The Magazine of the Pennine Railway Society

 No.146 - Winter 2008

Committee Briefs
Season’s Greetings
The Committee of the Pennine Railway Society join together in wishing all our members, their families and their friends a very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.
We thank you for your support and friendship during 2008.

Neil Taylor - Welcome

We are pleased to announce that Neil Taylor has accepted an invitation to join the Committee of the Society.
Neil has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Society for many years and we welcome the experience that he will bring to the Committee.

Membership Fee

With this magazine you will find a renewal of membership form Despite, and possibly because oil the current credit crunch, we are pleased to announce that we are able to maintain the membership fee of £6 for another year.
We hope you feel this continues to be excellent value for money and look forward to you rejoining your Society for 2009.

Free 2009 Diaries

All members rejoining the Society in 2009, and any new members joining for the first time, will receive a complimentary Pennine Railway Society pocket diary.
Yet another good reason to renew your membership.

Annual General Meeting.

You are invited to attend the Society’s Annual General Meeting, which will be held at 12 noon on Sunday 11th January 2009 at The Salutation.
This is the opportunity for you, the members, to have a say in how you wish the Society to be run, and to form a plan for events in 2009.
It will also be a chance to socialise with friends you may not have seen for awhile.
Any member who wishes to raise an issue is welcome to advise this to our chairman, Robin Skinner, or to any other Committee Member in advance of the meeting.

Social Meetings

Members are reminded of our social evenings, arranged by Robin, which are held on the lst and 3rd Wednesday of every month.
The early 2009 program is shown elsewhere in this organ.
Curtains rise at 8.00pm in our private, well-appointed function room.
Entertainment is guaranteed, and is open to non-members.

Christmas Smile (1)

A new public house at Martlesham, near Ipswich, has been named alter Sir Douglas Bader, the RAF’s legless wartime hero (Daily Telegraph).

Christmas Smile (2)

Schizophrenic killed herself with two plastic bags (Milton Keynes Gazette).

Bendy Buses Under Threat

Pennine’s bus correspondent, Gerry “Roadcar” Collins of Lincoln reports on Boris Johnson’s, London Mayor, proposals to rid the streets of London of bendy buses in “the most cost-effective way”.
The first routes targeted are 521, 507 and 38.

Christmas Smile (3)

Chip shop owner battered man (Gateshead Post)

Full Channel Tunnel Reopening In February

The Channel Tunnel will reopen completely in mid-February 2009 following the Ere on 11 September 2008 on a freight train which closed the tunnel for almost 2 days.
Services are now 93% back to normal, with only the final third of the south bound tunnel closed, with trains crossing to the north bound line under single-line working. Many services have extended journey times under the existing temporary timetable.

Christmas Smile (4)
- One for Paul Slater of Gainsborough

The Authorities at Ongar Library have received a number of complaints about a card in the index tile which read :
SEX:  SEE LIBRARIAN  This has been changed. The new entry reads : SEX : FOR SEX, ASK AT THE DESK (Eastem Gazette)

The Whyte Notation

Our veteran steamer, President Geoff Bambrough, reminds us of the Whyte Notation, the LNER’s classification of locomotives,
For example, a Pacific “A” had a leading bogie with 4
small wheels, 6 large driving wheels coupled together, and a 2-wheeled truck under the firebox and driver’s cab (4-6-2).
Other configurations were;
B (4-6-0) C (4-4-2) (Atlantic)
D (4-4-0) E (2-4-0)
F (2-4-2) G (0-4-4)
H (4-4-4) I (0-6-0)
K (2-6-0) (Mogul) L (2-6-4)
M (0-6-4) N (0-6-2)
O (2-8-0) (Consolidation) P (2-8-2) (Mikado)
Q (0-8-0) R (0-8-2)
S (0-8-4) T (4-8-0)
U (2-8-8-2) Beyer-Garratt articulated type)
V (2-6-2) (Prairie) W (4-6-4)
Y (0-4-0) Z (0-4-2)
If there were both tender engines and tank locomotives within a wheel arrangement (e.g. J), the tender engines took the lower-type numbers (e.g. J l, J2) and tank locomotives the higher (J50, 151).

Christmas Smile (5)

Due to an error in transmission we stated in an inquest that Mrs Vincent of Porth was found dead with a bottle in her left hand and a plastic bag over her head. This should have read “a Bible in her left hand” (Swindon Evening Advertiser)

Eurostar Monopoly To End
On l January 2010 the EU will open the railways to competition, ending the Eurostar monopoly. Air France has already announced plans to run a rival service to Eurostar by employing a new generation of trains capable of carrying 900 passengers at 224mph and taking London - Paris journey times under 2 hours.

Christmas Smile (6)
The Irish Stammerers’ Association will hold a seminar will hold a seminar entitled “Aids for Stammerers” tonight (The Irish Press)

WCML “Lighter Timetable”

There will be a lighter timetable on the WCML lasting 6 weeks from 14 December 2008 to allow the huge upgrade to bed in. The full, new, winter timetable will start from 26 January 2009, including Virgin’s three trains an hour VHF - Virgin High Frequency - services from London to Manchester and Birmingham.
Services affected include the new Chester through service from London, which would be a shuttle service from Crewe.

Christmas Smile (7)

Due to a printing error a story ir1 last week’s Gazette referred to athletics coach Billy Hodgins as an “old waster”. This should have read “old master” (Eastern Gazette)

More Standing Room On Class 378 Trains

Construction of Class 378 trains for TFL’s London Overground services in north London are under way at Bombadier, Derby. The first sets will enter service on the North London line in early 2009. The fleet will extend operations to the East London line between Dalston, New
Cross Gate, Crystal Palace and West Croydon on completion of the line’s reconstruction in 2010.
In a first for heavy trains, seating will be installed lengthways against windows to give more standing room space for the trains short-stop journeys.

