Issue No. 24 - December 1978


Once again the season of goodwill is upon us and may we take this opportunity of wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year, We would also like to thank you all for the marvellous support you have given the club during 1978,and we hope this will continue into 1979.Dont forget to send your renewal of membership form to Tom Helliwell if you haven't already done so.
Our Fixtures Secretary has now completed hit early year programme, details of which appear below. From January lst. we shall be running a free lottery on all trips the winner of which will receive a surprise gift.
This years PENNINE SHIELD has now been completed and a good time was had by all although we didn't do as well as we had hoped. Winners for the third year running were Doncaster Railway Circle with 109.1/2 points. Second were South Yorkshire Railway Photographic Society with 98 points while PENNINE came third with 64.1/2. points. Thanks once again to our Landlord Neville at the Masons Arms for another excellent buffet.
Our Annual General Meeting is to be held at the Masons Arms, Market Place, Doncaster on Sunday 7th.January 1979 at 12-00 noon. All members, are welcome to attend.
Finally,  members may note that one or two of our regular features are missing from this magazine.
We apologise to members for this and we hope to see our next issue reverting to its usual format.



Wed. 3rd.Jan -Social evening at Masons Arms, Doncaster. Members slides 19-30

Sun. 7th.Jan -Doncaster Plant Works 10-30.Meet outside Plant Hotel at 10-15.
75p Non-members 1.(This increase due to price increase by BREL), Visit followed by AGM, at the
Masons Arms. Please note that your booking for the Works will only be accepted If you intend to go to the AGM.

Sat.20th.Jan -Derby Works 11-00.Meet Siddals Road entrance 10.45. Members 35p,child 20p.Non members 55p,child 30p.

Sat, 3rd,Feb -Swindon Works 11-00.Meet 10-45 West Gate entrance Rodbourne Road, Members 40p,child 20p.Non members 60pychild 30p.

Wed. 7th.Feb -Social evening at Masons Arms 19-30,Mr.K.Marshall-Steam '78'

Sun.7th,Feb -Doncaster Works 11-00,and MPD 12-15.Meet outside Plant Hotel at 10-45.Members 75p,non members 1,

Sat.24th.Feb -Humberside by rail and sea. Meet Doncaster Booking Office 08-40.To include Botanic Gardens, Immingham and Frodingham.
Prices to be announced, STAR OUTING

Sat. 3rd.March-Crewe Works 10-30.Meet Goddard Street 10-15. Members 35p,child 20ppNon members 55p,child 35p.

Wed. 7th.March-Social evening at Masons Arms. Mr. R. Rowland British Transport Films.

Sat,17th,March-London Area by rail, Meet Kings Cross 09-20 and to include Finsbury Park, Hornsey, Stratford and Slade Green.
Prices to be announced. STAR OUTING


LATE NEWS a Prices for Humberside visit are Members 4.40,child 2.20
Non-members 4.90,child 2,70. Return to Doncaster by 18-00

Prices for London visit. Members 3 Non-members 3.50


Each trip will be designated either a STAR or ORDINARY outing.
A STAR outing is a trip which includes rail travel or some other type of group travel. On all these visits would all members please complete a Form No. PR/A and forward this to Robin Skinner as soon as possible after receiving notice that the trip will be run, this will give you a provisional booking. You should then receive from Robin Skinner at least 14 days before the trip runs a Form PR/C which will include the timetable for the day and a returnable confirmation slip which you should complete, detach from the itinerary and return to Robin Skinner with the appropriate remittance on or before the due date (usually 7 days before the trip). This will confirm your booking. Should your Form PR/C not be returned it will be assumed that you no longer wish to participate In the trip and your name will be deleted from the list.
An ORDINARY outing is a visit to a works or shed where there is no form of organised. travel. To book for these trips please use the same procedure like a provisional booking, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope to ma On receipt of form PR/A then Form PR/B will be sent to you. This should be completed and returned at least 7 days before the visit together with the appropriate remittance thus confirming your booking. Should form PR/B not be returned it will be presumed that you no longer wish to join the trip and your name will be deleted from the list.


Scottish Region
26008/10/11/12 - HA

Locomotive withdrawn

Boiler reinstated

51985 52006/11/36 55015 59782-HN514,59/532/798/805 59451/554-ED
55007-IS 50175 51237-HA 50138/59/254/748 59042/77-DE

DMUs withdrawn
79168 79479


Copies of the RCTS booklet 'Coaching Stock of British Railways' 1978 is now on sale at the special price to members of 1 (cost price
1.30) Copies of the Winter 1978 edition of the Platform 5 publication 'Motive Power Pocket Book' should also be available to members around Christmas ar the special price to members of 40p (cost price 45p)
Both these books are obtainable from, our Promotions Officer, Tony Booth.


