No.44 - Summer 1983


The Open Day season is coming again, with Stratford on the 9th July and Norwich Crown Point on the 24th September - the Pennine Sales Stall will be at both of these events and so anything which can be sold will be gratefully accepted.
There is a more detailed article concerning the slide competition further on in the magazine, but as the weather may now start to Improve with the first day of summer on 21st June!! - just a reminder to get your cameras clicking.

EDITOR'S NOTES - a personal view.

By the time these words are read, the ballyhoo of the General Election should have died down and the new Government should be settling into it's term of office. It is to be hoped that whoever is in power after June 9th adopts a positive approach to public transport and pays particular attention to one of this country's most valuable assets - the railways. The manifestos were full of pledges about transport and phrases such as 'Integrated transport policy' and 'massive financial investment' were very much in evidence. But, manifestos have a habit of being conveniently forgotten when it comes to the actual business of running a country. This time however, transport must not be ignored, instead BR should be given the help and encouragement it needs to become a high quality, efficient railway service.


I'm sure that all members will join with me in sending best wishes to two of our Lincoln members, Steve and Diana Payne, who have just taken delivery of an ex-works baby girl - Julie Louise. (I wonder how long it will be before she has her own numbers book?).


Tuesday the 4th of October may seem quite a long way away. However, it is the date chosen for the annual PRS slide competition. Following discussions at this years AGM, there has been an alteration to the rules, namely that slides entered In the competition must not have been entered in previous competitions. I would like to remind those who may not be able to get to the October meeting, that they are very welcome to send their 4 slides to me (in a strong envelope please) and I'll enter them on their behalf.


On 24th September there is to be an Open Day as mentioned in the notes from the committee. It is the first time that there has been such an event in this area for almost fifty years. A number of exhibits are being sought including current diesel traction and rolling stock operating in East Anglia, examples of electric traction and rolling stock due to be going to Norwich in future years and a steam exhibit. All of these are of course subject to availability and movement. There will also be the usual assortment of stands and exhibitions.


British Rail and the RAF have joined forces to introduce a new hat distribution system. At no cost to you whatsoever, the RAF will transport your hat to Scotland and BR will return it to you. More details can be obtained from Robin Skinner who was the lucky man chosen to be the first customer!!!!


To those younger members of the society (like myself!) brought up on a diet of blue boxes on wheels and railway cuts, it is sometimes difficult to imagine the range of motive power which used to exist. Norman Bolland and John Dewing have unearthed their old notebooks and supplied the following lists of sightings from 1952 and 1962 respectively.

Doncaster Works 16th April 1952

Erecting Shops                                                Yard Waiting Works
43050 4MT                                                        60869 V2
69526 N2                                                           61127 B1
61906 K3                                                          67397 C12
61383 B1                                                          68875 J52
Loco Weigh House                                         Works Shunters
60870 V2                                                           68816 J52
61633 B17 'Kimbolton Castle'                        68845 J52
60007 A4 'Sir Nigel Gresley'                          68843 J52
Paint Shop                                                        Crimpsall No.2 Bay
62041 K1                                                           61124 B1
60106 A3 'Flying Fox'                                      61137 B1
61912 K3                                                          61248 B1 'Geoffrey Gibbs'
61033 B1 'Dibatag'                                           61136 B1
60881 V2                                                          64254 J6
61070 B1                                                          69550 N2
69496 N2                                                          61853 K3
61889 K3                                                          68841 J52
61283 B1                                                          68905 J50
60045 A3 'Lemberg'                                        61863 K5 (Thompson K3 Rebuild)
251 GNR Atlantic - Exhibition Loco             69586 N2
1463 NER 2-4-0 - Exhibition Loco               61832K3
For Scrap                                                        61611 B17 'Raynham Hall'
63476 03                                                          61669B17 'Barnsley'
65008 J1
65009 J1
9244 N4
3274 -  Cl Atlantic
3285 -  Cl Atlantic
Under Repair

61846 K3                                                          69528 N2
60090 'Grand Parade'                                       63948 02
60056 A3 'Centenary'                                      60914 V2
61804 K3                                                          60078 A3 'Night Hawk'
61957 K3                                                          60519 A2/3 'Honeyway'
67352 C12                                                        60010 A4 `Dominion of Canada'
64279 J6                                                           60502 A2/1 'Earl Marichal'
61636 B17 'Harlaxton Manor'                        60094 A3 'Colorado'
61856 K3                                                         61816 K3
60512 A2/3 'Steady Aim'                               60109 A3 'Hermit'
60053 A3 'Sansovino'                                    60093 A3 'Coronach'

(Norman notes that not a single A1 was to be seen!)

