No. 119 - Spring 2002


Committee Briefs


Renewal of Membership Fees

We would like to thank all those members who have renewed their subscription to the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY for 2002.  It is not too late to rejoin.  Simply send your cheque for £4.50, payable to the Pennine Railway Society, to Tony Caddick, our Membership Secretary, at the address shown above.  By return you will be sent a FREE 2002 PRS Pocket Diary.
For those of you who are not rejoining, this will be the final magazine you will receive.  In these circumstances we sincerely thank you for your support and hope that you may reconsider rejoining the society at some future date.

Annual General Meeting

A successful AGM was held on 6 January 2002.  Changes to the committee were Tony Booth stepping down from the position of Magazine Editor and Andy Dalby joining the committee as a member to help with meetings.

The success of the visit to the East Lancs. Railway was noted and Chris Tyas thanked for his work in arranging the event.  He has agreed to seek interest in a visit to the Severn Valley Railway in 2002 (see booking form at back of magazine).

Magazine Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that David Whitlam has agreed to take on the position of Magazine Coordinator.  As a result, all future correspondence for inclusion in the magazine (i.e. articles, quizzes, sightings, etc.) should be sent to David.

Social Evenings

Robin has produced an excellent programme of social events for 2002.  Come and join us at the Salutation, Doncaster on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month, from 8.00pm.

Chris Palmer

It was with sadness that many members at the AGM learnt of the death of Chris Palmer.  Chris had been seriously ill for sometime, but remained cheerful and active.  He died just before Christmas.
Chris had been a good friend of the Society for many years.  In the early years we joined with Chris and his TAG Models at many Open Days.

Not By Rail

How unfortunate is it that “Not by Rail” is an anagram of Tony Blair?

Lost Driver

A recent Bristol – Edinburgh Virgin train came to an unscheduled halt less than a mile outside Birmingham.  The Train Manager told passengers “the driver did not know the way to Derby”.  The normal route via Tamworth was closed for maintenance work and the driver realised he was not familiar with the diversion via Lichfield.  The train returned to New Street for a conductor.

Royal Train Hit Buffers

The Royal Train may be scrapped next year to reduce the £600,000 a year burden to taxpayers.  The train, however, will be needed this year for the Golden Jubilee when the Monarch will visit all corners of Britain.

Likely Changes to Franchises

The Strategic Rail Authority has outlined plans to cut the number of operators in the key stations to one.  Liverpool Street will emerge as a key battleground.  Either First Group’s First Great Eastern or National Express’s WAGN will prevail, absorbing the routes operated by Anglia Railways, owned by GB Rail.
First Group’s First Great Western and Go Ahead’s Thames Railway will slug it out over routes heading out of Paddington.  Euston is expected to fall to Virgin which will probably absorb Silverlink, owned by National Express.
Arriva (or “Cancella”) is expected to cede Northern England to First Group and may also surrender its Merseyside route to a local authority, bowing out of the UK rail industry altogether.

EWS Facing Ruin

EWS, Britain’s main rail freight company faces destruction owing to the indefinite suspension of freight services through the Channel Tunnel by the French authorities due to the wave upon wave of refugees laying siege to freight trains at the Frethun yard near Calais.  The firm is now losing £500,000 per week.

Disaster Loco Runs Again

The locomotive involved in both the Selby and Hatfield disasters is back in service.  91023 has been renumbered 91132 and named “City of Durham”.  The locomotive had not been at fault in either tragedy.

Lord Birt

The former BBC boss Lord Birt is now the Prime Minister’s key transport adviser.  Gwyneth Dunwoody MP says Lord Birt “could not run an arrangement in a brewery”, so why has the PM asked him to sort out our failing railways?  Disgraced Transport Secretary Stephen Byers replied, “Well, it keeps him occupied”.

Power Failures

Existing trackside electricity supply is not currently powerful enough to run the new heavier rolling stock.  GNER’s two additional Eurostars can only run in off-peak hours because they drain too much power, while Connex may have to run their new Bombardier 375s at a slower speed.  Connex is looking at “tweaking” the on-board computer to shut off the air conditioning as a train leaves the station to divert more power to the engine.

Brum Boost

The Cross City line through Birmingham is to have a boosted timetable with a 10-minute frequency for much of the route from October.  The boosted service will mean an increase from 4 to 6 trains an hour off-peak on the core section from Lichfield City to Longbridge.

Metro Link Set to Open

The £98m Tyne and Wear Metro extension to Sunderland opened on 31 March 2002.  Arriva Trains Northern services will no longer serve Brockley Whins, East Boldon and Seaburn on the Newcastle line.  The Metro trains will share Railtrack’s infrastructure with Arriva.  Metro services from the Sunderland area will run through Newcastle city centre to the Airport and Whitley Bay.

Loco Namings Honour Staff

Three 1960s locomotives still in service with Virgin Cross Country have been named in honour of the maintenance staff who keep them on track.  The class 47s are among 27 of their type now in their last year with Virgin.  They are 47805 “Pride of Toton”, 47812 “Pride of Eastleigh” and 47839 “Pride of Saltley”.


If you go to WWW.RAILWAYREGISTER.CO.UK you will find the Pennine Railway Society site listed as one of the best sites.  The site is updated by Tony Booth. WELL DONE TONY.