Our photograph shows a panorama of power at York station featuring GNR Stirling Single No.1,N.E.R. Class M 44-0 No.1621, GNR Atlantic No.251, L.N.E.R. Class A4 Pacific No.4468 MALLARD, Class 55 Deltic,55013 THE BLACK WATCH and Inter-City 125 unit 254009
Photograph is by courtesy of British Rail.

B.R. Fares Increase

British Rail fares are to rise by about
9% from January 7th.The price Commission said it was very concerned but would not stage an inquiry Into the increase. While most fares go up by 9% some higher increases are to be levied in limited areas where there has been an improvement in standards. This excess adding a further 0.4% includes Inter-City routes operating high speed routes and the suburban electric services into Kings Cross and Moorgate.
Various miscellaneous charges will also Increase including the cost of using British Rail toilets which will double from 2p to
4p and platform tickets will go up from 4p to 6p.


Ten Welsh Office grants totalling over 5m towards the cost of new private railfreight handling facilities in South Wales mean that over
1.3/4 million tonnes of freight will be added to British Rail's traffic or retained on the railways each year.
The most significant recent development is the agreement of the Welsh Office to offer a
50% grant to the NCB towards the 2.3m cost of a new railway at Crynant linking Treforgan Colliery with the existing British Rail Dulais Valley line. The cost also includes handling equipment at Treforgan and Aberpergwm. The traffic is expected to commence in 1980 in three 26-wagon trains each day, five days a week.
The South Wales Division is already British Rails busiest for railfreight handling 24 million tonnes each year.


The PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY enjoyed its first success in the General Knowledge competition held at Mexborough BRSA on Thursday 7th.December with a defeat of Wynne's Bar by 22 points to 13. The team, captained by Tony Booth included Geoff Bambrough, Ian Ashford, Tony Caddick, Glyn Gossan, Tom Helliwell, Roger Butcher and John Sanderson.
The win was all the more remarkable since the team was shattered two days before the match with the news that our Chairman Robin Skinner would be unavailable for the match.


The last phasing in of HST units took place on Monday 13th.Novermber,The complete HST service now operating is shown below.

07-70 Kings Cross-Newcastle           08-00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh
10-00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh           11-35 Kings Cross-Newcastle
11-45 Kings Cross-Newcastle (SX)RLF   11-55 Kings Cross-Aberdeen
14-00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh           16-00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh
17-00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh           17-35 Kings Gross-Newcastle
18-00 Kings Cross-Newcastle (SO)      19-00 Kings Cross-Newcastle
Kings Cross-Leeds

07-20 Bradford-Kings Cross
(SX)       07-30 Leeds-Kings Cross (So)
25 Newcastle-Kings Cross (SX)RLF   07-32 Newcastle-Kings Cross
08-10 Edinburgh-Kings Cross           09-00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
10-10 Edinburgh-Kings Cross           11-10 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
13-50 Newcastle-Kings Cross           09-00 Aberdeen-Kings Cross
13-10 Edinburgh-Kings Cross           15-10 Edinburgh-Kings Gross
16-10 Edinburgh-Kings Cross

11-00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh           12-00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh
13-00 Kings Cross-Aberdeen            14-00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh
16-00 Kings Cross-Newcastle           17-00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh
18-00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh           19-40 Kings Cross-Leeds
07-55 Bradford-Kings Cross            08-20 Newcastle-Kings Cross
10-20 Newcastle-Kings Cross           10-10 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
12-10 Edinburgh-Kings Cross           13-10 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
12-30 Aberdeen-Kings Cross            17-10 Edinburgh-Kings Cross

A further phasing In of units will take place on 8th.January 1979 when the following services will be formed of HST's.

