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The Magazine of the Pennine Railway Society

No.83 - March 1993

Please note - This presentation includes part of Magazine 83 and part of Magazine 73.
After I had scanned the sheets I realised that whoever had sent me this copy to archive
had sent me half and half.
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Renewal of Membership Fees

We would like to thank all those members who have renewed their subscription to the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY for 1993. For those who have forgotten to renew., or, more likely, been too busy, it is not too late.. Simply send your 3.50 to Tony Caddick, your Membership Secretary, and you will instantly be rejoined, and be sent a free 1993 PRS diary.

For those who do not rejoin, this will be the final magazine you receive. In these instances we thank you for your valuable support and hope you decide to join again some time in the future.

Major Warning

TRANS PENNINE is produced by the Pennine Railway Society. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Society or the Editor or the Government.

Cover Photo

Jubilee Class 4-6-0 No.45675 "Hardy" heads the southbound Thames-Clyde Express through Dore and Totley.

Sanderson Sponsors Wednesday

Eagle eyed soccer supporters will have noticed that Sheffield's No.1 football team, the Wednesday, are now sponsored by Sanderson, the name emblazoned on their shirts.

Where does the money come from?  Is it THE Sanderson we all love?

Annual General Meeting

The Society's AGM was held at "The Taps" on Sunday 10 January 1993. All the Committee and 12 members attended. Major and minor points from the AGM were:

- "Horsham Norm", alias Norman Bolland from Horsham sent a letter of resignation from the Society, but asked that his best wishes were passed on to everyone who knows him;

- Tony Caddick reported a constant membership of around 70;

- Congratulations were extended to the Society quiz team which won the 1992 Pennine Shield;

- "Galeforce" Gossan asked for more entries from members for the magazine quiz - entries may win even if not all correct;

- Dave Whitlam referred to the visit to the Keighley & worth Valley Railway in 1992, the Society chartering a Class 20 hauled train;

- We need a judge for the 1993 Pennine Slide Competition held in the Autumn. Names to David Bladen. PLEASE;

- We welcome new management to "The Taps". Robin says that David Bladen has a good relationship with the Landlord!

- The Treasurer's balance sheet added up!

- The headline on the 7th.January 1993 edition of Doncaster's "The Entertainer" was "Fabulous Fifties". Magazine Editor and snooker ace "Galeforce Gossan" got a copy thinking it referred to the historic Class 50.1ocomotives. He collapsed in distress when he discovered it referred to music;

-In the Presidential Address, Geoff referred to the hard-core of members, loyal members. He also let us into a personal secret - he never goes to bed until he's read TRANS PENNINE! (Whatever turns you on, I suppose!)

The meeting also remembered Alan Pett, Roger Richards .and Graham Lee, friends of the Society who sadly passed away in 1992.

BR Caught Short

Lavatories on London's new 20m fleet of trains have been locked for the rest of the Winter after a serious safety fault was discovered. It was found that an overflowing lavatory could inactivate the brakes by flooding the electrics on Class 456 trains used on the South London line. The fault was discovered on a train in Selhurst depot before any damage was done.

Eevility Success

A successful eevility night was held at "The Taps" on 15 December 1992 getting everyone in the mood for the festive season. A wide variety of odd-ball slides of odd-ball people were shown.

Members travelled from all parts of the country for the event including Pennine's Religious Adviser, Reverend Andrew J Watts and Sister (sorry, wife) Helen from Cannock (Helen was wearing a new "Fergie" dress - one yank and off it comes), Cap'n Nicholson from Scarborough, and Paul Slater from Gainsborough. If only Robin had made it from Lincoln, weld have had a "full set".

All Aboard Vindaloo Express

An enterprising restaurateur is beating drink drive worries by sending diners home by train. Daraz Aziz decided to cash in on the fact that the Carlisle-Newcastle line runs within yards of his Valley Indian restaurant, built in the old station house at Corbridge.,

Mr Aziz meets people anywhere along the route with wine and a menu and they choose their meal on the way and orders are rung in by mobile phone. Mr Aziz is even getting train spotters. He has also negotiated special rates with BR.

Human Error Shuts Leeds City

Leeds City station was closed for an hour on the morning of 4 January 1993 following "slight snow". A BR inquiry was immediately launched which determined human error - heaters had not been activated on the points

InterCity Face Slow Down...

Some InterCity trains are to be slowed down, because of a shortage of money for track repairs, from May 1993. Travelling times between London and Glasgow will increase by an average 12 minutes; London-Edinburgh by 5 minutes; London-Swansea 10 minutes, London-Leeds 8 minutes, and London-Manchester 2 minutes.

BR sources warned that unless things improved InterCity will see an overall reduction with ECML 125mph trains going no faster than 10Omph and then possibly dropping to 75 mph. The entire network is expected to plunge 250m into the red and there are no funds for long-term line improvement work, which is particularly needed on the WCML.

Autobahns to be Privatised to pay for Railway Sell-Off

Germany's vast autobahn network is to be privatised to help pay for its plan to privatise the railways. The Government is planning to sell off the railway in stages, but they lose more than 2 billion a year and need cash for modernisation before would be purchasers are likely to show an interest.

Loco Notion

Barmy BR proposed to tether workers to trackside posts as high speed trains thundered past at 140mph. Bosses wanted human guinea pigs to stand as close as 6ft 6in to the expresses to test the effect of their slipstream. Rail union chief Jimmy Knapp branded the idea barmy and suggested BR use Transport Secretary John MacGregor instead.