Bridlington Shed (53D) on Bank Holiday Mondays during 1962
23rd April 1962
61878 K3
61389 B1
61234 B1
73169 BR Standard Class 5
42705 6P5F
45435 Class 5
45695 Jubilee Class 'Arethusa'

6th August 1962
45080 Class 5                                  Excursion from Leeds
D5819 Now class 31                       Excursion from Wath
61270 B1                                          Excursion from Doncaster
61438 B16                                        Excursion from York
D172 Peak                                        Excursion from Leeds
D6733 Now class 37                       Excursion from Hull
D6730 Now class 37                      Excursion from Knottingley
D346 Now class 40                        Excursion from Leeds
D5829                                              Excursion from Penistone
D386 Now class 40                        Excursion from York
D5849                                              Excursion from Penistone
D5838                                              Excursion from Mexborough
D5851                                              Excursion from Wakefield
D5806                                               Excursion from Rotherham
D170                                                 Excursion from Leeds
60872 V2 'Kings Own Yorkshire  Excursion from Leeds
Light Infantry'
61957 K3                                         Excursion from Nottingham
D6746 Now class 37                       Excursion from Chesterfield
61255 B1                                          Excursion from Hull
D6731 Now                                      Excursion from class 37 Hull

The excursions mentioned came via Selby, Market Weighton - Driffield to Bridlington, also via the Hull - Bridlington line and the York to Market Weighton and Driffield lines.


It has still. not been decided. whether LMS 5690 'Leander' will visit the NYMR during June/July. On Saturday June 25th there is a 'Rail Riders Deltic Day Out' on the NYMR. If 5690 does go to the NYMR it is hoped that both Deltics and Leander will be the 3 engines in use. Also I am informed that. on this day the 10.20 Pickering - Grosmont will be worked by a Deltic, having worked out the previous day on the16.55 ex. Grosmont. If this is so it will be the first time a Deltic has been stabled overnight at Pickering.
The carriage shed at Pickering is progressing. The frame is now nearly complete. Also at Pickering is the ex. 12 buffet car which will probably 
be in use on diesel days. 
There are now plans afoot for a diesel depot to be established at Grosmont NYMR. As yet details are not known, but DTG and DPS officials have been contacted by NYMR officials regarding facilities. It may mean the purchase of land adjacent to the running lines at Grosmont and possibly even the slewing of the running line itself. As news becomes available you will be informed.

Locomotives Re-allocated 
Western Region:
08410-SW; 08639-MG; 08760/839-LA; 08781-GL; 31123/256, 50021-25-OC; 37129/256/299, 47056/059/063/094/125/128, 56033/047/083-BR; 37297/298-CF;

Eastern Region: 03162, 37005/013/077/121/128/136. 47217/275/288/307/310-GD; 08393/ 689, 47112/122/263-SF; 08434/485/870, 20021/023-TI; 08493-NR; 08549-CA; 08865, 31110~MR; 31215/237/299/319, 37023-TE; 31306. 37130-IM; 37010, 40057/084-HM;

London Midland Region:
08482-DY; 08843-HD; 08907, 25054/086/190/194/224/242/302/ 303, 40197~-CI); 2~/095/117/124/152CW; 25089/106/133-KD; 25032/208/209, 40047/ 052/069/077-LO; 31118/131/159/213/307-TO; 31?94/296, 47191/315/433-BS;

Scottish Region: 08343/452-IS; 08564/732-DT'.# 08570/620, 20090/099, 37017 ' 47004/005 -ED; 08586-HA; 08630-CM; 08719-AB; 20101-ML;

Locomotives Condemned: 03026/034/389, 08069/095/199/209/219/275/287/288/291/327/360/364/550, 25075/101/135/136/ 153/219 /233/314/319, 40006/007/046/049/081/121, 46021/029.

Locomotives Reinstated: 08421, 26028(HA), 08423/472(SP), 08462(DY), 08463(AN), 08515(AB), 08773 (HM) 20022/029/042/096/176(TI), 20044/045/213, 27001/041(ED), 20100(HA), 31264/274(IM)..

Locomotives Stored Unserviceable: 08500(HS), 08577/591(LE), 08718/26019(HA), 08597(SY), 20007/040/049/078, 27028/041(ED), 20189(TO), 45053(TO), 81016(GW), 85007(CE).

Locomotives Stored Serviceable: 20016/087/142/166/182/194(TO), 20028(ED), 20102(HA), 20108(ML).

New Locomotives: 56114-117 (TI), 58001 (TO).

Dual Braked: 08611/620/773/809/865, 20022/029/037/043/063/067/069/095/110/119, 31124/264/309/326 /425, 37035/109/113/218/238.

Boiler Isolated: 31163/169/295, 37034/041/047/089/099/103/116, 40052/069, 45016, 47059/255/525.

Multiple Working Fitted:86003.

Boiler Reinstated:31309, 37178, 4,0197, 45059, 47103/159.

Twin Tanks Removed: 37256.

Boiler Removed: 31212/240, 47061/111/142/288/295/586/587.

Slow Speed Control isolated: 47313/363.

Slow Speed Control Fitted: 20198.

Locomotive Named: 73129 - City of Winchester.

 Air-Brake Only: 08421/462/463/472/515/586/781/819.

Locomotives Re-numbered: 27110 to 27054, 47042 to 47586, 31274 to 31425, 47263 to 47587.

ETH Fitted: 31425, 47586/587.

Locomotives Cut Up:
ZL - 08050/106/234/467, 25071/082/100. 31017/103, 40171/175. 46008/036/042.
ZF - 08552/554, 31192/314, 55005.
ZE - 25066/216.
ZC - 40123. Booths, Rotherham - 76041.
Reddish - 76056/057.
Coopers Metals, Brightside, Nr. Sheffield - 76029/32/33.