And Finally - Christmas Smile 8

Children shot for Christmas in the home - Regent Photographic Studios (Morecambe Visitor)

Eurostar Looks To Amsterdam

When the Dutch high speed opens, Amsterdam will be only 4 hours from London. However, there would be problems for Eurostar as the new line would operate under ERTMS -  the new signalling and train control system, and Eurostar trains are not equipped for that. In addition, for 20K through Rotterdam there is a different system and differences in the electrical system, meaning expensive modifications to trains.

EMT Changes From 15 December 2008

The new timetable into St Pancras International sees the 06.47 ex Sheffield named “The Sheffield Continental” and the 07.44 departure “The South Yorkshireman”.
In addition, Class 222 Meridians will work new services between Lincoln and St Pancras.
The new East Midlands Parkway station at Ratcliffe on Soar will, however, not be ready for opening until early 2009.

NXEC Plan Expansion Of Services

NXEC has applied to the Office of Rail Regulation to increase hourly off-peak services to and from Kings Cross from 4 to 5 from December 2009.
One train each hour would be extended from Leeds to Bradford, and another hourly service would run to Lincoln via Newark or Harrogate via Leeds. Also one daily service would be extended from Lincoln to serve Market Rasen, Grimsby and Cleethorpes.
This counters proposals to increase services from Grand Union and Harrogate services of Hull Trains.

Will Robin Move To Templecombe?

Colas Rail Class 47, 47739 has been named “Robin of Templecombe”.
Our Chairman, Robin Skinner, thinks it is named after him, but is unsure of the connection with Templecombe.
Well, sorry to disappoint, but the loco is named after former Somerset & Dorset railman Robin Gould.

From Air To Rail

Air France has withdrawn flights between Paris and Brussels. It now charters coaches on the Thalys high-speed trains between the two cities.

Tornado At Work

The newly built Al Class steam locomotive, 60163 “Tomado” has been moved to NRM, York following 2 months of test running at up to 60mph on the Great Central Railway, Loughborough.
It will now undertake main line trials at speeds up to 75mph in preparation for her passenger debut in the New Year.
It is proposed that in 2010 the loco will be dragged through the Channel Tunnel and operate in France and Germany.
The engine was built at Darlington, funded by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust.

Tony Smith

Congratulations must go to Pennine member Tony Smith, the c2c fleet manager at East Ham Depot, for winning the Outstanding Personal Contribution (Management) award in the 2008 National Rail Awards. He was presented with his award at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on September 18.
There was also a 5-page feature about Tony in Issue 605 of Rail.

Pennine Slide Competition

The Pennine Slide Competition, held at The Salutation on 1 October, was this year judged by Chris Theaker. A total of 47 high quality slides were entered and the result was as follows.
1st Neil Taylor OBB Nostalgic 2050.04 at Twimberg, Austria on 10 August 2008 with a Desperate Railtour (see front cover)
2nd Roger Butcher ICE at Cologne with Cathedral in the background in July 2008
3rd Glyn Gossan Class 158 heads for Hull under Humber Bridge as sunsets in November 2007
Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who entered and to Chris for Judging.

Sheffield Railwayana Auctions

At the Sheffield Railwayana Auction held at the Derbyshire County Cricket Club’s Gateway Centre on 13 September 2008 the following locomotive nameplates all sold for £8,000 or more:
*   “PIONEER” as carried by Burry Port & Gwendraeth Valley Railway 0-6-OT outside cylinder No 8 built by Hudswell Clarke and entered service in March 1909 - £8,000
*   “BALMORAL” as carried by the ex-LNWR 2-4-0 “Precedent” class loco No 862 built at Crewe in May 1877 - £9,800
*   “DUMFRIES-SI-IIRE” as carried by the LNER 4-4-0 class D49/ 1 “Shire” class loco No 2757 built at Darlington in March 1929. It was renumbered 2732 in April 1946 and 62732 by BR in September 1948 - £8,200
*   “COMPTON CASTLE” as originally carried by the GWR 4-6-0 4073 “Castle” class loco No 5047 built at Swindon April 1936. In August 1937 this loco was renamed “EARL OF DARTMOUTH” and the “COMPTON CASTLE” plates were held in store. The name “COMPTON CASTLE” was finally bestowed from new on 4-6-0 “Castle” class loco No 5099 which was built at Swindon in May 1946 - £18,000
*   “DUCHESS OF KENT” as carried by LMS 4-6-2 Pacific “Princess Royal” class 8P loco 6212 built at Crewe and entered service in October 1935 - £20,000
*   “BIRCHWOOD GRANGE” as carried by the GWR 4-6-0 6800 “Grange” class loco No 6807 built at Swindon in September 1936 - £9,300
Also selling for £10,000 was the brass regimental crest carried by the GWR 4-6-0 “4000 Star” class loco No 4037 built at Swindon in December 1910 and named “QUEEN PHILIPPA.

