No.38 -  Winter 1981


Once again Christmas is approaching and the Committee would like to take this opportunity to wish all members and friends of the Pennine Railway Society a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.
From a sales point of view, the club has been represented at three events in recent months, at Old Oak Common on 20th.September,Barrow Hill on 4th.October,and at the Open Weekend of the Elizabethan Railway Society in Sutton-in-Ashfield. All three were a roaring success with a lot of hard work being put In by members, especially Dave Bladen who for the time being has taken on the organisation of sales. But don't forget, anything you have that may be suitable for these stalls - let's have it.
Trips have had some high notes and low notes. On the good side, the Celtic Deltic Railtour and the Swindon Works visit were thoroughly enjoyed by all, but we had to cancel the Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool visits due to lack of support. Should you have any ideas regarding trips, please write to or see Robin Skinner as he is now planning visits from April onwards 1982.
Social evenings at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster are going from strength to strength both in numbers and quality. The quality of members' slides, and those of our guest speakers, and their cine-films has never been so high. Meetings are so successful that in 1982 we hope to hold two meetings per month. Our regular First Tuesday in the month meetings will remain unaltered, but we shall hold a meeting on the Third Tuesday of each month which we hope will give regular attendees more opportunity for them to show their own slides or films. Further details will appear In the Trips List.
Finally our Magazine Editor Tony Caddick does an excellent job, but could do a better job with your support in the way of letters, articles or Rail News etc.


The 1982 AGM will take place on Sunday 10th.January 1982 at 12 noon at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster. Items for the Agenda should be submitted to Robin Skinner, the Chairman, to reach him by firstpost Monday 4th.January.

Welcome to the Christmas edition of TRANS PENNINE and may I take this opportunity of wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year.1981 will be remembered for the Society's successful move to new premises at the 'Taps' and for the many Open Days attended. On the darker side it will also be remembered as the year of extinction of two of BR's most famous classes of locomotives, the Deltics (well, almost) and the Tommies. However, your Editor's everlasting memory of the year was the sight of your Treasurer on a pleasant day in May merrily cavorting down the platform at Grantham proclaiming to the world in general (but to me in particular) that my beloved Sheffield United F.C. had just been relegated to the Fourth Division. To add insult to Injury our next train on the East-Midlands 'bash' produced a *Duff' instead of the rostered Deltic.
I would like to thank all contributors to TRANS PENNINE for helping me in my first year as Editor and hope for your continued interest and support. I hope the fifty questions in the Christmas Quiz keep you occupied in these long winter nights; entries to the quiz have been rather disappointing recently, but there is still some good money to be won if you try.


Our cover photo shows Deltic 55019 'ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER' at York on 18th.February 1980 awaiting to take over the Plymouth-Edinburgh express. Our thanks to Tony Caddick for the photograph.

On our successful trip on the Celtic Deltic our cash prize raffle was won by Ron Chaplin, and on the return home a magnificent bottle of 12 year old Bells Whisky was deservedly won by our Treasurer John Sanderson, who immediately put the bottle into store for use at Christmas.

Resignalling In the Sheffield area continues, when the section between Tapton (Chesterfield) and Beighton Junction was resignalled on the 15th November . The following boxes were closed - Whittington (12th Nov) Renishaw Park, Foxlow Junction (13th Nov) and on 14th November Dunston & Barlow, Barrow Hill South and Barrow Hill Junction closed.


On 31st October a Leicester - Carnforth steam special hauled by ?F 13808 suffered a series of mishaps. A points failure at Sheffield lost 20 minutes, and later the engines chimney hit a bridge at Belle Vue, leaves on an incline between Blackburn and Bolton lost further time and arrival at Carnforth at 18.00 was 4 hours late. On the return engineering work at Derby meant the train had to travel on the Erewash Valley and was then diverted away from Burton, also due to engineering work. Arrival back at Leicester was at 02.30


The Pennine in its wisdom has one again decided to enter a team in the LNER Athletic Club Quiz held at Mexborough. In our first fixture on the 19th Nov. after a terrific battle (it says here) we eventually went down 25-19 to the Gate Inn Mexborough, one of the strongest teams in the area. Our gallant team consisted of Tony Booth (Captain)) Tony Caddick, Mike Tyas, Glyn Gossan, John Sanderson, Linda Bladen Roger Butcher & Robin Skinner. Future fixtures are - 7th Jan.82 v George & Dragon (Mexborough), 4th Feb. v Yorkshire Traction (Rawmarsh) 


Successful raffles have recently been held at our social evenings at the Corporation Brewery Taps. Winners have been Bob Peach at our July meeting, Gerry Collins, in August and Fred Hayes in September. A cash prize or a voucher for spending with TAG Models is offered. In October Jack Davis (the judge of the slide competition) won, whilst in November two prizes were on offer, second prize going to Jack Davis (the same) and first prize to John Reader.


An extra 97,000 tons of coal traffic may be driven onto Derbyshire roads by BR's introduction of non-tipping wagons by 1983. The transporting of coal from Bolsover, Clipstone and Rufford East pits to Sunbrite Smokeless Fuel Coking Plant at Wingerworth near Chesterfield would have to be switched from the railways, resulting In more than 250 lorry journeys daily on the busy A.61.
Sunbrite would prefer to continue using rail transport but the cost to modify the wagons would be several million pounds.
The Department of Transport is to be asked for a grant to cover up to half the extra cost.


BR plans to connect Manchester Piccadilly to the route from Manchester Victoria north to Preston and Glasgow with a half-mile line from Ordsall Lane to Windsor Bridge and could be open by 1988 given Parliamentary approval. This is preferable to electrifying into a 'dead-end' at Manchester Victoria.


Enclosed with this magazine is a renewal of membership form. Regrettably we have had to increase membership to £1-25 (single or family) in view of ever increasing costs In postage etc. We feel this is still good value for money, particularly in view of the greater contents of our magazines. We will continue to provide trips etc, at real value for money. We hope to see you in 1982.


Located stored in North Yard Swindon on 7th.November were the following:
03062 08028/067/093/015/128/059/207/216/218/194/353/368/435/453/454/505/545/572/619/628/636, 20030/042/048/061/069/097/127 25118/197/246/305, 31101/122/139/167 193/194/211/228/264/265/269/274/298/305/309/326 40010/098/109/112/125/144/179 45008/021/027/032/039/061 46010/13/15/17/20/21/22/50/54


Locomotives Re-allocated

Eastern Region :
08185-TE;08501-YK;08516-HS;08655-TI;08833-SF;31120-IM, 31173/266/300-SF; 37002/006-HM ;37021/050/099/091/103-SF; 37130/140/259-MR; 37141/166-IM;40121/183-TE; 47213/215/217/295/421/446/473/477/536/552/557-GD; 47216/302/304-IM; 47294/549/5714-SF; 47301-TI.

London Midland Region : 03170/189/196-BC; 08484-WN; 08489-BS; 08823-CD ;31149-TO; 40002/101-KD; 40061/064/148/159/167/168-L0; 40063/157/160/164/194-SP; 47317/318-CD; 47549/557-TO.

