The Magazine of the Pennine Railway Society

No.35 - March 1981


May we first of all wish all our members a very happy New Year.
The New Year brings several changes on the Committee, which those who attended our Annual General Meeting will already know about. The most important changes are the resignations of Tony Booth as Promotions
Officer and Jon Davis as Magazine Editor. The resignations were accepted with regret at the AGM since both Tony and Jon had been very active throughout their terms of office.
The Committee and, I am sure ,the membership would like to extend their sincere thanks to Tony and Jon for the valuable work they have done to help put the Pennine Railway Society in the very enviable position it is today.
It has been agreed that Tony Caddick will take on the position of Magazine
Editor, whilst the post of Promotions Officer and its accompanying duties be allocated to other Committee members as appropriate.
Two members have been elected to the Committee to fill the vacancies, Dave Bladen and Sue Taylor.
These changes should make 1981 yet another successful year for our Society but you, the membership ,must give us, the Committee
your support now and in the future, and you can do this by providing items for TRANS PENNINE i.e.. rail news, articles etc. to Tony Caddick, whilst trips can only be successful with your continued support. The other major change in 1981 is the production of TRANS PENNINE. In order to maintain the high standard that members expect, it has been decided to combine the magazine with the trips list and publish quarterly in the first weeks of March, June, September, and December.
Finally, may we thank you for rejoining the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY, and hope that you have a rewarding year with us.


Welcome to the first TRANS PENNINE of 1981 and my first as Magazine Editor. I hope I can maintain the high standards of content that we have had in the past. Before I go further, I would like to thank Jon for his hard work and dedication over
few years under difficult circumstances. In the past John has often had to cry out for more information and involvement from members, and I now make a similar plea. PLEASE-remember it's your magazine and despite all the hard work of the Editor and the rest of the Committee we will falter without your support. All contributions, whether entries to quizzes, articles, sightings etc. will be greatly appreciated. At a Committee meeting in December it was decided to publish four magazines in 1981.The next magazine will be issued at the beginning of June. Well, that's enough from me. I must leave enough space in the magazine for you members! - TONY CADDICK



The first stretch of line in the Bedford/St. Pancras electrification scheme was due to go live on 12th.January. The stretch involved runs from Bromham Road bridge just north of Bedford Station, to Luton Hoo, three miles south of Luton Station. In addition to testing out the equipment, this will also enable driver training to get under way in preparation for the introduction of the new electric service planned for 1982.


According to the Scottish Region General Manager, it is planned to replace the Region's Class 25 and no locomotives with the more "versatile" Class 37s.It is said they are better suited to the Scottish terrain with its steep gradients and curves, particularly the West Highland line.

In a recent debate in the House of Commons, the Labour MP for Blackburn asked how long it will be before the 25 year-old DMU's in North Manchester and Lancashire will be replaced. The "Junior" Transport Minister's reply was to the effect that BR is refurbishing 300 DMU's a year.Cons1dering that the majority of the services in the area are worked by two-car Cravens built units, usually both are
power cars, and to date none of this type has been refurbished, it will be interesting to see if any improvements are forthcoming.
The good residents of the Dringhouses area of York are again furious over alleged violations of the Clean Air Act and again most of the blame is being heaped on the twin exhausts of the Class 55 Deltics. This is a continuation of a saga last summer when drivers were instructed to crawl towards Challoners Whin Junction before applying full power. The results of these dubious experiments are unclear as the "clouds" of black (?) exhaust would surely be transferred to another area, probably the more select area around Naburn. In a piece of fine investigative journalism, the Yorkshire Evening Post covered this story, quoting a York Councillor who also works as a driver for BR. He sa1d,“Having driven these engines for about 30 (?) years I do not think the problem
will be solved while Deltics continue running." Fortunately the paper received some
letters pointing out a number of inaccuracies including the fact that the accompanying photograph depicted a Class MO.  In defence of the class it must be said that anyone who regularly travels behind these fine machines will know just how invigorating the air is inside
Gasworks Tunnel on a northbound departure from Kings Cross.

The FA Cup 1st.round tie between Fleetwood FC and Blackpool FC played at the away club's Bloomfield Road ground produced an unusual line in Football Specials on November 22nd.198O.The rail vehicles involved were Blackpool Borough Council trams on a return Footex from Fleetwood Ferry to St. Chads Road on the promenade adjacent to the ground. The cars used were double-deckers 701,702,712,713 , the first time trams have been used on such duties since October 1961 when the Squires Gate via Lytham Road route was closed. Sadly an event which occurs all too often on BR football specials took place near the Central Pier when a group of opposing supporters hurled a bottle through an upper deck window of one of the cars on the return journey.

In a much publicised incident on the Settle and Carlisle line on August 21st.1980 a failed 40179 and its goods train had to be shunted into sidings at Garsdale by LMS "Jubilee" 5690 “LEANDER“ on the following Southbound “Cumbian Mountain Express".
However, the roles were almost reversed on Saturday November 1st. when46229 "DUCHESS OF HAMILTON" skidded to a halt just north of Settle Station while working the Northbound "CUMBRIAN MOUNTAIN EXPRESS". As if to prove that these solid and dependable engines bear no grudges, Class &0,4013# was called upon to assistant and bank the train to Garsdale where the Duchess regained its composure and carried on unassisted.

Our cover photograph this month shows Gresley A4 No. 4498,'Sir Nigel Gresley" at London Waterloo, during the locomotive exchanges during 1948.
Our thanks to Dave Wilson of Peterborough for the photograph.


Eastern Region: 03067-GD;08008-DR;08097-HM;08MO5-IM;O8413-FP;08480-BG;08553-CA;08678-TI;
370227024/048/049/103-ME;37032-TE;37039 053/055/057/085/174-SF-37228-TT-40075-GD-

London Midland Region:081 21-TO;08142-AN;08181-DY 08688-CD;08703-BS;25035-CD;25038/236~KD
25040/057/062/145-LO 25048/075-BS 25066/067/085/093/094/101/119/186-TO 25083/086/089/097/
249/254/257-SP; 25307-CW; 40009/046/082/184-LO 40062/094-KD;47188/189-CD; 47421-TO 76040 RS.

