No.19 - February 1978


Welcome to the fourth year of the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY. 1977 was our most successful year yet but we aim to better that in 1978. As you will see below we have a good selection of visits planned for the early months of 1978 and there will be more to come later in the year.

We would like to thank those members who attended the AGM. It was heartening to see such support for the Committee and club policies, we will do our best during 1978 to ace that you tithe members enjoy yourselves.

Please remember that if you have booked on a trip to confirm at least 14 days beforehand by forwarding the appropriate remittance.

Members are reminded that we hold a social evening each month at the “Masons Arms”, Market Place, Doncaster. Members are given latest information on visits and a guest speaker is invited each month, Meetings start at 19.30 and all are welcome -including accompanied children (we hire a room separate from the bar).

Congratulations are in order for our President Geoff Bambrough who is to become a proud father later in the year.

Wed. 1st March-     Social evening at Masons Arms. Mr. R Rowland: British Transport Films
                                19.30 start.
Sat. 4th March-       Severn Valley Railway by BR excursion from Doncaster “STAR OUTING”
Sun 12th March-     Doncaster MPD 12.15 and Works 14.00. Meet MPD 12.00.
                                Members 40p.non-members 60p. Children half price.
Sat.18th March-      East Anglia by rail from Doncaster. To Include Lincoln, March and
                                Cambridge. Depart Doncaster 07.41, Retford 07.57, Arrive back-Retford 18.00,
                                Doncaster 18.53, Adults £7, children £4. STAR OUTING         
Wed 5th April-        Social evening at Masons Arms, Doncaster – Resignalling. 19.30.
Sat 8th April-          PENNINE SCENIC RAIL TOUR. From Boston and stations to Worksop, and
                                Darnall. Outward via Woodhead, Manchester, Preston, Carlisle. 3 hour  
                                stop and return via Skipton, Leeds, Aldwarke Junction. Electric haulage
                                requested over Woodhead.
 Sat 15th April-       Eastleigh, Works and shed by BR excursion from Doncaster with additional
                                stop at Sheffield if sufficient numbers. Price including fares and permits.
                                Adult £6 Child £3-50, non-members 25p extra. STAR OUTING. 
Sat 22nd April-       South Wales by BR excursion from Doncaster with additional stop at Sheffield if
                                 sufficient numbers, To include Ebbw Jcn, (Newport), Canton (Cardiff) and
                                 Woodham-Bros. scrapyard at Barry. Ride by HST Newport-Cardiff.
                                Price including fares and permits. Adult £6 Child £3.259non-members 25p
                                extra. STAR OUTING
Wed 3rd.May-        Social evening at Masons Arms- Eddie Plenty
Sun 7th May -          Crewe Works 14.30 (meet 14.15).Member's 35p, Non-members 55p
                                 no half fares. Please note price increase.
Sat13th May-         London depots to Include Stratford, Hither Green and Old Oak Common.
                                Meet Kings Cross travel centre 09.15, Return to Central London by 18.00.
                                 Cost Including permits and all travel around London £2.50. Non-members  
                                £2.85. No half fares
Sun 21st May -       Doncaster Works 11.00 and depot. Meet outside Plant Hotel 10.45.
                                Members 40p, Non-members 60p.Children half price.
Mon 29th May -      North Yorkshire Moors Railway by BR excursion from Doncaster.
                                 Adult £3 Child £1.50.Non-members 25p extra. STAR OUTING
Fri 2nd June-          Weekend trip to Fort William by BR excursion from Doncaster.
Sat 3rd June-           Fares-Adult £6.50 Child £3.25. Non-members 25p extra. STAR OUTING
Sat 10th June            Humberside by rail and sea. To include, Hull Botanic Gardens, Immingham
                                 and Frodingham. Depart Doncaster 10.36, arrive back 19.49. Fares shortly.
Sun 11th.June-        Doncaster Works 11.00 and depot. Meet outside Plant Hotel 10.45.
                                 Members 40p, non-members 60p.Children half price.
All bookings (EXCEPT FOR STAR OUTINGS) should be sent to Tom Helliwell. If you wish to go on a STAR OUTING please book with Robin Skinner stating how many places you wish to book and from which station you wish to travel. It You require any further information Tom or Robin will only be too pleased to supply it.


