No.42 - Winter 1982


Two tragic accidents on the Doncaster - Gainsborough line in recent weeks have served to highlight just how dangerous trespassing on the railway can be. In the first, a 19 year old man was killed by a train while riding his motorbike on the line, and in the second a 14 year old boy was fatally injured while playing on the line.
As rail enthusiasts we are probably more aware of the dangers than the layman, but at the same time our Interest can take us into danger. For example,' trespass shots' are one way of getting a different photo to anyone else, but you're not going to win any prizes from your coffin. So the message Is stay off the line - but if you are going to trespass regardless, stay alert and stay ALIVE !
On a less serious note, the Pennine stall has been in action recently at Barrow Hill Open Day, at the Elizabethan Railway Society's exhibition at Sutton-in-Ashfield, and on the Class 40 railtour to Cambridge. A big thank you to all those who helped with the stall and to all those who actually bought something !
Finally, the Committee would like to take this opportunity of wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Welcome to the bumper Christmas edition of TRANS PENNINE and may I take this opportunity of wishing all members a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. During the past twelve months there has been a very encouraging response to the magazine and competition entries (the last one broke the record) have reached an all-time high. A continuation or Improvement of this trend would make the Committee very happy and your Editor ecstatic! As in previous years a Grand Christmas quiz has been compiled to keep you occupied during these long Winter months. This year the quiz has been compiled by one of our own members (Bribes not accepted) and if any others would like to tax the massed brainpower of the Pennine members their suggestions will be gleaned with interest.
On the railway front the past year has been one to forget with an almost constant argument being carried out between the Management and the Unions culminating in the disastrous events of July. We can only hope that 1983 will see a more constructive approach from all sides especially the Government (bless them) who at the moment seem content to see the railway system rotting before their very eyes.


Although Christmas brings cheer and happiness to all, it is also the time when we ask (nay, beg) you to renew your subscriptions with this wonderful Society. In spite of the World Recession the Committee of the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY have. in line with the Government's Counter-Inflation Policy, decided to hold membership fees at 1982 levels. We trust that members will still feel they are getting good value for money with the PENNINE and decide to rejoin. Membership renewals are due at 1st. January 1981and the cost for the Year will again be 1.25 (family or single). A renewal slip is attached and should be returned with the appropriate remittance to the Membership Secretary or given to any Committee member. Thank you for your support in 1982.


Our cover photograph shows Colchester allocated Class 03 diesel shunter 03162 awaiting overhaul at Doncaster Works on August 1st.1982.
Our thanks to Tony Booth for the photograph.


For the benefit of any PENNINE members in the Humberside area, Bob Peach Esq. (A past Pennine slide competition winner) is giving a slide show for the Humberside group of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway at the Ferens Way Art Gallery, Hull, on Wednesday February 9th.1983.


There is no truth in the rumour that David Bailey is going to hang up his camera and retire, though after seeing the quality of the slides entered in the contest, don't be surprised if he does! Many thanks to Jack Davis who had the unenviable task of sifting through the 80 entries and choosing the winners.
David Whitlam scooped first prize of 10 with a shot of 34092 'CITY OF WELLS* at Scarborough on a 'Scarborough Spa Express'. John Sanderson won second and third prizes, with a shot of a Class 45/1 on a London St. Pancras-Sheffield express taken at Dore Station on 29th.May 1979,and with a shot of "92 'CITY OF WELLS' taken on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, between Haworth and Oxenhope on 18th.July 1982.
Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered. (P.S. There is no truth in the rumour that our illustrious Treasurer is buying a trophy cabinet from club funds!)


A group of enthusiasts have joined together to form the 'DELTIC D9000 FUND' with the expressed intention of saving D9000 (55022 'ROYAL SCOTS GREY') from the cutter's torch at BREL Doncaster Works where this historic engine is at present awaiting its fate. If successful the loco will be taken to the Nene Valley Railway at Peterborough where it is hoped to restore RSG to 1962 condition. Anyone requiring details should contact C.M.Timms (Secretary) Deltic D9000 Fund,44 Glenferness Avenue, Bournemouth, Dorset,BH3 7ET.


55021 'Argyle & Sutherland Highlander' was cut up in early September. This fine loco soldiered on Into the last day of Deltic service when it worked the 09-40 Kings Cross-York on one engine. Then after a lull in the proceedings 55011 'The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers' was in a partly dismantled state during a Pennine visit to Doncaster on 28th. November. This now leaves a sad line up consisting of No's 4/22/16/5/17/13/15.Of these, No.22 is subject of a rescue attempt (see above) and No.15 is to be auctioned during December. Meanwhile both the DPS Deltics were in use on the NYMR Diesel Day with 'ALYCIDON' providing a marvellous spectacle as it left Grosmont after a typical cold start on the 1255 to Pickering.


A 10m scheme for the long overdue refurbishment of Liverpool's Lime Street Station has been approved and is due for completion in 1984.Work on the station Includes repair and redecoration of the roof, new platform lighting and public address system, new ticket office and travel centre, and improvements to the rather cramped concourse.


After years of speculation, it now seems likely that Wath MPD will close in early 1983.The depot has always depended heavily on the many local collieries for Its traffic and recent NCB developments are due to take much of this away. This, together with the notorious closure MS&W electrified trans-Pennine line has left the depot in a very vulnerable position.
Despite this, Sunday engineering work in the Mexborough area has been taking place during the past few months and Wath has been providing the necessary motive power. On September 19th. 08870,31136/137/227,37215/226,47375 were all noted in the vicinity of Mexborough station, leaving 08051/434/485/507,37048,56095/096/103/105 in residence at Wath.


Ais Gill signalbox, once the highest box in England until closed in January 1981 has left its former desolate location for the warmer climate at the Midland Railway Trust Centre at Butterley, Derbyshire. After restoration the signalbox will govern the movement of locomotives in Butterley yard.


Locomotives Re-allocated

Eastern Region
: 03063/112,08008/214/255/263,37003/058/061/093,40057/084,47017/018/255 47518/519/521/523/524/542/544-GD : 03073,08136/369-YK : 08237-FP : 08257/258-CA : 08482-CR 08499-DR : 08810,31108/125,47008/097/435/457/458-SF : 08867-TE : 20015/076/144,31151/164, 37077,45062-Ti : 20022/023/025/031/034/103/214,314079,37119,40003.47099/104/111/362-IM 31401/02/05/12-16/19-24-MR : 37023/030/031/071/080/082/165,40007/058/068/152-HM ADB 968008/9-ER.