07-30 Leeds-Edinburgh                 07-45 Kings Cross-Bradford
10-45 Kings Cross-Harrogate (SX)      10-15 Kings Cross-Edinburgh
13-00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh {SO)      17-04 Kings Cross-Harrogate

06-38 Newcastle-Kings Cross           07-30 Leeds-Kings Cross
08-04 Bradford-Kings Cross (SO)       12-55 Bradford-Kings Cross
16-20 Harrogate-Kings Cross           17-55 Edinburgh-Leeds

The 06-38 Newcastle-Kings Cross replaces the 07-25(SX) service and the 11-45 additional SX Kings Cross-Newcastle will not run

09-35 Leeds-Edinburgh                 18-40 Kings Cross-Bradford

11-50 Leeds-Kings Cross               15-10 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
17-50 Edinburgh-Leeds


For those members who have money to spare or simply feel in a generous mood our President Geoff offers the following suggestions for presents.

Geoff Bambrough - a new fur coat as the other one is moulting
Robin Skinner - a gag or a new clip board
Alan Pett - a set of false teeth
John Sanderson - a herd of deer to stalk
Pete Barsby - a telephone directory
Kevin Connell - a night out with Bob Latchford
Norman Bolland - a life-size model of a VC 10
Tony Booth - Olivia Newton John
Tom Helliwell - John Travolta
Brian Needham - a bus
Tony Caddick - a map to cover Division 3 grounds so he can watch Sheffield United next season.


Future meetings at the Grapes Hotel, Trippet Lane, Sheffield include:
Tue, 9th,Jan - Ron Chaplin 'Deltic Story'
Tue.13th.Feb - Geoff Lane
Tue.13th,March- Iain Waller.

All meetings start at 19-45 and all are welcome.

by Pete Barsby

On Saturday 16th.September a special train was organised by the Gainsborough Model Railway Society. The train was hauled from Peterborough to Leeds by 31202 and 3120Mrom Leeds to Carnforth by 35028 'CLAN LINE, and from Carnforth to Ravenglass by 4498 'SIR NIGEL GRESLEY'

35028-CLAN LINE 
CLAN LINE was one of the last of the third batch of Bulleid Pacifics of Merchant Navy design. This loco was built in 1948 and in the years 1956-1959 all 30 locos of the class were sent back to Eastleigh for modification, CLAN LINE was the last to be modified.
After purchase from British Rail the engine was stored at Nine Elms Depot and then transferred to the Longmoor Military Railway before its closure. The loco is now based at Bulmer's at Hereford but is at present on loan to the National Railway Museum at York, although its return to Hereford is imminent."

4498 SIR
This engine left Doncaster Works in November 1937. Its works number was 1863 and running number 4498, and was the 100th.Pacific to be built there. Its original colour was garter blue, the colour she now carries. The loco carried the number 4498 from 1937 until 1946 when she was renumbered No.7 and with the addition of 60000 after nationalisation she became 60007 In 1948,
Gresley was shedded at Kings Cross from 1937-1944,at Grantham 1944-1950 Kings Cross 1550-1963 from where she had a s ell at New England and then St. Margarets before going to Aberdeen in
19U where she finished her career and was withdrawn in February 1966.
When purchased for preservation she was overhauled at Crewe emerging as 4498 again, in March 1967.She worked a few specials that year but with the 1968 ban on steam engines 4498 went to NCB Works at Philadelphia in County Durham. She now resides at Steamtown, Carnforth from where she works numerous excursion trains. Like
CLAN LINE, SIR NIGEL GRESLEY took part in the Rail 150 cavalcade at Shildon.

This line is full of history and has had a very busy working life. The four steam locomotives on the 'Ratty' are RIVER ESK, RIVER ERT, RIVER MITE, and NORTHERN ROCK.

2-8-2- built in 1923 by Davey Paxman and is the oldest loco on the line.

RIVER MITE - 2-8-2 built in 1966 by Clarkson has just returned to traffic following a complete overhaul.

RIVER ERT- 0-8-2 was originally built in
1894 as 0-8-OT 'MURIEL' and rebuilt at Ravenglass in 1927.

NORTERN ROCK - 2-6-2 built in 1976 by the railway company.

The diesels on the line consist of 4-6-4
"SHELAGH OF ESKDALE" which has recently been in an accident. Bo-Bo "ROYAL ANCHOR". 0-4-0 "QUARRYMAN", 0-4-0 DM Tractor, 0-4-0 No.15 "BONNIE DUNDEE" and a DMU set in Silver Jubilee livery

Locomotives at Steamtown, Carnforth consist of -------

Ex-BR 0-6-0 D2381 which acts as shed pilot

30850 -  "LORD NELSON' is part of the national collection and is stored at Carnforth for restoration.

