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Keith Glossop
"When the railway world was black & white"
Digital Presentation

Winner of the 2016 David Bladen Digital Steam Image Competition
LMS Crab 2-6-0 No.13065 passes Burse on the East Lancashire Railway with a train for
Rawtenstall on 16.01.2016   Photo by Geoff Griffiths

Winner of the 2016 David Bladen Diesel Image Competition
60026 passes Barnetby as the sun sets with 6E82 on the 1216 Rectory Junction to Lindsey oil
refinery on 23.12.2015. This was the penultimate day of semaphore signalling in the area and
all semaphores were subsequently removed over the Christmas period. This accounts for the
large number of photographers on the Station.  Photo by Geoff Griffiths


         A4 Pacific 4464 'Bittern' passes through Doncaster at speed with a return York to Kings Cross
           charter on 13th December 2014. The train was booked on the 'Up fast', but because of late
             running was sent down platform 3 to allow an East Coast Edinburgh to Kings Cross express to pass.
                     Photo by Geoff Griffiths

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Pennine Railway Society meetings now shown on "The Railway Magazine" and "Railway Herald" Meetings pages.

Winner of the David Bladen Digital Image Competition - 17/12/2014
picture by Geoff Griffiths

BR Standard Pacific 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' passes Hatfield colliery and opens up as the
  signal ahead clears for the Goole line at Thorne Jn on the 28th June 2014 whilst working a
                 charter from Kings Cross to Scarborough via Beverley.

Winner of the Andy Dalby Memorial Slide Competition 2015
picture by Glynn Gossan
shows a Class 153 DMU at Terras Crossing on the Looe-Liskeard branch 03-09-2013

  The Pennine Railway Society was formed by a group of enthusiasts from across South Yorkshire who met regularly in the Prince of Wales public house opposite Rotherham Masborough Station in 1974.

  From its formation in 1974, 43 years ago, the Society has consistently enjoyed railways to the full with most of the early years spent on trips around many depots workshops and installations on British Rail, utilising the then very popular Merrymaker Excursions run by BR. 

 In the first ten years the Society established a regular magazine TRANS PENNINE, now published four times a year and free to members.  

 Also regular meetings in the evening were held, first monthly and then on the first and third week of each month in Doncaster, with guests and members alike providing excellent evenings in the form of slide shows and film shows. These ranged from those black and white days right up to date. The evenings also incorporate an annual slide competition, judged by the membership. and a digital image competition also judged by the membership. There is also an annual quiz,  "The Pennine Shield" held at the end of every year with other South Yorkshire societies.

  The membership reached a peak of over 150 in the early 1980s but when the BR Merrymakers ceased and the availability of visits to locations ceased, due in no small part to the tightening of Health and Safety regulations and the associated additional costs, the Society reinvented itself. Concentrating on Social Evenings which have gone from strength to strength, the odd trip to preserved railways and displays at open days and libraries etc. like the one in 2003 to celebrate the Plant 150th anniversary. 

 In those early years we ran a full stall with second hand railway books, timetables, slide collections and up to date railway books etc. 

 The membership over the past 10 years has remained consistent at around 70 members.

 The Society, right through its 43 year existence, has been run by a committee on behalf of the membership, which meets as required throughout the year and answers to the AGM held every January in Doncaster. Notice of the AGM is published in TRANS-PENNINE and members can table motions for discussion to the Chairman.

  Today The Pennine Railway Society now meets every first and third Wednesday of the month at Club 39, College Road, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3JH at 8pm. and is open to non-members, who will be assured of a friendly reception. The magazine TRANS-PENNINE is produced every quarter and a single Pennine Railway Society Calendar is also free to members.

Why not come along and see us sometime - I am sure you will not be disappointed!!

  If you are interested in joining The Pennine Railway Society please pick up a membership form today or contact the Membership secretary Tony Caddick at 15 Carlyle Street Mexborough South Yorkshire S64 9DE  Tel 01709 585597. or email

The Pennine Railway Society celebrates over 40 years since its formation. Why not join us and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and outstanding quality of slides at our social evenings.

