No.50 December 1984


First of all the 10th Anniversary and now the 50th Issue of 'Trans Pennine', not bad for a small society.

As a relatively new committee member, I think special congratulations are in order for Robin Skinner, John Sanderson and Geoff Bambrough who seem to have been on the committee for a lifetime, not just the 10 years since the club's inception. The Society owe a lot to these three stalwarts (this should get me a drink!) and I hope they carry on for many more years.

Many changes have occurred during the last ten years and the Society has gone from strength to strength. The main problem over the last twelve months or so, which Is causing the committee a great deal of concern, is the lack of interest shown in visits run by the Society. Permit restrictions by British Rail and the lack of cut price excursions have had the effect of restricting the trips we can offer but interest in those offered seems to be virtually non existent. With this in mind we have enclosed a questionnaire with this Issue and would ask all members to return it, giving your views. Whatever you ask for will be seriously considered and if we cannot meet your wishes we will tell you why.
Finally, and on a brighter note, on behalf of the committee, may I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.
Tony Booth


Yet again the time has arrived when I must advise members that their annual membership fee is due for renewal. Enclosed with this magazine is a renewal membership form. Regretfully owing to ever rising costs, I am not able to hold the fee at £2, and therefore the annual membership (single or family), for 1985 will be £2.50.
I should like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help and support during 1984, the year of our 10th Anniversary, for without you, the members, we cannot survive. I hope you have all received some enjoyment from our Society in 1984 and I hope to see you all again in 1985. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
John Sanderson


Welcome to the winter edition of Trans Pennine. (As it's the season of goodwill to all men, I'll keep these notes short!). It’s time once again, to implore you to renew your membership and say thank you to all those who've contributed to the magazine over the past year. Special thanks, as always, go to Mike Bloomer for printing the magazine and to Linda for doing all the typing.
The AGM. will be held on January 20th 1985 at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster, commencing at 12.00. If you have any items for the agenda please send them to Robin Skinner by the 18th of January. If you can get to the meeting, please do so - remember, the AGM. is your chance to have your say on how the society is run.
Finally, It just remains for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year and please, keep the letters coming!!


Which well-known PRS member had his nickname of *Duracell, broadcast on local radio recently? (Answer see page 12)


