No.41 - Autumn 1982


Well, that's it - another Summer has passed. Am I the only one thinking that it's been a strange Summer. Thanks to union disputes we rail buffs had a late start to our Summer, and no sooner have we got all the 'moves' worked out, the 25s to Welshpool, or the 40s in North Wales perhaps than we find our trains are withdrawn for the Winter period. Summer has not been the same without Boycott and Gooch opening for England as they chose to visit South Africa last Winter. Selectors now choose South Africans to play for England ! (Lamb and Greig). Yorkshire recall Ray Illingworth as Captain. Can all this be true?
All is not lost however. Your Committee has been hard at work arranging a host of events designed to keep you, the member, happy and contented through the long Winter ahead. Dates for the annual quiz competition have been finalised and we eagerly await battle to commence to win the much-coveted Pennine Shield (surely its our turn to win this year.) We await an invitation to take part in the General Knowledge quiz to be held at the LNER Club at Swinton, Mexborough .Your Pennine Professors have spent much of the Summer deep In encyclopaedias whilst the railway lines were rusting and the Learned Lot are awaiting the 'off'.
National celebrities will appear at our social evenings at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Cleveland Street, Doncaster on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, and at the Grapes Hotel, Trippet Lane, Sheffield on the second Tuesdays. We have produced a trips list exciting enough even for the most discerning punter.
Don't hibernate for the Winter-come and enjoy yourself with the Pennine. Have a laugh with (or at) the Committee. Accompany us on our trips, attend our social evenings, support us in the competitions-and why not bring a friend along, to buy the drinks!


After the events of the last couple of months, it is a pleasure to be able to write these notes as the trains are running almost normally, and in keeping with the spirit of the occasion, the flexible roster imposed on the Editor by the rest of the Committee should ensure another magazine in December.
On a more serious note, a disastrous accident almost occurred just South of Doncaster during late August when an HST travelling at over 10Omph hit an obstruction deliberately placed on the line. In spite of BR's enviable safety record (especially compared to road travel) it seems almost Inevitable that one day soon a major rail disaster will be caused by some mindless vandals In search of a bit of *fun*.The yearly reports of the Railway Safety Inspectorate highlight the growing problem, but as usual it will probably take a major incident with fatalities to draw the great British public's attention to it. Where the answer lies is open to debate, but it is hard to comprehend how a person can enjoy placing the lives of hundreds in jeopardy.


It is feared that the next round of service cuts may bring to an end to various sleeper services throughout the country. Several major cities could lose their overnight link with London, including Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and Bristol, as well as towns like Preston, Barrow and Holyhead. This would enable all the older Mk.1 Sleeping Cars to be withdrawn, and their Mk.III. replacements to be used on only the most profitable routes ,e.g. London to Edinburgh/Glasgow, and to Penzance.


Our cover photograph shows Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 0-6-OST No.752 at Bold Colliery, there for the Rainhill Trials re-enactment. The locomotive was built In 1896.
Our thanks to Mr.K.R.Shipley for the photograph.


The 5th. of October 1982 is the date to make a note of as it heralds once again the PENNINE'S annual slide contest at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster. Mr. Jack Davis of the SYRPS will be the judge and the competition is expected to be fierce, especially now that Robin ( 'ere ain`t you David Bailey) Skinner has his new camera-complete with exposure compensation folks!
The contest will start at 8-15pm prompt and anyone wishing to enter is requested to be at the Taps by 7.45pm so that their slides can be numbered and loaded into the projector magazine. Up to 4 slides may be entered and if there is anyone who wishes to enter but who will be unable to attend or who will be late arriving, then they are very welcome to send their slides to me (in a strong envelope please and with a S.A.E. for their return) at 19 Elder Grove, Finningley ,Doncaster (Tel. 770771 ext.497 day or 771457 evenings) and I'll make sure they are entered.
Prizes! Yes folks, we're giving prizes again - First Prize is 10,Second Prize 5 and Third Prize 3.Winners will have the choice of cash or a voucher of equal value to be spent at TAG Models.
Finally, the rules zzzzz
1 - Slides are to be the entrants own work - no Colour Rail etc.
2 - Slides can be black and white or colour, but must be~*mounted in 2" x 2" card, plastic, or glass mounts.
3 - All entries are accepted on the understanding that the Pennine Railway Society cannot be held responsible for any damage to, or loss of entries.
4 - The judge's decision is final !


The following items are available from David Bladen, the Sales Officer, by mail order.
Members Price
The 50's (Rail Photoprints booklet) 1-25
The 55's (Rail Photoprints booklet) 0-80
Depot Directory Pocket Book - 2nd.Edition (Platform 5) 0-70
Please make cheques or postal orders payable to the Pennine Railway Society and enclose a large SAE.


If you have any item of 'Railwayana' or transport interest that you wish to sell, or if there is something you want, then send details to David Bladen and they will be Included in the next Sales Spot.

FOR SALE HORNBY ' ZERO ONE' controller and 3 Loco Chips 30. Contact David Bladen.


Photographs or colour slides of the ex-GC station and yard at Staveley Town, to loan for copying, or would like to buy, Contact Alan Pett at 60 Follett Road, Sheffield S5 0NH.




Eastern Region : 08004,P00 3 095/096/101,4?220/291/305-TE;08142-YK;08386-LN;08391/392-BG; 08485-WH; 20021, 37161,
47218/263/265-IM;31102/133/184/18?/214/218/220/246,37023-MR; 31119/130/143/402/404-411,3?013/046TI;40006-HM;47052/363-SF; 47422/522/549,56082-GD.

London Midland Region : 08069/569/826.25086/133/154-KD;082?0-AN;08289/614/685-DY;08489-CD; 08524,25132, 40020/049/063/087/090-L0;08631,25120/235-SP; 08673/682,31122/124/132/154/163, 31209/280,45044/045/046/049/050, 47201/202/203-T0;08783-DY;25036,47053/0?4/182-B3;25131-CW.

Western Region : 08394-MG; 08576-PZ;08949,50048-LA;31230/259/2?3/424,3?7148,47066-BR; 37129,47129/136/143/145/151-CF;47466/478/484/50?/512/553,50026/2?/3?/38/39/40-OC; 47556/558/559/560/565/56?/575LE.

Scottish Region : 08292-ML;08380,20063/067,25037/064,47109/460/461/517/541/564-ED; 08490/754-DT;08588/753,  37011/017/025/035/114/183/260/261/262-IS; 20028/049/080/099/197/199.26015/28/29/31/33/36/37/40,27010/12/17/18/220/3?/40-HA.

Locomotives Withdrawn : 08026/030/031/051/099/166/178/192/197/217/240/286/290/313/348/387 08615, 25150/ 170/220/ 274/275 /312,40064/136/163/182/199,46036, 73115.

