1200 Edinburgh-Glasgow 47702 (ScotRail livery) ECS working. 27023 1128 Dundee-Edinburgh  27005 1318 Edinburgh-Dundee
47711 (ScotRail livery) 13-00 Edinburgh-Glasgow. 47712 1400 Edinburgh-Glasgow. 27012 1228 Dundee-Edinburgh. 47009 1418 Edinburgh-Dundee 47704 1430 Edinburgh-Glasgow. 47001 1328 Dundee-Edinburgh. 47709 1510 Edinburgh-Carstairs (portion).
On Saturday 23rd February a few members made a trip to Scotland and-the following were noted:
Haymarket 08564/586/718/755/764/881, 20063/102/203/225, 26002/6/19/23/27. 27017/32/33/40/48, 40162, 47001/12/17/109/211/408/453/701/703/704/709/711. passing, 26003/04/37, 47578 The Royal Society of Edinburgh, 47705/713. 
Eastfield 08343/348/721/851/853/883/938, 20043/064/114/118/125/148/175/189, 27005/10/22/41/43/46/55/103/20837014/17/22/26/90/112/14L~/183/192/265, 47004/427/471/562/586.  Motherwell 08312/319/321/ 326/430/433/437/443/446/565/575/720/728/731/736/753/882, 20076/110/111/123/124/126/138/171, 27007/30/49/54, 25298, 37047/56/108/109/139/ 1451/152/156/157/161/292, 47005/194/207/320.

Thank you to the following for Information - Messrs Caddick, Needham, Warren, King, Heyes, Taylor, Slater, Collins, Dewing, Wesley, Sanderson, Peach, Shenton, Brackenbury, Corroy, 'Biggs', 'Rooks Nest', 'Hardware'.