Thank you - Robin Skinner - Chairman

Keep in touch with The Pennine Railway Society by visiting our web site at:



Geoff Bambrough

Telephone: 01302 856215


Robin Skinner

Telephone: 07976 633517


John Sanderson

Telephone: 01142 372809


Tony Caddick

Telephone: 01709 585597

Magazine Editor:

David Whitlam

Telephone: 01246 852485

Committee Members

Neil Taylor
Linda Bladen

Telephone: 01302 538661
Telephone: 01302771457

Website Manager/Archive

Tony Booth

Telephone: 01302 367233


    The Society has in the past been represented at Open Days in the form of a sales stand which sold anything from old timetables and magazines to the latest publications of interest to the rail enthusiast.

    Sales stands have been held at Doncaster, Stratford, Norwich, Tinsley, Old Oak Common, York, Derby and Barrow Hill, along with events at preserved railway sites.

    Open Days proved to have been excellent days out for club members with many taking part in staffing the stall and enjoying the atmosphere generated at these functions.

The Society Magazine – “Trans Pennine”

    A Society magazine “Trans Pennine” has been published at regular intervals (usually 4 per year) since 1975 and up to date we have published over 170 issues. 

    The magazine has improved enormously over the years with the development and accessibility of printing and desk top publishing technology. To this extent that we now feel that we produce one of the best small society magazines, certainly judging by the quality of the articles on a varied range of railway subjects.

    The magazine is currently produced four times per year and is distributed free to members.

    The Society is sincerely indebted to those who have served on the committee as Magazine Editor, a somewhat thankless task, but all of whom have produced high quality publications.

Club Democracy

    The Society is run and organised by the Committee with help of many members. The Committee is answerable to the Annual General Meeting which is usually held January in Doncaster.

    Members are advised well in advance of the AGM. At the meeting each Committee member reports on his responsibilities including current and future plans. The Treasurer produces a detailed Balance Sheet showing Society income and expenditure.

    Committee members remain in office until such time as he/she resigns or the AGM or Committee pass a vote of “No Confidence”. Elections are then held democratically to find a replacement. Committee meetings are held as required  throughout the year and any member can table an item for discussion through the Chairman.

Social Evenings

    Meetings, open to members and non-members were held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month in a private function room at the “Salutation” public house on South Parade, Doncaster at 8.00 pm.
From August 17th 2016 meetings will be held at Club 39, College Road, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3JH unless otherwise advised.
Meetings usually consist of a slide or digital image show by a member or invited guest.

   The Society has invested in a digital projector and there will now be two "Digital Nights" per year. The acquiring of the projector will allow speakers without their own projector to present digital shows.

    Special events are held during the year, including an Annual Slide Competition and a digital image competition. The first Wednesday in December is usually the evening the PENNINE plays host members of other Societies in the area to compete in a round of the PENNINE SHIELD, an annual quiz competition.

    Meetings, on a planned basis, were first held at the “Masons Arms” in Doncaster Market Place and have gone from strength to strength. The Society moved to the “Corporation Brewery Taps” in June 1981. The move proved extremely popular with the membership, to the extent that we expanded from one meeting per month to two in January 1982. We remained there until May 1999 when a major refurbishment by the brewery resulted in the loss of the function room.
    We were happily settled in the “Sal” with its excellent surroundings and facilities until August 2016 when, due to the Sal being converted into a restaurant, we moved to Club 39.

Trips and Visits
Since 1974 the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY has been running trips, very successfully, to all parts of British Rail for its members. Trips to workshops at Doncaster, Eastleigh, Crewe, Derby, Horwich, Swindon, Cowlairs and Wolverton were run time and again over the years when these sites were in full production. Depot visits also proved very popular with many trips combining a rail visit with a visits to several installations in that part of the country. e.g. Tyneside, Merseyside, London, Birmingham, South Wales, Scotland etc.