The workers would have been attached to posts by special harnesses that would allow them to move to the side but not forward. They would have been asked for their reaction after the trains had roared past. The tests would have helped to determine the distances from trains at which staff could work in safety. They would have taken place between York and Darlington.

However the Health and Safety Executive banned the scheme. The tests have been postponed pending further discussions to see how BR could get the information another way.

One disgruntled railwayman described the scheme as harebrained and said he joined BR to drive a flipping engine, not to play flipping bondage games. However a number of civilians have volunteered to take part in the scheme, preferably dressed in leather and chained from head to toe.

The effect when someone stands in the slipstream of a high speed train is likely to be they'd get sucked under it. If tied to a post perhaps it would suck their boots off, or maybe they'd go blue in the face.

The idea is on a par to that of abolishing the timetable to stop the trains running late.

Station Goes Down The Tube

London Underground plans to close the curious one-stop line off the Piccadilly line, from Holborn to Aldwych on 2 April 1993 because the 3m cost of new lifts is not justified by the station's 450 passengers a day.

Opened as Strand station in 1907, it was to have been the terminus of the Great Northern and Strand Railway, but that line's merger with the Brompton and Piccadilly Circus Railway, to make the Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway left Aldwych as a dead-end branch.

Workers' Perks to Stay on "Private" Railways

Rail staff will keep their travel perks after privatisation, but new operators will not be forced to guarantee concessions for the public, such as travel cards, pensioner fares, and cheap-rate deals.

Forth Bridge Painting Halted

Painting of the Forth Bridge, until now a continuous exercise is to cease due to financial constraints. The end of another national institution.


Transport Secretary John MacGregor has named the seven chunks of the railway network which are to be opened up to private enterprise in 1994. They are:
The East Coast Main Line Kings Cross-Leeds/Harrogate, Hull, Edinburgh/Glasgow, Perth/Inverness, Aberdeen.
Great Western Main Line Paddington-Penzance, Bristol/Swansea, Oxford/Worcester.
London-Gatwick Airport Express.
ScotRail Glasgow-Largs, Stranraer, Dumfries/Carlisle, Edinburgh, Oban, Mallaig, Perth/Inverness/Kyle of Lochalsh; Perth-Dundee; Edinburgh Dundee/Aberdeen
South Western Division of Network SouthEast Waterloo-Exeter, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Richmond/Ascot/Reading, Epsom/Guildford Reading-Basingstoke
London-Tilbury and Southend
Isle of Wight

The railway infrastructure will be put in the hands of a new public authority called Railtrack. Only the Isle of Wight system will be franchised as an entity. Potential franchise operators fear they would be at the mercy of Railtrack which will charge them for using the system..,

Sea Containers, who wanted to take over parts of Network SouthEast have made it clear they will only be interested if they can take control of track and signalling as well as operating services.

Virgin Atlantic is also deterred by the Railtrack plan.

The third most important candidate for a major franchise was Chris Green, head of InterCity. He wanted to lead a worker buyout of the whole of InterCity, but now that it is to be split up and franchised as separate routes his hopes have evaporated.

The Perth based bus company Stagecoach, a likely candidate for the ScotRail franchise is also doubtful about getting in on the new era of rail.

Another bus company, Badgerline, was interested in the London-Tilbury-Southend route, but recently its enthusiasm has waned.

The future of BR's freight trains seems more promising, however, after Mr MacGregor revealed cash incentives to get goods off the roads and on to the railways. Freight, unlike the passenger services, is to be sold off completely. The Transport Secretary announced that the new operators would receive Government grants for new locomotives and other equipment. And all, or some of their fees for using the track would be paid by the State.

Whilst Mr MacGregor has promised an "historic change for the better", many backbench Tory MPs show signs of unease.

"Anyone can run a line",, said Tory, George Walden. "What we want is someone to run a railway!".

Labour have predicted a "poll-tax on wheels" for the Government.

Rush for a Pay-Off

A flood of redundancy requests means BR will shed 7000 jobs before April 1993, 2000 more than originally planned. Most of the job losses will be among administrative staff, but some train crew, signalmen and maintenance workers will go in parts of the network hit by loss of freight revenue notably business from the dwindling number of coal mines.

Privatisation - The Bureaucracy

No less than 8 public bodies are to be involved:

- The Government will "set broad objectives for service levels,,;
- Railtrack (the Track Authority) will be responsible for timetabling;
- The Franchising Authority will specify ',standards of frequency";
- The Regulator will oversee "arrangements for track access", secure "network benefits" and require "best environmental
- In the conurbations the PTAs and PTE's will "be responsible for specifying the services" (London will have to persevere without democratic output);
- The Health & Safety Executive will set safety standards;
- By determining the characteristics of rolling stock the industry
  wide body on technical standards will affect timetable parameters;
- The Transport Users' Consultative Committee will comment from
   the sidelines.
In addition the Government will control fares policy with network ticketing acting as a straightjacket. Complaints will be monitored by a Rail regulator, whose organisation, likely to be known as Ofrail, will be headed by John Swift QC, an expert on competition law


