Issue No. 17 - November 1977


We are delighted to announce the appointment to the Committee of Tony Booth who will be Promotions Officer and will be in charge of the sale of books, badges, postcards, calendars etc. to members at discount prices.
A promotions supplement is enclosed with this magazine. We know that members will find Tony to be extremely helpful to them and will
 be pleased to give any advice needed.
Members will find details in this magazine of visits planned for the rest of this year and for the Spring of 1978. Again we have tried to provide a variety of different visits. To avoid disappointment members should book early for visits.
Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 15th.January 1978 at 12-00 at the Masons Arms, Doncaster. All members axe welcome to attend.
Accompanying this magazine is a membership renewal form. Once again the membership fee remains unchanged at 75p for 1978 (1 for father and son)


Sat.19th.November- Swindon Works 11-00. Meet Rodbourne Road entrance 10-45.

Sat.26th.November- Crewe Works 10-30 and. Derby Works 14-30.Members 60p, non-members 80p, excluding rail travel. No half fares.

Sat. 3rd.December-Yorkshire by rail, To include Tinsley, Holbeck, York and National Railway Museum. Meet Sheffield Travel Centre at 08-15.Adults 3-50, children 2-55.Non-members 3-75. children 2-80.

Wed, 7th,December- Social evening at the Masons Arms, Market Place, Doncaster. PENNINE SHIELD QUIZ -Pennine v South Yorkshire RPC. v Doncaster Railway Circle. 19-30 ALL WELCOME

Thu, 8th,December-PENNINE SHIELD QUIZ - Teams as above. To be hold at the BRSA Club, St. James Bridge,Doneaster.19-30 ALL WELCOME

Sun,11th,December- Doncaster Works 11-00 and depot. Meet outside Plant Hotel at 10-45.Members 40p, non-members 60p. Children half price.

Tue.13th.December-PENNINE SHIELD QUIZ. Teams as above. To be held at Grapes Hotel, Trippet Lane, Sheffield.19-30 ALL WELCOME

Wed. 4th.January -Social evening at the Masons Arms, Doncaster 19-30. Mr. Eddie Plenty - Slides,

Sun.15th,January -Doncaster Works ONLY, 10-30. Meet outside Plant Hotel 10-15. Members 40p,non-merabers 60p.Children half price.
Followed. by AGM at the Masons Arms 12-00 (adults may bring children, meeting in private room)

Sat.21st.January -Swindon Works 11-00. Meet Rodbourne Road entrance 10-45 Members 35p,children 20p,non-members 55p children 35p.

Sat.28th.January -Crewe Works 10-30 and Derby Works 14-30.

Wed. 1st.February- Social evening at the Masons Arms-Mr. Keith Marshall - slides

Sun,12th,February- Doncaster Works; 11-00 and depot. Meet outside Plant Hotel at l0-45.

Sat,19th.February-Liverpool by rail-from Sheffield. To include Wigan Springs Branch, Birkenhead, Allerton and the Liverpool loop. STAR OUTING

Wed, 1st. March -Social evening at the Masons Arms, Doncaster

Sat, 4th,March -Severn Valley Railway-by BR excursion from Doncaster with additional stop at Sheffield if sufficient numbers. STAR OUTING

Sat,18th,March -East Anglia by rail from Doncaster. To include March. Cambridge and Norwich, STAR OUTING.

Sun,26th, March - Doncaster MPD 13-00 and Works 14-00. Meet at MPD at 12-45

Wed, 5th,April -Social evening at the Masons Arms, Doncaster

Sat. 8th.April -PENNINE SCENIC RAILTOUR from Worksop and Darnall-outward via Woodhead, Manchester, Preston, Carlisle-3hour stop and return via Skipton, Leeds, Aldwarke Jcn, Electric haulage requested over Woodhead and Shap. STAR OUTING

Sat.15th.AprIl -Eastleigh Works and Shed-by BR excursion from Doncaster with additional stop at Sheffield if sufficient numbers. STAR OUTING

Sat. 22nd April - South Wales by BR excursion
from Doncaster with additional stop at Sheffield if sufficient numbers. To include Severn Tunnel Pump House Ebbw Jcn and Cardiff Canton. STAR OUTING

Wed. 3rd.May -Social evening at the Masons Arms,Doneaster-19-30

Mon.29th.May -North Yorkshire Moors Railway -by BR excursion from Doncaster. STAR OUTING.