This is an account of my experiences in the south of England during a holiday taken between the 22nd and the 29th of September, 1984. 1 was with the family and we were all based at a caravan site six miles from Poole and about two and a half from Wareham. Class 33 diesels were still happily thrashing along with their class 491 (4-TC) unit companions, plus being infiltrated by Duffs. 47539 'Rochdale Pioneers', was spotted on the 'Wessex Scot', on the 22nd, for example. It just shows that no matter where you are in the UK, there are always Duffs near at hand. I am pleased that there are no HST’s on the Southern though - except that I once noticed a poster with a picture of one on it, at Dorchester South. I don't suppose there is much to stop them appearing on the Bristol-Weymouth line, or come to think of it, they could run along the 'Weymouth Tramway'. What an awful thought!
Anyway, let us return to the original purpose of this contribution, details of my journeys. I had left Doncaster at approximately 08.00 not by train, but by express coach! Yorkshire Traction coach no.72 bore me swiftly down the M1 to London. (The 08.00 departure from the South Bus Station is one of those 'Rapides', booked for the newer vehicles and complete with hostess, toilet on board, video films and refreshments.) Thus, we were non-stop to the Victoria terminus, which was reached just after 11.00.
I mostly spent the time bus spotting. The coach station seems to be busy at virtually all hours of each day and an enormous variety of vehicles was seen, at least ten of every large bus operator in the UK! All this has to be seen to be believed. 1 would certainly recommend Victoria to any bus enthusiast, and perhaps some of you non bus enthusiasts may be impressed too. If it is busy now, it was even busier during the periods of the 1982 Rail Strikes. I know, 'cos I was there! 1 personally will never forget seeing the hordes of people milling around the departure areas and bus staff were frequently shouting at passengers to clear the roadways so that the vehicles could get out. No doubt, it is at times like this that the bus people are rubbing their hands with glee.
I had a decision to make. Should I travel onwards by train or should I travel by National services 720 or 721 (Victoria-Bournemouth)? In the end, the rail enthusiast in me said abandon those white fish wagons and support your favourite BR region, the Southern. That I duly did and set off to Waterloo for the 16.35 departure. By the way, I did not use the tube or Shank's pony to get from Victoria to Waterloo - it was by courtesy of London Transport's bus route 507 which trips frequently between the two stations. The fare is 30p per trip which is a saving of up to 20p on the tube fares (40p per trip since the end of Fares Fair). For those of you who enjoy riding on Routemasters only, avoid the 507 - it is booked for Leyland National Two's (LT classification is LS) or as a new Pennine member Chris Keaton calls 'em, Leyland Nastics, or tatty wagons. The Leyland National is not popular with Pennine Personality Les Warren either. They've wrecked the bus industry, says Stoke-on-Trent born Steve McEvoy.
I arrived at Waterloo in good time for the 16.35. I boarded it by 16.30. When 16.35 showed on my watch I expected us to move, but we didn't. 16.40 showed but we still had not moved. 16.45 - we were still there. I heard the announcer say "we apologise for the delay to the 16.35 Weymouth line service, this is due to an electrical fault. This service will be assisted by a locomotive." What? I thought, dreadful! I got out and stood on the platform. I looked into the distance and spotted a Little Edward heading towards us. It was 73106 and lo and behold, it bore down upon us and buffered up to our troublesome 4REP. After a few more minutes delay, we were moving at last. 106 thrashed away on diesel power, at least to Woking, where there was a signal check. On leaving Woking I heard no more diesel engine sounds, so the EDL must have been switched over to electric. At Basingstoke, the beast came off, the replacement being 33102. Instead of continuing via Micheldever and Eastleigh, and because of engineering work, we went up the Exeter line, avoiding Salisbury by means of the Laverstock Loop, then on through Romsey to rejoin the normal route at Southampton. The 33 had led the way from Basingstoke and now being turned round, was at the rear. The 4REP had come off at Basingstoke. (Those of you familiar with 4REPs and 4TCs will know that the 4REP is always at the London end of the formation. Usually 4REPs come off at Bournemouth, but on occasions like this, they come off at either Basingstoke or Southampton, and non-electric power has to take over, as not all the diversionary routes are electrified).
33102 eventually delivered us to our destination, Poole, and we eventually got to the caravan site and got settled in, around 21.00.Next day was Sunday and we did not go out at all.
On Monday, we started our tour of the Dorset area and began tripping around places such as Wareham, Poole, Bournemouth, Swanage, Dorchester and Weymouth. On Tuesday I made a lonesome trip to Portsmouth, by rail. Thus, it was back up the L&SW main line to Southampton, to change for the excellent Portsmouth line service. Being a multiple unit enthusiast, I boarded one of those well known SR diesel electric 'growlers' for a good thrash along this route, with station calls at St.Denys, Bitterne, Sholing, Bursledon, Swanwick, Fareham, Portchester, Cosham, Fratton, Southsea and the Harbour. Beasts, these class 205s(or.3Hs or 'Hampshires').I wonder, how many class 40 enthusiasts agree with*me that the Southern diesel units sound very similar to their beloved monsters? Not every one will, I don't suppose. Silly unit ned, others will say.
Every time I see a Southern diesel electric unit, I wonder why the Eastern region could not have similar stock. They would have surely been ideal for the various trans-Pennine routes, for example. I am given to understand that the London Bridge-Hastings sets will be scrapped once their territory becomes 100% electric - but there again, they would not be wholly suitable, bearing in mind their age and certain other factors, such as blue asbestos content. I once remember reading a copy of Modern Railways for August 1973, containing an article about the Birmingham New Street - Longbridge/Redditch line. In it there was a proposal for transferring some growlers to that route (from the Fast Grinstead/Uckfield lines) - a very interesting one, although of course it has never happened and I don't suppose it ever will. This route has had such monsters as class 210s on it, though, to supplement the existing (class 116) stock.
Back to the Southern. Another growling beast was taken for the return thrash to Southampton for the REP to Bournemouth Central, for the 33 to Poole.
One day I tripped along to Salisbury on yet another class 205 (get 'em in t'book owd lad, tha dunt allus know when thil next visit is t'Southern) on the aforementioned route through Romsey, past the Southampton suburbs of Totton and Redbridge on through part of the Wiltshire countryside through Dean and Dunbridge. Yes, Salisbury, one time class 52 and Warship stamping ground, now class 50s! All due respect to Hoover Men, but class 50s or duffs on the Southern do not look good and should be kept off. To my mind BR should keep the individualistic region that it is. Western locos remind me somehow of the old Southern/Western days of rivalry and as that strange old Southerner Alan G Wethers pointed out, the Western was God's Worst Railway. (By the way, how many Pennine People remember this Poole-born, moustached, Southern (Dorset spoken) ex-Poole Industrial Estate security guard 1964-81/ railwayman/Doncaster area part time milkman/television engineer/Southern steam/Somerset & Dorset enthusiast?)
A few days were spent with the local bus operators, consisting of Wilts & Dorset, Bere Regis Coaches, Southern National, Hampshire Bus Co. Bournemouth-Transport (Yellow Buses), Southampton City Transport, Portsmouth. Provincial (Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Co.Ltd.5 and Southdown. Various routes of these operators were sampled, using various day rover tickets. I will refrain from going into further detail about the buses themselves, because I shall bear in mind that the pages of 'Trans Pennine' shall be reserved for railways only.
The final day of our holiday, Saturday 29th September 1984 arrived and it was time to head for home. Yet another 33 produced for the final, short bash to Bournemouth, where the faithful 4-REP stood patiently to deliver us to Southampton and Waterloo. I decided that I would not go straight to London, but alight at Southampton and see what beasts would produce there. I remained there for just over an hour, then caught a convenient Waterloo stopper to Eastleigh. I had hardly been at Eastleigh fifteen minutes when 33020 rolled in, then its engines shut down! Various attempts were made to start It going again ~ It wouldn't, so it was declared a failure. 47328 came and removed 020 from its train, yes - a strumming heap towing one of my failed beasts! If my brother Nell had been there he would have, no doubt, wound me up to some high order! The duff did not take over the train - 33021 produced, no doubt to the relief of all the '33', anti-duff men present.
I left Eastleigh on a Portsmouth-Reading stopper, formed by 'East Sussex' beast no.1314 (what? an East Sussex on the SWD - it sure was, ma boy!). This excellent thrashing machine was taken to Basingstoke (I would have liked to take It through to Reading General, but I thought it was too risky, ticket wise). I remained at Basingstoke for about two and a half hours - more beastly 33's were seen thrashing away as usual on the Salisbury/Exeter's. If I ever become a photographer. I shall head for the unusual-looking flyover bridge at Battledown/ Worting Junction (where the Exeter/Bournemouth lines part company). I have instantly recognised that location, as I have seen many photos of It In just about every railway book and magazine ever published.
I left Basingstoke on a 4 VEP-worked stopper. We arrived at Waterloo about 20 minutes late, due to extra station calls, due to a previous train being cancelled. We should for Instance have been non-stop from Woking to Surbiton, but we stopped at Hersham and Walton.
On arrival in London, I hung around the Southern terminus for a while (Bye, bye, SR, I will be back next year) and then headed for Victoria Coach Station to catch the 18.30 Rapide back to Doncaster. After another excellent cruise down the M1 (or should I say up?) I finally arrived back in the land of the coffee and cream coloured bus. Another enjoyable Southern visit was over.