Renumbered (Converted from TS to TF): 42114 to 41175, 42142 to 41176, 42158 to 41177.


Eastern Region: 51208/21. 51429/38, 56087. 56388/93/96 - NR; 51299, 56424 - LN;
Western Region: 59500/09 - BR; 59501/02/10
London Midland Region: 50063, 59365 - CW; 50436/88, 59389 - NH, 50546/93, 59183/ 86, 59207/40 - BX; 50680 - CH; 50693/0738, 59262 - DY; 50838 - TS;
Scottish Region: 55000 - HA; 55015 - ED;

Condemned:50062, 504,05/09, 50757/96, 50815/77, 51017/26/36/43, 51115/27, 51265/70/87, 51357, 51617/21/43, 51821, 56127, 56414/33/57/61/66/71, 59132/33/41/43/45, 59255/57/73, 59408/11.


Transfers: 302231/232 - EM; 2301 FR; 5019/20 SG; 5313/15 SU; 303036/48/53/57/78/82 - CE; 508039-41 - BD;

Condemned: 022(SR), 28686, 29285, 29716.

Stored Unserviceable: 303017/22 (HY).

Renumbered: 7134 to 1553, 7143 to 1554, 7114 to 1555, 5667 to 6307, 5629 to 019.


The West Somerset Railway is one of my favourite steam lines and to me it is unique among the various preserved railways in that I first read about it in a story-book. It was then simply the Minehead branch of B.R., and it appeared at the beginning of Penelope Lively's story for children "The Wild Hunt of Hagworthy", published in 1972.
I am not, at my age, a particular devotee of children's stories, but I have always liked Penelope Lively's books, with their strong sense of the past and their beautiful descriptions of the countryside, and I was especially attracted to this book because It's theme is folklore and folk-dancing, subjects In which I am very interested.
The story begins with Lucy Clough, the heroine, travelling alone by train to spend the summer holidays with her maiden aunt In the Somerset village of Hagworthy and the opening chapter is a detailed description of the ride on the Minehead branch train from Taunton. At the time I first read the story, I was beginning to be attracted to the West Country as a possible place to visit on holiday and I was quite captivated by the description of Lucy's journey through the Somerset countryside. The slow branch-line train is contrasted with the express on which the girl has travelled from London as far as Taunton and the intimate scale of the country through which it passes is particularly emphasised.
In 1978 I finally got to visit and ride on the West Somerset Railway and I have seen something of it every year since. Sometimes I have been spending a few days in the Minehead area while making my way either to or from a writing course at Totleigh Barton, near Okehampton In Devon; at other times I have been on a country dancing holiday at Halsway Manor, which is situated only a couple of miles from the line. It seems appropriate that, as I first became interested In the West Somerset Railway through a fiction book dealing with folk-dancing, my visits to the line should all be connected with either creative writing or country dancing!
It must be admitted that the West Somerset Railway does not have the locomotive Interest of many preserved lines. It's stud of working steam locos is small., on my first visit, Great Western 0-6-0 PT no. 6412 was working the trains but on every subsequent visit it has been an industrial 0-6-0 ST No. 2994 'Vulcan' that has been doing the haulage. Two Western Region diesel-hydraulics are among the stock of the West Somerset Railway, also a London, Brighton & South Coast "Terrier" and two Great Western
'45xx' class 2-6-2 tanks awaiting restoration. A mixed steam and diesel service is operated, with the majority of the trains during the week formed from two-car diesel multiple units.
However, what the line lacks in steam locomotive Interest is made up, for me at least, by the attractive countryside through which it passes and by it's literary association with Penelope Lively's story. The train service has been progressively extended eastwards from Minehead and I have enjoyed being able to travel further on successive visits. In 1978 I rode behind steam to Blue Anchor and In a multiple unit to Stogumber, in the Quantock hills. In 1980 I travelled on one of the occasional "Quantock Rambler" multiple units which went as far as Crowcombe, the summit of the line. In 1981 I travelled by steam to the next station, Bishop's Lydeard, on the eastward side of the hills, from where a bus connection operates Into Taunton. In 1982 I did not ride on the upper end of the line, contenting myself with a steam ride from Williton to Watchet and then walking back to my car at Williton.. but I made a point of watching and photographing the Sunday steam train to Bishop's Lydeard in the rustic surroundings of Stogumber and Crowcombe stations, among a maze of narrow lanes, tiny hamlets, fields and woods. The sight of "Vulcan" and It's train, and the sound of It's exhaust beats and it's sonorous chime whistle, gave me great pleasure in the setting which had delighted me when I read Penelope Lively's book several years earlier.
In1981, when I first rode to Bishop's Lydeard, I walked down to Stogumber Station from Halsway Manor and stopped the steam train especially, Stogumber being a regular stop for the multiple units but only a request stop for the steam trains. The novelty of stopping a steam train just for myself, as if it were a bus or a taxi, combined with the beautiful sunny weather that day, and the enjoyment of my ride on the railway, and the happiness I felt during my first holiday at Halsway Manor, made a deep impression on me.I have over the past few years tried my hand at writing short stories with a railway setting and I decided to build a story around my day on the West Somerset line. The result, "Marilyn', is I think one of my best stories. As I first got to know of the West Somerset Railway through a story, it gave me great satisfaction to repay the debt, as it were, and put the railway in a story of my own! I wonder what associations with the West Somerset Railway future years will bring.