Locomotives Stored Unserviceable : 0844 (ED),08463 (AN),08462 (DY),08472 (SP),08563 (ZH), 08563 (DY),08609 (DY),08611 TL-07,08612 (DY),08615 (SP),2003?/069/081/09?/12?/139/148 (ED), 25175 (CW),25184/308 (ZE),26028 (HA),82001/6 (LG).

Locomotives Stored Serviceable : 97709, 97710

Locomotives Reinstated : 08417-SF;08786-WN; 20198-ED:25308-T0;82007-LG.

Locomotives Reinstated but Stored : 08578/583/587-ZL (U)).

New Locomotives : 56106-TI, 56107 TI, 56108-HM

Locomotives boiler isolated: 25037/054/064/072/079/226/226/229/237/244;26013;     31110/112/118/199/204/228/231/305/309; 37178/264;40080.. 45010;46004/33/35;4?032/075/079/081/111/129/134/137/144/ 47157/162/186.

boiler removed 26011,/14/15/23/25/28/29/37; 31121/123/146/201/233 ;37106; 47097/129/256 296.

boiler reinstated : 3780;47033.

air brake only :08417;08786.

dual braked : 37248.

headlight / RT fitted : 37011/017/025/035/114/183/260/261/262.

Radio Telephone removed: 08292.

Buckeye coupler removed: 08796.

Multiple working fitted: 86314.

- not twin tanks : 371590?168.
Multiple working removed : 4,0015.

renumbered :27112 to 27056.

Locomotives Named :
47560 -TAMAR


Re-allocated : 50083,50304/19/29/35,50820/58/68,50911/18.51445/46/49/50/52/62/63/95-CF 51500/05/0913/15/17/19/21/22/23/30/33,51799,51801/08.59050/82/93/96,59122/23-CF, 59530/39/46-51/61-CF : 50139/0238-NR :
50174,51235,55015,59060,59215-HA : 50219,56072-HT : 50390,56482-DY : 50594,51930,52045,56186- LO : 50598 56187-LMR : 50649/64/81/86/98-CH : 50701/02/33-CH : 50666, 50712,51574/76/79/80/83/88/89/90,51786/91,59284/86, 59582/86/88-NH : 59679-NH :51052/59/71/73/74/76/80/85/86/99,51101/02/04,51399,59282.59416./30-33/35-RG : 51302/04/07/08/09/14/17/19/22/23/24/29,59340 59469/74-77/81-LA : 51334/38/39/48/62-73-BR 51376/80/82/90,5140415,59479/86/90/92,59500/09/14-22,59504-BR : 51826/44,59708-HS 52000/01/02/09/10/14/27/34-36,59783/85/87,59802/07AY : 56093-NL 09092-NR : 59225/29-BX.

Withdrawn :/50544/47/53/54/60/63/66/67/70/75/76/78/83/87,51020,56120,59190/91/94 59r08111/13 16/34/42/43. 

Stored Serviceable: 59027(HN), 59544 (HN),59553(AY). All Class 126 DMUs are stored serviceable at AY apart from 51012/39/44,59400/12 which are stored unserviceable.


 Withdrawn : 75528 93 from set 303028 : 65442/3 : 4284/87,4617/23/31 39 4Y969/84,4725/33, 86/88/94,610l/06/07/10/15/20/21/22/23/29/30/32/35/38/42/43.

Delete : 7020,7116/20/23/37/38/46/74/76/90/98.

Renumbered : 411543 (ex-7120),411544(7116),411545(7138),411546(7137),411547(7123), 411548 ex-7146?,411568(7190),411569(7198),411570(7176),411571(7020), 411572 {ex-7174)  5939 (ex-6039).

Re-allocated : 302204/05/15/20-EM : 302221-24/29-31-IL,  6016/19/22-26/29/34 -WD. 308153/54/55-IL : 6016/19/22-26-WD 6029/34-WD : 6047/49-51/61-65-RE : 5017-22-SG : 5127/28-WD : 5129-33-SG a 5756/57-SU 5758-63SG : 7403/04-FR : 7732-BL : 7760-RE : 7781/82-RE : 7811-BL.
Class 413/2 and 413/3 (4-CAP) are formed by the permanent coupling of pairs of Class 414/2 and 414/3 units (former numbers in brackets).3201 (6006:6009 32202 {6004 6020: 3203 (6003- 6032) 3204 (6018,6028); 32005 6021,6030); 320 6027 6031): 3207:(6012,6036):
3208 ( 60373 6037) ; 3209 (6015 6038}; 3210 6010,6042)., 3211 (6001 6035): 3213 (6005 6040) ; 3301 (6055:6057) 3302 (6043,6046)3303 (6052 6054)  3304 (6084 6085)  3305 (6081 6104)  3306  (6056 6058)  3307 (6060 6073)  3308 (6048,6066)  3309 (6053,6059); 3310 (6045,6068 ; 3311 (6093,6099).

Locomotives Cut Up:
Doncaster Works (ZF) 03067,03168,4,0067,40070,55010.
Swindon Works (ZL) 08027/028/075/076/093/139/184/241/547, 25074/110/148/264/273, 31241, 40038,40179.
Derby Works (ZE) 25092,25299,46040.
Glasgow Works (ZH) 26018.
Selhurst (SU) 73115.

VEHICLES WITHDRAWN: M1769 (RBR),E15634,W86354, M94706, S1329, S1448, S1600, S1749, S2152


The wires of the Midland Suburban electrification now extend into St. Pancras station itself, leaving only Paddington of London main line termini stations. with no electrified system. No date has yet, however, been announced for the start of the new service as the dispute between BR and the rail unions over the manning of the Class 317 EMUs remains unresolved. As well as Cricklewood,Bedford,Wellingborough.severa1 Units are stabled at Nottingham, No's 317336/36/40/41/42 being noted.


The PENNINE attended a highly successful open day at Derby Locomotive Works on 4th.September.Our thanks to those who helped on the stall and to those who donated Items for sale on the stall. Our next 'appearances' will be at Barrow Hill open day on Sunday 3rd.October,and at the Elizabethan Society weekend to be held at Sutton-in-Ashfield from 22nd to 24th.October.Ve shall be pleased to meet all members attending these gatherings and we are always willing to take any of your unwanted items off your hands (except Mothers-in-Law).


June 8th.saw our 10th. Anniversary celebrations when a social evening and pea and pie supper was held at the Grapes. One of the largest attendances we have ever had took part in various quizzes and competitions and a good time was had by all. Our July meeting was also well attended, so much so that the Members' Slide night had to be extended to the August meeting to be able to accommodate the number of members whose slides didn't get shown in July. Our programme continues as follows:-
September 14th. - Ron Chaplin October 12th. - David Bladen 'Railways by Numbers' November 9th. - Pennine Shield Quiz Competition. December 14th. - Jack Davis
I would like to place on record my appreciation of the Gift Voucher with which I was presented during our social evening at the Grapes in June. When Robin handed it over to me, I had no idea anything of the kind was afoot and so I was taken completely by surprise. Many thanks to everyone for this kind gesture.
Cheerio for now - Jack Davis.


