No. 2 MARCH 1975

(As the original copy of this magazine was of too poor a quality to scan, the Committee would like to thank Linda Bladen for re-typing the contents)

President. Geoffrey Bambrough
Membership Sec. Michael May
Chairman & Fixtures Sec. Robin Skinner
Treasurer John Sanderson
Magazine Editor. Jon Davis

First of all we would like to thank you all for the support over the past few months. Membership is beginning to swell and we hope for your continued support in the near future.
As you will have noticed, we have had to temporarily abandon magazine style format. This is due to technical reasons, but we hope to restore to original format soon, together with this improved quality of printing. We feel that this loss is more than compensated for by the improved quality. At last it has been possible to publish a trips programme and we hope that you will support these trips as well as the recent one to Doncaster, which was fully booked. If you know of any BR excursions or special fares from your area, please let the Fixtures secretary Know as quickly as possible, so that visits may be arranged to take advantage of these. Any other visit suggestions are also welcome, and at the moment plans are being made for the last day of service trip to the Bridport branch and for an all-line Rail rover holiday. The details of these trips should be ready for the next magazine.
Finally a grumble. As usual contributors to the magazine have been pitifully few, and we would appeal for more contributions to make your magazine better. The Editor wishes to thank all those who have contributed, and hopes for their continued support.

As promised in the last magazine, a programme of trips has been planned in conjunction with the Holiday Preview excursions for the Sheffield Area. First of all here is a list of the previews, together with price and picking up points. Code: M-Mexborough ;R-Rotherham ;B-Barnsley; S-Sheffield; C- Chesterfield.
From        Destination/Route            Date              Booking Date   Price
CSRM       Berwick & Edinburgh        1st March      11 Feb.               £2.35
CSR          Carlisle & Largs                 15 March       25 Feb.               £2.35
BSC          Teignmouth & Plymouth   29 March       4 Mar.                 £2.35
CSB          Berwick & Edinburgh        31 March       11 Mar.               £2.35
CSR          Perth & Pitlochry              5 April            25 Mar.              £2.50
BSC          Winchester, Portsmouth   12 April         18 Mar.              £2.35
                  Ryde                                                                                       £3.10
BSC          Severn Valley Railway       19 April                                     £3.25
MRSC      Exeter Circular Tour          26 April         8 Apr.                 £2.50
MRSC      Cardiff & Tenby                  3 May            15 Apr.               £2.35
BSC         Torbay Steam Railway        10 May                                      £3.45
CSB         Edinburgh & Dundee          17 May           29 Apr.             £2.50

Visits organised in connection with these will be as follows: 1 March : Glasgow Works, Eastfield. 29 March : Laira (Subject to permit) 12 April : Eastleigh Shed & Works. 3 May : Cardiff, Ebbw Jn; Landore, Radyr, Barry. 17 May : Haymarket, Townhill, Thornton Yard. If you are interested in any of the above Previews and want to book through the society, send your money before the booking date given, or in the case of those where no date is given as soon as possible, to JOHN SANDERSON (address overleaf), who will make arrangements. Details of costs of shed/works visits are not yet known, but if you are interested in these, say so with your booking for the train and then you will be advised as to costs when these are known. If you are only interested in the visit i.e. want to get your own train ticket, please write to Neil Webster, who will send details when available. PLEASE ENCLOSE A STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE WITH ALL BOOKINGS/ENQUIRIES. -------------------------------

