The Magazine of the Pennine Railway Society

No.45 September 1983



Well, here we are just about into October and another annual slide competition. Don't forget it is Tuesday 4th October 1983 and if the standard is anywhere near Robin Skinner's .... er, I mean last years, then It should be an excellent event. Full details are shown later on in this edition.
It is with regret that we have to announce that the Peak Railway Society's Sheffield Branch have withdrawn from this year's Pennine Shield Quiz. The shield will therefore be contested by the South Yorkshire Railway Photographic Circle, the Class 25 Preservation Society and ourselves - full details are on the meetings list.
We would like to thank everybody who took part in the Stratford Depot Open Day for a sterling effort. Takings beat all previous stalls and a special thanks must go to John Reader and Linda and Dave Bladen who manned the stall at lunchtime (while the Chairman and the Treasurer retired to the nearest hostelry - thirsty Ed.!.') Let us hope that Norwich Crown Point on the 24th September is as good.
Many members may be wondering whether or not a decision has been made regarding the clubs 10th Anniversary in 1984. As yet we are still open to ideas and do not intend to make a final decision until January - possibly we shall discuss it at the AGM. However, here are a few suggestions to get you thinking:-

1. Charter a train from BR - many different possibilities there.
2. Hold a club dinner and dance.
3. Evening trip with dinner on NYMR Pullman.
4. Club holiday or weekend abroad to, say, Holland or Germany.
5. Just collect money and buy club equipment for meetings etc.
Should you have any suggestions please send them in writing to Robin Skinner by Tuesday December 6th 1983 and let us make 1984 a year to remember.
George. Orwell, who's he?


Welcome to the Autumn edition of Trans-Pennine. The magazine is going out later than planned for a couple of reasons. The first is that until recently I had very little to put in it and rather than send out a thinner magazine I decided to wait as long as possible. Thankfully, several articles and items of rail news were sent in ! The second reason is that this flood of material arrived in the middle of my busiest period at work (Battle of Britain Week) so the magazine had to be kicked into touch until I had sufficient time to get around to compiling it - ah! the joys of service life!
The two main rail stories of recent weeks have been the publication of BR's new 5 year plan and the announcement of Sir Peter Parker's successor. It was with the publication of the former that many peoples fears were realised, when notice of closure of the Settle to Carlisle route was given. It is not within the scope of these few lines to argue the pros and cons of such a move but suffice it to say that if closure does go ahead then we shall lose one of Britain's most scenic routes, a victim of the lack of investment and confidence in our rail system.
It is precisely this lack of investment and confidence which is the problem facing Mr Bob Reid, BR's new chairman. It is his task to persuade present administration that BR is a worthy and viable system and in this he has his work cut out. I for one wish him well.


Locomotives Re-allocated 
Eastern Region
03371 - YK; 08493/549. 31116/130/144/250, 37052/099/115/263 - MR; 08655 - FP; 08772 - CR; 08865 - NR: 31106/107/113/127/141/143/146/156/162/164/168/174/175/176/203/221/234/24,0/248/271/279/316/317/464/406/410/411. 37065/ 083/170/259. 47212/213/215/220/275/288/307/310 - HM; 31119/147/151/1719/182/219/236/239/308/315, 47294 - IM; 31222, 47055/099/487/588 - SF; 31306, 37036/090/228 - TE; 37007/008/009/015/020/119, 47014/016/424 - GD., 37013/024/048, 47217/224, 56020 - 030/073/074/082/092/093/108/111 - TI;

Western Region
08259/394/576 - LE; 08322/778, 37142/164/182/206/236/240/274, 47026/157 250 267/486/589, 56032/048- 051 - CF; 08338 - GL; 08819, 37121/123/127, 47030/054/068/076/078/080/090/129/134, 56031 - BR; 37185/270/272 - LA; 47492 - OC;

Midland Region
03162 - BC; 08067/068/461/647/740/742/786/805/807/893/919/920 - TS; 08624 - NH; 08688 - SP; 08921 - BY;  20179/184/191/217/219, 45016/020/029, 56075 - TO; 25032/ 089/164/178/237/239/315, 47069/075/151 CD;31122/149/152/167/170/287/288/306-/307 /309 - BS; 31123/128/256 - CW; 40124/152/169/174/195/196 - LO; 40155 - KD;

Scottish Region
08443 - AY; 08515, 47210 - HA; 08620/621 - GM; 20011/015/037/119/149/171/199/201/202. 27020, 47464/586 - ED; 20099/125/197/215, 37146 - M L; 26040, 471187120/460/ 517 - IS;

Southern Region
33034/035/037/038/039 - EH;

20081 - RTC

Locomotives Withdrawn:
03196, 08094/171/188/209/312/319/355/377, 25027/033/050/090/113/123/144/158/167/ 168/219/227/317, 26045, 27027/203, 31111/214/244/262/313, 40027/030/050/061/073/ 076/084/097/106/157/164/180/183, 45045, 46004, 46031/033;

New Locomotives
56118 - 122 - TI; 58002/3 - TO; 

Boiler Removed
31426 - 8, 47054/072/081/082/094/147/200/588 - 96;

Boiler Isolated
31105/210/217/309/403/413, 37023, 40047/077/197, 45009, 46023/027, 47030/068/278/407/552

Boiler Reinstated
37188, 47136/157;

Air Brake Only:

Dual Braked:
08706/717/718/725/731/772/777/778/780/795/819/867/870/871, 20025/042/044/046/048/054/'061/088/092/093/096/100/102/107/112/126/176/189, 26027/028, 27001, 31287/288/
426/427/428, 37065/087.

Multiple Fitted:

Radio Telephone Fitted

08287(TI) 08419(KD) 08466(BS 08500(HS) 08718/725 (HA)  20025/046/048/054/061/088/092/09~/107/112(T1) 20102(HA~ 20126(ML) 20189(ED 26027 27041(ED)  31193/194/211(IM) 40122(KD) 82005/008, 83012(LG)

Stored Serviceable

Stored Unserviceable
03142/382{LE) 08375(SU) 08471(LR) 08676(NH) 08735(ML) 08866(TI) 20090(ED) 
20196(TO) 27016/019 ED) 85027/033(CE).

