No.39 - Spring 1982


First of all, the Annual General Meeting held at the Corporation Brewery Taps on Sunday 10th.January 1982 was, by comparison with other years, very quiet, with most members highly satisfied with the way the club was being run. All Committee members were given a vote of confidence and David Bladen was accepted by the membership into the position of Sales Officer.
The additional monthly meetings at the Brewery Taps, held on the Third Tuesday of each month have got off to a reasonable start with a high attendance of nearly 40 members for the first meeting on 19th.January,when you were invited to bring along your own Deltic slides. The February meeting was slightly disappointing with only 15 in attendance and only 4 bringing their slides of railways in South Yorkshire, but the ASLEF strike made a difference to members attending (as did Rotherham United's winning run). Please see the enclosed meetings list for our Spring programme.
Also, we are starting to plan our sales activities for 1982,so if you have anything we can sell please pass it on to David Bladen .Also, if you require any books, see Robin Skinner who will acquire them for you from TAG Models.
Finally, the quality of Trans Pennine is now as good as or better than ever before, but the hard work of our Editor, Tony Caddick,and only be successful with your continued support, so please keep sending in the Rail-mews, articles and quiz entries.


Welcome to the Spring edition of Trans Pennine. The main event (strikes apart) on the railway scene since the last edition has been the sad day in early January when the best and easily most famous class of diesel locomotives in the world was finally consigned to the scrap heap. It still seems hard to believe that the distinctive roar of the magnificent Deltics can no longer be heard at Doncaster. The only thing left Is memories as the constant procession of HST's scream Incessantly in both directions with hardly anything left to excite the diehard enthusiast. Most of these are now either to be seen well away from the ECML, or, in the case of local 'bashers' transferring their affections to the superb South Yorkshire PTE 'Volvo-Ailsa's' the Deltics of the bus world. The only hope now is that the preservationists can rescue some of these wonderful locomotives to their former glory for all generations to marvel at.
As these notes were being compiled the Railways were having to take a lot of abuse from readers of 'The Sun' and other know-alls who can all make a better job of running Brothel Industry, even in better times, seldom gets a good press, but in situations like this the anti-railway lobby becomes hysterical. However it does seem strange that an agreement signed and witnessed by both parties, (BR and ASLEF) can have such different Interpretations placed upon it. It is hoped that both parties, and the other two rail unions can bury the hatchet (not in each other) and come to an honourable and lasting settlement.
The next edition of Trans Pennine will appear in June and with the aforementioned withdrawal of the Deltics, the rail news section will be more difficult to compile. Your help is needed so any news, or sightings that you think will be of interest to members, please let me have, it will be gratefully received.

Our cover photograph shows Princess Royal Class No.620l,'PRINCESS ELIZABETH' hauling the 'WELSH MARCHES EXPRESS' on 18th.April 1981.The train was steam hauled from Shrewsbury-Hereford and Hereford-Newport-Hereford.
Our thanks to Mr. Shipley for the photograph.

To save the Settle & Carlisle line from threatened closure, and to publicise its potential and many attractions, a Friends of the Settle to Carlisle Line Association has been formed and is seeking support. Details may be obtained from Mr D.Burton,16 Gordon Street, Colne, Lancashire. It would be a tragedy if this line was allowed to close.

Nottingham-Glasgow Restructure

BR have now confirmed the Nottingham/Glasgow Inter-city service is to be re-routed from the start of the new timetable in May, taking it away from the scenic Settle & Carlisle line. This has led to renewed fears that BR Is trying to close the line and in taking its main service away an a prelude to this. The new service will be routed from Sheffield via the Hope Valley to Manchester and Preston and along the WCML to Glasgow. This will deprive Rotherham. and Leeds of a direct Anglo Scottish service and has angered many rail users.

Television Stars

Once again local members who are lucky enough to view Yorkshire TV's 'Calendar' magazine programme have been treated to its up to date railway photographs. Almost every time a railway news Item occurs you can bet that either a group of Western Region HST's appear, or better still, the late, lamented Western. This photograph has appeared many times since the Class were withdrawn, much to the amusement of local enthusiasts.
On the same theme an item on BBC's 'Newsnight,' programme late last year on the APT, BR's train of the future* was rather revealing for as the announcer was making complimentary remarks about the APT it was at one point portrayed as a Deltic hauling Pullman stock. Now that's progress.

The Hadrian Flyer Radio Show

The BR Hadrian Flyer railtour in December 1981,as well as carrying a large contingent of Pennine members also played host to a presenter from BBC Radio Lincoln. During the course of the railtour he compiled a programme which was eventually broadcast on Sunday 3rd.January 1982.Thanks to our Lincolnshire correspondent Gerry Collins for recording the programme and replaying it at a recent Society evening for the edification of the members present.  Amongst the budding radio stars Interviewed were the afore-mentioned Mr. Collins, Robin Skinner,  David Bladen and Susan Taylor. However the real star of the show was that well known personality 'TULYAR' which made a valiant attempt to drown out 'Red Leader's' ramblings whilst being interviewed on Carlisle station.

New Sleepers on ECML

The new Mk III Sleeping Cars finally entered revenue earning service on the ECML on Monday 11th.January.At the moment only two services are covered,1,370 (2215 Kings Cross/Aberdeen) and 1.248 (21-20 Aberdeen/Kings Cross). Due to the ASLEF dispute these services (when they ran) were often covered by conventional sleepers.