LMSR Class 5 4-6-0 45428
This loco failed in mid-season with badly leaking injectors, which have since been repaired. The cylinder valves were also found to be seized. The valve parts have been stripped down and re-boring is due to start on the 13th of November. It is hoped that 45428 will be ready for the 1985 season.

BR Standard 4 80135
After heavy firebox repairs last year, this fine loco entered traffic at the start of the 1984 season. However, after 6 working days the repairs started leaking and 80135 was withdrawn from service at the end of May. Repairs to the repairs are progressing well! The firebox seams have been resealed and the firebox stay-nuts are slowly being replaced. A hydraulic test is due in December and the loco should be back in traffic in 1985.

30841 SR 4-6-0 S15
The boiler was lifted from the frames by the end of April and all tubes were removed during July. The axle boxes and all big-end bushes have been re-metalled. Work still to be done includes boiler re-tubing and frame welding. It is hoped that the S15 will be back in service in 1985.

3180 0-6-OST 'Antwerp'
This loco is now out of traffic for axle box, boiler and firebox repairs. The boiler Is due to be lifted in early 1985 during which time the
  piston glands will also be repaired and refitted. 'Antwerp' has once again been the mainstay of the line - it is hoped that the NYMR do not run out. of big engines as It is planned to give this old girl a rest. This will enable repairs to be undertaken which will take 'Antwerp' through to 1988, when major boiler repairs will be needed.

GWR 0-6-2T 6619 After a lot of hard work, it's good to report that this engine was steamed for the first time on the 8th October. On the 13th October 6619 made five Grosmont-Goathland return workings under its own power, everything going well. All that remains is to fit steam heat pipes and carry out a steam test for insurance purposes. This loco is booked to work 'Santa Specials' during December.

LNER K1 2-6-0 62005 This loco was withdrawn from service at the end of August for firebox repairs and left the NYMR on the 21st of September for BSC Wilton, where the overhaul will take place. If all goes well the K1 will return to the Moors for Easter and will then travel to Fort William to work the Mallaig specials.

BR J72 69023 ‘Joem’ After minor smokebox repairs this loco returned to traffic In August. 'Joem' worked the NELPG. Special on the 28th October and has also been employed on general shunting duties. It will be available for services in 1985.

NJR P3 2392 After heavy overhaul, this loco passed a steam test in early September but subsequently required repairs to the trailing axle big-ends. This loco will be available for 1985.

BR Standard 4 4-6-0 75014 Work has started on the restoration of this loco, with the boiler due to be lifted during the winter. A tentative date of 1987 has been set for traffic.

0-6-OST no.47 'Moorbarrow' Work has started on repairs to this loco. The boiler has been de-tubed and will be lifted in early 1985.

LNER  Q7 63460 Work on returning this loco to traffic is well under way. The boiler has been de-tubed and the motion gear re-metalled. When restored this engine will be painted in LNER. mixed traffic black and will carry the number 901.

Class 42 821 'Greyhound' This engine is at present out of traffic with transmission faults and repairs will be carried out at Swindon. In mid-summer, vandals broke into the loco and smashed all the gauges in both cabs.

Class 35 D7029

 The 'Hymek' has been in traffic for most of the year. During the winter repairs will be carried out to the nose ends which sustained damage during the loco's BR days. A full repaint will also take place.

Class 24 D5032 'Helen Turner' After a top engine overhaul the Class 24 returned to service mid-season. 

Class 14 D9529 'The Permanent Way Institution' This loco was named on June 6th and failed after one trip. Could it be the weight of the nameplates?
Class55 55009/019 Both Deltics have seen a lot of work during 1984. During the winter 119 will have it's compressor overhauled.


Well here it is, the Christmas Quiz to keep you going when the turkey and booze have worn off!! Prizes are - 1st £10, 2nd £5 and 3rd £3. Answers should reach the Editor by 15th February 1985 - keep sending mail to the usual address for this issue, thanks.

1.Where was shed 65J?
2.Name Peak Class D1
3.What name is now carried by the former D1505?
4.Which name has been carried by 2 different Class 47's since 1982?
5.What was 47538's old number?
6.Name B17 61611
7.Which company built the 'Blue Pullman' sets?
8.What was the first name carried by 87025?
9.What 2 names has Class 50 50007 carried?
10.What was the first diesel loco to be built for a major British railway company? 11.Which was the last Deltic to be scrapped?
12.Where was 62005 built, and when?
13.Name 73129
14.Which was the first Class 33 to receive a name?
15.What was the name of Black 5 5552?
16.Name A4 60014
17.Where was shed 36A?
18.What was NYMR loco 1247's BR number?
19.Which was the last loco delivered to the LMSR.?
20.What significance have no's 411/413 Sidcup Road, Nottingham?
21.Name A1 60122
22.What was A4 60026 originally called?
23. Which engine was Gresley's 100th Pacific?
24.Name WC 34100
25.Name LMSR Duchess 46232
26.Name Class 52 1010, as preserved today
27.Which was the first Deltic in blue, last in green?
28.What loco should have carried the name ‘William. Cookworthy' but was unavailable for the naming ceremony?
29.Where was D5901 cut up?
30.Name the LNER depot at Carlisle
31.What is the working pressure of a Black 5?
32..What name was allocated, but never used, to Class 40 No.D226?
33.what engines were fitted to the prototype HST
34.Where can you find 92 Squadron? (the loco!)
35.What loco was used, after it's withdrawal, as a mobile generator at CEGB. Thorpe Marsh Power Station and then reinstated to BR stock?
36.Which railway is known as the 'Ratty"
37.Which Scottish station is overlooked by a Collacum?
38.Which was the first Brush Type 4 (now Class 47) to be withdrawn?
39.Where is Bramhope Tunnel?
40.What are the two names for Edinburgh's coach depot?
41.What name did Brush 4 no.47097 carry for a few months during 1981-82? 42.Name of a steam engine class 87 and the Royal Yacht
43.Who named 4767 George Stephenson in 1975?
44.This A3 was used for improvement tests.
45.Who built the world's first oil engined internal combustion locomotive (it worked on Hull's Alexandra Dock)?
46.What was the number of the last steam loco built at Doncaster?
47.Which two 0-6-0 shunters (08 type) were converted to Hump shunter D4501? 48.What was the name of K1 61997?
49.Name 4-6-0 B2 61671
50.What was the first name carried by 34092?