In Memory of Chris Palmer.
By Robin Skinner


Chris Palmer passed away on 23rd December 2001. Chris was known to many Pennine members for his involvement in Transport and General Books and his involvement in Pennine activities from the shop opening in 1977.
Chris was born in Scotland and spent his early childhood in London were his father worked. During that time the magic of London Transport and the big London Termini’s caught Chris’s imagination at an early age.
Chris also lived in Brighton and worked for Southdown the bus company serving Brighton and Sussex before moving to Doncaster where he worked for Doncaster Transport as a bus driver.
One of my first memories of Chris was on Sunday 30th March 1974 of him being one of the drivers on a farewell to Doncaster Transport Tour on the Sunday evening to all the routes of the undertaking, before South Yorkshire PTE kicked in at midnight. The idea was we would be the last Doncaster Transport vehicle to enter the depot just before midnight so the tour ran quite late.
We had to wait for the last service vehicle to enter the depot which was the 2245 Sheffield to Doncaster on Route 77. On this day the service was running a few minutes late as the Doncaster vehicle had failed at Pond Street in Sheffield and was replaced by a Sheffield Transport vehicle with a Doncaster crew working it. So just before the clock struck midnight Chris drove the last Doncaster transport bus into Leicester Avenue depot to the cheers of enthusiasts and staff.
Whilst Chris was quite happy to do a busman’s holiday and get involved in bus activities he also had a great love of railways and got involved in many Pennine Railway Society activities.
Over the years Chris has done many slide shows for the Pennine. All excellent quality although it has to be said they were only ever about 70% Railways the rest was always made up of Bus and Trolleybus slides, leading to the odd famous comment from Gerry Collins!
I suppose one of the most important aspects of Chris’s life was his involvement with Transport and General Books a new Bookshop opened next door to a hairdresser on the main road at Balby.
In partnership with Andrew Fisher Transport and General Books went from strength to strength. Pennine members formed a large contingent of their custom. Chris would allow The Pennine to have books on a sale or return basis for our stalls at Works open days.
At some of the events particularly if Transport and General Books were having their own stall we would join together and share the cost of hiring a van or mini bus. Indeed having someone onboard like Chris who could share the driving was welcome relief especially when it came to knowing your way round London driving! Chris would also know where to get a cooked breakfast at 6 o’clock in the morning and indeed where to get a cup of tea and petrol at all sorts of hours.
In March 1979 Transport and General books moved to new premises in West St near the station next to the post office sorting office, and became TAG Models, continuing the close relationship with The Pennine Railway Society and its membership.
Later Chris went back to work in the bus industry for Yorkshire Traction as their Northern Bus Station coordinator. before having to take ill health retirement in 2000.
Meanwhile in March 1999 TAG models moved to even bigger premises on Netherhall Road in Doncaster and was now the biggest model shop in the area.
Recently Chris joined with Alan Hopkinson to open Chris’s Transport Treasures in an upstairs room at TAG’s Massive models selling second hand Railway and bus publications slides and die cast models.
This was a part time venture for Chris a balance between his love of Transport and his illness. For a while it was like the good old days with regulars popping in for a chat and a cuppa.
Chris however in his last years was not a well man culminating in his sad death just before Christmas. He was cremated at Rose Hill Cantley on 3rd January 2002.
Chris will be sadly missed by The Pennine Railway Society his contribution over the years was invaluable.
Transport Treasures is still open on a Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Alan Hopkinson is running the shop and welcomes all Pennine Members.
TAGs Massive Models is also open downstairs throughout the week.

On a Push-Pull to Ghent
Paul Slater


For various reasons Chris and I did not have a summer holiday in 2001.  I enjoyed several days out, and kept saying that towards the end of the year I might manage to get away for a short break on my own.  In late November, I finally had my holiday; taking advantage of the cheap winter fares, and the little economy cabins available on the ‘Norland’, the oldest of the North Sea Ferries ships, I went on an overnight crossing to Belgium, returning the following night.
I booked a place on the bus that connects the ferry with Bruges.  Before we left Zeebrugge, the courier reminded us that to catch the return connection for the ship tonight we must be at the bus stop outside the main entrance to Bruges station at five o’clock local time, which was an hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.
I enjoyed the bus-ride into Bruges, my first visit to Belgium for seven years, and noted a few locomotives in Zeebrugge yards.  From Bruges I was travelling independently.  I bought a return ticket to Ghent, and checked the departure screen.  An express for Brussels and Cologne, first stop Ghent, was leaving in a few minutes, but I decided to catch an Antwerp train half an hour later.
Bruges station was much as I remembered t from seven years ago; there were the same red-and-yellow electric multiple-units on local services, and the same yellow-and-green diesels and blue-and-yellow electric locomotives on goods trains.  However, the electric locomotive of the Cologne express, 1608, was in a silver-grey liver unfamiliar to me, as were some modern multiple-units.  When the Antwerp train came in from Ostend, I at first thought it was one of these new multiple-units, but in fact it was a push-pull train with an electric locomotive at the rear and the driver’s cab at the front of the leading carriage.
The journey to Ghent was very pleasant.  The morning was dull and the country was flat, but there were attractive villages and churches and farms to see, and golden autumnal woodlands everywhere, and an occasional broad canal to give extra interest to the landscape.  The train was fast and the ride was smooth.  I had the carriage almost to myself.  There was one intermediate stop, at Aalter.  A display on a screen at the end of the carriage gave the train’s destination, the next stop, and when arrival at a station was imminent.
In the yards near St. Pieters station at Ghent were several electric locomotives as well as one of the yellow-and-green diesels and two green-and-yellow shunters.  I alighted at St. Pieters and photographed the Antwerp train departing.  At the back was electric locomotive 1332 in silver-grey livery; it is of a type too new to be listed in my European loco pocket book.  Unlike Bruges station, which is an ugly rectangular modern building of yellow brick, St. Pieters station at Ghent has an attractive frontage; it was rebuilt about a hundred years ago in what one guide-book describes as ‘ornate neo-Gothic’ but to my eyes is a rather Moorish style, with a tall minaret-like tower which I thought would not look out of place on a mosque.
St. Pieters station is quite a long way from the city centre, so after the journey on the Antwerp push-pull I enjoyed another novelty – a ride on a tram through the narrow, twisting streets of Ghent.  I spent a few hours exploring the picturesque city centre on foot, and found that the trams gave an extra interest to the urban scene. Some were modern articulated vehicles, but most were older single cars.  I took several photographs of them, crossing bridges and reflecting in canals, passing the tall towers of the Belfry and the Cathedral, in front of the Gravensteen castle, and at the Kornmarkt stop where I alighted, the splendid mock-medieval Post office making a spectacular backcloth.
At last it was time to board a tram at the Kornmarkt, and after a diversion to buy Belgian chocolates for family and work colleagues, I was at St. Pieters station for a train to Ostend that would take me back to Bruges.  Two of the ‘62’ class diesels, 6204 and 6247, were in the station with steam-heated local trains, and another of this type, 6304, ran through light engine.  They are about contempary with the ‘Deltics’, and have something of the same outline, but their livery is yellow and green.  I photographed all three, managing to get the station minaret in the background of my shots of 6204 and 6304.  Two new diesels not in my book, 7745 and 7748, came through, double-heading a long train loaded with what looked like potatoes or sugar beet, and then the Ostend train was arriving.  It was another of the Antwerp push-pulls, drawn by electric locomotive 1353; a similar train departed for Antwerp at almost the same time, propelled by 1355.
The day had brightened while I was in Ghent, with a hint of sunshine, but now the afternoon was growing gloomy.  With a stop at Aalter, the ride to Bruges did not take long.  I looked at the locomotives in the yards at Bruges as we passed, and then it was time to alight.  I photographed 1353 departing, and saw 1351 propelling a train for Antwerp, then left the station.  I had an hour before my bus departed, long enough for a stroll to Zand Square to admire some sculptures which I’d noticed on a previous visit, then back to the station as twilight began to fall.