 At the meeting at the Grapes in June, the Mastermind contest was won by Jon Davis after a decider with Paul Bates. The slide contest was won by Paul Bates with a shot of 5407 and 5690 'Leander' on the northbound Cumbrian Mountain Express approaching Horton-in-Ribblesdale on 29th.May 1982.A competition on the whereabouts of suburban stations was won by Tony Caddick after a decider with David Bladen. (Tony knew that Dunlop Station was in Glasgow).


 The Pennine Shield Quiz Competition will again take place this Winter, with teams from the Pennine, Peak Railway Society, The 25 Preservation Group, and South Yorkshire Railway Photographic Society (Grapes Hotel) taking part. Dates and venues are as follows : 

Monday 1st.November Hallamshire Hotel, West Street, Sheffield (Peak Railway Society).
Tuesday 9th.November Grapes Hotel, Trippet Lane,  Sheffield (SYRPS).
Monday 22nd.November Royal Standard Public House, St. Marys Road, Sheffield (25 Group).
Tuesday 7th.December Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster (Pennine).
All supporters are welcome to encourage our team at each venue. Meetings will start at 8pm.If you wish to be considered for our team, please approach a Committee member (PLEASE.!)


Passengers on a WCML express had a lucky escape on August 10th. when their train narrowly missed a runaway grain trailer near Hemel Hempstead. The trailer was in a field being loaded when it 6lipped down the railway embankment and overturned at the bottom, spilling most of its load of barley onto the line. The Incident caused several cancellations at Euston during the evening rush-hour with both commuters and Inter-City passengers experiencing delays.


A week earlier, the overnight Paddington-Milford Haven passenger/newspaper train ran into a h4rd of Friesian bullocks straying across the tracks near Llanelli. A parcel van next to the engine was partially derailed and to complicate matters a light engine travelling In the opposite direction also ran into the cattle, immobilising the engine with a severed vacuum pipe. Considerable delays ensued and a Pair of Pennine members in the midst of an all-line Rover were hastily woken up and transferred to a bus to continue their journey.


At approximately 14-00 hours on Friday 20th.August the Deltic Preservation Society's two locomotives,55009 'ALYCIDON' and 55019 'ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER' bade a final farewell to their sister locomotives for the last time (unless several wealthy enthusiasts produce quickly). After a special handing over ceremony the locos left the Works under their own power, but due to a BR decision taken a few days earlier, were coupled together outside the Plant offices to a brake van and towed Northwards via Knottingley by 37100.Appropriately the driver was Harry Wilson of York MPD, a great Deltic fan and a man well known by admirers of the Class (see Issue 1 of 'Rail Enthusiast' magazine). The locos were then stabled overnight at Thornaby.
The two gleaming beasts arrived at Grosmont on the North York Moors Railway at 07-30 towed by a Class 3l.'ALYCIDON' was then used to marshal the stock for the 10-55 service to Pickering before going on display at Grosmont station. The 10-55 was then worked by 55019.returning with the 12-20 to Grosmont. The roles were reversed as 55019 went on display and 55009 worked the 1455 to Pickering and 16-20 return.
It is not known how often the locos will appear in service, although at least one should be running on the NYMR Diesel Day on October 31st.At present, both locomotives are still in BR livery, although 'ALYCIDON' has had her Finsbury Park style white window frames re-applied. It is Intended to keep her in this livery, but restore 55019 to original two-tone green. Both locos for the time being at least have been fitted with Class 37 type horns which do not sound at all authentic. If possible it is hoped to replace these sometime in the future with the more distinctive sounding horn with which the locos were fitted in BR service.
After the euphoria of the reprieve of these locomotives it is sad to relate that two more have been destroyed by the cutter's torch at Doncaster Works. To the dismay of her many admirers 55007 'PINZA' was broken up during July, then during August 55008 *THE GREEN HOWARDS', a machine many considered to be the best performer during the final year. joined her illustrious sister on the scrap heap. Rumours still abound about possible rescue attempts for the other locos but it seems clear that time is quickly running out. Meanwhile Nos.55004/~/11/13/15/16/17/21/22 await their fate.
The monthly meetings of the DPS (Doncaster Area) are now to be held on the last Thursday of the month at the 'Three Horseshoes', a Wards house. This is located just over North Bridge, on the Bentley roundabout: start time 19-30 hours.


 Our Chairman, who carried out his normal duties (?) at Doncaster Station during the two-week ASLEF strike kindly provided the following sightings:
During the first week of the strike the following set of DMUs worked these trains, each day Monday-Friday : 07-40 Peterborough-Kings Cross.,09-30 Kings Cross-Doncaster; 13-00 DoncasterPeterboro;16-00 Peterborough-Kings Cross;18-00 Kings Cross-Peterborough. worked by 50027 56032,.50227 56070.00258 56053;56364 51217;56402 51426.
On the same Monday-Friday 50181 59083 5016800015 5600706384 50230 worked the 09-00 Peterborough-Kings Cross;11-00 Kings Cross-Doncaster;1-5-00 Doncaster-Peterborough.
On the Tuesday and Thursday 37086 and a rake of 5 bogies consisting of BSK FK TSO TSO TSO worked the 11-00 Peterborough-Welwyn Garden City;11-45 Welwyn Garden City-Doncaster; 16-30 Doncaster-Peterborough.
On the Tuesday to Friday,47286 with a BG, CK ,SK worked the 17-10 Leeds-Doncaster; 18~15 Doncaster-Leeds;21-02 Leeds-Doncaster;22-50 Doncaster-Leeds.
During the second week of the strike HST's worked the following:
FX 07-40 Newcastle-Kings Cross 11-30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh.
WX 09-00 Kings Cross-Doncaster 12-00 Doncaster-Kings Cross.
WO 09-00 Kings Cross-York : 13-20 York-Kings Cross.
ThX 07~35 Leeds-Kings Cross : 11-50 Kings Cross-Leeds.
MX 12-00 Edinburgh-Doncaster : 16-15 Doncaster-Edinburgh.
MO 06-53 Newcastle-Doncaster : 09-13 Doncaster-Newcastle : 10-48 Newcastle-Doncaster
12-4,0 Doncaster-Newcastle.
Th, FO. 09-45 York-Peterborough : 12-00 Peterborough-York : 17-34 York-Kings Cross 20-50 Kings-cross-York.


 First prize 5,second prize 3.third prize 2.Entries should reach the Editor by November 20th.Don't forget, you can still win a prize even If you do not have an all-correct entry.

Compiled by Peter Wesley, this brain teaser can be solved by combining deduction, analysis and sheer persistence (this should exclude most of the members anyway).