London Midland Region : 08130/273/304/337-AN : 08666/677,31177/216/293/318/321/325TO 08825-SY : 25037/049/059/064/072/078/083/089/090/109/113/120/126/138/157/185/192/195/206, 25214/219/226/227/235/240/249/254/257/258/279/283-88/296-8 300 317/319/323.4001/3/015/129, 40131/141/143/155/157/160/164/172/174/177/180/181/185!18 X X91~194,47098/100 1 10/218, 47446-CD : 25076/237/239/247,40056/192-KD : 25079/228/229/230/231/233/234/244,40073/091-3, 40183/198-LO : 25134/135,47306/320BS.

Western Region : 08238-GL : 08486/781,31273,47068/076/090/094/501/502/515/536/549/551-OC 08576,31158,37176,47026/032/131/144/901,56039/43-6-BR : 08580-RG : 08637-EJ : 37181/182-LA
37206/299,47128/129/473/477/557-LE : 37224,47029/030/033/035/054/055/o6o/o61/1ol/146-8-CF

Scottish Region : 08196-GM : 08424/428/476/712/761/762 -DT : 08588/791,20040/191/198, 27036/42/63,27210/211-HA : 08630/793,37011/124/148/151/171/172/175/178/184/264/265, 47108/160/163/209-ED : 08680-AB.

Southern Region : 08204-EH : 09023-SU.

Locomotives Withdrawn : 08045/099/104/112/116/181/215/232/234/246/342/363/380/552/554/555, 08773/775, 25056/104/141/ 151/170/188/310/318,31314,40020/087/094/101/128/138/l48/187, 46034, DPM 7076 7096.

Locomotives Stored Unserviceable : 08421(ML),08423(SP),08673/894(TO),20027/080/104(HA). 20030/042/048(TI),20043/044/067(ED),20151(TO),26013/14(HA),26045(IS),27001(ED),312 65(TI), 31313(MR).45037(TO),82003/4/`7,83001/~/6/9-11(LG),97709/10(CW).

Locomotive Stored Serviceable : 20081

Locomotives Reinstated : 08099(BG),08498(CR),08590(BY),08611(L0),08680(DT),20097(ED),25175(CW),25184(L0),2 305(BS),27014(ED),45029(TI),

New Locomotives : 56109/110(HM)

Locomotives : Boiler Isolated:31151/191/209/237/248/317/319.3717~/265,40047/074,45049/059, 47015/072/119,46017.

Boiler Removed : 3126o,47066.

Remains Boilered : 26029/37.

Boiler Reinstated : 31152,37184,40029/047/197,47408.

Air Brake Fitted : 08416/496/498/669/680/696/707/713/782/791/793/820/826.

Dual Braked : 09719/822,20097/127/139/148/171/198,37117/227.

Multiple Working Removed: 40004/133.

Multiple Working Fitted:  40099,86003/032.

Radio Telephone and Headlight Fitted : 37184
Twin Tanks Fitted : P119.

Named :

Renumbered : 27106-27050 : 27107-27051 : 27112-27056 : 27209-27063 : 27212-27066.

Cut Up :

The result of the final leg of the PENNINE SHIELD was :
South Yorks RPS 33Pts,
Pennine 31Pts,
Peak Railway Society 28pts.
25 Preservation Group 25pts.

The final league table
Peak Railway Society . 12pts
South Yorks RPC. 11pts
25.,Preservation Group 10pts
Pennine Railway-Soc 7Pts.


The North Yorkshire Moors Railway held its annual diesel day on Saturday 30th.October.Large crowds attended the event and were treated to the sight and sound of Class 14 D9529 : Class 24 D5032 'HELEN TURNER' : Hymek D7029 : Warship D821 'GREYHOUND' : Deltics 55009 'ALYCIDON' and 55019 'ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER'.
The Class 24 in resplendent condition after a repaint to Its original livery was officially named during the afternoon by the attractive lady of the same name.


A member has kindly supplied information concerning NCB locos at Comrie Colliery in Fife. The locomotives there are:-
Austerity 0-6-0ST  No.19. Hunslet 3818/1954
Austerity 0-6-0ST No.5 Hunslet 3837/1955
Austerity 0-6-0ST W.Bagnall 2777/1945
0-4-0 DM North British No.12 (as stated).
None of these are ex-BR although No.7 was built as War Department No.75254.
Numbers 5 and 7,both have Giesl ejector chimneys and have both been out of use for about 5 years with - 'boiler defects. They have been cannibalised to keep No.19 running. This engine was at Methi~.PQ11iery until the early 1970s,then after a rebuild at Cowdenbeath Central
Works was transferred to Comrie. It is used as standby engine to the BR 08s.


Man of the Year : lst.-Lopez Ufarte 2nd.-Edward Heath 3rd.-Sid Weighell
Woman of the Year lst.-Erika Roe (for her outstanding performance at Twickenham) 2nd.-Nora Batty 3rd.-47541.
Best Dressed Man: Graham Dawson
Best Dressed Woman: Hilda Ogden
Most Boring Event of the Year : Joint Winners - Conservative Party Conference : Channel 4.
Pennine Brains of the Year : Pass!
Pennine Dunces of the Year : The Pennine 'Pennine Shield' quiz team (no competition)
Pennine Race Relations Expert : Tony (Dis am de Guard) Needham
Wally of the Year: Joint Winners - David Howell and Lord Denning.
Driver of the Year: Linda Bladen (for her attempts to master the Chiswick Bus Depot skid pan at the wheel of a RT bus)
Hero of the Year : The IT Inspector who accompanied Linda Bladen on the above exercise.
Cowards of the Year : David Bladen Peter Barsby, Robin Skinner, John Sanderson who all scattered' on seeing Linda Bladen at the wheel of the RT.
Lord Lucan Trophy : Awarded to Tom Helliwell whose exploits with the snooker cue, and whose devotion to Rotherham United has resulted in his non-appearance at Pennine functions.
Landlord of the Year : Mr. John Williamson of the 'House of Fun', The Royal Standard, Sheffield.


Early results in the PENNINE SHIELD indicate that yet again the Pennine team is destined not to win our trophy. Results so far are :
1st.November (Peak Rly Soc) Peak 38 : Class 25 Soc 30 : South Yorks RPC 28 Pennine 20
9th.November (South Yorks) South Yorks RPC 43 : Peak 40 : Class 25 Soc.37 Pennine 26
22nd.November (Class 25) Class 25 Soc.28 : Peak 27 : Pennine 21 : South Yorks RPC 17
League Table with 1 match to play (at Corporation ' on Brewery Taps on 7 December)
Peak Rly Soc. 10pts :
Class 25 Group 9pts :
South Yorks RPC 7pts :
Pennine 4pts.