Western Region: 08259-NA 08361-MG 08364/592-LE  08787-CF =8799-MG; 08945-BZ; 08949-BR 08954-LA 47254-BR
47030-LA 47482-LE; 50039-044-LA.

Scottish Region:038346-DT; 20002/080-ED;2 5082-HA; 26019-HA; 37004/012/014/016/018/021/022/033/ 060/114-ED; 47165/177-HA; 47181-ED; 47427-HA; 47578-ED
LOCOMOTIVES WITHDRAWN: 03080;08027/052/055/080/082/084/098/126/190/194/198/213/216/281/260829473667368/435620050625002/005/006/007/010/011/026/028/040/053/055/061/063/070/099

LOCOMOTIVES ST0RED UNSERVICEABLE: 08583 08726 08736 08789 40161.

LOCOMOTIVES ST0RED SERVICEABLE: 08109 08192 08196 08286 76036

LOCOMOTIVES RENUMBERED: 47027 to 47558;47028 to 47559147034 66 47561647039 to 47565;
47047 to 47569;47168 to 47572;47174 to 47574;47172 to 47583147180 to 47584;47184 to 47585;
86011 to 86311;86013 to 86313.

LOCOMOTIVES ETH FITTED/BOILER REMOVED: 47558/559/561/565/569/572/574/583/584/585

LOCOMOTIVES-BOILER REMOVED: 31401 40170 47020 47257 47281

LOCOMOTIVES-BOILER ISOLATED: 31212 31234 37039 37035 37114



LOCOMOTIVES-NEW STOCK: 56085 56086 56087 56088 56089 all to TI.


Eastern Region: 50168/177/181;50266;50561;51115;56465:59095/59113;59218-NR.
Scottish Region: 50745;59068/072;59544/553-HA:55015;59558-ED:51227;59071/086/090:59566-DE

London Midland Region s 50203:5O316 320/330/334:51185/192/193:56080:56336/352/354:
59130/172-PI 50346;50562/590;51124 127: 56116;56432/453/463;59227-LO 50561156261;59218-NH  
50565/577:5064?/658/659/662/699:50700/705/711/715159210 216 228 260/264 265'282 292-DY:
50571/581 50661/674/691150710/723/728;51907656490159219/£69/£77/678-CH=5é2034-BX

Western Region = 51071/072/073/075/076/079/085/086/099s51101/105/107;59516/530/531/532
5953/437-CF 51310/311/325/326/370/371/372 51412/413/514/515 59471/478/479/486/490;59522-LA

To Departmental Stock: Sc55013 renumbered to TDB 975998 and allocated to YK

DMU's WITHDRAWN: 50501 50526 50568 50788 51785 52052 55988 56157 56560 59139 59182
79088 79570.

DEPOT CODES: PI  Pwllheli (temporary TMD).

Reallocations: 303051/059/050/059/066/067-CE

EMUS WITHDRAWN: 28312/318/31;/32?/332/335/335/33;/33§/35;/351/355/35;/365/366-29556755875557556/557 559/561 562 565/565 566 567 575 582 585/587 588 593. 29867/870/872/875/875/877/880/883/886/889/890/895/895/897.


Ramsgate (RE)- Cl.410: - 7011-7022¢C1.511 7101-58,7150-80.7182-7203,7205-7211
Cl 414: 6064-6173;C1.519 68001-68010;C1.523 7765'7780.7855-7869,7885-7894.

St. Leonards - (SE)  Cl.201  1001,1002,1005-07;Cl.202 1011-19,1031-32;C1.203 1035-37:
(SE) Cl.205  1105-20,1123;Cl.206 1206;Cl.207 1301-1319.

Slade Green - (SC) -Cl 415: 5035-46 5048-53 5134-405142 5144-48 5150/51 5153-66 5168-77 5179-5202 5205-17 5219-24 5226-34 5236-62 5264 5301-70
Cl 416: 5702 5703 5705-7 5710 5712-4 575 5756 5662-5 5667-79 

Brighton (BI) Class 410: 7001-10:Cl.515 6016,6018-63;C1.520 7031-51;Cl.521 7301-32, 7334-36, 7358-64.7366°7506.7527-33:01-523 7721- 0.7781-87.7800-07.7870-
Cl 427: 7901-7912.

Selhurst (SU) Cl 405:
Cl 415:  4277-81 4283-91 4293-99 .4671-75.4677-84 .4687 .4689 .4692 4693 4659-97
Cl 415: 5001-22.5024-34.5129 5131-33/49/52/78.5235.5401-04.
Cl 416: 5651-69,5753-55;C1.518 5605-35.

Bournemouth (BM)  Cl.423: 7701-20.7731-5 7737-38 7740-49:
Cl-430 3001-15:
Cl  491 :401-434

Eastleigh (EH) Cl 204: 1401-1404;
Cl.205 1101,1102 1124-33.

Wimbledon (WD) Cl 405: 4617-21/23/26-33/3539/41/43/45/48-51/53-60/66/68-70.

Fratton (FR) Cl 420: 70542-58
Cl.421: 7337-57.7407-26:
Cl 423: 7750-64

Ryde (RY) Cl 485:

Waterloo (WC) Cl 487: 51-62  71-76


On July 17th.1981,if all goes according to plan, HM The Queen will formerly open the new Humber Road Bridge, and so will herald the start of a new era in transport in Humberside. The occasion however will be tinged with sadness for many as it will also mark the end of an era, the end of the Humber Ferry service between New Holland Pier and Hull Corporation Pier.
To mark the withdrawal of the service, British Rail organised a "Humber Ferry Farewell Railtour'`, taking In not only the Humber Ferry, but also various freight only lines in Lincolnshire and Humberside.At
09.35 on 17th.January 250 enthusiasts boarded a special train at Doncaster, comprised of refurbished Derby Heavyweight DMU's, numbers E50035 E56035 E50007 E56036 E50005 E56o16,headeode 1G20jor the journey to New Holland.
The route from Doncaster was as follows:-Doncaster-Gainsborough Lea Road-Pyewipe J=.-Lincoln avoider-Greetwell Jen.-Bardney for a photo stop and a look at the unusual sign outside the "Railway Inn", showing the original Deltic with whiskers, then back along the Bardney branch-Lincoln avoider-Boultham Jcn.-West Holmes Jcn. Lincoln Central-Wrawby Jcn.-Barnetby-Brock2-esby-Ulceby,and the Immingham Light Railway, where the driver obligingly closed down so, we could get a good view of Immingham MPD, West Marsh Jcn.-Habrough Jcn.-Ulceby-Goxhill-New Holland Pier.
The 20 minute journey to Hull Corporation Pier was made on board the DEPV "FARRINGFORD'. This vessel originally worked the Isle of Wight service but was transferred to the Humber in 1974.Although carrying twice as many cars as the famous "Castle" Paddle Steamers, its predecessors on the service, "FARRINGFORD" has a greater draught, and Is thus more affected by low tides.
After 25 minutes In Hull ,"FARRINGFORD' departed for New Holland Pier, where the enthusiasts again boarded the DMU for Doncaster, this time the route being via Ulceby, Brocklesby, Wrawby Jcn., Scunthorpe ,Thorne Jcn., Bentley Jcn., and Marshgate Jcn.


