No.49 - Autumn 1984


Welcome to the autumn edition of Trans Pennine. I have to apologise yet again for the lateness of the magazine. Linda and I are in the middle of trying to move house and spare time is at a premium just now. Hopefully things should be sorted out in time for the next magazine. In the meantime please keep sending your contributions to the Finningley address. Because this magazine is late there is nothing written about the slide contest - by the time you read this it will all be over!

The 10th Anniversary events have been a big success and reflect the amount of hard work put In by the anniversary committee. Those of you who travelled on the Worth Valley's chartered DMU 'The Pennine Independence' will, I think, agree with me that an excellent evening was had by all. Because of the favourable response the Society will probably repeat this trip next summer. The photographic exhibitions too have been well received. These, together with the broadsheets produced by Mike Bloomer and Tony Booth successfully brought the Society to the attention of the public. The stalls at Doncaster, Sandtoft and York boosted our funds (please don't ask Robin about the plastic glasses!).

Finally the Christmas edition of Trans Pennine will be our 50th one. Your contributions for this milestone will be gratefully received. Please send Items to me by November 30th.

David Bladen.


There were 5 entries for this quiz, the winners are:

1st - E. J. Wright, Clifton, Rotherham. 2nd - Ian Shenton, Rothwell, Leeds. 3rd Stuart Earl, Rothwell, Leeds.

Congratulations to them, here are the answers:1 1976 (2) Nene Valley (3) Lakeside and Haverthwaite (4) Birch Grove 5 Snowdon Mountain Railway (6)Yarwell Junction (7) Ashburton (8) Boscastle 9 Bluebell (10) 1981 (11) Kinlet Hall (12) Vale of Rheidol (13) Llanberis Lake Railway (14) 92 Squadron (15) Worth Valley (16) Bahamas, Leander, Galatea and Kolhapur (17) Western Courier and Western Ranger (18) North Yorkshire Moors (19) Talyllyn (20) The Earl, Welshpool and Llanfair (21) Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge (22) Midland and Great Northern Joint (23) Washford (24) Market Bosworth Light Railway (25) Stapleford Park Miniature Railway, Leics.

Front Cover
Heading a Four Car, Hull - Manchester Piccadilly Express through Chinley, 3rd. August 7982, Albion Engined, B.R. Swindon Built Class 724 "TRANS - PENNINE" Motor Composite No.ES7965.  Photograph: Jon Davis



To London Midland Region: 08399/465/564/899 - DY; 08597, 20193/212/213/216, 31203 - TO; 08619 - NH; 08628 - BY; 25080/229-231/2_14, 47323/328/329/376/433/434 - CD; 25196/198/199 - KD; 25205/209, 31162, 47201-203/330 - B S; 25244 - CW;
31101/118/120/124/132/154/159/163/171/209/216/298, 40013/015/143/160/177/181/194 - LO;

To Scottish Regions 08143~0/433/442/446 - ML; 08568 - AB; 08570/710, 20045/201/208/211 - HA; 08571, 20022/035/048/066/076/095/ 145/154, 37013/090,  47006/009 - ED; 08591/693 - AY; 08621 - IS; 08712/764 - DT;

To Eastern Region.
 08857, 20108, 37023/036/041/047, 56088/81 - TI; 08886, 47435/450/466 GD; 31133/13203/237/246/266/270/ 404/406 /410/411, 47217 - IM; 31142/180/252, 37103 - MR; 31278 323, 37070/074, 47275/276/313/363 - TE; 37064/075, 47311 - HM; 37141/143/ 166 168, 47440/462/476/478/482/551/553/605 - SF;

To Western Region: 08488/491, 37131/182/259, 47130/135/155/162/224/291/297/362/374/379 - CF  08792 37247 - LA 08801 - BZ; 31202 - BR; 47612/613/ 18/620 - CF; 08792

08060/061/121/245/292/321/344, 20036, 25208/242/250, 27019, 40002/024/129/174/
195/196, 46014/017/028/032/037/046

08614/681/685/783 (DY); 08635 
(CH); 08673/697 (TO); 08676 (NH); 08690 (AN); 20007/013/040/099/130 (TI); 20020/117 (ED); 25257 (CD); 25316 (L0); 25322 (BS); 26014 (HA); 27002 (IS)

To store (Unserviceable)
08723/730 (ML; 08727 
(ED); 85033 (CE);

New Locomotives
56132 - GD; 58015 - TO;


31148 to 31448,   31307 to 31449,   31133 
to 31450
to 37401   47149 to 47617,   47030 to 47618,
to 47619, 47070 to 47620,  47136 to 47621,
to 86432,

Dual Braked
08618/635/668/673/676/690/783/800/804/808/818, 20001/010/020/032/056/058/060/073/080/082/117/134-136/158,

Slow Speed Control Fitted

Slow Speed Control Removed

Buckeye Removed

Boiler Removed
26021, 31416/450, 47620/621

Boiler Isolated
31189, 37182/401, 47105

Boiler Reinstated

ETH Fitted

To departmental stock
to 97805 (RY)