Western Region
: 08259/322/486/584/638-BR;08338-GL, 08359-EJ: 08479/668/79~5/937/953/955-LA; 0878-SW;08804-CF; 37127/134/135-BR; 37264/265/266-LE-;08796, 37289/290/294, 47068/075/082-CF: .

Scottish Region: 08732/764-HA;08738-ED; 20020-ED; 20121/126-ML;20137/138/201-HA; 26023/25/26-HA; 27002/106/109-IS:-37014-IS; 37017/148/262-ED;
37292-ML: 47002/09/41/42/51-HA

06002, 08036/050/120/134/212/241/271/299/323/340/353//378/415/451/454/498/583 585/61 /619/628670/674/690/698/717/813/861/869 20042, 20042, 25073/088148/169, 25246/290/299, 40018/083/95/117/122/173/176/193,  45008/18/21/24/2 39/61/71, 46002/08/32/48, 55004/11/14/18 
All Class 76 locomotives.

Locomotives stored unserviceable : 08565/617, 20003/100/110/139

Locomotives stored serviceable : 08403/629 20006/013/016/029/037/04,0/043/044/045/063 20067/068/071/081/087/088/176 73118/122/123/134/136 82002 83002/013/014.

Locomotives reinstated : 08547-SF;08559-YK;20007/085/126-HA; 20020-ED; 4600l/02.-CD.

New locomotives : 56o96-56100 - TI

Locomotives-boiler Isolated
25231/233 31162 31131 46028 47055/066/088/082/083/220

Boiler removed

Boiler operative :

Spotlight fitted :

Air brake fitted
: 08663/785.

Air brake only : 08795

Slow speed equipment isolated : 47295/311.


Re-allocated: -50586,,59194,59220-NL; 51787/89/94,59680/85-DY; 51796,51803,59560-ED; 50158/60,50746,51253.59074.59304-HA; 50148/76,50269,51244/45/51,59043/61,59525/65-AY.

WITHDRAWN : 50343/88,50549/74,50755/59/62/67/-70/71/73/-92/95.50800/03/06/09, 51014/19/24/3541/45,51112,51490, 51979,56145/48,59173/89/99,59142/50/61/73/85/93,59217,59396/ 99,59405.

Stored unserviceable : 

Renumbered ; 51983 to 59840; 51973 to 59841; 51980 to 59842.

65207/22/31/41/47/49/52/69/73/76/77/80/83/88/90; 65407/31/38/41/47/52/54/466/69/73/75/?6/77/82/85/88/92;65607/31/38/41/47/52/54/66/69/73/76/77/78/82/85
/38/92 75454

HST car withdrawn : 



The following items are available mail order from the Promotions Officer David Bladen,19 Elder Grove, Finningley, Doncaster. Tel 771457.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Members Price

Modern Traction Calendar 1982    (16 superb colour photos of BR locos)                                                                                      £1.30
Main Line Across The Pennines (a pictorial survey of the Woodhead line with dramatic shots                                                      £1.20
of the Dinting derailment)
Loco-Hauled Travel 1981/82 -(Platform 5s guide to loco workings on passenger trains and selected itineries for travel)         £0.85
Depot Directory Pocket Book (2nd Edition) (Platform 5s guide to depots, works and stabling points nationwide)                     £0.70
Still in Existence (lst. Edition) (A Lineside Publication giving details of ex-BR diesel and electric locos now in                        £0.40
Please make cheques or Postal Orders payable to the Pennine Railway Society and enclose large SAE.

Also available from the Promotions Officer are back issues of These are free (!) and a large SAE with a list of magazines wanted to the above address will secure. The following issues are available : March 1977 (13 May 1977 (14),
,August 1979 (2
June 1978 (21),December 1978 (24),April 1979 (26),july 1979 (27}1 8
December 1979 (29),and issue 30 February 1980.

One of our members, Mr. M.J.Tindall from Sutton-in-Ashfield recently contacted the Committee with a very generous offer to print photographs for sale on the Society's stall. Therefore we would like to hear from anybody who would be willing to lend black and white negatives to the Society in return for a Royalty on each photo sold. If you think you could help please contact David Bladen.
 Thank You


I would like to take this opportunity of wish all Pennine and South Yorkshire members Seasons Greetings and all the best for the New Year. We continue to enjoy an enthusiastic audience at the Grapes each month, although one or two new additions to our happy band would be appreciated.
The other day I was looking back over some old notes and papers and discovered that early in the New Year we shall be celebrating the 10th.Anniversary of our move to the Grapes so that will call for something special, watch out for further details..1 also noticed that, in the same article we had just held our first members' slide night and it had been a huge success - they continue to run true to form and can be relied upon to give a good evening's entertainment, and very often a few surprises.
Our programme for the first part of 1982 is as follows-
January 12th - Paul Bates 'Steaming through 1981'
February 9th - Jack Davis 'Some Memories of the G.C. and the Midland'
March 9th - Jon Davis 'Surprise, Surprise!'
April 13th - Tony Caddick 'Deltics'
Come along and join us at the Grapes, Trippet Lane, Sheffield, at 7-45pm. 
Cheerio for now - Jack Davis



Competition No.27

No all correct entries were received, so congratulations to Mr. .Dawes for foxing all our experts. First prize was won by Mr. D .Whitlam of Doncaster, second prize by Mr. T. Dean of Swallownest ,Sheffield and third prize by Mr.I. Shenton of Rothwell, Leeds.



The following have been named recently :
37026-Loch Awe 07027-Loch Eil;
37043-Loch Lomond
37081-Loch Long;
47577-Benjamin Gimbert G.C.;
47579-James Nightall G.C.;
86242-James Kennedy G.C.;
86244-The Royal. British Legion;
86256-Febble mill.
It is reported that the following names have been approved:
37012 Loch Rannoch;
47461-Confederation of British Industry;
47558-Sir Joshua Reynolds;
47559 Mayflower;
86247-Abraham Darby.



MAN OF THE YEAR 1-Gordon Highlander 2-Maurice (Railway Mania Bar, York) 3-Ian Botham 
WOMAN OF THE YEAR 1-47712  2-Dolly Parton 3- Dolly Parton (two outstanding awards)
BEST DRESSED MAN (previous winners Alan Pett, Norman Bolland) 1-Robin 'Skinner -(when wearing official BR cap) 2-Michael Foot 
MOST BORING EVENT OF YEAR Meg Mortimer's agonising (1) departure from Crossroads 
PENN1NE BRAINS OF THE YEAR Tony Booth,  Mike Tyas where would the Pennine (Quiz team be without them) 
PENNINE DUNCES 0F THE YEAR Tony Caddick, John Sanderson, Roger Butcher (the Pennine quiz team's speedway experts-where would the team be without them.) 
PENNINE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 1-Bob Peach 2-David. Bladen 3- Lord Lichfield & Robin Skinner (shared)



First prize of £10,second prize of £5,third prize of £3. Entries should reach Tony Caddick, Magazine Editor by 15th.February 1982.Don't forget, you may still win a prize even if you haven't got all the answers correct. Best of luck.