Pennine Shield


Congratulations to the victorious Pennine Quiz Team who in a thrilling finale managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in the 2001 Pennine Shield final round at the Sal on 19th December.  The scores from the previous two rounds meant that on the night any of the three teams could win the shield.
With our learned question master Robin ‘Magnus’ Skinner’s usual demanding questions the Pennine Team of Robin Havenhand, Chief Sutton and Captain Caddick were in last place going into the final round, (dope tests were already being arranged) but managed to claw back points until the very last question to the South Yorkshire Railway Photographic Society with the two teams level pegging.  A correct answer would have taken the shield back to Sheffield – thrilling stuff.
Question – Name of 91017?
S.Y.R.P.S. had two stabs at it – both wrong – passed onto Pennine.  Our resident Doncaster Station expert ‘Sutty’ – No Idea!!! (91’s are not old enough).  R.H. did not know either.  T.C. (who had already given an incorrect answer for 91005) just happened to have ridden behind it a few weeks earlier – answer – ‘City of Leeds’.  Gasps and cheers from most of the audience!!!
Seriously – thanks to all three teams and question masters – nights like that make the shield final the great competition it is and the Pennine will be hard pushed to retain the shield again this year.
As a postscript to this match report and to show how difficult the job of question master is, 91017 has now been refurbished at Doncaster Works and renumbered 91117.  It has also been renamed ‘Cancer Research UK’ (remember that Sutty!!).

50th Birthday memories (9/3/02)



Your membership secretary’s 50th (yes I don’t believe it either – I demand a recount) birthday treat of a trip to Newcastle turned into a day to forget.  Celebrity ‘Inter-city’ liveried 47826 ‘Springburn’ was a nice choice for 1E33 12.07 Bristol/Newcastle.  It was just over an hour late at Sheffield due to being diverted via Newport due to wind damage.  836 made good progress to Newcastle and restarted south after a creditable 4 minutes turnaround, about 30 minutes late on the return 17.56 Newcastle/Birmingham.  However disaster struck at Durham when good old 826 played its joker and refused to take any further part in the proceedings.  After blocking the southbound platform for 2 hours the failed train was dragged into the siding north of the station by 56116.  This enabled 91132 and 47783 on Newcastle/KX ‘Arsenal’ footex’s to finally get past and your correspondent to finally make his way home on 1E20 18.00 Glasgow/Leeds behind 91012.
In true class 47 tradition and despite being the most ‘explodable’ of the Virgin fleet (now 822 has bitten the dust), 826 was observed heading south from Wakefield on Monday 11th on 1V39 07.11 Leeds/Bristol.
P.S. Thanks to Chris Theaker and Chris Nicholson for the day out and to all my friends for their good wishes.  I am consoled by certain other members of the committee catching me up!!
Sorry Tony I had not got a picture of a birthday cake—DW)

Andy Dalby

My first (and only)
Merrymaker day out.