First of all, I wish to apologise for a change of programme which had to take place after the last 'Corner' was published. Ron Chaplin was unable to give his show in September and so a quick switch had to be instituted and he will now appear on December 14th when we are also holding a pie and pea supper for which we are making a charge of 25p to help meet the cost.
David Bladen gave us his usual excellent show in October. He can always be relied upon to find something unusual to entertain us, this was reflected in the fact of such a good attendance on an evening when it wasn't fit to turn a dog out! November saw us score a notable victory in the second round of the 'PENNINE SHIELD' due in part to our new signing who was transferred at enormous expense from the Peak Railway Society team after protracted negotiations.
Our programme for the beginning of 1983 is as follows:-
January 11th Jon Davis
February 8th Robin Skinner
March 8th Paul Bates
April 12th Eric Slater
May 10th Keith Brown
Hoping that you will find this to be of interest, all that remains for me to do is to wish you all a Happy Christmas, and good slide bashing in the New Year. - Jack Davis


Ex-LNER A4 4498 'SIR NIGEL GRESLEY' was called to the aid of a failed ballast train near Settle on August 24th while en-route to pick up the Northbound 'Cumbrian Mountain Express'. GRESLEY' went to the rescue of 'Duff' 47308 on a Ribblehead-Healey Mills ballast train after a small fire on the 47's brake blocks. Earlier assistance had been provided by 25308 but the 'Rat' had insufficient power to move the train and the dead loco. The A4 proceeded to pilot both diesels and the train, tender first, as far as Hellifield before returning to its booked duty. The Pacific Is now at Carnforth undergoing heavy boiler repairs.


As this edition is being compiled, the Government, in the shape of Transport Secretary David Howell is rushing through Parliament a new Transport Bill which would limit the amount of subsidy a local authority can spend on public transport. This mean piece of legislation, a result of the Law Lords ruling on London Transport's 'Fares Fair-' policy Is specifically aimed at South Yorkshire where bus fares have remained unchanged s ' Ince 1974 and rail fares since 1978.The result of the South Yorkshire system Is there for all to see i.e. buses and trains in the county carry out the job for which they were' built - carry passengers, not empty seats. A big fare increase now would be a disaster and the County Council deserves all the support it can get to overcome this unfair piece of legislation.


The famous cable-cars that have been trundling up and down the steep hills of San Francisco, USA since 1873 were taken off the road in September to allow the entire system to be renovated. After years of patchwork maintenance it was agreed that the 109 year old system was beyond repair and the only solution was a complete facelift costing 30m.During the massive renovation programme every foot of cable line will be dug up and replaced. This left the authorities with the problem of replacing the popular cars which carry 12-2Lm.passengers annually. The replacement - the good old British double decker bus so familiar in this country but a complete novelty in the States. The red Leyland buses have had specially modified gearboxes fitted to cope with the roller-coaster like grades (sounds like Sheffield) and will be in service for two years until the grand old cable-cars reclaim their rightful place along with the Golden Gate Bridge as one of the city's most famous landmarks.

by 50018 'RESOLUTION'