The Cleethorpes Coast Light
by Railway Paul Slater
On the first Saturday in May I drove to Cleethorpes, as I wanted to see something of a gala which was being held over the bank holiday weekend at the 15-inch gauge Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway. When I arrived, a well- filled train was ready to depart from the terminal station at the south end of the promenade, adjacent to a large modern leisure centre. The locomotive was 4-4-2 no. l “Sutton Belle” in red livery, built in 1933 and carrying the initials of the defunct Sutton Miniature Railway. I last saw “Sutton Belle” at the Railfest event at the National Railway Museum in 2004, and it is featured on one of my railway videos.
A sonorous chime whistle announced the approach of another train; hauled by American-style 2-6-2 no. 24, and once this train - also very well filled - had rim into the arrival platform at the terminus, “Sutton Belle” departed. I watched no. 24 run round its train, then went to buy a ticket for a return trip over the line. No. 24 shunted its train into the departure platform, and I took my place in an open carriage. “Battison”, a yellow diesel locomotive with the outline of a 2-6-4 steam tank engine, ran into the arrival platform with another train, and then no. 24 was on its way. The Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway replaced an earlier miniature railway on which I rode in the 1970s. Chris and I had a round trio on the present line in 2003, our train being hauled to Lakeside station and back by an odd-looking little green 0-4-0 tank engine named “Eflie”. Now, in fine weather during the gala weekend, I enjoyed my ride in the open carriage, past a car-park, over a low viaduct across a comer of a boating lake, and then behind the sea-shore until the line turned inland. I saw the engine-shed and workshops, and outside was “Ellie” with steam up. My train ran into a loop and halted for a service in the other direction to pass; this was hauled by 0-4-0 no. 4 “The Bug” from the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway in Kent. My train restarted and ran into the through platform at Lakeside station In the terminal platforms stood another visiting engine, 0-4-4-OT “Owl” from the Kirklees Light Railway in West Yorkshire. I alighted to photograph “Owl”, which I had snapped on a previous occasion in the shed at Clayton West, then confirmed with the guard that my train was continuing further along the line and got back on board.
Beyond Lakeside station the line was new to me. No. 24 whistled loudly for a level crossing, and then ran once more by the shore, with views of the sea. In another loop stood a train heading back towards Cleethorpes behind “Sutton Belle” and sister engine “Sutton Flyer”. My train arrived at North Sea Lane station, the end of the line. I got off, and watched no. 24 run round. Plenty of families were riding on the trains, and there were several photographers by the line side recording the intensive service with its different locomotives; there was also a beer festival in progress near Lakeside station.
I rode back to Cleethorpes behind no. 24. In the first loop we passed ‘Efiie” with a train for North Sea Lane, and in the second loop we waited for “Owl” to be coupled on ahead of no. 24 a well as for “The Bug” to pass with a service in the other direction. “Battison” stood outside the
shed. Back at the terminus, “Sutton Belle” and “Sutton Flyer” were ready to depart, and when they had steamed away, I watched “Owl” in orange-yellow livery and no. 24 in black run round and then form another double-headed departure for North Sea Lane. I stayed in the vicinity of the car-park and viaduct to see the next few arrivals and departures. “Effie” with its slender con’ chimney was the motive power on the next train to come in from North Sea Lane, and the following one was hauled by “The Bug”, in orange-brown livery and carrying a “Romney Explorer” headboard. “The Bug” is the smallest of the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch steam locomotives, and was used in the construction of the line during the l920s; it is described on another of my railway videos. I have never seen the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway in operation, but I have photographed two of the line’s locomotives on static display, one at a Tyseley open day and the other at the National Railway Museum.
Trains for North Sea Lane were now departing nearly empty, but the breezy sunshine was pleasant and the frequent service was still running, so I stayed by the line for a little longer before heading for home in the early evening. The last departure I saw was double-headed by the two ex-
Sutton Miniature Railway 4-4-2s, no. 1 “Sutton Belle” in red and no. 2 “Sutton Flyer” in blue, which looked very
attractive. I had seen seven locomotives at work during the afternoon and had enjoyed the gala atmosphere.

Tosca’s Travels
(Beer and Bashing Abroad)
Part 8
I’ve been to Skeg and Blankenskeg, but now
Zandvoort en Skeg!!

Friday 2nd October 1992

Off to Benelux again. 'The annual Train, Tram and Bus weekend had been reduced to one day. However, with the full week off it fitted into my plans. As usual Dave Reed and Ian Parkinson were also present for most of the week.
91028 Doncaster to Peterborough.
Met Ian off a train from Leicester.
91018 Peterborough to Kings Cross.
Had a mini pub crawl in WC1 before the boat train. The pubs we did were The Lamb, Rugby Tavern, Newton Arms and (most notable) The Cittie of Yorke, a Sam Smiths pub which is a gem.
EMU 1532 Victoria to Dover Western Docks.

Saturday 3rd October 1992
Ferry Prins Filip Dover Eastern Docks to Oostende.
Found a very nice reclining chair for the night and had a good doss. Woke in Oostende to the usual Belgian drizzle.
SNCB 1606 Oostende - Gent St Pieters.
SNCB 6201 Gent St Pieters - De Pinte.
SNCB 63 15 De Pinte - Merelbeke.
SNCB 6219 Merelbeke - De Pinte.
SNCB 6230 De Pinte - Merelbeke.
SNCB 6293 Merelbeke - De Pinte.
SNCB 6392 De Pinte - Gent St Pieters.
SNCB 2735 Gent St Pieters - Bruxelles Midi.
SNCB 2553 Bruxelles Midi - Bruxelles Nord.
SNCB 1185 Bruxelles Nord - Berchem.
SNCB 1207 Berchem ~ Gent St Pieters.
SN CB 1212 Gent St Pieters - Antwerpen Central.
SNCB 6279 Antwerpen Central - Berchem.
SNCB 6291 Berchem - Antwerpen Central.
SNCB 1189 Antwerpen Central - Roosendaal.
NS 1132 Roosendaal - Breda.
NS 1110 Breda - Etten-Leur.
NS EMU 723 Etten-Leur - Breda.
NS 1205 Breda - Tilburg.
NS 1602 Tilburg - Breda.
NS 1130 Breda - Roosendaal.
SNCB 1186 Roosendaal - Antwerpen Central.
SNCB 6291 Antwerpen Central ~ Berchem.
SNCB 6246 Berchem - Antwerpen Central.
It had been a long day and we had been grabbing snacks as we went along so we turned in for the night. We were booked into the Hotel Florida opposite the station. We knew we needed to be on the 06.09 in the morning to get both of the 51 hauled additional trains in the morning.