4472 - 'FLYING SCOTSMAN' has just completed a major overhaul at Vickers shipyard at Barrow and she has taken part in BR's return to steam hauling the Cumbrian Coast Express each weekend. She also made an appearance at Doncaster Works for their 125th anniversary. The loco will be In service again next year on BR metals.

LA FRANCE - This is one of their foreign locos and is stored as a static exhibit.

6441 - This LMS loco is stored awaiting boiler "pairs.

012-104-6 - This foreign loco is also a static exhibit.

44871 - 'SOVEREIGN' is awaiting boiler repairs.

45407, 80014, 44932 'JOHN HOWE' These locos are all awaiting boiler repairs.

5643 - This GWR engine is awaiting major overhaul.

1269 - This 0-4-0 is awaiting major overhaul

35005 - "CANADIAN PACIFIC' This fine machine in to be restored to full working condition which will take many years. Work has started on stripping, the boiler and work is underway on the wheels.


' There has been much action recently on the preservation front. Western diesels D1013 and D1062 have arrived on the Severn Valley Railway.
On Wednesday 25th.October a special freight ran from Healey Mills to Dinting conveying Class A4 No.19 'BITTERN1 and Class A2 No.532 "BLUE PETER". These locomotives will now be kept at the Dinting Railway Centre.
On Saturday 28th,October a special was run from Guide Bridge to York hauled&.by Jubilee No.5690 'LEANDER', and on the return working 5690 was -assisted by ex-MR Compound No.1000 which will remain at Dinting until next Spring.
On Tuesday 12th.December a special freight ran from Derby C&W Works to York Museum Annexe conveying ex.LMS steam locomotive No 2700 On the same day a special freight ran from York Museum Annexe to Derby C&W Works conveying Ivatt Atlantic GNR No.251.
Finally, plans for 5690 'LEANDER' to transfer to the Main Line Steam Trust at Loughborough appear, to have-been dropped and it is now expected that 5690 will move on to York before proceeding to Carnforth where It will' be based while working a series of trains next year on the Carnforth-Sellafield line.


visit to Doncaster Works on 29th.October revealed 9 Deltics under treatment,55001/3/4/7/12/6/7/20/1.Othei. locomotives in attendance
that day were
03154/370/168/026/o94/679 08065/o66/131/459 13001 24023/073 31178/311/251/265/141/166/299/174/316/169/171/256/422/318/184
37237/291/220/232/039/120/093/107/168/29o/265/111/167/263/005/009/271 50029/37/66/28/24/15/11/05 56050/1/2/4 71001,
In addition to the above the remains of 40059 and 31012 were to be seen. At the MPD that day were active 56s 56016/20.
Our Lincoln correspondent reported that the MPD was busy on 4th.November with 45008 awaiting to take over the Lincolnshire Coaster railtour which
arrived 50 minutes late behind 37024/252.Class 08s,08060/183 and 03,03034 were coupled up at the depot,47220 passed on a freight and 37092 removed
2 x 2 Car DMUs presumably to Doncaster.

A variety of Pullman coaches remain at Ely, notably Car Nos.312,322, 334, 356, 333,340 341, 342, 343, 344, 345.
On 5th.November 31154 was unusual power on the 17-05 Newcastle-Bristol while on the next day passengers on the 16-08 Bristol-Newcastle had a cold journey with non boilered 47345 supplying the power.
A visit to the North-East on 11th. November spotted the following -
Darlington-08225/004/161/506/120/445/006/159 31279/120
Thornaby-03075/80 08212/502/864/059/044/632/373/516/608/774
31282/277/187/130/278 37070/003/195/095/194/OC1/602/198/101/013/164/072
37119/069 40194/056/152 47360/288/303/289/180
Stockton-37046/57 Hartlepool-08772/174/ 37100/113/104/008
Sunderland-03064 08775 Newcastle -03050
Tyne Yard-03107 08671/370/147/053/511/389 40023/81/165 37045/155/023/019/030 47363/200 46039 31120/237/139/184/186 280/289
Metro Unit 4034

Gateshead-08108/708 46025/004/036/053 45004/039 40052/154 37199 31111/406 47104/420/543
A visit to Tinsley on 2nd.December in blizzard conditions revealed 56003/13/23/32/31J17 20004/021/129/023/o65/032/056/133/009/o54/ 20078/130 13002/3 08208/866/223/523/878/729/510/543/033/015/208.
On the same day 31309 worked the07-30 Worcester-Leeds throughout, whilst even more surprising 31406 had charge of the 09-13 Leeds-St. Pancras on 4th December.
A special from Blackpool-Sheffield brought 5 white striped DMU s on 2nd December,M50473/525/31 59181/7, and M50782 made up the set.