May 4th 1981. Spring Bank Holiday.
Having seen the leaflet advertising a series of trips from the northeast, which was my local area at the time, two trips caught my eye.  The first trip is detailed below, the second trip from Bishop Auckland to Edinburgh and Stirling being of greater interest to me, hopefully giving me a loco hauled service on the Bishop Auckland branch.  Due to a major event happening in London on the same day, i.e. Prince Charles wedding, this tour was cancelled and re-advertised to run from Newcastle to London instead.  THANKS CHARLES!
Back to the one and only merrymaker I did do.
It was advertised to run from Newcastle to Dundee, outward via Carlisle, Mossend Yard, Stirling and Perth to Dundee.  Returning via the bridges, TAY, FORTH and ROYAL BORDER.
Purchasing two tickets (for me and Sue) and arranging a lift to Newcastle for a 07:15 departure, the next step was to try and arrange some proper motive power for the train.  A few kind words in the right ear of a fellow rail enthusiast who worked in Newcastle, who said he would “Do his best”.
The day arrived, an early departure from Shildon by car, straight to Newcastle Central, arriving in good time for the train.  Waiting on the platform, the ECS ran round the corner next to the castle with a class 40 at the front.  YES!  Just what I hoped for.  In it rolled 40075, boiler going and the usual mark one stock behind it.  Leaving on time the train ran along the Tyne valley, past Haltwhistle and on into Carlisle.  On arrival in Carlisle I half expected the 40 to come off but after a swift crew change we headed north, passing Kingmoor depot and yard with the usual variety of 25’s, 40’s and electrics on show.  I started to chat to a fellow crank, Mark Fleming.  I think it was about the usual thing, which 40’s were out that day, which had been withdrawn, etc etc.  Climbing Beattock I stood by the front window listening to the thrash coming from 40075.  The speed dropped but 75 made the summit without any problems then set off at speed downhill towards Carstairs.
Avoiding Motherwell we ran into Mossend Yard for the last crew change before having a leisurely ride through the Scottish lowlands, through Stirling and Perth and then along the banks of the Tay passed Dundee shed and into Dundee.  Leaving the station for a spot of shopping, sightseeing etc.
I’d forgotten it was a Bank Holiday and most if not all of the shops were closed so the only thing left to do was to head back to the station and do a couple of  “fill in” trips to Perth.  This gave me the chance to increase the number of class 25/26/27’s in my book.
Staring off on 2L41 the 13:39 Dundee – Glasgow Queen Street with 27021 (new) at the front it was off to Perth, and after the standard tea from the buffet we headed back to Dundee on 27033 (2L47) the 12:44 Glasgow – Dundee.  On arrival at Dundee we waited for the 13:40 Aberdeen – Glasgow Queen Street (1T35) which arrived with 40068 so straight back to Perth for yet another cup of tea.  It was then back to Dundee on the 14:44 Glasgow – Dundee (2L46) with 40056 (new).  Being too late to do any more moves we waited for 40075 to arrive for the return trip down (or up) the East coast.
A steady ride over the Tay Bridge, down past Inverkeithing and over the Forth rail bridge (at a steady 40 mph). Having a crew change at Edinburgh (in platform 21) we set off down the ECML passing the Royal Border Bridge and finally into Newcastle, after one interesting day.  The only move left to get us back to Darlington was to do the 16:30 Aberdeen – Leeds service (1E26) which arrived behind 47409.  We could have waited for one of the overnights hoping for another class 40 but tiredness was beginning to set in so that was a no no.
In total it was an excellent day out.  Over 400 miles of class 40 haulage, two new loco’s, a generator and my first diesel over Beattock, being a class 40 as well.
Looking back I should have done some other merrymakers but alas it was not to be.


No 16. British Railway Journal.


British Railway Journal (BRJ) is published 4 times a year by Wild Swan Publications and is one of the sister magazines to Great Western Railway Journal, see Robin’s Review No 14 TP Sept 2001.
British Railway Journal was first published in 1988 and the current issue is No 69, GWRJ starting publication in 1992 due to the large amount of Great Western material available, this probably means that BRJ is left to cover the rest of the country.
Subscriptions are £12 post free in UK for four editions. The current issue has 47 pages comprising of five articles plus black and white photographs.
The cover (Paul Sutton please note) has an excellent black and white photograph of a Metro Cammell DMU at pre electrification Hampton in Arden in 1958 on the Sundays 2.50pm Birmingham New St to Coventry service.
There are five articles in this edition plus an Editorial and contents page by one of the editors Paul Karau; the other joint editor is Gerry Beale.
The articles include Branch Line Chronicler – Maurice Deane by Mike Fenton; Melcombe Regis – Weymouth’s other station by Gerry Beale; Hampton in Arden by Roger Carpenter; Brighton Lower Yard Part Three by Chris Turner, Will Jackson and John Minnis; and finally Early Days of a Railway Career on the LMS by Charles Potter.
The articles are written very much in the style of historical surveys and would be excellent reading to railway historians or people researching their local railways.
Also particularly to someone who wanted to model a particular area station or line etc. Indeed the other sister magazine to BRJ and GWRJ is Modelling Journal.
VERDICT. The content of BRJ is proudly historical and aimed at the historian/enthusiast looking at the finer details of a station or route. It also covers the human side of the railway with first hand accounts of people’s memories and records. Together the ingredients make excellent articles on particular subjects both pre and post nationalisation up to about the 1960s. However be warned the emphasis is definitely on the above and not on locomotives their building and performance. An excellent read and point of reference if this is your cup of tea.

Pennine Observers Notes  




Eastern Region

Noted at Lincoln since the start of the year have been:
Jan 3       60012 and 66603 on oil, 56098 on coal
Jan 10     66605 on oil, 56102 on coal
Jan 18     60020 and 60069 on oil
Jan 29     66063 and 66605 on oil
Feb 18    66518 on coal
Feb 19    66036 on coal
Feb 20    66601 on oil, 56068 on coal
Feb 22    60020 on oil, 66031 on coal
Feb 25    66220 on coal
Feb 26    66139 on cargowaggons
Feb 27    66601 and 66603 on oil, 66169 on coal.

Seen at Cottingham on 2 December, en route from track/ballast repairs at Filey, were 66124 and 66176.

Noted at Temple Mills on 15 December were 37109, 37372, 37042, 37674, 37682, 58033 and 6059; also at Liverpool Street were 86221, 86215 and 86246.

66706 was on route learning duties at Hull Paragon on 11 January followed by 66710 on the 18.

Seen on coal trains at Gainsborough Central were 60017 on 5 January and 66158 on 2 February.

Seen at Leeds Whitehall on 16 January were 60056 and 66131 on coal trains.

90238 was on the 08.10 KX – Leeds and 11.05 Leeds – KX on 19 January.

On Tyne Yard on 22 January were 90034, 90221, 90223, 60057, 86261 and 66109.

Noted at Worksop on 2 February were 66151, 66097, 66029, 66238, 66071, 66018, 66189, 56007 and 08633. On the same day 66704, 37772, 37503, 59206, 66115, 60050, 66702 and 66707 were noted at Temple Mills; and 37602, 37603, 37604 and 37605 at Clapham Junction.

At Imminghan Depot on 9 February were 56019, 56021, 56044, 56045, 56052, 56089, 56090, 56103, 56128 and 66071.  56069 was on a coal train at Ulceby and at Barnetby were 60010 on an iron ore train and 66077 on a cargowaggon train.