Reinstated but stored unserviceable

27102 to 27046, 27110 to 27054, 27111 to 27055,
31193 to 31426, 31194 to 31427, 31211 to 31428,
47178 to 47588, 47251 to 47589, 47165 to 47590,
47265 to 47591, 47171 to 47592, 47272 to 47593,
47035 to 47594, 47268 to 47595, 47255 to 47596.

47469 Glasgow Chamber of Commerce  86229 Sir John Betjeman  86311 Airey Neave
Named HST's
43085 City of Bradford  43153 University of Durham

DMU's reallocated
Midland Region
53565/77, 59153, 59210 - BX; 53628/55/82/96/97, 53726/39, 54223, 59261/63 NH; 59091, 59106/08 - CH; 59229 - CW; 59448 - TS; 59527/32/40 - DY;

Eastern Region
51207, 53223/59, 54056, 54366, 99~05 - HT; 51252, 53231, 54050, 94400  BG; 51435/
36/39/41, 54065/74/93, 54362 - NR; 54114 - SF; 54450 - LN; 59104/07 - NL;

Western Region
51058/59/63/69/74/76/77/86/87/91/97/99, 51102/05, 53083, 53820, 59416/18/20/22/28/30/33 - BR; 51363, 51405, 59282, 59515 - RG; 59082, 59444, 59561 - CF;

Southern Region
1101/02/05 - SE

Scottish Region
51456, 51520, 51804, 59555 - ED; 53242/68, 53748, 59080 - AY;

51595, 51614/30/38/72, 53589. 54415/38, 56418, 59006/011/020/022/028, 59162, 59260/65/76/79/81/83/99, 1206.

51260(NR) 53062(TS) 54433(NR) 59538(TS) 59550(BR) 59797(AY)

Stored Unserviceable
51301(AY) 51460(ED) 51796(AY) 52022(AY) 53376(AY) 54469(AY)

Stored Serviceable
51493(AY) 53384/86(AY) 54437/64(AY) 59031(LA)

51542 to 78967 HBS NL
51552 to 78717 HCL NL

50163, 51175, 51210/34/45. 51429/63/98, 51504/05/11/33, 51662/73, 51813/27/34/35/57, 52072, 53010, 53242/68/69/90, 53314, 53602 53844 54350/87/93/91/97, 54009/91 93, 54503, 59077/80/82, 59118, 59302/03/35, 59525/61/92/94, 59626, 59709/25.

EMUs reallocated
2203. 7052/53, 7733/34/35, 7812 - BI; 4719/21,  5311/16/18/28/30/45/47/51 SU; 5009-18 - SG; 5131/32 - WD  6090, 7872/80/81 - RE; 7401/02, 7760 - FR; 7748/49 - BM;

New Units
5450/51(SU)  5802- 8/11-16/20-23 (WD);

5604/05/16/24/25/26/35, 7401-4.

4660/82, 5606/31, 5939, 6144, 7103.

19, 30 (RY)

7103 to 1404(RE),various to 1553(RE 7143 to 1554.
various to 1555(RE),7144 to 1556(RE various to 1557(RE),
various to 1558(RE),7147 to 1559(RE 7014 to 1612(RE),
7187 to 1613(RE),7158 to 1614(RE),7209 to 1615(RE),
various to 5450(SU),various to 5451(SU),305499 to 305405.

Class 422/6 (8-MIG)
2601 - 76751 + 62389 + 71069 + 76822 + 1872 + 76752 + 62390 + 76823 (FR)
2602 - 76753 + 62391 + 71071 + 76824 + 1873 + 76754 + 62392 + 76825 (FR)

Vehicles withdrawn

Locomotives Cut up
ZL 03021, 08036 049 207 230/380/435/505/636,  25006/023/041/06i/063/070/103/122/126/127/137/149/163/173 /232/246/263/264, 40062/130, 45028/039.

126/127/13?Y,49y, X 
Booths (Rotherham) 03129/160/161, 76015/21/25/27/33/34/46/49/51/53.
ZF 08058/215/217/313, 31313, 40055/165/186/199, ADB 968015.
BH 20109
ZE 25085
ZC 40031/032/064/166.
Coopers (Sheffield) 76029/30/32.