1 - On which date did the new Woodhead Tunnel open ?
2 - Who opened Tinsley Yard in 1965 ?
 3 - Name 'Patriot' class 45546.
4 - What is the highest point on the Kyle of Lochalsh line ?
5 - Between which two stations Is Bat and Ball situated ?
6 - Which was the first Class 55 Deltic to be named ?
7 - In which year was the Waterloo & City line opened ?
8 - What do the initials TGV stand for as in the French Supertrain ?
9 - What is the longest railway bridge in Great Britain ?
10 - On what date was the 'Master Cutler' from Sheffield Midland to Kings Cross withdrawn and replaced by a service to St. Pancras ?
11 - When Birmingham Snow Hill station was closed in 1972 which service was withdrawn ?
12 - At which depot was the Worsborough Banker No 69999 allocated ?
13 - Who is the new Secretary of State for Transport ?"
14 - Which Class 47 before 47091 carried the name 'Thor' ? 
15 - In which year was 3rd. Class travel abolished by BR ?
16 - The only Independent overhead railway in Britain was closed on 31st.December 1956. In which city did it operate ?
17 - After Waterloo, which BR station has the most platforms ?
18 - Between which two stations did the 'South Yorkshireman' run ?
19 - If you were on a football special to Kirkcaldy, which Scottish League soccer team would you be visiting ?
20 - What was unusual about Britannia 70047 ?
21 - Which was the first Western Region depot to be allocated a Class 50 ?
22 - On which line Is Meols Cop situated ?
23 - What was the former name allocated to London Transport's new Jubilee Line ?
24 - In which year was 71000 *Duke of Gloucester' withdrawn ?
25 - In which year did Sheffield's last tram run ?
26 - Which Deltic appeared briefly on Michael Palin's 'Great Railway Journeys of the World' TV programme ?
27 - Which E2 Type 4 was involved in the Great Train Robbery ?
28 - Who built the Class 103 DMUs ?
29 - Name the Eastern Region General Manager.
30 - Name Class B1 No.61018.
31 - Where is Dolphinton Junction situated ?
32 - The ex-Cheshire Lines Committee Lord Street station in Southport is now used for what ?
33 - In which year was 'Kestrel' sold to the Soviet Union ?
34 - The Sulzer engine in the Class 47 Is now rated at 2580hp.What was Its original hp before derating ?
35 - On which London Underground line is Grange Hill station situated ?
36 - Between which two stations on the West Highland line is 'Horseshoe Curve' situated ? 
37 - At which BREL Works are Eastern Region Class 313 EMUs overhauled ? 
38 - On 20th.November 1976 the WLA ran the 'Western Talisman' Railtour. To which destination? 
39 - Which was the only Merchant Navy class loco with Its name carried In script lettering?
40 - Which engine was used in the Class 31s before the present EE types ?
41 - The last publication of the 'Bradshaw' timetable took place in which year ?
42 - In which year was DP2 adorned in Deltic two-tone green livery ? 
43 - What was the wheel arrangement of Garrett No.69999 ?
44 - What was unusual about Class 76,No.76022 when it was withdrawn ?
45 - Where was the prototype Deltic locomotive built ?
46 - On 19th.April 1960,all train services In Barnsley were concentrated on one station. Which station was closed as a result of this ?
47 - In which year was full overhead electric working into Euston started ?
48 - Who built the Class 07 shunters ?
49 - Which was the last Class 23 'Baby Deltic' withdrawn from normal service ?
50 - What is the maximum speed of Waterloo & City stock ? 


1662 RB),1644 (RB),3707/37/52,3805/53/56,3974,4282,4616,13240/41,13397,15746,15980,16011/25,25315/27,25402/31 /52/92, 26143,34045,80676,80734,80880,80913/34/69,81327, 80787 94104/46/77/79,94225/28/62/88, 94331/68/74/77, 94405/10/12/17/61/74/78, 94547/69,94618/25/33/48/67,94717/25/58/68/97,94820/33/90,94902/18,94714/79/95,31168,31248,31303,

To Eastern : 1566,5134,5160,5176,5185,5190,9421,13423,81370.
To Western : 25561,3466o,34681. To Scottish : 4221 To Midland : 6105

Much to the dismay of many enthusiasts HST sets are now being introduced on the main NE/SW route bringing these units to the bastions of loco-hauled service, Sheffield and Birmingham. The first infiltration took place on Monday 5th.October and the following phasing-in programme is planned.
PROVISIONAL DATE                  WEEKDAY                                    SUNDAY
OCTOBER 1981                           1 - 07-00.Bristol-Leeds                07-40 Bristol-Leeds
                                                             14-37 Leeds-Plymouth            21-49 Leeds-Plymouth
                                                        2 - 08-20 Plymouth-Leeds           11-50 Plymouth-Bristol
                                                             16-38 Leeds-Bristol
NOVEMBER 1981                       3 - 09-50 Edinburgh-Plymouth     11-25 _Edinburgh-Plymouth
                                                        4 - 07-36 Plymouth-Edinburgh     09-00 Plymouth-Edinburgh
DECEMBER 1981                       5 - 09-52 Bristol-Newcastle         17-13 Newcastle-Bristol
                                                       6 - 11-43 Newcastle-Bristol         14-50 Bristol-Newcastle
FEBRUARY 1982                        7 - 10-54 Paignton-Leeds             14-50 Plymouth-York
                                                       8 - 10-33 Leeds-Paignton              16-12 Derby-Plymouth
MARCH 1982                              9 - 07-44 Cardiff-Newcastle
                                                             16-17 Newcastle-Cardiff
APRIL 1982                                10 - 10-21 Penzance-Leeds
                                                      11 - 07-34 Leeds-Penzance
More services are expected to be covered from the start of the 1982/83 timetable. The standard formation for the NE/SW sets are 9 cars consisting of two power cars plus 7 trailers (one lst., one buffet, five second.) The 18 sets will be allocated to the Western Region being based at Laira. It is also anticipated that from October 1982 HST's will be introduced on some Midland Line services between Sheffield and St. Pancras.

The Paddle Steamer 'Farringford' which worked the Humber Ferry service until the opening of the Humber Bridge has been sold to Ferry Transport on the Clyde.

The new lightweight DMU (set 140001,Cars 55500,55501) commenced service on the Sheffield-Barnsley-Leeds line on 19th.October.It works the 07-45,11-25,16-25 services from Leeds, and the 09-43,14-43,18-43 services from Sheffield. The train is second class only, has passenger-operated doors, and due to the fact that It has no separate luggage stowaway area is unable to convey bicycles or non-collapsible prams.

Withdrawn LT. tube stock has recently arrived at Booth's scrapyard, Rotherham. Vehicles noted recently have included 21123,23216,23226,23586,22620,234,04,211o6,23516, 23611,23562,23588,23578,23526,21125,23228,23432,21148,23248.23233,14270,14290,54214.
A number of withdrawn Merseyrail units have also arrived including 29556/58/61/65.


With big money prizes at stake, there were 79 entries in this year's contest held at the Brewery Taps In October. The Committee would like to extend its grateful thanks to Jack Davis, our judge, for carrying out a very difficult task In first whittling down the slides to the 10 finalists and then choosing the winners. Well, the bit you've been waiting for-the results.
First prize (£10) went to Bob Peach for a shot of a Deltic at Skelton. Second prize £5) went to David Bladen for a night shot of a Class 46 at Doncaster. Third prize {£3) went to Keith Brown for a shot of two tank locomotives on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. (I'm sorry I can't be any more specific about the winning shots, but I managed to lose my notes -DB)
Finally a big thank you to everybody who took the trouble to enter-hope you'll enter again next year.