So once again the time of the year has come around when camera and binocular-clad buffs come out of hiding and scour our green aid pleasant land in search of the popular yellow winged Hoover in the south and south west, the lesser-spotted rat in the Midlands, and the much sought after Syphon terriers in the North. Yes, this is the time of the year when maniacs, sorry, enthusiasts, the country over set out on the enduring task of completing the 7 or 14 day Railrover, complete with cagoule, snowshoes, sou'wester, matchsticks to keep the eyes open, and all sorts of goodies crammed into the usual overcrowded bag. But, alas, the madness is spreading and I, together with other psychiatric patients Caddick, Needham and ~Helliwell (yes, the magazine editor should have more sense), set out on Sunday lst August on our own pilgrimage. A damp Sheffield station was our meeting point and Messrs. Needham and Helliwell couldn't resist the home comforts of air conditioned coaches headed by the strumming vibrations of 47503 on the Sunday morning Leeds-Plymouth. The magazine editor and myself opted for the wonderfully smooth ride behind a good locomotive, 45137 on the 10.00 St. Pancras which headed the train to Notts., being replaced by 45129 of the same species for the rest of the journey to London. The plan was to have an early experience of the superb Class 50 on the 14.50 Paddington-Oxford as far as Reading but of course no the Western Region authorities had different ideas and sent down, yes, you guessed it, another strumming heap in the shape of 47509. Well, the choice of this, or a tram, in order to make the connecting Portsmouth train at Reading wasn't a good one, so adopting the attitude of, well it's another line in the haulage book, 47509 was taken to Reading. It is a mystery why the Reading to Portsmouth trains run every hour on Sundays and are hauled, compared to the weekday DEMU. two hourly service. However, 33115 was taken to Basingstoke with 33103 coming back, to be taken back to Basingstoke in order to cover the 17.00 waterloo-Exeter with big 50009 to Exeter. It is always nice to see 'proper' signals especially at such a superb station as Exeter St. Davids but alas the writing is on the wall for an era to end with the foundations of the new power box being marked out. By this time stomachs were beginning to make themselves heard so a DMU. to Teignmouth for some grub was the order to the day. After a brisk stroll along the prom. with a couple of birds, ( well two seagulls landed on an adjacent deck chair), the 19.25 Paddington-Plymouth was taken forward with 47089 to its destination. As the next, morning we planned to cover the Paddington-Edinburgh through train the overnight Penzance-Paddington was the only train to cover, but thoughts of a quiet disturbance-free snooze were soon shattered when some docile prawn boarded at Exeter and tried marching down the corridor with a rucksack ten times wider than the corridor. Reference was made by Mr. Caddick that 'the clown would have been quieter driving a bulldozer down the corridor than he had been with his ******* rucksack'. But it didn't end there and also at Exeter a rabble boarded and proceeded to awaken the train, obviously with a large contingency to wave them off. Still 50013 was the beast on the front and its fine performance more than made up for the earlier commotions. The usual cup of sludge was used at Paddington to moisten the throat on Monday morning before boarding the 06.50 Paddington-Edinburgh-Glasgow train with a big blue demon at the head in the shape of 47529 - another engine which Mr. Caddick verbally proved was not close to his heart. Thankfully the wreck was taken off at Birmingham for big sparky 87011 to Carstairs. The fast-dwindling forties were out in force around Warrington and Preston with six members of the class in evidence on freight duty. Edinburgh was reached by courtesy of 47464, another strummer, from Carstairs, and now the haulage really began with the 16.17 Edinburgh-Dundee headed by 27021 being taken all the way to Haymarket with 27002 back to Waverly on a train from Dundee. 27037 was then taken to Dundee for hopefully another one back but, no, the 19.03 Dundee-Glasgow had another big wreck - 47467 at the head. Well, interest had well and truly dwindled approaching Edinburgh especially as we were still expecting to see one or two supreme engines on Haymarket shed. It is still hard to believe that the Deltics have gone forever. Still, lo and behold, interest was quickly regained when an instantly recognisable figure was passed ambling along the platform with the ever-present cup of tea in hand. In his own words, the engine was 'definitely Frownable'.
After waiving Mr, Micklethwaite away on a.' Kings Cross train, and after a long fester, a 'compo' was secured on the two coach, umpteen vans Inverness train, before the door was almost wrenched from its runners and we were invaded by yet more 'rookies' - another nice restful night. The Wick line was a must and on Tuesday morning the 11.15 out of Inverness with 37260 at the head was taken as far as Georgemas Jcn. where 37035 took the Thurso portion and us, the last, few miles. A fast bus and a good meal at Wick filled in time before leaving' on the last train back to Inverness, again with 37260. The only decent nights sleep all week was had courtesy of the Station Hotel, Inverness, albeit at extortionate cost, before the planned manoeuvre of getting some more 'small engine' haulage. The first train to Aberdeen was taken as far as Forres with 26021, for the connection with the first train from Aberdeen, hopefully with a member of the same class. Now, I always thought that the awful noise produced by a watery class 47 horn was instantly recognisable but when a noise was heard in the dim distance, a debate ensued as to its owner. Was it a 26 or a 27? Surely it couldn't be a duff, not on an Aberdeen-Inverness train. So with cameras ready to record another wonderful Scottish engine we waited. The peg was pulled off and ..47420 came proudly round the curve into the station!
What a bloody awful strumming contraption - the pride of British engineering. Well a two hour fester wasn't much of an option so we shamefully boarded and enjoyed to the full the surge of power which ensued. The 10.40 train to Kyle was taken to fully appreciate the wonderful Scottish scenery, but an earlier than planned bail was the result of an invasion by a large family with numerous noisy offspring of which one insisted on climbing all over the seats, luggage racks and us. Stuff that for a lark we were off at Achnasheen for 26034 back on the 11.10 from Kyle. We then took 47206 on the 16.30 Inverness-Edinburgh for our last look at the spectacular Scottish scenery before heading south on the overnight Edinburgh-Bristol. An amazing breakfast was experienced at Bristol (cafe at bottom of forecourt) before heading further south on the 10.14 Portsmouth train with 33019 as far as Southampton. A connecting EMU. was taken to Weymouth (with 33118 attached from
Bournemouth) in order to enjoy the experience of riding on a train down a main road. 33106 was nearly half an hour late reversing on to the 15.30 Weymouth Quay Waterloo boat train owing to road vehicles being in the way! So with men walking in front of the engine (is that really wise?) we crawled through the streets of Weymouth. It really is a close shave with those parked vehicles. 33106 was detached at Bournemouth for 73112 giving me my first experience of electro diesel haulage. We made our way to London via a DEMU. from Southampton to
Salisbury, 50045 Salisbury to Sherborne on the 17.00 Waterloo-Exeter, and 50009 Sherborne to Waterloo on the 18.18 Exeter-Waterloo. This was the most awkward part of the week as the following morning we planned to cover the commuter trains into Paddington which have a fair share of 'Hoover' haulage so what to do overnight in order to get back to the capital? The timetable was well and truly thumbed through for a solution and the best bet, albeit meaning an hour long fester in the middle of the night was to cover the down overnight Paddington-Penzance to Bristol and the up train back. Well, the 'Hoover' we hoped for didn't produce, we had to put up with 47475 instead but it got us to Bristol - not the best of places to be at two o'clock in the morning - but there we were. Even at this godforsaken hour, the juke box in the buffet produced an inaudible din belonging to that wonderful widely loved family singer, Adam Ant. The buffet was quickly vacated by everyone except the impossible that put the record on and a drunk that was asleep in the corner, to wait for an announcement referring to the Paddington train. Well at 02.55 announcement
came stating 'that due to urgent engineering work the train was cancelled and a special train would run to Swindon for a connecting train to Paddington'. 02.55 in the ******* morning! No, we didn't believe it either. Well I'd never done an overnight on a DMU. before but there's always a first time and one was provided as 'the special train to Swindon'. The connecting train ended up being the Penzance Paddington train which was diverted not, as announced, cancelled. This proved that  all the 'Hoovers' were-tucked up in bed as 47513 was the train engine.
As planned, the commuter trains were covered with 50003 taken to Reading on the 06.35 Paddington~-Newbury, 50041 from-Reading to Tilehurst on the 10 coach 07.54 Reading-Oxford (1)~, 50013 from Tilehurst to Reading on 07.15 Oxford-Paddington and 50022 from Reading to Paddington, on the 07.50 Oxford. The Fridays only 10.42 Penzance train was taken to Exeter with 50003 - a 7 coach wedge out where lunch was taken in the form of produce from a nearby chip shop. This was rapidly seen off as the 11.20 Paddington-Plymouth HST. was found to have 45057 at the head and was therefore taken to Plymouth for the 16.45 Plymouth-Penzance train with 50017. Disgust turned into pleasant surprise to find 47466 at the head of the overnight to Paddington, with 50023 attached to 47466 even though the superior 'Hoover' was detached at Plymouth. Well, we'd reached Saturday and the last day of our rover and the 07.40 Euston-Aberystwyth train was covered to experience the raucous class 25 from Wolverhampton - 86246 made way for 25219 and 25199 at Wolverhampton where the hordes of 'bashers' also joined the train. Welshpool was the bailing point for 25036/67 on the 10.11 Aberystwyth-Euston to Shrewsbury where a unit was taken to Chester to, hopefully, pick up a 'Whistler' or two. The Llandudno-York train was taken to Warrington with 4012, the 15.45 Manchester-Bangor back to Chester with 47204, for 40192 on the 15.17 Holyhead-Manchester. It was & the route home would be from Manchester Victoria on the Glasgow-Notts with 47215 where Sheffield was reached just 152.1/2 hours and some 61 locomotive haulages later to end a memorable week's roving from Wick to Penzance and seemingly everywhere imaginable in between. With so much having happened in so little time it is almost impossible to choose the highlight of the week; was it seeing the membership secretary eating a British Rail sandwich at 06.15 in the morning or maybe being stood on some remote station in Northern Scotland knowing the only train you can catch for two hours has 47420 on the front? Well considering myself a connoisseur of good music, standing in a British Rail buffet at 02.30 in the morning and suddenly hearing the soothing, heart warming tones of Adam Ant on a well-worn juke box must, for me, have been the highlight of the week!