Say a name like Tommy Cooper or Yozzer Hughes and you get replies of *Jus like that' or 'Gizza Job'. Well, I would reckon that even phrases like that pale into insignificance when the camera toting rail enthusiast Is out looking for Main Line Steam Specials. You only have to look at your camera and up will stroll the local who knows it all. 'What is It today?' he'll ask and being the polite type you tell him and off he strolls again, still wondering why hundreds descend on Saturdays just to photograph a smelly kettle.
If somebody had said to me two years ago, or even eighteen months ago that by May 1983 1 would be shooting all over the country photographing Black 5's, Jubilees or Standard tanks, I would have told them not to be so daft. Unfortunately it is true. Well not exactly unfortunately. Even Gerard Smith. or 'Ballymoss' of the DPS (who?) is up to his neck in cine film of Duchess of Hamilton and other steam locos. It is with him that I travel from Chester to Ribblehead, from Broomfleet to Giggleswick.
Only last weekend (May 28th), I was out with him and his mother and was able to Increase my tally of 'TV personalities not required for sight' by one. PARDON?? Well last Saturday was a Cumbrian Mountain Pullman, Northbound, (a CMP-N). If you are getting lost by now give up and have a mental breakdown somewhere else! Steam haulage was from Carnforth to Hellifield by Jim Bowen, no sorry not yet!! by 5690 'Leander' and from Hellifield to Carlisle by the ever present on the S & C anyway), Duchess of Hamilton. We arrived at Arkholme, on the Carlisle-Leeds line, just In time to see 31322 and a tanker train pass eastwards. The CMP was by now designated by me a CMP N-E because It was the eastern leg of a northbound train. Would it surprise you if I told you that It was late. 50 minutes after it should have appeared it was sighted on the horizon. Now, this bridge we were standing on runs over what was Arkholme Station, but which is now a private house, much improved and looking much better than when BR owned it. As Leander approached, the house owner and his family came out to view it from their back garden, the platform! I nearly missed my shot... 'Ere, don't I know you? No, it wasn't Benny off Crossroads, nor even Bernard Manning. The owner of the house was, and still is, Jim Bowen off TV's 'Bulls-Eye' and 'The Comedians'. Shame we couldn't stay for tea(!!!) our task was awaiting us.
As we drove off towards Horton-in-Ribblesdale to await the Duchess, the typical S & C weather moved in, overcast, windy and rainy. Later the same day, at Shotlock Hill Tunnel, just north of Garsdale I managed another first, (SHUT M). Photographing a steam locomotive while the rain is blowing horizontally is no mean task! The last view of Duchess was at New Biggin, north of Appleby. We hung around for a short time to photograph the southbound passenger working with 31410 again, followed a while later by 47532 on the 16.00 Leeds-Carlisle.
From previous experience I know just how bad the S & C can be. If any of you were mad enough to be in the Ais Gill area on Saturday 12th February you will know what I mean. On that delightful(!!) day, 1000, the NRM's 'Midland Compound' along with 5690 'Leander' were to work a southbound CMP, yes this is it folks, a CMP-S. The pair working from Carlisle to Hellifield and 2005 & 5407 working from Hellifield to Carnforth. (CMP S-E).
The Doncaster-Rotherham unit which 1 was travelling on had barely got out of Doncaster when the CMP-S was mentioned. In fact It was the subject of much pleading by two or three 'steam buffs'. It seems that there were a few unfortunates who had tickets for this special, but couldn't get to Carlisle the normal way via Leeds. Doncaster couldn't muster up a unit to work the 08.00 Doncaster-Leeds for them to connect with the 08.57 Leeds-Carlisle. It was fortunate for me that these poor souls were doing their pleading with the guard right next to my ear. They had been told at Doncaster to get this unit to Sheffield and change at Sheffield (hope you're listening Robin), on to the Nottingham-Glasgow. This was booked to arrive in Carlisle about 20 minutes after the special was due to leave. Hence all the arm waving and kneeling, not to mention licking of boots. They wanted the guard to have a word at Sheffield to see If the special could be held at Carlisle to connect with their train.
At Rotherham I met Gerard Smith and passed this *tit-bit' of information on for processing. So off we went, not knowing how far along the S & C we would get. We stopped off at Gargrave to photograph 47_547 on the 10.00 Carlisle~ Leeds and the following Anhydrous Ammonia tank train with 31290 in charge.
Those of you who know the S & C will be aware of the road, the B6479, which runs parallel to the railway right from Settle to Ribblehead Viaduct. We got as far as the viaduct with no problems at all, the roads being completely clear of snow, a shame the same couldn't be said about the fields. They were there somewhere! We risked going further north, not expecting to get any further than the Dent area. However.....Approaching Dent we had two options. One, risk going via Dent Station and on to Garsdale by the notorious 'coal road', or go to Garsdale by the slightly longer, but safer, Hawes road i.e.. the B6255 on to the A684. Due to 'adverse weather conditions we chose the latter route. As it turned out this was the right route, the 'coal road' being blocked again. Round Garsdale the roads were getting narrower due to a build-up of snow In the curbs and against the walls, but we decided to press on and risk going to Ais Gill itself. Just north of the summit, near Als Gill Viaduct, there Is a road bridge and we chose to position ourselves here. We, that Is Gerard, his mother and late father and myself chose our spots and waited. And waited, and waited. It looked as though the train was going to be late after all. It was nearly 60 minutes late and when you are standing for over an hour in snow your feet tend to get a little cold. To pass the time I set about counting the cars parked around Als Gill. I lost count at 115. Eventually we saw smoke in the distance, far across Mallerstang Common. Slowly the train came closer and closer. There was lots of clicking and it had gone past. So, what now? It was back to the car and a race to Ribblehead Viaduct. Needless to say we won. More photos.
That was it, or so I thought. I was expecting Gerard to go after 2005 and 5407 but Instead he asked what I wanted to do. Well, there was no choice was there?
We all leapt out of the car at Gargrave as 1000 was already In sight. This was the L/E run from Hellifield back to the NRM. L/E is not strictly true as it did have LNWR brake no.5155 in tow. Back to the car and we raced it to Skipton, overtaking it on the Skipton by-pass. So we headed for Crosshills, near Keighley. Out of the car again as It was In sight. Then It was all over. A steady drive home. The topic of conversation was of course the Midland Compound and what would happen to It now. I was under the impression that this outing was to be It's last, but wait News has recently filtered through that 1000's last steaming, before becoming a static exhibit, will be in late September. Provisionally, the 28th, when it will work a BR charter from York-Manchester Victoria and return.
What have I to look forward to then? Well, it shouldn't be too long before 'Sir Nigel Gresley' reappears. I will be, hopefully, off chasing it on the lesser spotted Cumbrian Mountain Pullmans and other SLOA specials. I'd better be off for some film then!


A new line in steam loco prints for sale, photographed on best quality paper from original paintings by Graham Lee of pre-grouping and post-grouping locos.

Midland Railway Johnson 4-4-0 
GWR. 'Star' class 4-6-0 
GCR 'Jersey Lily' class 4-4-2 
LMSR  'Royal Scot' class 4-6-0 
GCR Robinson 4-4-0

Prints are 2.50 each and can also be supplied in good quality frames for 10each. Details from Mr Graham Lee, 45 Fairbourne Drive, Sheffield 6.  Cheques or postal orders please.

BY C509

Historical notes on the class system:
1. Diesel Multiple Units
Class number codes were introduced in 1974, but modified in 1979. to apply to complete sets only, Instead of individual cars as previously. Today's codes originally applied to power cars only. An example of this are the Derby Heavyweights, car nos.50001 to 50049 (powers) and 56001 to 56049 (trailers). From 1974, the powers were class 114 and the trailers were class 148. In 1979 the trailers were reclassified from 148 to 114, so the complete two-car sets became class 114. The pre1979 system was as follows:
50001 - 55996 Power Cars classes 100 to 128
56001 - 56504 Trailers with cab classes 140 to 159
59001 - 59832 Intermediate trailers classes 160 to 200
(59833 - 59842 were converted from power cars of the batch 51968 - 51984 In 1981/2.
(78501 upwards are to be renumbered from various power cars,

The remaining cars In the 79000 series became parts of classes 126 and 181 - most of these cars were withdrawn in the early 19701s.
The Southern Region's diesel electric 'growlers' prior to 1974, were known by the SR's number-letter system.
1001 - 1007 type 6S
1011 - 1037 type 6L
1201 - 1206 type 3R renumbered and reformed in 1979 to 1401-4.
1101 - 1133 type 3H
1301 - 1319 type 3D. 