Letters to the Editor

44 Thievesdale Lane

Dear Mr Bladen,
My son and I have been members of the 'Pennine' since it started. In that time I have realised that we have members from all walks of life with a lot of specialized knowledge.
Could you find a photographer who would do a small article in the magazine about taking 35mm colour slides at night. I am thinking particularly of. railway stations and locos.
What we specifically require is information and advice on exposures and apertures using different film speeds - particularly 64 ASA film. I know this is a 'low speed', but this is what we generally have In the camera for universal use. The camera we are using is the new Canon AE1 Program with a 35-70mm Sicor lens.
Can you be of help to us, and most likely, many others.
Yours faithfully
P Pearson.

Well, if the standard of the slides to be seen at our monthly meetings is anything to go by, I think there should be no problem! Should anyone have advice and information which would help Mr Pearson, would they please drop him a line. I would also appreciate your letters on the subject so that I can put together an article~., for the next edition of 'Trans Pennine'.


A report in one of the daily newspapers just recently, tells how a committee of 'officially appointed public watchdogs' will be checking on BR and reporting back their findings. One of their criticisms is that it wants more coaching of guards to make sure that when they use the microphones on trains, they are intelligible. (it may also be a good idea to give them lessons In speaking louder!).


 There is to be an experimental service on Sundays from 10th July to 21st August, departing Inverness at 09.30 for Kyle. The trains will have buffet and observation car facilities and travellers will be able to spend two hours in Kyle. The return train leaves at 14.10 and connects at Inverness for Glasgow and Edinburgh.


 You've had Superman II, Star Trek II and Jaws II. Now, just when you thought it was safe to re-enter a competition, comes Pete Wesley II !
Within the Steam Locomotive Operators Association are six men, all keen railway enthusiasts. They are by name Messrs. Green, White, Brown, Pink, Black and Grey.
Each man owns a steam locomotive of some description. They are, but not respectively, King, Royal Scot, Jubilee, Black Five, Merchant Navy and Duchess.
Use the following clues to determine which man owns which locomotive:
(1) Mr Green is a bachelor, who can beat all others, except the Jubilee owner at snooker.
(2) The only woman who can drive is married to the owner of the Duchess.
(3) The wives of the owners of the Royal Scot and the King meet for coffee each morning.
(4) Mr Pink does not play games and will not allow his wife to become one of 'those' coffee drinking females. (The Promotions Officer, who is also the typist, would like to add that Mr Pink is a male chauvinist pig!!!.'!!!!).
(5) Mr Black thinks snooker a girls game, but can beat the King's owner at billiards.
(6) Mrs White never drinks coffee, but takes the wife of the Merchant Navy owner shopping in her car each morning.
(7) Mr Green can give Mr Grey 'owe 15' at snooker.

The usual prizes of 5, 3 and 2 will be given for the first, second and third places. Entries to reach the magazine editor by 15th August 1983.


Many thanks to the 15 members who entered the quiz many of whom fell for the 'red herrings', Part(h)ia and Scyt(h)1a. They weren't, as some of you thought, misspellings, but deliberate errors as it were. The 25 correct answers are as follows:

1) Accra 40034 (2) Albion 47509 (3) Amazon 47089 (4) Anson 50022 (5) Apapa 40035  6) Ben Nevis 86258  (7) Broadlands 73142 (8) City of Truro 47076 (9) Conqueror 50009 (10) Fury 86222 (11) Glorious 50033 (12) Howe 50023 (13) Loch Awe 37026 (14) Loch Eil 37027 (15) Mail 86226 (16) North Briton 87020 (17) Odin 47081 (18) Oystermouth 56040 (19) Peter Pan 86259 (20) Rail Riders 47406 (21) Royal Scot 87001 (22) Royal Signals 45144 (23) Strathclyde 47706 (24) Sultan 33025 (25) Tamar 47560.

There were 8 correct entries and, as is usual when this happens, they were put in a hat at the monthly meeting and the prizes are as follows:
1st Prize of 5 to Stuart Smith (no committee slush fund, honest!)
2nd Prize of 3 to Mrs Diana Payne (to buy some bootees!)
3rd Prize of 2 to Mr M Bell.

For Sale

The following Items are for sale and anyone interested should contact Mr B Day on Doncaster 26745.
Railway Magazine and Railway World 1970 - 1976 3 each in binders.