Eastern Region:  08508 20023 37055/140/3/68 47160-IM. 40006 47164/83/297/542/ 3YK. 08485 37204/5 47167/8/80/1-TI, 08478/661 37012 47160/7-SF, 08053 40152/3 47410-GD, 08402-DN  08492-BH, 08574/9-HM, 08866-WN, 08495-NR, 40124-TE.

Scottish Region: 08738-IS, 08882 37 108/11 47546-ED, 40150/1 47541-HA, 08326-HN.

London Midland Region: 25055/63/219/20-CD, 08014-BU, 08l2l/99-WN, 25186-KD.

Western Region: 31258 47140/2-BR 31132-OC 47500/2 08110-LE 08484-RG, 08487-SW 08361/489 EJ.

Locomotives withdrawn: 08003/10/25/43/4/8170/7190/138/44/5/229/67/306/7 20033 24057 25031/96 40051/4 46005 83004 84006

Fitted with dual brakes: 20205 25028/227/44/323/5

Fitted with dual air brakes: 08442

Boiler Isolated: 31212 31414/6/9/21/213

Boiler removed: 37015/94 40178 47095 47232/3/42/4/5-9/67/80/2/3

DMU reallocations: 50171/85/951218 59092 59540-DN: 50294 50553/6/68/70 51299 51471 56086 56386 5640314/6/7/8/23/61 59210/43-GF 51215 51426/37 56057/68 56382-CA 51295-NR
50364 56455-SF 50166 50639/49 56051 59386-NL  51275 56416-BG, 51985 52011 59782-AY  51460 51534 59564-DE  50748 51537/9 51796/7 59530 59691-BD  59046/7/71/86/90 KA 50081/123 59486-CW 56482-BY  50766 50819 50915 51282 51492-TS  50462 59192/3-NH  0594l6-CF.
DMU’s stored: 55035 56479

DMU’s withdrawn: 51126 51601 51641 56428

EMU’s withdrawn: 28313/5/40/69 29549/86 29891


Vehicles withdrawn: E1281 E1294 70681/8 87078/91

Eastern Region: 25388 86772

British Rail Eastern, Region will not be withdrawing its rail freight services from Grimsby Docks in the immediate future. A decision was made by BR In September 1976 to withdraw services following a decline In traffic volume from 269,000 tons In 1972 to 28,000 tons in 1975,

However, due to a sharp Increase In the volume of imported steel it Is estimated that the total volume In 1978 will be 60,000 tons.

The Kings Cross/Cambridge buffet service which has served the public faithfully since 1932 made Its last run on February 5th*To mark the last through run to Cambridge the locomotive carried a suitable headboard and extra accommodation and catering stores were provided to cater for nostalgic travellers paying their respects.

On Monday, February 6th the new outer suburban electric services started between Kings Cross and Royston, whilst the through services between London and Cambridge will be enhanced and concentrated on Liverpool Street. It will still be possible to travel between Cambridge and Kings Cross in about the same journey time but a change of trains at Royston will be necessary.

English Electric 2700 bhp, Co-Co DP2 pauses at Retford whilst working the 15.20 Sheffield Victoria-Kings Cross 'Sheffield Pullman' during the summer of 1964, After running trials on both the West and East Coast routes, this locomotive (prototype of the Class 50s) came to a disastrous end near Thirsk on 31st.July 1967.
We thank Jack Davis for the photograph.

MEMBERSHIP DIARIES We apologise for the delay In the distribution of some of the 1978 diaries. Members not having previously received their diary should find it enclosed with this magazine.