Sat 17 Apr -       Peak Rail Diesel; Nene Valley Steam/Diesel;
                            Midland Railway Centre Steam Diesel (55)
Sun 18 Apr -      Peak Rail Diesel; Mid Hants Steam/Diesel;
                            Midland Railway Centre Steam Diesel
Sat 24 Apr -       North Yorks Diesel Gala; K~ Steam Gala
Sun 25 Apr -      North Yorks Diesel Gala; K~ Steam Gala;
                            Mid Hants Steam/Diesel
Sat 01 May -      West Somerset Steam/Diesel Gala
Sun 02 May -      West Somerset Steam/Diesel Gala; Mid Hants Steam/Diesel
Mon 03 May -     West Somerset Steam/Diesel
Fri 07 May -       SVR Diesel Gala
Sat 08 May -      SVR Diesel Gala; K~ Steam Day
Sun 09 May -     SVR Diesel Gala, Mid Hants Steam/Diesel; K~ Steam
Sat 15 May -       Midland Rly Centre Steam/Diesel;
                             Nene Valley Steam/Diesel
Sun 16 May -      Midland Rly Centre Steam/Diesel; E Anglian Rly Diesel
                             Mid Hants Steam/Diesel
Sat 22 May -       North Yorks Steam Gala
Sun 23 May -      North Yorks Steam Gala; Mid Hants Steam Diesel
Sat 05 Jun -        East Lancs Diesel Gala; K~ Shunter Evening
Sun 06 Jun -       East Lancs Diesel Gala; Mid Hants Steam Diesel
Sun 13 Jun -       Mid Hants Steam Diesel
Sat 19 Jun -        Midland Rly Centre Steam Diesel;
                              Nene Valley Steam. Diesel;
                             Paignton & Dartmouth Steam/Diesel Gala
Sun 20 Jun -       Midland Rly Centre Steam Diesel;
                             Mid Hants Steam Diesel;
                             Paignton & Dartmouth Steam/Diesel Gala
Sun 27 Jun -       Mid Hants Steam/Diesel
Sun 11 Jul -        Mid Hants Steam Diesel
Sat 17 Jul -         Midland Rly Centre Diesel Gala;
                            Nene Valley Steam/Diesel
Sun 18 Jul -        Midland Rly Centre Diesel Gala;
                            East Anglian Rly Diesel Gala
Sun 25 Jul -       Mid Hants Steam/Diesel
Sun 01 Aug       Mid Hants Steam/Diesel
Sun 08 Aug       Mid Hants Steam/Diesel
Sun 15 Aug -     Mid Hants Steam/Diesel
Sat 21 Aug -      Nene Valley Steam Diesel
Sun 22 Aug -      Mid Hants Steam Diesel
Sat 28 Aug -       Southport Diesel
Sat 04 Sep -       Southport Diesel
Sun 05 Sep -      Mid Hants Steam Diesel
Sat 11 Sep -       Nene Valley Steam Gala
Sun 12 Sep -       Mid Hants Steam Diesel; Nene Valley Steam Gala
Sat 18 Sep -       North Yorks Diesel Gala; Nene Valley Steam/Diesel
                             Midland Rly Centre Diesel Steam
Sun 19 Sep -       North Yorks Diesel Gala;
                              Midland Rly Centre Diesel Steam
Sat 25 Sep -        Bo'ness & Kinneil Diesel Gala Sun 26 Sep - Bo'ness & Kinneil Diesel Gala;
                             Mid Hants Steam Diesel
Sat 02 Oct -        North Norfolk Rly Diesel Gala;
                             Nene Valley Diesel Gala; East Lancs Diesel Gala;
                             North Yorks Steam Gala
Sun 03 Oct -        Nene Valley Diesel Gala;
                             East Lancs Diesel Gala;
                              Mid Hants Steam Diesel;
                             North Yorks Steam Gala

Company Set Up to Buy Dales Railway

A newly-formed private company is aiming to buy the 22 mile Northallerton/Redmire line which saw its last BR train on January 2 1993.

The Wensleydale Railway Company hopes to raise 600,000 from a share issue and run trains over part of the line by summer 1994. its eventual aim is to restore a passenger link over the entire route from Northallerton to Garsdale, restoring track and bridges over 17 miles from Redmire to Hawes and Garsdale.

MacGregor's Tactical Switch Lures Business to Rail Sell-Off

In a key late amendment to the White Paper on the sell-off, Transport Secretary John MacGregor will allow franchise holders who will run trains to lease their own track and signalling and award contracts for maintaining their section of track and signalling instead of using BR's direct labour department.

He has also taken the time limit off franchises - a sticking point for firms reluctant to make massive investment for only a short-term operation.

1 Rosemary Lane, Lincoln, LN2 5AT Tel 0522 520478

Social evenings are held at the Corporation Brewery Taps on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. Come along and join our merry band. Buy your committee a drink! Our Spring/early Summer feast of entertainment is as follows. Meetings start at 20.00hrs.


Tuesday 16 March Peter Marsh. A welcome return from all-round
Transport enthusiast, Peter. (Gerry Collins of Lincoln has demanded there be at least one bus slide shown)

Tuesday 6 April Chris Tyas. A larger than life figure who is guaranteed to provide an evening's entertainment of the highest calibre.

Tuesday 20 April Dave Stacey of York. "18 Years of Railway Photography". A much-awaited return from Dave. Many of you will remember the quality of the presentation in Dave's previous visits to the Taps.