For Sale

D1028 'WESTERN HUSSAR' name and numberplate, fully restored. Nameplate in good condition has a slight defect due to beading. 700 O.N.O.
D1024 'WESTERN HUNTSMAN' numberplate, un-restored, back plate only, i.e.. beading and letters missing. 15 O.N.O.
Anyone interested contact 40129 c/o The Editor.

SVR. Western Weekends

For members and enthusiasts who cannot afford any of the above bargains, but wish to experience again the sight and sound of these splendid machines, the Severn Valley Railway is holding Western Weekends on April 3/4th, and October 2/3rd.

PENNINE Brains Corner

Since our last edition the PENNINE Masterminds quiz team has twice been in action. The first match was against 'George & Dragon', Mexborough, a team of well known experts. After another terrific battle which took the score to 18-17 in our favour our opponents hit a purple patch and ran out 23-18 winners. Hard luck for our team of Tony Booth (Captain), Mike Tyas, John Sanderson, Tony Caddick, Glyn Gossan, David Bladen, Roger Butcher and Geoff Bambrough.
Our next opponents were due to be Yorkshire Traction (Rawmarsh) but they were obviously scared off by our reputation and withdrew from the competition. As last year our gallant team of grafters has again qualified for the consolation round where we are hoping for better luck and no questions on Speedway


Locomotives Re-allocated

Eastern Region
: 08418-MR;08659-HM;08889-CA;20145/154 TI; 31119/130/156/162/233/143/297, 31303/320-TE  3141/171/218/220/222/272/327-TI;31142/168/175/186/188/196/208 IM; 31176/205/206/226/243/252/263/314-IM;31402-9/11 MR;37001/016/019/064/070 074/077/080, 37094/105-SF; 37002/003/005/058/061/062/065/066/071/082, 37215/245/246 TI; 37126/131/283-HM;31306-GD;40006/007/085/124/152/153,  GD;40057/092/121,40183/192/195/199-HM; 47213/215-IM;47217-TI; 47295/311/311/549-SF;47301/302 TE; 47423/425/426/428/429/430/431/435/457/458/520/525/526/527/528/557-GD; 56036/39 TI;

London Midland Region : 03170/189/196-BC;08199/623/696-DY;08201/381-WN;08234CW;08374-BY; 08376/385-SP;08384-KD;08823-CD;25044/097/140-KD;25050/145/321-CW;25093/101-BS; 25115-CD;  25141/205-LO; 25268-SP;25315 TO;25186T0;31129/ 152/204/287/300-TO; 40126/162-KD;40153-LO; 40186 SP;45001/002/023,47315/320-TO.

Western Region : 08582-CF;08641-LA;08769-LE;08949-PZ; 08954-BR; 37187/188/189-BR; 37295/296/297-LE; 47100/110-CF.

Scottish Region : 08720ML;47049-ED.

LOCOMOTIVES WITHDRAWN: 03017/129 /08106/125/185/265/361/303/328/419/455/457/464/466/467, 08469/547/559/562 /582/603/604/622/629/704/786 25125/156/149/280,  40014/619/036/062/065/088/107/113/117/154/171 46001/06/07/54

Locomotives stored unserviceable : 08593/638 20068/088, 45053

Locomotives stored serviceable : 08189/578/587

Locomotives reinstated : 08364-CF;08725-HA;31122OC;31139/167/228/280/298/305/309/326-TO; 46032/33/55-GD.

New locomotives : 5610l-1044- TI.

Locomotives-boiler Isolated : 31164/257/260, 37180/181/184/188/265, 40006/007/047/061/064/101/148/159/160/167/168, 45020/037, 
47008/019/026/033/054/056/060/063/077 078/079/086/091/099/104/142/151.

Boiler removed : 31314/3229 1 Y1127122/113/128/144.

Twin fuel tanks fitted : 37224

SPG removed : 25032

Air brake fitted : 08689/789

Multiple working fitted :86314

 Renumbered : 86016 to 86316 ; 86018 to 86318

DELTICS WITHDRAWN: 55013 (20/12/81) 55010 (24/12/81)  55016 (30/12/81)  55007/8/17/19/21 (31/12/81) 55002/9/15/22: 2/1/82).


Re-allocated : 50570/6, 59203/15/33-NL;50672/3,50722/4CH;50853/94,59367-SF; 59143-BX 51573/75/77/78/~1/82/84/85/86/87,59285,59580/81/83/87NH;51787/89/94,59680/85-DY;

Withdrawn:  50350/87/-90/-91,50573/79/84/97,50732/52/58/63/86/91/97.56188,59134/38/46/51, 59157/71/75/77/78/84/88/92,59201/9,59348.

Stored unserviceable : 51046.

EMUs Transferred :  64690/91,64733/34,71524/25-BD.

Buffets - 1660,1662,1941;
Coaches - 3885,13359,15267,15629,15980,16090,16o92,16097,16098,16l00,16106,21193,25146, 25419,25432,25491. 25672,26038,35429,35437
Parcels - 80787,80799,81063,81474,81503,94311,94337,94411,94412,94795,94854,94914,94,990,31303.