2. Electric Multiple Units
Today's class codes began in 1973. Originally, all units working from 25kVAC overhead, were classed AM2 to AM11, until the AM prefix was abolished and 300 added to the number, thus AM2 became 302 and so on. (Class 312 onwards being built after 1971were not officially known as AM12 etc). The Southern units have been known since time Immemorial (long before 1948 at least) as 4-CORs, 2BILs, 5-BELs.4-TCs,4~VEPs,4-BEPs,4~CEPs,4-EPBs,2-EPBs,4-VECs,3-TISs,2-HAPs,2-SAPs, etc.
EPB = Electro Pneumatic Brake. VEC & TIS, the Isle of Wight units, are named after what the Romans used to call the Isle of Wight! Today's codes for Southern Electric Units are in the range 405 to 491 plus 508 and 510.Today's classes 501 upwards (at present as far as 510) were not previously numbered, but known as follows:
501 - Euston-Watford/North London line (Broad St-Richmond)
502 - Liverpool-Southport (Merseyrail Northern lines)
503 - Wirral & Mersey (Merseyrail Wirral lines)
504 - Manchester (Victoria) & Bury
506 - Manchester (Piccadilly) Glossop and Hadfield
507 - Replacements for the now withdrawn 502s
508 - Proposed replacements for 503s at the moment working on Si-1
510 - Proposed replacements for 508s on SR. since reclassified 455.

3. Notes on the DMU(1983) renumbering system
In order to bring DMU records onto the TOPS system and therefore to avoid any possible confusion with locomotives, it was decided that it was necessary to renumber some (but not all) DMU cars as follows :50001 - 50987 to become 53001 - 53987 56001 - 56504 to become 54001 - 54504 All other cars retain their original numbers.
As time goes on though, there may be more cars converted to single- engine and renumbered onto the 78xxx series, which may well mean a second renumbering for the appropriate ones. The following, however, were renumbered straight onto 78xxx, bypassing the 53xxx:
50279 became 78706  50286 became 78956.
(Other cars have yet to be renumbered, some have been already, but I have not yet
found out what they are).


Here are some notes of journeys which I made on Irish railways during a recent holiday - you might find them interesting.
Coras Iompair Eireann (CIE)
The Dublin suburban service along the coast from Howth in the north to Bray in the south, Is in the process of electrification with a 1,500 volt overhead d.c.. system. The new trains are due to start running later this year. At present the suburban service runs in the peak hours only, Mondays to Fridays. All trains that I saw were locomotive hauled, the motive power being small B-B diesels built by Metropolitan Vickers in the mid 1950s; they are noisy little things and could be heard a mile or more distant when starting a train or climbing a gradient. On June 23rd, I noted nos. 215, 220, 222, 224, 229 and 230 at Dublin Connolly, Dun Laoghaire and Bray and there were many around Dublin and as far north as Drogheda on 'June 24th. No.027 of this type headed the 13.25 Dublin -Rosslare on June 23rd and I rode behind it from Connolly station ( formerly Amiens St.) to Dun Laoghaire. The same day no.220 headed an evening peak hour train to Greystones, beyond the Dublin suburban area, and I photographed It on the spectacular stretch of coastal line around Bray Head. Some of the Dublin suburban trains were operated as push-pull sets.
Freight trains around Dublin were headed usually by B-B diesels built by General Motors in the early 1960s; there were two types, one with single cab and one with cab at each end. These types were also used on passenger trains; nos.121(single cab) and 165(double-ended) double headed the 13.30 from Dublin Connolly to Sligo on June 23rd, two of the single-cab units double headed the 09.35 Dublin-Rosslare on June 24th, and two of the double-ended units double headed the Sunday morning Rosslare-Dublin train on June 26th. The single-cab General Motors units were also used on station pilot work at Dublin Connolly. Nos.132 (single-cab) and 162 (double-ended) double headed the 18.20 Dublin-Rosslare on June 25th.
A larger type of General Motors double-ended diesel, of C-C type, were used on some longer distance trains; no.071 headed the 11.00 Belfast-Dublin on June 23rd, no.076 headed the 14.45 Rosslare-Dublin and the 18.20 Dublin-Rosslare on June 23rd, no.079 headed the 15.00 Dublin-Belfast, on June 24th, and no.076 headed the 09.35 Dublin-Rosslare on June 23rd.
All CIE locos and carriages are in black and orange livery - smart when clean, but much of the coaching stock I saw, and rode in, was shabby. Signalling is by colour-light between Dublin Connolly and Dun Laoghaire and in some other places, but elsewhere manual signal boxes and lower quadrant semaphores are the norm, home and distant arms alike being painted a vivid fluorescent orange-red. All level crossings are of the conventional type, The Dublin-Belfast main line is double track throughout, the Rosslare line is double track as far as Bray, where there Is quite a photogenic array of lower quadrant semaphores.

Northern Ireland Railways (NIR)
General Motors diesel no.1121Northern Counties' built in 1980, headed the 08.00 Belfast-Dublin non-stop "Enterprise" on June 24th and I then rode behind it on the 11.00 Dublin-Belfast.
Hunslet B-B diesel no.1011Eaglel built in 1970, of 1,350 hp, headed the 13.00 Dublin-Belfast on June 23rd, and on June 24th worked the following trains as a push-pull set ( as on BR between Glasgow and Edinburgh): 08.10 Belfast-Dublin, 13.00 Dublin-Belfast, 17.10 Belfast-Dublin,.20.00 Dublin- Belfast. I noted no.103'Merlin' of this type at Lisburn with a Londonderry- Belfast train and other locos of this type worked freight trains around Belfast. The livery is bright blue, NIR loco-hauled coaching stock being in a blue and grey livery rather similar to BR.
Belfast suburban services to Portadown in the west and Bangor In the east were worked by NIR diesel multiple units in blue and maroon livery.
Automatic level crossings are being introduced on NIR, but some manual crossings remain. Signalling is partly colour light and partly lower quadrant semaphore; Lisburn, junction for Londonderry, has a nice array of semaphores.