 The essential facts are as follows :

1 - There is a row of 5 houses, each with a front door of a different colour and inhabited by men who work for different railway companies, with different pets and different drinking habits. Each man smokes a different pipe tobacco.

 2 - The L.M.S. man lives in the house with the red door.

 3 - The L.N.E.R. man owns a dog.

 4 - Lager is drunk in the house with the green door.

 5 - The S.R. man drinks Pompel Bitter. Yuk!

6 - The house with the green door is immediately to the right of the house with the ivory door.

7 - The medium cut smoker keeps pigeons.

 8 - Spun cut is smoked in the house with the yellow door.

9 - Falstaff is drunk In the middle house (fine drink!)

10 - The G.W.R. man lives in an end house.

11 - The man who smokes mixture lives in the house next to the man with the cat.

12 - Spun cut is smoked in the house next to the house where the horse is owned.

13 - The flake smoker drinks mild and bitter.

14 - The K.W.V.R. man smokes rough cut.

15 - The G.W.R. man lives next door to the house with the blue door.

16 - The green door is an end house.

17 - The man with the ivory door smokes flake tobacco.

 Therefore :Who drinks Tetley's Best Bitter ? Who keeps chickens ?


 The number of entries received for this competition is almost as good as for our infamous 'Presidents Puzzle'. Keep up the good work! Of the entries,13 were all-correct, and a draw was held at the 'Taps' meeting on 7th September, the result being:
1st.Prize - E.J.Wright,East Dene, Rotherham
2nd.Prize - J.R.Dewing, Cottingham, N.Humberside
3rd.Frize - P.Hall Esq. Dronfield Woodhouse, Sheffield.

 The answers were : -

7 - LACONIA   8 - SEAHORSE (45705)   9 - HENRY FORD (47158)  10- WESTERN LADY   11 - KING JOHN   12 - FAIR ROSAMUND (47510)  13- NAPIER   14 - ALBION   15 - HAYDON HALL    16- ROYAL IRISH FUSILIER (45004)   17 - EARL HAIG


The second week in August was an amazing week for admirers of the superb Class 50s in the Sheffield area as the following notes will show. The fun started on Saturday 7th when 50035 'ARK ROYAL' worked the 13-35 Paignton-Sheffield relief, returning ecs. Then from Monday to Thursday the 09-05 Plymouth-York relief produced a 'Hoover' in the shape of 50019 'RAMILLIES' on Monday, before 50030 'REPULSE' took over the working for the rest of the period, each day the loco returning with the ecs.. By Friday, word had got round and the hordes of enthusiasts were disappointed as 46016 appeared on the train. Since then, the Plymouth-York service has reverted to more conventional haulage, the only other 'Hoover' noted in service being 50003 'TEMERAIRE' which worked the 07-01 Bristol-Leeds and 12-37 Leeds-Cardiff on 18th.August.During August two Class 50s were towed to Doncaster Works,50018 'RESOLUTION' for refurbishing, and 50044 'EXETER* with severe collision damage. In the other direction 50025 'INVINCIBLE' returned to the Western after refurbishing on a freight working. Prior to this, on 27th.July,50026 *INDOMITABLE' entered the Works, arriving light engine from Leeds after working the 07-01 Bristol-Leeds.
The Sheffield area holiday trains have again provided an interesting variety of motive power. On 31st.July,25072 worked the 08-57 Sheffield-Llandudno to Huddersfield Instead of the usual Class 31,the 'Rat' running light to Healey Mills with 47277 taking the return working from Huddersfield to Sheffield. Class 40,40104 had taken the main train (Leeds-Llandudno) forward in the morning, but the train (Llandudno-York) returned behind 40030.Class 31s have been the rule for the most part on the Scarborough and Skegness trains, although 37228 worked the Sheffield-Scarborough for a week from Monday 2nd.August due to the strengthening of the train. The Blackpool train has mostly been worked by Class 37s,with 37215 taking the penultimate train on August 28th.
Despite earlier fears, Class 40s have again been active In the West Yorkshire area, the Leeds, York-Llandudno workings being particular favourites. Locos noted on these services have Included 40030/077/099/128/169/177/185.The Leeds/Hull-Paignton overnight on 7th.August had 31205/208 on the Hull portion and 47202 on the Leeds. The full train was taken by 40152 from Doncaster to Sheffield, from where 45019 took over.
The Newcastle/Scarborough/York-Liverpool *PENNINE' service, although rostered for ETH Class 47s,has seen a marked drop in the appearances of these locos during the Summer. Noted on such services recently have been 40006/056/099/195,45o04/056/062/064. 46009/023,47192/228/339/367.
Although the remaining Class 46s are listed for early withdrawal they still make regular appearances on overnight ECM1,.services,recent performers have Included 46010/027/0 32/037/O49/056.During the early hours of August 7th. the previous evening's 19-25 Aberdeen-Kings Cross was delayed at Doncaster whilst the train was searched for a bomb. The train engine was 46037.On 20th.August the 21-23 Bradford-Kings Cross(lA41) was headed by 31242/268,whilst the 20-00 Kings Cross-Aberdeen (1S60) was graced with the presence of 40081.Performers on the new, exclusive *Nightrider' service have included 47403 'THE GEORDIE',47404 1HADRIAN',47448,and, 47455.
On July 30th,37209 towed 03112 from Doncaster to Hull Botanic Gardens, the 03 being in ex-works condition, but despite this, Hull station pilot duties, normally the preserve of the 038 was worked in August by 08777.Class 47,47089 'AMAZON' was stabled at Botanic Gardens over the weekend of 20th.August,whilst at Scarborough on Sunday 21st. August were pilots 03089,08540.Plus 31405,45017/026/046,47278,and LMS 5305 on the Scarborough Spa Express.
During late August, HST availability on the ECML slumped to an all-time low with numerous power cars dumped at Neville Hill awaiting repairs. As a result, several semi-fast services have reverted to loco-hauled workings. On Sunday 29th.August,the 17-30 Kings Cross-Newcastle was formed of a smart rake of Western Region Mk IIE coaches headed by 47565(LE). Another Landore engine,47501 worked the 17-57 York-Kings Cross on 31st.August.
Also during August. the North York Moors Railway experienced a loco shortage which was partly solved by the hiring of Thornaby based 31289.After failing on the 10-20 Pickering-Grosmont the loco was replaced by 31134 on'16th.August.With the arrival of the DPS Deltics, the situation has eased somewhat and the 31s are back at Thornaby.
Class 31s 31406 and 31409,the latter complete with white stripe waistband were working the Cleethorpes-Newark Northgate trains in mid-August.
The Sundays 08-45 Chesterfield-Scarborough, a Barrow Hill Class 47 roster provided some Interesting workings. On 8th.August 47307 worked the train, and 47319 on 5th.September.
The Bank Holiday period saw plenty of rare events. On 31st.August 37171 worked a Hull-Sheffield 'Milk Cup Footex, whilst the day before,47236 failed at Skegness with an ADEX from Llandudno. A brace of 25s,25193/195 dragged the stricken 47 and Its train on the return journey. On 2nd.September the 09-50 Newcastle-Poole was heavily delayed and a train was run In Its path from Sheffield to Derby,8 vehicles hauled by 31119.At Derby passengers were transferred to a Tyseley-based DMU set which ran to Basingstoke, whilst ~1119 returned with the ecs. to Nunnery. On 31st.August 25145 hauled a Nottingham-Skegness relief, whilst on 4th.September 37228 worked the 08-23 York-Tenby.
The latest Class 50 to enter Doncaster Works is 50007 which worked north on 10th.September with the 07-01 Bristol-Leeds. On 11th.September Sheffield's Tinsley depot surprisingly turned out 2 Class 20s to work the 07-32 service to Skegness. Locomotives concerned were 20105/106.On the same day, on the ECML,46031 worked the 20-00 Kings Cross~ Aberdeen as far as Peterborough, where recently renumbered 47299 took over to Doncaster. The train was taken forward by 47223.
Perhaps the highlight during the period covered by these notes came on 2nd.September when "02 worked the 15-10 Sheffield-St, Pancras throughout, and returned with the 19-24 St. Pancras-Sheffield,.
On 1st.September the 09-25,Bradford-Scarborough hauled by 31411 failed at Strensall, just beyond York. After a long delay 37061 arrived from York and pushed the train to Malton where passengers were detrained and transferred to the following 09-05 Liverpool-Scarborough hauled by 47531.