The Infamous 'Presidents Puzzle' has now been totally eclipsed by Pete Wesley's 'Brain Teaser'. By combining deduction, analysis and sheer persistence, (it says here!)' a grand total of 21 members managed to work out the smoking and drinking habits of the various railway employees. As a result of this magnificent achievement, a draw was held during the 'PENNINE SHIELD' competition at the Royal Standard on 22nd. November, the result being :
First Prize - (5) - Tony Needham of Mexborough
Second Prize (3) - Gerry Collins of Lincoln
Third Prize (2) - Norman Bolland of Horsham, West Sussex.

The Answer was :

DOOR                 Yellow    Blue    Red      Ivory          Green

RAILWAY COMPANY      G.W.R.    S.R.    L.M.S.   L.N.E.R.       K.W.V.R.
PET                  Cat       Horse   Pigeons  Dog            Chickens
DRINK                Tetley's  Pompeii Falstaff Mild & Bitter  Lager
SMOKE                Spun      Mixture Medium   Flake          Rough

Therefore, the G.W.R. man drinks Tetley's Best Bitter and the K.W.V.R. man keeps chickens.



Compiled by Mr. M Bell.

First prize of 10,second prize of 5,third prize of 3.Entries should reach Tony Caddick, Magazine Editor by 15th.February 1983.Don't forget, you may still win a prize even if you haven't got all the answers correct. Best of luck.

1 - Give the number of the last 'Royal Scot' to be rebuilt.
2 - Which was the last 'Royal Scot' to be withdrawn?
3 - When was 'Jubilee' 5572 renamed from 'IRISH FREE STATE' to 'EIRE' ?
4 - Name Gresley P2/3 No.2006.
5 - Which locomotive travelled farthest under its own power to Rainhill 'Rocket 150' ?
6 - What was the date of DP2's accident at Thirsk resulting in its withdrawal
7 - In which year was Darlington Bank Top station opened ?
8 - Which BREL Works converted Class 74s from Electric to Electro-Diesel ?
9 - What was the former number of Class 73,No.73141 ?
10 - How many Class 53s were built ?
11 - What was the name of steam locomotive 46202 ?
12 - Who founded Swindon Works ?
13 - Where Is the longest escalator on London Underground ?
14 - Which station in Britain has the biggest roof span ?
15 - Which two factories built the Class 37s ?
16 - Where was Peak 45006 named ?
17 - How many cubic feet of sand does a Class 56 carry ?
18 - Which is the only class of diesel locomotive on BR passed for 100 mph. running ?
19 - Between which years was O. V. Bullied CME to the Southern ?
20 - Where was shed 41B ?
21 - Who built Railbus E79962 ?
22 - Name Class 40 No.40021
23 - Which diesel locomotives carried a yellow triangle coupling marker ?
24 - Which West Country/Battle of Britain class loco had a Giesl oblong ejector for a time?
25 - Name ex-M.SM. locomotive No.76054
26 - Where is the nearest station to Hilton Junction ?
27 - Which stabling point is coded BW ?
28 - How long is Box Tunnel ?
29 - Where Is the nearest station to Luib Summit ?
30 - Which 'Warship' was rated at 2400 bhp. ?
31 - In which year was the first sod cut on the Settle & Carlisle line ?
32 - How many ventilation shafts has Blea Moor Tunnel ?
33 - In the 1895 'Aberdeen Races' what was the fastest London-Aberdeen time ?
34 - In which year did the 'Southern Belle', Brighton Belle forerunner) go from steam to electric ?
35 - It was called 'The Golden Arrow' from London to Dover. What was it called from Calais to Paris ?
36 - Name the Driver and Fireman on Mallards record 126mph run.
37 - Which was the' first 'Duchess' steam locomotive to be repainted in red livery in 1957 ?
38 - Where was a statue of I.K.Brunel unveiled in May 1982 ?
39 - Name Class 56~No.56074.
40 - On which day was Plymouth Laira Open Day held in 1982 ?
41 - Who is the new Chairman of London Transport ?
42 - When was the Severn railway bridge closed to traffic ?
43 - When was the first audible cab signalling used ?
44 - Who Is the General Manager of Scottish Region ?
45 - At what time does the down 'Night Limited' reach Its destination ?
46 - What were the heaviest 4-6-0s built in Britain ?
47 - Ferries from Ardrossan go to which two islands ?
48 ~ How many stations are served by the Manchester-Bury electrics ?
49 - What number was carried by the first BR diesel to be painted Rail Blue ?
50 - In 1955 St. Margarets (Edinburgh) shed 64A had four sub-sheds. Where were they ?