Tuesday 4 May David Bladen's Slide Quiz. David shows excellent slides and asks eevil questions. You may enter individually or in a team.
Generous prizes!

Tuesday 18 May The Jack and Keith Show. Old friends Jack

Davis and Keith Brown come back to entertain. Many a "historic shot" may be shown here.

Tuesday 1 June - Tony Caddick, Mexborough's No 1 son returns to haunt us. All the committee have been ordered to turn up to give him moral support
and silence barrackers. You too are welcome!

Tuesday 15 June - ion Davis of Sheffield. "Rules of the Railway". Illustrated. Excellent slides guaranteed. A night not to be missed.

Tuesday 6 July - To be announced. Confirmation awaited from a conscript.

Tuesday 20 July - John Sanderson Illustrated. Is it the Clerk of Doncaster Racecourse, the sponsor of Sheffield Wednesday, or if we are very lucky
Treasurer of the Pennine Railway Society? All will be revealed on the night. Cover the budgie's cage. Lock up your Granny!





Welcome to the spring edition of "Trans-Pennine". We've now, no doubt all got the post Christmas blues and with spring approaching, hopefully better weather will not be far behind, and we can all go out about indulging in our favourite hobbies and pastimes.

TC will no doubt go Tram-bashing (the proper kind), Honest John tipping the right winner, Robin going around still annoying passengers, Mr Taylor adding to his good pub guide and EL Presidente searching for more excellent raffle prizes (N.B. Chief is particularly partial to Mars bars).

As commented in the last edition's Committees Communication (or HJ gossip column), your Editor has spent one or two evenings chalking his end and bashing some blacks (ably assisted by two members of the famous Sheffield solicitor's firm, Stewart, Stewart and Stewart). An official invitation has been offered to Stormin' Sanderson to join us and display his talents (or to try and play snooker) but so far he has declined which only goes to prove that he either doesn't want to be seen fiddling with his pockets or playing with his stick.


Prizes for the last quiz were as follows:

1st) J. Dewing with 37 correct answers and Joint 2nd) I. Shenton and K. King with 36 correct answers each.

Answers on the question sheet were as follows-:

1) Tamar, 2) Eastleigh, 3) Leicester, 4-) Liverpool Lime St/Harwich Parkeston Quay, 5) Honiton, 6) Bath General, 7) 3, 8) 1983, 9) Stirling, 10) Talbot Rd, 11) 8/8/63, 12) City of London, 13) Liskeard-Looe, 14) 55016 Gordon Highlander, 15) 1984, 16) Mary Queen of Scots, 17) 1964, 18), 1970, 19) 91001 Swallow, 20) Lytham/Kirkham & Wesham, 21) 50006 Neptune, 22) The East Lancs Railway, 23) South Yorks Railway, Meadowhall, 24) Pete Waterman, 25) 1967, 26) Western Dominion, 27), 11/5/87, 28) Corrour Summit, 29) 1935, 30) 1982, 31) One, 32) Malta/Malta GC, 33) Kings Cross-Perth, 34) 31/7/67, 35) 3m 64ch, 36) 1964, 37) King John, 38) 1969, 39) 55015 Tulyar, 40) 1976.


The listed, grade 1 floodlit structure of Stockport viaduct, which Is claimed to be Britain's biggest brick built structure, is to celebrate Its 150th birthday a year late.

It was 150 years old last year, but the towns Art Gallery could not fit in an exhibition to celebrate until January of this year.

The delayed celebrations, a show entitled 'Rail 1511 will display prints and photographs to document the structure's history, together with that of the towns railway station. The viaduct Itself boasts 22 million bricks, is 111 feet high and has 27 arches running a third of a mile long.


The British Rail Board is likely to be presented In March with details of proposals currently being discussed between British Rail and the Royal Mall for a new 100 million terminal at Willesden.

The main access to the site will be via a new bridge over the North Circular road, costing 1.5 million and being funded by British Rail.

It Is hoped that If agreement is reached, the terminal would open in 1995.


The final bill ScotRail expect for repairs and loss of earnings due to floods [last January could be more than 1.5 million.

A combination of snow followed by heavy rain flooded areas around Perth and in the Highlands. Line closures and bridge damage were rife but around the clock activity by hundreds of ScotRail staff affected emergency timetables and repairs, keeping disruption to a minimum.

The Cambrian line was also blocked because of floods when the Dovey estuary overflowed on the Machynlleth - Aberystwyth section.

The West Cumbrian line was breached by 30 foot waves damaging the track on January 11th. Some days later, on January 24th, the locomotive of an engineers train ran Into the sea wall near Sellafield and was damaged.


The Northallerton-Redmire Line, which saw its last BR train run on January 2nd IS the target of an newly formed private company, the Wensleydale Railway Company, with the aim of raising over half a million pounds to purchase part of' the line for running services by 1994.

It is the eventual aim to run services over the entire length of the Line from Northallerton to the Settle and Carlisle line which will mean restoring 17 bridges as far as Hawes and Garsdale.


A major transformation of Manchester Victoria station started recently with the removal of the roof from Platforms 12 to 16,

Demolition men removed the 90 year old roof in preparation for the construction of 16,000 seat indoor arena under phase 1 of the 200 million investment programme.

Through lines and sidings between platforms 11 and 12 have also been removed where a new island platform will be built.