by 55012

Saturday the 2nd of January was a particularly mad day for me and many other friends of mine. On that day the 'Deltic Scotsman Farewell', the final BR Deltic hauled train ran from Kings Cross to Edinburgh and back. To most steam enthusiasts a Deltic is just another smelly diesel, or a 'box on wheels' but the reality in they are a class apart. They neither look nor sound like any other loco, and have a style and character all of their own. Ironically it is probably this individuality is what is now becoming a very standardised railway that has led to their demise. Being a relatively small class, all named of course, everybody seemed to have their own favourite and would faithfully defend it even in the event of the most embarrassing failure which thankfully with my own particular beast didn't seem to occur very often. Throughout their life they have always had a loyal and enthusiastic band of followers, a feat which only the sadly missed "Western" Diesel Hydraulics have come anywhere near to equalling.
The recent SVR  "Deltic Venturer" in a good example# this tour taking a resplendent 55022 "Royal Scots Grey" from York to Birmingham via Sheffield and Derby'. before heading via Gloucester and Swindon to Paddington. The crowds of people to be seen on the lineside were amazing with a crowd of cup final proportions being encountered at Birmingham New Street. The last visit of a Deltic to Paddington was witnessed by many people but the most amazing sight was to be encountered on the return journey. The sight and sound of a Deltic attacking the famous Lickey Incline obviously appealed and the bank itself was literally lined from top to bottom with people. A 20mph speed restriction at Bromsgrove meant that "RSG" had no opportunity for a run at the bank much to the delight of the many enthusiasts with tape recorders. The incredible sound must have carried for miles as the train, with almost every passenger "bellowing" through open windows, roared mightily to Blackwell summit. The summit itself was breasted to the accompaniment of massed flash-guns and rousing cheers. An incredible tour and many thanks go to the Severn Valley Railway for organising it.
Unfortunately the fateful day came and the morning of Saturday the 2nd arrived and an I always expected it was damp, cold and very murky, ideal conditions for leaving the camera at home and watching Grandstand. However duty called and all thoughts of ambitious photographs abandoned I made my way to Doncaster station for the standard but safe photo. Any ordinary passengers (If there are any left these days) must have thought royalty was due as the area had been taken over by hundreds of camera laden enthusiasts.
Before the final railtour, running a approximately one hour ahead, 55009 "ALYCIDON" was running light engine in case of failure on both the outward and return journey. At around 9.30 the down main signal changed to double amber and everyone got their camera primed. Within a minute in appalling light and heavy rain "ALYCIDON" cruised non stop through the station, most photos being of the "press the shutter and pray" variety.
Thankfully by the time a sparkling 55015 "TULYAR" appeared at the head of the final railtour the rain had ceased and the light slightly :4mproved.The station announcer gave advanced warning as hundreds of eyes were trained on the direction of Balby Bridge. Amid a hush of expectation a familiar shape appeared from the gloom and the first impression was of Finsbury Parks "trademark", the white window surrounds, lovingly reapplied. As she pulled into platform tour for the last time the vast crowd jostled for a couple of minutes before that strange but familiar Deltic horn was sounded repeatedly as she departed slowly northwards with humanity seemingly hanging from every window, disappearing once again into the gloom.
The vast crowd, obviously not wanting to become acquainted with the almost constant procession of HST's which will be the norm from now on, dispersed only to reappear again later in the day for the return trip. As before "ALYCIDON" arrived first and as darkness had now descended Doncaster power box played the game by stopping her on the through road long enough for the many tripods to be assembled. After a few minutes the signal changed and with her twin exhausts standing out beautifully she headed south for the last time.
The enormous crowd now waited pensively and all too soon came the fateful announcement. Within minutes a familiar pair of eyes were seen in the distance as 55022 "ROYAL SCOTS GREY", the flagship of the class, cruised majestically into platform three, the constant flash from the hundreds of cameras giving her the appearance of a Hollywood film star. The hordes of people now made their way to the south end of the station, the engine being surrounded by well-wishers, as the crew (fittingly Doncaster men) took over for the final leg. All too soon a shrill blast on the station staffs whistle heralded the end of an era as RSG pulled slowly away from the station to a chorus of cheers.
After carefully negotiating the pointwork near Hexthorpe Bridge she erupted, the magnificent sound of Rapiers at full bore in a memory that will live for years. The hushed crowd hung on for several minutes an the glorious melodic drone grow fainter and fainter before a deadly hush took over, an if people had only just taken in the significance of the occasion.
As the crowd dispersed one of the last loco-hauled semi fast expresses arrived behind 47402 "GATESHEAD". It seemed rather ironic that an engine almost an old an the Deltics had only just had the honour of being named bestowed on it. Later that night the ITV News showed some superb film of "RSG"s emotional arrival at Kings Cross, a remarkable end to a remarkable class. Within a few hours the three railtour engines were back at York depot and another page on the history of the railways had been written. As far an the East Coast main line in now concerned HST's now rule, but for how long?.
Farewell Deltics, you will be missed by me and many others. 


A collection amongst members at the Taps on January 19th. for the Deltic Preservation Society 'Racehorse' appeal raised the sum of 7.08.We wish the DPS well in their difficult but admirable task.