Eastern Region
W/E 7th December:
1592-GD; 1715-W.Reg; 1724-GD; 1950-GD; 47008-W.Reg; 47109-LMR; 47153-YK; 47178-LMR. Fitted Dual Brakes: 31147, 37246.
3 W/E 28th December:
08004-BG.Fitted DB: 31135/210, 37249. EMU:56479-FP.
2 W/E 11th January:
03157-BG; 08044-HI; 08548-DR; 08745-CR; 20054-TI; 25104/5/6/7/302-LMR; 31278/90-TE; 31280/1/4-IM; 37057/9-IM; 37080-GD; 37084/7-TE; 37109-MR; 40050-GD; 40052-HM; 47016/135/60-SF; 47039/50-TE; 47051/2-GD; 47255-GD; 47413/4/5-FP; 47528-GD; 47542/4/9/52-HO; Fitted DB:31302; DMU: 50387,56432-FP. Correction W/E 16.11.74: 51279-FP not 51274.
W/E 18th January:
37082-TE; 37116-SF; 40155-GD. Renumbered 50 to 45040; 69 to 45047.
W/E 25th January:
08778-W.Reg; 08889-SB; DMU: 50380/1,56071/134-BG.
W/E 1st February:
37028-GD; 37054-MR; 47107/290-LMR; Fitted DB:40007.

Western Region
W/E 4th January:
7011-Store; 7028-Withdrawn; 7029-Store. DMU: New: Unit 252001 cars: 40000,40500,41000/1, 41002,42000/1/2,43000/1.
W/E 11th January:
1003/35-Withdrawn; 31257-OC; 08117/9-EJ; 08844/6-LMR; DMU: 51128/41,59357-CF; 51340/81,59491-BR. Correction W/E 21.12.74: 50072/105,59009 remain at RG.
2 W/E 25th January:
08778-WS; 08795-SW; 08855-BR; 08889-E.Reg; 08891-LA;Fitted DB: 47122
2 W/E 7th February:
1031/44-Withdrawn; 47026/7/8/9-LA; 47056-CF; 47140/6-CF; 7022-STORE; 7029-OC(ex-store);08647-LMR; DMU:50868/918,59538-BR; 51060/88,59419-LA; 56287-RG.

Scottish Region
Period to 1/2/75:
81001-22-GS; 24001/4/5-LO; 25232/3/4-HA; 47144-
BS (exln). DMU: 50745-DE; 50874-HN(both ex-store).56482-Store. Fitted DB:20216. Renumbered: 3529 to 08414; 3556 to 08441;3557-08442; 3243 to 08175;8118 to 20118.

London Midland Region
W/E 4th January:
W/E 11th January:
08019-DY; 08117/9-W.Reg; 3859-LR; 08844-KD; 08846-SP; 24001/4/5-LO; 24026/9-LO; 25056-LO; 25058-SP; 25065-TO; 25070-WN; 25104/5/6/7/302-BS; 25197/249-SP; 25232/3/4-ScR; 40003/21/45-SP; 40137/8-KD; 47144-BS(ex-loan)
2 W/E 25th January:
08622-DY; DMU 50315/33,50446/98,59126/65-TS on loan.

Fitted Dual Brakes:
Fitted ETH, SG removed
BR AWS fitted:
DMU: 50625/973,55996
39 to 45033
41 to 45147
46 to 45067
54 to 45023
57 to 45042
75 to 45052
78 to 45054
84 to 45055
93 to 45057
97 to 45058
98 to 45059
103 to 45062
104 to 45063
105 to 45064
110 to 45065
115 to 45067
121 to 45069
122 to 45070
127 to 45072
130 to 45148
134 to 45076
136 to 45077
31197 to 31423
E3011 to 81009
E3020 to 81017
86044 to 86253
86047 to 86254

Southern Region had no transfers during the above periods. Also reported are 40125/39/40-KD; 25006/8-TI Depot Code Alterations: The following were altered from 5th January Bury now BQ; Carlisle New Yard now KM; Kingmoor now KD; Westhouses now WT Birkenhead Central (BK) deleted from list of depots.

Available on 31st March will be the new edition of our guide to BR shunter stabling points, the only accurate guide to BR shunter stabling points available today. Priced at 15p, this edition will give full details of locos from all depots and is an invaluable source of information. Orders should be sent to JON DAVIS, adding 5p for postage and packing. (NB Persons who purchased our previous guide can buy this publication for only 10p) For those of you who are interested in reallocations, an even more up to date service is available than this magazine. For £1 you can have a copy of the reallocations as we receive them from the regions each month sent to your address by post. Please write to Mr. Webster for a sample copy.