At 18-16 on Saturday October 3rd. the Eastern Region Class 306 EMUs became extinct when the last 3 Units (017,037,084)entered Ilford Depot under their own power for the last time. These 33 year old veterans were introduced in 1948 as a result of the LNER plans to electrify Its suburban services from Liverpool Street. The Units have undergone many changes in their lifetime, not least the change from DC to AC in the early '60s.They have finally been replaced by the new York built Class 315 EMUs

Blackpool Transport Is giving serious consideration to the acquisition of new trams based on the Leyland National bus body. They would be similar in appearance to the new BR Class 140 Lightweight DMU. Council officials have recently visited Leyland Motors and they hope to have further details on dimensions and costs early in the New Year. The new 'Railcars' capable of carrying 65 passengers could possibly replace the O.M.0. cars No's 1-13 which were heavily rebuilt in the mid '705 from 1935 built trams. If all goes well, the new 'trams' could be in service by 1983.

Friday 13th.November 1981 turned out to be a lucky day for SR when two morning commuter trains collided in the rush hour at Bromley Junction in South-East London. The trains involved were the 08-22 West Croydon-London Bridge, and the 08-23 Beckenham Junction-Victoria. EMU's 4725 and 5007 were involved.5007 collided side-on and came to rest perilously close to a 20 foot embankment.

Pennine members are advised not to follow the example of a Birmingham punter In the news recently who was caught out after making 1,100 trips around the country free. His understandable passion for Class 40 locos got him Into trouble again despite being put on probation for similar offences earlier in the year.

The prototype Class 40,40122 (D200) has recently been withdrawn and is now almost certain to be cut up. Despite what many enthusiasts seem to think, apart from the Class 40 Preservation Society, there are no plans to preserve any of these fine locos.
The NRM have stated they have no plans to preserve any Class 40,even 40106 which most people seem to think is earmarked for this purpose. Unless the NRM see sense it would appear that the only hope for preservation of one of these fine engines is in the hands of the Class 40 Preservation Society. Anyone wishing to help should contact Tim Knight, 32 Estcourt Terrace, Headingley ,Leeds LS6 3EX


The purpose of this article is to give an accurate picture of the Loco hauled passenger trains through Sheffield during- the period covered by the Timetable commencing 5th October 1961.
The services can be divided into three main groups plus a few odd miscellaneous trains.


This category covers all the trains operating between Sheffield and London St. Pancras, along with a couple of local trains, the 22.12(SX) Sheffield-Derby and 21.25(ST11) Sheffield-Nottingham. With the exception of the trains listed at the end of this section, all are now in the hands of Class 45/1 Loco's (although Class 47/41s are also used occasionally) hauling rakes of air-conditioned LMR stock. There is still one train each day which runs on to Leeds being the 16.50 (SX), 17.00(SUN), 18.01(SO) ex St. Pancras and one starting back at Leeds being the 07.538 weekdays, 10.40(SUN) ex Leeds.
The trains which can be considered exceptions are those formed of LMR vacuum braked stock, these being the 23.59 Sheffield-St. Pancras and 00.05 St. Pancras-Sheffield on weekdays which still maintain Class 45/1 power. The other exceptions are on Sundays when two trains in each direction run to/start back at Manchester. These are formed of two balancing workings , 07.46 St. Pancras-Manchester and 18.55 return which are powered by a Class 45/1 and 09.45 Manchester-St. Pancras and 18.22 return, which are powered by a Class 47 normally Crewe allocated.


This consists of three trains each way on weekdays and one each way on
Sundays running between Glasgow and Nottingham. The trains are formed of
LMR Mk.1 stock with the exception of the 06,55 Glasgow-Nottingham and
15.51(SO), 16.0O (SX) return on weekdays which are formed of LMR Mk.II
Air-Braked stock. The Motive power for this service is normally Class
47 although 'Peaks' are occasionally used.


This category covers the majority of the remainder of services, and due to the individuality of each train, they have been set down as a table. N.B. Due to the progressive introduction of HSDT sets on this service trains which had been converted to such at the time of writing (Nov 1981) are not included and those due for conversion before May 1982 are followed by the symbol (HSDT).


Train             Days Run  Motive Power             Stock          Notes
06.02 Shef-Card   M-S       45/147/4.                ER MkII AC
06.37 Leed-Paig   M-S       45/0,45/14647/0,,47/4.   WR/ER MkI/II
06.51 Brad-Penz   SO        45/1 47/4.               WR MkII AC     (HSDT)
07.34 Leed-Penz   M-F       45/,1947/,4.             WR MkII AC     (HSDT)
07.00 Newc-Bris   M-S       45/1,,4774.              ER MkII AC
08.21 Leed-Penz   SUN       45/1,47/4.               WR MkII AC     (HSDT)
07.55 Newc-Pool)
09.17 Leed-Shef)  M-S       45/0/45/,46 47/0,47/4.   ER MkII AB
10,33 Leed-Paig   M-S       45/1,47/4.               ER MkII AC
10.08 Newc-Card   M-S       45/1,47/4.               ER MK II AC
12.01 Leed-Plym.  SUN       45/0,45/1,46,47/0,C7/4.  WR MK/II
11.43 New*-Bris   M-S       45/0,45/1,46,47/0,47/4.  ER MKI         (HSDT)
12.25 Newc-Plym.  SUN       45/0,45/1,46,47/0,47/41  ER MKI
13.44 Newc-Swan   FSO       45/0,45/1,46,47/0247/4.  LMR Mk II AB
15.24 York~Swar.  M-Th      45/0245/1246,47/0247/4.  LMR MK II AB
14.40 Newc-Pool)
10.02 Leed-Shef)  SUN       45/0,45/1,46,47/0247/4.  ER MkII AB      (a)
16.50 Brad-Birm   SUN       45/0245/1246247/0247/41  ER MKI
17.26 York-Birm   FO        45/0,45/1,46047/0247/4.  ER MKI
16.17 Newc-Card   M-F       45/1,47/4.               WR Mk II AC
16.19 Newc-Card   SO        45/1,47/4.               WR MkII AC
17.35 Leed-Bris   M-F       45/0245/1,46247/0,47/4.  LMR MkII AB 
17,19 Newc-Bris   SUN       45/0,45/1,46047/0247/4.  ER MKI          (HSDT)
19.14 Leed-Birm   SUN       45/0,45/1,46,47/0,47/4.  LMR MK II AB
19.31 York-Birm   FO        45/0,45/1,46,47/0247/4.  LMR MkI 
20.05 Leed-Bris   SO        45/0,45/1,46,47/0,47/4.  WR MkI   AB
20.00 Newc-Bris   M-F       45/0,45/124624710,47/4.  WR MKI           (b)

