MAGAZINE No.8 April 1976

President: Geoffrey Bambrough
Membership Sec: Terry Spriggs
Chairman & Fixtures Sec: Robin Skinner
Treasurer: John Sanderson
Magazine Editor: Jon Davis

Several trips have already run this Spring, all of which have been well supported. However may we remind members that when visiting installations they must remain with the group and not wander off. Neither BR nor this Society will accept any responsibility for any accident caused to persons who leave the official party. Neither should any member start to go round a depot without permission of the person in charge of the visit.
Our meetings at the ‘Masons Arms’, Doncaster have produced some extremely interesting evenings and we thank all those who have contributed. However some attendances have been rather disappointing. Everyone is welcome – meetings start at 19.30, and finish at about 22.00 and are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Anyone who doesn’t know where the pub is should meet outside Doncaster ticket office at 19.15.
Bad news has reached us from the Main Line Steam Trust at Loughborough. BR has insisted that the MLST purchase all track, at a cost of £279,000, and if no attempt is made to purchase by July 1st then all track will be lifted. To try and raise this money a public company will be launched having a share issue. Shares will be sold on and from 17th May. The Companies Act allows 40 days in which to raise the amount necessary. We wish the MLST well in their race against time.

Sun May 2nd – Doncaster Works 11.00 and Shed 12.15. Meet ‘Plant Hotel’ 10.45. Members 40p, Non-Members 60p. FULLY BOOKED
Wed May 5th – Social evening at ‘Masons Arms’ 19.30. Railway Quiz Pennine vs Doncaster Railway Circle vs Grapes Hotel.
Sat May 8th – Derby Works 11.30. Meet Siddals Road entrance 11.15. Members 35p, Non-Members 55p.
Sun May 9th – Doncaster Works and Shed ‘relief’ – as May 2nd.
Tues May 11th – Social evening at Grapes Hotel, Trippet Lane, Sheffield 19.45. Railway quiz, Grapes Hotel vs Pennine. All welcome.
Sun May 23rd – Crewe Works 14.30. Meet Goddard St entrance 14.15. Members 25p, Non-Members 45p.
Wed June 2nd – Social evening at ‘Masons Arms’ 19.30. Slide show by Jon Davis ‘The Western’.
Sun June 13th – Doncaster Works ONLY 14.00. Meet ‘Plant Hotel’ 13.45. Members 40p, Non-Members 60p.
Wed July 7th – Social evening at ‘Masons Arms’ 19.30.
Sat July 10th – London Depots by tube and rail. To include Finsbury Park, Stratford, Hither Green, Selhurst, Old Oak Common. Meet Kings Cross Travel Centre 10.20. Return to Central London by no later than 19.00. Members £1.55, Non-Members £1.80. THIS VISIT HAS BEEN REARRANGED FROM 29th MAY – ALL BOOKINGS HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED.
Sun July 18th – Crewe Works. Details as May 23rd.





W/E 7th Feb: 08928-SY;25156,40111-LO;25157-BS;25158/9-TO;25160-CD;
W/E 28th Feb: 08788-BS;08077/86/90/124-DR;20030/48-TO;20146/9-ED;
W/E 6th Mar: 25041/153/6/7/8/9/67/8-CD;47049/50/1/199/205-CD;25152-CD;25189,47203-CW;47352/3-TO;31420/1-OC;50010-LA;50022/9-BR.
W/E 20th Mar: 24137-CD (ex-store).

W/E 21st Feb: 09024/5-EH.

20146/9,25018/9/21/3/5-ED;25237,40048-HA;40161-HA (ex-store),20030/40.









TO EASTERN REGION: 1661(RB);2129(SLF);26045;35394.
TO WESTERN REGION: 5075;5263;13441;25600.
TO MIDLAND REGION: 4875;4987;25889.
TO SCOTTISH REGION: 4002;4053;35425.

On and from May 3rd all passenger services between Haltwhistle and Alston will be withdrawn and the stations at Featherstone Park, Coanwood, Lambley, Slaggyford and Alston will be closed. Alternative bus services will be provided by Ribble Motor Services. It will be interesting to note how the buses cope next winter.