The arena wilt form part of the city's bid for the 2000 Olympics. The next stage wilt Include Platform 11, out of use since last Autumn, coming back into use. Also platforms 12 & 13 wit[ be closed and Victoria West Signalbox de-commissioned. Stage 3 starts in December when platforms 13-16 wilt be taken out for the arena to built.


After the wrong type of snow and 'mushy' leaves the latest cause of disruption on BR resulting in the late running of trains was revealed on BBC Radio on February 22nd when services on the Midland region at Cheddington were disrupted due to Rats chewing through electric signalling cabling!



 Answers to Ed by May 15th please.

1.   Which was the Last Britannia class loco In BR service?
2    How did Ann Ross make history on BR ten years ago (Feb 1983)?
3.   Name Class 31 no. 31455?
4.   What was the name carried by 97403?
5.   What was the distinction held by 4F's 44311 and 44500 on July 9th 1966?
6.   What is the name given to Belfast's new station opened on October 17th 1992?
7.   Where, recently, has work started on a new Trainload Freight train-crew depot in South East London?
8.   What was the BR no. held by Class D40 "Gordon Highlander"?
9.   What name was unveiled on the side of Wessex electric buffet/power car no.62942 October 21st Last year?
10.  Which north-west station has currently started undergoing a massive transformation?
11.  Which Class 9F was resident banker at Bromsgrove from May 1956 until October 1963?
12.  Where on the BR system would you find Saxby signalbox?
13.  Where Is the new London Transport Museum to be sighted?
14.  Which preserved tine Is planning to extend to Northwood?
15.  What were the two shed-codes given to Wolverhampton Oxley shed?
16.  Which preserved steam Loco recently did a number of special runs on the Twyford - Henley-On-Thames branch?
17.  Give the name of Class 47 no.47476.
18.  Which loco was converted from 08732 recently?
19.  On which freight only line would you find Coxbench?
20.  Name 'Princess Royal' 46203.


Newport Pagnell, a small market town in Buckinghamshire, which IS now on the fringe of the Milton Keynes conurbation, was once the terminus of a single track branch from the West Coast main line at Wolverton. My boyhood home in Northamptonshire was not far away, and often when out with my parents I would notice the Newport Pagnell branch train waiting at Wolverton station. The train was easily visible where the main road from Bedford to Buckingham made a double bend and climbed to pass over the railway. It looked very Like the train which served my home station -Rushden, on the branch from Wellingborough to Higham Ferrers - consisting of a two-car push-pull set hauled by as likely as not Ivatt 2 2-6-2T no.41222.

Wolverton Itself was something of a curiosity, looking quite unlike Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford and the other market towns In the area. On one side of its main road were streets of terraced houses laid out in a rectangular grid pattern, and on the other side ran a high, forbidding brick wall for almost all the Length of the town.

I later Learned that Wolverton was an example of a railway town, the high wall screening the locomotive works of the London to Birmingham main line, since expanded and used as a carriage works. If I remember correctly, when 1 first saw Wolverton the wall of the railway works was painted in strange, swirling patterns of Light and dark, which on subsequent visits gradually faded away to reveal the normal colour of the brickwork. 1 understand that these strange patterns were the remains of wartime "dazzle" paint and Wolverton was the only place where I ever saw it.

1 had a better took at Wolverton works, and travelled on the Newport Pagnell branch In January 1964 during an outing with the Cambridge University Railway Club. The club arranged an excursion every term and for the winter term of my second year at the University the trip was to Wolverton carriage works.

We travelled from Cambridge to Bletchley by DMU - the Line from Cambridge as far as Bedford has since been closed and lifted - and then by another diesel train to Wolverton, which at the time was the next station to Bletchley on the main tine, Milton Keynes Central being still some years Into the future.

Some goods trains on the main Line were stilt steam hauled and the Newport Pagnell branch train was headed, as 1 had so often seen it, by 2-6-2T no. 41222

Our schedule for the day allowed time for us to have a trip to Newport Pagnell and back, stopping en-route at Bradwell and Great Longford. 1 got a photograph of 41222 at Newport Pagnell and another one of Lt, from the yards outside the carriage works as It departed from Wolverton with another trip up the branch. The Newport Pagnell branch was due to close in a few weeks time and no.41222 was already decorated with slogans, 1 can remember that it already seemed like a sight from the past.

The platform of Bradwell station can still be seen as the track-work of that part of the Newport Pagnell branch has been absorbed into the network of footpaths and cycleways which Link the various parts of Milton Keynes. I have walked along the old railway Line to see the restored windmill at New Bradwell, and have even admired a derelict steam locomotive, an Industrial saddle tank, which at one time graced a scrapyard near the roadside by the old platform, but my steam journey to Newport Pagnell Is now just a memory.


My first trip abroad was also the occasion of my first ride behind Southern Region steam. It was the summer of 1957, 1 was thirteen, and with my parents and brother 1 was going on a coach trip to the Austrian Tyrol.

We travelled to the ship on a boat train from Victoria to Dover and after the crossing we joined the coach at Ostend. At the time all the services between London and the Kent coast were worked by steam, I had previously seen very few Southern Region Locomotives as we Lived to the north of the London and did not often visit the capital and therefore 1 found it very exciting to observe the Southern's express engines at Victoria.

Because of the short but steep gradient out of Victoria, departing trains were usually assisted out of the station by the locomotive that had brought In the stock, and the first sight and sound which greeted me at the terminus was a "King Arthur" 46-0 backing noisily out at the rear of an express Leaving for Kent.