Although the surviving members of Class 76 electrics were withdrawn on 20th.July 1981,they are still registered on TOPS. The exact location of each locomotive, at Guide Bridge is as follows : looking from Guide Bridge station towards Hadfield, the first line contains (in order) 76024&11,47,06&14,28,32&34,35&31,27&25.The second line contains 76016&10,26,12&07,22,54.The third line has 76013,51,38&39,23,29,33,21. The end (back) line contains 76009,01,36.
Engines at Reddish are 76003,04,02,08,15,30,37,4o,41,46,48.49,52,53,55. The bodies only of 76043,50,56,57 also remain.
Work on the dismantling of the Worsborough Branch from West Silkstone Jen. towards Wath commenced in August 1981,and by mid-February all the overhead wires had been removed, and all overhead supports had also gone, apart from those in Wath Yard. All the signal boxes on the branch have been closed, and are in a vandalised condition. In fact, in late January, Lowden Crossing box was burnt out by vandals. Also, in Fob~, Wombwell Main signalbox was closed.
The removal of overhead wiring on the Rotherwood to Woodburn Junction section commenced at the end of January, although permission to remove the wires from Woodburn to Manchester has not yet been granted.
The last known workings of the Class 76s were on 28th.August,when 76001/9/36 moved from Reddish to Guide Bridge Holding Sidings at 11-10 hours, and 76013/51 made the same journey at 12-40. BR is not permitted to use the locomotives now, or even to raise their pantographs, presumably since Greater Manchester PTE is paying for all the current used and which should be used solely for the Manchester-Hadfield/Glossop EMU's.
Fifteen fitters were made redundant at Reddish following closure of the MSW, and all signal boxes between Hadfield and Penistone were closed. Torside, Woodhead and Dunford Bridge, and Thurlstone boxes are now heavily boarded up. Fences have been erected at both ends of Woodhead Tunnel to prevent visitors straying inside.
With the closure of the MSW, BR lost an invaluable diversionary route to accommodate trains when the Hope Valley line was closed due to engineering work. On one occasion since closure trains have been diverted via Barnsley, Huddersfield and Stalybridge, a journey time of 130 minutes, compared with 60 minutes on the Hope Valley.
A Government decision is expected in March on the possible closure of the 'Sheffield-Penistone-Huddersfield route and withdrawal of the passenger service. These trains still use the MSW route from Woodburn to Penistone, and withdrawal of this service could finally end any lingering hopes of reopening the Woodhead link.


Many thanks to the members who entered the Christmas Quiz, a total of 13 were received. Thankfully no all correct entries were received, so all the Editor's hard work has been justified.
The winner was Stuart Smith, of Royal Hackenthorpe, Sheffield ,who will receive 10.
Second prize (5) was won by Norman Bolland of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester and
third prize (3) goes to Tony Needham of Mexborough, South Yorkshire.

Answers to the Christmas Quiz:-
1- 3rd.June 1954. 2- Lord Beeching. 3- Fleetwood, 4- Lulb Summit  646'. 5- Sevenoaks/Otford.' 6- Pinza 22nd June 1961. 7- 1898
8- Train A Grande Vitesse. 9- Tay 10,710'. 10- October 7th.1968. 11- Birmingham Snow Hill/Wolverhampton Low Level. 12- Mexborough. 13- David Howell. 14- D1671. 15- 3rd.June 1956. 16- Liverpool. 17- Liverpool Street (18). 18- Bradford Exchange/London Marylebone. 19- Raith Rovers. 20- Not named. 21- Bristol Bath Road. 22- Southport/Wigan. 23- Fleet. 24- 1962. 25- October 8th.1960. 26- 55022 'Royal Scots Grey'. 27- D326. 28- Park Royal. 29- Frank Paterson. 30- Gnu. 31- Carstairs. 32- Ribble' bus station. 33- 16th.July 1971. 34- 2750hp. 35- Central Line. 36- Tyndrum Upper/Bridge of Orchy. 37- Horwich. 38- York. 39- 35019 'French Line C.G.T.'. 40- Mirlees, Bickerton & Day. 41- 1961. 42- 1965. 43- 2-8-8-2 T. 44~ BR Lion & Wheel emblem. 45- Dick Kerr Works, Preston. 46- Court House. 47- 3rd.June 1966. 48- Ruston & Hornsby. 49- D5909 March 1971. 50- 35mph.


The following items are available mail order from the Sales Officer, David Bladen,19 Elder Grove, Finningley, Doncaster. Tel 771457
Members Price:
The 50s (Rail Photoprints 3rd booklet about named locos of BR) 1.25
Main Line across the Pennines (a pictorial survey of the Woodhead Line, with dramatic shots of the Dinting derailment) 1-20
Depot Directory Pocket Book (2nd.Edition).Platform 5 guide to depots, works, and stabling points nationwide 0-70
Please make cheques or postal orders payable to the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY and enclose a large SAE.

Back Issues
Some back issues of Trans Pennine are still available from the above address. These are free (!) and a large SAE with a list of magazines wanted will secure. The following Issues are available t- March 1977,May 77,June 78,December 78,April 79,July 79, August 79,December 79,February 80,December 81.

The Open Day season will soon be upon us and we urgently require Items for the stall. If you think you could help please contact any Committee member.


We have just received copies of Rail Photoprints booklet on Class 55s,and these are available to members at the reduced cost of 80 pence. These are available from David Bladen, address above.


First prize 5,second prize 1third prize 2.Entries should reach Tony Caddick, the Magazine Editor by May 21st.1982.Don't forget, you can still win a prize even If you do not have an all correct entry.
Hidden in the squares are 24 words relating to railways. They consist of 6 preserved steam locomotive nanes,6 surnames of steam locomotive designers (each has at least one example of his designs preserved),6 diesel locomotive names (no Deltics are Included),6 places which have stations on the East Coast Main Line.
The words will be found by following the letters consecutively in straight lines, forwards or backwards, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. A letter square may be used in more than word. Each answer consists of one word only.
Puzzle devised by Geoff (Bains) Bambrough.