Eastern Region: 03084 - NC; 08159 161/200/225/268/334/506/618/741/774, 37065/071, 47307/308 - TE; 082:26/497/503/51t5X517/766 - NL; 08783/857, 20021/051/052/053/057/ 055~/210/214, 37030/031/040/064/075/080/106/120/126/165/170/249/283,47277/373, 56075/077/078/080 - TI; 31106/127/141/146/164/248/270/271 - MR; 31114/133/155/156 166/168/173/174/175/176/228/233/234/240/279/303/308/317/318, 37104/238, 47217 - IM; 37004/006/010/082/083, 47212/213/215/220/438/439/473/497 - GD; 47111/288/310/311/ 551/553 - SF; 
Western Region: 08203 - SW; 08488/491, 37259, 47076/090/130/224, 56051/053/054 -CF; 07792 - LA; 08801 - BZ; 47029/033/143/145, 56055/056 - BR; 47609/611/612/613/61 620 - OC;
London Midland Region: 08396 - SP; 08428/690 - KD; 08474 - LR; 08597, 20001/028/032/ 034/045/049/056/058/060/065/081/085/121/197/209, 31237, 47191, 56082/085/086/088/ 089/090 - TO; 08673/676 - LO; 08687, 31213 - CW; 08789 - BY; 08808 - KD; 08809 - AN; 08899 - DY; 25211/313/322, 31162/189/200/203/275 - BS; 47129/135/137/150/155/187/ 377/378/536 - CD; 
Scottish Region: 08446/568, 37151/152 - ML; 08570, 20100/102, 26027/039/040/046, 27002/033 - HA; 08575, 20122, 37401, 47610/051 - ED; 08693 - AY; 08586/712 - DT; 27004/014/020/032/037/042/063/064/211 - IS; 
Southern Region . 08830 - EH;

08060/062/063/083/096/108/115/121 239/245/248/264/269/321/325/329/332; 20036; 25083; 27019/028/034; 40001/002/004/024,YO 7035/056/057/058/091/129/174/177/195; 45002/023/ 043/050; 46028/037/047/052; 81001; 85033; 97401; P01; TS1;

Stored Serviceable
08430/561 (ML; 08571 (ED);

Stored Unserviceable
08590 (BY); 08624 (NH); 08633 (CH); 08682 (TO); 08691 (SP); 08702 (BY); 08784 (WN); 27030 (ED);

08565/730 (ML; 08618 (DY); 08673 (DO); 08676 (NH); 08690 (AN) ; 08817 (TE); 20006/ 020/117/120 (ML) ; 20080 (HA); 25257 (CD); 26014 (HA); 27028 (ED); 27036 (HA);

ZL - 08114/204/350, 25120/301, 46002/016
ZF - 08105/148/199/205/235/263/275/374/381, 40069/080/096/129/141/197
ZC - 40052/084/121/188/191
Coopers, Sheffield - ADB968001

08565/576/589/592/613/618/631/668/673/676/690/697/730/799/800/803/808/817 20001/006/007/010/020/032/034/040/047/051/052/080/082/084/117/128/134/135/ 136/142/157/158/178/180/183/186/195  26011/014/021/024/036, 27028, 31169/246/291/303,  37075/083/097/100/217/222/235/251.

Headlight fitted

Headlight removed

Steam pipe removed

Slow speed control fitted

Slow speed control removed

Buckeye removed

ETH fitted

Push-pull fitted

Twin-tanks fitted

Boiler removed
26021/024/036, 31119/169/246/291/412/416/449-454, 37107, 37401, 47076/618/620/621/622/623

New locos
56133/134 - GD; 58015/016 - TO;

Boiler isolated
31180/189/196/243/247/272, 37092/182/185, 47105/135/279

Boiler re-instated

37078 'Teesside Steelmaster' 37229 'The Cardiff Rod Mill'  37260 'Radio Highland' 47596 'Aldeburgh Festival'
47611 'Thames' 47616 'University of Stirling'  56133 'Crewe Locomotive Works' 86231 'Starlight Express'
86315 'Rotary International' 86316 *Wigan Pier'

Names Removed
47510 ‘Fair Rosamund' 47511 'Thames’

HST’s named
43002 'Top of the Pops' 43077 'County of Nottingham'  43101 ‘Edinburgh International Festival’ 
43102 'City of Wakefield'  43121 'West Yorkshire Metropolitan County’ 43105 'Hartlepool'

27101 to 27045 27108 to 27052 27210 to 27064
31307 to 31449 31133 to 31450 31318 to 31451 31279 to 31452
31114 to 31453 31228 to 31454 31246 to 31455 31291 to 31456
31303 to 31457 31169 to 31458
37268 to 37401
47030 to 47618 47264 to 47619 47070 to 4762o 47136 to 47621
47134 to 47622 47087 to 47624 47076 to 47625 47510 to 47713
86032 to 86432


Scottish Region: 51469/70, 51536, 53159, 53748, 59557/565 - ED; 51803, 53565/577. 59210, 59560/567 – AY:
Eastern Region: 51260/279, 54440 - LN; 53204/215/231, 54050, 54363/368 - NC; 53614/616/6237624, 54194/196, 54204/209 - BG;
Western Region: 51363, 51405, 59515 - BR; 51790, 53083, 53820, 59550 - CF;
London Midland Region: 51180, 53308/312/313/322/331/332/333. 53686, 54200, 59116/117/125, 59532/540 - CH; 51567, 53926, 54494, 55000/002/05/011 - LO; 51569, 51927/934/935/936/938/943, 52039/049/050/051/058, 53504Y5056, 53634, 53932, 59386390, 59794  BX; 51573/582/587/589/594. 51909/910/911/917. 52045; 53661/680/691/694 53709/710/729/733/735, 53929/940, 54212/269/271/273/274, 54502, 5993/994, 59054. 59105/108, 59297, 59528/532/540/685 - NH; 53437. 53522 - CW; 54499 - AN; 59124 -DY;
Southern Region: 1101 - SE;

51280/88/90/91, 51951/53/55/60/63/64/66/67, 52040/088-095, 53379, 53424/32/49/80/90/97/98, 53502/15/46/62/90, 53605/76, 54431, 59218/27/40, 59350/52/68, 59619/20/28/33/37/39/44/45/46. 59718.

