Issue No. 18 - December 1977


It is now three years since the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY was formed in November 1974 and we would like to thank everyone for their support during that period and we hope to see you all again in 1978.We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
The future events list published in our last magazine has had, in certain instances, to be slightly amended due to unavailability of permits, and a revised list appears below. Our South Wales trip on 22nd,April has been altered to include Barry scrapyard which still houses well over 100 steam locomotives. This change has been forced upon us by the refusal of the Home Office to grant permission for our visit to the Severn Tunnel Pump House at Sudbrook. To avoid disappointment members are asked to book early on visits.
We have experienced delays in the delivery of our 1978 membership diaries but these will be forwarded to members as soon as they are received by us.
(STOP PRESS *** Diaries enclosed )
Members are asked to-note that our AGM will now be held on Sunday 8th,January 1978 (details below).


Wed, 4th.January -Social evening at the Masons Arms, Market Place, Doncaster. Eddie Plenty-"A wide variety of slides" 19-30

Sun. 8th.January - Doncaster Works ONLY - 10-30,Meet outside Plant Hotel 10-15. Members 40p.non-members 60p.Children half price.
Followed by AGM at the Masons Arms 12-00 (adults may bring children-meeting in private room)

Sat,21st,January - Swindon Works 11-00,Meet Rodbourne Road entrance 10 .45, Members 35p, children 20p, non-members 55p,children 35p.

Sat,28th.January - Derby Works, Members
35p children 20p,Non-members 55p, children 30p. times available shortly.

Wed. lst, February - Social evening at Masons Arms-Keith Marshall- "Steam77" 19-30.  

Sun.12th.February - Doncaster Works 11-00 and depot. Meet outside Plant Hotel 10-45.Members 40p,non-members 60p.Children half price.

Sat,18th,February - South Lancashire by rail from Sheffield. To include Springs Branch (Wigan), Birkenhead, Allerton, and Liverpool loop. Depart Sheffield 07-52 arrive back in Sheffield 19-42, STAR OUTING

Wed, lst, March - Social evening at Masons Arms. Mr. R. Rowland-British Transport Films-19-30

Sat, 4th,March - Severn Valley Railway-by BR excursion from Doncaster with additional stop at Sheffield if sufficient numbers. Times and fares shortly, Tickets from PRS. STAR OUTING.

Sun.12th.March - Doncaster MPD 12-15 and Works 14-00. Meet MPD 12-00, Members 40p,non-members 60p.Children half price. This visit rearranged from March 26th.All bookings transferred.

Sat.18th.March -East Anglia by rail from Doncaster. To include Lincoln, March and Cambridge. Depart Doncaster 07-41, Retford 07-57,
Arrive back-Retford 18-08 Doncaster 18-53.Times and fares shortly -STAR OUTING.

Wed, 5th,April -Social evening at Masons Arms-Steve Barnes-slides,19-30

Sat. 8th.April -PENNINE SCENIC RAILTOUR. From Boston and stations to Worksop,and Darnall. Outward via Woodhead, Manchester, Preston.
Carlisle-3 hour stop and return via Skipton, Leeds, Aldwarke.
Electric haulage requested over Woodhead and Shap. Tickets available direct from BR. Tickets for passengers joining at Darnall from PRS. Times and fares shortly. STAR OUTING

Sat,15th,April -Eastleigh Works and Shed-by BR excursion from Doncaster with additional stop at Sheffield if sufficient numbers.
Times and fares shortly, STAR OUTING,

Sat.22nd.April -South Wales by BR excursion from Doncaster with additional stop at Sheffield if numbers sufficient. To Include Ebbw Jcn. (Newport), Canton (Cardiff) and Woodham Bros. scrapyard at Barry.  Ride by HST Newport-Cardiff. Times and fares shortly. Tickets from PRS, STAR OUTING.

Wed. 3rd,May -Social evening at Masons Arms "Doncaster Resignalling" 19-30.