19.37*Bris-Newc   T-S       45/0,45/1,46,47/0,47/4.  WR MKI(           b)
23.21*Birm-York   MO        45/0245/1.*46,47/0,47/4. ER MKI
01.10 Bris-Shef   T-F       45/0245/1,46o47/0,47/4.  WR MKI
01,10 Bris-Leed   SO        45/0,45/1246,47/0,47/4.  WR MKI
07,30 Birm-York   M-Th      45/0245/1,46,47/0,47/4.  LMR MKII AB
07.30 Birm-Newc   FSO       45/0,45/1246,47/0,47/4.  LMR MKI AB
O8.10 Birm-Leed   SUN       45/0245/1,46,47/0,47/4.  LMR MK II AB
07.44 Card-Newc   M-S       45/1,47/4.               WR MKII AC
07.28 Swan-Leed   M-S       45/0245/1 46,47/0,47/4.  LMR MK II AB
08.35 Taun-Newc   M-S       45/0245/1:46,47/0,47/4.  ER MKI             (HSDT)
13.34 Birm-York   FO        45/0,45/1,46,47/0,47/4.  LMR MKI
11.45 Card-Newc   M-S       45/1247/4.               ER MkII
10.54 Paig-Leed   M-S       45/1247/4.               ER MKII AC         (HSDT)
15.35 Birm-York   FO        45/0,45/1046,47/0,471/4  LMR MKI
11.35 Pool-Leed)
17.45 Shef-Newc)  M-F       45/0,45/1,46,47/0247/4   ER MkII AB          (a)
11,40 Pool-Leed)
17.45 Shef-Newc)  SO        45/0,45/1,46,47/0,47/4   ER MKII AB          (a)
16.15 Birm-Leed   SUN       45/0,45Y1,46,47/0 47/4   WR MKI
10121 Penz-Leed   M-F       45/1347/4.               WR MkII AC          (HSDT)
10.21 Penz-Brad   SO        45/1947/4.               WR MKII AC          (HSDT)

16,50 Birm-York   SUN       45/0,45/1,46,47/0 47/4.  LMR MkI
12.38 Pool-Leed)
19,12 Shef-Newc)  SUN       45/0,45/1,46,47/0,47/4.  ER MkII AB
16106 Bris-Newe   M-S       45/1,47/4. ER MkII AC
15,55 Card-Newc   SUN       45/0,45/1,46,47/0,47/4.  ER MKI              (HSDT)
14.25 Paig-Leed   M-S       45/0,45/1,46,47/0347/4.  ER/WR MkI/II
12.15 Penz-Leed   SUN       45/1247/4.               WR MKII AC          (HSDT)
14,50 Plym-York  SUN        45/0,45/1,46,47/0,47/4.  ER MKI
17.44 Card-Shef   M-S       45/1,47/4.               ER MKII AC

AC-Air Conditioned AB-Air Braked *-Departs Previous Day
(a) These trains are combined/divided at Sheffield.
(b) Conveys TPO


This category covers the remainder of services. probably the most well known of these is the 07.17 Harwich Parkeston Play-Manchester 
Piccadilly and 15.15 return on weekdays. This train is now formed of ER MK II Air  Braked stock, hauled by a Stratford based Class 47/0 or 47/4 between Harwich and Sheffield and return, the remainder of the journey being in the hands of the locomotive off the 09.17 Leeds-Sheffield, which later goes on to head the 17.45 Sheffield-Newcastle. The only other loco hauled passenger trains are the 23.30(SX),22.~o(S0), 23.05(SUN) Sheffield-Manchester and return 02.10 Manchester-Cleethorpes (Weekdays),01.50 Manchester-Retford (Sundays) the following day. This train Is formed of ER Mk I stock and is hauled by almost all type of locomotive although it is normally a Class 31/1 in charge. The stock returns from Cleethorpes to Sheffield as the 08.26 Cleethorpes-Doncaster and then ecs to Sheffield, although occasionally the train is extended through to Sheffield as a relief to the 10.40 Doncaster-Sheffield DMU, hauled by a Longsight based Class 40 which reaches Cleethorpes on the Manchester-Cleethorpes newspaper train. On Sunday it Is believed that the stock returns to Sheffield.


With the recent closure of the ex-GC Woodhead route, two excellent books on the line have been published. The first, ' This Was The Woodhead Route' by S.R.Batty contains a compact history of the route as well as a vast array of photographs covering all three kinds of motive power. The book also contains a good selection of photos taken on the almost hitherto ignored Wath/Penistone section of the line. The second, ' Main Line Across The Pennines-Woodhead In The Shadows' by C.M.Corroy and A.R.Kaye (Lowlander Publications) is especially recommended. The authors, both living locally, are well versed on the subject, indeed most Pennine members know Chris Corroy as a regular and valued contributor to Trans Pennine. Apart from the odd few shots the book is mainly concerned with the electric era, especially the last few years of operation. The book also contains Mr.Kaye's justly famous (and brave) sequence of photos taken at Dinting of the Warrington-Tinsley freight derailment. Sharp eyed Pennine members will also catch a glance of a famous Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester member on one of the photographs taken at Reddish. That the Editor strongly recommends this publication has got nothing to do with the fact that the PRS and one of our more famous members in particular Is mentioned on the back cover for which we extend our grateful thanks to the authors. Copies of this-publication are available from the Promotions Officer, David Bladen.

by 55015

The morning of Saturday October 31st.dawned bright but cool as out party rocked and rolled along the high speed track between Mexborough and Doncaster as we made our way to Doncaster to pay our respects to a fleet of superb locos on the ER Celtic Deltic Railtour. The tour was advertised as Doncaster/Kings Cross (Class 47 hauled),  Kings Cross/ Edinburgh, Edinburgh/Doncaster (Deltic Hauled), high speed timings requested. However, as It turned out, a Cravens DMU would have had little trouble keeping to the booked timings.
Our rake of air-conditioned Mk IId coaches was hauled In by 47081 'ODIN'' and we waited with grim trepidation to see which classic 'Duff' would be provided for our southward thrash. Imagine our shrieks of delight when none other than 47423 appeared! Anyhow this loco did the required job and as we ground to a halt at the north end of Gasworks Tunnel an immaculate 55002 'K.O.Y.L.I.' was waiting to follow us in.
The hordes of photographers at The Cross were already being graced by the presence of 2 beasts in the shape of 55011'The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers' and 55013 'The Black Watch', both locos stabled In the station siding.*K.O.Y.L.I.' then appeared from the murk of the tunnel, horn blaring, before backing onto the train. After an unsavoury argument over whether the headboard could be placed on the locomotive due to the close proximity of overhead catenary (thanks to our Guard for Ignoring obvious red tape) K.O.Y.L.I. made the usual stately exit from The Cross before filling Gasworks Tunnel with the inevitable 'fog'.
Thankfully our Driver warmed to the task and we made good time until Peterborough when the Inevitable happened, sighting double yellows as we caught up with 1L41,the 10-05 Kings Cross/York stopper. Our hopes of a high speed run through Peterborough darkened; we wondered for how long we would have to put up with these checks, the general consensus of opinion seemed to be Retford. After another crawl through Grantham we accelerated north again and just as we were expecting to brake for Newark we flew past the stationery train stood in Claypole loop to the accompaniment of massed cheers from our coach (the PRS would like to express its sincere thanks to whoever perpetuated this wonderful action. Editor)
After enduring crew changes at Doncaster, York and Newcastle, passing the famous Geordie shunter, Oh Ate Ate Ate Ate (08888) at Heaton we duly arrived in Edinburgh where there was just enough light left for the army of photographers to capture on film our Chairman manfully struggling to free the locomotive headboard. This was followed by a short push by 47702 *Saint Cuthbert' to Haymarket station and a brisk walk to the shed.
Ours was obviously an honoured visit for as well as that well-known mother to be (47712) being in attendance, another ex-resident of these parts in the classic lines of 55016 ~Gordon the big engine) Highlander' was In a prime position for photographs (for the well-off people in possession of tripods). During our visit the howls of anguish and derision from the nearby football ground told us that Heart of Midlothian F.C. were going down to yet another home defeat. After watching one of the new High Speed Edinburgh/Dundee expresses thrash past hauled by 26012 (fine engines too) we made our way back to Waverley station before consuming a rare Scottish delicacy (Jacket Spuds).
The first part of our return journey was taken up trying to figure out whether the Rotherham Utd. score (6-0 v Chelsea) in the local sports paper was a misprint, but after accepting the unbelievable we began to celebrate Halloween night in the company of one of our members wearing an immaculate witch's mask (no, not Robin!). All too soon Doncaster was reached and yet more photographs were taken before K.O.Y.L.I. departed for the south leaving us with many pleasant memories but also grim forebodings of what the New Year would have in store.


