No.37 - Autumn 1981


The Pennine Railway Society has recently been in action at two Open Days. In conjunction with TAG Models the Society was represented at Stratford on July 11th. and Derby Litchurch Lane on August 8th. Both days proved to be a great success and the Committee would like to say a big 'thank you' to everyone who helped in any way, whether by collecting or donating items to be sold, helping run the stall, or actually buying something.
This Edition of Trans Pennine should see the Society well settled into its new home at the Corporation Brewery Taps at Doncaster. I think you will agree that we have been fortunate in obtaining a room better able to cope with the increased numbers attending the monthly meetings, and 1 hope you will also join in extending a vote of thanks to the landlord and staff of the Masons Arms for all their efforts while we were there.
Finally, a reminder. Trans Pennine needs your contributions to keep it going. The initial wave of enthusiasm seems to be faltering and the Editor has had to put a lot of effort into getting this Edition together. so, help him out please-send him an article or some news, everything helps.


Welcome to the Autumn edition of Trans Pennine. The main item in this issue concerns the sad closure of the Woodhead freight route. The grim catalogue of events during the last few years have been well covered by this and other railway publications but even now it seems unbelievable that a modern electrified railway has been sacrificed to help the system out of its present difficulties. As the modern Woodhead Tunnel stands ghostly and silent it is to be hoped that the faith the authorities have placed in Totley and Cowburn Tunnels is rewarded.
At a recent Committee meeting it was decided that In view of the last competition result, three all correct entries, a draw would be carried out at the next monthly meeting at the Brewery Taps. This procedure will be carried out in future. in the event of ties for any of the three prizes.
Please continue to send in contributions for the magazine, our next edition is the 'Christmas Cracker!, and as well as containing all the latest news and reallocations, will Include the annual Pennine Railway Society Awards. Don't miss it.


The Pennine Railway Society's 1981 slide contest will be held at the Corporation Brewery Taps, Doncaster, on 6th.October at 8-15pm.The contest, which will be judged by Mr. Jack Davis of SYRPS is open to all members and the subject matter is quite simply 'Railways'.
Up to 4 slides may be entered and anyone who wishes to enter Is requested to be at the Taps by 7-45pm so that their slides can be sorted and loaded into the projector magazine. If there is anyone who wishes to enter but will be unable to attend or will be late arriving Is welcome to send their slides (in a strong envelope please) to me at 19,Elder Grove, Finningley ,Doncaster (tel. 770771 ext.497 day or 771457 evenings) and I'll make sure their slides are entered.
Next, the best bit-prizes. First prize Is 10,second prize 5,and third prize 3. Winners will have the choice of either cash or a voucher of equal value to be spent at TAG Models.
And finally the boring bit, the rules: 1-Slides are to be the entrant's own work, no 'Steam & Sail: Forward Films, Colourail etc. 2-Slides can be black and white or colour, and must be mounted in 2"x2" card or plastic mounts. 3-All entries are accepted on the understanding that the Pennine Railway Society cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of entries. 4-The judge's decision is final!

COVER PHOTO Our cover photograph this month shows Class 56 No.56001 and Class 76 No.76053 in the Round-House at Barrow Hill depot at the Open Day on 8th.October 1978.
Our thanks to Tony Booth for the photograph.


As most members will know, a free monthly train pass (similar to a Persil ticket but valid for a month from the date of despatch) may be obtained by collecting 9 different proofs of purchase from the following : Bisto (top flap), Crest toothpaste (bottom panel), Daz or Daz Automatic (top), Fairy Li quid (cap hinge), Head and Shoulders shampoo (weight marking), McDougalls or Be-Ro Flour (top panel),  McVities Digestives (wrapper?, Maxwell House (label), Mothers Pride (end panel), Penguin Multipack (cellophane wrapper), PG Tips (address end panel), Stork SB (lid excluding rim).
Most Pennine members will probably use several of these products but not necessarily 9 or more. Therefore in order to obtain tickets as soon as possible, please bring your swaps along to any Pennine meeting where Geoff Bambrough will try and arrange suitable swaps. Also If you have any proofs of purchase you do not require, the club will gladly accept such donations and put them into the Pennine swap pool.


On Friday 4th.September the Blackpool Illuminations were switched on by the Princess of Wales's father, Lord Spencer. This coincided with the Corporation bus and trams being taken off the road due to an Industrial dispute.


Pennine Members on our London visit on 5th.September saw the covering up of a new nameplate just fitted to 86249 at Willesden. The locomotive was due to be officially named 'County of Merseyside' at Liverpool Lime Street on Monday 7th.September.Another locomotive recently named Is 47158 'Henry Ford'.


One of our members Andrew Watts noted the following Southern Region shunters during the period 22nd August to 2nd.September : 08374(Selhurst 30th.), 08376(Redhill 26th),0838O(Ashford 23rd),08414(Ashford 22nd),08648(Clapham Junction 26th), 08655 Hither Green 23rd),08837(Stewarts Lane 25th.),08847(Paddock Wood 26th), 09004{Three Bridges 25th),09008(Tonbridge 24th),09011(Dover 25th),09013(Tonbridge 26th), ogo16 Salisbury 27th),09018(Ashford 28th) 0902O(Brighton 28th),09021(Dover 25th), 09022{Ashford 23rd.),09023(Dover 2nd),090~4(Selhurst 30th),09026 (Eastleigh 24th).

CLASS 76's

The location of the fleet of withdrawn Class 76 locomotives at the beginning of September 1981 Is as follows :
REDDISH - 76001/2/3/4/8/15/30/36/37/40/41/43/46/48/049/50/52/53/55/56/57.
GUIDE BRIDGE - 76006/7/9/10/11/12/13/14/16/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/29/31/32/33/34/35/38/39/47/51/54.
Since the closure of the MSW on 20th.July there has been a surprising amount of movement of the Class 76s mostly from Reddish to Guide Bridge, but some from Guide Bridge to Reddish. One interesting transfer is 76047 withdrawn since 1980 has moved to Guide Bridge. It is not known whether any movements were made under their own power.