ZF 08201, 40093/096/167/197
ZI, 25117/120, 40153, 46043
ZC 40084/188

Teesside Steelmaster
The Cardiff Rod Mill
Radio Highland
Aldeburgh Festival
Crewe Locomotive Works
Gatwick Express
Dudley Castle
Rotary International

City of Peterborough 43061 City of Lincoln
Highland Chieftain 43102 City of Wakefield
Hartlepool 43110 Darlington


To Eastern Region
HT - 51205/11
/19/23/26/36/46, 51506/08/14, 53140/495/50/53/56/57/61/62/65/69-71,53180/88/93//96, 53200/12/21/33/14/46/48/50/55/ 56/62/63/65/67/95. 53751, 54052/54/61/71/79/85/91, 54219, 54370/78/81/86/92, 59055 /75/77/84/85/94
NC 51217/29/47/52, 53167/99, 53201/10/14, 54062/67/72/89, 54364/74/87, 54400
NL 51425/28/30-34/40/96 97/98/99, 51501-04, 51809-20/22-36 38-47, 52066-73/75-85, 59694/96/97, 59701/09/10, 59809/10/12/17
CA 51435/36/38/41, 54065/74, 54362/84
BG 53601/02/04-08/10/13/18-22/30-32/37-39/41-46. 54190/91/92/93/95/97/99, 54200-03/07/08/10, 59245-50, 59380-5

To London Midland Region:
51917, 54502 - NH; 53 37/80 - CW; 59104, 59571/72 - DY;

To Scottish Region:
51469/70, 51536, 53159, 59557/65 
- ED; 53577, 59567 - AY;

To Southern Region:

51952/56/58, 52003/017/040, 52096-98, 52100/02-04, 54130/40. 54413/35/51/70, 59236/38/39, 59765/67-73/99. 59818/20-25/27/34-39/41/42

59047 (HA); 59564 (ED)

New DMUs
- NL


53275 to 78711 NL
51559 to 78721 N1
53280 to 78961 NL
51549 to 78971 NL


To Eastern Regiom : 302202/209/212/214/216/222-224/278/302 - I L; 302206/207/211/230. 308164/165/313 - EM;

To Scottish Region: 303006/014/051/056 - GW; 303068-072 - H Y;

To Southern Region: 3301-08, all class 413/2 - RE; 5127-29, 5751/52/55-60 - S G; 6061-64/-70/7-2/75/77/78/80/87/89/90/92 - WD; 7058, 7406-9 - BL; 

To London Midland Region: 508012/13/16/21/32/33 - BD;

305426/431/432/436/438 308991/992, 6002/16/19/24-26/29/34/47/49, 6147/50/53/59/ 61-63/66/0/69-73, 5307-09/19/23/38/43/57/61/62/68/70, 5788/94/95 28390, 29154, 29830

Stored Serviceable
303077 (GW)

303011 (HY)

5653 to 6316,   566 to 6318,   5662 to 6319   5672 to 6317,   7901 to 7788,   7902 to 7789   7903 to   7790, 7904 to 7791,  7905 to 7792 7906 to 7793,   7907 to 7794, 7908 to 7795   7909 to 7796,   7910 to 7797,   7911 to 7799.


Dear Sir,
On Monday 10th September. Geoff Bambrough and I took ill-afforded time off work and with the kind help of Bob Peach, set up the Pennine Railway Society 10th Anniversary display in Doncaster Public Library. The display appears to have been extremely successful except for a few snide remarks from one or two members, that photographs were Incorrectly captioned and credits were omitted. To these 'knockers' I put forward the following Yorkshire saying "Do summat, or say nowt". It always seems that when jobs are to be done certain people make themselves very conspicuous by their absence (no names, no pack-drill.. My colleague Jack Davis also put on a wonderful exhibition at the Midland Bank, Darnall and if the 'behind the back' comments were also aimed at him I am sure that he would reiterate the above comments.

Yours faithfully Tony Booth.

Ed. says

I couldn't agree more! Having seen both displays, I can appreciate just how much work has gone Into them. More importantly, the people for whom the displays are intended, the general public, have shown nothing but praise, if remarks by both bank and library staff are anything to go by. I leave the critics with a famous LANCASHIRE saying - 'Put up, or Shut up'