Sunday 4th October 1992
Up with the lark and despite being too early for breakfast the day got off to a good start.
SNCB 6294 Antwerpen Central - Herentals.
SNCB 5156 Herentals - Geel.
SNCB 5168 Geel - Herentals.
SNCB 2501 Herentals - Lier.
SNCB 6240 Lier - Antwerpen Central.
Went back to the hotel for a long overdue breakfast, it was still only 08:30 and checked out.
SNCB 2159 Antwerpen Central - Berchem.
We then got a bit of a surprise. We did not know of an additional 08:24 Leopardsberg - Antwerpen C. Luckily we were at Berchem when it rolled in with one of the few DB engines fitted to work into Belgium.
DB 215028 Berchem - Antwerpen Central.
Then got the gen from someone on board that top & tail 51s were working Neerpelt - Weert shuttles.
SNCB 2121 Antwerpen Central - Berchem.
SNCB 6255 Berchem - Neerpelt.
SNCB 5175 Neerpelt - Weert.
SNCB 5144 Weert - Neerpelt.
Whilst at Weert we saw NS 1304 heading to Heerlen. This was required by all of us and as we had planned to stay the night in Tilburg we headed back for it.
SNCB 517 5 Neerpelt - Weert.
NS 1304 Weert - Eindhoven.
NS 1216 Eindhoven - Tilburg.
NS 1144 Tilburg - s’Hertogenbosch.
NS 1211 s’Hertogenbosch - Eindhoven.
NS 1208 Eindhoven - s’Hertogenbosch.
NS 1301 s’Hertogenbosch - Eindhoven
NS 1216 Eindhoven - Tilburg.
Tilburg is not the most inspiring of cities. Found a bar near the station that did adequate food and bland beer. Had a few bottles of Amstel. If we had looked a little further afield there is a wonderful bar about 15 minutes walk from the station.

Monday 5th October 1992
North Sea resorts are much the same no matter what country you are in, although I might discount Whitby from that statement. Skegness, Cleethorpes, Yarmouth, Clacton only the accents change not the people or the seaside shops and cafes. Well I already knew Blankenberge, the Belgian version, and yes it is known as Blankenskeg because it is so like Skeggy. Today I discover the Dutch version - Zandvoort-en-Zee.
NS 1624 Tilburg - Den Haag CS.
NS 1649 Den Haag CS - Den Haag HS.
SNCB 1186 Den Haag HS - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1218 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk.
NS 1645 Sloterdijk - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1722 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk.
NS 1603 Sloterdijk - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1211 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk.
NS 1107 Sloterdijk - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1306 Amsterdam CS - Zandvoort-en-Zee
Checked into the hotel and had a brief look around the town.
NS 1306 Zandvoort-en-Zee - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1720 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk.
NS 1658 Sloterdijk - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1609 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk.
NS 1305 Sloterdijk - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1639 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk.
NS 1606 Sloterdijk - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1718 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk.
NS 1605 Sloterdijk ~ Amsterdam CS.
NS 1702 & 1721 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk
NS 1124 Sloterdijk - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1631 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk.
NS 1608 Sloterdijk ~ Amsterdam CS.
NS 1107 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk.
NS 1155 Sloterdijk - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1635 Amsterdam CS - Amsterdam Amstel.
NS EMU 2847 Amsterdam Amstel - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1613 Amsterdam CS - Zandvoort-en-Zee.
A bar near the hotel sold Wickse Witte a Dutch wheat beer. I think I had 6, but it could have been more.

Tuesday 6th October 1992.
A few sore heads were being nursed so we didn’t get up too early. Pity as our choice of train had failed and a unit was kicked out.
NS EMU 436 Zandvoort-en-Zee - Haarlem
NS 1613 Haarlem ~ Sloterdijk.
NS 1716 Sloterdijk - Amsterdam CS
NS 1310 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk.
NS 1711 Sloterdijk - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1603 Amsterdam CS -Amsterdam Amstel.
NS EMU 2836 Amsterdam Amstel - Amsterdam CS.
NS 1709 Amsterdam CS - Sloterdijk.
NS 1655 Sloterdijk - Maastricht
SNCB 2749 Maastricht - Liege Gullemins.
SNCB EMU 340 Liege Gullemins - Liege Palais.
SNCB 6238 Liege Palais - Liege Jonfosse.
SNCB 2362 Liege Jonfosse - Liege Gullemins.
SNCB EMU 302 Liege Gullemins - Liege Palais.
SNCB 5514 Liege Palais - Liege Jonfosse.
SNCB 2308 Liege Jonfosse - Liege Gullemins
SNCB 5523 Liege Gullemins - Angleur.
SNCB 5511 Angleur - Liege Gullemins.
SNCB 1801 Liege Gullemins ~ Namur.
SNCF 40109 Namur - Liege Gullemins.
Stayed in the Metropole Hotel opposite Liege Gullemins station and had a nice Chinese meal in the restaurant next door.

Wednesday 7th October 1992
SN CB 2105 Liege Gullemins - Leuven
SNCB 2383 Banking out of Liege Gullemins
SNCB 2514 Leuven - Bruxelles Nord
SNCB 2232 Bruxelles Nord - Bruxelles Central
SNCB 2142 Bruxelles Central- Bruxelles Nord
SN CB 2746 Bruxelles Nord - Bruxelles Central
SNCB 2313 Bruxelles Central - Bruxelles Midi
SNCB 2756 Bruxelles Midi - Bruxelles Central
SNCB 2706 Bruxelles Central - Bruxelles Midi
SNCB 5 106 Bruxelles Midi - Bruxelles Central
SNCB 2147 Bruxelles Central - Bruxelles Midi
SN CB 2754 Bruxelles Midi - Bruxelles Central
SNCB 2631 Bruxelles Central - Bruxelles Midi
SN CB 8049 Bruxelles Midi Shunt
SNCB 1802 Bruxelles Midi - Mons
SNCB 6258 Mons - St Ghislain
SNCB 6269 St Ghislain - Quivrain
SNCB 6269 Quivrain - St Ghislain
SNCB EMU 614 St Ghislain - Mons
SNCB EMU 345 Mons - Charleroi-sud
SNCB EMU 614 (AGAIN) Charleroi-sud ~ Chatelet
SNCB 6234 Chatelet - Charleroi-sud
SNCB 6218 Charleroi-sud ~ La Villette
SNCB 2601 La Villette - Hourpes
SNCB EMU 612 Hourpes - Charleroi-sud
SNCB 2201 Charleroi-sud - Chatelet
SNCB 2615 Chatelet - Charleroi-sud
SNCB 2304 Charleroi-sud - Chatelet
SNCB 2234 Chatelet - Charleroi-sud
SNCF 40103 Charleroi-sud - Leige Gullemins
A long day with quite a few new engines. On arrival back at Liege we visited a bar next to the hotel for a couple of beers.