59047 (HA); 59606/11/31/42 (TS);

Stored Serviceable
59326/42, 59440, 59623 (TS);


New Units
55518-21 (NQ; 55538-41 (NL);

53275 to 78711 51559 to 78721 53280 to 78961 51549 to 78971

Southern Region: 3309-11 - RE; 5021 - SU; 5110/11/12/16-19/21-26 - SG; 6096-98
6100/02/03/05/12/26/41, 6258-65/67-70 - WD; 7357 FR; 7425 - B I;
Scottish Region 303043 - GW;
Eastern Region: 302201/218/221/302, 308993-995 IL; 302206/207/211/224/230,
30T164/165/315 EM; 302213, 308161/160 - CC;
London Midland Region 508001/002/006/008/018/019/024/025/027/030/031/034 - BD; 508029/038 - WD;

To Departmental service
6116 to 054, 6156 to 051 (previous 051 withdrawn)

28386/89, 28673/76/77/85/87, 29136/49/56, 29272/75/76/84, 29703/06/07/15, 29832/33/42 305423-439, 308991/992, 5312/21/42/63-67/69

Stored serviceable 
303077 - GW; 6281~87/89-93 - WD.,

Stored unserviceable
304018/025/032/033 CE; 304038 - LG; 311093/096 - GW;

303077 GW; 304040 LG; /73 - RE;

New units
5701-07 - WD; 5874 - WD;

5702-93 to 6202-93 respectively
5021 to 5455 5655 to 6320 5669 to 6322 5675 to 6323
5678 to 6321 508003 to 508103 508010 to 508110
508014 to 508114 508015 to 508115 508016 to 508116
508017 to 508117 508020 to 508120 508022 to 508122
508023 to 508123 508032 to 508132 508033 to 508133
508043 to 508143

508026/028/036/037 reclassified 508/0 Other remaining Southern Region Class 508s are re-classified 508/1

HST coaches withdrawn
40519/20 (to be converted to loco hauled coaching stock)

Eastern Region:
Seen at Normanton on 23rd October were 47150/199/345 on oil trains; 47219 on a chemicals train; 25034 on a cement train; 31175, 37034/126/144, 47277/292 on engineering trains; 31113, 40160, 56134+45019, 56024 on other trains. With conversions now up to 31457 despatched from Doncaster works and the onset of cooler temperatures, anything but a class 31/4 on the south trans Pennine service is unusual. However Saturday 3rd November saw 47354 work the 11.41 Manchester Pic.-Hull service as far as Sheffield, whilst on Saturday 1st December, 31159 worked the 08.41 Manchester Plc.-Cleethorpes throughout.
Manchester City’s football follower had a nice warm journey on 17th November when 47341 worked the 'Footex' to Sheffield United - the empty stock working from Longsight to Piccadilly producing 25322 'Tamworth Castle'. The Sheffield Wed. 'Footex' to Everton on 1st December was worked by 45006.
On Tuesday 13th November HRH Prince Charles visited Hull on the ‘Operation Raleigh' programme. The former Hull trawler 'Cordella’, renamed ‘Sir Walter Raleigh', sailed from Hull King George and Queen Elizabeth Dock. The Royal Train was hauled into Hull Paragon by immaculately turned out Class 47 loco 47579 'James Nightall GC' along with 5 maroon coaches.
Unusual motive power for the 14.20 Newcastle - Liverpool service on 1st December was 31442 which was noted at York.
A Santa Steam Special will work on Saturday 29th December. The train will start from Peterborough, diesel hauled to Hull calling at Grantham, Doncaster and Goole. The engines will be 5305 Hull-Scarborough-York and 777 York-Leeds-Harrogate-York-Hull. Details from HLPG Railtours, 14.5pringfield Court, Anlaby, Hull HU10 6SJ.

Southern Region
The following were noted on 19th November on a trip from Waterloo to Southsea: 73128 and 50017 on Waterloo; 09002, 33002 at Clapham Jcn.; 33001, 73101/122 at Woking; 33007/058 at Fratton.

Western Region

Noted at Swindon Works on the 16th October were:
North Yard - 08026/134/187/188/193/195/322/349/351/352/360/377/387/403/415/454/455/457/464/469/471/476/495/500/559/561/562/727,25056/067/090/101/104/115/124/126/10/130/135/136/139/141/144/152/153/157/1-58/177/179/187/188/242, 40092, 46014/047, 97202(25131). DMU 51798, 51528. 59554, 51187, 51468.
Inside Works (Inc. Workshops) - 03142/152. 08589/803637/83/592/56576/634/521/
/303/153, 25243/250/097/308/132/186, 27002/017/019/034/036. 31111 40083/54/176193/112/149, 46039/006/033/007/015/055/020/029/044/017/018/0/013/004/049/050/038, 47230.
Noted at Westbury on the 16th October between 1730 and 1830 were: Depot - 08584/585. 37285, 47106/238/254/901, 56036/039/040/043/044/045/047/057/ 084.
Noted at Bristol Temple Meads Station and Bath Road Depot on 16th/17th October 08483/756/950/951/949, 31203/437 33016/002/056/107/017/012/026/018/008/025, 37266/212/282/295/186/127/177, 45147/012/022/116/139,47234/437/060/128/256/131/ 258/162, 50023. 56055/035.
Noted at Gloucester on 17th October 08238/479/900, 20108/106, 31273, 37142/308/121/266/187, 45127/137, 47079/091.
On 24th November 50026 'Indomitable' worked the 09.40 Paddington - Penzance *Jumbo' service (13 vehicles), followed by 50007 *Sir Edward Elgar' on the 10.35 Paddington - Paignton 'Torbay Express'. Both services were diverted via Bristol.