Sun. 7th.May - Crewe Works 14-30.Members 25p.Non members 45p.No half fares.

Sun.21st.May -Doncaster Works-details as 12th,February.

Mon29th.hay -North Yorkshire Moors Railway by BR excursion from Doncaster. Times and fares shortly. Tickets from PRS, STAR OUTING

Sat 17th June - Humberside by rail and sea. To include Hull Botanic Gardens. Immingham and Frodingham. Times and fares shortly. STAR OUTING,

All bookings (EXCEPT FOR STAR OUTINGS) should be sent to Tom Helliwell. If you wish to go on a STAR OUTING please book with Robin Skinner stating how many places you wish to book and from which station you wish to travel, If you require any further Information Tom or Robin will only be too pleased to supply It.


London Midland Region -  
25101/11/5/73/93/281/302 - TO, 40191 - SP, 08465 40010/1/7 - KD,
25094/1124/48/8692 - CD, 08025 47064/293/4/5/8-BS

Western Region 37295/6/7 47508-LE, 31124/36/213/54/60/96-OC. 08480 31414/6/9, 47159 - BR,  08594 - EJ,  4714314/5 CF

Scottish Region 20003/7 25031/90/2/6 - ED, 47465-HA

Southern Region 33033-HG

Locomotives withdrawn 03171 06007 40048

Locomotives stored 24036 24091 25031 25096 46005

Locomotives reinstated 24023/35/47/63/81

DMU reallocations 50303/21-DE, 50166/6051-BG, 50660/79/82/3/93/4/5/725/7/932/35/38/39 -CH 50862/6/72/919 - TS; 51058/9/71/2/3/4/6/85/6/7/99/101/2/4/225/426073/6371 - CF
56482 - NH,  59114 - DE, 59261/6/78/94/9/414/8/30/1/2/3/513/5 - CF, 59374/6-TS, 59504-CW, 59197/2 24/31 - GF.

DMU withdrawn 51447

DMU reallocated 59014


Vehicles withdrawn.25242 87104/26/46/235

Vehicle reinstated 15664

Region  5297 5325 9358 13287 86767
London Midland Region 1736/43/9 (RB) 5317 5818 25814 80300 81225


This month's photograph shows Stanier Class 5MT 4-6-0 No,5305 passing through Doncaster in August 1977 on route from Hull to Dinting.
We thank Tony Booth
for the photograph.


BRB have announced their Intention to transfer all carriage servicing and shops etc. at Newton Abbot to Plymouth upon the introduction of the High Speed Train services envisaged for the early 1980s


BR have announced withdrawal of all services from Royal Oak North Junction -Filey Holiday Camp via the North Curve line,  and from Royal Oak South Junction-Filey Holiday Camp via the South Curve line and the closure of Filey Holiday Camp station as from 26th, October 1977.


On Tuesday October 31st, Class 87 electric locomotive 87007 was named "City of Manchester" at Manchester Piccadilly station. The engine then worked the 15-35 service to London Euston.
A further Class 87 locomotive.87005 has since been named "City of London" at Euston station.


BR have announced a rise of around 14. 1/2% from 8th.January 1978 with a higher rise for commuter journeys. Although fare rises appear to have become an annual event instead of 3 or 4 times per year as in the past they can still have a devastating effect. Statistics show that as numbers of passengers are beginning to increase after a fares rise the next rise brings about a sudden drop in the numbers travelling.
This increase is greater than the Government's 10% ceiling on wage increases.


The Post Office's own underground railway which runs for 6. 1/2  miles from Paddington to Whitechapel, 70 feet below the streets of London celebrated its 50th.anniversary recently, The driverless trains run exactly on time 22 hours per day,6 days per week, with around 359,000 bags of mail handled daily.
The rolling stock used on this 24 inch gauge railway is 46 years old and the remote controlled electric locomotives are of 1927 vintage and clearly need replacing If this vital system is to remain much longer.