I am pleased to say that we have got off to a good start with our 1981 programme at the Grapes Hotel, Trippet Lane  ,Sheffield. Trevor Dean entertained us in January with his excellent local slides, on an evening when the weather left a good deal to be desired- even so, there was a good turn out. Another good turn out in February enjoyed a mixed bag, when we held a members' slides night, the unexpected nature of the subjects covered always make this a popular feature.
Our next two meetings will be :
March 10th.-Multicoloured Steam Show -
Jack Davis
April 14th.-Old Steam Films - Eric Slater
Come along to the Grapes for an entertaining evening-we look forward to welcoming you. - Jack Davis.


Class 86 Electric,862611 is to be named after Crewe rail hero Wallace A. Oakes. Driver Oakes died in 1965 after safeguarding his passengers' lives on the Euston-Carlisle steam express.
The drama happened on June 5th.1965 as the train was approaching WInsford, 7 miles north of Crewe when an obstruction in the engines' chimney caused the exhaust to blow back filling the cab with blazing coal and scalding steam. Driver Oakes,33, severely burned, stayed at the controls and brought the train to a halt. He was rushed to hospital but died the following week. For his bravery Mr. Oakes was posthumously awarded the George Cross. The engine is to be named "DRIVER WALLACE MAKES W' at Euston on February a ceremony performed by ASLEF General Secretary ,Mr. Ray Buckton.
It Is also expected that 86260 will be named "DR1VI;,R JOHN AXON GC" who died In 1957 and was posthumously awarded the George Cross for refusing to abandon his train after its brakes failed at Chapel en le Frith, Derbyshire.


Dronfield Station was reopened on 5th.January 1981,the first regular train to stop being the 07.05 Sheffield-Chesterfield, which was formed of DMU cars E51964 E59215 E51982 E51954,whilst the first train in the opposite direction was the 08.00 Chesterfield-Sheffield which was composed of the same DMU.
British Rail Chairman Sir Peter Parker attended the official opening ceremony later in the morning, which was performed by local councillors who had been responsible for the station reopening. In connection with the opening ceremony a special train formed of DMU cars E5o633 E59380 E5o617 E50274 E59105 250287 conveyed local schoolchildren and dignitaries, to Sheffield and back after the ceremony had taken place.
The trains which call at Dronfield are the 08.00 (SX),08.15,09.02,10.40 (SO),
 15.35 SO 16.35 (S0),17.18 (SX),17.47,and 18.15 (sx) Chesterfield-Sheffield, and the 07.05 SX 07.43,08.38 (S0),10.00 (S0),15.03 (S0),16.05 (S0),16.35 (SX),17.18,and 17.45 SX Sheffield-Chesterfield, and 07.10 (SX) York-Chesterfield
Monday to Friday departures to Sheffield and evening arrivals from Sheffield have special connecting buses which run to the outlying estates in the area. Through ticketing is available on these services with the tickets also valid on Sheffield's Early Bird bus service which runs from Sheffield Station to the major business areas of the City. The whole package is marketed under the title of "Quicklink', with the actual cost of travelling via rail with its associated bus connections being very similar to the equivalent through bus fare. Added incentive discounts are being given to people who buy their tickets in advance. Season tickets are also available. The station is also to be served by Sheffield Division Merrymaker excursions.


British Rail's last steam operated line which runs from Aberystwyth to Devil's Bridge will be holding an Open Day on May Day Bank Holiday, Monday 4th.May.A number of extra trains will be run and the occasion will be the first public run 017 No.9 "PRINCE OF WALES" since its conversion to oil firing.


Delays are being experienced on the Fast Coast Main Line due to essential maintenance work on Newark Dyke Bridge, just north of Newark Northgate Station. All northbound trains must cross to the up line south of the station and cross the bridge "wrong line". Work should be complete by mid-April. At the same time, the opportunity is being taken to rebuild the downside platform at Newark Northgate since no trains can call at that platform while bridge work continues.


The PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY has again entered a team in a General Knowledge quiz competition held at the LNER Athletic Club at Swinton, Mexborough.
On 22nd.January we lost to the "Bulls Head by 24 points to 18.Our team was Tony Booth (Capt.),  Geoff Bambrough, John Sanderson, Tony Caddick, Roger Butcher, Margaret Butcher, Mike Tya3,and Dave Bladen. After being
 15-5 in arrears and receiving a severe roasting from our trainer Tom Helliwell we staged a magnificent fight back, which even resulted in our team answering the opposition's last question, on Speedway. Despite this being our specialist subject we still had a difference of opinion. but our embarrassment was spared when one Ronnie Moore answered our prayers. This defeat meant we had won only one out of three ' matches and failed to qualify for the next stage of the competition, although we now progress to the losers consolation section.
Our match in the losers section was against the "Rock Tavern" on 12th.February.
With Tony Booth unavailable, our supremo Tom Helliwell came Into the team as captain
of course, with Roger Butcher, Mike Tyas, Dave Bladen, tony Caddick, Linda Bladen, Geoff Bambrough and John Sanderson making up the numbers. Again a slow start meant w
e were 15-7 down, but threats from Tom to resign from the squad if we lost sprung us into action and remarkably we pulled back to lead 19-15,but we sat back on our lead, and the result rested on our last question, by coincidence and luck, on Speedway again, and our correct answer that Peter Collins was World Champion in 1976 gave us a 21-20 win and progression into the semi-finals.
At the subsequent team talk, general agreement was that we were struggling due to the continued unavailability of Robin Skinner the Pennine*s answer to Fred Housego.