by 5D018

What now seems to be an annual pilgrimage occurred again on 6th July, when I started out for the Isle of Wight for two weeks holiday. Having been for the previous four years I thought I would scout around and try and find some signs of a bygone age, i.e. old lines, as well as taking the usual photos on the Ryde-Shanklin line which is still operative.
The first train ran on the Island on 16th June 1862 when the Cowes-Newport line opened, followed by the Ryde St. Johns-Shanklin line on 23rd August 1864. Ryde Pier Head was reached by July 1880 and the eventual goal, Ventnor, In September 1886.
From Sandown, the Newport line was opened fully on 1st June 1879 (Ryde was reached by 1st February 1875) and Ryde to Newport opened on 20th September 1875, thus giving us the two lines left in 1965; Ryde-Cowes and Ryde-Ventnor.
In addition, a branch from Brading to Bembridge opened on 27th May 1882 and on 10th September 1888 a cross-country line was opened linking Newport with Freshwater and Yarmouth.
The final venture on the island was Merstone (on the Newport-Sandown line) to St. Lawrence, opened on 20th July 1897 and on to Ventnor in June 1900.
The lines changed ownership twice; In 1923 they became part of the Southern Railway and in 1948 when the whole network was nationalised. A drop in receipts during the 1950's saw line closures. The Merstone-Ventnor West on 15th September 1952, followed by the Bembridge branch and the Newport-Freshwater lines on 21st September 1953. The Newport-Sandown line followed on 6th February 1956 leaving the Ryde-Ventnor and Ryde-Cowes lines. These however were due to close from 31st October 1965 (with the exception of the Ryde-Shanklin section) but replacement bus services did not materialise. Alas, on 21st February 1966, the Smallbrook Jcn - Cowes section did close, followed on 18th April 1966 by the Shanklin-Ventnor section. High road improvement costs and the inability of buses to handle the Summer Saturday traffic saved the Ryde-Shanklin section and so it was decided to electrify the section during the winter of 1966/67. The last steam service ran from Shanklin-Ryde Pier Head on 17th September 1966 and the very last steam hauled train was the 22.12 Shanklin-Ryde Esplanade on 31st December 1966, hauled by 0-44T no.14 'Fishbone'. Between September and December trains terminated at Esplanade because of reconstruction work on Ryde Pier. ex. London Underground stock started operating in March 1967.
Most passengers disembark onto the island at Ryde Pier Head where four platforms used to be necessary to handle the traffic; now there are only two. The position of the now defunct signal box can still be seen on the pier. A shuttle service to Esplanade (32 chains from Pier Head), compensates the 4 car + 3 car in summer, 4 car in winter, service to Shanklin. The hovercraft to Portsmouth (Resolution and Tenacity) also leave from Esplanade.
Ryde St. Johns (1 mile 19 chains from Pier Head) has three platforms and the old steam works is now the maintenance depot for the 4 Vec/3Tis electric units. Ryde steam shed used to be opposite the works on the other side of the station, behind the up-platform, but nothing now remains of this.
The signal box at St. Johns is a SECR wooden structure originally at Waterloo Junction, which was re-erected on the Island in 1928. Smallbrook Jcn., (2 miles 10 chains from Pier Head), was the junction of the Cowes line from the Ventnor line and was reputedly the busiest single line junction in the country, with up to twelve trains an hour on a Summer Saturday. The Cowes line trackbed is now totally overgrown and it is
just noticeable where the junction was.
Brading station 54ch from Pier Head) is a simple two platform, plus  the old Bembridge branch bay, affair. With semaphore signals at each end and an attractive little signal box, Brading retains a little of the atmosphere of the 'old days'. The line that the Bembridge branch took is impossible to track, but at Bembridge itself the site of the station is now covered by old peoples flats.
It is good to think though, that the clank, clank, clank of a Westinghouse brake pump on the side of no.24 Calbourne, can still be heard at Haven Street, Isle of Wight. It is thankfully, doubtful whether progress will reach such realms that a power box will be built to replace the semaphores and the three boxes at Ryde St. Johns, Brading and Sandown.
Still, you never know....


I suppose it could be argued that since January 2nd 1982, a great deal of water (drought permitting) has trickled beneath that well used bridge. (What
What is more certain is that during 1980/81 many of the Doncaster and Mexborough members of this illustrious (a class 50!) society, were avid 'Deltic
Bashers'. Every weekend, and some weekdays too, off to far flung corners of the BR network, chasing, photographing and generally paying homage to the Class 55s.
Where are all these people now?? Do they care that Deltics still run? Two do.
Pete Stojanovic and I regularly #go where plenty have gone before and will continue to do so', to misquote Star Trek.
55009 'Alycidon' and 55019 'Royal Highland Fusilier', if you don't already know, (and if not, why not?), are owned, maintained and operated by members of the Deltic Preservation Society and these two fine examples of English Electric craftsmanship can be found regularly hauling up to 10 coach trains, the 18 mile length of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.
Pete and I regularly undertake the 1.1/2  (by fast car!) hour journey to Grosmont where we help with the seemingly impossible task of keeping 36,000 worth of locomotives in working order. Our trips to that out-station of Finsbury Park, known as Grosmont Depot, are now approaching 'epic' proportions. So far this year I have been to Grosmont no less than 15 times. Pete is a couple of days behind me due to failing to wake up, but I haven't mentioned that!!

