No.3. MAY 1975

(As the original copy of this magazine was of too poor a quality to scan, the Committee would like to thank Linda Bladen for re-typing the contents)

President. Geoffrey Bambrough
Membership Sec. Michael May
Chairman & Fixtures Sec. Robin Skinner
Treasurer John Sanderson
Magazine Editor. Jon Davis

At this stage in the life of the society we are overcoming major teething troubles and getting on the main line to success. In this edition we must regretfully announce the resignation of Mr. N. E. Webster from his post of Fixtures Secretary & Magazine editor. He has also resigned his membership and as a result there have been various changes to the executive committee. Mr Robin Skinner is combining his role as Chairman with that of Fixtures Secretary and Mr Jon Davis is taking over as Magazine Editor. It was also felt that the society should have a President – someone who would be able to sell the society to both the railway enthusiast and the press. Mr Geoffrey Bambrough was asked to take on this position, which he accepted.
Many of you may be wondering why the visit to Doncaster was cancelled on Sunday April 27th. This was as a result of the recent dispute between the T.S.S.A. and B.R. over workshop supervisor‟s pay in which all visits to the Works were called off until Sunday 4th May. We are sorry to hear of the illness of Geoff Bambrough, our President, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Sunday May 18th - Derby Locomotive Works. (11.30am) Meet SIDDALS ROAD ENTRANCE at 11.15am (or travel on the 08.53 Leeds – Penzance) price 20p.
Sunday June 8th - Doncaster Loco. Works & Shed. (11.00am) Meet HEXTHORPE ROAD ENTRANCE (behind “The Plant”) at 10.45. Price 20p (Members 15p)
Sunday June 29th - CREWE LOCO Works. Meet 14.30 Price 20p (Members 15p) All bookings to John Sanderson.

Publications Shunters Books. We hope these will be printed within the next 2 weeks. 


W/E 15th February
25006/7/8/11 – TI
W/E 1st March
W/E 8th March
20007/10/144/5; 31148/66/70/200/16/21/8/70; 37125/8/9/68-TI; 25064/78/9/83-LMR; 28084/5; 31230/1-WR; 31115/42/6/25/312; 47255/96/8/434/59/62-HO; 31119/23/63; 47520-8/49/52-YK; 31171/3/4/84-FP;31212/3/55-SF; 37031;
40195-HM; 37060 47180/1-IN; 37099/101/2/6/19/249; 40053-9/67-70-GD; 47052-TE; 47286-KY; 40072-ScR;
W/E 22nd March
47166-WR; 47543-HO;
W/E th April
08259-WR; 08930-WH.
Temporary Transfers
47003-IM; 47255/96-TI; 47298-IM; 47425/34-GD;
W/E. 19th April
51451; 51518; 59545-ScR;
Fitted Dual Brakes
08889; 31155; 45038/9/47;
DMU Re-instated
BR. AWS Fitted

W/E.15th February
W/E 22nd February
08377/402/824-BZ; 08839/41/938-BR;
W/E 8th March
08149/800; 31116/165/230/1; 47093-BR; 25084/5-CF; 31229/93/309-OC; 08140/584-LA; 08281-GL; 08857/91/9-LMR.
W/E 15th March
08091/810; 47032-BR; 47478-LE; 47166-CF; 08841/928-LMR;
W/E 22nd March
08322-BR; 08574/634-EJ; 08584-NA; 08816-WS; 08843/94/934-LMR; 08937-LA;
W/E 5th April
08259-NA; 08338-WS; 08930-ER; 08938-ScR;
Fitted Dual Brakes
Boiler Fitted
25084/5; 47166.
London Midland Region
W/E 1st February
47107 BS; 47290 CD;
W/E 8th February
08647; 25184 BS; 08812 WR; 24001/4 ScR; 25093/4/190-TO; 40003-LO; 40139/40-KD;
W/E 22nd February
W/E 8th March
08125; 25083-BS; 08149/281/800-WR; 08857-AN; 08891/9-DY; 20144/5; 47434/59/62-ER; 24029-CD; 25064/78/9/94-SP; 25185/90-WN; 25206/7-TO; 47059-ScR;
W/E 22nd March
08091/574/634/810/6-WR; 08841/928-BS; 08843/94/934-CD; 25042-LC; 25050-KD.
W/E 29th March
E.3012/23; 81001-9/11-19/21/2-ScR;
W/E 5th April
08112/473-CD; 08605-NH; 08934-WN;
W/E 12th April
25192/3-KD; 40131-SP; 84001-10.CE.
50315/3/46/98; 59126/65-TS.
BR. AWS. Fitted
50352/6; 50436/66/81/3/92; 50507/12/8; 50654; 50763/5/8/70; 50787/9/92/7; 50803; 50929/31/51/63/5; 51174/5/91; 51561; 51653/4/7; 51849/51/5/67/70/7/80/92/5; 51912/24/36/7/42/50; 52037/52/7/64; 56107/46/8; 56346/58/9/61; 56495
Dual AWS. Fitted
50076/95; 55995
DMU Withdrawn
51629 (Fire)