Prices and times when not given above will be released as soon as possible, All bookings (except for STAR OUTINGS) should be sent to Tom Helliwell. If you wish to go on a STAR OUTING please book with Robin Skinner stating how many places you wish to book and from which station you wish to travel. For any further Information please contact Tom or Robin.
Please note that all payments should be received in advance,

Eastern Region 03171-SP 08510-SB,08003-DN,08459-DR.08870-WH, 08240/862-CA,. 08889, 31129261/309-MR, 08015/22/331/523-TI. 08504,  31107/70, 47167/8/9 -IM. 311251/61/240-FP, 473134-TE, 31297/8, 45001/2/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/20-32/4/5/6/8/9/40/1/3/7/8/53/61, 56018-TI

London Midland Region 08025-BS,08300-AN 08465-KD, 25O94-CD, 25101/11-TO, 25112/4-CD,25115/52/73-TO. 25148/86/92-CD: 40010/1/7-KD, 4764-BS, 47281-TO, 47293/4/5/8.BS

Scottish Region 08247-DT, 25031-ED. 25090/2/6-ScR

Locomotives withdrawn 03092 08002/65/6/167/310/57 25029 26017 40059/72 76020

Locomotives stored 03025/154/9/71 08459/504 24023/35/6/47/63/81

Locomotives reinstated 03034/171 08003/59/459/772 76004

New locomotives 56028-TI, 56033/4-TO

DMU Reallocations 50194/245/9043/88-HA, 50606/10/6200/1 - NL, 51248/50/6409/10-GF, 50200/40-DN, 51268-NR, 56457-SF, 51212/443/63721/3-CA, 51246/7/495/6071-GF, 50209/91-GF, 51456/520/6388-ED, 51248/50-DE

DMUs stored 50249 51486/7/91 56476/7/8

DMUs withdrawn 56291/7/9


Vehicles withdrawn. 21098 25437 35163 70651 70702 87227 87254.

Vehicles reinstated 16221 87090

Eastern Region 3388 4421 5337 5343 9392 13468/9 14057 25313 25449 81127
London Midland Region 2434 5258 5272 5279 5678 81225 81259
Scottish Region 5099 5391 5395


During 1948 and 1949 Hull Speedway fielded a third division team known as 'The Angels'. Home meetings were held at Heddon Airfield, five miles outside
Kingston-upon-Hull on the Hull-Wythenshawe railway line. Crowds of up to 9,000 attended meetings and a special station was constructed outside the stadium in order to carry supporters back and forth from the city. Will anyone with any information on the station or the speedway please contact Jon Davis, Editor of 'TRANS PENNINE'.

COVER PHOTO This month's photograph shows Stanier Class 5MT 4-6-0 No.5305 passing through Doncaster in August 1977 an route from Hull to Dinting. We thank Tony Booth for the photograph.


From 3rd.October 1977 Backworth, on the Newcastle-Whitley Bay loop and Black Rock on the Machynlleth-Pwllheli line have been closed.


The GN Inner-Suburban electrics, introduced less than a year ago have attracted the customers. There has been an overall increase of more than 50% in ordinary and season ticket takings for the first 26 weeks of operation. From stations between Finsbury-Park and Wood Green full and reduced fares revenue was up 37% and season tickets up 142% giving a total increase of 162%.