Thursday 8th October 1992
SNCB 1802 Leige Gullemins - Namur
SNCB 2004 Namur - Luxembourg
CFL EMU 2006 Luxembourg - Petange via Hollerich
CFL 3603 Petange - Luxembourg via Hollerich
CFL 1814 Luxembourg - Wasserbillig
DB 181216 Wasserbillig - Luxembourg
SNCF 16637 Luxembourg - Bettembourg
CFL EMU 255 Bettembourg - Luxembourg
SNCF 16699 Luxembourg - Bettembourg
CFL EMU 2011 Bettembourg - Luxembourg
SNCF 16713 Luxembourg - Bettembourg
CFL EMU 255 Bettembourg - Audin-le-tiche
CFL EMU 255 Audin-le-tiche - Esch-sur-Alzette
CFL EMU 2014 Esch-sur-Alzette - Oberkorn
CFL 3610 Oberkorn - Luxembourg
Back to the Carlton Hotel for an early night with no beer!

Friday 9th October 1992
SNCB 2004 Luxembourg - Bruxelles Nord
SNCB 2554 Bruxelles Nord - Bruxelles Midi
SNCB 1188 Bruxelles Midi - Antwerpen Central
SNCB 6260 Antwerpen Central - Berchem
SNCB 1204 Berchem - Antwerpen Central
SNCB 6299 Antwerpen Central - Berchem
SNCB 1208 Berchem - Antwerpen Central
SNCB EMU 942 Antwerpen Central - Berchem
SN CB 1202 Berchem - Antwerpen Central
SNCB 1186 Antwerpen Central - Bruxelles Nord
SNCB 2116 Bruxelles Nord - Schaerbeek
SNCB EMU 023 Schaerbeek - Bruxelles Nord
SNCB 2101 Bruxelles Nord - Bruxelles Central
SNCB 2722 Bruxelles Central - Bruxelles Nord
SNCB 2211 Bruxelles Nord - Bruxelles Central
SNCB 2019 Bruxelles Central - Bruxelles Nord
SNCB 5114 Bruxelles Nord - Bruxelles Central
SNCB 2359 Bruxelles Central - Bruxelles Midi
SNCB 2319 Bruxelles Midi - Bruxelles Central
SNCB 2237 Bruxelles Central - Bruxelles Nord
SNCB 2160 Bruxelles Nord - Bruxelles Central
SNCB 2242 Bruxelles Central - Bruxelles Nord
SNCB 1804 Bruxelles Nord - Gent St Pieters
SNCB 6228 Gent St Pieters - De Pinte
SNCB 6219 De Pinte - Gent St Pieters
SNCB 6392 Gent St Pieters - Gent Dampoort
SNCB 6264 Gent Darnpoort - Gent St Pieters
SN CB 6225 Gent St Pieters - De Pinte
SNCB 6220 De Pinte - Gent St Pieters
SNCB 6202 Gent St Pieters - De Pinte
SNCB 6206 De Pinte - Gent St Pieters
SNCB 1202 Gent St Pieters - Antwerpen Central.
Another early night after just 1 beer in the Hotel bar.

Saturday 10th October 1992
SNCB 1210 Antwerpen Central ~ Gent St Pieters
SN CB 2719 Gent St Pieters - Brugge
SNCB 2738 Brugge - Torhout
SNCB 2137 Torhout - Oostende
Boat Princes Maria Esmerelda Oostende-Dover Western Docks
EMU Dover WD - Wctoria
EMU Victoria - Brighton
So another successful trip to the Low Countries with 108 new locos for Haulage. My next holidays were in February 1993 and Ireland called
once again.