Despite being booked for Class 47s,the Manchester-North Wales service is still a happy hunting ground for the Class 40s which continue to attract enthusiasts to the area. On 24th.July 40135 worked the 09-45 Manchester-Bangor,40104 the 11-57 BangorManchester.40104 should have returned with the 15-45 to Bangor, but instead 25117 was provided. The duty proved too much and it expired south of Warrington and 40170 performed the rescue act. On 31st.JulY the 09-45 Manchester-Bangor produced 40004,the 10-45 to Holyhead was 40124,whilst on the 7th.August the 15-17 Holyhead-Manchester produced 40192.
On Saturday 28th.August the following were sighted at Blackpool North :
40197-08-31 Leeds-Blackpool 13-10 Blackpool-Leeds. 40084-09.26 Newcastle-Blackpool
40097-08.30 Glasgow C.-Blackpool (from Preston 15-05 Blackpool-Glasgow C. to Preston)
25072-08.46 Edinburgh ~Blackpool (from Preston} 14-30 Blackpool-Edinburgh {to Preston)
47357-12.33 Blackpool-Euston (to Preston) 40133-13.05 Blackpool-Euston (to Preston)
40060-08.10 Euston-Blackpool (from Preston) The last 3 trains were formed of air conditioned stock!
On 16th.August 40060 was noted at Shrewsbury arriving with the air-conditioned stock of the 07-40 ex-Euston. On 24th.August 25254/289 were attached to 86256 on an unidentified southbound working at Preston, due to an overhead fault between Preston and Crewe. Another 25 in the news is 25154 which worked the 15-12 Manchester-Harwich Boat Train on 13th.August as far as Peterborough. It is not known what happened to 47530 which worked the incoming service. Class 25s are still booked on the Euston-Aberystwyth services from Wolverhampton. On 7th.August 25199/219 worked the 07-40 ex-Ruston and 250J6/067 worked the 10-07 ex Aberystwyth. On 28th.August 25321/260 worked the 07-40 ex-Euston, 25307/245 the 10-07 ex Aberystwyth, and 25206/209 the 10-10 ex-Euston.
Noted at Skegness on Bank Holiday Monday were 20041/141,20113/147,20135/180 and 45001 all on services from the Fast Midlands. On 9th.August the 13-10 St. Pancras-Nottingham was observed at Leicester double-headed by 45133 and 47439,both engines working, with the 'Duff' in Royal Train condition. In preparation for the October timetable and with civic dignitaries on board, the 07-20 Sheffield-St. Pancras 'Master Cutler' was formed of an HST on 18th.August.
The SYR 'Galloway Ranger' railtour on 19th.June from Birmingham to Stranraer was hauled by 20180/196 from Birmingham to Leeds where 37283 took over for the thrash over the Settle & Carlisle. At Carlisle the requested motive power (in the shape of 40150) had been used on the 10-00 Carlisle-Leeds and the replacement 47434 was soundly rejected by the organisers.37283 worked through to Stranraer where, in teeming rain,25311 shunt released the loco. The 37 then worked back to Ayr where the promised 'Whistler' was waiting-40013 taking the train to Carlisle, where 37259  took over for another thrash on the S & C to Leeds before the same pair of 'Choppers' returned the train to Birmingham.
An amazing sight at Birmingham New Street on 21st August were 73108/134 which worked in on the 11-05 Portsmouth-Manchester, returning on the 11-,-20 Liverpool-Poole.
Class 46,46051 was noted at Nuneaton on 20th.August on a re-railing train assisting 85020 back onto the rails after dropping off in the sidings, while on 31st. August 31114 failed at Nuneaton on the 11-33 Norwich-Birmingham,25209 taking over.
The 07-27 Nottingham-Glasgow continues to provide a variety of Class 47s. Locomotives sighted (which come off at Preston) have included 47350 (18 Aug),47186 (30 Aug). 47373 (31 Aug), and 47484 (10 Sept). From 6th.September the train terminated at Preston, but runs through to Blackpool, primarily for cleaning purposes. Noted at Leyland, near Preston on 1st.September was Welsh 37,37303 on a freight.
On 30th.August the green 4o,4olo6 was on passenger duty on the North Wales coast. On 30th.August it worked the 10-45 Manchester-Holyhead and 15-17 return.08746 was noted at Holyhead, and. 08907 at Bangor.
In the early hours of lith. September 33111/027 left Birmingham with the previous evening 2156 Leeds-Portsmouth service.
The final Saturday Only 09-28 Sheffield-Blackpool North was hauled by 37013 on 4th.September.
Locomotives noted in a session of spotting at Chinley on 31st August were 20016.25201/289/202/251, 37095/121/174,40145/022/191/168/177/135/013/050,45058,47373/556,/572, 47420.