The following were noted on a Southern bash on 24th.October; Hither Green09007 33055/209/211,73107/20/21 : New Cross Gate-09024 : Norwood Junctiono~655/204,33008/009/060/206,73001/006/109 : Clapham Junction-09005,33001 33110,73004/134.
On.21st.November the 12-10(S0) Waterloo/Salisbury was composed of TC Unit 425 propelled by 33116.The 13-10 Waterloo/Exeter was hauled by 50023 'Howe' whilst the 09-40 Exeter/Waterloo provided 50017 'Royal Oak. The Waterloo station pilot on this date was o8648,with ogo14 performing the same duties at Woking.
On 28th.November a football special from Barnsley arrived at Charlton behind 47279.

On 9th.October green-liveried Class 40,40106 was noted at Inverness along with 20116/152,25200/230/234,26028/36/38/42/45,27003/008,27107/108,37014,40030,4716o/419, 47458/578.Noted at Georgemas Junction the same day was 26030 while 26031/46 were at Wick, and 26032 at Kyle.
The good news from Scotland is that the Edinburgh/Dundee local service has had its DMUs replaced by loco hauled trains. The basically hourly service is now worked by Type 2s,usually Class 26s and four Mk I coaches. On 31st.October various workings produced 25059,26012,27037.27108.
On 18th.October one of our members visited the following locations and provided the following sightings ;
Eastfield:08693/733/852/938,20002/036/089/191/217,25227/229/237/239/244/247,26014,27004/005/014/019/020/023/024/025/027/043/ 102/112/203/207/210/211, 37021/025/035/037/039/043/050/099/111/114/147/149/15~/237,47040/131/149/270/272/435:
Polmadie:-08568 9 20138,25028/130/138,27011/212,4o168,47109;
Motherwell: 08312/319/321/421/437/563/726/883,20086/116/117/146.27016/-209.37056/125/133/139 37148/150/151/152/156/292,40001,47311:
Ayr-08443/448/476/827,20039/080/111 20114/149/156/175/201,25035/285,26029,27010/111/205:
Ayr Harbour 08449:
Dumfries-08396, 271W110/206.

WESTERN REGIONOn 23rd.September 31177 worked 1E70 14-38 Paignton/Leeds forward from Gloucester, but failed at Cheltenham. The train was due to be banked up Lickey but was pulled instead by 37138 and 37208,arriving in Birmingham 60 minutes late.45053 took the train forward. On 25th.September 47451 failed at Wolvercott Jcn, near Oxford on a Brighton-Manchester service and was rescued by 47102.
The following were noted at Bristol on 20th.November-08238/483/584/756/821/50, 31117/128/131/145/158/165/170/256/286/294/296/419/421/422,33004/13/15/20/2~/27.37127/232, 47080/125/138/454/500/508/533/545/551/575,50015/17/32/33/41.
The 07-45 Paddington/Worcester was worked by 50018 'Resolution*on 20th.November and the following day produced 50013 *'Agincourt'. On 28th.November the 15-00 Paddington/ Hereford departed in spectacular fashion behind 50050 'Fearless' and the following 15-50 to Birmingham produced refurbished 50036 'Victorious'.
Class 50,50033 'Glorious' returned to the Western on 1V93,09-50 Edinburgh/Plymouth on 16th.October.The following day 50006 'Neptune' worked the Plymouth/York 'Minsterman' railtour and stabled for the afternoon at York while 55021 took the railtour on to Scarborough.50037'Illustrious' arrived at Doncaster Works on 30th.October after spending a few days at Tinsley.
On 10th.October the 14-38 Paignton/Leeds headed by 47119 failed at Bristol and was replaced by 31231/257.These locos worked the train to Gloucester where 45051 took over. Leeds was arrived 72 minutes late.
The first NE/SW HST working on 5th.October,the 07-00 Bristol/Leeds, and 14-37 return to Plymouth was formed of power cars 43165/66 and stock 44,000,42262/66/54/58,40001, 41147,whilst the 08-20 Plymouth/Leeds and 16-38 return to Bristol was formed of power cars 43169/70,and stock 44o68,42302/03/04/05,40004,41160.
On 23rd.November 33016 and 50020 'Revenge' double headed a Exeter/Waterloo service, both engines working.


There has been an increase in ER generator Brush workings on the Midland Main Line. The Sunday 09-45 Manchester-St. Pancras was worked by 47419 on 27th.jeptember, 47401 on 11th.October,and 47416 a week later.47416 was double headed from Bedford-Derby with 25253 on the return 18-22 St. Pancras-Manchester. Both came off at Derby with 47194 taking over. On the same day 47411 worked the 09-53 St. Pancras-Sheffield.
On 4th.October the 13~26 Sundays St. Pancras-Nottingham failed at Wellingborough with 45150 in charge,' Rat' 25221 performing the rescue act. On 23rd.October the 13-34 Birmingham-York and 17-26 return was hauled by 31106 whilst the following days 16-19 Newcastle-Cardiff was powered by 31406.
A Chesterfield-Blackpool excursion on 17th.October provided fine power in the shape of 37087.25295 was noted enjoying the sea air having headed an excursion ex Reading, from Preston. A pair of 'Rats' performed a rescue act on the WCM1, on September 8th. when 83001 failed at Kings Langley on the 21-50 Euston-Glasgow,25259/266 coming to the rescue.
With the lack of diagrams on the ECML Deltics have become more regular performers on the Trans-Pennine service. On 13th.October 55011 worked the 08-49 York-Liverpool and 1305 return. Thursday 22nd October was a red letter day when 55015'Tulyar' made two return trips, on the 08-49/13-05,and 15-50/20-40 workings. Photographers at Holgate Bridge, York, got a shot in a million as 55013 on the 15-50 York-Kings Cross and 55015 on the 15-50 York-Liverpool departed together.55004 made a fateful journey on 28th.October,55011 working over the same day, and 55002 joined in the fun on 29th.October working the 08-50 and 13-05 return.
On November 22nd due to bridge work between Banbury and Fenny Compton Paddington-Manchester/Liverpool trains were diverted, ones via Solihull running via Charlbury and Worcester and ones via Coventry running via Bletchley Flyover and Rugby. It is believed it is the first time that northbound passenger trains have used the latter route.
'Rats' continue to provide power on the controversial *nuclear' trains on the Midland. One such train from Derby to Barrow on 7th.November was worked by 25027.
Royalty has visited the area recently. On 20th.November The Queen visited Birmingham and the Royal Train was stabled at Berkswell.25048 hauled the train in, with a Class 47 attached at the rear. On 4th.December The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh arrived by the Royal Train at Chesterfield, for a private visit to Chatsworth. Presumably they both required the haulage which was in the shape of 47449.
The APT made its inaugural run on 7th.December from Glasgow-2uston,covering the 401 miles in 4 hours 14 minutes and reaching a top speed of 137 mph. The success of the outward run was soured on the return with a 30 minute late arrival into Glasgow with more serious problems experienced with the controversial tilting mechanism.