Pennine Observer Notes

Eastern Region
Recent sightings on the Gainsborough - Barnetby line has been:
Sep 8 66090 on coal train
Sep 13 66063 and 66140 on coal trains
Sep 17 66232 on coal train
Sep 19 66058 on coal train
Sep 20 66133 and 66148 on coal trains
Sep 23 66248 on coal train
Sep 24 66134 on coal train
Sep 26 66011 on coal train
Sep 27 66011, 66059 and 66140 on coal trains
66068 and 66194 light engine
Sep 28 66068-166081 and 66076 on coal trains 66077 on steel train
Oct 1 66175 on coal train
Oct 4 60005 and 66194 on goods train 66059 and 66221 on coal train
Oct 5 66059, 66081 and 66175 on coal trains 66194 light engine
Oct 7 66126 on coal train
Oct 9 66711 on coal train
Oct 10 660124-66018 on van train
Oct 11 66158 and 66201 on coal trains
Oct 12 60051 and 60084 on goods trains  60082 on p.w. train  66089, 66148 and 66150 on coal trains
Oct 18 60043 and 66017 on goods trains  66008, 66091, 66137 and 66187 on coal trains
Oct 19 66096 on goods train  66152 on p.w. train  66011, 66137 and 66187 on coal trains
Oct 24 60018 on van train
Oct 25 66088, 66137, 66175, 66583 and 66712 on coal trains
Oct 26 66171 and 66193 on coal trains
Nov 1 60065 on goods train  60079 on steel train  66018 and 66117 on coal trains
Recent sightings at Hykeham have been;
Sep 10 66727 on goods train
Sep 11 66723 light engine `
Sep 17 66722 on container train
Sep 26 66606 on oil train
Oct 3 66727 on container train
Oct 15 66725 on container train
Oct 29 66615 on oil train  66710 on container train
Oct 31 66722 on container train
Other recent sightings have been:
Sep 2 60068 at Lincoln
Sep 6 66076 on steel train at Eaton Lane Crossing
Sep 13 66561 on coal train at Marsh Lane Crossing
Sep 18 66188 on mineral train at Hatfield and Stainforth  60054 at Lincoln
Sep 27 66081-166140 and 66127 on coal trains at Barnetby  67024 with 47245 at Kings Cross
Sep 28 66230 on coal train at Welham
Oct 8 60049 and 66720 on goods trains and 66517 on container train at Barnetby
Oct 18 66171 on steel train at Eaton Lane Crossing  66014 on coal train at Rushey Sidings
Oct 22 66016 on mineral train at Eaton Lane Crossing
Nov 1 66125 on steel train at School Lane Crossing
Nov 6 66114 and 66155 on water canon at Sleaford
Nov 7 67027 light engine at Lincoln
Nov 10 66075 and 66172 on water canon at Stow Park
Nov 11 66103 on Water canon at Stow Park
Nov 14 66058 and Fastline 66 at Lincoln
On 22 August, 37423 with an observation car visited Hull Docks (for “official opening”) and Hull Paragon, with officials and VIPs on completion of double track from Hessle Road to King George & Queen Elizabeth Dock.
Locos noted at Barnetby on 13 September were 08735, 60071, 60047, 60026, 60100, 66140, 66158, 66547 and 66561.
Locos seen at Peterborough have been:
Sep 27 66709, 66716, 66724, 66138 and 67027
Oct 9 66718, 66726, 66727, 66729, 66730, 73136, 66076, 66030, 66119, 66056, 66168 and 66139
Oct 23 66711, 66713, 66715, 66728, 66730, 66030 and 66188
Locos seen at Carlisle Kingmoor on 25 August were 66109, 66558, 66609, 66406-409, 66415, 66424, 66237, 37667, 47832 and 57312. Also seen at Carlisle station were 57311, 66583, 66554 and 66551.
Locos noted in the Washwood Heath and Saltley area on 26 August were 66501, 66568, 66570, 66591, 60093, 66193, 66121 and 66143.
Locos seen at Carlisle Kingmoor on 24 September were 66401, 66403-407, 66409, 66410, 66414, 66417, 66427, 20302, 20304, 66021, 60020, 92005, 66100, 66165, 66418 and 66430.
Also seen at Carlisle station were 66021, 66622, 66555, 66058, 66565, 57316, 86610 and 86637.
Locos noted in the Willesden/ Wembley area on 27 September were 92015, 92016, 92036, 92039, 90028, 66104, 66105 and 66517.

Southern Region
Locos noted in the Southampton area on 23 August were 66571, 66594, 66540, 66568, 66533, 66615, 66567, 66577, 66592, 66543, 66576, 08575, 08624, 08745 and 08691.
Also seen were 37401, 66093, 66156, 66098, 66163, 66085 and 08482 at Eastleigh.
EMU s seen at Bournemouth in the week commencing 15 September were 444001-003/005-013/015-019/021-025/027-029/031-036/038-045 and 450019/020/026/034/07 1/085/090/101/106/122/123.
Noted at Havant on 25 October were 450002-004/007/012/016-019/027/029/038/041/065/073/079-08 1/084/086/089-090/092/105-106/ 113/ 1 15/ 123/ 125-126 and 377108

Western Region
Seen in Devon in the week commencing 13 October were 142001/004/009/028/030/058/062/067/068, 150219/263/278/281, 153319, 15900l/002/006/008-0l0,0l5,0l7, 104, 43003/02 l/042/063/089/098/ 122/l24/125/ 132/ 142/ 158/160/162/169/172/175/180-83/186
/188/195 and 66119/138/176.
Noted at Didcot on 18 October were 66009/041/113/154, 60009 and 165102.

Midland Region
Locos seen on the Wrexham & Shropshire service between Wrexham - Marylebone have been;
Aug 26 67015 with 67012
             67019 with 67028
             67013 with 67014
Oct 08 67025 with 67003
             67013 with 67022
              67023 with 67014
 Oct 17 67013 with 67022
             67015 with DVT
             67012 with DVT
As from Monday 20 October all services were working with a DVT.

Scottish Region
Locos seen on 25 August were 67020 at EdinburghWaverley, 66008, 66199 and 60100 at Millerhill and 66087 at Dunfermline.

Railtours and Charter Trains
Locos seen working on railtours and charters have been;
Aug 23 (“The Dorset Coast Explorer”) 33207 and 33025
Aug 24 (“Shakespeare Express”) 4965 Rood Aston Hall
Aug 24/25 (“Alloa Alloe1”) 66074, 37417/422, 60100, 92002 and 66187
Aug 27 (Scarborough Spa Express) 45231
Sep 13 (Cranmore - Chester charter) 59005 and 59104
Sep 18 (Kings Cross - Scarborough charter) 67001 and 67021
Oct 9 (Kings Cross Redmire charter) 67001 and 67002
Nov 8 (BLS railtour to North Blyth and Berwick) 66232 and 66101
Nov 15 (“The industrious 1nvader”) 37417 and 37401