BR Standard 0-6-0 diesel-shunters D3060-D3064 were allocated to Mexborough (41H in 1953 and transferred to Wath (41c) in 1964. The recent withdrawal of 08008, formerly D3D61 is the first time these 5 locos have been split up.

Not another fire engine but a Liverpool Corporation tram, After 20 years in store at Merseyside PTE’s Edge Lane Works 39 year old No.245 has gone to Steamport Transport Museum, Southport on permanent loan from Merseyside County Museums.

1978 MOTIVE POWER POCKET BOOK - size 6“ x 4.1/4” 50 pages,

This up to date book shows locomotive details and differences, ex BR diesels in industrial use, preserved diesel and electric locos, HST and APT formations.

List price 40p. Special price to members 30p (or 40p Including post/packing). These are available from Committee members or direct from the Promotions Officer (address at the front of the magazines)


                                                                                                             CONNELL CASTLE

Thank you for my £10 cheque for winning the bumper Christmas Quiz 1977. It gives me great pleasure to win this competition for Lancashire (yet again). Why is there no competition from Yorkshire (or anywhere else for that matter?). Obviously you can’t get first prize but surely they could attempt to gain second place. I hear the number of entries is really low, something I cannot understand, as I would enter even without prize money.


A contract to move 5.6m tons of limestone aggregate by rail from two large West Country quarries by rail from two large West Country quarries over the next 10 years was signed recently. The contract involves provision of 520 trains a year over the next 10 years from Whatley quarry in the Mendips and Tytherington quarry In North Avon to two main destination’s Totton near Southampton, and Wolverton in Buckinghamshire, with each train taking a 1,000 tonne load.


On Saturday 28th.January,North Scotland suffered its worst blizzards for 30 years. Hardest hit was the Highland line from Inverness to Wick. The 17.15 service from Inverness-Wick/Thurso became derailed by snow near Forainard. All coaches except the leading one were affected. Passengers were transferred into the leading coach, but the engine and this vehicle could only proceed a further couple of miles before being halted by more snowdrifts.

No one knew the exact location of the train or the wellbeing of the passengers until it was spotted by a RAF helicopter the next day.

Conditions were so severe that the passengers on the train, about 70, had to be airlifted away by helicopter. This operation was started at about 18.00 on 29th January.


The following locomotives have been named recently. 87001-ROYAL SCOT (11-7-77)  87005-CITY.OF LONDON (22-11-77)  87006-CITY OF GLASGOW (8-12-77)  87007-CITY OF MANCHESTER (1-11-77)  87008-CITY OF LIVERPOOL_(2-11-77)  87009-CITY OF BIRMINGHAM (29-11-77)  87101-STEPHENSON (12-10 )


NOT ONE PASSENGER WAS KILLED ON A BRITISH TRAIN IN 1976 AND 1977, the first time such a record has been achieved In two consecutive calendar years.
Last year became the seventh fatality-free period during this century. The last passenger death resulting from a train accident was in October 1975 when a light engine collided with an Aberdeen-Kings Cross train at Lunan Bay, between Montrose and Arbroath.

On the roads In 1976 there were 6,570 deaths,80,000 seriously injured, and 340,000 casualties.


Two new stations have been opened recently; Brinnington on the Manchester Piccadilly-New Mills Central line serves an overspill town of 12,000 people between Reddish north and Bradbury. Newton Aycliffe, seven miles from Darlington serves a thriving new town which borders the Darlington-Bishop Auckland line.


Following the success of the Rail 150 steam cavalcade, plans are being made to stage a
re-enactment of famous Rainhill trials of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway. BR’s Shildon works is building one of the three replica locomotives that will be taking part “Sans Pariel”. The original loco was built by Timothy Hackworth in his Soho workshops at Shildon.
When the loco has taken part in the trials it is expected to return to the Hackworth Museum at Shildon.
The other locomotives, Stephenson’s “Rocket” and “Novelty”, which was built by Braithwaite and Ericcson are both being built privately.