London Midland Region
With the advent of the Winter timetable and - to the dismay of many local enthusiasts HST's have now taken over many services on the Midland main line into St. Pancras. On Monday 4th.October HST's took over most principle services Including the prestige 'Master Cutler'. This has Particularly pleased the Sheffield City Council who have been persistently pressing for improvements to this service for many years. On Friday 1st.October the last Southbound 'Cutler' left Sheffield behind 45137 adorned with the famous loco headboard. After being clobbered with a bottle of champagne, but alas without headboard,45148 powered the last Northbound 'Cutler' away from St. Pancras, bringing for the time being at least an end to loco-haulage of this famous train. The solid and reliable 'Peaks' are still to be seen working non-HST services but as from May 1983 these will succumb to the all conquering 'flying banana' on all daytime trains. Although several sections of the line are now passed for 100mph. running further improvements are unlikely until the long awaited Leicester re-signalling scheme becomes a reality.
After the happy events of the Summer the Manchester/North Wales service has now ' reverted to more conventional haulage with ETH fitted Class 47s ruling the roost. On to the last good days was Saturday 11th.September when the following were noted 4018311-09 00 York/L1andudno, 40197-09.00 Llandudno~/York,40141-09.42 Llandudno/Manchester, 25139-13:45 Manchester/Bangor,47346-13 * 58 Bangor Manchester,25069-15.45 Manchester/Bangor, this being the last Saturday of the Summer York North Wales services. The same day saw 40155 powering the 13.05 Liverpool/Scarborough train to York where 47286 took over. The return diagram, the 17.10 York/Manchester brought the rare sight of 31319 Into Manchester Victoria. Three successive days sightings beginning 1st.September of the 10.05 Liverpool/ Newcastle saw 47326/291/321 as power for the train.
Clay Cross Junction, just South of Chesterfield can prove to be a good vantage point on a weekday afternoon. On 29th.September the following locos were noted within a one hour period : 45125(15.10 St. Pancras/Sheffield),31322/291(Tubeliner),45139(Preston/ Nottingham),20129/118(freight),47429(14.50 Birmingham/Leeds),20190/181(freight), 31146(ballast train),45112(16.10 Sheffield/St. Pancras),47481(15.40 Nottingham/Glasgow), 45148(14.00 St,Pancras/Sheffield),40063(cements),25285(freight) 25195~Manchester/Harwich Boat Train-which worked to Peterborough),20161/041(freight),200~1/018(freight),47104(oils), 31305(parcels).
Passengers on board the overnight 23.55 Glasgow/Bristol were in for a treat when due to engineering work 86324 was replaced by 40091 at Preston. Punters on the PENNINE trip to Scotland were treated to Class 87 haulage when No.7 *City of Manchester' flew from Glasgow to Preston on the 15.23 Glasgow/Nottingham; somewhat less powerful was 47432 which worked the train forward.
A trip around the Manchester area on 20th.November produced the following:-
Reddish-25153/294/323,4,0002(off its bodies),40050(Tyre turning),40055(withdrawn), 40061/082,76007/11/24(inside the shed),76002/48/41/46/53/15/51/39/22/30/03/52/40/37/49, 76004/55(all still intact),
DMUS 51589/9586/1580/0700/9680/06'62/0437/9147/0490,
EMU's M65454,M77175.
Longsight - 08399/477/524/602/687/789/906,40124,47090/331,and stored on one line were 83002/8/13/5/10,82004,83009/7.
Newton Heath - 25120/158/231,4,0013/049/079/092/198,47086/420. Northwich - 08121,25195,40063,47298.
Buxton- 08599,25113,40009/131/164/174/184,45070/75 DMUS50507/9141/0590/9227/0562/0431/9226/0551/0496/9212/0487/9148/0421/9228/0497.
The 'Vulcan Voyager' railtour on 13th.November saw 50014 'WARSP1TE' replaced at Chester by 40034 to Liverpool where 40081 took over running around the Manchester area before returning to Crewe where the 'Hoover' took over again. A serious derailment took place at Leighton Buzzard on the morning of 9th.December when the 22.55 Euston/ Glasgow hit a rail which had fallen from a passing train. Tragically the Driver was killed, and the loco,81016 was also severely damaged. As a result of this derailment all WCML services were severely disrupted. All passengers from Manchester-London were advised to travel via Sheffield, and many Sheffield/Manchester services were loco-hauled on that day. The 17.15 Sheffield/Manchester was hauled by 25325,and the return 18.45 Manchester/ Sheffield was hauled by 40192.

Eastern Region
With the October timetable in force, overnight services on the ECM1, were savagely cut with several services withdrawn or drastically retimed to cover long gaps.
One of the withdrawn trains, the 20.15 Kings Cross/Edinburgh(lS66),saw 46010 replaced at Newcastle by 40084 on 15th.September.Before the cuts took place one of our nocturnal members provided the following list of sightings, on 3rd/4th.September:-
40069(20.00 Kings Cross/Aberdeen); 47068(21.20 Bradford/Kings Cross)
47417 Special Rudolph Steiner train, Kings Cross/Aberdeen Mk.III Sleepers)
46016{20-15 Kings Cross/Edinburgh), 47405(21.00 Newcastle/Kings Cross),
4?403(21.00 Kings Cross/Aberdeen), 474,09(22.05 Down 'Nightrider' to York)
47053(23.20 Bradford/Paignton), 40004(22.45 Kings Cross/Newcastle Parcels),
31316(00.50 Leeds/Kings Cross-to Doncaster), 46029(23.00 Kings Cross/Bradford),
47521(20.25 Edinburgh Kings Cross), 47001(21.05 Edinburgh/Kings Cross),
47423(19.25 Aberdeen-Kings Cross) , 40013 (Manchester/Cleethorpes Newspapers),
47051(00.05 Kings Cross/Fdinburgh~,31217{01.10 Kings Cross/Leeds).
The 08.20 Leeds/Birmingham, normally an ETH engine produced 25048/50 on 12th. October, and 40033 the following day. The return working, the 14.50 Birmingham/Leeds on 22nd.October produced 4?331 after 45076 had caught fire at Water Orton. On the same day, ex-works 50028 'TIGER' returned to the WR on the 12.37'~Leeds/Cardiff with 50034 'FURIOUS' taking the same train on 27th.October.On 1st.October 50041 'BULWARK' was noted heading north through Chesterfield on a Plymouth/York additional, and on the following day, 50012 'BENBOW' worked an additional service from Paignton via Sheffield, Mexborough and Doncaster to Leeds. Finally on 16th.November 50024 'VANGUARD' returned home from Doncaster Works on the 17.35 Leeds/Sheffield, and the Western bound parcels from Sheffield. In the other direction 50011 'CENTURION' arrived at Doncaster for refurbishing on 19th. November after working a Plymouth/York premium parcels train. This only leaves Class 50s, No's 2/14/27/30/43/49/50 to arrive at the Works for refurbishing.
One of the best services in the Sheffield area for haulage bashers at the moment is the 12.46(F0) Portsmouth/Leeds. On 1st.October 45007 produced, a week later 31316,then the amazing combination of 25180 and 31216 in multiple on the 22nd.The Motor Show at Birmingham NEC saw an additional service from Leeds to Birmingham New Street on most days during the event. The following locos were observed : October 23rd31111/182 : 25th-31176/187 : 26/27th 31206/208 : 28/29th-31105/176 : 30th.-40052.
On 13th.November a mini-weekend from Cleethorpes to Torquay saw 47223 removed at Sheffield with a defective boiler and replaced by 45062.On the return journey 45062 was removed at Derby and replaced by 45034 (boiler isolated) and 47278 took the train forward from Sheffield.
One of the few remaining trains over the Settle & Carlisle route, the 08.57 Leeds/Carlisle is normally booked for a Class 31,but in early November 25062 and 25080 (twice) produced as did 25084 on 23rd.November.
Although nominally a DMU depot Botanic Gardens at Hull still sees its fair share of large locomotives. Class 40s noted recently have included 40081(4th.October), 40013(6th),4o168(7th),40074(18th),40196(22nd),40006(26th),40158(2nd.November). 40162(4th.),40167(21st),40013/024/155(26th).
Recent 'Bootex' from Sheffield have taken 45016 to Hull and Leicester, 45070 to Exeter, and 45009 to Oxford,a11 the locomotives remaining unbeaten. Perhaps the highlight was 40068 which took a train of 3:ieffield United fans to Boston on 11th. December for the 2nd.Round F.A.Cup tie. The train ran via Retford and Lincoln.
On 9th.December BR's new Class of freight locomotive, the Class 58,No.58001 was unveiled to the Press at Doncaster Works. When released from the Works the locomotive will go to Toton for crew training.
An unfortunate casualty on 18th.November was 45114 which failed at Sheffield on was piloted away from Sheffield on the 08.00 Sheffield/St. Pancras by 45015,running 35 minutes late. On 3rd.December the 16.00 Sheffield/St. Pancras left behind 25080 and three vehicles, since the incoming working from St. Pancras hauled by 45132 had been seriously delayed at Sheepbridge, near Chesterfield when 4 vehicles had to be removed owing to brakes locking. On the same day 25224 had charge of the 12.46 ' Portsmouth/Leeds, (from Birmingham).