A visit to the Edinburgh and Glasgow area on 11th.November :revealed the following locomotives:-
Edinburgh-08571/711/717 25028 26036 4o058/10l 47037/425
Millerhill-40147/16o/158/199 0873 575/565/564 26001/2 37151 27020 25035/66
Haymarket-08563/881/755 25084/013034/b46/o68 47271/516/432/270 55013/18
26004/005/008/031 40062/071/151/103 37173 27204
Townhill-08425/247 20218/220/216/201/226/179/227/205 25005 06004
Grangemouth-08505/722 37157/150/144 20106/003/046/094/049 08246
Whifflet Junction-08733/227 20116/109 27008
Mossend-86018/024/025/002/242/028 27008 85011 20114/085 83001/008 47262 08321 87025 84o02
Motherwell-20036/118/095/117/114/085/095/083/112/103 47149 25082/247/238 25240/233/235/007 08312/319/279/280/437/314 27008 40159 25075
Polmadie-08402/173/070/712/718/561/938/621 26034/o45 47120/467 25098/072/241 27209/019 20089/120/101/099/107/020/007/011/124/096 4o173 37149/154
Glasgow Works-08714/851/882/827/57 144/443/003/167 25229,/228/037/049/283 25234/010 20119/015/200/148 26038/015/044 27042/211/110/207/b02/111/027/033 27022/024/017/018 06007 S18521 D8598
Eastfield-27105/106/014/112/021/009/007/043/003/029/030/026/037/038/041 47015/045/219/207/197/141 20146/110/039/115/166/109/080/126/146 37108/148/152/146/153 26018/037 o8442/421/347/693/719/036/727/852/853/721
06002/3 25266/008/230/006/090/231/064/065/091/033/019/026/083/023/108/087/086 24006

A visit to Derby 17orks on 25th.November revealed:
25236/259/027/212/142/116/295/053/245/187/125 92 030/201/o45/164/207/211/190
45139/009/46048/55/49/15/03/33/21 08303/625 44005 20062/079
In addition 84009 was on the Research Centre and 74010 on the depot.


New Locomotives:
56048/9 TO

Withdrawn Locomotives:
08005 BS

Transfers: 08643-BZ 08941-PZ 08128-DR 08226-HS 08279/80-ML 08312/3/4/9/21/6-ML
08369-HS 08407-SP 08437-ML 08453/97/8/9Z500/1/3/17-HS 08563/723/32/5-ML
08766-HS 08863-CA 25213-CW 25248/308-TO 26008/10/1/2-HA 31111/32/46/74-YK
31176-MR 31178-YK 31180-PP 31253-YK 31268-MR 31315-TI 31409/10/7-YK
37094-IM 37096/7-MR 37289/90-CP 40009/37/67/8/94/114/38/9-HM 40023-KD
40052/6/S-GD 40152/3/97/9-TE 47052/181/380-IM 47054/6/5/9-OC 47164-SP
47136/7/507-LA 47244/50/67-BR 50038-BR

Naming of Locomotives
Southern Region have announced that all ninety five Class 33 locomotives are to be named. Further details will be given as soon as information is available. Class 4 No.47001 appears to named "City of Bristol". This is obviously unofficial as the name is only applied in paint.


Details have been announced by Travellers Fare of a special train which will tour the country between 13th and 29th September 1979 to mark the centenary of the introduction of on-train catering facilities by the Midland Railway between Leeds and London St. Pancras. Present plans envisage that the train will comprise of LNWR RF of 1903,Midland Railway RT of 1913, LNER RB of 1937 plus several Pullman vehicles from the National Collection at York. Following a Press Trip from Leeds, the train will be placed on exhibition in London, Southampton, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Newcastle before returning to York. There is no truth in the rumour that certain Pennine Railway Society Committee Members staffed the Buffet Car on its inaugural run in 1879


During the last week in October an up EMU bound for Moorgate was routed to Canonbury and therefore ran out of wire soon after leaving the station (Finsbury Park). It is understood that passengers had to return to Finsbury Park-on foot. Who dares say that commuting is not adventurous.


On 21st.September the last semaphore signal on the East Coast Main Line was taken down from a at Potteric Carr, south of Doncaster, and handed to ER General Manager Mr P Patterson who in turn presented it to the NRM for preservation at York.