M1905/6,E3821,4087,SC4121,E4311,4724,SC13087,13114/8/64,W13217/21/3/6, M14902,15183/218/409/70/96,E15514/21,Sc15556/9/62,E15585,M15635,SC15686/9, E15692/5/7/707/11/4/5/24/6/8/76/951,21101,M24071/115,E24150,M24173,E24207, M24213/41/315,SC24396,E24496/512/53,M24560/703,E24917,SC24926/8,E24941/73, 25055,M25174,25214/80,SC25636/57/80/5,M34099,SC34562,E34585/6/600/6/8, SC34711,E34740/2/6/86,M34836/8/47/52/3/6,SC34859,W34876/8,SC34881/2, W34883/4/5/93/7/8,M35133/386,E43030/4/41/113/28,48002/26,M81157/329, E85000,E87042,M87838,M31036M,S360S,S1845S. NB: S360S is now TDB975402.

TRANSFERS: To Eastern Region:1564,1760/3,2126/7/8,2574,2605,3288/90/2,3306,4833/40/50 4863/5/70/7/9/92/3/6/7/8,5071/4/86/7/8/9/90/2//3/4/5/7/8,5100/14/6/201/2,
9406/7/10/5/6,13252,13417/20/1/2/9,14028/9/31/5/8/41/5/7/50/1/3/4,15046, 16089,24350/93,24588/656/62/8,24720,24901/8/35/9,25065/90/4/9,25100, 25116/21/3/6/35/40/70/81/90,25204/19/33/67/72/82,25307/89,25617/20/30/3, 25634/8/43/4/6/9/72/87/9/94/7/8,25700,26035/8,35102,35249/77/89,35392, 94626.

To London Midland Region: 1758/61/2,1902/17/62/70/1/3/90,3009/11/48/51/2, 30545/9/63,3128/46/7,4998,5000/6/10/26,5272-5314,5407-5433,6100/8/9/10, 6111/2/3/4,9419/21,9449-58,13447-63/73/76-81,14081-88,15647,15706,15768, 24888,24976,25096,25180,25217/74,25428,25667/79,25775/7/82/3/94/6,25800/2, 25810/1/7/9/28/9/33/5/40/1,26066,26198,35162,37034M.

To Southern Region: 1806/7/72/3,94181,94451,94836/88. To Scottish Region: 1808,5077,5101/2/4/25/32/49/51/4/88/91/3/6,9389/90, 9414,13224,13381/2,13410/3/8/28,14039/44/9/55,16085/6/8/90/1/4/6/8,16100, 16102/3/4/7/12,35242/4/7.

To Western Region: 1902,2405/11/2/7/31/2/3/5/6/45,5078/80/99,5112/43/8/59, 5163/5/6/7/71/7/9,5242/4/5/50,5981/3/4/7,9399,9401/2/9/13,13262/98/9, 13300/2/11/4,13380/3/4/6,13412/4,14033/42/3,15051,25393, 34001/25/45/50/9/98,34110,35199/200. Thank you to all f those who have sent in information to make this column possible. We are indebted to J. Sanderson, D. Wallace, P. Fox, M. Guy, M. May and N. Webster.