The Merseyside PTE is proposing to withdraw financial support from a number of rail services in the Greater Liverpool area and reduce the amount of support from several other services as a means of economy. Under the proposals all support for the Birkenhead-Wrexham and St. Helens Shaw St.-Garswood services would be withdrawn and the Heswall shuttle service stopped. BR would have the option of bearing the costs themselves or closing the services altogether.
Services on which it is proposed to make economies by reducing the frequency or length of trains include the North Merseyside electric services. Peak travel on the Southport/Ormskirk line will be cut by lengthening the time between trains by 2.1/2 minutes and on the Wirral electric service the peak services will be at 10 instead of 5 minute Intervals and the train intervals between Birkenhead Park and Liverpool will be extended from 20 to 30 minutes.
The estimated cost effect of closure or rail service reductions is a net saving of 300,000 in 1978/9 and 799,000 for 1979/80. Merseyside spends 14m on rail services from which it draws revenue of 6m. Its bus operations cost 34m against total receipts of 24m.
Many cancellations came into effect from 3rd.October 1977.


Industrial action on 15th.October resulted in all Class 55 Deltics being taken out of service. This action took the Deltics out of service for about one week.


A series of one day stoppages is hitting South Yorkshire bus services. Commuters and shoppers have made use of local rail services despite a total lack of advertising by BR. In the Sheffield area for example many passengers have been boarding at Darnall and Dore. With more initiative many more passengers could have been attracted,


Train loads of aggregates being used in the construction of the NCB's new mine at Selby are moving from Buxton. BR's contract with Staveley Lime Products Is to transport 35,000 tons of limestone to Gascoigne Wood near Selby. The material is being carried by two sets of 28 wagons in 650 ton loads with 5 trains a week in each direction. Full trains leave Peak Forest at 03-45 arriving Gascoigne Wood 07-50 while the return empties leave at 05-00 reaching Peak Forest by 10-00.


Two new terminals at Harwich and Birmingham are to be opened next year. Harwich will be served by an extension of the existing Cambridge-Edinburgh Motorail route which will be increased in frequency and be extended to Stirling. If the feasibility of using Birmingham International is confirmed it will be provided with a seasonal overnight train to Inverness.

No.1 - The GNR

by Tony Booth

From 1835 it took 15 years of schemes and counter schemes involving costly legal battles before this major East Coast route was completed. The main objectors were the LNWR, Midland and the Eastern Counties lines, all of whom were fearful of losing a great deal of business.
Starting from Maiden Lane, near Kings Cross it was opened to Werrington Junction, near Peterborough and two years later to Doncaster, A new station was built at Kings Cross in 1853 designed by Lewis Cubitt, in yellow brick in the style of the Tsars riding school in Moscow. At the time it was acknowledged as being the largest and finest station in London.
And so to Doncaster which was the industrial hub of the main line, Here was centralized all Great Northern traffic from the South Yorkshire coalfield and the West Riding industrial area. There is an old, true saying that the GNR "finished in a ploughed field four miles north of Doncaster'. This was at the 'end on' Askern Junction where the original access to York lay over L&Y and the York and North Midland lines via Knottingley. It was not until 1870 that the North Eastern Railway pushed south from Challoners Whin Junction via Selby to Shaftholme Junction giving the GNR running powers over a direct route to the North.
The Great Northern promoted a number of lines In Cheshire to strengthen their position and consolidated local interests. In 1866 the GNR, Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire and the Midland became partners in the Cheshire Lines Committee and tapped the business from the Lancashire industrial area and the docks of Merseyside.
Great Northern locomotives were supreme. They were first bought from outside firms until 1850 when locomotive superintendents took over. The first of these was Archibald Sturrock, a former GWR man who was specialised in building large singles. He transferred the locomotive works from their temporary location at Boston to Doncaster where they were opened In 1853 for repairs and rebuilding only.
Patrick Stirling succeeded Sturrock in 1866 and built the first locomotive at Doncaster in 1867. In 1870 he produced the first 8ft 4-2-2 which were probably the most popular engine of their era.
Next, in 1895 came H. A. Ivatt and the first British Atlantic 4-4-2 'Henry Oakley' emerged from Doncaster Works in 1898. In 1911 perhaps the most famous GNR engineer, Sir Nigel Gresley took over and though his finest work was done after the 1923 amalgamation he did produce a GNR Pacific 4-6-2 in 1922.
So was achieved the perfect progression of locomotive design upon one system, starting with the Stirling 8ft.Singlel through the Ivatt 'Atlantic' to the Gresley 'Pacific'. No other railway in the country could show such-an example of logical expansion from type to type, or such a result of unparalleled success.
On the formation of the LNER Gresley stayed in power as Locomotive Superintendent and carried the GN tradition to an even higher degree of success. Locomotive colours were light green, lined white and black, red-brown frames lined red, black outside cylinders, green wheels. Goods engines were grey with white lining from 1912. Coaches were in varnished teak and wagons were dark brick red.