Many books have been written about the Settle and Carlisle line. In pre-grouping days the Midland Railway, in competition with the GNR/NER and LNWR, simply called their line the 'Best'. Certainly In terms of scenic value the S & C is unsurpassed.
For many years, before the word 'Nationalisation' brought fear to these secure lines, people would travel along the S & C just to gaze at it's beauty, both natural and man-made. Names such as Helwith Bridge, Ribblehead, Ais Gill and Dent Head conjure up mental images of men battling with nature to transport passengers and freight on a line that can, at it's worst, be arguably the worst in this country to traverse.
107 years after it was opened to traffic, the S & C is still doing the job for which it was intended, i.e.-to transport people and their baggage from point 'A' to point 'B'. Unfortunately during -the passage of time It is no longer possible to travel to such famous stations as Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Ribblehead, Dent, Kirkby Stephen, Crosby Garrett, etc., except by the infrequent 'Dales Rail' trains during the summer months. Indeed some of the stations, including a couple mentioned above have been demolished completely. The Down side of Ribblehead Station, for example, has made way for the rail connection to Ribblehead Quarry. The branch from Garsdale, (Hawes Junction), was closed and lifted years ago.
The Settle and Carlisle line is ignored by many, hated by some and loved by others. I feel that I belong to the last category. The S & C is even able to cast it's spell on people at night. Those Pennine members who went on the Merrymaker to Mallaig during April 1981 may know what I mean. I have been fascinated by this stretch for a few years and I was 'as pleased as Punch' when, the other day, I was given a list of freight workings and their times for this line. So, in conjunction with Gerard Smith and General Lee (his car), I set off on Thursday April 7th for a day of adventure, sun and mud!
Naturally enough the Settle and Carlisle line starts at Settle Jn., so with the aid of an early start we got north of this point for our first photos. En route to Settle we passed Hellifield Station and could see a Class 25 which had been looped for the 08.57 Leeds - Carlisle the train which we were racing to Stainforth. Our arrival at a bridge just to the north of the short Stainforth Tunnel was, only minutes before 1M09 which passed with 31404 in charge. We went north, heading for Horton-in-Ribblesdale Station, but hadn't got more than a mile when a 'Peak' was seen heading south. (In these hills it should have been a Cl. 44). We parked on the road-side and after consulting the map, realised by accident that we had photographed 46014 with it's load of Ballast Wagons~ at Helwith Bridge. So, it was back to General Lee and a fast sprint to Horton Station.
Our wait at Horton was short. Almost as we arrived the signalman pulled off the down signals and along came 25257, also with Ballast Hoppers. As we found out later, this train was en route to Ribblehead Quarry. It was almost time for 6E54, 10.31 Ribblehead Quarry - Healey M111s, so we remained at Horton. At 10.33 off came the up signals and five minutes later we heard whistling from round the bend. Seconds later 40196 passed us and went off into the distance. Horton was turning out to be a nice spot, not only for the trains. The sun had put in an appearance and would keep us company for most of the day. We decided to 'fester' at Horton for the 10.00 Carlisle - Leeds, 1E23, which in due course, stormed~ past with 47515 in charge.
A change of location was called for, so it was back to 'the General' and off to Ribblehead Viaduct. It was on arrival here that we found 25257 in the Quarry. We parked in a small parking place just to the south-west of the Viaduct, on the Ingleton road . In due course 1257 came out of the sidings with it's now loaded Ballast Hoppers. Photos of it crossing the viaduct were taken, then with the aid of binoculars it was confirmed that the loco was running round at Blea Moor box. This gave us a short time in which to find another suitable location and then to photograph the train. About 11 miles south of Ribblehead is a small road bridge by Lodge Hall Farm. It was here where we got '257 yet again, then back to the Viaduct.
During the early afternoon nothing was booked to go in either direction so we took this opportunity to do some exploring and see how near to Blea Moor box we could get.
A few weeks earlier this location had been full of fellow photographers waiting to catch46229 on the Cumbrian Mountain Pullman, now it was just us two and the sheep. Using the path taken by the signalman would have been too easy. We crossed under the railway using a 'sheep-way' and started to climb the lower, and slippery, slopes of Blea Moor. With all the rain and snow that had fallen here in recent weeks the ground was one big bog and more than once I nearly slipped 'Base over Apex', stepped out of my shoes and slightly twisted my ankle. (Shame!). Still we plodded on. As we approached the box, ever so slowly, a Class 25 arrived in the loop from the north and this, like the last 25 we had seen, started to run round. We moved faster than ever before. more slipping and more 'Base over Apex'. This was 25195 on a short unfitted train. After photographing it's departure we 'made our way to a bridge about 1 mile north of Blea Moor Box. It was barred. Sheep-proof no doubt, but it wasn't rail enthusiast-proof. I refused to go back the way we had arrived, so we slithered round the western side of Blea(k) Moor box, eventually regaining the signalman's path. Trudging downwards Gerard looked back one last time. Lo and behold, the up signals were off. So we waited, and waited and about seven minutes later a Class 25 (another), made it's way past the box and onto the Viaduct. 25120 with 6E01, MSX 23.25 Mossend - Healey Mills mixed Vacs. Mixed it was, mineral wagons, rail flats, the odd oil tank wagon. Off to General Lee.
Our last spot north of Ribblehead was to be at Dent Head Viaduct. Despite being on constant alert we nearly missed 40129. Indeed I did because, I had the wrong lens on the camera. Gerard managed to get cine film of it. As there was nothing now due for quite a while and as the afternoon was getting on we headed south, back past Ribblehead and on to Settle Jn. Here we waited on a bridge just north of the box, for both the evening passenger workings. The signalman pulled off both ways at once, making things difficult for us. We expected 47515 to return with 1M26, the 16.05 Leeds ~ Carlisle, but instead it was 31235 which appeared. As that passed us 1E33 was quickly approaching so it was over to the other side of the bridge for 31404 returning. If we weren't held up in traffic we might be able to race '404 and get another shot east of the Skipton stop. As we drove along the Skipton By-pass I glanced left towards the station. Not only did we look as though we would get 31404 again, but also 40129 and 25120. We pulled up at Crosshills, just west of Keighley, as Kildwick L/C barriers were going down. 31404 was here, so a fast light reading was taken then it was past. We waited for 6E01 which came-past about ten minutes later. While we waited for the 40 it gave me an opportunity to find out what it was working.
Consulting the times I had been given it was deduced that 40129 was on 8E13, the 13.10 Carlisle - Healey Mills Mixed Vacs. After a wait of fifteen minutes we had 'descent' at Kildwick and we took up our positions. As 40129 came round the bend about 200 yards away from us, the rails started singing. Pandemonium reigned as a DMU scuttled past the other way. Phew, it cleared the 40 just ' in time to get a decent photograph. It was after 5.00pm and the weather, which had been so nice during the morning and early afternoon was now turning cold and blustery, so regretfully we headed off for home. Cold, muddy, but happy at having had such a nice day out. Another is being planned and this will no doubt cover Ribblehead to Als Gill. Long may the Settle and Carlisle line remain. (Ooh my poor ankle!)