A new service of 7 trains per day is now running from Port Talbot Iron Ore Terminal to the BSC Llanwern to coincide with the lighting of the new blast furnace at Llanwern. Trains will carry over 2,000 tons of iron ore and each will be hauled by 3x37 locomotives.

BRB has indicated that it proposes to withdraw from service 150 locomotives this year, mainly Type 2 diesels and Western Region diesel-hydraulics. A programme of heavy repairs to Class 47s will be undertaken at Crewe. The composition of the locomotive fleet will gradually change with replacement of smaller engines by the higher powered Class 56 and the introduction of the higher speed trains.

Approval has been given for the provision of modern carriage cleaning, inspection and maintenance facilities at Craigentinny in Edinburgh at a cost of £3m. Improvements are also to be carried out on the Perth-Inverness line to provide extra line capacity. A total of 46 miles of rail and 50,000 concrete sleepers will be required. Passenger traffic has increased by 25% between 1971 and 1974. The redevelopment scheme will reinstate 23 miles of double line between Blair Atholl and Dalwhinnie and restore crossing loops at Moy, Slochd and Kincraig. As a result of the work, 6 extra train paths will be created in each direction.

The new timetable comes into effect on Monday May 3rd. Regretfully cuts have occurred on a number of services. The PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY has decided to travel on the last running of 1M27, the 20.56 Leeds-Derby on Saturday May 1st. All members are welcome to join the committee on this train. It is hoped to provide suitable farewell music for the final run of this famous train.

We have all been hit once again by a new round of fares increases which came into effect on March 28th. One example of the rises we have suffered can be seen in the cost of a Brighton-London monthly season ticket. In 1950 the cost was £5-5s; in 1976 the cost is £42.70 a rise of 832%.


The week Saturday 6th March to Saturday 13th March was marred by a dispute by Eastern Region drivers over the introduction of new schedules from March 1st. The dispute began when a Worksop driver was sent home on 6th March for refusing to work the 02.00 Manchester-Lincoln newspaper train between Worksop and Lincoln. It escalated to nearly all Eastern Region depots on 8th March when a Leeds driver was sent home for refusing to work a Sheffield train.
Inter-City stations were soon at a standstill as drivers were terminating their trains and refusing to move them. At 12.00 on 8th March at Doncaster were: Platform 1-terminated Tees-Tyne Pullman, the 09.20 Newcastle-Kings Cross; Platform 4- L/E 47; Platform 5- terminated 09.00 Kings Cross-Newcastle; Platform 8- terminated 09.10 Kings Cross-Leeds/Hull. At 14.20 a returning Kings Cross driver agreed to work the stock of the Tees-Tyne Pullman forward to London in the path of the 13.25 Leeds-Kings Cross, thus allowing up afternoon trains to make their booked calls at Doncaster.
On the down side however the situation was difficult with trains occupying the through platforms. Down main line trains were stopped additionally at Retford and passengers were asked to make their own way to Doncaster. Sheffield-Hull/Cleethorpes services were run down the goods roads at the back of Platform 8 and reversed into Platform 7. The last trains on these services were the 17.22 Sheffield-Doncaster and the 17.24 Doncaster-Manchester.
At 16.45 the stock and engine (47409) of the 09.10 Kings Cross-Leeds/Hull were shunted into West Yard, so allowing trains to be platformed on the Down Line at Doncaster and for the blockage of passengers on Retford Station to be cleared by the 14.20 Kings Cross-Leeds and 15.00 Kings Cross-Newcastle services.
Tuesday 9th March, the first full day of the strike saw only one train leave Doncaster for London, the 07.25 Newcastle-Kings Cross, calling additionally. The only northbound express was the 10.00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh, calling additionally at Peterborough, Grantham and Doncaster. The 09.20 Newcastle-Kings Cross terminated at Doncaster where the driver left the stock on the up-slow line and returned with his engine 55001 to Gateshead. No main line trains ran on the Wednesday whilst on Thursday the only train to run was the 07.25 Newcastle-Kings Cross. However in the afternoon news came through that Newcastle depots had decided to return to work and that other depots were meeting to decide whether to return to work pending the result of talks between the unions and BRB.
On Friday many depots returned to work with the exception of Kings Cross and Worksop. Some ECML services were running and Sheffield-St. Pancras and North-East/South-West services were practically normal. For the first time the stock and engine (55010) of the Monday 11.00 Kings Cross-Newcastle moved ECS to Peterborough. Kings Cross men resumed work on Saturday evening and Worksop finally returned on Monday morning.