Off to a flying start is the news on the 80m Midland suburban electrification scheme from St. Pancras to Bedford. According to Alf Brinicombe, project officer (Midland lines)-'We've never had a job so far advanced within 12 months of authority to start'.


A special feature from entertainments aces Kevin Connell and Alan Pett.

NAME Geoffrey Bambrough
NICKNAME 'Pennine Badger'
AGE Unchartered

MARITAL STATUS Married to Lynn
CHILDREN - Two-1 boy and 1 girl
PROFESSION - Computer Programmer (long distance)
FAVOURITE-RELAXATION- Selling badgers for Pennine funds
FAVOURITE SPORT - Soccer (Barnsley F.C.)
FAVOURITE TV PROGRAMME -  In-Clement Freud's dog food adverts
FAVOURITE FOOD - Oh, Rob-I don't know Rob.'
FAVOURITE DRINK- Travellers-Fare Gold Blend coffee


Eastern Region
On 28th,SepteMber Harrogate saw its first HST
when 254002 worked from York to Leeds and return. Noted on York MPD on the same day were 25120(TO), 25253(BS), 47194(CD), 47495(BR), 47101(CF), 20031(IM), 20215(TI). whilst 254003 worked an excursion Into York from Bristol, as did Union Jack adorned 47164 from Shenfield.
On 20th September 47434 experienced difficulty whilst working the up Hull Pullman. 47216 assisted the delinquent 47 from Doncaster to Kings Cross where the duo arrived one hour late. On the same day the down 'Hull Pullman' left Kings Cross 45 minutes late due to a signal failure.
On 15th
 September a Bridlington-Edinburgh 'Merrymaker' was hauled by Sulzer Class, whilst on 17th,September 37039 was in charge of a Grantham-Blackpool Illuminations special.
Class 03 03197 was noted outside Doncaster Works on 18th.September in superb ex-works condition, and on 24th.September 47219 hauled a Doncaster-Portsmouth Harbour excursion. On the outward journey this train ran via Reading General and Guildford.
The last remaining green liveried Class 13.No.13002 has been painted 'rail blue' in Doncaster Works. However on the other hand Liverpool Street station pilot 08531 has been repainted at Stratford in green livery complete with the old BR 'lion and wheel' emblem.
The PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY ran a visit to London depots on 8th.October,covering Stratford, Willesden, Cricklewood, Old Oak Common and
Marylebone. The following locomotives were noted at Stratford: 31002/5/7/8/12/3/5/7/9/10316/ 10/1/4/22/37/8/45/8/56/85/91/236/42/312, 37011/44/43 /85/9/92/215/59/64/6/7, 03009/92/161/389, 45010, 40068, 20059, 56005/12, 47007/170/93/100/35/50/6/8/62/243/40)/25,  08230/2/9/741/64/408 17/40 /82/519/20/21/6//52/47/24/58/863/80/930/58.
Class 47,47163 was noted at Stratford being adorned with a Union Jack. Also noted at Stratford that day included E51003,S051487, Sc56477 and BTH non-powered carriage-heating unit ADB 968000(ex-BR D8243).
Two Class 56 locomotives, 56012/14 are currently working off Wath Depot and have been employed on test trains at the end of October and beginning of November. The engines, hauling 30 full MGR hoppers, have been found to be extremely powerful.
Immingham Class 20s are still to be found at Gunness near Scunthorpe, employed on banking duties. On 29th.October 20025 was in attendance. On the same day 20029/51 and 08404 were at Scunthorpe.
On 30th.October locomotives noted on Doncaster depot included: 37020/5/54931101/2/34/80/94/248,aad 47o42/7/180/31.2/403.
Noted on
Doncaster Works on the same day were: 03179, 08122/74/228/76/95/358/88/401/59/88/509, 24001/9/72 147/8, 31009/118/38/241/58/9 /88/98/309/14, 37032/3/49/50/58/94/168/93/200/4/18/52/95, 50002/6/8/16/20/31/6/44/6/8, 55017/16/18, 56036/7/9 (complete).
In addition withdrawn Class 76, 76020 was in the Works. This engine is earmarked for the National Railway Museum at York.
The final Class 56 locomotive to be delivered from Romania, 056030 has now entered service and is operating from Tinsley. On lst. November 56030 was seen passing Dore with a cement train for Earles at Hope.
The current power dispute is again causing chaos on BR. Class
56 56008 was seen at Sheffield Midland on 4th, November acting as a standby power source for the station lighting and one of Wath's Class 56s is being used to supply power to the depot in the event of power cuts.
On 4th.Noveaber new Class 56 56037 was standing resplendent outside Doncaster Works.