On Saturday 3rd.January 1981 the Deltic hauled "Hull Executive" ran for the last time, being replaced on the following Monday by HST units. The occasion was tinged with sadness for the many admirers of the class as the realisation dawned that this was probably the last titled express that these magnificent machines would haul. The 14.05 all stations to York Is hardly as glamourous as the "Flying Scotsman" and other famous express trains which the Deltics have graced in. the past.
The "Hull Executive" itself was introduced in May
1978 as a replacement for the "Hull Pullman" and was diagrammed for a Deltic on the Up journey only. However In May 1979 and the advent of the full ECML-HST timetable both Up and Down workings were diagrammed and speeded up. In fact the 17.01) departure from Kings. Cross achieved fame as the fastest loco-hauled service on BR taking the record from the WCML "Electric Scots". The basis for this claim was the 91 minutes schedule for the 138.6 miles from Kings Cross to Retford-an average speed of 91.4mph.For the first week of the new service Finsbury Park MPD always seemed to trust their own favourite racehorse for the down working,55003 "MEW' resplendent in its new modified livery with the addition of a locomotive headboard. Unfortunately the headboard was only carried for the first week of the service.
In October
1979 the high speed gallop was slowed a little when a stop was inserted at Newark to be followed in May 1980 timetable by the easing of the schedule by a further 4 minutes. This had the effect of making the train a far easier proposition than In May 1979 and as a result more Class 47s began to appear than before with the Deltic being held behind as power for the tightly timed 18.05 to York. Despite this, as by this time the class was mainly used on semi-fast and overnight services, the two trains still gave admirers of the class an opportunity for some prolonged high speed haulage
It had been common knowledge that the "Hull Executive*'would be the first of the Hull services to be allocated HST's and this was originally scheduled to take place in October but due to late deliveries and trouble with power cars the date was put back to January
1981.So to the fateful last week of Deltic hauled Executives, and below is a list of the workings and locomotives involved:
DATE UP                                          (1A04) DOWN                                (1D04)
29 December 1980                55021                                            55015
Tuesday 30 December
1980               55011                                            55015
Wednesday 31 December 1980          55017                                            55005
Thursday 1 January 1981                   NO SERVICE                                 55005
Friday 2 January 1981                       55019                                            55015
Saturday 3 January 1981                   55002                                            55007
Thankfully the authorities saw fit to reintroduce the locomotive headboard and this was carried on all workings except on
No.21 on the Monday morning and NO.5 on New Year's Day. On Monday's down working 55015"TULYAR' was stopped at Hitchin and both engines promptly closed down. After a 20 minute delay "TULYAR, proceeded or. only one engine. Doncaster was reached over 30 minutes late and arrival in Hull. itself was 5,8 minutes late. However the trouble was cured because the following day 5501,5 was again, provided for the down working tut this time recorded punctual arrivals at both Doncaster and Hull.
On the Friday (the last official titled Executive since the Saturday working does not carry the title according to the timetable). "TULYAR" was again provided for the down working. As well as carrying the headboard the loco also carried a wreath and -was the subject of much attention by ordinary passengers especially at Hull where a large crowd of admirers gathered around the locomotive.
So to the Saturday morning, as arrival time approached all eyes were trained towards the North Bridge at Doncaster to see which beast would haul the last up working. Then, as if to spoil the occasion came a hurried announcement over the station PA to the effect that the arrival would be delayed due to the failure of a preceding train. After what seemed an age the familiar bulk of a Class 40 appeared with a large yellow nose and white cabs behind doing all the work. Another racehorse for the job we thought? No, as If by magic, the NRM green Deltic.55002 had appeared from Scotland during
the night to do the honours. After the failed Whistler 40003 had been removed by 08745 we departed for the South some 40 minutes late covering the Vine Hotel in the customary
haze of exhaust.
The journey to Kings Cross passed without further incident and on arrival in the Capital many photographs were taken before "K.O.Y.L.I." darkened the new roof at The Cross with her departure for Finsbury Park. After watching 55021 arrive on 1A08,the 08.05 ex-York, we were left to speculate on Finsbury Park's choice for the last working.
After experiencing an uninspired run behind 47466 on the 12.25 Paddington-Plymouth to Reading and an extremely fast return behind "Hoover?' Class 50,50050 "FEARLESS" on the 11.40 Worcester-Paddington, we returned to Kings Cross in time to see "K.O.Y.L.I." make a spectacular departure on 11,44,the 16.05 to York.
It was always expected that 55003 '*MELT would haul the last working." MELD" always seemed to receive special attention from the staff of Finsbury Park depot, but this was not to be, the loco being withdrawn on 30/12/80 at York MPD.
As departure time approached numerous tripods were being set up in readiness for the historic event, but even at 16.55 no engine was in sight. Horrible thoughts of a Class 47 and the ensuing riot were dismissed as a familiar pair of eyes and a large yellow nose, again with white cabs, appeared from the gloom of Gasworks Tunnel. Surely not "TULYAR' again?, "BALLYMOSS"?, even "MEL3' reprieved at the eleventh hour? No, it was Finsbury Park's new favourite racehorse 55007 "PINZA" looking Immaculate after some Individual attention. Just time for a few hurried photos and then Into the obligatory first coach to again encounter all the same familiar faces.
At 17.05 to the accompaniment of many flash guns we roared into Gasworks Tunnel, accelerating past Finsbury Park before racing Northwards." PINZA" performed immaculately and all arrival times were bettered until at 20.00 we cruised carefully into Paragon Station at Hull. As if to remind us of the Impending event, the HST for the Monday morning service was already in position. The size of the crowd at Paragon seemed to surprise the station staff, but all concerned were very co-operative and "PINZA" was able to be photographed without too much difficulty.
The last Executive also brought to an end another unusual Deltic working, 1D62,the 21.00 Hull-Doncaster. On weekdays this Is formed of two MK 1 coaches plus vans but on Saturdays no vans are carried. The engine rostered for the working is the engine off the Down Executive and needless to say, "PINZA"' performed some spectacular accelerations on such a heavy and demanding train!
So the Deltic hauled "Hull Executive" is now railway history, to be followed by other main Hull workings in a few months time when no doubt "MELD* will be joined by a few more of its sisters on a single ticket to the Doncaster Works graveyard. With BR In Its current financial straightjacket all the class will probably be withdrawn by the Summer of 1982 after which the railway and the ECML in particular will seem a lot less interesting to many enthusiasts.