SULZER FINALES - 21st and 28th, January 1978   Jon Davis

'Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun but what kind of nut gets up at 4.30 on a winters morning and travels from Sheffield to Nottingham to catch a train which passes within half a mile of his home?

After meeting on Sheffield Midland our party of seven-minus one (still sleeping) embark on an uneventful Class 45 journey to Brian Clough land, This sixty minute trundle is followed by a vain search for breakfast  (a bus inspector explained that Nottingham closes at weekends)

After being mobbed by fanatical ‘gricers'  D9 ‘SNOWDON' departs on the dot at 08.15, disc end forward and sporting freshly painted yellow nose, red buffer beam and silver lettered nameplates. Snowy Chesterfield Is reached on time and our sleeping beauty Paul is waiting on the platform. Our magnificent seven complete we leave the town of the crooked spire and weave around South Yorkshire via Beighton, Shepcote Lane, Tinsley, Rotherham Masborough ,Aldwarke Jcn., Mexborough Curve and Stairfoot (why didn’t they call this trip 'Barnsley the hard way?).

What is 56015 doing In the bay at Barnsley Station? asks Mr. Pratt of Lenton, Another five action packed minutes and his question is answered. After a signal cheek in the station our 2300 hp 'Peak' almost welds itself to the icy rails in a spectacular but futile attempt to conquer the incline up to Summer Lane. To much cheering and clicking of camera shutters, hero of the hour, 56005 buffers up to the rear of our train arid proceeds to push loco, coaches and all with an apparent lack of effort. (Mrs. Burke of Spondon enquires of the guard 'Why is it taking so long to reach Derby?'

After a photo stop-at Penistone (all the town must have turned out) we ventured on towards Stockport via Woodhead, Guide Bridge and Reddish South. Then on past the Jodrell Bank Saucers and along the sinking railway to that jumble of track known as Crewe where ordinary passengers and a Police dog watched In amazement as an army of enthusiasts descended upon 44009.
The next stage of our journey was double-headed by 24133 (to provide train heating) and D8 *PENYGHENT' for the 25 minute run to Chester and lunch. During the lunch-break Chester MPD took on the appearance of a market place with scores of spotters (or Is it nutters?) milling about.

Back to the train and we pass Wrexham and 24037 on Croes Newydd depot.

Forging south passed well named places like Preesgweene we are well In front of time as we take the avoiding line past Shrewsbury Station and head towards the beautiful Black Country, through Wolverhampton, Walsall, Lichfield City and onto the Midland at Wichnor Jcn, from where we travel via Burton, Stenson Jcn, and Castle Donnington. The train crew's shift is up before we -reach Nottingham so a new crew take over at Lock Lane Crossing near Trent for the 10 minute run to Nottingham Midland where we arrive more than 10 minutes early anyway,

We say goodbye to D8 then it’s off home for a few drinks and a smile (or 15) at the Sheffield Utd. football result .Was the LNER loco of this name really 505151?

Seven days later it’s up before the crack of dawn again and off to Sheffield Midland and the chance to kill two birds with one stone-the last Class 24 haulage and a winter trip on the Vale of Rheidol line. This time we must travel by road to meet the train at Wolverhampton H.L owing to a total lack of return trains in the evening. Paul, our sleeping beauty gets up late and rushes down to inform us he cannot make the trip. This leaves us with one car and 7 travellers-2 BR employees had to travel by rail and eventually arrived home at 11.0 the following morning.

After a 2-hour road Journey through driving rain and floods we breakfasted in Wolverhampton (a much easier task than In Nottingham) and waited among a crowd of *Wolves' football types for our train. Stood nearby was 87008 resplendent with its 'City of Liverpool' nameplates, The two Class 24 locomotives which took over the train at Birmingham New Street (after electric haulage from Euston) were experiencing difficulties with the multiple working equipment by Wolverhampton. The locos in question were 24133 (again) and-24087.