London Midland Region
On 17th September 08355 was noted at Blackburn whilst 08835.and 40096/115/85/91 were at Preston and 08925 was at Blackpool.
On 24th.September a Liverpool-Spalding "Class 44 Peak Farewell Tour" had Peak haulage from Toton-Spalding and return. The locomotive used-was 44008 'Penyghent', whilst on lst. October a St. Pancras-Manchester had Class 44 haulage throughout.
On 24th,September,Doneaster-built Class 56,56033 was noted at Saltley depot .This loco is being used for crew training purposes, whilst on 8th.October,Class 44, 44009 'Snowdon' was seen working light-engine at Trowell Junction.
On 8th, October a PENNINE visit to Cricklewood spotted the following locomotives: 08458/603/6/768/890, 47201/3/359/491, 25054/173/8/83/90/250/1/6/ 311/24.
In addition many DMU's were noted including, E50988/92 E51154/7/8/62.
On the same day locomotives noted at Willesden included 08010/903/5, 25175/81/316, 81016, 84004, 87004/13/21/7 and 87101 which was being fitted with the nameplate 'Stephenson' prior to the naming ceremony which took place at Manchester Piccadilly on October 12th.
On 15th.October the 16-15 Sheffield-Manchester DMU was passed at New Mills South Junction by 'Jubilee' 4-6-0 No.5690 'Leander' and at Romiley by 44004 'Great Gable' both working enthusiasts excursions, and on arrival at Manchester Piccadilly a 'gricer' was noted on an adjoining platform carrying a nameplate off D216 'Campania'.
On 29th,October 47043 arrived at Blackpool with an excursion from Grimsby Town. On the same day 40116 and 47158/346/539 were also in attendance.
An unusual sight at Preston on 29th.October was that of 47019 complete with silver roof.

Undergoing trials recently on the Liverpool-Ormskirk line have been electric trains from the Moorgate line in London.

Western Region
The following locomotives were noted on Reading MPD on 20th, September: 08791/803/941, 47060/134/44/503,whlilst 4 days later a freightliner was double headed  through the station by 33012 and 33017.
A PENNINE visit to Old Oak Common on 8th.October noted the following locomotives: 08109/678630/779/87/7/94//8/876/921/47 31117/23/65/208/30/56/7
/412/3/5, 37022, 50007/9/12/23/4/5/38/50,  47076 'City of Truro' 47078 'Sir Daniel Gooch'

Scottish Region
On lst. October Fort William shunter 08718 was noted on Eastfield undergoing minor overhaul. On 15th,October 08789,26011/33 and 40151 were seen at Edinburgh Waverley whilst 40062/3/6/84/5/151/62 were on Haymarket MPD along with 'grounded' Deltics 55001/3/10/3/6.