The first HST "Hull Executive left on time at 07.10 on Monday 5th.January 19811 after a champagne send-off from the Lady-Mayoress of the City. The train composed of new power cars 43153 43154 reached the Capital in the fastest ever time of 2 hrs 37 mins, 4 minutes early


On Wednesday 11th.March 1981 a Liverpool-Manchester-York special, steam hauled on the outward, Is scheduled to be hauled on the return by a Class 55 Deltic, returning over the scenic Sheffield-Manchester "Hope Valley route. The green Deltic,55002 has been requested.


Congratulations to the Class 25 Preservation Society for their victory in the 1980 PENNINE SHIELD. The Society were runaway victors in their first year of entering the quiz. Commiserations to the Peak Railway Society, Grapes Hotel, and Pennine.

Your next Trans-Pennine magazine will be published In early June. Would all correspondents send their contributions to the Magazine Editor, Tony Caddick, (address on the front cover) to reach him not later than Friday May 15th.1981.All contributions will be gratefully received. Don't forget, the more you send in, the better our magazine will be.

Railway Ties for Sale

Railway ties are available in blue, maroon or green, and they have either a steam locomotive or HST motif on them, and you may also have your initials (up to 3) printed on the tie. You could, of course, have the initials of the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY (PRS) printed on the tie.
The cost of each tie is £2-50 and orders should be sent to Robin Skinner, (address on the front cover). We shall be issuing a New Year's Honours List at the end of the year, and one of the most coveted titles is that of PENNINE "Best dressed man of the year Award`*.Previous winners have been Norman Bolland of Manchester, and Alan Pett of Sheffield.

Open Days

We are hoping to have a stall at Open Days In the North this year. If any member has any railwayana they no longer require - books ,magazines, etc. they will be gratefully taken off your hands. Please contact any Committee Member, and we will arrange collection.

Coaching Stock News

The latest development on the coaching stock scene is that Doncaster Works has recommenced the repair of coaching stock, which is to be undertaken in the wagon repair shops.
There will be a substantial withdrawal of parcel vehicles shortly when BR withdraws Its parcels carrying service.

The following vehicles have recently been withdrawn from traffic:
W1778 (RBK), W1904 (RUB), W1021 (RUB), E4038, m4365, E9272, E21221, M21237, E25317, W35049, E87941, E87964, M31235, S204 (NFV), S224 (NFV), S254 (NFV), S376 (NFV), S379 (NFV), S390 (NFV), S1613 (NQV), S1711 (NQV).

Latest information on the withdrawal of the remaining Class 55 Deltics is that a locomotive will be withdrawn if it fails its "D" examination. The engines are due their "D" exams as follows :
55013 - February 1981 it is believed that this engine has passed its D exam.
55016 - March 1981 55021 - April 1981 55012 - April 1981
55015 - June 1981 55017 - June 1981 55022 - September 1981
55011 - November 1981 55014 - December 1981 55019 - April 1982
55004 - May 1982 55007 - May 1982 55008 - May 1982
55009 - May 1982 55010 - May 1982.
In addition it is expected that 55002 will be recalled by the NRM during 1981. As regards private preservation, it has been reported that 55013,55016 and 55019 would be most suitable for preservation since they are the ones most structurally sound.

Re-allocations (LATE NEWS)
Withdrawn - 06003 25046 25065 26022 40151
Transfers - 03382-LE, 20179/201/207-HA, 25033/034-BS, 25044-CW, 25050/235-TO,
25076/078/079/109/226-HA, 27109-ED, 40065-KD, 40103-SP, 47051/102/109/427-ED, 47470-HA, 47556-BR.

DMU's - 50653/707-DY, 51079/109-RG, 51454/527-ED, 51806 HA, 59047/071-DE, 59268-DY, 59437-RG, 59578-ED.


First prize £5,second prize £1third prize £2. Entries should reach Tony Caddick, the Magazine Editor by 30th.April 1981.
Don't forger, you may still win a prize even if you haven't got all the answers correct.
1. Who designed the Tay Bridge which collapsed on December 28th.1879?
2. Excepting 40106,which was the last Class 40 in green livery?
3. Between which two BR stations does Walnut Tree Junction lie?
4. What was the name of EM2 E27005?
5. Where was Class 55 Deltic 55016 named?
6. What is the name of the HST service from Middlesborough to Kings Cross and return introduced in January 1981?
7. Which Class 40 did Doncaster Works cut up during late 1980?
8. Which station on the Manchester Victoria-Blackpool line serves a nuclear fuels plant?
9. Which American railway company presented to the GWR the bell situated on the front of No. 6000 "KING GEORGE T*?
10. What was the original name allocated to Class 86 No.86212?
11. Which was the first Class 55 Deltic to be cut up at Doncaster Works?
12. At which station was Class 45 No.45104 "THE ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE FUSILIERS" named?
13. Which was the only Duchess class locomotive completed after nationalisation in 1948?
14. Which was the first Class 50 to receive nameplates and where did the ceremony take place?