    The most popular trips were undoubtedly the Merrymaker Excursions which sadly no longer operate. Often visits to installations close to the destination were arranged and it would not be unusual to take upwards of 30 members on these trips. On one Merrymaker which ran to Southampton and Bournemouth in 1980 no fewer than 60 members visited Eastleigh Works and MPD.

    We also ran “Overnighters” to such beautiful places as Fort William, Mallaig and Kyle of Lochalsh using excursion trains. Numerous visits were also organised taking in the scenic and historic Settle and Carlisle route.

    Specialised visits have been organised for small groups and have included power signal boxes and control rooms. One particular visit included the Waterloo and City Line.

    On all of our trips we have managed “free time” where members can mix in a local hostelry and sample the beers and local customs.

    Sadly in recent years with the radical changes in railway organisation and the advent of stringent Health and Safety Regulations opportunities to visit rail installations have been severely curtailed. Those visits we are able to organise are advertised in our magazine and all visits are open to all members and their friends.


We hope that you will be interested in joining the PENNINE RAILWAY SOCIETY – We look forward to meeting you. Rest assured that you will be made most welcome at any of our functions.
The membership fee is ONLY £6.00 for the period up to December 31st 2017 and includes all magazines.  For membership details or further information on the Society please contact our Membership Secretary, Tony Caddick at 15 Carlyle Street, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, S64 9DE (Telephone: 01709 585597) or by email at

Coming Events 2017

Meetings commence at 20.00hrs at "Club 39" in College Road, Doncaster, DN1 3JH.
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Club 39 information

Wednesday 4th January 2017 Robert Hay - Slide Presentation
Wednesday 11th January 2017 Annual General Meeting at 19.30 prompt.
19.30-20.00  Committee Members Reports.
20.00-20.10  Break.
20.10-20.30  Members Questions/Committee Re-elections/President's address.
20.30-20.45 Break followed by:
"The slides of David  Bladen" presented by Linda Bladen.
Wednesday 18th January 2017 Glen Williamson - Slide Presentation
Wednesday 1st February 2017 Phil Lockwood & Enid Vincent - "Rails to the Arctic"  
Slide Presentation                       
Wednesday 15th February 2017 Nick Beilby - "Scarborough Turntable & Spot 'till I drop"
Slide Presentation
Wednesday 1st March 2017 Steve Armitage - "Rail routes from Leeds"
Slide Presentation
Wednesday 15th March 2017 Rhys Jones - Slide Presentation
Wednesday 5th April 2017 Robert Pritchard - "Years at Platform 5 Part 3"
Slide Presentation
Wednesday 19th April 2017 Keith Glossop - "When the Railway World was Black & White"
Digital Presentation
Wednesday 17th May 2017 Martin Fisher - Slide Presentation
Wednesday 7th June 2017 Brian Longbone - "Revisiting Doncaster"
Slide Presentation
Wednesday 21st June 2017 Trefor Evans - Slide Presentation
Wednesday 28th June 2017 Barrow Hill Annual visit cancelled due to restoration of site
Wednesday 5th July 2017 John Law -"The late Les Flint"    Digital Presentation
Wednesday 19th July 2017 John Zabernik - "Prototype HST Update" Slide Presentation
Wednesday 2nd August 2017 "The slides of Peter Fox" presented by  Andy Barclay
Wednesday 16th August 2017 Geoff Griffiths - "Preservation"  Digital Presentation
Wednesday 6th September 2017 Robin Havenhand
Wednesday 20th September 2017 David Bladen Digital Image Competition
Wednesday 4th October 2017 Bob Gwynne - Associate Curator, Collections & Research,
National Railway Museum.
Wednesday 18th October 2017 Bryan Johnson " European Holidays from 1984"
Digital Presentation
Wednesday 1st November 2017 Glynn Gossan Slide Presentation
Wednesday 15th November 2017 Les Nixon - Slide Presentation
Wednesday 6th December 2017 PENNINE SHIELD
Wednesday 20th December 2017 Members Digital Images

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