W/E 8th February
W/E 15th February
25006/7/8/11-ER; 25026/33/4/5-HA;
W/E 1st March
W/E 8th March
40072-HA; 47059-ED;
W/E 22nd March
08322-WR; 08505/855-ED; 24111-ED(loan)08851-IS
W/E 29th March
E3012/23; 81 001-9/11-19/21/2-GW; 08338-WR; 08938-ED.
Fitted Dual Brakes




Depot Code Alterations.
GS Now GW. Add NW-Northwich (F)

Renumbered. 17 to 45024, 19 to 45025, 21 to 45026, 24 to 45027, 27 to 45028, 30 to 45029, 31 to 45030, 38 to 45032, 42 to 45034, 44 to 45035, 48 to 45038, 49 to 45039, 50 to 45040, 53 to 45041, 57 to 45042, 58 to 45043, 63 to 45044, 64 to 45045, 68 to 45046, 69 to 45047, 71 to 45049, 72 to 45050, 74 to 45051, 76 to 45053, 91 to 45056, 100 to 45060, 11? To 45066, 115 to 45067, 118 to 45073, 131 to 45074, 132 to 45075, 135 to 45149, 136 to 45077, 45150 to 45054, 45054 to 45150, 1592 to 47544, 1724 to 47549, 1731 to 47550, 1950 to 47552, 47153 to 47551, E3004 to 81004, E3070 to 85015, E3071 to 85016, 86040 to 86256.


CONDEMNED. E.70641; E.70643. (WOLVERTON) E.80989. W99. W 275. (ACCIDENT VICTIMS) W.34379. Sc.34708. Sc34713.

M.11003-M.11022. M 11028. M.12003-M.12039.

4841/68/75/78; 5091/6/115/33; 5938/44/6/7/9/56/8/62/4/5; 6111/4; 9382; 13262; 25171/678/703; 34888; 35387/99; 87810;


4110/29; 4716; 5082/139/56; 16143; 35387;

1917/38; 3114; 5073/81/107/36/41/58/70/2/8/81/94; 9388; 13419; 14032; 25217;

CARRIAGE NOTES We are pleased to record that Air Conditioned Stock is now running from St. Pancras to the East Midlands and Sheffield. All vehicles went through Derby Litchurch Lane before entering service. Many MK 111 coaches were recently stabled at Crewe, Liverpool and Manchester awaiting introduction into passenger service at the start of the new timetable in May. Coaches at Crewe on 25th March included M.11006/8;12005/9/10/4/5/6/22 and at Longsight in April were M12006/13/19/25. A visit to Derby Litchurch Lane Works on 30th April revealed no less than 235 vehicles, plus 13 identifiable MK 111(S.O). Also in the Works was Car 282 (ex Brighton Belle) at present receiving restoration to become a static restaurant in the South. It has been estimated that the restoration programme has cost the restaurant proprietor no less than £35,000. A recent visit to Old Oak Common produced HST trailer cars W 1000/1/2; 40000; 40500; 42000/1/2, minus power cars, being prepared for their introductory passenger run on May 5th. On 30th April, four special trains from WR to Blackpool were noted passing Preston composed of Western MK11 d, e, f. Noted at Banbury on 10th May was recently withdrawn PCV E.85000. Gresley Buffet/Restaurants continue to give good service and W 9135E was noted passing Reading on 10th May with a Paddington bound express. Paddington-Birmingham trains are still composed of Mk1 stock with an occasional MK11 coach in the sets. Open Second Sc4182 was noted in 1M13 12.05 Paddington-Birmingham (most unusual as 4182 is allocated to WR) on 10th May.