24087 soon disgraced itself by catching fire near Oxley Carriage Sidings. livery with white BR *barbed wire* emblems, Next comes a photo stop at Wellington where most people swarm around the locos (making photos impossible and a few others seek refreshment from a Nestles machine, After this short pause we go West to Shrewsbury where a rumoured relief loco is not in evidence. We amble on past 08470 in Hookagate P.Way yard, through wet Welshpool nought-degree Newtown and cold Caersws to torrential Talerddig where we are passed by an eastbound DMU, then we speed down the 1:52 'house side' to Llanbrynmair and down a ruling gradient of :163 to Machynlleth,

Our train splits at Machynlleth, 6 coaches going forward to Towyn (for the Talyllyn Railway), and the other 7 vehicles visiting Aberystwyth. We lucky Aberystwyth passengers are taken charge of by 24087 (with assistance from 25165) for the short run to our standard gauge destination.

After sampling ‘Seven Up' (drink) from Sainsbury’s, we  were hoping for ‘Seven Up’ (OWAIN GLYNDWR) to Devils Bridge, but as always we have to make do with old faithful No.9 ‘PRINCE OF WALES’ .’LLYWELLN’, the other of BR's steam locomotive fleet (Class 98 to all you mod swingers) is undergoing maintenance In Swindon Works. Considering the time of year and the wet weather our train seemed rather heavy for our 76 year old hero and sure enough the ‘Prince' is soon struggling to find his feet. By Capel Bangor the fireman is stood on the front throwing sand onto the track and by Nantyronen our ascent has become a farce. Here our loco takes a rest and our party takes brandy (cheers Big Roger) before another 30 minutes of sheer folly ends in the driver 'throwing In the towel’ at Aberffrwd - apparently the planned photograph run past was cancelled as BR could not guarantee the train keeping still as we ran past it.

Mr. A. Wright-Herbert of Twickenham was complaining bitterly to the guard-we hadn’t even reached Devils Bridge yet-and according to his timetable we should have departed from there 10 minutes ago. After taking coal and water at Aberffwrd we began the painfully slow process of being propelled back down to Aberystwyth by No.9 arriving just 15 minutes before main-line departure time-just time for a quick dash to the shops to buy crisps, drink, and an Unsworth's pork pie for the return journey.

Back on the train and a close inspection of our VoR R. tickets revealed the heading ‘Farewell to Class 44 Railtour’ -a rare motive power Indeed for this 1’ 11.1/2” gauge line. But we were back to standard gauge now and more failures-as we stand 50 minutes outside Machynlleth station with the brakes jammed on.24087 is determined to be awkward-after trying to go out in a blaze of glory in the morning she now decides to pack up altogether and ends up being dumped on Machynlleth shed. Off again for an incident-free run back to t',-e Black Country (except for a buffet attendant dropping all the plates)


Talking of buffets-the 35p toasted sandwiches available on the train were cheap at tw1ce the price. Back in Wolverhampton there's just time for a quick drink and a bag of chips, then it’s back to the car (with a bag of that West Midlands delicacy -pork scratchings) for the journey home.

Jon Davis News at 10-45, Wolverhampton.



A special feature from entertainment aces Kevin Connell and Alan Pett.
NAME-John Reginald Iolanthe Perrin Sanderson     Nickname-Samson
Birthplace-Doncaster Racecourse       Age-MLXXXXV
Marital Status-Single (or return?)                  Children-27000
Profession-Education Ossiferr (see previous comment)
Favourite Relaxation-Wearing unusual headgear
Favourite Sport-Three-legged horse racing
Favourite Holiday Place-Rotherham
Favourite TV programme-Q7 Spike Milligner (famous typing error)
Favourite food-Ham sandwiches         Favourite drink-Carbon Dioxide
Biggest influence on hobby-Doris Hebblebonethwaite.