1 never got a good view of the engine which pulled our boat train to Dover, as there was not enough time to go up to the front of the express before departure, and on arrival at Dover the engine quickly un-coupled and ran back on another Line hidden b,, our carriages, but 1 think it was a Bullied Pacific. There were several of these to be seen en-route, and many other Southern Locomotives, including several examples of the older ex-South Eastern & Chatham types. We also passed four engine sheds Stewarts Lane, Tonbridge, Ashford and Dover - at which a good variety of engines could be seen.

From the deck of the ship as it awaited departure to Ostend my Brother took photographs of two Locomotives which were shunting vans along the quayside. One was a London Midland 2-6-4T, this type of engine was familiar to us from our home territory In Northamptonshire, and of which a considerable number were allocated to the Southern Region. The other locomotive was to us much more exotic, but more in keeping with Its location, and old South East & Chatham class "C" 0-6-0 no.31243.

Not being content with train-spotting In my own country, 1 also noted some engine numbers abroad during our trip to Austria. The railways around Innsbruck and past the village where we were staying on the approach to the Brenner Pass were electrified. 1 noted Austrian State Railways (OBB) locomotives of the Bo-Bo, Co-Co and 1 Co-Co 1 wheel arrangements which were numbered in the 1020, 1145 and 1670 sequences. Also there were 0-10-0 electrics 1180.06 and 1180.07 and 0-4-0 electric shunters 1080.04 and 1080.14.

On our way through Switzerland 1 noted 4-6-2 electrics 10451 and 10455 of the Swiss Federal Railways. By contrast, the West German Railways (DB) were at that time almost entirely steam worked, although the overhead wires were already In place along the west bank of the Rhine. I saw large concentrations of steam locomotives outside the engine sheds at Mainz and Wiesbaden as well as many others at work, but the only numbers 1 noted were 4-6-2 no.18471, 2-6-2 no. 23220, 2-10-OT nos. 42. 9000 and 50.2959.

At the conclusion of our holiday, our boat train from Dover to Victoria was routed via Chatham and we therefore missed the engine sheds at Dover, Ashford and Tonbridge, but Instead passed Faversham and Gillingham depots as well as Stewarts Lane. There was much steam activity around Victoria, 1 particularly remember a "Schools" 4-4-0 blasting away tender first as it banked a departing express out of the terminus, and this time 1 had chance to admire our boat train locomotive, rebuilt "West Country" Pacific no. 34005 "Barnstaple".


Scottish Region

Some late news concerning observations from the end of Last summer that may interest readers.

Class 37 and 47 activity on Inverness/Aberdeen-Edinburgh workings on September 18th included 37285/196 on the overnight Euston-Inverness steeper, 47671 on the 10. 15 Inverness-Edinburgh, 47674 on the 11. 30 Edinburgh-Inverness, 37285/196 on the 12. 15 Inverness-Aberdeen and 15.24 return and 47675 on the 18.00 Inverness-Aberdeen. 37428 worked the 06,50 Kyle-Inverness and 37025 the 17.00 Kyle-Inverness.

The following day saw 371561251 arrive at Inverness on the sleeper from Euston. Again 37025/428 worked Inverness-Kyle services, the former with Ethel 97251 in tow. 47671/3/5 worked Inverness-Edinburgh/Aberdeen services.

47673/4/5 worked similar services later in the week, with 37059/196 on the 11.30 Edinburgh-Inverness, 37153 headed the 12.27 Inverness-Kyle.

During the period September 18th to 21st the following locos were seen at Inverness 26006/8/2/35, 47156/671/3, 37088/7/153/170, 08756.

Saturday 19th September saw a strange occurrence in 37153 and stock In the platform ready to work the 10.53 Inverness-Aberdeen, but the entire ensemble replaced shortly before departure by Sprinter 156478.

Midland Region

Electric locos seen at Rugby on December 10th Included 86208/10/240/2,

87012/5/19/21/35, 90006/13, 90146. 08628 was station pilot and 31434/512 were stabled.

47825/50/1, 86209/12/34 were at Birmingham New St and 47807, 86206/13/27/55, 87010 were at Wolverhampton on passenger services with 47344 on a fertiliser train and 58005 & 60071 on MGR trains. 37718 was In the street terminal. 86224/249, 90142, 37418/20 and 86416, 47530/598 were seen at Stafford.

January 6th found 47815 working the 16.24 Sheffield-Pancras HST service. The 15th saw 47827 head an additional 17.45 Pancras-Leeds service using stock 6207/9438/4927/606/61/19 and 9431.

The following day found a 'Heritage unit' on a Hope Valley service with 51428/54062 on the 20.25 Sheffield-Manchester.

January the 30th saw no fewer than 38 loco-hauled services/changes at Birmingham New St during one members visit, including 18 different Class 47/8s. Those spotted were 47841/819/851/816/853/847/819/807/817/848/815/845/831/809/8321805/830/843. Numerous Class 86's were also in evidence with 86224/231/416/426/428/240/212/207/249/4311213/245/259/228.

February 6th saw blue-liveried 31438 work the 12. 18 Manchester Victoria-Blackpool, whilst 31411 worked the 13. 25 Blackpool-Liverpool with 31455 "Our Elli' at Lime St ready to work the 15.39 Liverpool-Preston which apparently was very welt loaded.