In the Barnetby area on 16 February were 56129, 60028, 66077 and 66183 on coal trains; 60010 on an iron ore train; 60081 on an oil train and 56078 on a cargowaggon train.

Noted on Doncaster depot on 16 March were 08529, 08597, 08665, 08746, 08844, 08888, 08953, 09107, 37209, 37235, 37252, 37413, 37418, 47256, 47245, 47785, 56010, 56032, 56053, 56093, 56107, 58004, 58015, 58017, 58022, 58027, 58034, 58035,
66075, 66194, 66240, 67026 and EWS inspection saloon DB999504.

The following were noted at Kirby Stephen on 16 March hauling S&S diversions – 47853 (Glas – Penz), 47770 (Glas – Euston, Birm Int – Edin), 47829 (Birm NS – Edin, Edin – Birm NS), 47839 (Glas – Euston), 47744 (Euston – Glas, Glas – Euston), 47818 (Bourn – Edin) and 47810 (Euston – Glas).  Also seen was 47798 on a Manchester to Stirling charter.

Western Region

 Noted at Didcot on 15 February were 66078, 66079, 66225 and 37706.

Midland Region

 Noted in the Manchester area on 9 January were 86236, 86244, 87006 and 87024 at Piccadilly, 08721, 08887, 86225, 87026, 87035 and 90008 at Longsight and 66519 at Hope.

At Saltley on 21 January were 60015, 60099, 66008, 66046, 66231, 47759, 47829 and 47844.

47703 was seen at Chesterfield on 15 February working route learning duties for Nottingham – St. Pancras / St. Pancras – Sheffield.

Noted at Saltley on 21 February were 66009, 66047, 66049, 66207, 66248, 60011, 60065 and 60094; and 60048 and 66171 at Kingsbury.

Cross Country Services

 In what will surely be the last full year of Virgin Cross Country loco-hauled workings through Sheffield, New Years Eve saw 47741 work the final 1E33 12.10 Bristol/Newcastle and 18.40 Newcastle/Bristol of the year.

New Years Day saw 4701 on the same diagram seeing in 2002 but running 2 hours late after a loco change at Derby.

The Virgin “celebrity” 47’s are attracting the attentions of the enthusiast fraternity and Sheffield was graced with two workings on 4 January.  “XP64” liveried 47853 on the 10.16 Birmingham Int./Newcastle and 15.03 Newcastle/Plymouth (HST diagram) and “large loco” liveried 47847 on the 12.10 Bristol/Newcastle and 18.40 Newcastle/Bristol.

Other locos seen on the 12.10 Bristol/Newcastle and 18.40 return have been 47841 (Jan 5), 47844 (Jan 8), 47851 (Jan 21), 47831 (Jan 22), 47843 (Jan 23), 47818 (Jan 29) and 47828 (Feb 15 and 21).

Locos seen on the 12.07 Bristol/Newcastle and 17.56 Newcastle/Birmingham NS have been 47822 (Jan 19), 47843 (Jan 26), 47826 (Feb 16), 47843 (Feb 23) and 47847 (Mar 2).

Locos seen on the 08.45 Birmingham NS/Newcastle and 13.08 Newcastle/Bristol have been 47851 (Jan 8) and 47814 (Jan 26).

Great Western liveried 47811 (dragging dead 47822) was a rare sight at Stockport on 26 January on 07.20 Plymouth/Preston.


Past Time Rail’s first “spin and win tour” (“The Spinning State ‘1’”) on 30 November used locos 58049, 56049, 60099, 37798/37520 and 66131

The following locos have been used by Pathfinder Tours:
Dec 6      (“Dunster by Candlelight”) 56119
Dec 8      (“The Chemical Coaster”) 56099 and 60014
Dec 15    (“Santa’s Revenge”) 66116, 56087, 60075, 47197, 58029 and 66072
Jan 12     (“The Grid Iron Grinder”) 56100, 58020 (failed) and 60076
Feb 2       (“The Spider’s Web”) 37688, 37797, 58020, 60030, 56111, 92026 and 56046
Feb 9       (“Mersey Yardmaster”) 60033 and 56109
Mar 2      (“Driver Steve ‘George’ Dunn Memorial Railtour”) 57005, 66601, 66526, 66530, 47289 and 47224.

Hertfordshire Railtours used the following locos:
Dec 29   (“The Lune Ranger”) 90223, 66141 and 47786
Feb 9      (“Humber Meridian”) 67012
Feb 28    (“Scarborough Flyer”) 86243 and steam locomotive 60800 “Green Arrow”

Pennine Quiz No. 108

Paul Slater

1.             What was unique about the semaphore Signals at Larne Harbour?
2.             Where is the terminus of the branch which diverges from the Londonderry line at Coleraine?
3.             Which English railway took over the Belfast & Northern Counties in 1903?
4              In which year was the Ulster Transport Authority created?
5.             Where was the eastern terminus of the Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway?
6.             What was unusual about the branch from Fintona Junction to Fintona?
7              What was the wheel arrangement of the last steam locomotives in regular use in Northern Ireland?
8.             Name preserved Northern Counties Committee 4‑4‑0 no. 74
9.             In which year was Northern Ireland Railways created?
10.          How many people died in the accident at Armagh in 1889?
11.          In which year was Belfast Central station opened?
12.          Name diesel locomotive no. 207
13.          Where is the depot of the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland?
14.          Name diesel locomotive No. 113
15.          Where did the Ballycastle Railway connect with the Londonderry line?
16.          On the shore of which lake was the terminus of the Shane's Castle Railway?
17.          What is the name of the main goods yard in Belfast?
18.          Where is the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum?
19.          What tourist attraction on the north coast was once served by an electric tramway?
20.          What name was formerly carried by diesel locomotive no; 101?
21.          Name diesel locomotive no. 111
22.          Which station on the Bangor line sounds as if it should be in California?
23.          Which town on the north coast was once served by a steam tram?
24.          Name preserved SLNC 0‑6‑4T no. 27
25.          Which river does the Londonderry line cross on a long bridge at Coleraine?