The following sightings of withdrawn vehicles have been made recently Woodham's (Barry):- M94276,S94354,M94394,E94473,M94194,M94207,W94546,M94299,M94862,M94807, M94855,M94743,S94488, S94586, M94280, M94757,S1961,S1693,S2544,S1700,S1322,S1302, S1468, S1418,S1611,S1330,S1875,S2504,S1883,S1504,S1379,S1860,S1553.
V. Berry's (Leicester) EMUs - 65260/03/87/02/25/39/51/92/27,and vans S94254,Si961S2231, M94108.
Hexthorpe Yard Doncaster (July) DMUs 59449/57/61/56,50591/45,59244/32,51970/77,56124/85/56480,and stock M81063,M81066,E1549,I'313190,W-5029,E25190,S2114.
A train was noted passing Doncaster recently conveying withdrawn Sleepers 2019,2120,2204,2974,2992.


Locomotives Re-allocated
Eastern Region :
08026/083-CA.,08064/096/501-YK;08150/383-TE;08177-DR;08260/266SB; 08309-KY;08334-DN;08386-BG;08440-SF;08516-HS;08705-MR;08782-TI;20003/019-IM; 31113/130/155/189/190/191/192/195/202/217/234/240-IM;31114/115/225 /226/249/ 252/270/ 297/~03/306-MR31143/144/146/219/281~TI;31175/218/220/222/402-4,09/411-YK;31266/287/319-GD; 31278-SF;37001/019/ 070/074/077-TI; 37013/046/238-HM;37017/023/034/038/041/047/049/052/ 115/119/141/166SF;37059/063/068/073/076/078-TE;37091 /103/153-IM;40003/073-HM; 47009,/041/042/093/255/162/~59/572/573-SF;47052/212/221/363-TE;47216/218HM;47422-IM; 47423,/425/426/428/429/430/431/457/458-YK;55007/9/1~/18YK;56033/45/46/92/93-HM.. 56075/87-90-TI;20009/011-TI.

London Midland Region: 08472-SP;08489/656-BS;08789-L0;08823-CD;25085/268-KD;25101/115/153/197299-CW;25106/144/178-BS;25214/258/279-SP;25320-LO;40050/080/094/103/5/139-LO;40060/150 158/162/167-KD;45034/36/4,0/41/43-T0;47165/177/197-BS; 47229/444-TO, 47465-CD.

Western Region : 08359/646-EJ;08363-RG;08584-BR;08668-NA;08785-SW;08792/804-CF;08898-LE; 37127/134/135 BR;37138/290/ 294-CF; 47029/033/143/144/145/565/567-LA;47553-LE.

Scottish Region : 08442-AY;08718/725-HA;08726/728-AB;08730-ML;08736-ED; 20042/090/108/109/110/120/121/215-HA; 20086/l00/104/111/152/156/171/175/179/184/191/197/198/199/201-ED;25226-E,D;37011/025/035/050/292-ED;47012/ 013/ 018/ 108 /160/163/209-HA; 47461-ED.

03064/067/107/121/168;08028/093/174/182/184/231/252/302/353/553, 08560/864;13002;20003/ 029/061/127;25038/039/041/066/071 /162/291/305;31122/139/167/193/194/211/228/280/298/305/309/326; 40016/023/031/037/067/070/78/098/120/125/134/149/165/ 175 /176 /178;45011/27/31/35;46033/55;55012;97020.


LOCOMOTIVES RE-INSTATED : 08547-YK 08559-SF 20042-HA 25168-CD

LOCOMOTIVE RENUMBERED : 06003 to 97804 (RG Signal Works)

LOCOMOTIVES-BOILER ISOLATED : 31156/256/219 37050/099 40065/184 47066/421

LOCOMOTIVES-AIR BRAKES FITTED 08663/686/726/728/736/785








Eastern Region :
50386,51478/482/493,56119/6429/6470/6422-NR;51208/6374-HT;59070/9200 59524/9569-DN;59216-NL

Scottish Region : 50185/86/87/94/0234/39/42/45/68, 50778/0814,59049/53/73/80/9112, 50192-HA;59068-DE.

London Midland Region : 50316/34,59538-TS;50776 50809-NH.

Western Region : 50083 51399 59500LA01052/80 59282-CF;51057/58/87 51100 59414/18-RG.

WITHDRAWN : 50352/78/82/83,50550/57/80/82/96,50778/89,50805,51254/74/83,51485/89,51848,  51982,56107/21 /42/85,56425/27/73/74/80/48,59135/36/59,59221/41. 

RENUMBERED : 51984 to 59837;51976 to 59838; 51975 to 59839.

28683 29282 29713

by 55015

On Wednesday July 29th. HRH Prince Charles married the blushing bride Lady Diana Spencer (HA), and the whole country watched the event either live or on TV. Well, at least that Is what should have happened, but some wonderful person at BR Eastern Region headquarters thought otherwise. Why not induce the few hundred (?) people not interested In the event onto the railway by offering a 2 ticket for the day which despite some limits on its use still covered a wide area.
Determined to put my days holiday to good use I purchased such a ticket and made for the 07-59 DMU from Mexborough to Doncaster. Not really knowing how many bargain hunters anti-Royalists, bashers, etc. would be out for the day, I was a little perturbed when the usual 2 Car DMU rolled In 5 minutes late strengthened to 4 Cars and still bursting at the seams. Cleethorpes must be a popular destination I thought as we swayed on, London commuter-like to Doncaster. On arrival I looked across to platform 4 and was amazed at the football match type crowd awaiting the 08-23 to Aberdeen, and on looking across to platforms 1 and 3 a similar crowd was waiting.
Now I know that 'Deltics' are very popular machines but surely all these people didn't require 55017 'The Durham Light Infantry' for haulage. But sure enough they all piled on and away we went. After picking up similar sized mobs at Selby and York the train now seemed to be carrying about 4 times the available capacity, and Northwards we went, the Guard (sensible chap) deciding not to*'grip'. .Berwick, the Northern extremity of the ticket has never seen a crowd like it according to the station staff as the hordes of humanity detrained and left train 1S12 almost empty for its onward journey to Aberdeen.
I, along with most of the other enthusiasts then returned South on the next train, a Deltic of course) and proceeded to travel on full and overflowing trains for the rest of the day. On returning home even the 21-20 DMU from Doncaster which normally carries the proverbial 3 men and a dog was full to capacity. The News that night then showed pictures of the happy couple boarding their train, hauled by 73142 'Broadlands', (obviously required for haulage). If the Eastern Region have got over the shock yet, I hope they see fit to introduce another such ticket on the next big Royal event, then we can enjoy again another 'Royal Awayday'.