A 110 ton 2-8-0 American built steam locomotive has now arrived at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway yard at Ingrow. The journey from Hull after arrival on the MV "NALECZOW" from Poland was by low loader vehicle via Market Weighton, York, Bradford, Bingley and Keighley.
The locomotive was abandoned in Eastern Europe after World War 2. Problems with language, communications, and Polish officialdom led enthusiasts to believe that the locomotive would never arrive in England. Last month after a promised delivery date was not met, some people believed the engine to be lost.
Further renovation will now be completed by Worth Valley members.


BREL York are now well advanced with their 8m contract to supply 13 x 5 car EMU sets for Taiwan. The units will be the showpiece trains on a 250 mile run between the North and the South of the Far East island .The one class coaches have swivel chairs with footrests, smoked glass panoramic windows, magazine racks, tape recorded public address system and separate toilets for men and women.
Two small pieces of plastic with blue horizontal lines are found on the door frames at particular heights (passengers pay according to size in Taiwan). Children under the lower mark travel free, those below the upper pay half fare, whilst anyone above the upper mark pays full fare. These rates apply irrespective of age,
The units are wider and taller than British coaches although they have narrower gauge bogies and therefore cannot be tested on track until they are unshipped at Taiwan.


A special feature from entertainment aces Kevin Connell and Alan Pett

NAME Robin Skylark Sparrow Skinner        NICKNAME Dobbin
AGE PASS                                                   BIRTHPLACE St,Pancras Chambers
MARITAL STATUS Single                          CHILDREN No comment
PROFESSION BR Passenger annoyer
FAVOURITE RELAXATION Bun running   FAVOURITE SPORT Sheffield Utd. NIL( Soccer-?)
FAVOURITE FOOD Banana butties
FAVOURITE DRINK Yes please-if you're paying.


Mr. Norman Bolland "PENNINE BEST DRESSED MAN OF THE YEAR" winner 1977 lost his title recently, when the Swindon Works gateman stopped him entering the Works, thinking he was a tramp. This was due to a ten day growth of beard.
Favourite to take over Norman's title is Mr. Alan Pett who will be the undoubted winner (providing he can find his teeth in time).


The winner of competition number 8 was Richard Bolland of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, whilst runner up prizes went to Ian Medley of Romford, Essex and Anthony Booth of Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Answers as follows


BUMPER QUIZ 1977- First prize will be 10 with a second prize of 5 and a third prize of 3.