London Midland Region
Noted at Birmingham New Street on 1?th October 08893/920f 25042, 31297/401/417/426, 45119, 47534, 50011/008/036, 85001, 86214/ 248/260/224, 87004/014. Bescot 17th October - 08327/466/901/399/497, 25287/316/119/202/297/168/298, 20113/198/174/166, 31164/122/181/125, 45001/128, 47053/156/228/475/340/304/148/ 341/531/311, 50030, 56088/089, 58010, 86008/245. Leicester 19th October - 08465/474/610/699/329/692, 20150/143/213/217,25060, 31413/288/442, 45007/117, 47324/359, 56065/071. Bedford 19th October - 25178, 56067/083. Bletchley 19th October - 08160/629/667, 25109/196/226, 31131/138/257/302, 81002, 85030, 86234/237/243, 87011/016. Northampton 19th October - 08704/789, 25224, 31141/305, 47350.
Newton Heath and Longsight on 3rd November NH - 08619/675, 25078/199/258/288, 37228, 40009/181, 45109/147, 47013/075, Scrap lines 25084/086, 4,0028 091. LO - 08477/820/891, 2504B, 31229/407/451, 37024, 47018, 56o08, scrap 40035/177.
Noted on Buxton Depot on 30th November 20071/151/182/185/196, 31183, 37241, 47278, DMU 53457,59149,53509,53542,59144', 53598.52039.59386,51938,53456.59230,53508,59163. De-icing unit 977048 ex.56142.
Saturday the 17th November turned out to be the last Saturday of operations for the Class 506 150OV DC EMU's. On that day sets 3/5/7 worked the main Hadfield service. That afternoon set 4 and mixed set 59406/59508/59608 worked the 'Class 506 Farewell' non-stop from Manchester Pic. to Hadfield and back. suitably adorned with a commemorative wreath.
Thank you.
Thanks for the above information goes to Messrs Brackenbury, Dewing, Caddick, Warren, Booth, Barclay, 40129 and Mrs Bladen.


Crewe Works 3rd November 1984

Reception Areas - 08703, 20021/072/172/173/188, 37090/153/183/178/095. 40183. 47318/415/4~2/460,81014/015, 86251.
Scrap Line - 25083, 40139/065/008/088/023/121, 45053, 81016, ADB968o16. Electro Repair Shop - 20131, 47005/286, 85027.
Traverser Area - 08450, 20209/140/134/136/052/071/001/158, 37286/038/075/242, 40049/020, 47511/078/417/342/563/378/144/313/623/552/419/546, 56135, 81001, 84008.
Main Repair Shop - 20159/056/075/180/057/195/186/178/053/157/147/051/047/ 084/ 034/177/183/135, 37274~to 402}/268{to 401}/196/251/235/083/ 217, 47200A847364/273kto 627 1510 to 713' /082 ' to 626)/310/ 235/578/458/113/324/428/539/430/232/470/331/0 51/197/625, 81021, 85009/036/011/024, 86002/230/432(was 032)/261/326/ 420(was 320).

Doncaster Works 21st. October 1984
Yard - 08420
Paint Shop - 56073, 31228
Outside - 08100/101/183/256/261/401, 20050, 31202/232/256/431. 40029,
46028/037/046, 56082, 58018/019
Weighing Shop - 58020
Crimpsall. - 08605, 31248, 50017
4 Bay - 3:1106/159/169/246/291, 37097, 50015/041/043
3 Bay - 08618/741, 31449
58 shop - 31303/423, 58021 - 25 (unfinished)
Dismantling Shop - 31266, 50038
Scrap Lines - 03175(cab), o8147, 4oo74/085/090/169/196
DMU - 51205/211/569/909/819/838/225/299, 52071/082/059/064, 53517/616/136/960/540/033/630/641/265/500/444/439/618/605, 54429/076/182/036/088/209/373/190, 59245/383/207, 78710.

Doncaster Works 18th November 1984
Yard - 08866
Paint Shop - 56074, 58021
Outside - 08100/136/256/261/401/264/734, 20050. 31232/297/412/457, 40029,
46028/37/44 56082 58018/49
Test House 58022
Crimpsall 31248
4 Bay - 31202/256/266/303/423, 37097, 50027/038/041
3 Bay - 08605/743
2 Bay - 56073, 58019
58 shop - 31129/315, 58007, 58023 - 26 (unfinished)
Dismantling Shop - 08880, 50023 - 03175(cab), 08147, 4o074
Scrap Lines DMU - 51819/838/545/555 81Y16214, 52064/059/071, 53381/630/425/618/500/439/444/ 512/641/046/021, 54439/190/439/010, 59383/245. 78710.

Christmas Teaser Answer
Robin Skinner on BBC Sheffield speaking of BR platform staff at Sheffield – because he is the one with the copper top!! (or the one that keeps going on and on and on and on and……………!!