C Z L I X E L T S A C S 0 B E
O A B 0 N K L Y M J G L J M R


Since the last Trans Pennine came out, we have been able to keep up our usual attendance at the meetings at the Grapes Hotel, Trippet Lane, Sheffield. Despite the bad weather of the first few months of this year, there have been one or two new faces and so we feel encouraged by this.
Our April 13th.meeting will be in the capable hands of Tony Caddick, so we can expect a wide range of Deltics ! On 12th.May we hope to be entertained by our old friend Eric Slater, and then on 8th. June we will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of our holding meetings at the Grapes, so watch out for further developments
Jack Davis



Several Paddington/Birmingham services on 23rd.January were hauled by Class 313 in place of the usual 47 or 50.Amongst those noted wore 31416 on the 15-38 ex-Birmingham and 31422 on the 13-50 ex-PaddIngton.Class50,50046 'AJAX' worked the 08-50 Paddington-Worcester then the 14-38 Birmingham-Paddington. On 20th,February the 10-23 Manchester-Plymouth was taken forward from Birmingham by 50043'EAGLE' whilst the 1120 Liverpool-Paddington was taken over by refurbished 50008' THUNDERER'.
On 6th.February the 13-50 Cardiff-Bristol produced 45106 in place of the usual Class 33.
A Pennine member who passed several South Wales depots recently has kindly provided the following list:
Radyr- 08351/796 37223/2391286/288/306.
Cardiff Canton- 08191/360/393/484 25203 37181/257/~78 47417
Swansea Landore- 03121 08364/592/659 37182 47134/412/556 TDB 968008 (ex24054) Ex. DMU 140001
Swansea East Dock - 08400/663/819/898 P175/222/236/276/305

The last appearance of a Deltic in Glasgow took place on Christmas Eve when., 55008 'THE GREEN HOWARDS' worked the 17-30 -Edinburgh-Glasgow Queen Street Push/Pull service following the failure of 47?709 'THE L0RD PROVOST'. After reversing on the Cowlairs triangle No.8 worked back on the 18-30 return service to Edinburgh.
The West Highland line made the headlines on 28th.December when the 06-00 Glasgow-Mallaig was derailed north of Bridge of Orchy when it hit a 7 foot snowdrift. Thankfully the passengers and the Class 37,37085 were unhurt.
In a surprise development three Scottish Region Class 27s were sent to BREL Derby Works at the beginning of February. The locomotives, 27003,27021,27203 are to be overhauled before being returned.

Class 73, 73115 was badly damaged in a crash at East Croydon in which the driver was severely injured. On 2nd.January 33014/043 worked the 09-20 Brighton-Exeter and 13-40 return with a load of 12 vehicles. On 6th.February the 15-14 Bristol-Portsmouth Harbour was worked by 33014,wIth 33029 returning on the 13-10 Portsmouth Harbour-Bristol. The 14-10 ex-Portsmouth produced 33012,the first Crompton to sport the modified BR livery.
As always the Region was badly hit by the Winter weather and members will have seen the amazing scenes on the TV news when hundreds of the bowler and brolly brigade left their train and diced with death walking on the track between Vauxhall and Waterloo. This clever act necessitated the disconnecting of all power thereby causing even more delay.

The last month of Deltic existence saw quite a lot of Trans-Pennine services covered by the class. Regular performers were the 'railtour' engines which were regularly rostered for testing by York MPD on the 08-50 York-Liverpool and 13-05 return. However on Sundays 20th and 27th.December Eastern Region authorities decided to publicise two workings which were to be hauled by Deltics, giving hundreds of enthusiasts a first or final chance of a Deltic to Liverpool. The workings concerned were the 12-05 Newcastle-Liverpool (1m69) and 15-40 York-Liverpool (1M70) and the return 19-10 Liverpool-York (1E22) and 21-15 Liverpool-York (1E50).Despite the wintry weather all trains were well loaded with 55022 and 55002 doing the honours on the first Sunday, and 55009 and 55015 the second.
55009 'ALYCIDON' also visited Liverpool on Christmas Eve on the 08-50 York Liverpool returning with the 13-05 Liverpool-York. The last visit of a Deltic to Liverpool occurred on 30th.December when 55002 worked the 07-49 and 12-05 return. The purpose of this ~as to test the loco in preparation for the final railtour but as it turned out, all was not well with 'KOYLI' and after ret urn ing to York the loco never ran again, its place on the railtour being taken appropriately by 55015 'TULYAR'.
On a different note, on 8th.December,the 13-50 York-Liverpool was derailed at Ulleskelf. The train was hauled by 4?409.
Saturday 9th.January saw 1E40,the 13-01 St. Pancras-Sheffield hauled by 25285 after an engine failure at Sharnbrook. The 'rat' worked the train from Wellingborough. A little later 4?353 assisted 45122 into Sheffield on the Cornishman,10-21 Penzance-Leeds. Earlier that day, Western Region DMUs,W51523,59551,51452 ran into Sheffield on an additional from Leicester.
On 23rd.January.31111 was noted leaving Birmingham on a Bristol City-Aston Villa Footex. The following day 37008/042/119 in company with 25201/202 were noted on shed at Buxton.
Birmingham bound services on the Oxford-Leamington Spa route were disrupted on 30th.January when 47134 on a train of 20 empty coaches failed between Banbury and Leamington and rescue was provided by 47339.The following late running 11-50 Paddington-Birmingham was hauled into Leamington by 47409,much to the delight of a group of Pennine members
The following were noted on depots in the Midlands on recent strike days:
Leicester (3/2/82) : 08456/618/692/697/699 20037/043/044/045/143 25176/248 46050/47202/22V231/316 56052/56.
Saltley (9/2/82) : 20165 25090/294 31175/216 45016/042 47050/120/157/479/500/521 50045 56049.
Nottingham (11/2/82) : 20136/147/151 47379 4-5108/131/145
Toton (11/2/82) : 08021/293/610/757 20047/072/084/134/140/169/186/189/192/193 25185/202 31226 45068 47110 56048.
On 6th.March 40047 was noted on pilot duties at Manchester Piccadilly along with 08891,whilst 08475 was noted at Manchester Victoria, along with the stabled 45069.Class 25s noted on Newton Heath Included 25069/130/201.