For the above information we are indebted to Messrs J. Sanderson, M. May, M. Guy and A. Whitworth.

by John Sanderson

Having already toured Scotland by car I decided last year to tour Scotland again and this time to soak up the magnificent beauty of this country through a railway carriage window. No part of Britain suffered with line closures as did Scotland, and it is true to say that most of the lines have now disappeared, but I was aware before I set off armed with my Railrover, that those lines remaining had something special to offer, something no other lines in Britain had.
I had decided that the best way to tour Scotland was not by overnight travel and continuous sorties around depots but to travel only in daylight and to see what the Scottish towns and villages had to offer at night.
As my Scottish Railrover could not be used before Carlisle or Berwick and my first overnight stop was Edinburgh I had to decide whether to go up via the East Coast main line or go up the Settle and Carlisle. Without much hesitation I decided on the latter and set off on the 08.40 from Sheffield-Leeds and then use the 09.46 Leeds-Glasgow as far as Carlisle and take the 12.14 to Carstairs. The latter train was running 25 mins late but I was rewarded with 87020 on the front, one of the new breed of electrics. Typically fast running resulted in the 48 miles from Lockerbie (stand) to Carstairs (stop) being covered in 34½ mins.
The run from Carstairs to Edinburgh in a DMU was particularly “English”. Once in Edinburgh, a visit to the hotel to drop luggage and to “Happy Sam‟s” for refreshments was proceeded by a trip across the Forth Bridge to North Queensferry, with an exciting walk across the new road bridge (there is no charge for those who wish to walk across) returning to Dalmeny station. This is certainly a trip I would recommend to anyone.
Sunday resulted in a trip to Loch Lomond whilst Monday came and with it the opportunity to travel on the most arduous line in Britain, the Highland line from Perth-Inverness, 25036 and 26045 took the train from Perth (the 09.35 from Glasgow). The attack on DRUIMUACHDAR summit is as dramatic as the descent from Slochd into Inverness - 20 miles when one begins to wonder whether the next corner will be negotiated, and one begins to worry that Inverness is not a through station.
A trip on the Kyle line is a must for any visitor to Scotland, a line more scenic than the guide book describes. This line retains its ancient flavour - I have been on a train passing Duncraig (a request stop) and the driver saw a traveller late, and had to reverse to the platform for him to board the train, and at Duirinish if anyone has a letter to post it must be handed to the guard on the train.
As Wednesday was a „spare‟ day I decided to go on the H R line to Wick/Thurso and selected Lairg to get off and take refreshment before returning to Inverness. Imagine my horror to find Lairg village was 1½ miles from the station (and it was a hot day). I returned on the 14.21 from Lairg and caught the 16.35 from Inverness to Aviemore, with plans to return on the 18.52 from Aviemore (The Clansman). To my dismay I was informed it was 3 hours late, but that the 17.25 from Glasgow was on its way up (but still 2 hours away). 26024 and 24117 eventually arrived to take me back to Inverness, doing the 34½ miles in 43 mins.
Space does not permit me to dwell on my return journeys suffice to say I returned via Aberdeen and used the Aberdeen-Edinburgh „main line‟ spending 1 night in Aberdeen before returning home via Dumfries. Perhaps I will be allowed to talk about this in a later issue.

On Sunday 30th March the Midland main line was blocked South of Chesterfield to enable the blowing up of an overhead bridge. Interesting diversions took place when southbound trains from Sheffield ran via Darnall, Woodhouse, Shireoaks, Shirebrook, Mansfield and rejoining the Erewash Valley line at Pye Bridge Jcn. The 08.52 Leeds-Penzance took 106 minutes from Sheffield-Derby. Disruption on the Woodhead route occurred on 19th March when a class 8 coal train heading from Sheffield towards Penistone became derailed at Blackmoor, resulting in 13 wagons blocking both lines. Certain Sheffield-Huddersfield DMU‟s were diverted via Wincobank, Chapeltown, Barnsley, Dodworth, Silkstone and rejoining the main line at Barnsley Jcn. On 23rd March work commenced on the singling of the branch from Thrybergh Jcn. to Silverwood Colliery and the closure of Silverwood signal box. Noted at Doncaster on 20th March were 37236(ex works) accompanied by 37047/66/189; 31283 all awaiting works. Two days later 37081; 55018; 76001 all appeared from the Works.
On 28th March 40059(YK) was noted leaving Sheffield with the Newcastle portion of the 11.30 Poole-Leeds/Newcastle no less than 80 minutes late. Three weeks later an unidentified class 31 was seen on this working.
Holiday previews from Leeds and Sheffield are still well patronised and 47174 was noted at the head of a Sheffield-Plymouth preview and on Easter Sunday a class 40 provided power for a York to Shrewsbury excursion.
The 16.20 St. Pancras-Sheffield was in the hands of 47475(BS) and on the same day 47273(HA) was noted working the 19.43 Nottingham-Coatbridge Freightliner.
Interesting locomotive working continue on 1M27 2052 Leeds-Derby (the locomotive is changed at Sheffield). Class 31‟s have become increasingly regular with 31119; 31313/23 and 31247 being noted recently.
Movement of exhibits from Clapham-York took place in April. On April 12th 45026 arrived at York hauling Mallard, Boxhill and a L.S.W.R. engine. On April 19th 45056 arrived 270 minutes late hauling Midland Compound 1000 which had developed a hot axle box en route. We understand that a withdrawn Western is at present being overhauled and is to be „renumbered‟ D1000 WESTERN ENTERPRISE and will be moved to York Museum.

