AbRail Rail Databases - Owner Codes     (Revised March 2016)           


Code   Owner


037    Scottish Thirty Seven Group
1PP    Class 47401 Project

40A    Class 40 Appeal

C20    Class 20 Locomotive Association

6LD    6LDA Group
201    Class 20189 Ltd. (Michael Owen)

20L    Class 20 Loco Society

27G    Class 27 Locomotive Group

40P    Class 40 Preservation Society
58L    Class 58 Locomotive Group 
71A    71A Locomotive Group
76L    76084 Locomotive Company  
A1A    A1A Locomotives Ltd.
A1S    A1 Steam Locomotive Trust

ACL    The AC Locomotive Group

AEA    AEA Technology Rail
AFG    Arlington Fleet Services, Eastleigh Works

AIN    Aggregate Industries Ltd.

ALS    Alstom

ANG    Angel Trains (Babcock & Brown/AMP Capital Investors)
ARN    Arriva Rail North
ATH    Agility Trains
ATW    Arriva Trains Wales

AUT    Arriva UK Trains

BAA    British Airports Authority
BAL    Balfour Beatty Rail Infrastructure Services

BAR    British American Railway Services (Spot Hire)
BCC    Bridgend County Council

BEA    Beacon Rail Leasing (BTMU Capital Corporation)
BHG    Bury Hydraulic Group
BEL    Belmond (UK)

BOD    Neil Boden Rail

BOK    Bo’ness & Kinneil Rly
BOT    Transfesa TK Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Capital Corporation

BOM    Bombardier Transportation
BRO    Brodie Engineering Ltd.

BSP    Beaver Sports - Yorkshire
BTM    BTMU Capital Corporation

BUL    Bulmarket, Bulgaria

BVG    Bury Valiant Group

BWR    Bodmin and Wenford Railway
BZK    Bulgarian Railway Company
C20    Class 20 Locomotive Ltd.
C50    Class 50 Alliance
CAD    Cargo-D
CAL    Caledonian Sleepers Rail Leasing
CAS    Caledonian Rail Leasing
CBR    CB Rail
CCC    Cardiff County Council

CFB    C F Booth Ltd. Rotherham (for scrapping)
CLT    Cross London Trains (Siemens Project Ventures GmbH/Innisfree Ltd./3i Infrastructure Ltd./Eversholt Rail).
COL    Colas Rail (Seco-Rail)
CRS    Continental Rail Solutions, Hungary

CRW    Chiltern Railway Company

CWR    Cotswold Rail (Adrian Parcell)
DBC    DB Cargo

DBR    DB Regio (Deutsche Bahn)

DBS    DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd. (now DB Cargo)
DJK    Dr John Kennedy
DO5    DO5 Group, Dartmoor Rail

DPS    Deltic Preservation Society Ltd.

DRS    Direct Rail Services Ltd.

DTG    The Diesel Traction Group
EAS    Eastern Rail 

ECR    European Cargo Rail (DBS)
ECT    ECT Mainline Rail

ETL    Electric Traction Services
EMR    European Metals Recycling Ltd. (for scrapping)

EMT    East Midlands Trains
EPL    EuroPhoenix Ltd.
EQT    EQT Infrastructure
ERS    Eastern Rail Services
ETO    Enron Teesside Operations Ltd.

ETQ    Eurotunnel plc (Europort2)
EUS    Eurostar (International) Ltd.

EVL    Eversholt Rail Leasing
FFU    The Fifty Fund

FGP    First Group
FGW    Great Western Trains Company Ltd. (GWR from 22/09/2015)

FLR    Freightliner Ltd.

FOS    Foster Yeoman Ltd. (bought by Aggregate Industries - AIN)
FSL    Flying Scotsman Railways Ltd.

GBR    GB Railfreight
GSW    Great Scottish & Western Railway Co. Ltd.

GTL    Grand Central Railway
GWR    Great Western Railway Assets
HAL    Halifax Assets Finance Ltd.