I am writing this as I approach the first anniversary of my initiation into the predominantly male pastime of trainspotting (I use this term although I am told again and again that 'we are railway enthusiasts not trainspotters').
During the last year I have learnt a whole new language including such words as haulage, bashing ,bogies, and cabbing, and I have come to recognise Deltics, Duffs, Whistlers, and Peaks to name but a few. I have also realised that trainspotters aren't necessarily small boys who spend their pocket money sitting on their local station platforms collecting numbers at weekends, they're full grown men who spend their hard earned cash on All Line Railrovers so they can sit on distant platforms collecting numbers on their holidays.
I would never have dreamt this time last year that I would be seen racing up and down platforms (much to the obvious amusement of many a BR Guard) or that I would travel the country hanging out of train windows, all because I couldn't bear to miss a number.
I have now come to expect funny looks from male spotters when I swap details or from Guides when being shown around some depot and more than one passenger has received a caustic reply when praising my husband for training (no pun intended) me to write down 'his' numbers.
Finally, following a recent trip around Donny Works, I took a long, slow look at myself and realised that if running around taking pictures of locos in an attempt to take the slide competition by storm, as well as taking numbers, is a sign of being one of that peculiar breed, then I confess - I'm a 'Trainspotter'.


Even on Friday 17th.July 1981 it still seemed Incredible to believe that the last hours of the Woodhead rail link were upon us. The Manchester-Sheffield-Wath (MSW) electrified system had had so many narrow escapes in the preceding months that a peaceful, planned closure seemed unlikely,
After the drama of the accidents at Dinting In March and Hadfield In April, there followed action by the rail unions leading to the reprieve of the line from closure from 1st.June to 20th.July and then with little over a week to go it seemed that nature had brought a premature end. On 9th. July a freak rainstorm in the Longdendale Valley had caused a landslip over the track between Crowden and Torside. Local BR management deemed that the line should not be repaired yet amazingly the BRB over-ruled this decision, the line was repaired and normal operations resumed for the final week.
Rumours were rife in February 1981 that the Class 76 locomotives would be replaced by diesels before closure and such stories continued to circulate into the final week. On this last afternoon I was informed by a contact in Sheaf House that all Bo+Bos had been diagrammed to Guide Bridge and so there would be no more electric hauled trains worked by Rotherwood or Wath men, but Guide Bridge crews were expected to work normally during the evening and night. The unknown factor being whether or not Class 76operation would continue to the end. It was with this knowledge that my wife and I set off for our last session of watching trains over Woodhead. We decided to go to the most convenient parking place at the heart of the MSW, Dunford Bridge. Here a fine view is afforded into the Eastern portal of the Woodhead tunnel and of the stretch of track through Dunford station and away curving Eastwards towards Hazelhead.
We arrived at Dunford at 19-45 with the sunshine we had encountered driving through Sheffield having given way to more gloomy conditions with black clouds threatening over the other side of the Pennines. What a surprise it was to find about 30 cars parked in the disused station yard around the Dunford West signalbox .As expected enthusiasts had been out in force throughout the day but as I parked a number were leaving and I soon discovered that there was a general belief that with all Bo+Bos west of the Pennines, all remaining trains would be diesel-hauled.
Having spent a considerable number of evenings at various locations along the line during the past few months it was not surprising that I should see someone I knew amongst the large number of 'spectators' present. He told me that the last train had been at 16-45,a Westbound MGR hauled by 76010 + 76016.This had been followed by a couple of light electries,76051 at 17-35 and 76022 some 15 minutes later. A power failure earlier in the afternoon had necessitated halting all traffic at either end of the tunnel and obliging drivers had allowed a number of enthusiasts to undertake the journey of a lifetime in the cab of a Class 76 through the tunnel.
Ironically we had not been at Dunford for 10 minutes when there was word from the box that an 'Up train' was 'on line'. There was a frenzy of activity as photographers moved to vantage points .What, I wondered would be the motive power? The next five minutes seemed endless as I peered Into the tunnel. Eventually two white lights became visible and the lack of sound indicated that it was electric haulage, but it was approaching very slowly and it was 20-11 when 2x76s emerged from the darkness heading the Trafford Park - Parkeston Quay (6E85) 'Speedlink'. They stopped momentarily and then crawled into the station and halted by the box. Cameras clicked as 76014 + 76006 stood with a train of long vans, small tankers, and empty car transporters. The driver was receiving Instructions to proceed, but with the passing of this train normal working was to be resumed with the effects of the power failure cleared. The train left at 20-15.
It was then a matter of waiting in increasingly dismal conditions as the cloud cover thickened. Although one or two cars arrived more departed and so gradually ranks began to thin. Patience was rewarded at 21~00 when a shout from the signalbox said that another 'Up train' was en route, and in a sharp shower 76016 + 76010 raced through at 2128 with 8E73 Dewsnap-Tinsley mixed freight.
Soon there was news of another 'Up train' due although it was too dark for photographs, but there was still sufficient twilight to see clearly and the lights of the box illuminated the scene. At 21-50 76007 + 76012 came out of the tunnel with 32 empty HAA hoppers on a special Fiddlers Ferry - Mansfield/Shirebrook (6Z81).
There was still a fair number of enthusiasts around the box but numbers could not compare with those now enjoying themselves In the nearby 'Stanhope Arms' which stands on the Southern side of the station overlooking the line. Patrons had been arriving throughout the evening and I gathered that a local hunt was holding a dinner, so no doubt making this one of the last social occasions of the year. With a friendly signalman I was able to ascertain that no more trains were due and so we took the opportunity of calling in the 'Stanhope'. The lights and laughter contrasted sharply with the gloom of the railway.
Our stay was brief and by the time we had returned the Down signal had turned to green to herald the approach of the first Westbound train for over 5 hours ! With darkness almost total it was necessary to take advantage of the bright light shining from the box over the line in order to read the locomotive numbers and determine the type of wagons on the train. There was the unmistakable purr of a diesel as it battled against the gradient as 47411 appeared with a Freightliner of 15 vehicles at 22-27 on 4Z63,a Stourton - Garston 'extra'.