1- What do the initials BRUTE stand for?
2 -A signalman records all movements in his section in which book?
3- Who was the locomotive superintendent of the GWR In
4-Where were the Standard Class
6P5P Clan pacifics designed?
5-What was the number of the Gas Turbine loco, which was rebuilt as AC Electric loco E2001?
6-Towards the and of their life the Lancaster-Morecambe-Heysham DMU's were converted to alternating current-true or false?
7-Name Bulleid Pacific No.34014
8-Name 2nd.Class Pullman Car No.354
9-Which German company built a number of railbuses for BR?
10-Which BR service is known as the "Drain Train"?
11-Which LNER A4 Class Pacific was destroyed by enemy action at York on 29th.April 1942?
12-Where was, "Warship" No,D800 "Sir Brian Robertson" named?
13-What do the Initials DB of the German Federal Railways stand for?
14-BR working timetables are split into two main types-what are their titles?
15-The LMS Railway had Joint Omnibus Committees with the municipalities of Halifax, Huddersfield, Sheffield and Todmorden. Which two of these were tripartite agreements also including the LNER?
16-Three of the above Joint Committees had emblems. Which one did not?
17-What is the popular name for the Glasgow Corporation Underground?
18-What is the Gaelic title of the Irish Transport Company?
19-On what date did the last trains on the narrow gauge Lynton&Barnstaple line run?
20-What was the original title of the Mersey Railway?
21-What was fite retail price of the 1977/8 BR all line timetable?
22-On which line out of London Liverpool Street is Rye House situated?
23-Travellers Pare run a buffet on Worksop Station-true or false?
24-In the current all line timetable which Welshpool & Llanfair Railway station is shown as "Service temporarily suspended"?
25-The publicised mileage from Penzance to Paddington is (a) 250. (b) 225. 3/4
(c) 225. 3/4
26  Who ware the builders of BR Departmental 0-4-0 shunter No.52 (ox 11104)?
27-Train services from Rosslare Harbour run Into which Dublin station?
28-Mame the first open station out of Dundee Tay Bridge station on the Aberdeen line.
29-How many trains run In each direction between Sheffield and Huddersfield ~on Sundays?
30-From, which station does a motor coach operate to Southend Airport?
31-Where was D1200 "Falcon" finally out up in 1976?
32-Which railway company entered an agreement with a brewery company whereby the brewery built public houses opposite every station and the railway opened no refreshment rooms?
33-Who are the owners of GWR 4-6-0 No,4079 "Pendennis Castle" ?
34-Which service did the LMR introduce on 4th,October 1976?
35-Which soccer club in nicknamed "The Railwaymen"?
36-Which former speedway stadium is used by a British Railways Staff Association ?
37-Sir Nigel Gresley introduced articulated coaching stock to the LNER London suburban service. "What were they called?
38-Which famous railway artist marks his paintings with a mouse?
39-Between which SNCF stations does "The Capitol" run?
40-Where did a DMU overrun buffer stops and become balanced over a road on 2nd.April 1977?
41-Which branch line became 100 years, old on 1st. May 1977?
42-Which organization uses the slogan "Stand up to the English shires"?
43-For what In "AMTRAK" an abbreviation?
44-On 25th.June 1977 which section of the Manx Electric Railway was reopened?
45-Name Class 40 locomotive No.D223?
46-During the 1960s.which LMR Division was given the code of D16 to Identify its main line locomotives?
47-Who was the only Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Eastern Region?
48-What was thie nickname of the Southern USA 0-6-0 tank class?
49-Which was the first blue-liveried Class47?
50-Which loco has recently been loaned to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway by the National Railway Museum?

Entries should reach Jon Davis, 81 Bowdon Wood Cres. Sheffield 9 before 16th,January 1978,

Committee members, are not eligible to cater this special competition.


Eastern Region
The Deltic "groundings" in October due to industrial action caused major changes on the ECML. On 12th,October.prior to total grounding the 08-45 Leeds-Aberdeen was hauled as far as Newcastle by 55010, from where 55001 took over. On the same day the 10-35 Aberdeen-Kings Cross arrived in Newcastle behind 55016, sister engine 55004 then took over the train as far as York from where 47401 took over.

On 21st.October the 16-08 Kings Cross-Newcastle was hauled by 40058, The train was seen at York running only 7 minutes late. On the same day the 16-00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross was hauled by 47547 noted at York running 62 minutes late.
On 5th.November sparks flew at Gainsborough with the sight of 25267 hauling 31415 (OC) towards Doncaster. On the 17th,November 47601 was seen at Gainsborough Trent Junctions hauling a Lindsey Oi1 Terminal train, whilst on the previous day 03026,08277/31323 and 47271 were noted In Lincoln West Holmes Yard.
On 7th.November Swindon Works Inter-City Class- 123 DMUs entered service on the Hull-Sheffield-Manchester route At present only 3x3 car sets are available (ex. Cardiff sets 711.712.713 and there is only one diagram. On the first clay of working E52091, E59823, E52098 were noted on the 20-47 Sheffield-Hull.
The power dispute in November had resulted in Class 56 56016 on standby at Sheffield Midland to provide emergency power. Unfortunately the locomotive proved defective and was replaced on 11th,November by 56008.
On 30th.November 500l6,37049 and 13002 were all seen outside Doncaster Works in ex. Works condition.
Our first visit around Tinsley MPD on 3rd,Deceaber saw a wide variety of motive power. Locomotives spotted included 56003/5/9/12/3/8/25/30 31116/9/36/77/96/221/35/301/17/22
37033/5/85/95/105/311/25/8/39/66 20019/32/4/65/92/128/33/43455/67/208/11, 08022/75/183/223/386/510/38/810/3, 13001, 25160, 47169/81/275.
Noted at Leeds Holbeck on the same day were: 08225/453/99/503/766, 45012/59/140 47333 47267 46028/37, 40004/107 31111/46/78/80/95/200/49/319/27/409/17.
Noted at York on 3rd.December were: 08042/170/249/52/336/559/70769,  40059/698/83/157/92,  31142/60/214/316, 25051/255 46055 47040/ 115/269/88/372/6/404/5/9/43/542/4
Doncaster Works built Class 56's 56032/4 were noted outside the Works on 3rd, December,