The Eastern Region notes are of course dominated with sightings and news of the remaining Deltics which worked until the bitter end. The withdrawal date for all but the 4 railtour engines was appropriately at midnight on 31st.December 1981.The engines still in service up to that time were Nos.7/8/16/17/19/21.The railtour engines,2/9/15/22 were officially withdrawn at midnight on January 2nd 1982 after the final railtour. The engines withdrawn prior to 31st.December were Nos.10 and 13.55010 'THE KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERER' was dumped outside Doncaster Works on Christmas Eve after working 1122 (23-00 Kings Cross-Bradford) the previous night, official withdrawal date being 29th.December. 55013 'THE BLACK WATCH' was withdrawn at Finsbury Park on Christmas Eve, its last working unknown.55016 'GORDON HIGHLANDER' worked 1W8 (19-40 Kings Cross-Hull) on 23rd.December, and remained at York Depot until withdrawal.
The last few days of service were logged by hundreds of enthusiasts with every working attracting a large following of 'bashers' enjoying a final opportunity to travel behind their fine machines. Listed below are the known workings during those fateful last days:- 
Monday 28th.December
55008 IS70 (22-15 Kings Cross/Edinburgh)
55009 1L44 (16-03 Kings Cross-York) 1A34 (20-19 York-Kings Cross)
Tuesday 29th.December
55008 1C83 08-08 Edinburgh-Carstairs) 1*** 11-23 Carstairs-Edinburgh)
1A38 14-55 Edinburgh-Aberdeen) IG20 (18-23 Aberdeen-Edinburgh)
1E48 21-20 Aberdeen-Kings Cross from Edinburgh)
55009 THE DELTIC EXECUTIVE RAILTOUR (Kings Cross-Leeds/York/Selby/Hull/Doncaster/Kings Cross)
1S79 23-20 (Kings Cross-Aberdeen to Edinburgh)
55017 1A08 08-08 (York-Kings Cross) 1L44 (16-03 Kings Cross-York)
55021 1NO0 01-00 (Kings Cross-Newcastle) IS08 (07-05 Newcastle-Edinburgh) 1E52 (09-10 Dundee-Kings Cross)
Wednesday 30th.December
55002 1M53 (07-49 York-Liverpool) 1E98 (12-05 Liverpool-York)
55007 1A08 08-08 (York-Kings Cross - assisted from Doncaster by 47146)
55009 :1M04 07-1 (Carlisle to Newcastle) 1A40 (21-00 Newcastle-Kings Cross)
55017 IS12 05-50 (Kings Cross-Aberdeen to Edinburgh) 1E48 (21-20 Aberdeen-Kings Cross from Edinburgh)
55019 IL43 (14-03 (Kings Cross-York) then light engine York - Kings Cross
55021 IN12 (00-05 (Kings Cross-Newcastle) IS08 (07-05 Newcastle-Edinburgh) 1E35 (20-25 Edinburgh-Kings Cross)Thursday 31st.December (last day)
55002 York MPD 55007 Finsbury Park MPD 55008 Finsbury Park MPD
55009 Finsbury Park MPD 55015 1A26 (15-50 York-kings Cross)
55016 York MPD 55D17 (1L44 16-03 Kings Cross-York. terminated at Grantham)
55019 IN12 (00-05 Kings Cross-Newcastle) IS08 (07-05 Newcastle-Kings Cross)
5-5021 IL41 (09-40 Kings Cross-York) 1E26 (16-30 Aberdeen-York, from Edinburgh)
55022 1S12 (05-50 Kings Cross-Aberdeen)
The last day was something of a disaster as the following notes from your Editor's personal experiences show. The early hours started well enough with 'ALYCIDON' performing beautifully on 1A40 from Doncaster to Peterborough. After an hour fester at freezing Peterborough No.19 working on one engine on 1N12 roared up Stoke bank for the - last time. Often called the most boring town in England, Grantham Is not at its beet at 2am but it was here that No.21 was boarded on 1E35 for a last overnight bash to Kings Cross. *ROYAL SCOTS GREY' in immaculate condition was in superb form on 1S12 and as dawn broke at Doncaster the dreadful sight of 47411 on 1A08 greeted us, giving a foretaste of the day to come,
After enduring the above mentioned machine to Kings Cross we waited to see which beast would work 1L41the 14-03 to York. The appalling slot of the same 47411 backing onto the train meant the only move left open was to wait for IL44,the 16-03 to York which had long been booked as the last Deltic-hauled service train out of the Cross.
Thankfully 55017 'THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY' adorned with headboards was provided for the occasion and after posing for enthusiasts press and TV,No.17 blasted out of the Cross for the last time with suitable splendour carrying a vast load of passengers. The run was of the usual Deltic high standard until we ground to a halt just south of Grantham. After standing for about an hour the train was routed Into Platform 3 and then came the dreaded announcement that due to a b-broken rail at Barkston the train was being terminated. This splendid piece of public relations greatly impressed the hordes of enthusiasts who were hastily transferred to a following HST to complete their journey. The broken rail caused serious disruption to all services, including 'TULYAR' which was working 1A26 and was being held at the other end of the blockage.
Back at Grantham 55017 ran round its train and worked back in the path of 1A26 before giving up the ghost at Knebworth. 'TULYAR' eventually arrived at Kings Cross more than 2 hours late but at least took the honour of being the last Deltic hauled service train to arrive at Kings Cross. The last Deltic to work a service train was 55019 on the 1630 Aberdeen-York, arriving at York at around 11pm.The result of these workings left 'TULYAR' and 'ALYCIDON' at Finsbury Park and 'ROYAL SCOTS GREY' at Haymarket in preparation for the final railtour. All in all, a sad and unsatisfactory ending.
Deltics 55008-13/16 were withdrawn at Finsbury Park and stayed there until almost the end of January before entering Doncaster Works. The withdrawn engines at York were quickly despatched to the Works, the first arrivals being 55007/19/21 on 4th.January.The following day 47552 hauled 55009/15/16/22 whilst a couple of hours later a sorry looking 55004 arrived behind 47186.0f the previously withdrawn engines in the Works No's 5/11/14 were still intact in early February, although 55014 was cut up by the end of the month. 55018 'BALLYMOSS' was cut up in January, causing much concern amongst certain Pennine members.