Before long, the Down signal again turned to green and at 22-50 76006 + ?6014 eased past with 6M46 Barnsley Jcn. - Fiddlers Ferry consisting of the usual 30 HAA hoppers. The signalman called out that this was Wood head's last MGR train as it was scheduled to leave Barnsley Jcn. at 03-44.We returned to sit In the car. A few enthusiasts had returned to the yard after visiting the 'Stanhope'-but gradually cars began to depart as there was no sign of further activity on the line. Looking Eastwards down the line one could only see blackness yet the valley would at times be dominated by the sound of bawdy singing from the *'Stanhope'. The local hunt was in fine voice and songs such as 'De ye ken John Peel' were thumped out over this sad, isolated spot. Nevertheless, the irony of the situation was soon forgotten as the Down signal returned to green and the regular diesel - hauled Freightliner 4M55 Newcastle - Trafford Park approached. Its 2 x Class 37s were not making such heavy weather of the climb as I had seen on occasions in the past. The leading loco had its horn sounded as it swept past at 23-54,with 37064 + 37094 conveying 20 vehicles.
Midnight arrived and there was news of a pair of light engines following the Freightliner. Within moments their lights were visible, as they slowly approached the box, with the signal still red as the Freightliner had still not cleared Torside, the next manned signalbox to the West. Electrics 76012 + 76007 halted nearby at 00-01but a minute later the road ahead cleared and they continued their journey towards the light of the tunnel.
The general air temperature had increased during the past hour, but this few degrees of extra warmth brought the first signs of the old enemy of these desolate parts. the fly. Fortunately at 00-20 76010 + 76016 rattled through the old station with 23 mineral wagons on 6M10 Tinsley - Warrington. So, yet again there was a situation of no electrics on the Eastern side of 'the hill. However there was hardly time to dwell on the point as at 00-28 76028 swept through the arc of light coming from the box as It gathered speed in the descent towards Sheffield heading a train of 30 mineral wagons on 8E43 Dee Marsh - Tinsley.
The burst of activity was over and we returned to the car for what was to be the longest wait of the night. The 'Stanhope' was closed and the few enthusiasts had dwindled to ourselves, a man from Leeds who had now parked next to us, another man who was parked someway down the yard and a youth from Stoke-on-Trent who had travelled by motorbike and had settled in the signalbox for the night. Towards 02-15 1 decided to pay my first visit of the night to the Dunford West signalbox. Signalman Mathers was busily explaining the workings of the box to the motorcyclist and I listened as he referred to the box's diagram which covered the track from Dunford East westwards to a point 1002 yards inside the tunnel.
Suddenly a bell rang and Mr. Mathers announced that 6E80 was on its way, this being the Ince - Barton-on-Humber anhydrous ammonia tanker train. This had made national news last April when one of the tankers had overturned in Hadfield station and fears of leakage of this lethal chemical necessitated the evacuation of nearby residents. At 02-55 76014 + 76006 burst from the darkness with a train of 7 tankers which were separated from the locomotives and guards van by a long flat truck at each end. Soon another train was offered by Torside, the return Trafford Park - Newcastle Freightliner,4E71 and at 03-11 47341 passed with 20 vehicles. Once again the waiting was brief as Mr. Mathers signalled 8M26 Tinsley - Warrington and at 03-18 76028 rounded the curve with a train of mineral wagons.
On returning to the signalbox Mr. Mathers Informed me that another train was on its way from Torside, 6Z82.Mr.Mathers commented on all the additional trains which had run In the past couple of weeks, referring to these trains as 'Zebras'. Soon 56063 (or at least that Is what we thought it was) hurtled through at 03-23 with a train of 32 empty HAA hoppers. This frenzy of activity had not ended as there was already news from Huddersfield Jcn. of another Westbound train,6M27 Immingham - Runcorn. I knew from 'Inside information' that this train would be diesel-hauled, worked by Rotherwood men, as Bo+Bos were no longer available to them. Soon 37219 came to a halt by the box at 03-33 with the Down signal still showing red as the previous train had not cleared Torside. The crew stared in amazement at the sight of a group of people standing by the line at this time In a morning. Soon the lined cleared and the train, consisting of 11 ICI tankers moved off Into the night.
For the first time in an hour nothing was 'on line', but soon Torside offered another 'Zebra', 6Z64 Garston - Mansfield. The first signs of dawn were already In the eastern sky as 47381 charged past at 04-01 with a train of 30 HBA hopper wagons.
Back in the box, Mr. Mathers gathered reports from Control that the end was nearing with only one more train scheduled,6M62 Parkeston Quay - Edge Hill 'Speedlink' referred to as the 'car man' as it usually contained transporters with imported cars amongst its mixed traffic. This would presumably be hauled by 76006 + 76014 as they were the only electrics on this side of the Pennines, Mr. Mathers speculated that the train would leave Rotherwood at any time, reaching Dunford at around 05-00.The most Intriguing question was whether this would be the last train or whether the final working would be 37219 returning light engine to Rotherwood.
At 04-20 we heard that 6M62 was on its way, and some 15 minutes later knew it would be the last train for information from the Manchester Division was that 37219 on 6M27 had still not reached Guide Bridge as It had suffered engine failure. Daylight was almost fully established when at 04-45 a bell rang and the train was offered by Huddersfield Junction. It was accepted and similarly offered to and accepted by Torside and then the Down signal went to green for the last time. At 05-02 bells rang to say the historic train had now entered the section of line controlled by Dunford West Signalbox. It was time to take up a suitable position to watch the last train enter the Woodhead Tunnel. The sky in the east was pink in colour with sunrise only moments away as the lights of the leading locomotive came Into view. As the train approached the Dunford box the driver gave a long blast on the horn. I glanced at my watch, it was 0508-2L) and then 76006 + 76014 swept through the platforms at a fairly fast speed with their train of Polybulk vans, small tankers, Ferrywagon containers and long vans. Within seconds it had gone. We dashed to watch the tall lamp move away in the tunnel but It was soon to be lost as the first rays of sunlight fell on to the portal.
We walked back to the box to thank Mr. Mathers for his hospitality. He was busily going through the procedure to close the box and at 05-16 he turned off the tunnel lights. We drove away from the station yard towards the main Woodhead road, the sun was now high in the sky and it was promising to be another pleasant summer day. Yet for Dunford no day would ever be the same again with the last train now gone, and similarly by this time (about 05-35) the last train would have passed through the Longdendale Valley. The Woodhead route had closed and Class 76 operation had ended.