Preserved Steam Locomotives
In Belfast Transport Museum:

Broad Gauge:
Great Southern 4-6-0 No. 800 'Maeve' 
Northern Counties Committee 4-4-0 No. 74 'Dunluce  Castle' 
Belfast & County Down 4-4-2T No. 30 
Great Northern (Ireland) 2-4-2T No.93 

Narrow Gauge
Cavan & Leitrim 4-4-0T No. 2 'Kathleen' 
County Donegal Railways 2-6-4T No. 2 'Blanche'  a Portstewart steam tram. 

Larne Aluminium Works Railway 0-4-0T no. 2 
Guinness Brewery Light Railway 0-4-0T No. 20
At Dundalk Station: Great Northern (Ireland) 4-4-0 No. 131.

Once more the winter season is upon us and so we shall be looking forward to seeing all the thousands of slides which have been taken by our intrepid members during this fine summer which we have just enjoyed. There is one thing to be thankful for, the much lamented demise of the Deltics will mean that a good many shows will not now be dominated by this ubiquitous class, although I suspect that their place will be taken by the "Scarboro' Spa Express" judging by the number of visits made to the Queen of the Yorkshire Coast on summer Sundays this year. Only a couple of weeks ago, on the last day of operation in fact, a motley mob of Pennine and 25 Group members were observed making their rowdy rounds of the fish and chip establishments in Eastboro'', whilst filling in (and up!!) until departure time came round. The following Sunday several of our members along with most of the above mentioned Scarboro' Spa bashers, were given an opportunity to visit Woburn Abbey for the Showbus Rally and had a most enjoyable day, travelling down in the preserved Doncaster Royal Tiger Cub, by courtesy of its' owners. Thanks lads!
Our fixtures for the winter are not yet finalised, so if anyone would care to give us an evenings entertainment, there are one or two vacant dates to be filled in 1984.
I will be pleased to fit you in. Don't forget the star attraction in October, when our friend Keith Marshall will be taking us from "Settle to Carlisle and back".
Finally, a few words regarding the Pennine Shield Competition for 1983, the situation has not been completely resolved as yet owing to the fact that we have been unofficially informed that one of the teams wishes to drop out of the competition, but as yet they have made no official approach to the committee, we are therefore experiencing something of an impasse.
See you all at The Grapes. Cheerio. - Jack Davis. 


Since typing the above article, Jack has managed to get the following details of the programme to us:
January 1984 Mr Glyn Gossan 
February 1984 Mr Ron Chaplin 
March 1984 Mr Paul Bates 
April 1984 Mr David Bladen. 


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BY 55015

The Pennine's equivalent of the 'Five Musketeers', Messrs Caddick, Watts, Helliwell, Needham and Whitlam decided to forgo the comfort(?) of HST's and try for more conventional haulage for their visit to the year's star attraction - Stratford Open Day - on 9th July. All started well with 40195 on the 08.04 Manchester Piccadilly/Skegness, which was taken all the way from Sheffield to Worksop. A 15 minute fester here saw the arrival of 40082 on the 08.15 Manchester Piccadilly/ Yarmouth to be taken as far as Peterborough.
After the flange squealing curve from the Sheffield/Lincoln line to the ECM1 at Retford, the veteran whistler was given her head with Newark and Grantham. just being visible to the naked eye such was the speed. All went well until Little Bytham where disaster struck and the beast expired with coolant problems. 31131 was despatched from Peterborough to perform the rescue act and our venue was eventually reached over an hour late. Our next manoeuvre, the 09.44 Skegness/Kings Cross had fortunately for us been delayed as a result of our failure and stormed into Peterborough behind 31247. The 31 positively burned up the track until Welwyn Garden City where we were turned onto the slow line. As Kings Cross became nearer, the temperature got higher and the train seemed to be getting slower. The reason for this phenomenon soon became clear with our 31 playing dead. As we slowly coasted south we began to speculate on jour eventual arrival time (Sunday perhaps!) and we came to a stop just north of Hatfield station. The driver jumped out of the cab pronouncing a marked lack of water within the locomotive (very rough translation!). The next hour was spent in tropical conditions watching a seemingly endless convoy of GN electrics and HST's fly past until 31208 arrived from Finsbury Park, and after a complicated manoeuvre attached Itself to it's disgraced sister.
Thankfully Kings Cross was reached without any further hiccup and Stratford was eventually reached at 16.3D (at 1"east we missed the queues). After experiencing the expected 'flack' from the Chairman and Treasurer for our somewhat belated appearance at the Pennine Stall (they seemed to do quite well without us!) there was just time for a quick look around before heading back to the Cross. This time we played safe as E43074/43111 quickly shrunk the miles between London and Doncaster, even arriving a couple of minutes early. Too damn efficient these journey shrinkers, give me a journey stretching locomotive any day.

Doncaster Works 7.8.83
Hexthorpe Bridge 40050(WDN) Pilot 08115
Paint Shop: 31194, 56028, 55022
4 bay: 03089, 08750/752/844/859, 31196, 37073/133/157, 50002/14/30, 56004
2 bay: 31122/193/211/27Y280, 37096/218, 56003
Dismantling Shop: 08209 917. 31286, 37240
Scrap: 03149 (cab only) 40128 (almost dismantled) 08171/866, 31214/244, 40003/7/19/ 81/198, 46004, 55015/16, ADB968013
Yard 03158, 08024/287/525/743, 20050, 31178/185/2501/265/269/283/292/326, 37087/194, 50044, 56010/30/51/110, 58004.

Glasgow Works 13.8.83
08246/402/563/727/855, 20020/025/036/o44/116/122/126/171/175/211, 25028/318, 26003/ 023/027/028/029/039, 27001/005/008/016/024/026/027/049. Unit 314216 was noted in Strathclyde PTE 'Clockwork Orange' livery.

Eastfield: 08348/721/343/738/793/693/938, 20028/045/083/085/086/089/111/149/152, 26032, 27014/ 017/034/043/051/054/206/207, 37012/014/017/039/043/108/190/191/192/196/264, 47004/ log/163/206/461/470/586, ADB97250(Ethel) ex25310.