15. Which is the highest point on the West Highland line?
16. Who is the present Minister of Transport?
17. On which date did the "Great Train Robbery" take place?
18. Which loco carried the unofficial name "DRACULA" for a time in 1978?
19. Which Class 55 Deltic is named after the 1952 Derby winner?
20. LNER Class A4 4469 carried two names during its shortened life-what were the names?
Competition No.24 
First prize has been won by Peter Hall of Sheffield, second prize by Norman Bolland, and third prize by Stuart, Smith.
1-(D) E6018 : 2- 1896 ; 3- National Railroad Museum, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.  4- South Devon Railway and London & Croydon Railway :
5-The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society : 6- Urie C14 0-4-0 Tank : 7- D6983  8- DP2 : g- True : 10- Cravens of Sheffield : 11- Raworth and Bulleid :
12- Class 7 train : 13- Davey Paxman & Co. Ltd. : 14- Consolidation : 15- (C) Bacup  16- Manchester Victoria : 17- 45035 "THE MANCHESTER REGIMENT" :
18- 34110 "66 SQUADRON"  19- Brading : 20- 4Omph : 21- 3 1/2~ miles
22- Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch : 23- "KENILWORTH'
24- Brownhills : 25- (C) 69*C : 26- 1,024 feet : 27- Crewe Works : 28- Old Oak Common :
29- 47581 "GREAT EASTERN" : 30- (D) "THE DERBYSHIRE YEOMANRY" -all other names carried by Royal Scot Class 4-6-0s
:  31- Apply Wagon Brakes : 32- 26 : 33- Stormstown Jcn.  34- Mill Hill : 35- All carried by B17 Class 2-6-o No.61670:
36- 86254 "WILLIAM WEBB ELLIS" : 37- D5409 ; 38- 24001-24150,25001-25025  39- the end of the unit where parcels are carried : 40- (C) Matlock :
41- Leyland Albion  42- Gateshead : 43- Pw11hell : 44- Bog Junction : 45- 1 mile 176 yards : 46- Prestatyn :  47- 4 feet 8 1/2 inches : 48- Truro-Falmouth : 49- 86321 : 50- Mr. Leslie Lloyd.


A new feature in TRANS PENNINE is a trips report where details of sightings on our trips is given, so you can see what you missed if you didn't come with us, and
make a note to come with us next time.

08181/303/333/465/573 25130/278/287/289 40042 45009/033/043/055/057/059/070
45109/114/116/119/121/122/126/135/140/141/146/148 46004/009/011
45127 (collision damage) 45030 (stored) 08014/046/216 25092/137/295 44007 (withdrawn)
45047 (being cut up) Works line- 20068/077/173/188/194
Derby MPD- 20068/090/170/186 25218/256/327 45040 47144/250/266/372
RCD Derby- M29557 M29566 (withdrawn)
DMU Works included- M50394,50988,50992,51157,51158,5611o,79166 (withdrawn)
53001,54ooo,5?ooi,58ooo (prototype DEMU).
Doncaster MPD- 31228/281/298 37002/226 47212/217/221 47370 (on MGR's)
Lincoln-31106/238 (Holmes Yard); 03026 (Station), 03149,08101/183/242 (MPD);
Barnetby- 08093; Immingham MPD- 084,05/436/478/508 31105/181/318, 37202/211

TRIPS REPORT No.3- DONCASTER 18th.January 1981
MPD- 08008/115/131/136/247/331/401/420/607, 31173/223/232/255/282/298, 37097/127
4721~/217/220/370/380/469/518, 56004
WORKS- Works pilots 08444/459,Paint Shop - 37044 56o15, 4 Bay- 50012/015/020/030/035
55016 56014 37098, 2 Bay- 312177233/296/417 37043/0619
Dismantling shop- 37149 50010, Yard- 03056*/066 31107/129/206/229/266
37067/071/228/264, 55003*, 56007/088/089 *=withdrawn.
Withdrawn DMUs-51001/005/006 51160/163/166/169/173 c,9452.
DMU Works- 50002/015/-025,5016~/168,50231/244.50553,50636,51262,51438/442, 51543/544/559/560,51814/820,51961/968/969/977,52067/083/091/103, 56017/037/052"/~73.56194,56388,59091.59208/-243,59-r,40,59697.

TRIPS REPORT No.4- TINSLEY AND WATH 24th.January 1981.
Tinsley- 08033/141/208/219/266/28?/335 3 9 485) 50?/~09 523/729/861/866/879.
13001/002/003, 20004/005/0222 03 06~ 093/103/128/1291'132/135/189/208
20209/212, 25248/326, 31116 2Y22812Y50/255/279 33016, 37001/032/086/128/22
45006/007/016/019/025/043/063, 47041/042/30 /307, 56003/009/010/037/078/082/089, 45032 (stored unserviceable)
Wath- 08024/049/0 ' 50/051/434/870, 20025/055/060/105/131/213, 31308, 37136/209, 45014/0171
47019/304/309/319/375, 76010/016/025/030/031/032/033/034/051/054.
Also noted at Mexborough 37080 45010: at Rotherwood 76006/024/027/035/040.

TRIPS REPORT No.5- CREWE WORKS 14th.February 1981
Works Pilots- 08088/633; On works-37180/289 ; 40126/184 ;47002/0o6/o10/011/076/151,
47447/461/462/472/474/4PIL/52 533/549/572/573/575/577/579/582/706;
85009/015/018/025, 8620;~7/212Y221/227/253, 87008
HST power cars are now complete to 43162. Withdrawn locos on works 40123/142 84008.
Noted on Crewe MPD 33012.

OAK COMMON 21st.February 1981.
Willesden- 08036/511/533/681/683/?04/926/934; 25189/193/307; 81011/022; 85014/016;
86206/218/222/230/231/244/252/258; 86317/320/326., 87003/013/017/028/030/033;
Old Oak - 08480/785/793/794/797/?98/825/944/948; 31124/131/158/163/1";0/'211/213/257'
Common 31L258/259/261/273/286/320/412/413/414/415/416/423;
50018/19/24/28/31/32/33/34/48; HST W43028.