Southern Region
On 24th September 33019 was noted at Guildford whilst 08933 was at Fratton and 47484 'Isambard Kingdom Brunel' worked into Portsmouth Harbour.
A collision occurred& on Southern metals on 11th.October involving the previous days 15-52 Welbeck-Northfleet MGR and the 03-24 Northfleet-Dunstable cements. The trains collided when the cement train hauled by 33043/6 ploughed into derailed wagons of the coal train hauled by 47323/59 at Mottingham on the Sidcup line.
On 12th.October 33205 failed at Beckenham Junction on the 20-50 Leeds-Dover van train causing the
07-40 Victoria-Ramsgate to reverse at Kent House and return to Victoria before taking an alternative route. The train restarted from Victoria 70 minutes late.
Yet a further incident on the, Southern occurred on 13th,October when the 17-37 Holborn-West Croydon jumped the rails at Loughborough Jcn. blocking three lines. The train was worked by
2x4 EPB 5014 and 5253. Unit 5014 was derailed but none of the 600 passengers was injured. However 500 passengers on the following 17-40 were stranded for 2.1/2 hours since buses arriving to take away stranded passengers were moved on by Police before commuters could get to them.
On Saturday lst, October due to engineering works at Factory
Jcn. (Stewarts Lane) all Southern Region services on the South Eastern Division main line from Victoria to Bromley South/Gillingham/Faversham/Ramsgate/ Dover including boat trains were diverted via Clapham Junction and Crystal Palace rejoining the main line at Beckenham Junction adding some 20 minutes to the journey time. Crews were changed at Beckenham Junction with Central Division men working between there and Victoria under Home Office Customs regulations. Police were in attendance to supervise changeovers on boat trains and the Night Ferry. As passengers do not go through customs until arrival at Victoria the trains are 'sealed'.
Things started to go badly due to guards going sick causing  train cancellations and further delay with fast services stopping
in lieu of slow services. By the early afternoon services were becoming further dislodged by the fact that the Central Division guards started objecting to working these services as they thought they should just conduct. Tea time brought a points failure at St. Mary Cray, a lineside fire at Swanley and a tree blocking the Fast Lines also near Swanley. The worst delay recorded was the 22-40 Victoria-Ramsgate/Dover Marine leaving Victoria at 00-45,  125 minutes late. The 18-40 Victoria-Ramsgate/Dover Marine was terminated at Beckenham Junction resulting in 550 passengers being detrained. Overall punctuality on the Chatham, side service was 19% right time as opposed to the regular 90-95% on a Saturday.


Winner of competition No.7 was Mr. B, Taylor. Runners up were Mr J. Henley, and Mr. A .Needham.
Answers are as follows




By popular demand here are another set of station name suffixes. Can you put the correct towns to these names?
All entries to J.Davis,81,Bowden Wood Cres. Sheffield 9 by 30th,November.
First prize is 2 and there are second and third prizes of 1 each.



Members are asked to send any information suitable for inclusion in 'TRANS PENNINE' to Jon Davis. The more information we get, the more interesting our magazine will become. For information included in this issue we are indebted to Messrs. Davis, Dewing, Mercer, Mellors, Sanderson, Skinner and Turner.


After eight years of negotiation the Bulleid Society has finally acquired the Bulleid Q1 steam locomotive. Destined to run on the Bluebell. Railway it has been handed over from the National Collection at Preston Park ,Brighton.
The unconventional looking (BR No.33001) was built at Southern Railway's Brighton workshops in 1942. It remained in service until the mid-sixties.
After being taken by road from Preston Park to the Bluebell Railway's Sheffield Park locomotive works the Q1 was thoroughly cleaned and repainted by Bulleid Society members in time for the handing over ceremony on the 10th.annivereary of Southern Region's last steam train. It is hoped to have the locomotive in steam and running on the Bluebell by 1980.