A visit to East Anglia on 7th March saw 03149 at Yarmouth, 03103 at Lowestoft and 03050 at Stowmarket. Noted on Norwich were the following shunters:- 03018/20/9/34/5/45/62/86/175/97/370. Also noted was withdrawn DMU Sc79159.
Noted on Doncaster Shed on 7th March were 24003/8/18/70/95/8 and 5901. This locomotive has now been moved into the works. Noted on the works on the same day were 55016/8/9,03084,24100/1,24132(cut up),37144/203/18/70/92/300. Noted at Attercliffe Road was 03106 which had
arrived for cutting up. Several DMUs have been refurbished at Doncaster, the latest to appear being 51230,56220,56369 and 59084.
On 27th March, 47218 hauled a Spalding-Edinburgh excursion throughout. Class 8 number 08133 was noted at Sleaford on the same day.
A second ‘Peak’ has been sighted with the new style discs following 45071, this one being 46016 which was seen at Rotherham on 1V46 mails on 5th April. An unusual sighting on York Depot on 17th April was 55015. On the same day 47293 hauled a Chesterfield-Perth excursion. However this locomotive failed at Perth and 40047 brought the train back to Doncaster where 37107 took over to Chesterfield. The class 47, 47293 which had failed at Perth on 17th April was seen at Doncaster on 20th April hauling a Kings Cross-Edinburgh relief.
On 23rd April a Sheffield-Kyle of Lochalsh excursion left Sheffield behind 47174 with a train consisting of 15 vehicles, including Gresley RB E9131E.

The line from Dalry Jcn.-Kilmarnock has been closed and one track has been lifted. Noted in Kirkcaldy Yard on 26th March was 06002. On 3rd April 40083 powered a York-Largs excursion, although this was substituted by 40054 at Carlisle on the return journey. 08466 was seen at Dumfries and 08449 at Auchinlech.
A visit round Craigentinny carriage sidings on 3rd April saw railbus Sc79979 still in green livery and minus wheels which is now used as a staff hut. Also noted was DB975013 (ex-BR79250) in green livery and condemned condition. Several Class 24 locomotives are still active in the Central Lowlands. On 27th March 24115 was seen double-heading with 26043 on a Craigentinny-Edinburgh Waverley ECS. Noted on Haymarket on 3rd April were 24106/19/23/9 and 24147 which had suffered collision damage. Class 20s seen on the depot were 20216/23/7.
A further visit to Scotland on 17th April saw 24119/28/9/47 and 20223 on Haymarket. The scrap line at St. Rollox Works on the same day revealed 24002/4/10/1/5/6/71/117 and 25022. A surprise sighting in the Works was that of A4 Pacific 60009 ‘Union of South Africa’ which was undergoing repair. Locomotives in St. Rollox on 17th April were:-
On the same day a large number of locomotives were seen on Eastfield Depot:-
20027/55/79/94/5/102/10/6/7/22/37, 24006/106/13/6
25002/10/9/21/83/98/101/72/226/34, 26023/35
37154/5/204/37, 40064, 47059/210/85/550.