HAN    Hanson Traction
HBS    Halifax - Bank of Scotland
HDL    Hastings Diesels Ltd.
HEC    Hunslet Engine Company
HEH    Heathrow Airport Holdings 

HJA    Howard Johnson Associates

HNR    Harry Needle Railroad Co. Ltd.
HTG    Heavy Tractor Group
ICI    Imperial Chemical Industries.
IND    Industrial user
IML    Imerys Minerals

IRY    Ian Riley Engineering

JAR    Jarvis Rail
JHO    Jeremy Hosking
JPM    J P Morgan Asset Management
KBR    Knorr Bremse Rail Systems

KRS    Knights Rail Services Ltd. Eastleigh Works (now AFG)
LBG    Lloyds Banking Group (Lloyds TSB/HBOS)

LHG    LH Group Ltd. Barton-under-Needwood

LMI    London Midland

LNW    London & North Western Railway Co. Ltd.
LOD    Locomotive Diesels
LOF    Locomotive Finance

LOG    London Overground Rail Operations Ltd. (LOROL)
LOM    Lombard Finance. 
LOR    Loram (UK)

LSL    Locomotive Services Ltd. (Jeremy Hosking)
LRO    Les Ross
MAG    Macquarie Finance Group
MAI    Maintrain Ltd.
MHR    Mid Hants RPD
MID    Mid Glamorgan County Council 

MSC    Manchester Ship Canal Co. Ltd.
NEM    Nemesis Rail 
NEP    North East Loco Preservation Group
NNR    North Norfolk Railway
NRI    Network Rail (High Speed)
NRL    Network Rail

NRM    National Railway Museum

NYM    North Yorkshire Moors Railway Enterprises
OEH    Orient Express Hotels

PDG    Pioneer Diesel Group

PLP    Peak Locomotive Preservation Company
PPL    Peter Pan Locomotive Company

PRE    Preservation Societies/Sites

PRO    Private/Other/Overseas owners
PRT    Princess Royal Locomotive Trust

PTR    Porterbrook Leasing Company Ltd. (Deutsche Bank/Lloyd TSB/BNP Paribas)

QWR    QW Rail Leasing (National Australia Bank/Sumitomo Mitsui Leasing   

RAX    Raxstar Ltd.

RCL    Railcare (UK) Ltd.

RER    Resco Railways Ltd.
RIV    Riviera Trains Ltd.

RML    Royal Mail

RMS    RMS Locotec (owned by British American Railway Services)
ROG    Rail Operations Group
ROC    Rock Rail
RPT    Rampart Carriage & Wagon Services
RSS    Railway Support Services

RTR    RT Rail (owned by British American Railway Services)
RVE    Rail Vehicle Engineering Ltd.

S4G    Stratford Class 47 Fund
SCS    Serco Caledonian Sleepers   
SDD    South Devon Diesel Traction Group
SEC    Serco
SGC    South Glamorgan County Council
SIE    Siemens Transportation
SRP    Scottish Railway Preservation Society
SVY    Severn Valley Railway

SDJ    Somerset and Dorset Locomotive Group
SHR    Scottish Highland Railway Co.

SNB    Belgian National Railways - SNCB

SNF    French National Railways - SNCF    
SOU    Southern (Govia)
SPE    Speno International

STR    Stevenson Rail (Ed Stevenson)
SUP    Locomotive Support Vehicles
SWI    Swietelsky Babcock Rail

SWT    South West Trains Ltd.
SYP    South Yorkshire PTE
TFG    Transfesa Group

TTS    Transmart Trains

TTR    Traditional Traction Ltd.

TJT    T J Thompson - Stockton on Tees (for scrapping)
UKR    UK Rail Leasing
VSO    Venice-Simplon Orient Express Ltd.
VIV    VivaRail
VLE    Voyager Leasing (Lloyds/Angel)
VOL    Volker Rail 

VTN    Vintage Trains Ltd.

WAB    Wabtec Rail Group

WCR    West Coast Railway Company Ltd.

WLA    Western Locomotive Association
WMI    West Midland Trains

WYP    West Yorkshire PTE
XRL    Crossrail

XXX    Sold for scrap/further use and awaiting collection/or owner unknown 



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