The Autumn programme of meetings at the Grapes Hotel, Trippet Lane, Sheffield is as follows : Tuesday 13th.October,John Sanderson will be showing a selection of slides taken around the Sheffield area, while on. Tuesday 10th.November we stage our leg of the PENNINE SHIELD quiz. The 1981 programme concludes on Tuesday 8th. December with a slide night, the speaker to be announced. All Pennine members are welcome to    attend, and meetings commence at 19-45.
In view of alternative attractions (Sheffield Wed. v Rotherham) there was a good turn out at our September meeting for the members slide night. A variety of topics were shown including slides on canals and some excellent aircraft shots, courtesy of David Bladen. JackDavis


First prize 5,second prize 1third prize 2.
Entries should reach Tony Caddick, the Magazine Editor by 39th.November 1981.
Don't forget, you may still win a prize even if you haven't got all the answers correct. Thanks to Bryan Dawes for THE CROSSWORD




1 Charles's delight (4,5,7.)
8 - Is this depot a burden bearer (2)
9 D1668 (5)
11 - A great egg carried by Foster Yeoman (9)
13 Iron out this team of Class 50s (5)
16 Pigeon heard back at this W.R. depot (3)
17 D.R. river found on W.R. station (7)
19 Famous area of London found in Birmingham. (4)
21 Birmingham station seen on Class 47 (10)
22 - Class 1 (1,1,1)
24 - This depot might make you laugh (2)
25 - A withdrawn Cloud (6)
- Recently opened LMR station (9)
29 - 240w Loco builders (1,1)
30 - Last seen sweeping between Leicester and Nottingham (5)
31 - You won't find this one on a GWR Castle (7)
33 - AM FM Phone (1,1)
34 - Con ----(4)
36---BR engineers department (1,1,1)
38 - ---GREEN M&GN Jt. (3)
39 - Regiments on Race Horses (6)
42 - SR depot (2)
43 - CCE rail equipment (6)
44 - Fathers depot (2)


1 - This loco is a roaring success (4)
2 - Yard at York (10)
3 - Operated by magnets (1,1,1)
4 - Victoria line Is worked by this method (1,1,1)
5 - High point of locomotives (4)
6 - 1004 (6,2,8)
7 - Part of 55019 (5)
10 - Formerly known as 32A (7,6)
11 - An LNER Pregrouping company not in the GER (1,1,1)
14 - Steel town (10)
15 - Peak found in 1 Across (4)
18 - Life begins with this sound (9)
20 - You have to go back to this ScR depot (2)
23 - Class 6 (1,1,l)
26 - Locomotives win, this famous works (5)
27 - In this Northern depot (2)
28 - When mashed they tend to bang (3)
32 - 33 Across reversed in the morning (4)
35 - Local engineering department (1,1,1)
36 - Depot found in 36 Across (2)
37 - Former code of ER depot (2)
38 - I go back to this depot (2)
40 & 41 - American organisation found parked in a couple of ER depots (2,2)


A new 1.3 million carriage maintenance depot is to be built at Inverness and should be open by 1983.The new depot will be built between the existing carriage cleaning and locomotive sheds. It will handle the full maintenance of 150 passenger coaches used on services between Inverness and Glasgow-Edinburgh, Kyle of Lochalsh, Wick and Thurso, and Aberdeen as well as stock on the 'Clansman', Motorail and sleeper services. The new depot will replace the present outdoor facilities which are not really conducive to the Highland climate.


Around 500 fans, riders, officials and mechanics from Swindon 'Robins' Speedway team packed a special charter train to Edinburgh, bikes and all, for their away meeting at the Scottish capital's Powderhall Stadium. The special was the Idea of one of the Swindon riders who could not face the prospect of driving to Scotland and back for another match in Swindon the next night (an everyday occurrence for the professional speedway rider). The trip was an outstanding success, and the train journey obviously agreed with the Swindon team, who beat Edinburgh by 2 points.
On September 5th the Ipswich Supporters Presentation Ltd. and Kings Lynn Speedway Club both organised special trains to Wembley Central in connection with the World Speedway Final.


Observed recently indulging in a spot of 'Deltic Bashing' was the Rt. Hon. Dennis Healey MP the former Labour Chancellor. He was seen enjoying the company in the first coach of train 1L44,the 16-05 Kings Cross-York hauled by 55022 'Royal Scots Grey'. Our Westminster correspondent reports that Dennis required 'RSG' for haulage. 


Congratulations are in order for one of our Mexborough punters after a recent visit to the Third Test at Headingley. On the third day (Saturday) after a visit to the beer tent and with England in an almost hopeless position he decided to have a 50p flutter on England to win at 500/1.As members will know thanks to the efforts of I.T.Botham and R.G.D.Willis, the impossible happened and the Australians were humiliated along with the bookies. As a. result of this our Treasurer is thinking of taking up Golf instead of racing.

Competition No.26

First prize was won by ion Davis of Sheffield, second prize by Mr.M.Bell of Ossett, and third prize by Ian Shenton of Rothwell, Leeds.
Three all correct entries were received so either we have three very clever members or the last quiz was too easy. After giving the problem much thought and after consulting the rest of the Committee It was decided that the fairest way to deal with this and future ties was to hold a random draw at the next Society meeting after the quiz closure date. At the August meeting each correct entry was placed In a plain envelope and the draw made by three 'volunteers'.


1- Blackpool Central
2- January 2nd.1967
3- 1963
4- Sheffield United
5- 56084
6- New Pudsey
7- 37119
8- Velocipede/The Manchester Regiment
9- 523-1/2 miles
10- Shrewsbury
11- January 6th.1968
12- Three, Doncaster, Peterborough, Kings Cross.
13- Western Huntsman
14- True
15- Witton
16- 65mph.
17- 47460
18- 55008 'The Green Howards'
19- Caradoc
20- May ist.1967.


Protest is mounting in Edinburgh to BR's decision to change the name of Waverley Station to simply Edinburgh. BR took the decision in the mid 1960s when they abolished other station names in favour of the names of towns the stations served. At that time Waverley had recently been fitted with new name boards so it was decided the name Waverley would be kept until the boards were replaced, which is now due. A petition Is now circulating amongst local people who want the name to stay as it is.


With the opening of the Humber Bridge on Wednesday 24th June 1981, the BR operated ferry ran for the last time. The last public trip on the 'Farringford' was In the evening at a special price with a commemorative ticket pronouncing 'the last public sailing of the Humber Ferry Service after 150 years of crossing the Humber estuary between Hull and New Holland. A wreath was thrown overboard containing the names of all the vessels which had operated the service.


Our appearances at Open Days so far this year has been very successful and we thank all members for their valuable help. With more events to come soon, including Old Oak Common on 20th.September and Barrow Hill on 4th.October our stocks are becoming a little depleted so again, if members have anything of interest they would like to donate, please contact any Committee member. Thanks.