Pennine Quiz No. 107

The Answers


1.                   1972

2.                   4th October 1976

3.                   London Paddington to Bristol TM – Cardiff and Swansea

4.                   41001 and 41002

5.                   BN/NL/HT/EC – Bounds Green, Neville Hill, Heaton, Craigentinny

6.                   43113 City of Newcastle upon Tyne

7.                   43045 The Grammar School Doncaster AD1350

8.                   43014 and 43123

9.                   Porterbrook Leasing and Angel Train Contracts

10.                Class 91

11.                Leeds/Plymouth via Bristol

12.                The Royal Train

13.                Great North Eastern, first Great Western, Midland Mainline, Virgin Trains.

14.                Copy Pit Line

15.                11.30pm Newquay/Paddington derailed between Luxulyan and St. Blazey. 43035 derailed and 43029 stayed on the     track. Quick thinking staff uncoupled the rear power car and used it to ferry passengers back to Luxulyan station to carry their  journey to Par by road and then by train from Par.

16.                The Humber/Lincs Executive

17.                43002 Top of the Pops

18.                Paxman Valenta 12RP200/Mirrlees MB190/Paxman 12VP185

19.                43092 Highland Chieftain

20.                London Paddington/Newquay

21.                London Paddington/Penzance

22.                London Paddington/Swansea

23.                43076

24.                Australia – Inter City XPT

25.                London Euston/Holyhead


Pennine Quiz No. 107

The Winners

1st           Mr Malcom Bell
2nd         Mr Ian Shenton
3rd          Mr John Dewing
Congratulations to all our winners. 
Malcolm we will get your book to you somehow


 Answers to a Christmas Puzzle


1. Dr Days.  2. Abbey.  3. Lea.  4. Tilley.  5. Aldwarke.

6. Engine Shed.  7. Law.  8. Victoria Park.  9. Deal Street.

10. Weaver.  11. Catcliffe.  12. Black Carr.

13. Longhedge.  14. Skew Bridge.  15. Hanslope.

16. North Pole.  17. Holmes.  18. Bo Peep.  19.  Wrawby.

20. Grand.

Thanks to Chris Tyas for setting the puzzle in the last magazine.


Chris Tyas

While looking through some of my old notebooks recently, I came across the following.
Saturday 30/11/96.

Today was a total farce, arrived Peterborough at 07.30 (by car from Doncaster).  Train showing delayed on the TV screens; it finally arrived 75 minutes late.  86424 managed to totter to Edinburgh arriving at 13.30 80 minutes late.

D9000 attached and finally left at 14.02, “lots of noise & clag”, picked up 11 minutes by Dunbar going great.  Did Edinburgh to Berwick in 48 minutes; just one problem flames were shooting out of the exhaust ports on D9000.  Driver tried to put the fire out by running the engines in engine only on full bore but only managed to make it worse.  Loco was shut down, and then we sat for two hours for 37702 to rescue us.

37702 took the train forward to Newcastle where both loco’s were removed to go back to Springburn works, 86430 took the train forward.  (Should have stayed in bed today) “FARCE”.

We are now running over three hours late, an additional stop as been announced for Doncaster so passengers can get connections for the midlands.  Guess what!  The stars in the power box signalled us through the centre road, and the train just manages to come to a stop, the train then as to make an illegal propelling move to set back into platform three.

We still have to go to Peterborough for the car, a real position of strength move.  A perfect end to a perfect day.  P.S. bought a Kings Cross to Peterborough single this morning, yet another bum move.


Members Slide Competition

Thirteen members entered the competition that was held on 6 March and the winning slides were:


1st           Robert Hay

                “9F” 92210 at Alresford on the Mid-Hants Railway.

2nd         Robert Hay

                86210 on 1N22 Kings Cross—Newcastle mail at Claypole in July 1996.

3rd          Tony Caddick

                47810 “Porterbrook” on hire to Great Western on 18.33 Plymouth—Paddington  (21 June 2001) at  Cockwood Harbour.



I would like to thank the following for their generous contributions to this my first issue: Andrew Barclay, Tony Caddick, Andy Dalby, John Dewing, Robert Hall, Paul Micklethwaite, John Sanderson, Paul Slater, Robin Skinner and Chris Tyas.

Next Issue

The Summer 2002 issue of Trans Pennine is due for publication on 17th June 2002.  Would contributors please let the coordinator have their information by Friday 31st May 2002—THANK YOU.









All meetings are held at the Salutation Inn South Parade Doncaster starting at 2000 on 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.


3rd April 2002.

Peter Gray/Greame Wade.


17th April 2002.

Paul Slater.

“Steam From Denmark to Dyfed”


1st May 2002.

Pennine Slide Quiz.

By Tony Smith.


15th May 2002.

John Wragg.


5th June 2002.

Steve Philpott.


19th June 2002.

Neil Taylor.


3rd July 2002.

Robin Skinner.


17th July 2002.

Andy Dalby.


7th August 2002.

Roger Butcher.


21st August 2002.

Chris Tyas.




Tue 9 Apr 
Liverpool Street to Norwich and return - Steam Dreams
Steam hauled charter throughout

Sat 13 Apr   
Stevenage to Edinburgh and return -Railtourer
picks up: Hitchin, Sandy, Huntingdon, Peterborough, Grantham, Newark NG,
Retford, Doncaster
Unspecified Diesel throughout. Out via Settle and Carlisle, rtn via ECML

Skipton to Ravenglass and return - Greens
picks up: Keighley, Shipley, Wakefield Kirkgate, Mirfield, Brighouse,
Carnforth - Unspecified Diesel to Carnforth and rtn., Steam (8F 48151 fwd.) Carnforth
to Ravenglass and rtn.