Eastern Region
Local news is dominated by the Impending closure of the electrified Sheffield-Manchester "Woodhead&' route and also the declining number of Deltics.
The following EMU's have been classified as withdrawn since November 76001/41/46/47/49/53.Engine 76026 after being out of action since October returned to traffic in late December. The second Electric-hauled passenger train of 1980 on the Manchester-Sheffield-Wath system ran on 30th.December.It was a private charter by the North-Western branch of the LCGB. Named the "Christmas Tommy" it ran from Liverpool-Penistone-Rotherwood-Wath-Penistone-Liverpool.76006 was used to haul the train over the MSW.76006 ran light from Rotherwood-Wath while 45014 "THE CHESHIRE REGIMENT" took the train over the non-electrified route. For the journey up the Worsborough Bank 76054 piloted 76006 as far as Penistone.
The following pairs worked together during January-76008/021,76010/016, 76011/029.76012/013,76022/-023,7602~/030,76032/034.Pairs split during the month were76007/014,76009/015,76035/039,whilst pairs linked during the month were76006/024,76007-/026,76009-/014,76031/033,76037/039.Locos 76003 and 76036 remained stored at Reddish with 76038 which has been out of action since early December 1980.
Reports indicate that the line has been slightly busier during January, probably due to less trains being cancelled as the only known additional traffic is the Ollerton-Garston shipment coal which amounts to 3 or 4 trains per week. The Wath-Fiddlers Ferry MGR programme remains the same with approximately 36 of the 40 scheduled trains operating per week. Rumours are rife that the wires will be de-energised before official closure on June 1st.1981,but these have been denied by
 BR. However they have said that electrics will haul no further passenger specials over the route before closure.
Finally a rare occurrence on the Worsborough Bank on 9th.February when 76025/030 failed on a westbound MGR. Two relief engines were sent from Wath and put on the front of the train, so incredibly there were 4 "Tommies" on the front plus the 2 "Tommies" banking at the rear. The failed pair were removed at Penistone.
During the last couple of months 3 Deltics have been withdrawn,55003/o5/o6. The grim catalogue of withdrawals started on 31st.December when 55003 "MEW' was towed to Doncaster Works by 37136,having been officially withdrawn the previous day at York MPD. The last working of "MEW' was 1S27 (07-22 Plymouth-Edinburgh) from York. After coming off the train at Newcastle due to a fault the engine ran back light to York.
Deltic 55005 "THE PRINCE OF WALES' OWN REGIMENT OF' YORKSHIRE" was condemned on 3rd.February 1981.lts last working was 1E26 (16-30 Aberdeen-Leeds), then taking over 1E24 Shrewsbury-York mail from Leeds. Deltic 55006 "THE FIFE AND FORFAR YEOMANRY,' was condemned at York over the weekend of 7/8 February, the loco running light on to York from Scotland.
Despite these withdrawals members of the class are still seeing regular duties on the Kings Cross-Cleethorpes trains. On 7th.January 55022 reached Cleethorpes, as did 55007 on the 8th,55021 on the 13th,and 55022 on the 23rd.On 6th.February 55008 worked to Cleethorpes as did 55009 on the 10th.On 10th.January 47500 "GREAT WESTERN' worked the 07-12 ex-Cleethorpes, whilst on 16th.January 4?510 "FAIR ROSAMUND' headed the
 13-13 ex-Cleethorpes.
Two of the since withdrawn Deltics were Involved on the 17th.January when 55006 experienced trouble while working 1S12
(05-50 Kings Cross-Aberdeen) and was removed at Doncaster in favour of 55005.Deltic 6 followed light to York.
Fun and games at Doncaster on 30th.December when 08745 derailed in West Yard. The "lifeboats" were headed by 31213.
In blizzard conditions on 16th.January 50032 "COURAGEOUS" took over from 55004 "QUEENS OWN HIGHLANDER" on the 09-50 Edinburgh-Plymouth, from York. Also noted were 55019 "ROYAL HIGHLAND FUSILIER" on the 14-10 York-Kings Cross and an ex-works 31110 on the Doncaster Works test train. Another Class 50 to return south with the
09-50 Edinburgh-Plymouth, taking over at York, was new-liveried 50015'VALIANT" which returned south on Friday 20th.February.
Green Deltic 55002 "THE KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY", together with ex-LNER coach 5155,and Pullman vehicles "EMERALD" and "EAGLE' included in the stock worked an SLOA charter from York to Scarborough on Sunday 18th.January.
Doncaster Rovers football fans have been enjoying Class 40 haulage on specials recently. On 3rd.January 40013 worked a special to Hull for the FA Cup 3rd.Round tie, while 40074 worked a special to Peterborough on 31st.January,for the vital 4th.Division game. Fellow 40,40107 was noted on 1S60 (20-00 Kings Cross-Aberdeen) on Friday 30th.Jan.
Class 50 "Hoovers" have been putting in regular appearances in the South Yorkshire area recently. On 30th.December 50022 "ANSON" In new livery worked through Sheffield with the 09---50Edinburgh-Plymouth.As already mentioned 50032 "COURAGEOUS" took the same working on 16th.January but within a week the locomotive was back at Doncaster Works for attention. It was later noted being hauled south by 47029 through Beighton junction on 6th.February.
On Monday 19th.January,50007 "HERCULES' worked 1E18 (16-08 Bristol-Newcastle) as far as Derby, before being replaced by 47433.The Hoover worked back on 1V98
(16-15 Newcastle-Cardiff). On 6th.February 50039 "IMPLACABLE'' worked to Sheffield with the "CORNISHMAN",1E21 (10-23 Penzance-Leeds), where it was re laced by 47542. The 50 returned south from Sheffield on 1V99 (17-35 Leeds-Bristol. On the same evening 47704 "DUNEDIN' was noted 
at Sheffield with 1S85 (16-05 Nottingham-Glasgow).
On 24th.January the 18-45 Manchester Piccadilly-Hull DMU included Gloucester Built vehicles M50351 and M56106 in its formation as far as Sheffield,
On 7th.February 47042 hauled a Chesterfield-Dundee excursion throughout, while on 21st.February 47041 provided power for a Sheffield-Paddington excursion. However 47041 remained on Old Oak Common and power for the return working was provided by 47056.
Unusual happenings at Hull Paragon on 14th.February when station pilot 03073 failed while attempting to shunt the stock off 1DOO (08-05 Kings Cross-Hull). After a considerable time sister engine 03063 arrived from Botanic Gardens and after a great deal of effort the double-header managed to accomplish the task. As a result of this incident 1A18 (12-34 Hull-Kings Cross) departed 15 minutes late, headed by 47408.On the sane day 40007 worked in on a Rugby League special, and 40069 worked 1D62,the two coach Hull-Doncaster at,21-00.
Deltic 55019 has been at Stratford recently and was noted there on 16th.February, while on the same day 55M6 "GORDON HIGHLANDER" worked
1B16 (07-50 Peterborough-Kings Cross). Withdrawn Deltic arrived at Doncaster Works on 20th.February,ml.niis nameplates, while 55003 
"MELD* has been transferred to the graveyard at Doncaster Works and cutting up is imminent.
An unusual sight on Tinsley MPD) on 18th.February was withdrawn "Toffee Apple", 31004.It Is reported that the engine is on route to Doncaster Works for conversion to a train heating unit.
On 14th.February 47088 "SAMSON' was noted working a football special through Sheffield, thought to have been a return Exeter-Newcastle Footex.