On 23rd March 47246 caught fire at Alscott sugar beet factory and was later noted in the bay in Shrewsbury station. The new Class 312 EMUs are rapidly appearing from the workshops. On 25th March 312202/3/4 were seen in Bletchley Yard, whilst on the same day 44007 was noted running round a coal train at Rugby.
Due to the January gales the line from Dovey Jcn.-Aberystwyth has been closed and has only recently reopened. All trains were terminating at Machynlleth and several DMUs were stranded at Aberystwyth, notably 51202, 56340 and 51104, 59435, 51071. On the same day 01001/2 were seen in the breakwater shed at Holyhead, with 01002 partly dismantled. A 6-car Buxton set was an unusual visitor to Llandudno Jcn. on 3rd April on a special working (1Z76). The units were 50420/3/7/80, 59133/45. The shunter at Llandudno Jcn. was 08126.
On 4th April 24037, 25001(ED) and 25026(HA) were noted on Chester whilst 24036, 25158, 25160 and 25163 were at Croes Newydd. On the previous day 24035 was seen working at Bangor. On 4th April 24032/87/134/7 were seen at Stoke whilst 24023/89/135 were at Birkenhead, the latter two having sustained collision damage.
On two weekends recently Inter-City expresses from Euston have started at other London terminals owing to the rebuilding of the high level bridge at Willesden. Most Anglo-Scottish services ran as normal but many of the Birmingham/Wolverhampton trains ran from Paddington. On 10th April the 16.29 Wolverhampton-Euston (diverted to Paddington) was hauled throughout by 45148.
Noted at Allerton on 11th April were 08300/464/679/90/939 along with 82006,83004/11,86020/35 and at Edge Hill were 08282/923, 25061/106, 40018, 50031.

On 24th March the 01.47 Crewe-Cardiff was powered by 46006. Most daytime services on this route have been loco-hauled since January as the Swindon Cross-Country units formerly used on this line are now being used on the Cardiff Valleys services. The Inter-City units formerly used on Reading and Oxford services out of Paddington are being sent through Swindon Works prior to reallocation on the Cardiff-Crewe services.
As 08821 is at present in Derby Works the present Meldon Quarry shunter is 08584. Fuel for the locomotive is taken up by road and routine maintenance is done in situ.
The Paddington-Birmingham services continually provide a variety of motive power. On 22nd March 1009 had charge of the 10.25 Birmingham-Paddington, whilst on 10th April 1030 was on the 09.05 Paddington-Birmingham, 1071 was on the 14.05 Paddington-Birmingham, whilst 1056 hauled the 16.05 service, and 31230 and 31257 double-headed on the 16.45 train.
Class 52 locomotives were expected to undertake heavy duty over the Easter period. The official programmed workings were as follows:-
Thursday 15th April: 
21.20    Bristol-Paddington                                                          10.20   (RLF) Paddington-Paignton
23.35    (RLF) Paddington-Penzance                                            08.45   Penzance-Plymouth (forms 11.00 PLY starting PZ)  
13.05   (RLF) Truro-Plymouth                                                      17.33    Plymouth-Penzance                                                       
21.05    Penzance-Plymouth                                                         16.20   (RLF) Paddington-Paignton
12.20   (RLF) Paddington-Paignton                                              09.20  (RLF) Paddington-Penzance

Friday 16th April:
10.20     (RLF) Paddington-Paignton                                             12.30   Paddington-Paignton
16.55     Paignton-Exeter                                                                18.40    Exeter-Paignton
19.55     Paignton-Newton Abbot                                                   12.35    Penzance-Plymouth
16.00     Plymouth-Penzance (ex L’Pool)                                     23.45    Paddington-Plymouth

Saturday 17th April:
10.55     (SPL) Paddington-Taunton                                               14.05   (SPL) Taunton-Paddington
22.15       Paddington-Bristol
We hope to have details of sightings in our next issue.

The Society had a very interesting visit round Eastleigh Works and Shed on 13th March. Noted on the Works were:-
Locomotives on the depot included:-
On 10th April a Sheffield-Rye/Hastings excursion was hauled by 47174 as far as Ashford, where 33037 took over. Noted at Tonbridge was
08892, and 09013 was seen at Paddock Wood, and Ashford had 71007, 33206/10, 08833 and 33209 on view. A visit to St. Leonards saw only one locomotive on view, that being 33017. However a substantial number of Hastings Gauge were seen.
On Easter Monday, 19th April, a Spalding-Bournemouth excursion was hauled throughout by 47215. At Basingstoke were 08387 and 33107, and at Eastleigh were 08201,33012 and 33118. Noted on Bournemouth depot on the same day were 07010/2/3,33109/10/5 and 47533.

The PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY is delighted to announce the formation of a London Branch in view of the support we get from members in the South of England. The Branch has been able to get off the ground due to the sterling efforts of two of our members Mr E Plenty and Mr S Barnes, both who incidentally are BR employees. We thank them for their efforts and wish them every success. Further details of this new venture will appear in future magazines.