08292/319/321/326/437/720/726/730/882/883, 20069/124/156/207/220, 25257/323, 26o10/37 27033, 37031/037/056/117/125/146/150/151/154/156/172/292, 47040/538.

So, after the brain teaser produced by Pete Wesley in the last magazine, you may have thought you were due for a nice, easy competition. WRONG!!
All you have to do is unravel the anagrams below which should give the names of twenty Preserved Steam Locomotives.
As usual prizes are 5, 3 and 2 and entries should reach the editor by 15th November 1983. Good Luck!!
1. BLEERY LEAF RORKE                                                            11. CLANT MOSSY FING
2. STAY CLEEN NUN                                                                  12. SUIUI CARFOON FATHON
3. ALL LEND THUMB 0                                                                13. RERRE WOGAN
4. MAIL RISEL                                                                            14. WOLFYMARE
5. LOATHIG                                                                                15. TRAIN NABI
6. DRONN LOSEL                                                                       16. GIKETH GLTHRENN
7. KENEG REIGN                                                                        17. REAT HEL
8. FOLLY STEWIC                                                                      18. VILE BLUR
9. PEGGNOTS SHEENROE                                                         19. FROUT CRITOY
10. TONILHUD CHAMFOSSE                                                       20. CAN CAN CAIDA PIFI

To put you out of your misery, first of all here are the answers: Mr Green owned the Black Five, Mr White owned the Duchess, Mr Brown owned the Jubilee, Mr Pink owned the Merchant Navy, Mr Black owned the Royal Scot and Mr Grey owned the King.
Now for the winners. There were six correct entries and the prizes were drawn as is usual at a meeting.
1st prize of 5 goes to Mr J Reader
2nd prize of 3 goes to Mr S Smith
3rd prize of 2 goes to Mr S Earl.
Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and congratulations to the winners!

This annual photographic bonanza, once again judged by our very own Jack Davis, will be held on Tuesday the 4th October. Anybody wishing to enter Is requested to be at the Corporation Brewery Taps by 19.30so that their slides can be numbered, sorted and loaded into the projector, ready for a start at 20.00 prompt. As usual the boring bit, the rules:
1. Slides are to be the entrants own work i.e. no Colourail, Steam and Sail, etc.
2. Slides can be black and white or colour and should be mounted in 2" x 2', mounts (plastic, cardboard or thin glass).
3. Slides must not have been entered in previous competitions. Each person may enter up to 4 slides.
4. Whilst every care will be taken, the club cannot accept responsibility for any damage to slides.
5. The judges decision is final.
Anybody who is unable to attend the meeting is very welcome to send their slides to me, in a strong envelope please, to reach me by first post October 4th. Finally, PRIZES!! 1st Prize 10, 2nd Prize 5, 3rd Prize 3.


We start this editions report on Humberside. On Sunday 31st of July, 56122 hauled a loco-spotters special tour from Crewe to Scarborough via the Cottingham/ Bridlington line, possibly the first time a 56 has been used on this particular stretch. Class 40 locos continue to appear in the area. On Sunday 26th of June, 40029 hauled an excursion to Bridlington, while recent visitors to Hull Botanic Gardens have been 29/6 40135,4017?; 30/6 40091,40177; 6/7 40104. The Scarborough/Luton holiday trains have been regular workings for Peaks- 11/6 45102; 18/6 46027; 25/6 45143; 30/7 45149. On the 4/6 however, this train was hauled by 47012. Another 47 working of note on 29/6 when 47206 of Eastfield was in charge of the 20.39 Hull/ Leeds which is usually rostered for a 31. Still with holiday trains and Humberside, the following locos have been noted on the Sundays only Chesterfield/Scarborough trains (08.44 dep. Chesterfield, 19.35 dep. Scarborough ) 29/5 47279; 5/6 47283; 12/6 47374; 19/6 37080; 26/6 47371; 3/7 47316; 10/7 47374; 17/7 47374; 24/7 47279; 31/7 47224; 7/8 47319; 14/8 47372; 21/8 47316; 28 8 47372; 4/9 31179. Yet more holiday trains! The following Class 40's have been seen on the following workings:20/6 40152 08.15 Manchester Piccadilly-Yarmouth; 2/7 40034 08.15 Manchester Piccadilly-Yarmouth;
9/7 40195 08.04 Manchester Piccadilly-Skegness; 9/7 40082 08.15 Manchester Piccadilly-Yarmouth; 16/7 40129 08.15 Manchester Piccadilly-Yarmouth;16/7 40181 12.30 Blackpool-Newcastle; 27/8 40013 08.04 Manchester Piccadilly-Skegness; 3/9 40129 08.04 Manchester Piccadilly-Skegness; 3/9 40058 08.15 Manchester Piccadilly-Yarmouth., 3/9 40063 10.05 Weymouth-Leeds; (Phew!!)
At Healey Mills on the 18th of July, 20092 (ex-works) was noted hauling 47303+56118-r20096 (ex-works) into the yard from the Wakefield direction. Also noted was 47089 'Amazon' hauling cement tanks to Sheffield. Holbeck depot has recently been playing host to 140 001, the twin railbus unit, which is undergoing trials in the area. On the 16th of July, 37009 was a rare sight on the air-conditioned stock of the 09.40 Poole-Newcastle. The locomotive worked through from Birmingham to Newcastle, on a very hot summer Saturday. Another rare working occurred on the 7th of August, when an Allerton based DMU 51884+59720+51860, provided the power on the 16.55 Liverpool-Hull. Welsh-based 37274 was in charge of the 09.00 Tenby/York on the 13th of August, returning on the 20.47 Sheffield-Bristol. Noted outside Doncaster works on the 13th of August, was 40157, recently withdrawn. On the 16th of August, withdrawn 46004 was also noted there. It is believed that this loco will go to Gateshead for removal of the power-unit, before returning to Doncaster for scrapping.
The following DMU's and stock were noted at Tinsley Yard on the 3rd of June, all withdrawn; DMU's 50340/372/385/526/543/585/788/792/815, 51117, 55989, 56118/157/159/163, 59147/ 158/1~4/179/180/181/182/198. Stock,1620, 4298, 4321, 4323, 4518, 4569, 4592, 9376, 15955, 15967, 25344, 26213, 35411.
Noted at Booth's of Rotherham on the 25th of June, were condemned Merseyrail units 29548/68/78/87/95, all for scrapping.