King's Cross to Edinburgh and return  - DPS
picks up: Stevenage. Peterborough
D9000 throughout.
Finsbury Park to Derby and return Hertfordshire
picks up: Watford Junction, Bletchley, Bedford.
Unspecified Diesel throughout. Via Corby, Coalville, Brownhills, Sinfin

Liverpool Lime Street to Par and return -  Past Time
picks up: Runcorn, Hartford, Crewe, Stafford, Wolverhampton
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Thu 18 Apr
King's Cross to York and return  - Hertfordshire
picks up: Potters Bar, Stevenage, Peterborough
Unspecified Traction throughout

Sat 20 Apr
Watford Junction to York and return - Steamy Affairs
picks up: Milton Keynes, Northampton, Long Buckby, Coventry, B'ham Intl
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Paddington to Par and return - Hertfordshire
picks up Slough, Reading
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Norwich to Portsmouth and return - Nenta
picks up: Dereham (MNR), Wymondham., Attleborough, Thetford, Ely,
Cambridge, Royston, Hitchin
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Paddington to Paignton and return - Past Time
picks up: Slough, Reading, Newbury, Exeter St David's
D1015 throughout

Wed 24 Apr
Victoria to Canterbury West and return- Steam Dreams
Steam hauled charter throughout

Sat 27 Apr
Westbury to Edinburgh and return - Pathfinder
picks up:
cl. 47/7 Westbury to Crewe and rtn, cl. 92 to Edinburgh and rtn, 2 x cl. 66 on branches

King's Cross to Carlisle and return -- Hertfordshire
picks up: Potters Bar, Stevenage, Peterborough
Unspecified Traction throughout. Out via Settle and Carlisle, rtn via Tyne

Llandudno Junction to Ravenglass and return - Greens
picks up: Colwyn Bay, Abergele, Rhyl, Prestatyn, Flint, Chester, Frodsham, Warrington
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Manchester Piccadilly to Par and return - Past Time
picks up: Stockport, Macclesfield, Stoke on Trent, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Sandwell & Dudley
Unspecified Traction throughout

Wed 1 May
Waterloo to Yeovil Junction and return - Steam Dreams
Steam hauled charter throughout

Fri 3 May
7 day "Grand Tour of Great Britain" begins: - Northern Belle
King's Cross / Victoria ? to Edinburgh

Sat 4 May
Bedford to Carlisle - Greens/R'tourer
picks up: Wellingborough, Kettering, Market Harboough, Leicester, Loughborough, Long Eaton, Derby, Chesterfield
Unspecified Diesel throughout. Out via Settle and Carlisle, rtn via Shap and Hope Valley

Dunbar to Mallaig and return-  SRPS
picks up: Drem, Longniddry, Edinburgh, Linlithgow, Falkirk High, Lenzie, Westerton cl.
37/4 throughout

Lancaster to Edinburgh and return - Greens
picks up: Preston, Blackburn, Accrington, Burnley M. Road, Hebden Bridge, Brighouse
Unspecified Diesel throughout. Out via ECML, rtn via WCML

King's Cross to Berwick upon Tweed and return - Hertfordshire
picks up: Potters Bar, Stevenage, Peterborough
Unspecified Traction throughout

Sun 5 May
Edinburgh to Oban and return - Northern Belle
cl. 37/4 throughout

Mon 6 May
Edinburgh to Chester - Northern Belle
Unspecified Traction throughout

Newcastle to Fort William and return- NE Railtours
picks up:
2 x cl. 37/4 throughout

Skegness to Whitby and return - Greens/R'tourer
picks up: Wainfleet, Boston, Heckington, Sleaford, Ruskington, Lincoln
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Manchester Victoria to Norwich and return  - Greens
picks up: Stalybridge, Huddersfield, Mirfield, Wakefield Kirkgate, Doncaster
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Tue 7 May
Chester to Bath -  Northern Belle
Unspecified Traction throughout
Victoria to Portsmouth Steam Dreams
Steam hauled throughout

Thu 9 May
King's Cross to York and return - Hertfordshire
picks up: Potters Bar, Stevenage, Peterborough
Unspecified Traction throughout

Bath to Victoria - Northern Belle
Unspecified Traction throughout

Sat 11 May
Whitby to Carlisle and return - Greens/R'tourer

picks up: Sleights, Grosmont, Danby, Castleton Moor, Great Ayton,
Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough, Eaglescliffe
Unspecified Diesel throughout, out via York, Settle and Carlisle; rtn via
Tyne Valley

Doncaster to Par and return  - Past Time/R'tourer
picks up: Sheffield, Chesterfield, Derby, Tamworth
Unspecified Diesel throughout

King's Cross to Newcastle and return-  Hertfordshire
picks up: Potters Bar, Stevenage, Peterborough
Unspecified Traction throughout

Norwich to Scarborough and return-  Nenta
picks up: Diss, Ipswich, Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Ely, March, Peterborough
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Sat 18 May
Wolverhampton to Carlisle ad return - Greens/R'tourer
picks up: Walsall, Bloxwich, Cannock, Hednesford, Rugeley TV, Stafford
Unspecified Diesel throughout. Out via Settle and Carlisle, rtn via Shap

Crewe to Stranraer Harbour and return - Pathfinder
picks up:
2 x cl. 33 throughout, with cl. 56 Largs to Stranraer
via Settle and Carlisle, Dumfries, Largs and Glasgow Central

Cleethorpes to Carlisle and return - Steamy Affairs
picks up: Grimsby Town, Barnetby and Scunthorpe
D9000 throughout

Bedford to Cardiff Central and return - Cheshire
picks up: Wellingborough, Kettering, Market Harborough, Narborough,
Hinckley, Nuneaton, Water Orton
Unspecified Diesel throughout. Out via Central Wales, rtn via Marches

King's Cross to York and return - Hertfordshire
picks up: Potters Bar, Stevenage, Peterborough
Unspecified Traction throughout