Class 405 (4-SUB) EMU No.4732 was noted in early August In immaculate ex-works condition-it has been repainted in pre-British Railways Southern livery. Several of these units can now be seen In scrapyards on the eastern approaches to Sheffield. Also sporting a revised livery is 33101 which was seen at Basingstoke on 5th.August,the *Crompton' having 'Finsbury Park' style white window surrounds. The same day the 06-45 Weymouth Quay-Waterloo was noted at Basingstoke behind 73124.Later that day 33106 threaded its way through the busy streets of Weymouth before working the 15-30 Weymouth Quay-Waterloo to Bournemouth from where 73112 took over to Waterloo. Noted on Waterloo-Exeter services that day were 33017 (06-50 Waterloo-Exeter) and 50009/33/37/45.
The following were on view at Ashford Chart Leacon Open Day on 14th.August:-
08811,09019/21,33027/052,47581,50029,73142,97800 "IVOR" ,ADB 975808 Departmental EMUs 001,004,024 EMUs 401,1570,3010,3208,4732,5441,7314,7908.

The following locos were noted on rush-hour trains at Reading on Friday 6th.August
47233 (1A21 07.09 Newbury-Paddington) 47421 (1A23 07.03 Oxford-Paddington)
50003 (1A16 06.35 Paddington-Newbury) then 08.15 Newbury-Paddington
50041 (2A72 07.54 Reading-Oxford) then 09.25 Oxford-Paddington
50013 (1A37 0?.15 Oxford-Paddington) 47105 (1A43 08.22 Reading-Paddington)
50021 (1A35 06.44 Westbury-Paddington) 50047 (1A49 06.00 Hereford-Paddington)
50022 (1A57 07.50 Oxford-Paddington).
Later that morning 50003 'TEMERAIRE' worked the 10.42 Paddington-Penzance service, which runs as a relief to the "Cornish Riviera" HST, and both trains were full and standing well before departure. A few hours later at Exeter St. Davids 45057 was attached to the 11-25 Paddington-Plymouth H3T (Power Cars W43042/43) for the assault of the South Devon banks. The 45 also took the return working with the same HST set from Plymouth. class 50,50017 'ROYAL OAK' worked the 16-45 Plymouth-Penzance local arriving just in time to see 50002 *SUPERB' make a spectacular departure on a GPO train. The 21.35 Penzance-Paddington 'wedge-out* was double-headed to Plymouth by 50023 'HOWE' and 47466,the 47 carrying on alone to the Capital.
The 22-39 (F0) Manchester-Penzance on 13th.August was worked by 47372 to Plymouth where 47061 took over. On Sunday 15th.August 50017 *ROYAL OAK' which had been attached to the stock since 14-00 failed 5 minutes before departure on the 21-35 Paddington overnight, the train being worked by 47558.The following day the 07-40 Penzance-Liverpool was worked by 50046 'MAX' to Plymouth where 45110 took over to Birmingham.

Pride of place of the various Class 40 workings listed in this issue must surely go to 40167 which on 26th.July worked the 06-15 Inverness-Wick due to the non availability of other locos on Inverness MPD. All workings on the Far North lines are rostered for headlamp and radio fitted Class 37s and consequently workings by the sturdy Class 26s are now rare. On 4th.August the 06-15 Inverness-Wick/Thurso was double-headed by 37017/262 to enable the Georgemas Jcn. based Thurso branch engine to be changed. This engine,37035, returned piloting 37114 on the 11-50 Wick-Inverness (37035 has since arrived at Doncaster Works). For the time being at least, the Kyle line still echoes to the powerful exhaust of the Class 26s.Performers noted on 2 days in early August included 26034/43/45/46.The remaining Inverness based 26s are working duties on the Aberdeen line and during the same period 26021/24/43 performed on these duties.
On 2nd.August the 23~05 Edinburgh-Inverness was worked throughout by 26029/40, suffering a long delay at Perth awaiting the Glasgow portion hauled by 47209,the engine experiencing difficulties just before departure. On 17th.August 47120 on the 23-50 Inverness-Glasgow/Edinburgh failed at Newtonmore and after a long delay was pushed by 37011 to Dalwhinnie where the 37 dumped the 'Duff' and worked the train forward.
On 21st.August the 12-25 Oban-Glasgow was double-headed by 37085/192 to Taynuilt where some Highland games were taking place. Several coaches were detached with 37085 working the train forward to Glasgow. On the same day the 12-55 Glasgow-Oban and 1758 return was worked by 37014.
A comprehensive report on Scottish sightings is enclosed in this Issue, but, the following were sighted In early July :
Inverness 3rd.July : 08568/620/753;25239;26024/27/30,/32/41/43/45;27002/008/027/105; 37011/017/26o/262;40167;47270/46o/546
Eastfield 4th.July 08447/693/721/733/828/938;20006/039/125/138/14 75;25076/226/231/233;9/10, 26010/35;27036/04,0/042/043/102/110/203/206;37012 14/022/026/033/035 37037/039/051/081/114/156/157/179/184/191; 40173;47013/040/102/270/416 47427/541/550/562/701/703/705.
Perth 6th.July:08428/712/754/761;25078/229/234;26019/38/46;27007;37141;47001/274/306
Motherwell 7th.July :08192/312/319/321/326/343/421/437/515/720/723/726/730/731/882; 20036/04,0/063/067/081/ 114/117/121/126/191;25247;26023;27019/023/024/034; 27208;37018/028/056/125/133/139/145/147/149/150/154/155/188/253/2
92; 47109/198/552;81001/005;85039;86035/321;87020/24.
Ayr 7th.July: 08345/433/446/448/449/476/827;20002/045/083/102/111/118/146/156/184; 25240;27028/103/210;4,0164;47251.
Docks: 08292/430
Grangemouth 8th.July: 08561/722;20013`/044/089/122/224;26o15/o39;27211.,37137/144/212.

For the above information the Editor is indebted to Miss S.Taylor and Messrs Peach, Gossan ,Gee, Marshall, Watts, Whitlam ,Corroy, T.Needham, Wesley, Barsby, H. Cooper, Dewing, Holt,Sanderson,Skinner,Bladen,Glossop,Watling,Collins,Butcher,Davis,Sutton,40129,76051, C J Pitsmoor. Special thanks to Bob Peach for Deltic information.

The next edition of Trans Pennine, the Christmas edition will appear in December. All contributions to the Editor by 26th.November and will be gratefully received.

Trips Report No.18 Lancashire Area 18 September 1982
Crewe Works : 08123/329/468; 37015/029/159/230/247/298/303/306; 40020/023/024/031/065/088 40101/103/115/118/123/138/139/142/143Y157 160Y166/182; 45123/124/146/147;  47012/056/064/070/109/114/131/150/151/155/194/201/209/245/252/256/283/295/345/347/ 355/368/35i/404/410/412/419 
81003/81009/15/20; 82007; 83006; 84004/5/8; 85009/15; 86009/032/038/229/245/323;  87011/19 87029/30; 
Emu 303050; ADB 968021. Frames 56116-123 (47522 severe collision damage).
Runcorn 08923 Ditton : 08296 Speke : 08884 Edge Hill : 08857/916.
Allerton 08018/290/291/431/463/532/534/669/887/931 81001.
Wigan Springs Branch : 08284/342/385/423/689/815; 25057/0619/079/101/134/141/161/188/228
25240/279/286/297/327; 40008/034/076/107/186; 47188/323/325/331/337/360; 82004; 
ADB 977047/051.
Wigan Station  08624.