Dear Dave and Linda,
On Friday 19th October 1984 I boarded the 18.09 train at Mexborough to go to Doncaster. The journey to Conisbrough was uneventful, but after leaving Conisbrough Tunnel I noticed four or five school children in the limestone quarry. As we passed them they threw several stones at the train, which startled me and most of the other passengers. Luckily no windows were broken.
At Doncaster, I duly reported the incident to the Station Supervisor who told me that it had been reported by persons from the preceding train.
Now, as most of our members will know, I work for Yorkshire Traction and again school children threw a half-brick at our service no.279 at Bolton-on-on-Dearne. This said half-brick hit one of the passengers and split open his head, necessitating several stitches.
But back to what I was saying, what if a stone or other projectile went through the window of an HST.? I dread to think what would happen and I think it is time something was done to stop, or reduce, such acts of idiocy before someone is hurt.
Regards Les Warren P.S. I have also written to the Divisional Manager at York on the same subject.
Here is the reply to the P.S.from York
Dear Mr Warren,
Thank you very much for your letter of 22 October. We are, alas, all too aware of the vandalism and wanton damage that is caused to our trains. It is very good of you to point out this particular Instance.
You may be interested to know that as a result of incidents like the ones you have experienced the glass in the windows of all High Speed Trains has been strengthened. Also the British Transport Police have embarked on a tour of schools, explaining the dangers of trespass and vandalism on British Rail and the penalties that could ensue.
Thank you once again.
Yours sincerely,
- Lou Tate (Projects Assistant)

(Any comment from me would be superfluous, but all credit to Les for taking the trouble to write to B.R. The Ed.)

The following letter has also been received:

Dear Mrs Bladen,
I am development officer of the Glossop Electric Group, who's aim is to preserve a DC/EMU. In the new year we will be holding a "Pennine Bike Race" from Glossop to Sheffield, to help raise funds and we would be very pleased if you could give us a mention In your 'Trans Pennine' magazine. Some of your members may wish to become involved in this event and any help would be very useful, as we are rather short of marshals (mainly for the halfway stage). I will let you know the exact date of the race around Christmas time.
Yours in anticipation -
Barry Carlton.
Anyone wishing to know more about the above event or the Group itself, should contact me, or Mr Carlton at 457 Surrey Street, Glossop.


The following poems were written by Harvey Wilkes, a 17 year old student Dental Technician who travels daily between Huddersfield and Sheffield. Harvey is not a rail enthusiast but he has graphically perceived what many of us know to be descriptive of many of British Rail's current minor routes.

The rusty reminders of days gone by,
The silent scrap standing ready to die,
The brick and stone, the slate and lead,
The ugly reminders of our history dead.

The pathetic blue snakes that rattle and crawl,
The deceased signal boxes that stand so tall,
 The repetitive rhythms of ancient steel,
The final course in Lord Beeching's meal.

The jumbled up smell of oil and things,
The old station master who whistles and sings,
The black tunnel mouths that gape. So sad,
 That horrible feeling of it all turned bad.



We received 11 correct entries for the last quiz and so after the usual draw for places, the following will receive the prizes:
1st A. Watts  2nd N. E. Wright  3rd J R Dewing 
And, here are the answers:

Across                                                         Down
1. Howe                                                       1. Heaton
3. Eagle                                                       2. William Cookworthy
4. Robin                                                       5. Caledonian
5. Cock                                                       7. Loch
6. Lion                                                         8. Ajax
7. Leviathan                                                 11. Tamar
9. County                                                     12. Gatwick
10. Awe                                                       13. Rodney
11. Tiger                                                      15. Rat
14. Meteor                                                   18. Atlas
16. Darlington                                              19. Hood
17. Ark Royal                                               21. Express
20. Crepello                                                 23. Orion
22. Odin
24. Phoenix
25. Anson




A fictitious tale of what could happen If a Society trip was run to the seaside. All references to members are purely deliberate.
Now a major film. Great trouble has been taken regarding casting as close in likeness to the real characters as possible. Starring Russell Harty as Robin Skinner, Tom Sellick as John Sanderson, Robert Redford as Tony Caddick, Paul Newman as Tony Needham and Clint Eastwood as Chief Sutton. The parts of Linda and Dave Bladen have not yet been cast - Bo Derek and Laurence Olivier have been approached).
The story
It had been decided that everyone would meet on Doncaster station forecourt at 07.30, in order to catch the 07.48 train to Piddle-by-the Sea, a quiet little seaside resort on the east coast, between Bridborough and Scarlington. Robin was first to arrive, donning his 'kiss me quick' hat and clutching a red and yellow bucket and spade.
As predicted, John and the two Tony's baled off the 07.29 arrival ex-Sheffield (nothing like punctuality). John was obviously ready for the summer weather that seaside resorts have to offer, as he was wearing a polo neck jumper, overcoat and blue and white speedway scarf. "Morning John," remarked Robin. Now at this time of the morning It was more of a question than a greeting! "UW' was the well directed reply. "Good session last night?" asked Robin "Too good. Got a b****Y headache". John did not appreciate the enquiry. Dave and Linda, soon followed by Chief Sutton, completed the arrivals and almost in unison, a chorus of "Morning Chief' rang round the forecourt. They all looked In bemusement however at Chief's additional luggage, a deckchair. "What the b******g hell have you brought that for?" enquired Tony C. cautiously. "I can sit in t'bus station and look at monsters" "Aren't you going for a paddle?" enquired Tony C. "No buses in t*sea" replied Chief. "P*****k!!" remarked Tony N. Dave and Linda looked at each other. Their facial expressions said everything. "If we're all 'ere we'll go and look for our train" remarked Robin. His leadership can be quite ruthless at times.
At that Robin led his merry gang onto the station, bound for the 07.58. Minutes later and they were all remarking on the comfort of the Cravens DMU.,. Chief was still revelling in how big a monster it was, whilst John was trying to keep the previous night's ale down. A quiet journey ensued and Piddle was reached right on time. The wonders of Inter City travel.
As they made their way off the station John pointed at his watch and said, "Thirty seven minutes and they'll be open'. :'Better then John?" asked Tony C. ,:Oh yes, certainly am. Ready for a refill". The predictable answer. How about a game of football on the beach?" asked Robin "Excuse me!" rasped John, "I've not come all the way 'ere to play football!". Linda wasn't ever so keen either. "I'm off to t'bus station, what time's train back?" enquired Chief. "Be back 'ere for five o'clock' answered Robin, looking at his match and timesheet. (what efficiency!) "What time is the train?" asked Tony N. "Ten past five, why?" queried Robin "Just asking~', Tony answered. "Make that half past five, Chief' he called to a fast disappearing, deckchair clutching, figure.
The rest decided to walk along the sea front and bang on opening time, as If pre-planned, they arrived outside the Horse and Cart pub.
"Well, that's It. They're open John exclaimed as the landlord propped the door open with a stool. With that, they all disappeared into the pub.
The next few hours were spent wining and dining on ale, pie and mushy peas. A strategically placed television set helped pass the time and things were fairly quiet until a preview of a forthcoming ice speedway event came on the screen. "Hells bells, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, !! gasped John. Tony C. spilt his beer laughing and Tony N., quite uncharacteristically said, "Silly p*****k !!
Several beers and few hours later the South Yorkshire Executive Committee staggered out of the pub, bid their farewells to a relieved landlord, and made their way across the road to an awaiting bench on the promenade. General conversation, albeit somewhat slurred, ensued until John looked up at an oncoming Bristol VR bus with an attachment protruding from an upstairs window. "Oh my God, what's that?" he asked pointing towards the bus "My Lords, Dreadful Beast", was all that could be heard as the bus roared past with Chief's head and right arm sticking out of the upstairs back window. "Clown, that's finished me" said John, as he slumped back onto the bench.
As one by one the drunkards regained normality and the effects of the session started to wear off, they made their way back to the station, and the 17.10 to Doncaster. As they approached the station, a figure in a deckchair sat outside the taxi rank and waved. "Had a good day Chief?" asked Tony C. "Dreadful", was the reply as Chief rubbed his finger ends together and protruded his hand in an outstretched fashion.
They made their way onto the platform and boarded their homeward bound train, rather saddened that their day by the sea was drawing to a close. "Guess who I saw having a paddle" asked Chief "How do we know?" retorted Tony N. "He had his trousers rolled up to his knees and was four feet out to sea with a cup of tea In his hand , "Oh, no", remarked Tony C., clutching his head as if in pain, "Micklethwaite".
Laughter surrounded the DMU. as it lurched Into action and slowly left the station. Piddle-by-the-Sea would never be the same again. As the DMU. disappeared into the distance a figure slumped onto a bench and sighed "I wanted that train, never mind, time for another cup of tea".
The End.