The overnight service between Paddington and the West of England (00.35 Pad/Pz, 21.35 Pz/Pad.) has, since the 11th July, been formed of air-conditioned stock and Mk 3 sleepers. Noted on the service from Paddington were 47419 28/7, 47477 29/7, 47441 to Plymouth and 50015 from Plymouth 15/8, and from Penzance 4747? 28/?. A member who travelled overnight to Penzance on the 22/23 July from Sheffield, noted the following - Bristol Bath Road 08756/942, 31105/251/307, 33017/114, 47090/258/329, 50009. Bristol Temple Meads 08951(Pilot) 33009, 45037/135, 47513, 50017/43 all on parcels/mail trains, 4?105 worked the 21.39(F0) Manchester/Newquay and 45070 worked the 21.34(F0) Nottingham/Newquay as far as Plymouth where 47122 took over. Laira 08641/839, 45040, 47f478/501/507, 50047. St Blazey 08488/945, 37181/185/207/ 270/272. Penzance 08644, 47009, 50010/22. The following locos were noted working at Exeter St Davids, also on the 23rd of July - 50011 on the Penzance/Brighton to Exeter where 33006 and 33024 took over, 50039 on the 11.10 Waterloo/Exeter, 45012.0 on the 08.26 Bradford/Paignton, 50009 on the 12.10 Paddington/Paignton and 45040 on the 11.30 Penzance/Newcastle. On the 28th of July the 07.40 Penzance/Liverpool hauled by 50050 'Fearless' failed at Bristol Parkway. 56033 was summoned off a stone train, attached to the dead '50' and then set about hauling the complete train to Birmingham New St. A strong contender for the heaviest passenger train on BR must be the 21.24 Bristol/Glasgow-Edinburgh, which regularly runs to 15 bogies. On the 25th of July was in charge from Bristol TM. to Birmingham NS. and banked up the Lickey Incline by 37284 and 37298.
Another failure occurred on the 29th of July when 5D041 failed just cast of Truro whilst hauling the 07.50 Bristol-Penzance. The train was pushed Into Truro station by 50009/30001 which were working on the 11.45 Plymouth/Penzance and eventually taken forward, more than 2 hours late# by 50001.
Another member, on holiday In the West Country, spotted the following Whiteball Summit 15/8/83, 47509 on down extra, 47070 on up parcels, 50043 on 11.33 Manchester/Plymouth. Sampford Arundel (nr. Wellington) 15 8/83, 47115 on down extra. Bradford-on Tone (nr. Taunton) 15/8y83, 45034 on up freight, 45037 on down extra, 47283 on up parcels. Crewkerne 17/8/83, 50009 on 09.38 Exeter/waterloo, 33002 on 09.10 Waterloo/Exeter and 14.15 Exeter/Waterloo, 50001 (old livery) on 13.10 Waterloo/Exeter. Bridgwater 17/8/83, 45112 on 16.15 Bristol/Taunton. Taunton 18/8/83, 47076 on down extra. Bradford Abbas (nr. Sherborne) 20/8/83, 5ool6 on 09.10 Waterloo/Exeter. Milborne Wick (nr. Templecombe 20/8/83, 33018+33047 on 09.20(S0) Brighton/Penzance. 50047 (old livery) on 11.40(S0) Exeter/Waterloo, 50016 on 13.35(S0) Exeter/ Waterloo. Gillingham Dorset) 20/8/83, 50009 on 15.10 Waterloo/Exeter, 33017+33011 on 16.18 Exeter/Waterloo, 50001 on 17.10(S0) Waterloo/Exeter, 50026 on 18.16(S0) Exeter/ Waterloo. West Somerset Railway 0-6~OST no.2994 *Vulcan' on all steam workings between Minehead and Williton during week August 13-20. DMU's on other workings between Minehead, Williton and Bishops Lydeard.
A report now for Swindon Works 15th September 1983
North Yard -08026/134/187/188/377/4103/415/451/454/455/457/464/469/476/495/500/562/565573/577/578/585/58/591/593/603/604/609/612/615/617/619/6221628/635/638/673/676/
690 733/735/869, 20140 151, 25227, 40037/078/095/109/122/113/120/125/1~4/146/159. 46006/007/015/029/043 YO49/050/055/056.
Works Pilots: 08410/785
Inside:  08364/08444/559/572/607/625/629/632/683/695/704/709/718/725/731/795/ 780/899/928. 31132, 37136 167, 97653.
Scrap: 03022/121, 08045/059/112/125/128/130/149/178/181/189/192/194/240/265/281/288/290/301/303/328/356/368/342/545/574/583, 25113/215, 31111, 
40014/016/083/117/144/149/154/176/178/193 46002/013/020/022/038,
Being cut : 40026/l10/127,
Preserved: D818, D1015,
DMU's: - 51074/1090/1104/1062/0662/0699/1137/1149/1136/1372/1450/1522/1590/1576/1851/ 1852/1936/2047/1528/3653/3717/3737/3704/3868/5031/3676/9105/51o6/9065/9306 /9289/ 9371/9421/9439/9409/9435/9582/9723.