The winner of competition number 9 was Kevin Connell of Lydiate, Lancashire, whilst runners-up were D. M. Clark of Doncaster, Mark Collins of North Hykeham, Lincolnshire and Norman Bolland of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire.
Answers are as follows-

1-British Railways Universal Trolley Equipment      2-Train Register  3- F. W. Hawksworth
4-Derby       5-18100  6-False- ex-London area LNW units converted and transferred
7-Budleigh Salterton        8-Hadrian Bar        9-Waggon and Maschinenbau
10-Waterloo and City Line                   1- 4469 ‘Sir  Ralph Wedgwood,
12-Paddington Station     13-Deutsche Bundesbahn   14-Mandatory and Conditional         
15-Halifax and Sheffield  16-Sheffield  17-The Subway    18~Corais Iompair Eireann
19- 29th.September 1935 20-Mersey Pneumatic Railway Company
21- £1.60     22- Hertford East   23- False  24- Welshpool Raven Square       25- None of these
26- Hibberd & Company   27-Dublin Connelly 28- Broughty Ferry  29- None'   30- Rochford
31- Cashmore's of Newport, Gwent     32- Yarmouth & Norwich Railway
33- Hamersley Iron PTY. LTD.   34- Derby-Sinfin 35-Crewe Alexandra 
36- Earle Street, Crewe   37- Quadarts  38-Terence Cuneo        39- Paris Austerlitz-Toulouse
40- Stourbridge Town 41- The Felixstowe branch  42-The East Midland Tourist Board
43- National Railroad Passenger Corporation of America    44- Laxey-Ramsey
45- Lancastria 46- Nottingham Division         47 –A H Peppercorn  48- Yankies       
49 -D1733    50-GNR Atlantic No.990 'Henry Oakley'


Below are 10 questions on the Scottish Region of BR.

First prize is £2 with £1 each for two runners-up.

1-In which part &f Scotland was the Machrihanish & Campbeltown Light Railway situated?
2-What is the highest point on British Railways?
3-Which station was used for filming In the *Dr. Finlay's Casebook' TV series
4-In the early 1960s special DMU excursion trains were run from the Glasgow area on the Callander & Oban line to Killin and back via the West Highland line. By what name were these excursions known?
5-Where Is Edinburgh's HST depot situated?
6-Name the building which houses the Scottish Region headquarters in, Glasgow
7-Between which cities did 'The Granite City' run?
8-What was the popular name for the Edinburgh-Carlisle line?
9-The shed code of Parkhead depot in 1959 was (a-65B) (b-65C or (c-65D)?
10-Give the full name of Stanier *Black 5, 4-6-0 No.45156.

Entries should reach Jon Davis, 81 Bowden Wood Crescent, Sheffield 9 before 22nd.March 1978.


Eastern Region
On 11th December 40165 (RA) worked the 09.30 Doncaster-Edinburgh whilst on the same day 24090 was seen In Doncaster Works awaiting cutting up, but still sporting its green livery. On 15th, December D1023 'Western Fusilier' was seen being pulled through Rotherham Masborough on its way to the NRM at York.
On 7th January 40028 hauled an Enfield Chase-Morpeth football special throughout, taking fans for the FA Cup 3rd Round tie Blyth Spartans v Enfield.
On the following day 40165 hauled the 17.50 Edinburgh-Sheffield throughout, On 13th January the following locomotives were noted at Wath MPD 08047/8/9/50/1/870,31216, 37131/3/41/201/26 ,47314, 5618,76031/4/41/7, whilst on 18th.January 4701O(SF) was seen hauling car flats southwards through Lincoln.
Class 40 locomotives have been appearing with greater frequency on Doncaster-Whitemoor workings. On 7th February 40040 and 40103 were noted passing Gainsborough, and 40056 on 8th.February and 4Q030 and 40176 were seen on 9th. February when 03026 08277 31115 and 31134 were working in West Holmes Yard, Lincoln.
On 31st.January 3 Pullman cars arrived at Doncaster and are now awaiting cutting up In the Works, Vehicles Involved are No’s 332 333 and 346. A Pennine Society visit to Doncaster Works on 12th.February was held in Arctic conditions. New Class 56’s 56038/40/1 were noted outside the Works, whilst inside locos spotted included the usual batch of Deltic’s- 5001/3/11/4/6/9/20/1  50006/14/20/31/3 31007/8/12. 24014/105/9/11, 37001/6/32/48/62/102/46/78/213/8/262/4. 08006/99/114/249/418/20/560/773/82. Class 76 76020 was noted in the paint shop where It is to be repainted In black livery before being sent to the NRM at York,
Highlight of the visit to Doncaster MPD was the sight of 4 Class 56 locos In a line-56007/14/5/9,Other locos seen Included 20228937020/55/8/126, 08065/6 both in green livery and 08958 and 40049.