Scottish Region
The withdrawn BRCW Type 2,27043 was noted at Eastfield MPD on 12th.January.The locomotive is now used for re-railing exercises at the depot. It Is parked in its same position as its predecessor 24006.Those with longer memories will recall that Clayton D8539 held the post before the 24.On the same day the Stirling pilot was 08722.
Sightings in Scotland on 7th.February included- Edinburgh Waverley 08564/565, Haymarket- 08?34,25049/06~/226,26002.27014/024,40060/158/159/194,47292/556/704' 55007/008/009, Kirkaldy- 08441, Dundee Station- 08761, Dundee MPD06002,/003/005/oo6, 08424/712/736,47042/207/520.
Western Region
A Day-Return to Reading by the Magazine Editor and Treasurer (by courtesy of Persil) produced the following information- at Paddington 47544 worked the 12-20 Paddington-Bristol TM on 13th February and 47559 worked the 12-25 Paddington-Plymouth. At Reading the station pilot was 08640 while 33101 came in with the 11-35 Poole-Newcastle, taken over by 47453.Class 47,47502 entered with the 07-52 Newcastle-Poole, and this was taken forward by 
Class 50s included 50033 "GLORIOUS' on the 13-50 Paddington-Liverpool,50013 "AGINCOURT" on the 11-22 Liverpool-Paddington,50022 "ANSON" on the 09-50 Paignton-Paddington, returning with the 15-00 Paddington-Hereford, and 50004 "St. Vincent" on the 15-30 (F0) Paddington-Plymouth.
Class 3R "Tadpole" DEMU No.1206 in blue and grey livery worked the 15-10 Reading-Gatwick Airport service. Class 33 No.33054 was noted working westbound at Acton.
Pennine members on our trip on a Sheffield-Paddington special saw the following locomotives-:Oxford 50016/47,47095/112,45o65,o88o3/946 : Didcot 47205,56048 Reading 08656/816,31170/232/260,47081/559 : Southall 08630 : Royal Oak 50018/24/39, 08948,47560 : Paddington 47056/477/531.
On the return trip on the 21st.February,50001/30 were noted at Paddington, 08640 at Reading,31295 at Didcot and 50004/23 at Oxford.

London Midland Region
On 30th.December the 12-00 Euston-Blackpool North was hauled to Preston by 86323 where 47484 "ISAMBARD KINGDOM BRUNEL" took over. On the same date 08925 was the Blackpool North pilot. The LCGB railtour from Liverpool to Toton MPD and Derby Works on 24th.January 1981 was worked from Liverpool to Toton by 40013,and taken on to Derby by 20041 and 20071.On the return journey 40013 returned light to Longsight due to boiler problems and the train was worked by 47143.
At Crewe on 14th.February 86257 was observed carrying the name "SNOWDON'.
A trip around Liverpool and Crewe areas by a group of members on 18th.January resulted in the following sightings-: Glazebrook 03689 Warrington Central 08690 : Edge Hill 08142/939,25290.47049/526 : Lime Street 08917 Allerton 08213/282/290/628 08669/884/885/922/923 : Speke 08328/534/670/838/857/916,25039/1,50/191,40140/191,47014 Ditton 08300 : Runcorn 08918 : Crewe Diesel 08080/132/469/473/688/737/802,/843. 20072/195,25036/043/070/084/094/105/135/166/186/224/245/257/263/293/310.33031, 47013/086/214/228/266/3o6/321/344/349/354/403/438/446/454/486/49o/515/530 : Stoke 08125/382/390/416,25152/170/188/214/215/217/291/292/294,47315/350/358, 56047/050/061/062/066/070 : Stoke Station 08123.
A recent visit round Toton MPD by our Burscough Correspondent, Mr. K F Connell produced the following sightings. - 08018/021/292/320/330/332/334/610/617/741/757,
20037/041/042/043/044/047/069/070/071/077/087 113/139/140/142/148/151/155/157/161/168 20169/170/171/173/174/186/187/188, 25118/136/143/194/207/294/307/314/318/322, 31257,
44004/008, 45046/049/050/053/o61/069/072/074/102/123/132/145/146, 47201/328/348/366
4M9/537, 56036/048/051/053/057/059/063/067/069/071/072-
Class 33 locomotives are now being seen at Crewe to enable crew training on these engines to take place.
Sightings In the Manchester and Chester areas on Saturday 31st.January 1981 included the following - : Longsight 08298/604/611/687/9o6/914/915,25196,40133/140, 47346/378/561, 81007/02o, 83013, 85030, 86215 : Newton Heath 08084/129/524/675, 25055/080/090/094/122/296/318 (25080 and 25318 were fitted with snowploughs), 40004/031/032/0-4LL/036/086/179, 47248/480/555 : Guide Bridge 08599/820/891, 25312, 37074, 40022/122 143/171, 47178/33 '53, 76007/009/014/015/025/026/030/038 : Wigan Springs Branch 08126/284/2977304/356/423/615/616/691, 25089/097/150/153/286. 40024/044/077/094/110/116/127/182. 47320/335/336/405/415 : Warrington Central 08328 Warrington Bank Quay 08273/301/340/342, 25248/288 40009/030/131/145/177 Chester 08079/153/665, 25035/084/160/271/306, 40016/180, 47188/287/471 Stoke 08088/390/701, 25104/119/164/215/275/292/304, 40188, 47331/364, 56050/061/062/065/070.

For Information we are indebted to the following - Messrs. Collins, Peach, Barsby, Sanderson ,Hall,  Dewing, Bloomer ,Dean ,Bott, Donoghue, Connell, Bolland,  Gee, Pett Marshall, Richards, Smith ,Skinner, Bladen.
Special thanks to Chris and Kathy Corroy for Class 76 information, and to Steve Lancaster for information on Southern Region units.