Do you want one of your photographs on the front cover of TRANS-PENNINE ? If so, and you have black and white photographs (negatives preferred), then please send them to Tony Caddick, the Magazine Editor. All photographs will be treated with the utmost care and we will ret urn them to you almost Immediately.

One of BR's oldest main line locomotives 44004 'Great Gable' built in 1959 has been taken over by the Peak Locomotive Preservation Society. The loco, repainted in its original all-green livery at Toton is to run on the Midland Railway Centre's three mile track near Ripley. The loco has been given its original number D4.


No.14- DONCASTER WORKS 14th.June 1981
Paint Shop-37080/194 50036;
Yard-03078 31165/221 37019/022/024/132 37167/267 50041 55005/0o6 56007/092;
4 Bay-03158 31266 37228/246 50033/39/45 56014;
2 Ba-31117/285 37014/020/091/216 55019;
Dismantling Shop-37292 50031;
Test House-50040 
New Erecting Shop-56091/093;
DMUs- 50865/6070/0485/1207/9064/0631/2079/0280/9382/0004/0277/9180/9236/9250/0642/2095, 50284/0227/0360/9372/1968/1552/1431/971o/6370/1218/6065/9231/9101/9085/6458/1817, 51283/2085/2068/9819/2075/1501/0180/2082/0006/0275/6006.

 MPD- 08031/114/136/184/247/331/607/734/745/876, 31147/202/253/283/284, 37016/040/097/168, 40013/088, 47110/291/292/370/409, 56001/011,
DMU's 50573/9201/92O9/05~4/1955/1286, 56444/1828.

No.15- TOTON & DERBY WORKS 20th.June 1981.
Toton-08021/275/292/320/685/741/829/894. 20016/041/044/067/068/070/073/077 20113/136/139/ 142/143/147/148/ 157/158 /160/173/1~6/178/180 181/187/190/193/196; 25066/097, 25118,25234/235 48/251/282/307/321; 31152/292; 37172/213; 40098; 44004/8;45004/26/37/40/42/44/49/58/65/68/71; 45112/17/20/34/37/49; 46039; 47201/256/421/447/452; 56036/42/48/51/53/60/61/ 62/54/70/71/72/86; M50949 M56232.
Derby Works-08014/149/609/612; 20042; 25043/092/994/095/144/178/215/217/250/288/295/316; 44007; 45110/23/30/33/35/36/48; 46053; H,3T-43010/11/60761/68/69/72/73; APT-49003/5
Derby MPD - 08181/303/454/455/462/536/573/598/622/623/899; 20170/192; 25104; 45101; 47339

No.16- SCOTLAND 4th.July 1981.
Haymarket-08565/717/720/755; 20100/202/221/226; 25064/072/082; 26002/5/12/14/18; 40009/061/064/165; 46028; 47108/163/217/272/274/488/518/561/703/704/707/711; 55016;
Motherwell-08321/326/731/732/883; 20099/114/117/123; 25033/229/240/292; 27030; 37018/050/056/133/144/148/150/237; 40006/173/178; 47141.
Hamilton-08192; DMUs-52019/0873/1996/0889/9801/9347/2015/0836/1989/1987/9793/1992/2020, 50803/2002/0825/9329/ 2021/0879/9782/9337/1998/9798/9797.
Eastfield-Steam 60009, Diesels-08196/402/442/621/727/733/735/736/754/764 851;20078/118 156/159/191 201;  25037/227/230/231/233/237/244; 26031/35; 27004/18/22/27/33/34/38/43, 27111/112; 37021/027/033/037/043/081/111/112/151;
40056; 47051/2061424/461.
Glasgow Works-08077/314/718/721; 20120/138 153/207/219/224; 25068; 26001/4/10/22/30/46; 27007/9/23/28/44; 27106/201/202/203/ 206, EMU 029/50/72/84/89/103/109;
DMU - 51456/9555/1520/1784/0745/1535/1244/2011/9061/9042/0176/0143/1239/2030/1999.

No.17- DONCASTER WORKS 2nd.August 1981.
Paint Shop-56095/097;
Yard-03063 31137/223 37055/082/103/156/167/267 55005/11/12 56058/96;
4 Bay-31109 37024/153/211/292 55019 56024
2 Bay-03078/158 31266 37228 50008/31/33/39/40/41 56014;
Test House-37117 56094;
Dismantling Shop-31199/403;
Scrap Line-03064 E51003;
Construction-58001 (frame only)
DMU-56205/6044/'9231/9770/0019/6451/2075/1221/9824/0612/2066/0373/1841/0987/6270/1951/ 9107/9808/0020 /0212/ 0283/ 0645/1196/6491/6458/1976/6006/0280/1207/6389/1924/1817/ 52047/0006/0644/0180/6411/1218/1236/0167/9101/0262/0497.
MPD-08031/114/115/136/331/420/607/776; 31107/175/189/219/2401/2471 37036/065/087/131; 40080; 46045;  47222/292/305/370/ 414/542; 50032; 56002; D.YU-50151/0261/90?~,,.

TRIPS REPORT No.18- LONDON 5th.September 1981
Stratford- 03161/168/397; 03241/257/269/48/409/413/417/422/482/494/518/519/521/531/550 08554/698/724; 31110/115/151/169/185/208/225/262/411/417; 37023/034/041/057 37102/110/115/121/130/215/245/246/259/260/261/263; 40067/070; 47004/004/009/017/018/041/144/255/276/406/412; 47521/525/566/568/571/579/580/582; 56030; ADB 968002/016; EMU 315837/857; DMU-50920/9335/0 364/0845/6420/6122/0368 50365/6126/0370/6455/6143/0360/9375/0898/0844/0369/6457/0362/6416/0367/0588 56138/6449/0359/6415/0363/6423/6414/0578/0560/9225.
Stewarts Lane-73005 73107/8/13/14/20/26/32/33; 09007; EMU 7139 68010 6167 411514 5042  5176 1587.
Willesden-08036/235/511/682/886/934; 25088/095 153 184 190; 81001/17; 85009/11/12;86007/30; 86204/211/221/224/ 225/235, /236/237/238/249/258/322; 87002/7/11/13/25.
Old Oak Common-08630/794/798/825/936/944/947; 31121/124/158/165/213/2~0/273/412/414 416 31419/42 1/422; 47054/059/063/075/082/243/509/513; 50004/17/28/29/38Y46. HST W43028/41.