London Midland Region
On 25th.October 47464 (ED) was unusual power on the 16-07 Derby-St. Pancras. Class 85, 85007 has been at Derby Research Centre since 24th,October.
On l9th November locomotives at Saltley MPD included 25032/269/75.

Southern Region
The 2 Class 33 locomotives recently involved in the derailment in South London, 33036/43 are still at Hither Green MPD in a damaged condition. On 29th.November, 08180 and 09001 were spotted at South Lambeth and 73114 and 74007 were seen at Clapham Junction.

Western Region
Noted at Gloucester MPD on l9th.November included 08478/86/638, 37178 47317 and PWM 654.
A visit to Swindon Works on l9th, November saw a variety of locomotives dead and alive. Locos spotted included: D1001/09/11/12/15/22/23 /25/27/28/33/34/56/58/65/70/71 03025/159, D818 D821 D7029, V of R.No.8, 24039/41/52/77/8/9/84/5/13441
08002/135/9 /243/92/9/334/65/427/85/7/9/52/77/681/713/5/866/77/97/916/32
M51100 W55018 S86201/2/3/4/6 (Class, 499 TLV) M55003.

Scottish Region
Scottish Region continues to provide passenger work for Class 40's. On 22nd.October 40029 (LO) hauled the 18-13 Aberdeen-Edinburgh.
Noted on Haymarket on 23rd,October were: 08571/5/720/89, 20220, 25035/50/125, 27103/4/11/206,  40029/60/6153/64/5
45016,  47172/276/407/17/28/35/66/92/516/44,  55001/3/10/3.
Class 45, 45016 had worked Into Edinburgh on a weekend excursion from Huddersfield. The first Deltic working after the temporary grounding was 55003 on the 12-15 Aberdeen-Kings Cross from Edinburgh.
Engines spotted on Glasgow Eastfield MPD on 25th.October included: 08147/84/339/425/45./721/38/64/938,  06003, 20015/89/ 1001/1525/ 37/8/200/4, 24006, 25010/2344/9/96/235/7/9/40/1/6/7,  26015/8/22/6/31/42,  27005/8 10//25/6/79/31/7/106/8/9/10/11/205/9,  40065 4704553/208/427/72.
Engines. noted on Ayr MPD on the same day included: 08446, 20080, 25002/7/11/91/2/171/234. Station pilots at Glasgow Central on 25th. October were 20149 and 20202.