The highlight of this season, so far, has been the repainting of 55009, a task involving many hundreds of hours work - not only daylight hours either! To meet the deadline of Tuesday April 17th, some members were putting In as much as 20 hours a day to finish the task, which was accomplished on schedule, In less than ideal circumstances. But come the big day the loco was exhibited at Grosmont Station for the benefit of both BR officials, who preferred the beer in the 'Railway Tavern' and the officials of the Rail Riders Club, whose mascot no.9 is. Both parties were unanimous in saying that a first class job had been done on the loco. Indeed both Deltics are still such a draw that last year a special Rail Riders Day was held on the NYMR using 9, 19 and LMS 5XF no.5690. The day was an unqualified success. It shows that although the locos have been absent from the ECML, for many months now, there are still those who like the locos and despite setbacks like travel and lack of money, the latter I know only too well, are willing to make the effort. Something seems to be lacking closer to home!
Another notable event in 1984, on Friday June 8th to be precise, was the visit to the NYMR of the BR weed-killing train. This was operated on the NYMR by 55019. Indeed no.19 had to do 1/2 mile of illegal mileage on the Esk, Valley branch to pick up the train.
Having mentioned previously no.9's repaint, this winter will see the start of an even more mammoth task. 55019, after the 29th September Diesel Day, is being withdrawn for approx. 18 months so that a thorough overhaul can be done on the whole loco. This will Include the steam heat generator and the faulty traction motor, both engines, pumps, compressors, exhausters, control equipment, air reservoirs, bogies and of course the loco body. All this will be followed by a thorough repaint, in a livery to be decided by DPS members. When all this has been achieved, then perhaps thought can be given to getting the loco back on the mainline.
Of a closer nature is the intention of overhauling the steam heat generator on No. 9. This done, the loco will be able to heat trains In the winter period and it is anticipated that the loco will work the 11.00 and 14.00 ex. Grosmont, Santa Specials on December 2nd.
With all this work to be done there is plenty to keep anyone busy. Perhaps it is wishful thinking that more Pennine members will be seen where the action is during 1985.


If any members of the Society are planning to visit Holland in the near future, the following sightings of the former BR Class EM2 Co-Co locomotives may be of value for anyone seeking out these particular locomotives which operate primarily on the Den Haag - Venlo route:
Monday 25th June - Den Haag HS
1506 ex 270021Aurora') 17.43 train No.1556 Venlo - Den Haag CS)
1503 {ex 270041Juno') 18.43 train No.2516 {Koln - Venlo Den Haag CS)
1506 18.52 train No.1571 (Den ;r Haag CS Venlo)
Tuesday June 26th - Den Haag CS
1503 light engine 10.42 hours
1501 (ex 270031Diana') arrives 10.46 with train No.1528 (Venlo - Den Haag CS)
1501 arrives 17.52 with train No.1556 (Venlo - Den Haag CS) departs 18.47 with train No.2516 (Den Haag CS Venlo)
1506 arrives 18.47 with train No.2516 (Koln - Venlo Den Haag CS)
Wednesday 27th June - Den Haag CS
1504 (ex 27006'Pandoral) arrives 17.47 with train No.1556 departs 18.47 with train No.1571
1501 arrives 18.48 with train No.2516
Thursday 28th June - Den Haag CS
1501 light engine 10.10 hours
1502 (ex 27000*Electra') arrives 10.50 with train No.1528
Rotterdam CS
1506 arrives 14.23 with train No.2508 (Koln - Venlo - Den Haag CS)
1502 arrives 17.21 with train No.1556
departs 17.23 to Delft (17.34), Den Haag HS (17.42), Den Haag CS (17.48)
Den Haag CS
1504 arrives 18.48 with train No.2516. However the train is hauled by Class 1300 loco No.1308, with 1504 'dead' behind the leading locomotive.
1502 departs 18.47 with train No.1571
Friday 29th June - Den Haag HS
1504 09.42 with train No.1524 (Venlo - Den Haag CS)
NB 1505 (ex 2?001'Ariadnel) was not sighted
-- (ex 27005'Minerva') body removed by Dutch Railways and other ~components used for spares.