Engineering work at Hertford resulted in major diversions between Preston and Crewe, over non-electrified lines, on the 11th/12th and 18th/19th June. Some interesting workings were - 11th June, 40096(15.25 Barrow-Crewe) 47335+87003 (14.05 Euston-Carlisle). The electric on the up Clansman was dragged by 40090. 18th June
40002+85005 (parcels), 47588+87014 (08.07 Birmingham-Glasgow) 473p+86255 (09.31 Carlisle-Euston) 45120+86235 (parcels) 47060+86320, 47337+86258 (13.20 Glasgow- Paddington) 40158 (16.14 Liverpool-Preston) 47119+81011 (14.30 Birmingham-Glasgow-Edinburgh) 4733M7018 (10.30 Inverness-Euston) 47193+86210 (15.10 Glasgow-Euston).
Also on the 18th June the 11.50 Aberdeen 15.20 Glasgow-Nottingham arrived at Manchester Victoria behind 47473. This was detached and replaced by 45026.
Some notes now from the Manchester and Liverpool area to which one of our Intrepid members ventured on the 31st July.
Longsight - 08399/524/687/789/820/891/914/915, 25059, 40194, 47113/337, 56089, 82004/006, 83002/005/007YO08 009 010/013, 86314,
Newton Heath - 08475/626/676, 25084/126/134/226/270/325,  40024/069/090/091, 45055, 47074/350.
Manchester Victoria - 25268 Northwich - 25032/054/195 47331. Chester Station - 08665, 47413/556, Chester MPD - 08079/489, 25211, 40195, 45114, 47016/220. Ellesmere Port - 08463. Birkenhead Mollington St. - 03189, 25037/199/230/231/297, Birkenhead Docks - 03162. Lime St. - 08922, 47054/415, 86205/221/234/249/312, 87018. Edge Hill - 08838. Allerton - 08018/270/273/291/300/355/532/857/885/887/931, 25259,40012/181, 45103/ 146/148, 46018, 47311/344/468, 968021. Speke - 08337/633/918/923, 40047/174 47194/332, 85009, 87023. Warrington Arpley - 08669, 25145, 47147/309, 56064. Wigan NW - 08616. Springs Branch - 08129/376/472/631/691/744/815/925, 25123/130/141/179/188/207/209/ 221/253/296/321, 47187/221/270/278/281/305/380/480.
On the 13th August 31236 succumbed at Long Eaton on the 13.46 Yarmouth/ Chesterfield. The failure was due to lack of water. Sister engine 31295 was summoned from Derby and assisted from the rear to Derby, where 31236 was detached and 31295 worked the train forward via the Erewash Valley. Also on the 13th, power on the air-conditioned stock of the 07.27 Nottingham/Glasgow was provided by non ETH fitted 47190.

Noted on Inverness MPD on the 3rd August were the following 26035/46/41/24/32,27002/108-, 37147/260/183/114, 47013/460/520/710.
Also noted on the same day were the following workings: -
26030/43 08.48 Inverness-Aberdeen
26034/40 10.48 Inverness-Aberdeen
47040 07.55 Aberdeen-Inverness
47013 14.48 Inverness-Aberdeen
37025 10.45 Inverness-Kyle
26042 11.10 Kyle-Inverness
37261 11.40 Inverness-Wick and Thurso
27051 17.10 Perth-Dundee (2 coach train!)
Noted on the 14th August were -
Ayr - 08344/345/433/449, 2001i7615/063/067/118/119/146/213, 26025, 27025/055/059/210  37037/265, 40079, 47108.
Motherwell - 08292/319/321/326/437/720/726/730/882/883, 20043/069/102',/124/127/156/207/220, 25257/323, 27017/033, 37031/056/125/139/150/152/154/156/175/92, 
Noted on the 15th August were Thornton Yard - 08570/732, 20099/137/205/225/226/227, 25189, 26035, Dunfermline Townhill - 08175 (withdrawn) 08227/341/346, 20006/007/013/040/108/117/ 120, 26013/014, 40173 (withdrawn) (All of these locos were also noted at Dunfermline on the 25th August). Millerhill  08421/515/586, 26001/004/005, 37007. Comrie Colliery - 08425 Carstairs Junction - Stabled 20125, 26011/030, 27023. 20100+20197 working PW train, 37137+37155 coupled together working north at high speed, 86260 16.10 Glasgow-Euston, 86210 16.20 Glasgow-Nottingham, 47413 16.06 Edinburgh-Carstairs connection.
Noted on the 17th August were Carstairs Junction - Stabled - 27036. 40170 on the Stirling/London Motorail taken over by 810191, 47447/563/701 working Carstairs/Edinburgh portions, 86213 on the 07.27 Nottingham/Glasgow, 86230 13.10 Glasgow/Euston, 86211 13.20 Glasgow/Paddington 86317 northbound freightliner, 86226 06.45 Paddington/Glasgow. Noted at Polmadie 24th August, 08286/621/712/852/853, 20037/039/049/078/090/104/111/ 121/124/127/152/202/228, 25046/160, 26033/045, 27002/004/019/028/055, 37014/018/157/ 237, 47206/207/270.

Our Horsham correspondent has sent details of the vans in use on the Horsham to Three Bridges PW depot internal service. Over the last three months the following have been seen ADB975140, ADS975142, ADB975144/283/424, TDB975966, ADS70006, ADS165, S267. The permanent stores van is ADS70127. Most of the movers are staff tool vans and are in the new olive green livery. Further sitings around the region have been the following:-
23rd July Ashford - 08414/811, 33052, 73106/118/138, EMU's 7767 and 68008.
Dover - 09008/13/19, 73120.
24th July  Hastings St. Leonards - 33028, DEMU's 1002/03/06/07/11/13/15/16/17/19/31/36,1310/13.
25th July Ashford 33052, 73102/114. Margate 73003 stabled on station.
26th July Hastings DEMU's 1004/12/32/35, 1119, 1313/17. EMUs 7811/12.
27th July Ashford 33049/052, 73129/134,
28th July Dover - 09008/13/18/19, 33203. 47339.
29th July Ashford - 73134
30th July Weymouth - 3310/116, 47186/291.
31st July Weymouth - 33114.
1st August Weymouth - 33101/104/114/115/118, 47152.
2nd August Weymouth - 33002/111/113/114/115. Poole - 33112 Southampton - 08650/831, 47077, 73117/119, Portsmouth - 33056, DEMU's 1124 and 1403.
4th August Weymouth - 31110/254, 33112.
5th August Weymouth - 31102/111/112/115/118,
6th August Weymouth - 33102/112/117, 47264
7th August Didcot - (yes I know it's in the Western Region !.) 08850, 47054/262/500/503/511, 50005/33/41.


The Editor is grateful to the following for their contributions Messrs. Earl, Shenton, Dewing, Sutton, Needham, Brackenbury, Sanderson, Slater, Pett, Wesley, Dawson, Caddick, Helliwell, Marshall, Butcher, Bolland, Nicholson,40129 and Miss Taylor.