by Jack Davis

The Railway Age captured the imagination of most of the great Victorian and Edwardian writers and we find train journeys occurring in the works of masters of the pen such as Lewis Carol , John Betjeman, Kipling, Robert Louis Stevenson, and many others. Conan Doyle made frequent use of the railways in the "Sherlock Holmes" stories and gives some very interesting glimpses into their workings about the turn of the century. We are, most of us, familiar with the works of John Betjeman, perhaps the most celebrated of all railway fans.
I think the most perceptive and often amusing of railway writing is contained in come of the later works of Charles Dickens. Dickens was born in 1812 and so we can say that he grew up with the railways, or to be more precise,  as he grew up he saw the railways elbow the stage coach off the road and he drew heavily on what he saw of both to make his stories come alive as in "Dombey and Son". Little Paul Dombey's nurse lives in Staggs Gardens in Camden Town (her husband by the way was a fireman on the London & Birmingham Railway). Later in the story when Paul is dying a servant in sent to find the old lady and finds that Staggs Gardens have vanished under the new terminus at Euston and their place has been taken by tiers of railway warehouses, railway hotels, railway coffee houses, railway plans, maps, views, wrappers, bottles, sandwich boxes and timetables and the streets were full of railway cabs and omnibuses. The clocks even observed railway time as if the sun itself had given in.
In "Hard Times"  he talks of Coketown as being full of machinery and tall chimneys and piles of buildings where there was rattling and trembling all day long as the pistons of the steam engines worked monotonously up and down like "the head of an elephant in a state of melancholy madness". The railway went striding on many arches over which the trains shrieked and rattled. Telegraph wires "ruled a colossal strip of music paper cut of the evening sky"
His stories arrive on more than one occasion at Mugby Junction (presumably Rugby) which in 1860 appeared to have refreshment room facilities
well up to modern standards with "stale sponge cakes which turn to sand in the mouth and shining brown patties composed of unknown animals within (ginger tom?) and offering to view the device of an indigestible star fish in leaden pie-crust" or "sandwiches that had long been pining under an exhausted receiver".
Mugby Junction itself is described thus: Cris-crossing lines zigzagging into it like a congress of iron vipers, warehouses in which goods seemed to have taken the veil (of the consistency of tarpaulin) and to have retired from the world without any hope of getting back to it. This comes from a short story entitled "The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices" which goes on to describe an elevated signal box where a points-man was "constantly going through the motions of drawing immense quantities of beer at a public house bar". The wall's of the station at night were under the glaring gas lights, lurid advertisements for sauces and bedsteads, patent safes and umbrellas. The station in either totally unconscious or wildly raving and the change is effected by one shave of the air from A WOODEN RAZOR. A bell rings and bedlam ensues. Then in a minute the station relapses into its stupor and as the train glides out the fireman is seen wiping the long nose of his oil can on a dirty pocket handkerchief.

Locomotive Stock Alterations - Late News
Transfers-25055/63 219 20-CD 25137/93/302/8.13 TO 25141-BS 40191-SP
25095/9/117/20/205/18-CW 47508-WR
DMU-59376-TS .59504-CW.


A modernisation scheme is now under way to provide the latest colour light signalling over the 28 track miles of railway between Carmarthen and Whitland. Colour light signals controlled from Carmarthen and Whitland signal boxes are replacing the semaphores previously operated by signal boxes at Sarnau and St. Clears. In addition to colour light signals, modern lifting barriers will replace existing gates at both Sarnau and St. Clears crossings.
Signal boxes at Llanstephan, Sarnau and St. Clears will. be closed under the scheme. The work is due to be completed at the end of next summer and will cost over 390,000.


.Lorries are likely to continue to carry large loads of fish from Mallaig, on Scotland's west coast to the Netherlands. Scottish Region's General Manager, Mr. Leslie Soane claimed Dutch lorries could load and drive night and day arriving In the Netherlands within 48 hours which British Rail could not match at present.
While refrigerated wagons could be linked to the back of passenger services from Mallaig, the transit time would be slower than by lorry. He added that a regular flow of traffic would justify a special train. The problem was the volume and seasonal nature of the fishing industry, which tied up resources which BR could not afford to keep "lying around for use at the drop of a hat".


Members with any news or Information suitable for inclusion in "TRANS-PENNINE" should send it to Jon Davis. The more Information we get then the more interesting our magazine will become,

                                                   ---------- ~ ----- MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL--- ---------