On 30th,December 24063 was a stranger on Derby fuelling plant, and after fuelling It returned immediately towards Crewe. Locomotives on Crewe, Works on January 8th.included 08055/289/"416. 20005/33/97/175/6, 40020/41/8/50/4/7/63/7/9/89/99/129/36/60 47002/8/10/49/505/9/89/107/19/25/96/8/254/318/23/48/63/402/408/20/4/5/30/9/43/4/5/8/60/1/7/78/80/2/502/10/6/24/32/45/53. 81003/7/22. 82001/5/6/7, 83001,84005,85006/12/26/32/4, 86038/206/26/33/50, 76039.

Locomotives on Derby Works on 14th January included 20001/13/62/6/7/79/228,
25030/45/132/9/43/57/74/93/213/5/20/42/9/309/22/6. 40l28, 46004/5/9/12/16/20/31/4/ 8/42/53/4 and 56036 was on Derby Research. Locomotives on Toton MPD on the same day Included 44002/4/5/7/8/9 25099/210/1/313/21 and 24137 whilst the following were at Wigan Springs Branch on January 19th 08299/337/423/624 25048/56/7/109172127/81/4//307/10/9/23 40018/9/87/126/30/80, 47205/442.
Half an hour’s observation at Berkhamsted on the WCML on 3rd.February saw an Interesting variety of motive power - 86212/25/7/60 and 87002/16/8 on passenger work while 31168 85021 81005 84008 were on freight or parcels work. On the following day Reddish hosted 24022 40012/24/31/3/110/1, 76002/3/4/8/27/32/3/6/7/9/43/6/8/50/24/5/6/7 whilst the following were at Guide Bridge 08604/820. 25105/42/96/309, 40003/42/87/179 47190/344/59, 76006/7/11/2/3/4/6/22/ 9/3040/1
On 4th. February, the remaining Class 44s, 44002/4/5/7/8/9 were all on Toton as were 24137 and 56032/4/5.

On 11th February 47174 hauled a Mexborough-Bristol (outward via Hereford) special. Noted at Bristol were 03121 37233/74/95/7 and HST 254004.
On the same day Hereford hosted 08778, at Pontypool were 37162/251/5 whilst 37241/79 were at Severn Tunnel Junction. Bankers at Bromsgrove were 37179/282.

Would members send all Items of news suitable for inclusion In 'TRANS PENNINE' to the Magazine Editor (address on front cover).


45042 was involved In a crash near Birmingham recently was badly damaged and Is now withdrawn.

VEHICLES WITHDRAWN-1938(RU),3012(FO),4641.13274/6,16088,21033,25429,34543/53,, 87004/8/10/12/23/9/34/45/7/56/8/64/9/70/2/6/9/82/4/107/14/21/7/8/9/34/62/75/80/95/6/201/33/48/56/6/551/713/828, 37133/316 E1278/93/308/40/69, W308/9/10/8.

TRANSFERRED To W-1987/9, 2451,3150,35489,  To M-1500, 1732, 3221-4/8/9/30/4/5/7, 4999,5263, 5316, 5694, 5810/1/3/6/7, 134229,80303/425,81249.

RENUMBERED 86144 to 85509.

TRANSFERRED To E-3384/93/4, 5323/35/6/9/49, 13287, 81231.

FARE FOR HUMBERSIDE 10th, June Audits £4.00 Children £2.00