On the same day 'Belgian' liveried 90128 "VrachtverbIndIng" (no comment) was seen keeping 47016 company at Allerton.

February 11th saw the 09. 18 Manchester-Plymouth powered by 86224 with sister 86242 heading the 15. 10 Liverpool-Euston. 87019 worked the 09. 30 Manchester Piccadilly-Euston and 9001 1 the 06. 55 in the reverse direction. Class 31's In action on this date were 31442 on the 10. 37 Liverpool-Blackpool and 31439 on the 13, 25 return. Meanwhile the 15.37 Liverpool-Preston had 31455 in charge whilst the 17.14 LiverQ001Cardiff Sprinter turn had 31414 at the helm. The 17. 15 Manchester Victoria-Blackpool had 31408 In charge and 31413 worked the 17.30 Manchester Victoria-Southport.

Southern Region

Noted at Stewarts Lane depot on January 30th were 33113/201, 56050, 60018 and 73140, Gatwick express services saw 73203/4/6/7/8/10 and 235 as power on the same date.

Class 47/7s In action on the Waterloo-Exeter services on February 11th included 47710 on the 16. 35 Waterloo-Yeovil, 47717 on the 15, 15 Salisbury-Waterloo and 47709 on the 17.05 Waterloo-Exeter.

Likewise February 2nd saw 47583 on the 13. 15 Water too-Exeter, 47711 on the 12. 15 Salisbury-Waterloo and 47701 the 15.15 Waterloo-Exeter

Eastern Region

Thornaby depot on November 21st played host to 08797, 20121/214, 60021/6 and Seen at Frodingham over Christmas were 20104, 31276/563/518, 37717/883/5 and 47319 whilst at Immingham were 0840115, 37003/71, 47054/324/373.

At Scunthorpe on January 9th were 47319 and 56075 on MGR trains with 60008 on Iron ore workings. Frodingham depot on this day played host to 08508/632, 20025/42/43/61/176, 31563, 37188/382/515/715/6/7/883.

Seen at York a week later were 37058/417/503/193/351/377. Class 91 no. 91008 failed at Doncaster on the 09. 30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh, passengers being, taken forward on the 10.00 Kings Cross-Aberdeen and 06.25 Plymouth-Newcastle with 43096/111, 43089/102 respectively. Also on this date 47627 headed south on passenger with 91004 out of action at the rear.

January 20th found 60064/7 head through Lincoln on oils, with 37202/719 and 60082 on similar services the following day.

Two days later saw Leicester Depot hold 08623/08697, 56059/65/103, 60012/13/16/48/83 and 100.

At Ulceby on January 27th were 56082 and 60005 on MGR trains, 60014/26 on oils and 60050 on iron ore. 47359 headed a cargo wagon train,

Three days Later saw the following Class 90s and 91s accompany 08958 at Kings Cross-: 90021/4, 91008/11/12/21. Electrics 86220/232/5 were noted at Liverpool St..

Swinton Is a Location not often found in these columns although it is a busy local vantage point. On Feb 4th 37715 and 60049 headed steel trains, 37019/235 worked a freightliner and 47845 the 09.05 Poole-York, whilst at Doncaster on the same day 37003 and 56075 worked ballast trains and 08416/581/876 were noted outside the RFS workshops at Kilnhurst.

December 29th saw 37421/719 work the 'Black Cat Tours' excursion from Crewe to Redmire with 37716/834 from York. Apparently a lack of heat spoilt the journey with that produced from 37421 only penetrating the first five coaches, No ticket checks were made during the journey either.

Loco hauled trains to and from York on December 31st brought 47815 on the 08.05 ex Derby with 47851 on the 09.45 to Bristol and 47850 on the 14.45 to Plymouth. 47807 was also observed on the 16.45 York-Wolverhampton. 90024 worked the 06,50 Edinburgh- Kings Cross and 12,15 additional Kings Cross-Edinburgh, clocking up a fair mileage in the process.

February 11th saw the following Class 86's on the Liverpool St-Norwich/Harwich services:- 86217/18121/23/32/46/50. On the same day 'Belgian' Liveried 90128 passed through Colchester on a freightliner service heading eastwards. 08414/526/533/708/748/772 were also at Colchester with 31268 at Ilford.

MGR trains are set to resume shortly from King George Dock, Hull with the arrival of another shipment of imported coal during February and March.

Seen at Ipswich on February 11th were 083931752/775, D5583, 31224/569, 37023/45/55/131/242, 472311551, 86604/623, 56043, 90128 with 86627/603 working Freightliner services, 47280 a freight. 47439 was noted at Chelmsford.

January 11th found 47558 running round Parcels Liveried 47479, large logo liveried 47456 and plain blue 31425 at RES Roundwood sidings en-route to C.F.Booth Ltd, Rotherham.

Class 90's are still regular performers on the ECML with 90023 heading the 14,30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross on January 9th and 90024 on the 12.00 ex Edinburgh on the 23rd.

With rumours circulating that five Class 47/8s are to be withdrawn from May, it was good to see two of the Loco's on the 'hit-list' at work on February 13th. 47843 worked the 08.05 Derby-York and 11.05 York-Swansea, 47848 the 07.48 Swansea-York and 14.45 York-Exeter. Also on this date 47831 worked the 08.05 Birmingham-York and 12.05 York-Poole with 47810 powering the 09.05 Poole-York and 16.45 York-Wolverhampton.