Having several times traversed the whole length of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, I decided that In the summer of 1984 I would try alighting at one of the intermediate stations and walking in Newtondale, and so enjoy some different views of the trains.
On July 22 I bought a return ticket to Newtondale halt and boarded the 13.20 departure at Pickering. The journey for the first few miles up the wooded valley. round many curves and then down the long straight to Levisham, was pleasant as always, but it was on the gradients beyond Levisham that the loco, K1 2-6-0 no. 62005, really began to work hard. It was a 5 coach train, and I was in the rear vehicle; first on one side and then on the other, I leaned from the window to watch the K1 twisting and turning it's way through the forest, while the blast of it's exhaust filled the train. The gradient steepened to 1 in49, then eased; the train passed a derelict signalbox and took another right hand bend, and then was pulling up at Newtondale, an unstaffed halt newly built among the conifer woods.
I alighted, stood under the trees by the platform to photograph 62005 departing for Goathland and Grosmont, then followed a track northwards through the forest. Only a few people had got off the train at Newtondale, and soon I was quite alone, enjoying a solitary walk through the woods. A coloured marker beside the track confirmed that I was following two of the paths set out on a notice-board at Newtondale halt; a quarter of a mile further on, a signpost pointed to a steep path up through the trees to the left, the long walk back to Levisham station, but I was following the medium walk to Needle Point and I kept straight on. The day, although overcast, was warm and still, and flies swarmed among the trees; I was glad when the view opened out to the right to show the railway parallel with the track on which I was walking. Where a stile showed a footpath crossing the valley floor, I turned off the track - perhaps another day I will continue to Needle Point - and made my way down to the railway. Away from the forest there was more of a breeze and fewer flies. I settled down to have a photographic session in this remote spot.
Eventually the distant sound of a deep Stanier whistle warned me that 4-6-0 no. 45428 'Eric Treacy' was approaching with the 13.55 from Grosmont, which the 13.20 from Pickering would have crossed at Goathland. I had plenty of time to take up position and standing on the stile which lets the footpath through the railway fence I snapped 45428 coasting down the empty valley with it's rake of crimson-and cream stock, a nice facsimile of a 1950s London Midland Region scene, with a mass of meadowsweet and other wild flowers in the foreground and the steep green bracken-covered slopes on the east side of Newtondale as a background.
The next train would be the 14.20 from Pickering and this would be hauled by 55009 'Alycidon', which I had already seen on the 12.55 from Grosmont at Levisham. where it had crossed 62005. At last I heard the distinctive sound of a 'Deltic' as 55009 restarted it's train from Newtondale halt and soon the big blue-and-yellow diesel, it's white window-surrounds very prominent, was nosing round the curve out of the forest, the hum of it's engines rising to a crescendo as it accelerated it's train past my vantage point and away up the
valley. The next train, the 14.55 from Grosmont, which crossed 55009 at Goathland, was also diesel-hauled; D5032 'Helen Turner' in green and yellow made a nice picture In the setting of the moorland valley, but I was looking forward to the next northbound train, the 15.20 from Pickering, which would give me a sight of steam at work against the gradient - tender-first - unfortunately; as the NYMR's steam locomotives face south, to see steam hard at work chimney-first one must go to the northern end of the line. In fact, the wind being from the other
direction, and 45428 not making much fuss re-starting from Newtondale halt, I did not hear it until it was very close, and about to emerge from the trees. I had shifted my position back to the stile by the track to Needle Point, so as to get a side view of the steam train rather than a close-up of 45428's tender; the 'Black 5' accelerated as it came past me and I snapped it as it pulled away up the valley, It's train and it's cloud of steam dwindling to insignificance in the moorland panorama.
I could now walk back to Newtondale halt and catch the next train to Pickering; but I decided to wait and photograph the train, which would be steam hauled and then make my way to the halt for the last, diesel powered, train of the day from Grosmont. A family party walking along the track towards Needle Point stopped to see the 15.55 train from Grosmont; it was the first company I'd had since leaving Newtondale Halt and the sound of voices seemed quite strange in the solitude, which until now had been broken only by the noise of the trains. A high-pitched whistle sounded, then train wheels echoing down the valley and 62005 came into sight with five blue-and-grey coaches. Once it had gone, I left the place where I had spent the past few hours and followed the track into the forest and so to Newtondale Halt. The platform was deserted, but a few people arrived in time for D5032 'Helen Turner' heading the 16.20 from Pickering. I expected the 16.55 from Grosmont to be hauled by 'Alycidon'. but in fact it was 'Helen Turner' again. Soon I was on my way down the rails to Pickering, and it was the end of an enjoyable afternoon. On one of the curves before we reached Levisham, I leaned from the window to photograph 'Helen Turner' with a ruined tower high on the skyline ahead. My zap told me that the ruin was called Skelton Tower. It looked an easy walk from Levisham station, and promised to be a good viewpoint for seeing the trains in this part of Newtondale; that would be my next excursion to the North Yorkshire Moors!


In June 1979 I had seen all but one of the original Brush 4 Class 47 locomotives (BR's much maligned unsung heroes) namely 47455. As at July 26th 1984 the situation remains the same. Although I have not consciously 'chased' this loco you would think that after 5 years of visiting most major (and minor) MPD's and works from Laira to Inverness and Parkeston Quay to Pembroke that I would have 'spotted' this elusive loco. If it has travelled as many miles as I have in this ensuing period it has certainly learned it's corn' (like me!) or is on the way to becoming completely knackered (also like me!). Could it be languishing away in some backwater, cut off from the public or will it suddenly appear gleaming from Crewe Works as 476xx?
Is this some sort of record (No - its a short story) or do other members have trouble completing classes of BR locos???


This group has recently been formed and their aim is to reopen a section of the former Hull and Barnsley Railway, from the River Don at Hexthorpe to Anchorage Lane. Successful meetings about the project have been held with DMBC and SYCC and negotiations are under way for two industrial locomotives. Further details about the Society can be obtained from the secretary Mr C. R. Tyas, 1 Manse Close, Cantley Manor, Doncaster DN4 6QX, Tel.538893.


The answers to the following cross-word are all based on modern image loco names. Entries should reach the Editor by October 31st and as usual the prizes are 5, 3 and 2 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd entries!!

Across                                                        Down
1. Does Sir Geoffrey know?                    1. Geordie warmth?
3. Has this one landed?                             2. Bill, the noble chef.
4. (also 19 down)                                      5. Does this canal run down Princess  St.?
The Chairman's hat. (2)                             7. (see 10 across)
5. 0' the North and O'Leekie.                    8. Hoovers like a white tornado
6. Nelson's guardian.                                 11. Brunel crosses it.
7. H.M.S. Biblical sea monster?              12. (also 21 down)
9. Of Norfolk, Suffolk and others.
From the train to the plane. (2)
10. (also 7 down)                                       13. A plonker, Del Boy?
A wondrous Scottish lake.(2)                   15. Roland the Rodent. (slang)
11. The striped protector.                         18. Charles Map?
14. Not quite Halley's Comet.                  19. (see 4 across)
16. Stockton is it's other half.                  21. (see 12 down)
17. From flat-top to Harrier Carrier.      23. A Duff Ford?
20. 12 past the post?
22. From 081 to 606.
24. An Arizonan risen from the ashes.
25. The Royal Scots Grey of Hoovers.