With the withdrawal date for the remaining Deltics now almost certain to be January 2nd.1982 this wonderful class of engines is now enjoying even more publicity than ever with railtours covering large areas of the country. In recognition of this, ER authorities designated 4 locos for railtour work giving each the necessary paintwork and polish. The locos are 55002'The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry',55009'Alycidon', 55015'Tulyar' and 55022'Royal Scots Grey'.55002 was a natural choice due to its original green livery and needing little attention to its paintwork, Nos 9 and 15 (the Rainhill Deltic) were repainted at York, but 55022 looked pretty grim before a trip to Stratford remedied the situation. The infamous nose-end dint disappeared and the repaint included a silver roof and fuel tanks, with the loco carrying its original number D9000 as well as the @modern version'.
It is thought these 4 locos will work to the bitter end and may be candidates for preservation and to this end other locos will be withdrawn to keep them going. Since our last issue 4 Deltics have been withdrawn,55018'Ballymoss',55004'Queens Own Highlander', 55011'The Royal Northumberland Fusilier' and 55014'The Duke of Wellington's Regiment'.
55018 was withdrawn on 13th.October.lts last working was 1D08,19-40 Kings Cross-Hull which it worked on one engine only as far as Doncaster where it was replaced by 37126. The engine (carrying unofficial farewell messages from FP In the cab) then ran light to York where it was withdrawn almost immediately.
55004 was withdrawn on 28th.October after falling in Liverpool Lime Street after working 1M76,15-50 York-Liverpool. She stayed overnight in Lime Street before being towed back to ER by 31405.She will be remembered for her long fester in the Canal Siding6 at Doncaster Works where many people thought she was already withdrawn.
55011 and 55014 were both withdrawn in November but as yet no details of last workings or withdrawal dates are known.Nos.4,11,18 were towed to Stratford for removal of their good power units for use in other working locos,18 providing spares for 55007,4 for 55008 and 11 for 55022.As this issue was being compiled two railtour regulars-'s 55002,55015 were in trouble and If replacement power units are needed then two others may be withdrawn.
The beginning of the end for the class came on November 17th when 55017'The Durham Light Infantry' received the last repaired power unit in Doncaster Works. At a special ceremony at which local TV and Press were in attendance, the loco was handed over to the ER authorities for the last time bringing to an end 20 years of work by BREL Doncaster on the class. Their work may now be involved in cutting up withdrawn members of the class.55012 was cut up by the end of September.
Many railtours have taken place recently including on October 17th the 'Wessex Deltic' (FP-Bournemouth-Eastleigh 55015),October 24th 'Deltic Preservation Society-Deltic Salute' (York-Aberdeen 55015),November 21st.(Leeds-Settle-Carlisle-Edinburgh 55002), November 28th.'The Deltic Devonian' (FP-Exeter St. Davids-Exeter Central-Basingstoke-Clapham Jen. 55016,owing to 55002s unavailability), November 28th.'The Deltic Venturer' (York-Sheffield-Birmingham-Swindon-Paddington-Oxford-Worcester-Birmingham-York 55022), and December 5th.'The Hadrian Flyer' (Peterborough-Lincoln-Doneaster-Settle-CarlisleNewcastleDoncaster-Lincoln-Peterborough 55015).
Since the service cuts in the Winter timetable were introduced in October with more HST's introduced on the EM the number of daytime serviced Deltic hauled were cut leaving mainly overnight services. On Thursday night 19th.November the following produced55015(1s66,20-15 Kings Cross-Edinburgh),55022(1A45,22-55 Newcastle-Kings Cross),55008 (1E35,20-25 Edinburgh-Kings Cross),55013(1E39,22-25 Edinburgh-Kings Cross). A week later, on Friday night 27th,November 1A45 produced 55013,1E35 55016,1E39 55007 and 1E42(23-15 Edinburgh-Kings Cross) produced 55008.The service cuts also hit the Cleethorpes services with the 08-30(1D01) and 13-05(1D03) being cancelled. The last 1D03 on Saturday 3rd.October was worked by 47408,but the previous day 55021 worked 1DO1 and 55011 worked 1D03.The last Deltic to work the Edinburgh-Plymouth service to York and return was 55021 on 30th.October. The last loco to work the train before it became an HST diagram was 47557.
It has been reported that the last Barrow Hill 03 workings Into Staveley Works took place on Wednesday 30th.September.The contract has not been renewed.
On 6th.November 55007 worked 1S12,05-50 Kings Cross-Aberdeen. The diagram is now for the loco to come off at Newcastle and return light to York to work the 15-50 Kings Cross. The same engine worked the train on 12th.November and 5th.December.An unusual happening on this service took place on 21st.October when 47470 failed at Darlington and the train was taken forward to Newcastle by 56099,on test from Doncaster. The train terminated at Newcastle. On 29th.September the train had unusual power in the hands of 31409/411,arriving in Doncaster only 12 minutes late.
Class 25, 25105 rescued failed DMUs 50609,56207 on 29th.October pulling them and their passengers into Leeds City.
On 1st.November 50018 was a surprise visitor to "-'Sheffield on a Plymouth-Sheffield additional, comprised of 5 vehicles, whilst on 7th.November the Harwich-Manchester was hauled into Sheffield by 3?099 and taken on to Manchester by 46056.
On 12th.November 50031'Hood' was noted on the test train at Doncaster whilst 56100 was noted outside the Works.
Eastern Region could find nothing more powerful to work 1.360(20-OC Kings Cross-Aberdeen),12 coaches than 31239 on 6th.October and the train was noted 30 minutes late at Doncaster. A regular Class 31 working on the 2C1,1L is the 21-23 Bradford-Kings Cross, (1A41) usually double headed. On 6th.October this working produced 3112(/40?.or. 1,28th. October the train was hauled from Bradford to Leeds by 311.11 arid forward by 31195/403.
On 7th.November the 1?-20 Cleethorpes-Manchester DMU was formed of 1,1",R cars 50 349,56104, 50346, 56432. Class 40s 4006? and 40070 were hauled into Doncaster Works on 29th.September for cutting up.
On 25th.November the unemployed persons 'Job Special' arrived. in Sheffield behind 47015,bearing the headboard 'GIVE US A FUTURE', a sentiment surely echoed by all, (including Railwaymen).
Noted at Doncaster on 5th.December was withdrawn Deltic 55M14,mInus nameplates awaiting to go into the 1Jorks,along with 31109 and 37004.Also noted were Trans-Clyde DMUs 50853,59367,50894.