Preserved Railways
Locos working at the Swanage Railway on 23 August were 34028 and 80104.
Locos used at the Severn Valley Railway on 24 August were 7812, 5164, 7802, 45110 and 50044.
Locos working the shuttle service into the Hope Works open day on 6 September were 08892, D9520, 20168, “Blue John”, 1300 and Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 No. 1704 “Nunlow”.
Locos used at the Embsay Railway “Harvest of Steam” gala on 20 September were Garfield No. 1, Monkton No. 1, D5600, D49/1 and 62712.
Locos working at the Wensleydale Railway Diesel Gala on 20 September were 60040, 47703, 47715, 31108 and 03144.
Locos used at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Autumn Steam Gala on 26/27 September were 71000, 45231, 60007, 63395, 45212, 49395, 30926, 825, 5224 and 75029.
Locos working at the Nene Valley Railway Diesel Gala on 2 October were 56312, 20069, 37518, 31271, 25067, 66729, D9520, D9523, D306, 47270, 73136 and D9516.
Locos used at the Great Central Railway Steam Gala on 11 October were 5690 “Leander”, 60163 “Tornado”, 63601, 70013 “Oliver Cromwe” and 78019.
Locos working at the West Somerset Railway Autumn Gala on 25 October were 9351, 34046, 6695, 88, D832, D9526, D1661, D6566 and 4160

Foreign Summer Gen
Chris Theaker

3019/3020 1257 St Pancras - Midi
1187 1615 Midi- Amsterdam
2747+2758 1727 Central - Blankenbergl Knokke (splitter)
1357 1844 Ostend - Eupen

1192 0915 Midi - Amsterdam
1824 0919 Venlo - Den Haag
1839 1221 Den Haag - Venlo
1191 1015 Midi -Amsterdam V
1725 tnt 1728 1545 Amsterdam - Zandvoort
1182 1656 Amsterdam - Midi

2635 0738 Antwerp Berchem - Midi
2505 07?? St Niklaas - Schaerbeek
2118 0942 Schaerbeek- Ostend (Contril Relief)
2364 1648 Antwerp - Aarschot
2326 1723 Antwerp - Aarschot

1347 0824 Midi- Maastricht
1360 1107 Maastricht - Midi
3016 0915 Luxembourg - Liers
2706 1306 Liege-Queivrain
7756 1306 Liege- Queivrain (Liege banker)
3008 1518 Liege- Luxembourg
1503 1618 Liege- Gouvy
3019 1515 Luxembourg- Liers

3013/3014 1257 St Pancras - Midi
1192 1615 Midi- Amsterdam
1183 1556 Amsterdam - Midi

3005 1656 Ostend- Luxembourg
2123 1814 Ostend- Kortrijk
1358 1843 Ostend- Eupen

2360 07 38 Antwerp Berchem - Midi
2204 07?? St Niklaas- Schaerbeek
1601 0777 Ostend- Schaerbeek
2507 0900 Lueven - Midi
2732 0953 Midi- Antwerp
2128 1028 Essen - Midi
11871115 Midi - Amsterdam
186-121 0956 Amsterdam - Midi
186-119 1415 Midi - Amsterdam
1306 1524 Midi- Maastricht
2213 1540 Midi- Gent
2349 1605 Schaerbeek- Tournai
2323 1710 Sehaerbeek- Binche
2381 1640 Midi- Dendermonde

2510 0719 St Niklaas - Schaerbeek ,
(see Tony Caddick’s photo on page 12)
2002 1309 Midi- Chur (to Luxembourg)
3005 1233 Luxembourg - Midi
2733 1453 Midi - Antwerp
1187 1656 Amsterdam - Midi

2002 0733 Midi- Zurich (to Luxembourg)
26149 0733 Midi- Zurich (from Luxembourg)
16659 1216 Metz- Forbach
143 932 1505 Saarbrucken ~ Koblenz
110300 1901 Koblenz- Cochem
143194 1705 Saarbrucken - Koblenz
143953 1951 Koblenz - Mainz
143147 2030 Mainz - Koblenz

120142 tnt 120102 0530 Nurnburg - Hamburg Altona
146028 0740 Emmerich - Koblenz
101004 0624 Emden - Stuttgart
218412 1320 Boppard Sud - Emmelhausen
143905 1451 Koblenz- Mainz
143184 tnt 143114 1502 K_ob1enz - Frankfurt
143280 1430 Mainz - Koblenz
101-101 1624 Luxembourg - Dortmund
120156 tnt 120155 1532 Hamburg Altona - Nurnberg

Pennine Quiz No. 134
Shed Codes

List all the shed code allocated to the following depots between 1948 and 1971.

1. Aberbeeg
2 Aberdare
3. Aintree
4. Annesley
5. Ardsley
6. Ashford
7. Banbury East
8. Bangor
9 Barrow
10. Bath (Green Park)
11. Beattock
12. Bescot
13. Birmingham (Aston)
14. Birmingham (Monument Lane)
15. Birmingham (Saltley)
16. Birmingham (Tyseley)
17. Blackburn (Lower Darwen)
18. Blackpool Central
19. Bletchley
20. Bolton
21. Borough Gardens
22. Bournemouth Central
23. Bradford (Hammerton Street)
24, Bradford (Low Moor)
25. Bristol (Barrow Road)
26. Bromsgrove
27. Burton
28. Cardiff (Canton)
29. Cardiff(Cathays)
30. Cardiff (East Dock)
31. Cardiff (Radyr Junction)
32. Carlisle (Kingmoor)
33. Carlisle (Upperby)
34. Carlisle Canal
35. Carnforth
36. Carstairs
37. Chester (West)
38. Coalville
39. Consett
40. Croes Newydd

Pennine Quiz No. 133
The Answers

46142 The York and Lancaster Regiment
60847 St Peters School York AD 627
62737 The York and Ainsty
43051 The Duke and Duchess of York
43064 City of York
43093 York Festival
43152 St Peters School York AD 627
47673 York 1nterCity Control
59201 Vale of York
91026/91126 York Minster

60048 Doncaster
61657 Doncaster Rovers
08562 The Doncaster Postman
08575 The Doncaster Postman
43045 The Grammar School Doncaster ad 1350
43112 Doncaster
47522 Doncaster Enterprise
56078 Doncaster Enterprise
58020 Doncaster Works BRE
66703 Doncaster PSB 1981-2002