(NB. The typist will divulge the author of the above article to anyone, providing the application is on a crisp, new, brown form 10!!)


John Sanderson; A Tory Party 1985 calendar, with 12 photos of 'that woman'.
Robin Skinner: A Matchbox, to keep his new car in (have you seen it??)
Tony Caddick: Free membership of Sheffield Utd. FC.
Jon Davies: Two sleeves for his one and only jumper (Sheffield Eagles, no less!)
Linda Bladen: A £10 voucher for a new hair-do. (The last one didn't work) - why am I typing this??
Dave Bladen: A big new chopper to play with while Linda is having her hair done!
Tom Helliwell: Life membership for Rotherham Utd. - poor sod!
Pete Wesley: A bottle of after-shave and a razor.
Tony Needham: A pint-pot with a bottom - his is always empty!
Glyn Gossan: Two dozen nappies and a peg (phew!)
Arthur Scargill: Two tickets to the Policeman's Ball (Raffle or Dance?)
Norman Tebbit: Pyjamas and a brain- for the ones he lost at Brighton and for the one he never had!
Finally! Mrs Thatcher: Two Sikh body guards!

Activity Questionnaire

Dear Member,
In order that the Society may cater more fully for your needs we would appreciate you completing this questionnaire and returning it to Tony Caddick (or any other convenient committee member) Preferably before the Annual General Meeting on January 20th.1985.

Members Name .......

Q1. Did you participate in any Pennine trips in 1984 YES / NO

(If Yes 'go to question 2. If No, go to Question)

Q2. Did you enjoy your trip YES / NO

Q3. Could the trip have been better organised.

If so, how

Q4. Do you intend to go on any trips in 1985 YES / NO

Q5. If Yes, what are your preferences

Q6. If you did not, or do not intend participating. WHY

Tick one or more blocks:-

a. Trips too expensive 

b. Trips not to your liking 

c. Not enough variation 

d. Not enough Depots/Works 

e. Dates unsuitable 

f Other reasons (Please state) 

Q7. We appreciate that many members do not go on any of our organised trips. If you are one of those members are you satisfied with the other activities of the Society YES / NO

If NO what improvements would you suggest

Q8. What are your main areas of interest (Tick one or more)

a. General observation of railways 

b. Train Spotting (Number taking) 

c. Railway Preservation 

d. Railway Photography 

e. Visits to Motive Power Dents/Works 

f. Social meetings with other enthusiasts 

g. Loco Haulage. e.g. Special Trains etc. 

h. Any other ....................................  

Q9. What type of trips would you like to see the Society

organise which would gain your support (Tick one or more)

a. Rail Visits to Motive Power Depots/Works

b. Rail visits to Preserved Railways

c. Rail/Coach trips to various areas e.g. Rail to Cardiff. Coach to South Wales Depots etc.

d. Coach Trips to areas which are impractical by rail

e. Weekend Visits (e.g. London or Scotland etc)

f. Visits to Specialised Locations e.g. Coaching Stock depots etc.
g. Any other suggestions (Please state below) 


MANY THANKS FOR YOUR VALUED ASSISTANCE.... PLEASE NOTE... The Society is prepared to run trips (if reasonably supported) to any location but please bear in mind that we are often restricted by various regulations (e.g. times of visits to MPD/Works often restricted by BR/BREL). We do not wish to turn up at locations without permits and earn the Society ( and rail enthusiasts in general) a bad name. Also remember that at the end of the day we must recover any incurred costs (Permit costs etc.)