Following closure of the route on 20th.July BR agreed to prevent any removal of track except sidings between Hadfield and Penistone for a period of 6 months. However the rails are now badly rusted and a fence has been erected across the portals of Woodhead Tunnel. However most of the track and wiring has been removed on the Penistone-Wath section, including the Worsborough-h bank, and it Is believed that permission has been given to remove the wiring between Rotherwood and Dunford.
All surviving locos were withdrawn on 20th.July 1981,and their current location is as follows:-
Guide BrIdge-76001/6/7/9/10/11/12/13/14/16/21/22-29/31/36/38/39/47/51/54.
Reddish-76002/3/4 8 15/30/37/40/41/43/46/48/49/52/53/55/5(/57.
The lack of maintenance of the locos is shown by 76051 having its last Works classified repair at Crewe on lst. November 1975.1t is believed Dutch Railways ex£expressed an interest In purchasing the class but withdrew because of the locomotives' axle/weight ratio. However it Is thought BR are still hoping to sell the entire fleet overseas.
It is not known whether any movements between Reddish and Guide Bridge since closure have been under their own electric traction, although 76010/76016 were reported to have worked from Guide Bridge to Manchester Piccadilly and return at around 12~00 noon on Saturday 18th.July.It is assumed this journey was made for the benefit of local press.

For the above information we are indebted to  Mrs.K.Corroy, Miss S. Taylor, and Messrs Pett. Sanderson, Corroy, Sutton, Gossan, 0129, 37164, Nicholson, Peach, Sadd,, Stojanovic, T.Needham, Webster, Connell, Heyes, Parrott,  A.Needham, Dewing, Barsby,   S.Caddick, Wesley, Skinner, Bladen .

The next edition of Trans Pennine will appear on 10th.March 1982.All contributions should reach the Editor, Tony Caddick by Friday 26th.?ebruary 1982 and will be gratefully received.


Congratulations to the Peak Railway Society who are the winners of the 1981 Pennine Shield following a tie-break round with The 25 Preservation Group. Scores were as follows
GRAPES HOTEL: Peak 51 (4pts), 25 Pres. Group 37 Opts), Pennine 27 (2pts), S.Yorks.26 (lpt)
ROYAL STANDARD : 25 Pres. 41 (4pts), Peak 36 Opts). S.Y. 33 (2pts), Pennine 30 (lpt)
BREWERY TAPS : Pennine 41 (4pts), 25 Pres. 39 Opts), S.Y. 36 (2pts), Peak 34 (lpt)
HALLAMSHIRE : Peak 44 (4pts), S.Y. 26 Opts), 25 Pres. 23 (2pts), Pennine 9 (lpt)
Final scores- Peak Railway Society 12 points, The 25 Preservation Group 12 points,
Pennine Railway Society 8 points, South Yorkshire Railway Photographic Society 8 points.
Congratulations to all who took part in a most exciting and enjoyable competition and we all look forward to the 1982 competition.



No.19 Toton/Derby Works 12th.September 

 Toton- 08045/292/320/617/685/741/829/858/894 20037/040/041/070/073/075/077/081/082/134/135 20139/140/141 142/143/159/166/168/170/174/183/185/194/195 25044/066 118/167/176/178 25189/208/211//257/275/323 31121/283/301/304 40089 45038/46/49/55,Y58/60/61/68/74/76 45104/06/07 47202/231/367/439/443/480/529 56036/39/42/47/50/55/63/68/71.


 Derby Works- 08333 25092/094/210/217/276/316/319 45025/031/034/035 45101/02/21/31/35/45 HST 43014/015/067/075/117/119/139/140/141/142/173/1?9 AFT 49003/05.


 Bescot- 08327/466/489/585/613/614/700/765/783/788/809/832/841 20006/056/148/161/175/178/181 25073/113/125/153/169/209/215/260/273/276/282/289/290/312 45077/114 47229/333/355/489/533 85033

Saltley- 08067/103/134/647/805/807/920 20063/064/163/165 
25243/250 31162/206/244/270 
56019/42/59/60/63/69 1
Tyseley- 08672/674/893/928 25144/201/205/242 45068/145 
No.21,01d Oak Common Open Day 20th.September 
08480/793/794/825/936/948 31207/260/273/414 33025 37180 47060/070/107/138/158/286/354 47416/500/513/561 50003/15/17/21/36/46 55014 56037 73142 86209 .3team 92220 5051.
No.22.Eastleigh Works and Shed 26th.September 
Works- 08201/760/831/892/933 33029/18/28/40 33103 332o6 73116 D2991 Steam 
Shed- 08030/202/854/929 09002/15 33009/20/24/32 33107/112/115/118 73111/15/31.
No.23 Doncaster Works and Shed 27th.September 
Works- Hexthorpe Bridge 37037:Pilots 08008/607:Paint Shop 50033 56098:Yard 
37012/022/085/116/167/267 55005/14 56099: 2 Bay 31116/322 37024/042/068/226:
4 Bay 03063 31223 37228 50008/09/16/31/41 56014:Dismantling Shop 31320 
Erecting Shop 56097.

 MPD- 08031/114/136/331/420/459/734/745/776 31105/156/220/406 37037/143/202 46026 47222/291/314/522 55007/15 56002/12.

No.24 Barrow Hill Open Day 4th.October 

 Stable d- 08141/186/507/871/877 20023/025/031/105/106/129/133/211/214 56013/15/16/80 47316/333 Displayed- 08868 13001 03129 20057 56o96 31221 37019 25157 47374 40121 55019 45048. Loco rides behind 03189.

No.25Crewe Works 10th.October 
08088/123/395 37207/304 40002/004/023/031/033/061/063/090/104/123/129/133/142/157
47019/085/099/114/141/159/165/190/197/215/232/234/247/331/348/351/40,6/409/421/ 427/452/454 47467/552/553 81006/21 84008 85007/15/22/34 86004/009/218/220/24,0/248/255/318 87016 HST's 43177/78/79/80/81.
No.26,Haymarket 31st.October 
08732/764 20100/203 25078 26oo7/11/15/19/23/26 27108 40013 46011 47002/003/013/108 47163/209/269/564/708/709/710/711/712 55002/16.
No.27 Doncaster Works 1st.November 
Reception- 31137(collision) 37150/267 50037 55019 ADB968o14 Erecting Shop-03063 31138 31223/314 37045/069/108/116/119/167/197/228 50008/09/16/31 Paint Shop37012/198 50041 56100 Hexthorpe Bridge- 31146/220 Scrap- 4,0067/70 55005 Departures-03158 56ogg.
No.28 Swindon Works 20th.November 
08411/785/049/082/252/302/336/378/397/553/767/838/84o/864/878/932/956 13002 
25116 31280 40037/111 45018/24/28/29/71 
97651 D818 D1015 D2139 08596(sold) Scrap- 03061 
25127/137/162/16~/172/203/222/232/238/263/264/~7.3 31017/103 
40120/137/146/147/151 46030. - 16 -