46249 City of Sheffield
61649 Sheffield United
61661 Sheffield Wednesday
62657 Sir Berkley Sheffield
08879 Sheffield Children’s Hospital
09008 Sheffield Children’s Hospital
43055 Sheffield Star

Pennine Quiz No. 133
The Winners

1st   Stuart Earl
2nd  John Dewing
3rd= Ken King
3rd= Malcolm Bell

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Ken Horan - ‘Steam Through The Eyes of an Ex Fireman"

Wednesday 1st April 2009
Rhys Jones
Wednesday 15th April 2009
Geoff Warnes - "The South Yorkshire Railway"

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A Winter’s Journey
Reg Batten, London

Back in the early 1980's. British rail ran an annual promotion for those holding Senior Citizens Railcards, whereby during a particular month they could travel anywhere on a day for a flat fare - originally. a mere £l,
This was great value. and thousands of us retired people made the most of the opportunity. At first you did not have to specify a destination when buying the ticket. so I was able to make elaborate round trips from London through some of the most interesting and scenic routes.
However. so many people took up the offer that trains got crowded at the expense of full-fare paying passengers. so later, the fares were increased and there were restrictions on tickets. The only disadvantage was that the promotion was held at a traditionally “quiet” time of year - November.
This meant that the return joumey would be largely in
darkness and the weather could be wintry. On one particular day. I had no destination in mind but had a slight premonition of impending doom. It was dry but misty and extremely cold following a night when severe frosts and ice had been reported further north, I bought a ticket and boarded a local train to Liverpool Street, from where I caught a fast train to Cambridge. On arrival, I walked the length of the platform pondering where to go next. Kings Lynn perhaps. or do the round trip to Norwich via Ely, and back to London via Ipswich? Then I saw a Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) in a bay platform and asked the driver where he was going. He replied: “I will be going to Lincoln via Ely, Peterborough and Sleaford. in about ten minutes".
"Right," I replied "I’ll come with you. although I doubt you'll get to Lincoln in that thing". The DMU was an old one in deplorable condition. and the engines didn't sound too healthy.
It was time to go and. as there were few passengers. I was able to get my favourite seat at the front. where you could see ahead through the driver's cab. We headed up the main line to Ely. with its lovely cathedral dominating the fens. North of the station, the line splits three ways - to Peterborough Kings Lynn and Norwich. We took the left- hand turn for our next stop at March passing flat fen country covered in thick frost.
 "It’s getting cold in here". I remarked to the driver through the partly opened door to the cab. through which he had been making intermittent conversation. "It's freezing in here. as well". he replied. At Whittlesey. I went to use the toilet. only to find it frozen up. I notified the driver and he showed me a piece of card and asked me to write an `out of order’ notice and fix it to the toilet door. We stopped at Peterborough. another cathedral city. and junction for the East Coast Main Line. Most of the passengers alighted here and a few more joined. If I had listened to my forebodings l should have alighted too. but I decided to carry on. Soon it was too late to change my mind as we were heading off the main line. en-route to Spalding. The bulb fields of Spalding may look lovely in season but now they were all covered in frost. The train was just as cold inside. and getting colder by the minute. "That’s it". declared the driver. "the heating's gone in this cab and I'm refusing to take this train beyond Spalding. I'll get out and request a replacement at the next signal". “I told you that you wouldn’t make it". I said. "So what happens now?" “Well. they have another unit spare at Spalding. so we’ll see if that's any better". came the reply. On arrival at Spalding. the few passengers were asked to disembark and transfer to the other train. Meanwhile. what with the cold, I was dying to use the toilet. Not wanting to trust my luck on the new trains toilet being usable, I asked a staff member it' there was one on the station. "Yes, over the bridge”. he said. "We have a few minutes. so make it Snappy"
So it was up the stairs and over the bridge. which seemed to be about 400 feet long! Someone had lit a brazier near the cistern - a wise precaution under the circumstances.
I made it back to the train and we set off towards Sleaford and Lincoln At least the heating seemed to be working on this one. This was flat, bleak, but fertile countryside with sparse habitation. It was getting dark now and there were only the occasional lights from farmhouses to brighten the gloom. Then. as we approached Lincoln, there glowed the lights of the city and above them all was the cathedral (the third of the trip), all lit up and dominating the surrounding fens.
On arrival. I bade farewell to the driver. and walked the short distance to Lincoln’s other station. St Mark’s (now closed), to catch a train to Newark. The train another DMU. passed through more farming country, with little to see in the dark to draw into the bay platform at Newark North Gate. All change and wait for the main line train to London
A cup of tea or coffee while you wait? Well, there was no buffet open and the town is a good half mile or more from the station. There was, however. a newish vending machine on the platform dispensing tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Great. I thought, just the job. I settled on coffee. I put my money in the slot, and bing-bong, out comes this cup of so-called coffee - boiling hot in a cup with no lid - so flimsy that I could not hold it. I took one scalding sip and nearly choked. It tasted like crushed nutmeg. I threw the rest away in disgust. So much for British Rail catering.
Still, it wasn't long before the London train arrived and this one had a buffet. I settled down with a coffee and sandwich for a fast run back to Kings Cross.
My premonitions of doom hadn’t materialised too seriously. The train from Cambridge hadn't made it all the way to Lincoln as I had predicted. but luckily it was only the heating and toilet that had failed. Also. there had been a spare train available at Spalding. But what if there had not been, or if the engines had failed in one of the more remote parts of the fens?
It could have been a long. cold wait for a rescue loco to tow us away or for a relief train to transfer to. This was in the days of British Rail, when there were more trains and standby locos available. I am not sure I would want to make a similar journey today.
Still. it wasn't bad for £l. was it?

This article is reproduced from the February 2008 issue of Best of British, a monthly magazine available from newsagents and on subscription. Please visit or call 01778 342814 for further information.

The photo below was taken by Tony Caddick and shows Belgian loco 2510 at Schaerbeek on I9 August 2008 after working the 07.19 St Niklaas - Schaerbeek service.