January 3rd saw a Heaton-Bounds Green working In the hands of 47455 towing dead 91025.

'Heritage' DMU sets still soldier on and have been seen in particular on the 05,44 Sheffield-Peterborough via Lincoln service. January 8th saw 51394/59489/51352, whilst on the 12th 51141/51134 produced. 51533/51224 worked the service on the 18th and 52048/51919 on the 21st.

January 8th also saw a 'mileage' manoeuvre for passengers on board a Kings Cross-Kyle of Lochalsh charter which left the capital behind 90022.

Spotted at RFS KI1nhurst on January 20th were 20051/208, 08876/875/581/874/416/908. An unusual working on January 12th saw 37429 in charge of a Heaton-Etches Park ECS consisting of 4904/4420/4906/4903/3769/3771/3961 and 3958. The next day saw the arrival at York Works of EMU's 465002/4 behind 47449 from Reading. The 15th found 51431/51501, set 101688, ex-works at Doncaster In Strathclyde livery. The next day saw another 'Heritage' unit set to work Locally when 53267/53818 had charge of the 07.05 Doncaster-Peterborough via the Joint Line.

Similar to a working reported earlier, 47627 towed 91004, dead, on a Dartington=Bounds Green ECS on January 16th.

Massive disruptions on January 21st found the 14.00 Glasgow-Kings Cross running 189 mins late with Q0019 tow;- dead 91018 and the 17.00 Newcastle-Kings Cross, behind 91031 was a mere 4 hours late. These disruptions were due to overhead wires coming down between Doncaster and York and also in the Northallerton area. On the same date 90025 headed the 18.30 Kings Cross-Newcastle.

Other Class 90 observations during the same period Include 90006 heading the 17.00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh, 90018 the 17.00 Newcastle-Kings Cross and 90025 the 18.45 Leeds-Kings Cross all on January the 24th whilst on the 25th 90018 headed the 07.40 York-Kings, Cross with 90025 again in action, this time on the 06,00 Kings Cross~ Edinburgh.

Sunday January 31st saw the following 47/8 hauled services leave York, 47853 on the 14.35 to Swansea, 47841 the 17.00 to Paddington, 47848 the 20. 15 to Plymouth and 47829 the 21.15 to Derby.

More 'Heritage' DMU turns in February Included the 08.44 Sheffield-Peterborough which was entrusted to 51511151185 on the 1st. The 07.05 Doncaster-Peter borough had the same set as power on the 6th. Also on the 6th was 53102/59483/51316 on the 05.07 Sheffield-Cleethorpes and the 09.44 Sheffield-Retford with 51501/51431.

Services into and out of Liverpool street are rarely reported on but on February 2nd the following Class 86's were noted on such services-: 86232 the 08.00 to Norwich, 86250 the 08.30 to Norwich, 86237 the 09.25 to Harwich, 86246 the 09.30 to Norwich and 86217 the 10.30 to Norwich. Arriving trains were 86220 on the 09.03 ex Stowmarket and 86232 on the 10.05 ex Norwich. On the same date the Cambridge-Kings Cross Parcel empties were in the hands of 47350 with the Cambridge-St Pancras empties hauled by 47288.

On the 3rd February a Kings Cross-Leeds 'Footex' was powered by 90003. The 18. 15 Kings Cross-Retford failed outside Retford station and was rescued by 37684 which then dragged the failed set to Neville HILL. On the 6th a Boston-Carlisle charter had 47821 as power.

90024 clocked up the mileage In February when It was observed on the 07.00 Kings Cross-Leeds, 10.05 Leeds-Kings Cross and 14.30 Kings Cross-Newcastle on the 8th, the 07.00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross and 13.00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh on the 9th and the 10.00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross on the 10th. 90023 carried out similar duties working the 12.30 Kings Cross-Newcastle and 17,00 return on the 9th and 06.00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh and 16.00 return on the 10th.

The following day found 90022 covering the diagram including the 09.00 Newcastle- Kings Cross, 14.05 Kings Cross-Leeds and 17.05 return. The 06.00 Kings Cross-  Edinburgh 16.00 return and 22.00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh had 90023 in charge on the same date. on the 15th 90023 worked the 09.00 Newcastle-Kings Cross and 13,00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh and on the 16th the 15. 30 Kings Cross-Newcastle and 19. 10 return additional. It then worked the 07.00 Kings Cross-Leeds and 10.05 return on the 17th and the 10.00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross on the 18th ~ a week in the life of 90023!

The 19th February saw 90016/22/24/5 noted on ECML duties. The 17.00 Newcastle-Kings Cross started at Doncaster and 90024 was sent Light engine from Kings Cross to work the train as 91005 had failed. The 18. 10 Leeds-Kings Cross had 47245 to Doncaster and 90019 forward. The following day saw a Peterborough-Carlisle Charter powered by 47513 and a Peter borough-Glasgow condemned vehicles train consist of 37013 dragging 'dead' 47150 and 'stock' 20188, 51180, 59128, 54405, 51437, 53751 and 51207.

And finally on the Eastern Region February 22nd again saw the 08.44 Sheffield -Peterborough 'heritage' unit powered. This time it was the turn of 53322/53168.

Thanks go to Messr's Dewing, Slater, Caddick and Barclay