The average WR commuter is probably too busy reading his copy of the 'Sun' tucked into the 'Financial Times' to notice that his train is often hauled by one of the superb Class 50s.Such was the case on 10th.August when 50002 'Superb' was noted on 1A43 (07-28 Oxford-Paddington) .On the following Friday 50029 'Renown' worked the same train. Below is a: list of rush-hour trains noted at Reading that morning:
1A17 (06-41 Newbury-Paddington) 47556 : 1A13 (06-32 Oxford-Paddington) 47282
1A23 (07-03 Oxford-Paddington) 47171 : 1A21 (07-10 Newbury-Paddington) 47076
1A27 (07-15 Oxford-Paddington) 47105 : 1A33 (06-42 Westbury-Paddington) 50043
1A43 (07-28 Oxford-Paddington) 50029 : 1A45 (07-47 Oxford-Paddington) 50007
1A47 (08-15 Newbury-Paddington) 50027 : 1A57 (08-00 Oxford-Paddington) 50013
The same day 1B84 (13-27 Paddington-Penzance) produced more fireworks with 50019 'Ramillies' in charge. The train was terminated at Plymouth where lucky passengers for the far West boarded the 10 coach local train to Penzance 2B36 (17-45 Plymouth Penzance) hauled by 50009 'Conqueror'. The loco later worked back on 1A07,21-35 overnight, #wedge-out' to Paddington.
Class 50 departures from Paddington on the following day,15th.August included 50042 'Triumph' on 1M10 (06-20 Paddington-Manchester);50001 'Dreadnought' on 1B78 (12-50 Paddington-Worcester) and 50043 'Eagle' on 1M07 (13-50 Paddington-Liverpool). Just for a change train 1A43 (07-28 Oxford-Paddington was hauled by 31210/259.
On 16th.blay 47213 arrived In Bath with an excursion from the Doncaster Division, while on 19th.May 47213 worked a similar train to Oxford.

The following were noted on Ayr MPD on 20th June : 08344/345/446/827, 20039/118/124/146/156, 25079, 27002/14, 27109, 37054/111, 40024/084, DMUs 51040/1035 51529/1787/1012/9685/1015/1024/9396/1043/1047/1026/1038/1020.
On 11th.August the 06-00 Glasgow Q.St.-Mallaig (1B07) departed 40 minutes late behind 37012 after waiting for the overnight Euston portion to arrive behind reliveried 37027.The train was banked up Cowlairs in spectacular fashion by 27104.Later the same day at Perth the 12-40 Inverness-Edinburgh (1G73) arrived 10 minutes down behind 26028/040. The following day Aberdeen played host to 2 Deltics when first 55015 'Tulyar' worked in on 1S12 (05-50 Kings Cross-Aberdeen). The train was 30 minutes late due to being diverted via Leeds City, a derailment at Bentley, Doncaster having blocked the main line. The engine then worked back on 1E26 (16-30 Aberdeen-Leeds) and was passed just. South of Stonehaven by 55010 'The Kings Own Scottish Borderer' on 1A38 (14~55 Edinburgh-Aberdeen) before working 1C20 (18-23 Aberdeen-Edinburgh) and then 11143 (20-35 Aberdeen-Kings Cross) from Edinburgh to Newcastle before being replaced by a 'wagon' 46049.
On Sundays 2nd.August and 23rd.August 55021 worked special trains to Oban hauling a Mk III Push/Pull set.


On 13th.August the 11-10 Waterloo-Exeter (1V11) was hauled by 50038 'Formidable' with 50048 'Dauntless' working the 13-10 (1V13).The 13-10 Salisbury Waterloo (1L92) was formed of TC sets 426 and 428 pushed by 33108.Noted on a Westbound stone train at Salisbury was 47330 while 09016 was the station pilot.
As 4-EPB Class 415 Units are being sent for facelifting they are being reformed with other units by swopping their open saloon trailer for a compartment trailer. The two compartment trailers in each unit sent for facelifting are then converted to open saloon trailers as part of the facelifting programme and leave a unit in service with two open saloon trailers. This is done to remove compartment trailers from service as soon as possible. All saloon 4-EPBs in service so far are; 5049,5104,5113, 5114,5138.5157,5176,5185,5196.5226,5229,5242,5264.

On Friday 31st.JulY 40136 hauling 2J64 (12-40 Blackpool -Manchester Victoria) was replaced at Preston by 25304.There was a sad sight at Stafford on 6th August when 40015 was seen hauling 4 of its class,40120,40125,40144,4,0179 south presumably on their way to Swindon. The four were seen a few days later at Gloucester. Noted at Saltley on 25th.August were 08067/o68/103/635/647,31270,45o16,47o49/482, and 50045 in ex-works condition.
A visit to the Manchester area on Sunday 2nd.August produced the following
locomotives : Reddish - 25104, 40004 009 01550/076/099/127/140/143/144/179,47009.
Longsight - 08602/891/906, 03,47015/189/463.
Newton Heath - 08129/675/676/, 25179, 40046/120/125/177.
Wigan - 08273/297/299/302/355/691. 25089/249/279/298, 4,0010/029/033/131/134/136, 47348/465.
Buxton - 08283, 45049/72.
On 16th.June 47468 failed between Hatton and Warwick while working the 07-20 Liverpool-Poole. The train was pushed Into Leamington by 47220 which was following with an excursion from the Doncaster Division bound for Oxford. The failed 47 was removed at Leamington in favour of 47012.
On 16th.August Deltic 55007 'Pinza' made a rare appearance into Midland territory when it worked the 15-40 York-Liverpool.