After arrival at the Works all the engines, apart from 11 and 14 were stored open to the elements in the Canal Sidings, a place which must have been familiar to 55004 which festered there for a year in 1978/79.Since then 55015 'TULYAR' has almost become the star Works pilot with frequent visits to the station sidings to the amazement of many startled spotters. In recognition of the interest still held in the Class, Doncaster Works held a Deltic Open Day on Saturday 27th.February,after which cutting-up would re-commence. The now preserved Deltic 55002 arrived at Doncaster the day before, under its own power, to take part in the event, and left again on the Saturday evening, again under its own power to return to York.
Still on the ECML 47431 disgraced itself by failing completely on the approach to Huntingdon on 1A08 (08-08 York-Kings Cross) on 12th. December.Rescue came in the fine shape of 40068 which was sent from Peterborough and hauled the failed 'duff' and train Into London.
On 30th.December 1A31 (18-11 York-Kings Cross) worked by 47517 Included new sleeping car E10655 in its formation, the corridor connections being firmly locked throughout the journey.
Finally on January 2nd. 47523 on the 10-30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh additional was removed at Doncaster with boiler failure.31317 with a more than adequate boiler proved a fine replacement.
The same day saw the last working of 1S12,the 05-50 Kings Cross-Aberdeen,47418 doing the honours.
The following Monday saw all daytime ECML, expresses apart from the Cleethorpes service rostered for HST's.  only exception to these workings are the new 15-10 York-Kings cross and the balancing working, the 19-37 Kings Cross-York which are still loco-hauled. However since the Introduction of the revised timetable theme trains have been regularly cancelled due to a shortage of suitable loco&.
Due to the arctic conditions which prevailed at the turn of the year the railway system was plunged into chaos even before the ASLEF dispute. Several ER services normally worked by DMUs wore worked by scratch sets of loco-hauled stock. Performers on Sheffield area services Included 45001 on Sheffield-York locals on 2nd.January,45022 on the 06-28 Sheffield-Doncaster on 6th.January,and 31246 on Sheffield-York locals on 23rd.January. Class 31s were also regular performers on the Sheffield -Lincoln, Newark-Cleethorpes and Hull-Leeds locals during this period. However these trains wore prone to trouble. On 2nd. January 31176 failed on the 06-54 Sheffield-Lincoln at Kiveton Park, and was rescued by 31246.Noted that day at Worksop were 56091 and 56103.
Blizzard conditions in the West of England brought the appearance of refurbished 5oo36 'VICTORIOUS' Into Sheffield on 9th.January, working on the previous days Plymouth- Birmingham and running heavily late, the train was commandeered to work IM4 (07-30 Birmingham Newcastle).  After working this train as far as York, the Hoover returned south on 1V96,the 13-" Newcastle-Swansea. Another 50,50010,'MONARCH' visited York on December 19theon the 'Napier North Eastern Railtour',55002 taking the train forward to Soar borough.
Success in the F.A.Cup for Doncaster resulted in 2 specials being ran to Norwich for the 4th.Round tie, one being hauled by 31250,the other by 31225.37097 took over from 31225 on the return on 23rd.January.Two days later 31126 had charge of 1E70o14-25 Paignton-Leeds
On 27th.January 27003/021 were noted at Tinsley en-route to Derby, as was 2?203 the day before. The latter was noted in Tinsley heading back north on 3rd.March.
After being released from Doncaster Works,50009 'CONQUEROR' worked back to the Western Region on 1V75,(07-00 Newcastle-Bristol) on 5th.February,which due to the ASLEF dispute started from Sheffield. On the same day 31110 worked the 0?-30 Birmingham-Newcastle, and 31409/411 worked 1E18,16-o6 Bristol-Newcastle, and on 20th.February 31142/175 Put up a tremendous performance on IE70, the 14-25 Paignton-Leeds. Even the Harwich-Chester Boat Train has succumbed to the power of the 318 with 31112 working from Sheffield to Manchester on 8th.February,and 31106/243 taking over from 47576 on 23rd,February.
An unfortunate incident occurred at Tinsley on 5th.February when 0"2 and 40127 ran out of control in the depot yard and derailed (instead of running onto the Sheffield Parkway road).40127 was withdrawn as a result, and was moved to Stratford at the end of  February.
On 6th.February a Sheffield-Leamington Spa 'Mystex' was headed by 45019,but on the return journey the locomotive expired at Derby and was replaced by 25139.On the game day a Sheffield-Colchester Footex, for the Colchester v Sheffield Utd. game was double headed by 31246 and 31318.It is hoped that the haulage made up for the result since Colchester won 5 - 2 !En-route,08493 was noted at Bury St. Edmunds and 03179 at Norwich.
Another Class 31,314,08 worked the 16-06 from Bristol which, because of the ASLEF dispute terminated at Sheffield and did not run through to Newcastle, whilst on 27th.February,31184 took over the Harwich-Manchester at Sheffield from 47574.
On lst. March, Hoover 50005 'COLLINGWOOD' was noted outside Doncaster Works, in an unrefurbished condition, whilst on 6th.March,named 47, 47579,'JAMES NIGHTALL G.C', worked Into Sheffield on the boat train from Harwich, and 47431 took over for the run to Manchester.
On 1st.February 40153 and 37041 were noted in Doncaster Works sidings. It Is understood the 40 is for scrap, whilst on the next day 50009 and 37079 were noted there. Later that afternoon 50009 moved to Doncaster Depot with 31240.50009 worked back to the Western on 5th.February