Haymarket - 08421/763/791/881
Eastfield 08343/348/727/754/764/853/855
27004/020/026/030/033/041/ 54/056/ 207
977177, 97252
47412/708 passing
St. Rollox 08246/422/563/721/793
303011/043 519 311099 100
Motherwell- 08312/319/321/326/437/443/561/720/726/736/882/883
Also noted between visits on the same day by those intrepid Pennine
explorers, Tony Booth, Mike and Kevin Bloomer
Miller Hill - 08515/586/711

Waverley - 47705/707 ~
Grangemouth - 08196/347/620
Stirling - 08725
Hyndland - 303037/016/047/022/052 12/020/010/058, 314207/212/210/215
Polmadie - 08173/286/402/723/738~9038
Dunfermline Town Hill - 08175/227/341/346/425/441/452/571/722

Thornton Junction - 08732
Mossend Yard - 20043
Shawfield Sidings - 20022/044/048/078/090/116
Corkerhill - 20035
Gourock 303075/081, 311092/094
Irvine 08430
Ayr (Newton) - 08344/345/433/446/448/449/591/693


Reception Area - 08701, 20056/159/147. 37222/008/090/262, 40183, 47462/609/109/120
47710/376/550/482/444/108/134/614/116/581/452/617, 45053, 56133, ADB968016
Dismantling Scrap Lines - 4011 101/073/023 065 107 008/006/188/191, 25083, ADB 968016
Traverser Area - 08390, 20136/017/158/135/142/143. 37268/214. 40049/020/131. 47415/ 47463/489/309, 81001, 84008. 8502k/O33 Repair Shops/Erecting Shops/Test House - 20072/058/209/032/087/028/005/194 196/197/ 20131/060/082/P-73/071/134, 37095/239/066/010/092/198/009, 47136~203/316/ 47521/619/070/29~/005/105/479/470/032/299/218/618. 56134/135, 81012/014/ 81018, 85003/007/011, 86032/204/206/323


Pilot 08607
Paint Shop 31412. 50004, 58016
Outside paint shop 31448, 50001, 56078, 58008/15
Crimpsall 08605, 56082 4 bay 31133/307/318, 37133, 50013/20/33/41
3 bay 08783/802/817 2 bay 31279, 37100, 58017/8/9/20 (various stages of building)
Dismantling lines 03175 (cab), 08205/263. 40029/68/74/85/129/196 Yard 08374/525/618/627/745, 20050, 31196/216/228/429, 40022/090/158/169/170/174, 56017.


08249, 56124/134, 43064. V2 4471 'Green Arrow'. A4 4498 'Sir Nigel Gresley', 9F 92220 'Evening Star', D17 1621,Sans Pariel.


Class 40 Workings

As the demise of the Class 40s draws ever nearer, their workings during what must be the 'last summer' have been well documented by Pennine members.

23/6/84 40060 08.15 
Man.P.-Skegness (13.24 return)
30/6/84 40082 08.15 
Man.P.-Skegness (13.24 return)
10/7/84 40135 
Hunslet-Stanlow oil tanks
12/7/84 40079 
Hunslet-Stanlow oil tanks
14/7/84 40086 08.15 
Man.P.-Skegness (13.24 return)
17/7/84 40012 10.25 
Heaton-Redbank newspaper empties
noted passing Leeds at 10.40 with a schools charter to York
Stanlow-Hunslet oil tanks
               40155 10.40 
Carlisle-Leeds (15.55 return)
22/7/84 40009/40143 
Class 40 Preservation Society 'Cambrian Coast Express'
24/7/84 40035 
Hunslet-Stanlow oil tanks
               40056 16.35 
25/7/84 40143 
Man. Vic.-Blackpool
arrived Leeds 19.05 on passenger working from Cardiff departs 19.30 towards Sheffield with ECS
27/7/84 40122 08.15 
              40135 10.40 
Carlisle-Leeds (15.55 return)
stabled at Holbeck
28/7/84 40118 08.40 
Man. Vic.-Scarborough (11.49 return)
31/7/84 40099 
Manchester-Scarborough Adex
Heaton-Redbank newspaper empties
2/8/84 40086
Heaton-Redbank newspaper empties
4/8/84 40044 08.15 
Man.P.-Skegness (13.24 return)
5/8/84 40143 08.40 
Man. Vic.-Scarborough
7/8/84 40028 
noted passing Leeds towing HST power-car
8/8/84 40028,40181 
noted passing Wakefield on freight workings
10/8/84 40122 
worked ballast train through Leeds Stn. at 12.00. Returned L/E at 12.40 towards Wakefield.
               40099 10.40 
Carlisle-Leeds (15.55 return)
11/8/84 40122 
11.00 York-Carlisle relief
10.40 Carlisle-Leeds (15.55 return)
16/8/84 40047 
noted passing Hellifield with northbound bitumen tanks
18/8/84 40194 13.40 
21/8/84 40004 
noted stabled at Holbeck 13.00
22/8/84 40104 noted passing Wakefield with a freight working
24/8/84 40155 12.30 
Hunslet-Healey Mills freight
10.40 Carlisle-Leeds (15.55 
30/8/84 40099 
10.40 Carlisle-Leeds (15.55 return)
arrived Leeds 12.45 with Stanlow-East Leeds oil train
1/9/84  40152 10.40 
2/9/84  40135 
noted at 15.40 heading north on the Leeds avoiding line with a rake of 10 mark I 1st class coaches
Heaton-Redbank parcels
7/9/84 40168 
Hunslet-Stanlow oil empties
             40135 15.10 
8/9/84 40135 12.15 
RESL 'Solway Firth Explorer' noted passing Leeds at 18.30
15/9/84 40160 09.30 