The Woodhead route finally closed in July 1981 but up until closure incidents were abundant. On 5th.June the MSW electrified system was affected by a derailment at Darnall, at about 03-45 when an Orgreave-Frodingham coke train, headed by a pair of Class 31s became derailed whilst negotiating the points at Darnall West Junction. Seven wagons were derailed, two electric overhead supports demolished and 300 yards of wire damaged, and all lines were blocked. The power supply was cut off from Woodburn Junction to Rotherwood, with the following electrics trapped-13&26,14,33,40,54. MSW traffic continued, but only using Tinsley Yard. By 8th.June the wires had been repaired and power restored to Rotherwood. During June 76003 and 76036 remained stored serviceable at Reddish and 76015/29/30 remained in an unserviceable condition, although not officially withdrawn. Active members of the fleet were 76006-14.16,21-28, 76031-35,37-410,51,54.However 76008 was last used on 5th.June and 76013 on 11th.June 76028 though serviceable did not appear in traffic in the month, remaining at Wath as the spare locomotive. In June the level of traffic on the MSW appeared to be remaining consistent.26 MGR trains from Wath/Barnsley Junction were planned to operate to Fiddlers Ferry in both the weeks ending 6th.June and 13th.June.
Final death knell for the line came at the NUR Annual Conference at St.Andrews when the NUR amended union policy in relation to the closure of lines. They would now 'fight* closures as opposed to taking strike action. The fate of the MSW was sealed and the route was closed on 20th.July 1981.
On 9th. July a landslip In the Longdendale Valley between Crowden and Torside threatened to bring an early closure of the route. BR officials from the Manchester Division decided re airs were not worthwhile, but this was over-ruled by the BRB. On 10th.JulY 76011724 were derailed at Rotherwood, but were re-railed later that day. On the last day of working, Saturday 18th.July the only locomotives classified as
active were 76006/7/10/12/14/16/21/22/25/26/27/28/31/32/33/34/35/38/39/51/54,and the only ones to see service after midnight on 17/18th.July were 76006/7/10/12/14/16/28. The final train over Woodhead was 6M62 Parkeston Quay-Edge Hill worked by 76006 and 76014,departing from Rotherwood at 04-15 and passing Dunford Bridge at 05-081.
No more Class 55 Deltic withdrawals have taken place since 55012 'Crepello, was withdrawn on 18th.May.Withdrawals are expected to commence at the end of the Summer timetable with the dreaded extinction date being Jan.1st.1982.The official reason for this premature demise is the usual one of 'high operating costs'. Doncaster Works does little work on the class (apart from cutting up), power unit changes now being the main task undertaken. The last intermediate repair was done last December when 55002 received its green livery. Deltic 55006 was cut up in July, but at the time of writing 55005 Is still in one piece, albeit with many parts missing, and 55012 has been moved nearer the graveyard, in the company of some scrap Deltic power units.
On 1st.June all Finsbury Park Deltics were transferred to York, and the Park closed as a Traction Maintenance Depot. Their white window surrounds were soon painted out. However the depot went out in a blaze of glory when 55009 'Alycidon' was Immaculately turned out to work the 'Deltic Fenman II' to the Nene Valley Railway on Spring Bank Holiday Monday, and the same loco worked 1L43 (16-05 Kings Cross-York) on Sunday 31st.May carrying a wreath and headboard bearing the words 'FAREWELL FINSBURY PARK'.
More HS12 workings were Introduced in the new timetable, but as if to make up for this, diversions via Carlisle, Beattock and Carstairs on Saturday overnight trains have been a regular occurence.55015 'Tulyar' has been a regular performer, noted on 6th.June and 27th.June on 1S72 (22-30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh) and on 9th.August 55018'Ballymoss' headed the train. On 15th.August 55014 covered the rout~ on 1S60 (20-00 Kings Cross Aberdeen.
On Sunday 16th.August 55007 'Pinza' worked 1M70 (York-Liverpool) returning with 1E50 (21-15 Liverpool-York) and on Friday 21st August 55009 worked 1M63 (11-50 York-Liverpool). Pinza completed the class for visits to the West (apart from 'St. Paddy' and 'Nimbus'. The only recorded visit of a Deltic to Cleethorpes was on 7th.August when 55002 worked 1DO1 (08-30 Kings Cross-Cleethorpes.
Anyone waiting for Deltic hauled overnight trains can sometimes be in for a lengthy 'fester' as the Editor found to his cost on 19th.June,the first Northbound beast being 55011 on 1S79 (23-20 Kings Cross-Aberdeen). The following Friday produced 3 consecutive Northbound workings, produced 55015,55016,and 55007,working 1360,20-00 to Aberdeen,1S66,20-15 to Edinburgh, and 1370.22-15 to Aberdeen respectively. The PENNINE'S Scottish overnight bash produced the goods when 55016 worked 1372,the 22-30 to Edinburgh.
On Sunday 12th.July no HST set could be found for the 11-35 Kings Cross Newcastle and 55016.produced with the stock of the 10-05 York train. The York train was formed of Mk.I coaches hauled by 46027 which failed at Retford and was rescued by 40069. 55016 worked the Newcastle service and the 16-45 return, achieving an 'on time' arrival in the Capital.
On 17th.July 08252 was badly damaged in a collision with Ammonia tankers at Dringhouses, catching fire, while several wagons of a PW. train hauled by 47304 were derailed in the sidings at Retford on 29th.July,31290 and lifeboats attended the scene. The same day 20186/188 were noted at Retford Low Level on a late running Skegness-Sheffield.
Another threatened species, the ultra-solid Class 40s still appear on the ECU. On 13th.July 40130 whistled North on 1S76,09-40 Kings Cross-Edinburgh, and the same working produced 40068 on 10th.August.On 13th.August 40007 worked 1A41 (21-21-Bradford-Kings Cross) and 40167 was on 1S66 (20-15 Kings Cross-Edinburgh), and. 40129 worked the 15-50 York-Liverpool on 17th.August.
A 50,50036 'Victorious' returned to the Western Region on 22nd.June on 1V93, 09-50 Edinburgh-Plymouth, and 50040 'Leviathan' did the same in July, but returned to the Works on Sunday 26th.July after working an excursion from the Western Region in tandem with 50025 'Invincible'. The return ECS of the 02-10 Manchester-Cleethorpes was noted at Doncaster on 22nd.August behind 'rat' 25321.
Main news from Doncaster Works is that 37292 is being uprated to 2000 H.P. and if successful may be fitted with ETH.37228,on Works since 7th.November 1979 with severe collision damage is at last undergoing repair. Also on Works with collision damage are 37167 and 37267 as well as 56014 which arrived In September 198O.Class 50s on Works for refurbishing include 50008/31/33/39/41.Keeping 55005/12 company on the condemned line are 03064,and DMUs 51005,51166.

For information we are indebted to Messrs Gossan ,Sanderson, Barsby, Plenty, T. Needham, T. Caddick. Lancaster, Collins, Skinner, Dewing, Palmer. Special thanks to Chris and Kathy Corroy for Class 76 information.
The next edition of TRANS-PENNINE will appear early December. All contributions should reach Tony Caddick by Friday 20th.November and will be gratefully received.