By Chris (Streaker) Bennett.
I travelled recently on the 10.20 from Doncaster to Peterborough, the 8.41 from Halifax to Kings Cross. The locomotive was a class 47/4, no. 47422, allocated to Gateshead, and it was supplying train-heating and electrical power to the nine-coach train of 303 tons tare, 320 tons gross. Departure was 8½ minutes late, because of the late running 8.25 from Newcastle, the 10.14 from Doncaster to Kings Cross only. The 10.14 and 10.20 left almost simultaneously, and so we were badly checked by signals for many miles. At last we got away to good purpose, as the accompanying log shows. We accelerated to 88 mph on the level before Retford, held 97 mph on the level in the Trent valley (46.5 seconds for the last 1¼ to milepost 126) and climbed hard to Grantham. We were still 8 minutes late leaving Grantham. What was going to happen down Stoke Bank, the most famous of all the East Coast route banks? At least 105 mph, and possibly 110 mph could have been attained. It was something of an anti-climax to average 94.8 mph from Little Bytham to Helpston. Class 47s are not permitted to exceed 95 mph, and the locomotive crew decided to keep close to that limit. The slow finish from Werrington Junction was the final disappointment. Without doubt no. 47422 was driven “all-out” between Bawtry and Grantham but was eased substantially after milepost 95½. Unchecked we could have run from Doncaster to Retford in 16 mins, and from Grantham to Peterborough in 25 mins.-23 minutes with a normal approach to the station. The three station stops totalled 3¾ minutes, against 7 minutes allowed, and so arrival at Peterborough was only 4 mins late. With 8 minutes “recovery allowance” in the schedule thence to Kings Cross, a punctual finish was easily possible.

Distance                                                 Schedule      Actual         Speeds
00.00               DONCASTER                0                    00.00
08.25              Bawtry                                                    15.16           45
10.10              Scrooby                                                  17.07           71
12.00              Ranskill                                                  18.38           78
14.25              Barnby Moor                                         20.16           85/88
17.35             RETFORD                         17                 23.10            -
03.10             Gamston                                                 4.09              61
04.85             Milepost 133¾                                      5.45              69
07.40             Dukeries Jn.                                           7.39              88
11.15             Crow Park                                              10.02            97
15.65             Bathley Lane                                          12.50            95
18.50             NEWARK NORTH GATE 18              15.32           -
03.20             Balderton                                               4.09              72
04.75             Claypole                                                 5.23              76
08.60             Hougham                                                8.16              82
10.40             Barkston South Jn             10                9.34              81/79
12.60             Milepost 107½                                      11.12           81
14.65             GRANTHAM                     15                13.56            -
03.35            Great Ponton                                           4.42              59/45pws
                                                                                        pws               40
05.35            Stoke                                      7               7.17               59
08.35            Corby Glen                                             9.40               89
09.95            Milepost 95½                                         10.43             94
13.20            Little Bytham                                          12.45            96
16.80            Essendine
                                                                     15              15.02            94
20.60            Tallington                                                17.26            96
23.55            Helpston                               (6)             19.17            95
25.95            Werrington Jn                                        20.50            91
29.10            PETERBOROUGH              30            25.57              -

The LNER study group are holding seminar at Doncaster College of Art & Technology, George Gate, Doncaster, on 22nd March 1975. A series of talks will be given on various topics embracing many aspects of the LNER system, traffic and stock. Cost is £2.70, or £2 if lunch is not required. Any interested members please contact Robin Skinner as soon as possible.

FOR SALE Trains Illustrated Modern railways Great Trains etc. From 1960 onwards. Various copies available. Please contact Geoff Bambrough (address on page 1) for details.


The 1975 holiday preview season from the Leeds Division opened on 8th February with an excursion to Bournemouth from Morley. The train began its journey behind an immaculate 47425, but the outward appearance of the engine was not reflected in mechanical soundness, as it had to be replaced at Rotherham by 45016 due to train heating boiler failure. The class 45 worked throughout to Bournemouth and back. Other specials onto the eastern region have come from far and wide. On 22nd February two specials were run from the Western region to Bradford Forster Square. The first of these 1Z54 was an advertised excursion from Paddington and was powered by 47068(OC). The second was a Mystery (Misery?) excursion from the West of England (1Z58) which was powered by 47192(CD). On the same date a football excursion from Nottingham to Wadsley Bridge was formed of 2x3 car DMU's. The following day a military special from Edinburgh to Brandon was hauled by an unidentified class 40.
During early February further class 25s arrived at Tinsley. Noted so far have been 25006/7/8 and the transfer of 25011 is anticipated. A further unusual visitor to Tinsley has been DB968002, which is being used to heat two research dept. coaches and a sleeping car. The unit was previously at Landore.