For the above information we are indebted to Mrs. K. Corroy, Miss S.Taylor and Messrs, Gossan. Marshall, Gee ,Glossop, Davis, Watts, Whitlam, Lowis, Collins, T.Needham, Wesley, Stojanovic,  Sadd, Peach, Barsby, Collins, Sanderson, Skinner, Bladen, '40068', '40129'.

The next edition of Trans-Pennine will appear in June. All contributions should reach the Editor, Tony Caddick by Friday 28th.May and will be gratefully received.


No.29 Doncaster York& 13th - December 1981
MPD - 08008/031/114/115/331/607/734, 31111/141/151/188/216/246/278/295 37074/084/136, 47001/166/222/224/314/370/380 56027/096
WORKS- Pilots 08444/77
Paint Shop; 37021 50016 56011/103
Yards: 03067/10/158/168, 31109/137/154/411,  37004/033/681(Loch Long)/167/221, 40067/070, 50009, 55005/11/14/18, 56102
4-Bay: 03063 37133/228/267  50021/37/44,  56014/036
2-Bay; 31418,  37052/069/093/215 56022
Erecting Shops: 56101
DMU's: 56379/9237/0252/6394/9628/0278/0282/1196/06056/2087/6029/9750/1843/0283/0272/51966/1295/0033/0364/2080/6421/1206/0155/9768/
9612. TDB 975540

No.1 Toton/Derby Yorks 16th.January 1982
Toton- 08021/275/293, 20016/026/058/068/031/071/072073/082/088/113/134/141/142, 20155/159/161/163/164/165/172/183/185/187/ 188/189/195/228, 25033/066/125/149/153/235/249/262/280/280/312/282,  31152,  37107/245,  40033/124, 45003/013/014/0490/064,   45105/11/22/28/49,  47241321/448/481, 56048/50151/59/61/63/64/65/67/6~/72/79 ADB 96800012
Derby Works- 08462 25092/094/216/267, 45041/043/053/058/137/144/146 46032, 43029/33/74/78/84/85/88/91 ADB 975812/3

No.2 Doncaster 17th.January 1982
MPD- 08031/114/331/607/734/745/876,  31130/142/162/168/188/242/302, 37123/131172, 45006, 47160220/224/292,  56073/96/99
Paint Shop: 31418 50009 55015 56027
Yard; 03067/107/168, 31113/137/234/235/243/245, 3713?7/167,  40067/070 55011/14 
4 -Bay: 03l38, 31154,  37221/228267, 50021/37/41/44, 56014
2-Bay: 31109/170/323, 37004/021/081/084/201 56022
Dismantling Shops: 50029/42
Canal Sidings: (South to North order) 55007/21/10/19/04/22/09/16/05
Scrap Line:  55018
DMU: 51847/0283/1503/0947/0257/1284/6405/6029/1205/1299/9237/0521/0022/0278/6011/2080, 50155/1829/
0211/0920/ 00211/0184/6023/6379/1842/9817/0230/1846/1812/2084/1816/0151, 5129/01719699/0894/9367/0853/6040/6384

No.3 Manchester Area 5th February 1982
Longsight- 08283/604 686/687/820/915,  25084, 37120, 40002/016,  4?201, 83002/08/09/12/13, 85026/027,  86206/255
Reddish- 25213/288/325 40013/065/117 76002/03/08/15/30/3?/04/40/41/46/48/49/52/53/55, 76043/50/56/57 (shells only).
Newton Heath- 08524/675/676/677. 25120. 40029/073/135. 45005. 4735?7/407/491/497

No.4 Sheffield Area 13th.February 1982
Tinsley- 08024/209/287/492/510/655/729/782/866/877, 13001/3,  20003/004/011/026/046/054/056/057/059/060/066/073/095/103/128/134/ 211/213,  25178, 31112/116/130/134/147/215/220/246/279/302/308/316,  37002/121/172/209/215,  40028/047/081/163, 45009/10/12/14 /22/29,  47371/375/405/528/536, 56019/36/83/88
Shirebrook- 08022/075/214/244/260/266/867, 20023/129/131/214,  31143/219/271,  37245/246, 56004/005/012/015/016/017/084/086/087/089/090/091/094/100/103
Barrow Hill- 03129 08141/186/509/868/871 20025/034/055/106/132/133 47309/319 56o03/039/061/095/096/102
Worksop- 08255/263/285/429/824, 20009/021/035/208, 31144/227, 47374, 56009/079/082/096/099