On Saturday, July 9th, the Pennine Sales Team will be setting up their stall at Stratford Open Day and would appreciate any help anyone can give, either by spending an hour behind the stall or by donating anything "saleable" of a railway nature! A small number of seats are available in the minibus which is being used as transport and anyone Interested should contact a committee member as soon as possible.


Eastern Region

The Hull - Scarborough line doesn't often feature in these pages, so it was good to receive news about it. During the winter the only non-passenger activity is a freight-train three or four times per week, usually hauled by a 31 and occasionally by a 37. Summer weekends bring trip trains to Scarborough although the number has declined In recent years - most, Including Kings Cross Scarborough, now go via York. Despite the future of the line being in doubt, much ballasting and re-railing has been taking place recently, but the work done between Bridlington and Hull has been on one side of the trackbed only, suggesting that this section of the line is to be singled. Major repairs are also being made to a bridge at Bridlington, the cost of the work being shared by BR and the local council. On Sundays the line is usually closed (except in Summer). but March 20th saw a great deal of activity, with 5 engines on the line, hauling ballast, track and cranes and returning with soil, trees and hedges! The locos involved were 31107 and 40033 double-heading a ballast train, 31129, 37307 and 4o150.
Still on North Humberside, Class 40 locos continue to be regular visitors to Botanic Garden - the following have been noted recently:- 25.4.83 40035/097, 28.4.83 40012, 2.5.83 40086/170, 7.5.83 40097. The 7th of May was not an auspicious day in the annals of Hull's Rugby League history ~ they lost to Featherstone in the RL Cup Final. The disappointed fans may have gained some solace however in the number of loco-hauled trains which ran as specials to London. The following were noted working:- 5.5.83 31168,47201/215, 6.5.83 47211/215, 7.5.83 47149/201/211/ 214/215. Also on 7th May a 4 car DMU left Hull on a Spalding Flower Festival Special (South Humberside now!). Noted at Frodingham on 9.4.83 were:- 08397/445, 20019/51/52, 25117. 31109/208/238/411, 37130/150, 45043, 46o46, 47o68/215/303/376.
With the closure of Reddish MPD, Class 76 electrics have begun to be moved from the depot to scrapyards for cutting up. Movements, all via the Hope Valley route, have been as follows:- 25.2.83 76o15/41/46/49/53 hauled by 40170 to Tinsley (for CF Booths - Rotherham). 10.3.83 76025/27/30/34/51 hauled by 47207 to Tinsley for OF Booths - Rotherham). 16.3.83 76029/31/32/33 hauled by 47338 to Tinsley {for Cooper Metals - Brightside). 24.3.83 76o07/11/22/24/35 hauled by 40168 to Tinsley (for CF Booths - Rotherham). 29.3.83 76012/10/21/23/26 hauled by 37130 to Tinsley (for CF Booths - Rotherham). 13.4.83 76001/08/09/28/36 hauled by 40056 to Tinsley (for CF Booths - Rotherham). 76036 detached at Earles Sidings due to a hot box. 14.4.83 76003/37/40 hauled by 37193 to Berry Co Ltd at Leicester. 20.4.83 76006/13/14/38/47 hauled to Booths - Rotherham. 76013 was detached at Earles Sidings joining 76036. 27.4.83 37265 hauled 76010/39/54 for cutting up at Booths. It picked up 76013/36 from Earles Sidings but detached 76039 (which carries only one cab end). C F Booths have taken delivery of withdrawn 03's 03129/160/161 for cutting up and have also been busy with LT Tube stock. Cars noted during March and April included 21100, 21105, 21133, 23300, 23305, 23333 and 23400.
Wakefield Kirkgate is the place to go for freight trains! Noted on 18.4.83 between 1300 and 1600 hours were 08206/264, 20195/135, 25124, 31277/315. 37002/O3D/ 036/131, 40069/195, 45032, 46032/046, 47035/162/277/3o8/36o, 56029/030/073. Also noted on this day was 03094 being hauled back to the North East by 46o46 and two Departmental DMUs 977125/123, route learning on the Huddersfield to Sheffield service (via Wakefield and Cudworth). On 27.4.83 the following were noted between 1100 and 1600 hours:- 08295/308, 31146/280/293/315/321, 37031/010080/082/090/123/ 141/252, 4,0028, 45022/043/o88, 46035, 473o8/355/373, 56020/021/027/029/086 and condemned DMUs 50752/526, 56157/159/163 being hauled in the Sheffield direction.
On to East Anglia now and the following were noted on 20.3.83:
Peterborough 08272/406 412, 31132/206/218/225/411, 47101/227/297/352. March 03086, 08095/418/~438/424/526/539, 31201~/236/239/244/315/417, 37042/48/63/68/ 75/80/92/97/102/170/1979 40002/181. 968008, 968013 at rear of depot with 31244 withdrawn. Ely 08705. Chesterton PW Yard 08108/257. Cambridge Station and Depot 08083/94/100/ 258/496/528/529, 31282/415. 31213 passed through the station southbound with a breakdown train and 37115 arrived and terminated with a passenger train.
On the evening of 3rd May the 23.26 Sheffield - Manchester hit a derailed goods wagon at Hope. The locomotive 31214 was seriously damaged and the driver critically injured. On 14th May 45124 arrived at Wadsley Bridge on a football special from London for the Sheffield Wednesday v. Crystal Palace game. The loco failed at Wadsley Bridge and was towed to Tinsley behind 37295. The train returned towards London behind 47364. Also on 14th May trains on the Sheffield - Penistone Huddersfield route were strengthened, this being the last day that the service ran via Sheffield Victoria and Wadsley Bridge. The 17.38 departure from Sheffield was provided by E53645, E59247, E59381, E53644, E51434 and E51498. The 18.30 departure from Penistone to Sheffield (the last eastbound service) was worked by E51-544, E51533, E51631, E59817, E51809. From 16th May the service was routed via Barnsley.On 31st May 56079 was noted passing through Doncaster at 23.00 at the head of a mixed freight. 