SOUTHERN REGION A visit to Southampton Docks on 8th February produced 3 class 07 shunters in the western docks (no.8 gate). The remainder of the class were at Eastleigh shed and works, and the latter was also host to two of the long since withdrawn members of this class. All 4-REP units have been delivered and are in service, but of the new 4TCs 433 has latterly been stored at Strawberry Hill awaiting its fourth coach to make up the set. 4-EPB unit 5198 was noted at Derby Litchurch Lane works on 22nd Feb. 5202 is also reported to be there, both for internal refurbishing. The prototype 2-PEP unit 2001 has been disbanded for conversion to 25kv overhead as well as 3rd rail 650kv in order to perform trials in connection with the Kings Cross suburban electrification. As a result the 4-PEP units have been reformed as follows:
4001-64305 (ex4002)   62427   62428   64302
4002-64303 (ex2001)   62426   62429   64304
i.e. 4002 has one unpainted aluminium MBSO and the two cars for conversion are 64300 and 64301 (ex4001).

SCOTTISH REGION A visit to Ayr on 18th January produced 19 locomotives consisting of 5 x class 08, 2 x class 27, 10 x class 20, and 2 x class 24. 14 DMU's were also present including ex Glasgow – Edinburgh cars 79165/470, and 51017, which was derailed in the shed yard. The 79XXX series cars, which were withdrawn in October 1972, are now dispersed far and wide for cannibalisation, with several at Swindon Works in addition to the venues listed in the last magazine. The final fates of these vehicles should be interesting. On 10th January two DT shunters were to be seen in Glasgow, with 2426 at Polmadie and 06008 at Eastfield. Polmadie also held 06003 on this date, as well as the usual Claytons. Unusual visitor to York on 21st February was 37152(ED) possibly en route to the works.

LONDON MIDLAND REGION Mark III rolling stock has begun to emerge from Derby Carriage Works, and on 22nd February M12006/7 were noted at Etches Park, with several other examples ready at the works. The stabling point on this date held 08614(BS) and 08387(EH), ex-works. Expected to be delivered to the Midland project group premises is 46203 “PRINCESS MARGARET ROSE” obtained on long-term loan from Butlins. The loco is later expected to pass through Derby Works. A London Midland trip on 26th January revealed the following quantities of locos, Buxton 6, Cockshute 13 (4 DMU's), Chester 19 (84 DMU's), Birkenhead 14 (4 DMU's), Edge Hill 17, Allerton 9, Garston Dock 5, Hall Road 13 EMU's. The ex-London District sets currently in Doncaster Works are undergoing conversion to Departmental units in connection with the new underground line in Liverpool, and in consequence are having doors fitted in the front ends to meet legal requirements.

WESTERN REGION Withdrawal of class 52s continues apace, but Hymeks seem to have a temporary reprieve due to lack of suitable replacements, and at the time of writing 7017/8/29 remain in traffic, with 7011/22 stored. The HST is due to enter traffic on 17th March from Old Oak Common, but car W40500 was still at Etches Park on 22nd February.
As usual in connection with the Scotland v Wales rugby match at Murrayfield, many specials are booked to run around the weekend of 1st/2nd March, commencing with 5 on 27th February provided there is no industrial action by signalmen on this date. Details of motive power on these excursions would be welcomed for the next magazine.

For the above information we are indebted to: J.Sanderson, “Rasputin”, P. Antcliffe, D. Wallace, D. Morris, N. E. Webster, M. Guy, M. May, J. Davis.

DONCASTER WORKS The next trip to Doncaster Works and shed will be on Sunday 27th April 1975. Bookings to  Mr. N. E. Webster.

LATEST INFORMATION Entering Doncaster Works 25th February 1975: 76049, 03066, 31141 (fire damage) 31006 has now left the Works in ex-works condition. 25011 noted passing light engine through Doncaster Station. 37147 noted passing Doncaster on 4E97 Freightliner. All the above were seen on 25th February 1975.