Sat 25 May
Dunbar to Kyle of Lochalsh and return - SRPS
picks up: Longniddry, Drem, Edinburgh, Dalmeny, Dalgety Bay, Kirkcaldy,
Markinch, Ladybank, Perth
2 x 37/4 throughout

Paddington to Fowey Docks and return - Hertfordshire
picks up: Slough, Reading
Unspecified Diesel throughout. Via Heathfield branch and Plymouth Friary

Chester to Par and return - Past Time
picks up: Wrexham Central, Shrewsbury, Hereford, Abergavenny, Bristol Temple Meads
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Sat 1 Jun
Watford Junction to Carlisle and return - Past Time
picks up: Milton Keynes, Northampton, Long Buckby, Coventry, B'ham Int'l, Crewe
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Leeds to Edinburgh and return-  Greens
picks up: Horsforth, Pannal, Harrogate, Starbeck, Knaresborough, Cattal, York
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Victoria to Newhaven Harbour and return - Hertfordshire
picks up:
Unspecified Diesel throughout. Via Folkestone Harbour branch

Mon 3 Jun
Skipton to Carlisle and return - Greens
picks up: Keighley, Shipley, Leeds, Yarm, Eaglescliffe, Yarm, Eaglescliffe, Stockton, Hartlepool, Sunderland
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Thu 6 Jun
King's Cross to York and return - Hertfordshire
picks up: Potters Bar, Stevenage, Peterborough
Unspecified Traction throughout

Nuneaton to King's Cross - Past Time
picks up:
60009 "Union of South Africa" (LNER) - to be confirmed
via Nottingham, Lincoln, Sleaford

Fri 7 Jun
7 day "Grand Tour of Great Britain" begins: - Northern Belle
King's Cross / Victoria ? to Edinburgh

Sat 8 Jun
Crewe to Machen and return - Pathfinder
picks up:
2 x 37/7 throughout, with 2 x 37 for top and tail on branches. Via
Avonmouth Docks

Hove to Par and return - Past Time
picks up: Worthing, Havant, Cosham, Southampton, Salisbury, Westbury
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Sun 9 Jun
Edinburgh to Oban and return-  Northern Belle
Paddington to Yeovil Junction to Victoria Hertfordshire
picks up: Reading
cl 56 Paddington to Westbury, 59/2 Westbury to Yeovil Jcn, 58 Yeovil Jcn to
Eastleigh, 73/1 Eastleigh to Victoria

Mon 10 Jun
Edinburgh to Chester-  Northern Belle
Unspecified Traction throughout

Tue 11 Jun
Chester to Bath - Northern Belle
Unspecified Traction throughout

Thu 13 Jun
Bath to Victoria - Northern Belle
Unspecified Traction throughout

Sat 15 Jun
Rochdale to Canterbury West and return - Greens/R'tourer
picks up: Littleborough, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Brighouse, Wakefield
Kirkgate, Doncaster, Retford
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Kirkcaldy to Leeds and return - SRPS
picks up: Inverkeithing. Edinburgh
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Norwich to Newcastle and return - Nenta
picks up: Diss, Ipswich. Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Ely, March,
Unspecified Diesel throughout

King's Cross to Edinburgh and return - Past Time
picks up: Stevenage, Peterborough
D9000 throughout

Paddington to Par and return - Hertfordshire
picks up: Slough, Reading
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Tue 18 Jun
Victoria to Bristol Temple Meads and return - Hertfordshire
picks up:
Unspecified Diesel throughout using VSOE coaching stock

Fri 21 Jun
Birmingham International to Ascot and return - Past Time
picks up: Coventry. Rugby. Long Buckby, Northampton, Northampton. Milton
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Sat 22 Jun
Leeds to Bath and return - Greens
picks up: Dewsbury. Huddersfield, Greensfield, Stockport Cheadle Hulme,
Wilmslow, Crewe
Unspecified Diesel throughout; out via the "Marches"

Sun 23 Jun
Lincoln circular excursion - Northern Belle
Unspecified Traction throughout

Sat 29 Jun
Stevenage to Edinburgh and return-  Railtourer
picks up: Hitchin, Sandy, Huntingdon, Peterborough. Grantham, Newark NG, Retford. Doncaster
Unspecified Diesel throughout. Out via Settle and Carlisle. rtn via ECML

Swansea to Par and return  - Past Time
picks up: Neath, Port Talbot Parkway. Bridgend, Cardiff Central, Newport, Bristol TM
Unspecified Diesel throughout

King's Cross to Aberdeen - Hertfordshire
Outward trip of a "Pride of the Nation"
Unspecified Traction throughout

Mon 1 Jul
Aberdeen to King's Cross - Hertfordshire
Return trip of a "Pride of the Nation
Unspecified Traction throughout

Sat 6 Jul
Palmers Green to Carlisle and return - Cheshire
picks up: Enfield Chase, Cuffley, Hertford North. Stevenage. Hitchin,
Sandy, Huntingdon, Peterborough
Unspecified Diesel throughout. Outward via Settle and Carlisle. rtn via Tyne Valley

Sat 13 Jul
Finsbury Park to Ipswich and return - Hertfordshire
picks up: Stevenage
cl 92 Finsbury Park to Newark NG, cl 37 Newark NG-Peterborough via Lincoln,
cl 58 Peterborough to Ipswich. cl 56 Ipswich to Finsbury Park

Sat 20 Jul
King's Cross to Cleethorpes and return-  Train Tours
picks up:
60009 (LNER) throughout. Out via Cambridge. Subject to confirmation

Sat 27 Jul
Stalybridge to Edinburgh and return - Greens
picks up: Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Leeds. York
Unspecified Diesel throughout

Norwich to Plymouth and return - Nenta
picks up: Diss, Ipswich, Manningtree, Colchester, Witham, Chelmsford
Unspecified Diesel throughout

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