Western Region
Noted at Swindon on 9.5.83 were:- Shed - 08398/410, 47055/240/490. East Yard - 08515/849. Station (passing) - 47235, 50039, 56033/044. Works - Pilots 0841Y 785. Outside East) - 08572/674. Inside Main Shop under repair) - 03120, 08419/423 447/466/492/698/706/717/795/871, GWR 6000 'King George V', 40062. West Yard (Store or cut-up) 08045/059/112/125/128/130/149/178/181/189 192/194/240/265/281/290/301/ 303/356/368/574 583. 25137/232, 40010/016/026/083/114/117/127/149/1~4/193, 45027/ 032, 46002/0137020/022/031/038. Side of Main Gate and W Shop - 08015/328/342/545/ 636/772/781/816, 45024. Test House - 08867/945. The following SR EMUs were also noted being refurbished 7017, 7103, 7147, 7175, 72o6, 7207, 7208. Gloucester Depot on the same day produced the following:- 08643/778, 31167/215/231/300, 45043/129, 46033, 47049/310. 

London Midland
The following locos were seen on March 20th. Coalville - 08699, 20077/157/ 158/180. 47350/356, 56044/50/61/62/71. Leicester - 08465/471/618/692/695, 20087/142/ 147/166/182/183/194, 31265/317, 47196/282. Nottingham - 08741/757, 20161/190, 45111/ 120, 47166/195/203/280/305/404/481. Toton - 08021/275/293/320/666/667/697/829/87 894, 20016/47/1131135/141/143/150/160/163/170/172/177/178/187/188, 25056/131 139/151/239. 31110/120/139/278 292 295 307/321, 40044/61/73, 45004/055/59/68/52Y106 117 124/132/142, 46047, 47188/258/281/333/334/336/407/489/561, 56042/48/51/56/57/58/59/ 60/64/66/72/83/112, ADB 968002.
On 2nd April a Plymouth - Bradford railtour was hauled into Derby by 33018 and 33026. A pair of 'Rats' 25027 and 25069 took over for the run to Milford where 40068 took charge to Bradford and Wakefield. On the same clay 40015 arrived in Nottingham with a football excursion for the Notts Forest v. Everton game. On 7th April a fire on 4,0015 on the 13.58 Bognor - Manchester at Prestatyn, resulted in non-boilered 40002 hauling the train from Prestatyn to Manchester Victoria, arriving 55 minutes late. On the previous day this service was hauled by 47410. On 4th April boilered 46018 arrived in Derby with a Footex from Newcastle. The Birmingham/East Anglia services are now usually hauled by class 31/4. On 4th April 31416 hauled the 13.15 Birmingham - Norwich and 31421 the 15.08 Birmingham - Cambridge. However, the 11.33 Norwich - Birmingham produced 31216. Class 33's regularly arrive in Birmingham New Street on the 12.46(FO) Portsmouth - Leeds. On April 1st, 33021 was in charge. It was replaced at New Street by 45076 for the run to Leeds.
Noted at Buxton Depot on May 2nd were 08399, 25266/284, 37120/165/199, 40022/185. Further north at Carlisle Depot the following were noted on 7th May:08108/384/396/450/569/910, 25016/21, 27019 101, 3702YO59/138, 40012/060/074/155/ 184/188/194/195, 47160/270/315/416, 85004%028, 86230 317. Back to the Midlands now for Bescot Yard and Depot on 9th May - 08809/928, 20047/72/75/187/155, 25078/90/154/ 192/211/235/258/268/311/321, 31298/326, 40079/96, 45076, 47011/91/227/341/455/535, 56053/69/117. 