SOUTHERN REGION Class 33s are now straying far from home with 33041 being noted at Mill Hill and 33021 at Stratford. 33014 was noted at Birmingham on a troop special – all were seen on 13th March. 47469(HA) was noted on Hither Green on 25th April. Condemned unit 4363 was recently noted at Briton Ferry awaiting cutting up. Reading produces its fair share of 33‟s 33023 being noted in the station on 10th May.

LONDON MIDLAND REGION Considerable delays were caused on the electrified lines into Euston as a result of the TSSA dispute. Only a skeleton service from London-Birmingham could be provided. On Easter Sunday excursions to Blackpool from E.R. were noted at Preston behind 37021/40/91 and on the same day a train to Blackpool from Burnley was worked by 40014. The prototype electric 87101 has entered service and has been working between Crewe and Scotland.
Western still make frequent appearances in to Birmingham on trains from Paddington 1034 and 1051 were both noted on 21st April. On 10th May
the 1025 Birmingham-Paddington was hauled by 31304 in place of the usual class 52. However the following service the 12.25 from Birmingham was Western hauled. Several „foreign‟ shunters have been noted working in the Derby area either before or after entering the Works. These have included 08112(WN) 08105(KN) 08125(AN) 08158(SU) 08190(CF) 08799(RG) 08919(SY) in April 08105 was noted passing Ambergate behind 20037, the former locomotive still bearing the old lion and wheel emblem. Class 5000 50036 made an unusual appearance into Derby on the 23rd March hauling a train of carriages which were destined for the works. The locomotive spent some 2 hours in Derby before returning light to Crewe. Unusual locomotives stabled at Toton on 30th March included 08221(BY) and 08846(SP). Interesting football excursions to Leicester for the FA Cup replay Ipswich-Leeds. Ipswich specials were worked by 37035/86/113 and a special from Leeds was worked by 45063. We have pleasure in recording that the match was won by Ipswich Town!

WESTERN REGION No doubt the highlight of all news is the introduction of the HST to passenger service on 5th May on the Bristol Paddington service. Hydraulics are now thinning rapidly in numbers continuing with the withdrawal of the remaining Hymeks, all of which are stored at Old Oak Common. Westerns may still be seen in active service, 4 being noted at old Oak Common on 8th March. 1023 was noted passing Bristol Parkway on 22nd April, piloted by 37298. A visit to the Bridport Branch on 1st April saw W.55034 filled to capacity with passengers standing. Unfortunately this line has gone the way of so many others from 5th May. On 3rd May a holiday preview from Mexborough-Sheffield to Tenby was hauled from Mexborough to Cardiff by 47174(TI). The train was taken forward from Cardiff by 1056 WESTERN SULTAN. Due to a derailment on the main line the train was diverted via Barry and the Taff Vale line.

SCOTTISH REGION A visit to Glasgow Works on the 1st March produced the following Claytons: 8508/16/25/9/31/6/52/74/80 and on the same day units 79102/4/8/63/67 were noted at Cadder. 47087(CF) Cyclops was noted on Eastfield on the same day, presumably having worked a rugby special from Wales. Polmadie depot has received a new lease of life as a depot for the APT. Rebuilding is expected to commence in 1976. Polmadie is still home to withdrawn Claytons, Nos 8504/42/50/3/61/73; 8607/12 being noted on 21st April. 8539 is at present at Eastfield.

For the above information we are indebted to Messrs M. May, G. Calvert, J.Sanderson, P. Shepherd, T. Helliwell, R. Skinner, J. Davis, D.Wallace, P.Stanley, B. Monks and P. Bell.

OPEN DAYS Members may be interested in the dates of the following Open Days: Eastleigh 20th April, Ashford 9th July, Derby Litchurch Lane 16th August, Wolverton 16th August, Swindon 13th September, Derby Locomotive Works 30th August, Horwich 30th August, Crewe 20th September.