As members will realise the last three months have seen numerous trips cancelled, hence the shortage of information.

No.11 Inverness/Kyle of Lochalsh 4-6 June 1982
Haulage : 47223 Doncaster-Edinburgh. 47403 Edinburgh-Inverness.
26030/38 Inverness-Kyle of Lochalsh-Inverness. 47207 Inverness-Doncaster.
Inverness MPD 5th.June : 08568/620, 25230, 26015/30/38/43/44/45, 27027/109/111/211, 37017/025/035/075/183, 40077, 47072/435/521/570.

No.12 Swindon Works 18 June 1982
08050/106/120/185/242/308/328/417/467/474/505/572/670/674/678/68o/707/713/782/919/94 4, 13002,25007/070/071/073/0~1/082/142/149/197/263,31103,40016/026/036/125/130/171/176/ 193, 46008/030/034/042,D818,D1015.

No.13 Doncaster Works 1 August 1982
Pilots-08136 734
Paint Shop-31292,50024,56110.
4 Bay-03112,31415/421,37063/083/237 50005 Z4/48.
Grave Yard-55007 (RIP.)
Deltic Line UP-55004/22/16/5/11/13/17/8/19/9/15.
DMU Shops59133/0973/0195/0515/9104/6404/0366/0229/1256/1444/1827/o636/0263/o457/6o68, 51813/9698/9769/6391/1824/9813/9384/9527/097~/0253/9812/0182/6123/1277/6180/0537/062 6. 52069/0598/0463/6187/6258.

No.14 Toton/Derby Works 14 August 1982
Toton - 08320/829,20075/142/157/164/168/172/173/174/181/183/188/189/193/195, 25072/151/219/286/316/318, 31122/149/154/220/276/283/287/298/300, 40157, 45052/060, 45113/122/125/137, 46014/051, 47461/480, 56007/042/051/053/o55/o64/o67/105, ADB 968002 LMS 4027 (4F).
Derby Works and Stabling Point  08681/842/894, 20081, 25038/066/085/088/104/105/129/150, 25170/175/180/216 /220/261/271/274/282/290/312/319/325, 27011/014/041/042/104, 31209 277,
40075/132/140, 45058, 45103/104/108/112/116/117/133/149, 47264, HST 43046/47/55/70/94, 43146/147/148/163/164/196, ADB 975812 (43000), ADB 975813 (43001).

No.15 Oban 20-22 August 1982
Haulage : 47143 Doncaster-Cowlairs : Cowlairs-Doncaster.
37192 Cowlairs-Oban
37192/253 Oban-Cowlairs.

(The driver told Pennine members that the Class 37s were only fit for scrap and would rather have Class 27s on the West Highland Line any day.

No 16 Derby Works Open Day 4 September 1982 
Exhibits-Steam 245, 4027 : 25036,56083,45103,HST 43147/148,41143,44039,Sleeper F.10665, D4 'GREAT GABLE., APT 48603.48404,48103.
Works - 08685, 25038/066/085/105/129/150/170/175/180/216/220/261/271/274/290/312/319. 27014/041/042/104, 40075/132/140, 45108/116/117/145, HST 43002/003/055/063/065/069/105, 43111/162,APT49004, ADB 975812/813.
MPD. 20041/141, 25210/268/317, 31121.

No.17 Doncaster works 12 September 1982
Paint Sh0p-31259,50018/48
4-Bay - 03162/371,31421,37183,50024/26/28/34
3-Bay-26(LT.Battery Loco)
Dismantling Shop - 31189,37252
Outside D.S.-03073
Grave Yard-55021
Deltic Line UP
The above had suffered collision damage:-50044,56004,31192,31196.
Erecting Shop-56111-56115,58001,58002(frame),58003(frame).
DMUs: 52082/0463/6077/6069/0030/6115/6134/9104/0498/0035/1292/0637/,'2094/0638/1294/9245/9 380,
52099/1434/6o50/0369/6420/2071/1812/9712/0154/1841/1835/6068/1813/1827/1444 +08876.