Southern Region
Early morning services out of Victoria were seriously disrupted on the 1st of June, when lightening struck signalling equipment. The 04.18 departure to Brighton which eventually left Victoria at 04.55, took an hour and twenty minutes to reach Gatwick Airport, a journey which should normally take only 4,0 minutes. (I'm glad my flight wasn't until 08.30!) Noted at Redhill were 73136 and 73120 on a ballast train, 33044 stabled and 47497 on an oil train.

Scottish RegionNoted on Eastfield Depot on 7th May were the following: 08343/630/693/712/727/733/736/738/762938/952, 20022/028/111  /116/117/118/184/205, 27025/026/033/043/045/210 3701 012 1 027/033/037/147/148/149/178/179/184/188/191, 40173,47141/266/424/427/467/578. DMUs 50747, 50836, 50846, 50889, 50892, 51243, 51451,51459. 51460, 51468, 51527, 51528, 51802, 51803, 51805, 569ol, 59027, 59048, 59347. 59349, 59541, 59560 and 59564.
Now for some workings:- Glasgow Queen Street on 18th April 47707 'Holyrood' on 15.30 to Edinburgh. 47703 'St. Mungo' on 15.25 to Aberdeen. 47705 'Lothian' on 17.00 to Edinburgh. 37085 on stock of 16.34 to Fort William. 27204 and 47712 *Lady Diana Spencer' in siding. West Highland line on April 18th 37012 'Loch Rannoch' on 16.34 Glasgow - Fort William. 37014 on up freight (passed 37012 at Garelochead). 37191 and 37237 on up oil train (passed 37012 In loop between Garelochead and Arrochar). 37039 and 20045 on 18.22 Fort William - Glasgow (passed 37012 at Rannoch). 37081 'Loch Long' on 20.55 Fort William - Mallaig. West Highland line on April 19th 37051 on 06.00 Glasgow - Fort William and 10.03 Fort William, - Mallaig and 12.35 Mallaig - Fort William. 20083 shunting at Fort William. 37198 on shed at Fort William. 37012 'Loch Rannoch' on p.w. train at Glenfinnan. Highland lines on April 20th 26030 on 07.10 Kyle of Lochalsh - Inverness. 26024 on 06.55 Inverness - Kyle of Lochalsh (passed 26030 at Achnasheen). 26038 with inspection saloon at Muir of Ord. 37261 on 11.15 Inverness - Wick. 37260 on 05.33 Wick - Inverness. 40084 on 07.55 Aberdeen - Inverness. 27003 and 26039 on 10.40 Inverness - Aberdeen. 08452, 26019 and 26042 in sidings at Inverness. 47546 on 10.30 Inverness - Euston. Unidentified 47 on 22.40 Euston - Inverness (passed 47546 on double track between Inverness and Culloden). Unidentified 47 on 9.22 Edinburgh ~ Inverness (via Ladybank) (passed 47546 on double track between Druimuachdar Summit and Blair Atholl). 47454 on 13.22 Edinburgh - Inverness (via Stirling). Central Scotland on April 20th 08424/428/753 and 27108 at Perth. 08347 and 20043 at Stirling. 47210 on 14.38 Glasgow - Perth. 37028 on p.w. train at Larbert. 

Rest of the World!!
Noted at Rotterdam on 24th February was ex-Woodhead electric 1505 on what appeared to be an International express. The dock pilot at Seattle on 24th March was Burlington Northern's No.208 sporting a green livery.

Stop Press!!
Our Horsham correspondent, Norman Bolland, noted that in the June Issue of Rail Enthusiast, page 58, in the EMU section, there was a report that 4-SUB sets 4280,4684 and 4695 were at Eastleigh Yards on 17th February '83. However at approx. 13.30 on 25th May 33050 worked through Horsham from the Three Bridges direction going south, hauling 4-SUBS 4280, 4684, 4695 and 414s 5939 and 6144, all in a very poor state - minus doors and windows etc., obviously off to the scrapheap. Norman would like to know how they had got away from Eastleigh and where had they been to? Offers to the Editor!!
A rare visitor to Hull Botanic Gardens was 25326 (CW) on the 19th of May.

Thank you!

 The Ed. wishes to thank the following for their .,,magazine contributions: Messrs Sanderson, Corroy, Cooper, Nicholson, Bolland, Brackenbury, Peach, Caddick, Needham, Dewing, Shenton, Pounall, Slater, Parrott, Gossan, 76051, and Miss S. Taylor.