Western Region
On 16th.October the SU 'Westward Whistler' railtour took resplendent 'Whistlers' 40057/084 from York along the sea-swept seafront at Dawlish to a rain soaked Plymouth. Whilst the two beasts were being refuelled at Laira MPD, the following locos were noted on shed - 08377/410/668/795/840/895/954,31121/234,47076/56o, 50001/8/19/32/49.
One of the best places to see the magnificent Class 50s in action is the Oxford area and one of our members provided the following list November 16th : 50001(08.20 Liverpool/Paddington),50041(10.34 Manchester/Paddington),  50002(12.50 Paddington/Liverpool). November 17th.: 50041(09.50 Paddington/Liverpool),50035(08.20 Liverpool/Paddington),
50009(10.34 Manchester/Paddington). November 18th : 50035(08.20 Liverpool/Paddington),50014(09.50 Paddington/Liverpool).
Noted at Paddington during the late afternoon of 29th.November were 50030/37/28/33.

Scottish Region
One of our travelling punters spent a few days in Scotland during September and produced the following list of unusual workings
September 15th. 25309(12.50 Carlisle/Glasgow) .
September 17th. 40081(22.38 Glasgow Queen St./Dundee)
September 18th. 25072(08.40 Carlisle/Glasgow)
.September 18th 40081(16.38 Glasgow Queen St./Dundee)
September 18th 40198(Edinburgh/Falkirk Footex for Hibernian F.C.)
The first sight of the Scottish Highland winter caused a shortage of snowplough fitted Class 37s for the West Highland Line services with the result that 20007 piloted the train engine on the 06.00 Glasgow Queens St.-Mallaig on 24th.and 25th.November,returning on the 16.10 from Mallaig on 26th.November ex-works 26003 piloted the train engine on the 10.38 Glasgow Queen St./Perth.

Southern Region
The following locos were noted at Salisbury on 19th.October 08642,31165,33002/16/19/29/55/63/106/113/117,47113/252/284,50008/19/21/25.
Our Horsham correspondent (late of Manchester) reports that 09004 was the yard shunter during early November instead of the usual 08375 or 08556,and that de-icing unit 005 has been in action during the same period.
Slim-line Crompton 33210 was noted at Bristol on 16th.October on the Cardiff/Bristol/Portsmouth service with 33062 also putting in an appearance.
On Friday 29th.October the 12.46 Portsmouth/Leeds was hauled into Birmingham by 33009.The train was taken forward by 47488.On the same day 47349 took the 09.50 Newcastle/Poole forward from Birmingham.

For the above Information the Editor is indebted to Miss S. Taylor and Messrs Gossan, Peach, Gee, Sanderson ,Marshall, Webster, Corroy, T.Needham, Dewing ,Bolland, Holt, Barsby, Watts, Wesley,Whitlam,Slater,40129,76051.

The next edition of TRANS-PENNINE will appear in March. All contributions should reach the Editor by 26th.February 1983 and will be gratefully received.


No.19 London Area 25 September 1982
Cricklewood : 08234/606/908,25064/320/324 31209 45005/034/109/133/142 46033 47474 56017/057
EMUS 317303/4/5/9/11/18/19/21/22/23/31
DMUS 51608/0923/1617/1644 51613/1643/1614/1633/1616/0114/1647/1593/1599/9612/9637/1645/1600.
Departmental 97703/4/5/6
Hornsey 08813 47312 Departmental 97797/8.
Stratford 08205/239/264/4,08/409/422/482/494/520/521/522/527/554/627/698/724/930. 31110/112/137/138/148/151/ 160/164/169/185/19E~199/205/223/268/4053704,7/074/080/097/103 40007/013/087/094/148/187/196 45009 46023 36/38
Willesden 08484/511/535/905 25086/177/178/190 81005/6/17 85008/17/24 86002/005/029/036/101/?05/221/232/238/250/311 328 87008/9 17/25/31 304/412/413 416/423
Old Oak Common : 08630/797/798/825/947 31158/213/28O/298/304/412/413/416/423, 47008/035 035/106/129/138/171/178/ 330/478/503/507/513, 50001/3/4/10/17/25/29/31/38/50

No.20 Scotland 2 October 1982

Haymarket : 20007/027/028/049/080/090/137/216 25226 26006/19 27020/37 4o06o 46o16 47002/041/"101/--108/255/-271/-435/-523/536/703/705.
Eastfield : 08447/621/727/736/938 20043/063/M7/111 25049/072/229/237/239 27023/026/036/040/101/109/203 37012/022/027/037/108/111/112/172/192 40173 47042/102/141/273/570.
Glasgow Works : 08246/443/563/753/881 20037/OY6 069/097/ 09 119/120/127/139/148/171/217
26003/7/28/38/44 27005/056/M 106/107/110 205
Motherwell : 08192/292/312/31`9/321/326/437/720 726/730/735 882/883 20013/036/044/085/108,  20122/126 27030/208 37056/067/
125/133/137/139/145/146/154/155 179 292 47040/049/274.