Another class nearing the end in the Class 46 - recent workings have been:
7/7/84 46026 10.04 
            46035 12.20 
26/7/84 46052 14.20 Newcastle-Liverpool
25/8/84  46035 10.04 Newquay-Newcastle
1/9/84  46035 14.10 Scarborough-Nottingham
46045 08.00 York-Blackpool
46045 12.35 Blackpool-Newcastle
8/9/84 46052 05.30 Bradford-Weymouth
46025 08.21 Bradford-Paignton.

Isle of Man
A member visiting the Isle of Man in early September noted the following: Isle of Man Steam Railway - 12/9/84 & 14/9/84 2-4-0Ts nos. 11'Maitland', 'Hutchinson' working trains between Douglas and Port Erin. 2-4-0T no.9 'Douglas' in store at Port Erin Frames of 2-4-OT no.7 'Tynwald' In siding at Santon Ex-County Donegal Railways twin-unit diesel railcar in sidings at Douglas. Manx Electric Railway - 11/9/84 & 13/9/84 Cars .5+44, 21+45, 20+48, 7+46, 22+44, _5446, 20+45, 21+41 on various workings between Douglas and Ramsey. (power car trailer -,,some power cars were also noted without trailers working between Douglas, Laxey and Ramsey). Snaefell Mountain Railway - 11/9/84 & 13/9/84 Cars nos. 2,3,4 and 6 working between Laxey and Snaefell Summit. Car no.1 outside Laxey depot. Port Erin Railway Museum - 12/9/84 2-4-OTs nos. l'Sutherland' and 16'Mannin'. Manx Northern Railway 0-6-OT no. 4'Caledonia'. Douglas Horse Tramway - 11/12/13/14/9/84 Cars nos.10, 27, 28, 32, 33 and 43 all with equine haulage! Douglas Tram Museum - 13/9/84 Douglas Horse Tramway cars nos. 12, 14, 22 and 45. Upper Douglas Cable Tramway car no.72 Ramsey Electric Railway Museum - 11/9/84 Manx Electric Railway B-B locomotive no.23 Manx Electric Railway freight car no.26 Manx Electric Railway trailer no.59 Douglas Horse Tramway cars no. 11, 47 and 49 Ramsey Pier Tramway petrol locomotive and carriage.

London Midland Region

Summer Saturdays usually provide fun and games at Birmingham New Street with the sheer volume of traffic, so when a South West-North train runs an hour late and coincides with the Aberystwyth-Euston, also running an hour late, resulting In Itself and all following trains running from Wolverhampton via Aston, then pure chaos ensues. This was the scene on Saturday 28th July when the 07.30 Penzance-Glasgow/Aberdeen was announced 60 minutes late due to engine failure in Cornwall. It arrived 85 minutes late behind 47502 which was booked to return on the 13.11 Manchester-Paignton which had already arrived. The overworked shunter left the waiting '47' for 20 minutes before releasing it from the Penzance train, resulting in a 35 minute late departure for the Paignton train. The Aberystwyth-Euston train arrived from the Aston direction with the Class 86 already attached and for an hour and a half afterwards. other trains from Manchester/Liverpool and Wolverhampton followed suit, resulting in the still overworked shunter doing overtime uncoupling electrics as well as NE-SW workings.