Scotland Trip July 1982
by Mike and Kevin Bloomer

 Because of the threatened strike by ASLEF drivers at the beginning of July and the subsequent cancellation of the Pennine Scotland week-end visit, Kevin and I decided to go it alone and flew up to Glasgow from East Midlands Airport on Friday, 2nd. July at 07. 45 arriving at 08.50 which just allowed us sufficient time to have breakfast en route, that's got to be better than your average Journey Shrinker behind a 'Flying Banana-Rama'. We had three hours to kill before collecting our Hire Car at mid-day, so we travelled into Glasgow on the Airport coach and spent our time at Central and Queen Street Stations where we saw the following. Friday, 2nd July Glasgow Central:- 37145, 81001, 86031/220/237, 33 DMU's and 15 Emu's. Glasgow Queen Street:- 27204/206, 37085 carrying Highland Terrier transfers on each side of the loco, 47119/410/701/704/712, the 10.38 Glasgow - Perth, which is used as the St. Rollox works Test Train, was double headed by 27032 and 27004 - ex works, additional power from the rear was provided by 26035, all three locos were working, 6 DMU's were also sighted.
After returning to the Airport and collecting our car, we set off for the west coast in search of seven 08's all allocated to Ayr and found the first one at Irvine Station - 08449 and 12 DY1Uls. Passing through Ayr docks, we sighted 08430, 27210 and at Falkland Junction 08292 (TO) 08446/476, 27103, also stored there were the following withdrawn DY1Uls 50803/936, 51018/22132/33, 51474/76/79180/81, 59392193/94, 59406.
Ayr Depot:- 08345/4331448, 20002/045/1021118/146/156/184, 25240, 27028 and 25 DMU's. At Ayr station, 25027 passed through on freight and 12 DMU's were in the stabling point. Still requiring one more shunter to clear the seven from Ayr, we headed north to Ardrossan Harbour but it was nowhere to be found although we did see 08449 parked in the station which we had copped earlier at Irvine. In a last ditched effort to find this elusive loco we climbed the stairs of the signal box in the harbour and asked if they had any idea as to its whereabouts - we were given numerous alternatives which eventually were dwindled down to the BSC. Plant at Hunterston and that's where we eventually found it perched high up on the embankment to the works 08344. Feeling rather pleased with ourselves at finding all seven 081s, we made our way eastwards to Edinburgh where we stayed overnight.
Saturday, 3rd. July Haymarket Depot:- 08718/881, 20027/137/207/216/225/227,25230, 26007/ 014/026/033, 27017/037, 370511191, 40068/191t 45051, 46021/029, 47002/ 403 The Geordie, 47704/707/708/710. 47702 worked the 10. 00 Edinburgh to Glasgow Push/Full service and 16 DMU's were on shed including single car 55000. Motherwell Station:~ 08312/319/723, 86206 hauling Euston - bound express 2 EMU sets 303027/054.
Motherwell Depot:- 08192/321/326/343/437/720/726/730/882, 20036/114/ 1179 25247, 26023~ 27023/024/029/208, 37056/125/139/145/149/150/155/253 47001/109/552/578. 08's 192/730/882 had just returned on shed from duties at Mossend Yard which saved us a journey because we needed two of them. 86256 Pebble Mill and 313204 passed by the depot. A point worth noting on future visits to Motherwell Depot is that locos are stored in the Wagon Repair Shop at week-ends which is to the left of the main shed as you go in. The following eight locos were noted in there:- 08421/515 (AB). 20040/063/081/121/126, 37133. We both copped the shunter from Aberdeen. Anyone visiting the depot should ask the Running Foreman for permission to look in this shop as it is usually kept locked by the watchman who has an office inside.
Hamilton Depot:- Only 11 DMU's on shed,303034/063, 314205 passing through Hamilton West Station. This depot was due to close in May but has been given a temporary reprieve, possibly until September.
Eastfield Depot:- 08447/693/721/733/828(AB)/938, 20006/125/138/149/175, 250761226/231/233, 26010/019/035, 27026/030/040/0421043-engine removed 271021110/206,37012 Loch Rannoch, 37014/035/037/039/043-Loch Lomond, 37081-Loch Long, 37114/156/157/179/184, 47012/013/0401102/270/541/ 550~University of Dundee, 47562/701/702/706/709/711. 47705 with Push/ Pull 601 worked the 16. 00 to Edinburgh and 47709 headed the 16.30 express. 47712 Lady Diana Spencer (William's Mum) with Push/Pull 605 failed on approach to Glasgow and were rescued by 37184.
St Rollox Works:- 08246/346/402/443/563/621/883, 200091035/037/069-W/D 20097-W/D, 20109 extensive fire damage, 20119/124/127/139/148/171/199, 26003/028/044, 27004/014/036/056/104/106/107/209/212 and cab of 27201 used as rest room. EMU's 303033/036/043/046/057/069/073~ex works, 303084-W/D 303089/096, 311102/ 105/107-ex works, 311108, 314201/203/211,Push/pull 605 which had failed the previous day, DMU's 50186/107/745 W/D, 51327~784-W/D, 51796/803, 52001/014, 59337/568.
Polmadie Depot:- 06008(s), 08286/348/727/736/851/853/952/P01-ex 081739 20007/020/043/104/115/123/191, 25028/046/237, 27034/108/205, 37152, Top Yard Stabling Point:- 20086, 37018/028, Carriage Sidings:- 08852, Electrics passing depot 82008, 85028, 86208/244/326.Sunday, 4th. July Haymarket Depot:- 08718/881, 20027/137/207/216/225, 25230, 26007/01.4, 27010/017/020/0321037, 40191, 46021, 47002/ 041/269/272/423/457/544/ 702/704/707/708/710/712-under repair, 31 DY1Uts including single car 55011-ex works.
Millerhill Yard:- 08564/571/711/714/732,20028/049/078/080/090/099/100/ 101/108/120/1521197/2021203/204/218, 26001/002/004/005/006/008/025/0379 37093/209, 40174,186, 46035/052, 47281/477, Single Car 55015 and 52058(s).
Dunfermline Townhill:- 08175/570/719, 20205/215/217/220/223/226 and DMU's 50778, 51453, 59574/578 inside the Wagon repair shop. In spite of achieving the almost impossible in getting round this shed we still needed three 08's allocated to DT and were told that one was at Falkirk but that turned out to be a wasted journey, so we moved on to Thornton Junction where we found two of them.
Thornton Junction:- 08341/441, 20085/201/206/219/221/222-my last Class 20, what a trip this was turning out to be, 25109/2271228 and 13 DMU's including 55000 which we had seen on Haymarket on Saturday. Our efforts to find Comrie Colliery were well and truly rewarded, not only did we clear our DT 08's in 08425, but also in the same shed were Scottish North Area Saddle Tank 0-6-0 NCB. No. 7 with oval chimney, Fife Area d-4-0 NCB. No. 12 made in 1957 by North British Locomotive Co. Glasgow - original Makers No. 27732, and Saddle tank 0-6-0 NCB. No. 19 built in 1952 and registered by Railway Executive - Makers No. 374. None of the Staff on duty at the colliery were able to give us anymore information as to whether any of them were ex B.R. stock, but if any of the membership has any knowledge as to their history, I shall be very interested to hear from them. just for the record, some clever dick of a security officer locked us in, we almost considered doing an Evel. Knievel over the main gate but decided against it. We found him eventually - in the Bath House.
Grangemouth Depot:- 08561/722, 20013/044/089/122/224, 26015/0-39, 27211 37068/144/212.
Monday. 5th. July Corkerhill Depot:- 25069, 47051/211/449 and 44 DMU's
Eastfield Depot:- 08447/693/721/733/828/938, 20006/039/125/138/149/175, 25076/226/231/233, 26010/035, 270301040/042/043-engine removed and stored south of shed, 271021110/203/206, 37012 Loch Rannoch, 370141022/ 026 Loch Awe, 370351037/039/051/114/156/157/179/184/191, 47013/040/081ODIN (Both nameplates missing), 47102/173/270/416/427/541/550 University of Dundee, 47562/701/703/705/ and 23 DMU's. Almost half the Class 37s on shed had Highland Terrier transfers on each side of the loco.
Polmadie Depot:- 06008(s), 08286/348/727/736/851/852/853/952/P019 20007/020/043/086/104/115/123, 250281046/237, 27108/205, 37152, Locos in workshops were:- 25037, 26011, 27101, 47149/209/472.
Shields Road Depot:- 3030251068/076/077/085/087/088, 311093/099/103/ 106, APT's 49002/003-CitY of Derby, 49006, 48101/102/106/107/201/205/ 303/306/403/406/503/504/601/602/606/607, 81006/016, 82008, 83005, 85021/039, 86220/312/322/325, 87013, 303072 with 311104 were seen passing the depot on a Strike Breaker local service. Shields Road Stabling Point:- 303069/071/089, 311095.
The following Electrics were parked at the south end of Central Station 85028, 86316/326, 87034.
That concludes our list of sightings, we visited no less than 22 different locations, which included 12 depots and Glasgow works and saw 320 Diesels, 26 Electrics, 54 Emu's, 19 APT stock and almost 200 DMU's Our thanks go out to ASLEF for arranging to have so many locos on the sheds for our visit, it enabled me to clear my last seven Class 20's and see all the 19 08's which I needed from the depots we intended to visit.