No.21 Barrow Hill open Day 3 October 1982
03129 08509 13001 20035/076 31171 37228 40092 45126 47278/316 56005/098/104

No.22 Doncaster Works 31 October 1982

Pilot 08444
Paint Shop 37011/098 50024 58001
4-Bay 03073/399 31421 37035/144
2-Bay 31231/260 37079/102/114/162 56008
Dismantling Shop 31152 37223
Scrap Line 08058/116/215/21.7/232/313 31264/314 55004/22/16/5/17/13/15
Yard 03158/162 08552 31101/192/196/274/313 37072/133/184 50008/46 55011, 56004/26/89
New Erecting Shop (under construction) 56114/115 58002
DMUs: 51542/1813/0220/0751/1204/0641/0149/9814/0630/9824/0491/6406/1444/0537/1827/9389/9249
51812/0016/0508/0612/2082/6178/053/2079/6387/1433/9077/0953/6242/1958/6045/0577/0565/51839/6398/0013/1210/9703/2092/9712 Pilot 08499
West Yard 31194/211/269 (newly arrived from Swindon)

No.23 Toton/Derby Works 6 November 1982
Toton : 08021/275/293/320/673/757/829  20001/016/064/071/072/075/084/135/143/147/160/163/20166/168/169~173/176/177/181/186/187/189/190/194/195/196 
25139/151/245/284/318/25327 31125/216/229/293 40172 45005/055/058/065/066/068/103/105/134, 46004
47079/138/177/225/270/365/427 56044/54/59/66/64/66 ADB 968002.
Derby Works : In Works 25200 27014 45037 
HST's 43167/108/071/109/009/073/072/168/102
APT 49001/4
Paint Shop 43005/054 27041
Outside : Pilot 08598 : 25066/085/105/129/150/170/220/247/261/274/290, 27104 40018/075/132/140/163 45041/063/072/104/107 45073 being cut up
Noted on Derby Shed : 08199 20151 25035/076 27042 45069/109/132/136.

No.24 Birmingham Area 20 November 1982

Bescot 08327/474/613/658/788/809/901 20172/192, 25109/126/163/175/184/202/286/300/303/326, 31280/286 45007/042/060 47107/113/200/274 56014/58/59/68, 86003/322/324
Saltley 08103/134/635/647/742/80?/919 20167/174/193 25080/131/226/287 ,31129/179/25945005/22/50/51 45115/148 46009 47053/088/108/297/367/444/553 56036/71/85,
Tyseley : 08461/672/784/790/893/920 25146/177/275/310 47218/337/468/475/538/561
DMUs 50052/53/54/57/60/65/74/79/82/94/97 50102/05/06/08/10/21/24/27/50303/05/09/10/12/38/95/
9/10/12/15/16/17/18/20/21/24/2t;~28 30 32 3.
50819/21/21/26/26/28/30/32/34/42/50/52/54/61/63/66/7-1/75/85/85/86/87/95 50902/05/06/07/12-16, 51110/19/29/30/31/36/42/44/49 51272/51338/80, 55003/05/09/12 56165 56295/96 56353 56443 59001/02/09/11/16/20/21/22/29/38
59114/15/16/18/20/21/24/28/30/31, 59438/39/41 59504/36/38/95 59617/23/74 59714/15/35 41/57 ADB 975042
Wolverhampton : 08832/841 47445 86229/245
Walsall : 08700

No.25 Doncaster Works 28 November 1982

Pilot 08252
PaintShop 31101 50026 56114 58002
4-Bay 03073 31421 37151 , 50007/18/44/46 56008
2-Bay 31152 37011/072/098/223 56032/049
Dismantling Shop 08552 37101 50011
Rear of Dismantling Shop 31192/309/314
Scrap Line 550/11 (R.A.F.)-being cut up,03158, 08058/116/215/2 1 i~2g32/313/554 31264 55004/22/16/5/17 13/15
Yard 03094 31156 19 3 194/1916/211/220/265/269/274/313 37079/133/184/261 , 56004/111/113 58001
New Erecting Shop 56026/115 58003 (under construction) 58004 (frame)
DMUs Pilot 08420
DMUs 50043/0232/0488/1813/9768/2092/0506/6039/1433/0422/1210/0365/0240/0235/50537/6178/056/65/1835/0577/0482/9097/0622/0042/9709/0533/6376/0471/0436/0523/2088/0538/6175 50469/9389/6202/9707/9210/9702/6018/2071/6392/0612/1812/0016/1834/6003/6068 E78708 E78958 RDB 975089,
Works Reception 40128/198, 31404


Eastern Region
50199/0210/1210/6072/6374/98-BG : 50379/80/81,51472,56423/33/50/71-NR 59572-NR.

Western Region 51054/82/98,59413/29,59505-RG : 59480-LA.

London Midland Region : 50068,59610-TS : 50314/23,51917/18,56495/96,59063/64/70.59100/190 59523/26/35/69-CH : 50446/0521-LO : 50681/0701/0812,51783/85/92/93,59386-90,59683-85-NH.

Scottish Region : 50090/132,50822/23/25/29/36/41/46/59/73/76/77/79/81/82/89/92/99,55015, 59329/30/31/37/44/45/47/54/74-ED : 50141/44/47/72/76/84/89/97,50241/43/54/60/64/90/92, 50747,51218/24/27 28 31/32/33/35/41/42/43/44,59042/45 48Y60/61/66/68/71/86/90,59303/5, 59688-HA : 51992Y9 %94/96-99,52004-10/15/19/21/22/24Y26 29-33,55011,59782/84/90/91196/98, 59800/01/02/04/05/06/07-AY.

CONDEMNED : 50066,50342/48/-90/-93/99,50404/40,50581 50754/-66/77/79/84,50801/2/4/7, 51110/19/24. 51008/12/13/15/1~5/20/25/29/34/3740/42/44/48,51256,56129/33/38/46/49/59/61/63,56482, 59008/17/23/24,59169/72/76,59338/58/6~/97/98,59400/02/07/68/10/12,59_544,TDB 975309/310.

Stored Serviceable : 59027(ED)
: 50732(CH),51017/26/36/43,59404/li(AY). 
: 50279-78706 : 50286-78956 : 50274-78707 : 50287-78957. 
Departmentals : Add ADB 977124 (M56129) NH.


Withdrawn : 4285/93 97,4618/26/33/37/45/51/54/56/58/59/68/71/73/74/79/83,4683,4730/49/50, 5212/52,5609/15/2 Y33.6050/76/79/95,6136/37/64, W&C 52,81,82,86 70086.
Renumbered 7128-1549 7115-1550 7121-1551 : 7177-1562 : 7201-1563 : 7188-1564, 7019-1565 716b-1566 7200-1567 5252-5443 : 5681-6305.
Reallocated : 4277/78/?9/91/94/98,4678/80/82/87/92,4710/14/16/19/21/22,5129-WD. 5014,5764/65/67-70-SG : 5017-22,5113,5313/20/36/39,5443,5758-60-SU : 7002/11,7426-BI