Noted on various workings were:
47615 08.29 Leeds-Tenby 47311 08.21 Bradford-Paignton
45116 09.21 Leeds-Penzance 46047 09.00 Bradford-Weymouth
46026 Bristol-York add'l. 45149 08.05 Newcastle-Poole
47567 09.00 Bradford-Weymouth 47532 08.54 Brighton-Manchester
45128 09.24 ex-Paignton then 13.41 to Paignton
47423 09.22 Newcastle-Penzance 47060 09.18 Tenby-Hull/Leeds
45051 10.00 Paignton-Liverpool 47587 09.28 ex-Norwich then 14.20 to Nor
47108 08.55 Weymouth-Bradford 31237/108 12.12 Bristol-Glasgow add'l. wich
47087 10.25 Portsmouth-Chesterfield 47150 10.20 Paignton-Glasgow/&Unburgh
47501 10.40 Poole-Newcastle (in) 45149 (out)
81007 13.11 Manchester-Paignton (in) 47502 (out)
47502 07.30 Penzance-Glasgow/Aberdeen
86255 13.56 Liverpool-Portsmouth (in and out)
86236 Glasgow-Bristol add'l. (in) 46047 (out)
87017 07.30 Aberdeen-Penzance (in) 47016 11.40 Poole-Manchester
45065 08.55 Newquay-Manchester (in) 45020 11.28 Paignton-Manchester
47507 09.10 Penzance-Leeds 47508 10.00 Penzance-Liverpool
45042 10.04.Newquay-Newcastle, 45006 10.35 Penzance-Leeds
45065 07.30 Aberdeen-Penzance (out)
Noted at Stockport on July 12th were 08524, 31213/430/438, 47007, 86205/208/234/86259., 87010/027, HST 43028/142 and single car unit 55005. Noted at Preston on the 18th of August were 08616 40079/194, 47349/432/434/486/ 47528, 81019, 85029, 86003/019, 86215/227/239/258: 87027/101. Noted at Hest Bank on September 10th were 40152 on an up freight, 85025 on down express and 86039+87030 on up steel coil train.

Eastern Region
On Tuesday 24th July 1984, 'Black 5' 5305 was named 'Alderman A. E.. Draper' in a ceremony at York, prior to the loco working the Scarborough Spa Express. The name honours Mr A. E. Draper a former mayor of Hedon (a small town near Hull) who is a scrap merchant and who in earlier days cut-up scores of steam locos at Hull. Mr Draper, however. agreed to save one loco, the Black 5, which was restored to working order by the Humberside Locomotive Preservation Group. The ceremony was performed by the present Mayor of Hedon, Mr R. Tong.
Locos working the Scarborough Spa Express have been 10/7/84 46229, 12/7/84 46229, 17/7/84 777, 19/7/84 777, 24/7/84 5305, 26/7/84 5305, 29/7/84 5305, 31/7/84 34092. 2/8/84 34092, 7/8/84 34092. 9/8/84 60009, 12/8/84 46229, 14/8/84 60009, 16/8/46229.
Noted passing Burton Salmon on the Sheffield-York line on the 13th of August were the following:- 45059 Cardiff-York additional; 31265+31106 Reading-York additional made up of 11 coaches all air-conditioned 1st class stock; 56073+56074 P.Way train towards York; 37068+37199 southbound steel train; 37095+ 37160 light engine southbound; 56007 steel empties northbound; 47162 ballast train northbound. Cattle caused serious delays on the Hull-Bridlington line on the 21st August when a DMU ran into a herd of cows at a farm crossing between Cottingham and Beverley. Although one cow was written off there were, thankfully, no human Injuries.
The start of the new football season on the 25th of August saw a running conflict between rival supporters at 09.00 (yes, 09.00!) at Sheffield station and yet some of the station staff still complain about railway enthusiasts. To the annoyance of most of the said enthusiasts 20029+20093 were provided by Tinsley depot to work the Sheffield United Bootex to Wolverhampton T2), whilst later the same evening 37187 was provided to take disconsolate Notts Forest fans home after their team's defeat by Sheffield Wednesday.
Further chaos ensued at Sheffield when 45012 caught fire at Brightside on the 1st September on the 09.10 Penzance-Leeds. 37065 eventually took over the train some 90 minutes late, leaving behind the inevitable 'station congestion, at the Midland.
On the 2nd September the following locos were noted; Immingham-East Dock 08436, 31445, 47119; West Dock 08478; MPD 08031/338/439/751, 31181/205 206 245 254, 266/405/407/410/423/431/432/439/448/449, 37020/048/160/201/221,. 47104/217/247/292/ 294/296/304/372/380, 56023/107/126; Grimsby Station 08537; Frodingham 08401/514/ 623/877. 31134, 37006/088/138/206/267, 56037/095/100; Knottingley 08056/243, 56004Y4 014~028/074/112/124; Crofton Engineers Yard 08172/308; Healey Mills 08142/206/~30 5 332 371/372/385/579/706/773, 25214, 31146/200/280, 37030/040/078/106/115/170/ , 15 275, 40025/087/094/13?/148. 47212/215/297/308/373, 56089/090.
In the Teesside area on September 5th the following workings were noted; 37042 on westbound chemicals train at Newport and later light engine eastbound at Grangetowns 37119 light engine eastbound at Thornaby and later on eastbound chemicals train at Marske; 37279 eastbound with brake van on the cliff-top at Flat Scar on the former coastal line ~ of Saltburn and later with westbound steel train at the same spot; 56130 light engine westbound at Thornaby.
On the 8th of September the last 08.05 Chesterfield-Scarborough was worked by 37228, the 09.18 Tenby-Hull was headed by 47238 and most unusually the 08.55 Weymouth-Bradford had a pair of 'skinhead' 31s in the shape of 31102+31134.

Southern Region
Noted at Southampton on the 28th July were 33035/056/110, 470966- 73139 and at Portsmouth 33018/059/062/110. 'Gatwick Express' Class 73s. at London Victoria on August 27th were 73004/109/121/133.

Thanks to Messrs Dewing, Shenton, Brackenbury, Caddick, Slater, Gossan, Bell, Barclay.